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The Doctor and the Naughty Girl by Trent Evans – Extended Preview

whatthedoctorordered_detailIt was Friday and she still didn’t see it.

All week long she’d been obsessively scanning the schedule, looking for it. The exam.


“He’s probably doing this on purpose, making me sweat,” she murmured, glancing up at the lobby area to make sure she didn’t have any company. It was empty.

It’s exactly what he would do. She should’ve expected it. The man—beautiful though he may have been—was a sadist. She just knew he’d know she’d be checking for it, worrying about it, hoping he’d forget.

Maybe he’s forgotten it?

That would be just like him too, wouldn’t it? Let her sense of optimism prey upon her, build up that false hope. She knew deep down he hadn’t forgotten it. The man didn’t forget anything when it came to her.

Every night that week, she’d lain awake, staring out her window at the city lights, trying to talk herself out of masturbating yet again to the images, the shame, the arousal she’d experienced in that room with him.

She’d never be able to look at conference rooms the same way again.


He’d punish her for that too, wouldn’t he? The soaping… had sucked. Completely. There was nothing at all arousing about that. And the taste?

Amity shuddered.

While it wasn’t arousing, there was something else about it she’d thought of as she’d laid there each sleepless night in her bed.


She thought other girls who cursed like men were trashy, demeaning themselves—that was her first gut reaction when she heard a woman dropping a needless f-bomb. But how hypocritical was she in not liking other women doing it, yet she’d feel no compunction about doing it herself? Constantly. It was stupid. She shouldn’t care… but she did. Was it possible that somewhere inside, she appreciated someone caring that she acted like a lady? That someone was taking the time to steer her in the direction she really wanted to go?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Maybe she had latent daddy issues that Dr. McKendrick’s expectations dredged back up? It was more than that—much more—but she didn’t have the strength to confront it head-on. To admit what she suspected was really going on here. Of course, she was attracted to the man—what woman wouldn’t be? But how many women would have run screaming from the way he’d treated her? And what did it say about her that not only hadn’t she run screaming, but she’d actually masturbated to the replays of the pain of her spanking, his growling voice, his implacable commands, those broad shoulders, the hard, almost cruel set of his lips.

She was in serious trouble here.

The rest of the day passed without event—even Cathie had seemed strangely friendly. Then six o’clock came and went, a rumbling of thunder outside as the rain got started again. Maybe the sound of the rain would let her sleep that night. Amity locked the front door and drew the blinds, unable to shake the feeling of almost… disappointment?

Let it go. There’s all kinds of wrong about what’s going on here. Just let it go.

As she sat down, clicking through to the schedule one more time, knowing she’d find nothing, she wondered why Cathie hadn’t left yet. The nurse was normally out on the dot at six, her punctuality—in both arriving and departing—almost obsessive.

Maybe she’d left early and Amity had just missed it.

Thank God for small favors.

The door to Exam opened.

Amity swiveled toward it, plastering on a smile. “I was wondering when…”

It was Dr. McKendrick.

“Come on back.” He nodded back down the hallway. “I’ve got Exam Two ready for you.”

“What? I don’t…” She lifted her chin, meeting his cool gaze. “I’ve got plans tonight. Kaitlyn’s probably waiting for me already,” she lied.

“Tough luck for her then.” He stepped into the lobby, letting the door close behind him. He was wearing a fitted dark blue button-down, and the fabric stretched across the muscles of his shoulders as he leaned an elbow on the lobby desk. His intent hazel eyes fixed upon her. “I wasn’t kidding when I told you you’re getting that exam. Full work-up. Now, I need you to walk back to Exam Two for me.”

“Doctor, please.” Her mouth had gone instantly dry. “Not tonight.”

He turned back to the door, pulling it open and moving into the hall, calling back over his shoulder, “If I have to walk you down, you won’t like how I do it. Now, Amity.”


She took a deep breath, then again. She could do this. Pelvics weren’t the most pleasant activities, but he was right—damn him. It was just an exam, she’d had them before. Getting this over with was probably best. She knew he’d never relent, so at least if she did this, he’d finally shut up about it.

I wonder what he’d do to you if he heard you say that?

Her nipples tightened at the imagery that evoked in her mind. Oh, she had a pretty good idea all right. And her suddenly cringing, tingling ass did too.

She picked up her purse and walked down the hallway, wondering why it felt like the route to the gallows.

Most of the lights in the exam area had already been turned off, the quiet of it disconcerting somehow. She made her way down the line of exam rooms, and opened the door to Exam Two, her heart beating faster.

“Come in,” Dr. McKendrick said, a chart in his hand, his stethoscope dangling around his neck. He sat on a black roll-around stool, the lights above the gleaming stirrups bright, almost dazzling. She’d always found exam room lights way too bright, almost disorienting. Knowing they’d soon be focused on her pussy didn’t make them any more appealing either.

Amity closed the door, hoping against hope that this would be over with quickly.

“Guess I owe you a lunch,” Cathie’s voice said. Amity’s head whipped around to her right. Standing there in front of a chair that had two flat arms extending out to either side was the head nurse, a satisfied smirk on her face, her multi-colored scrubs almost garish in the bright light. The woman’s blue eyes held a mirth Amity knew boded ill for her. Very ill.

“I told you she’d come.” Dr. McKendrick smiled then. “She’s a good girl—with the proper motivation.”

Amity tried—and failed—to mentally suppress the butterflies that his bright, beautiful grin caused.

“Why is she here?” Amity looked back at Cathie. “No offense.”

Amity remembered Dr. McKendrick’s admonishment that she was to treat Cathie just as she would him, but having the cold nurse there… galled her. She couldn’t help it.

“None taken,” Cathie said, strolling over to the table, leaning a hand on one of the stirrups.

“I can’t very well do your exam without a nurse present,” Dr. McKendrick said. “She’s just here in case I need any assistance.”

But it’s okay to spank my ass without any… assistance?

Dr. McKendrick set the chart down on a counter, clasping his fingers together. “Let’s get you out of those clothes then.”

Amity looked from the doctor to the nurse and back. “If you’ve got a smock, I’ll go change, I guess.”

He shook his head. “No smock. Clothes off, Amity.”

“No—I mean. Don’t you have something for me…?”

Sure, a smock didn’t exactly cover, well, much. But she knew you were supposed to have something to wear.

“Let’s go,” Cathie said, her lips curling. “We don’t have all night.”

Amity wanted to smack that smirk right off the blond bitch’s mouth. She looked to Dr. McKendrick, who gave her a little shake of his head, his jaw tight.

“Clothes. Now.”

“Fu—” she stopped herself at his warning rumble, “—sorry.”

Both of them watched her in silence as she took off her brown knee-length skirt—it was tight enough that she had to shimmy her hips a little to get it off, which embarrassed her. Then her favorite knit cream top was next, her watch snagging on the long sleeve as she pulled it off. Then she was in only her bra and panties and her heels. She looked down at the floor as she reached back to unclasp her bra, holding the cups to her breasts for as long as she could. Dr. McKendrick’s growl sounded again, and she let it fall away, dropping it on her folded skirt, hating the way her breasts brushed together as she bent over.

Amity skinned down her panties as fast as she could, their gazes an oppressive weight upon her as she extricated them from her high heels. She wished she’d worn something else other than open-toed heels today—but then again, she hadn’t known this was waiting for her when she’d arrived for work this morning.

Finally, she stood, not knowing what position he wanted her in, her hands shaking in front of her. She moved to walk toward the exam table.

“Stay right there,” he said, looking up at her. “Look straight ahead, shoulders back, hands at your side now.”

Relieved at not having to look at them, she obeyed, even as she cringed at the way the position displayed her naked breasts.

“Nice to see a girl who’s not skin and bones,” Cathie said. Amity closed her eyes, biting her lip. “The girls nowadays seem like they want to look like boys. Starving themselves.” Amity could hear the smile in Cathie’s voice. “Not like this one.”

“She looks strong,” Dr. McKendrick said. “Healthy. Shoulders are straight, hips aren’t canted.”

“Those big tits are nice and high.” Cathie gave an exaggerated sigh. “Ah, youth.”

Dr. McKendrick’s laugh was low and relaxed. Amity wanted to curl into a ball.

“Please, don’t…” she squeaked.

“Be quiet, Amity.” His voice was tight, a warning. “You’ll speak only when spoken to in here. Understand?”

Oh, my God.

“Yes, sir.”

“Sir, is it?” Cathie said. “Already getting her trained up, I see.”

Amity bit her lip harder, narrowly avoiding another curse-laden retort she knew would’ve gotten her in trouble.

She felt the weight of their gazes move lower.

“That’s the first girl her age I’ve seen who hasn’t shaved everything off,” Cathie remarked, staring down at Amity’s sex. “At least the carpet matches the drapes.”

Amity’s flush was like a volcanic rush of red-hot lava.

The nurse made a little sound of approval. “Pretty blush too.”

“I like it,” Dr. McKendrick said, rolling his stool closer. Amity froze as his fingertips stroked through the curls of her pubic hair. “Very pretty.”

This was like no other exam she’d ever had!

Amity tried to move toward the exam table again, feeling even the mortifying embrace of those stirrups would be better than this, exposed, inspected like so much livestock.

“No,” Dr. McKendrick said, gripping her thigh. His touch was firm, his skin warm. A trickle of moisture formed between the lips of Amity’s sex.

Oh, no.

“Turn around and bend over,” he said. “Let your arms hang toward the floor.”


“Need to check your spine.” He twirled his finger, looking up at her, the set of his lips firm. “Turn around, back to me.”

Amity turned slowly, at once relieved to not be facing their scrutiny, but mortified to feel their regard drop to her naked ass.

“Nice, wide hips,” Dr. McKendrick said, his voice thicker. “Thighs are straight, no musculature problems.”

Cathie affected a southern accent. “Breedin’ hips.”

This isn’t happening.

“Bend over, Amity,” Dr. McKendrick said. “I’m tired of having to tell you things twice.”

“Sorry, sir,” she whispered miserably.

Over she went, feeling like a spotlight shown on her ass, the heavy weight of her breasts swaying below her.

“Stop clenching, Amity.”

It was so hard though. She knew they’d be able to see… everything. Finally, she was able to will her muscles to relax, breathing in and out. There was the sound of rolling wheels behind her, the flipping of papers.

She jerked as a hand touched her, stroking her bottom, one side then the other, and back again.

“Very delicate skin,” Dr. McKendrick said behind her. He lifted one cheek, then the other, letting them fall, slapping them lightly.

Amity whimpered.

“They move well,” Cathie said. Wistfulness snuck into the woman’s voice. “Leah always thought hers was too fat. No matter what I told her, what I did to show her that I loved it—she never believed me.”

Who the fuck is Leah?

“It’s always the beautiful ones—they just don’t see it,” Dr. McKendrick said.

He slid closer, clasping her hip as he ran a palm from her tailbone all the way up her spine. His fingertips stroked her nape for a moment before his hand trailed back down the way it had come. He pressed his lips to her naked hip, whispering so only she could hear it.

“You’re doing great, girl. I’m proud of you.”

It shouldn’t have mattered that he’d said that; she should’ve been pissed, forced to display herself like this. But to a small part of her she didn’t want to acknowledge, his kind words felt… good. His approval mattered to her—even if she wasn’t quite sure why.

Tapping her bottom, he slid the stool back again. “Okay, back up and turn around.”

Amity turned slowly, wanting to do anything else but face them again. She raised her chin, looking at the wall beyond them. She’d make it through this. Maybe the worst was over.

“Lace your fingers behind your head, Amity.”

Her eyes darted to Dr. McKendrick. “Why? I don’t see what—”

His jaw clenched. “Do. It.”

Blowing out a breath, she obeyed. She didn’t think it was possible to feel more exposed.

“Elbows back, girl.” He stood, walking up to stand in front of her.

He caught her gaze, a slight twitch of his lips as he took her breasts in his hands. Her nipples tightened instantly.

“Either we’ve got a draft in here or someone likes that.” Cathie’s smile was sly as she flipped through Amity’s chart.

With a low, pleased rumbling from deep in his broad chest, he kneaded Amity’s breasts for what seemed like an eternity, occasionally squeezing them hard, making her gasp at the sharp pain. His big hands kept fondling them until her nipples ached and her breathing came faster. He bounced her breasts in his palms, then slapped them lightly back and forth, Cathie giggling softly at the sound.

Amity was definitely slick now between her thighs, the scent of her sex obvious in the small room.

“Breasts are healthy,” Dr. McKendrick murmured. “No apparent issues.”

His fingers closed on her hard nipples, squeezing and pulling gently. Amity bit off a moan, her face flaming again

“Nipples seem responsive.” He smiled as he squeezed them harder, drawing a whine from her. “Sensitive too.”

He swirled the pads of his thumbs over the tips of her nipples, looking back at Cathie. “Let’s get a blood sample. Need a CBC and chem screen. Full STD panel too.”

“What?” Amity’s voice was almost a squeak. “Why?”

But he didn’t answer her, instead taking a seat back on his stool and flipping open her chart.

“I’ll go get the blood draw kit,” Cathie said, giving Amity a wink. “Put her in the seat for me? Be right back.”

“Sure.” Dr. McKendrick looked up from the chart, extending his arm toward the seat in the corner. “Have a seat, my dear.”

Amity looked from the chair then back to the doctor.

He gave her a slow nod.

Get it over with.

In moments, he had her in the seat—but it was unlike any other blood draw she’d ever heard of. He drew broad leather straps across her chest just under her breasts, her thighs, and finally across the fronts of her lower legs. Both of her wrists were locked in thick leather cuffs, stiff straps lashing both of her arms to the arm rests extending out to either side.

“Is this… necessary?” The strap under her breasts actually compressed her ribcage a little, making her conscious of her breathing.

“Nope, not necessary at all.” His eyebrow quirked. “This is just for fun.”

Jesus Christ.

While they waited for Cathie to return, Dr. McKendrick pulled his stool close again, flipping up pages in her chart, then asking her a series of questions about her sexual history, number of partners, age of first intercourse, and a dozen others that had her blushing scarlet.

She lied about her number of sexual partners.

Then Cathie was back, and Dr. McKendrick made room for her, standing again, leaning a hip against the exam table as he watched.

Cathie swabbed her arm, Amity’s heart pounding as she uncapped the needle. Cathie caught her eye, her gaze suddenly warm.

“You’re doing just fine.” She squeezed Amity’s arm gently. “I hate needles too. I promise I’ll make it quick.”

True to Cathie’s word, it hardly hurt at all, Amity looking away at the slight sting. Then it was done, Cathie snapping the bright blue caps onto the three vials she took. She glanced over at Dr. McKendrick.

“I’ll run these over to the lab, on the way home. You got the rest?”

Dr. McKendrick grinned, tipping his head toward the door. “I think I can handle it.”

Cathie ran a knuckle along Amity’s trembling jaw. “Guess I’ll see you later.” She raised her eyebrows suggestively. “You’re in good hands.”

Dr. McKendrick and Cathie exchanged glances as the nurse unstrapped Amity, then let herself out.

Then he stood by the exam table, patting the steel support for one of the stirrups. “Come over here, girl. Time for that exam now.”

* * *

His cock was so hard he thought it might actually burst.

Seeing the way she’d largely acquiesced to nearly everything had not only been unexpected—he’d anticipated a lot more resistance—but it had unexpectedly fired his lust.

There was no longer any pretense that this was a mere exam, though he’d keep up the facade, suspecting she needed that illusion, even now.

It didn’t matter—he still wanted her, and if things went according to plan, he would have her. And soon.

“Scoot your bottom down toward the edge of the table,” he said as he strapped first one, then the other ankle into the stirrups. The long muscles of her thighs quivered like leaves in a breeze.

She watched him the whole time as she obeyed, her eyes wide. He brought the overhead light down closer and she dropped her head back, her face blushing fiercely.

“Try to relax, now,” he said, moving the stool closer. He stroked her inner thighs slowly, cooing to her, hoping she’d calm down. Her body was almost humming with tension.

His cock throbbed anew as he looked her over. Though she had a neat V of pubic hair on her mound, her sex and perineum were otherwise shaved bare. The labia were plump and close-seamed, quite pleasing to the eye. He patted them gently with his palm, luxuriating in the soft, heated flesh against his skin.

“Just gonna take a look now,” he murmured, splaying her sex open. The rich note of her arousal filled the room, and he breathed deeply of it, finding her scent irresistible. She was very, very wet, and he tested it with his fingertip, tracing her opening, listening to her intake of breath as he touched her. Amity’s clit was swollen and already very red, his thumbs easing back the hood to fully expose it. He circled it slowly with a finger, her inner thighs going taut each time he touched the hard, sensitive nodule.

She was just as turned on as he was!

Still, there was more to do. Keeping his mind on the job at hand helped distract him from the deeper meaning of what he’d seen today, at the truth of the bewitching young woman strapped to the stirrups.

He turned to the tray Cathie had helpfully laid out for him before she’d gone home. He pulled back the towel and plucked up the speculum.

“This is going to be a little cold.” He eased it in and she shuddered, but otherwise stayed quiet. “Good. Good girl.” Pushing it home, he opened it slowly, spreading her well open. He looked inside, checking the cervix, making her grunt as he felt it with his fingertips.

“Does that hurt?”

He stoked the cervix again, and she let out a long breath, her sex tightening. So, her cervix was sensitive.


“No, sir.” She shuddered again as he stroked the smooth cervix back and forth with his finger. “It… doesn’t hurt.”

He smiled. “Good.”

A pap probably wasn’t technically necessary considering her age—but he wanted to make sure. He already felt a sense of protectiveness about her; her safety was probably more important to him that it was even to her.

Ah, to be young and dumb.

He retrieved the brush tool, inserting it slowly. “This might be a little uncomfortable. Ready?”

“Yes, sir.”

He scraped quickly, as gently as he could, and she yelped once, whether from pain or something else, he couldn’t be sure.

“All done, girl,” he said softly, retracting and removing the speculum. She sighed deeply.

He pressed her soft white belly, checking her organs, her body stiffening once at a particularly deep prod.

“Almost done, Amity.” He slipped on a latex glove, lubricating it quickly, before she knew what was coming and could clench up. He pressed his finger to the smooth whorl of her anus, and she hitched, her hips pulling back just a little.

“Just need to check here too,” he said, the lubricant easing the way for his finger. She let go a tiny whine of protest as it slipped through the tight sphincter. “Try to relax now. Won’t take long.”

Everything felt fine, normal. He very slowly withdrew his finger until just the tip was clutched by the strong muscle, then on impulse eased it forward once more. Her breath caught as he advanced deeper this time, until his knuckles presses against the soft pillows of her buttocks. He held there a moment, enjoying the tension of her body, her uncertainty at what he might do next. Her sphincter tightened, loosened, then tightened again, as if she were testing his resolve, her body signaling its subtle confusion at his invasion of so private a place.

Finally, he withdrew completely. Amity let out a loud breath as he wiped off the bright dollop of clear lubricant that his withdrawal had left at her bottom hole. He smiled as he watched the anus squeeze down, the momentary gape disappearing.

He stroked the softness of her sex then, noting how her hips moved just the tiniest bit each time he drew a fingertip near the now openly protruding clit.

“Your clit’s huge, Amity.” He raised his head looking at her over the swells of her breasts. “Has anyone ever told you that?”

She stared up at the ceiling, her cheeks scarlet. “No, sir.”

“Is this arousing you?”

She moved her hips slightly, but said nothing.

“I asked you a question.” He laid a palm on her belly, just above her mons.

Amity made a frustrated sound. “I… I don’t know.”

He eased a finger up and down through her soaked slit, then held it up for her. “What do you think this says?”

She glanced at the gleaming, shaming evidence on his fingertip, then looked away, biting her upper lip. “Please…”

His aching hard cock was twisted in his slacks now, and he spread his legs to adjust it, sighing with relief as he did.

“Is—is Cathie coming back?”

“No. She’s gone home for the night.” He leaned over her as he pulled on a latex glove. “I’m about to check you for response. Do you want her in here for that?”

He suspected he already knew the answer. Amity seemed more afraid of the tough nurse than she was even of him.

She was silent longer than he’d expected, and be began to wonder if he’d misread her. Then she closed her eyes, turning her head.

“No, sir.”

As he coated two fingers with a light sheen of lubricant, he looked at her sex. Her clit was so swollen now, it seemed to almost pulse, the labia engorged as well, the inner lips a deeper red now. He palmed the heat of her, rubbing against her clit with the heel of his hand, making her take a sharp breath.

He spread her open wide then, exposing her to his gaze, her thighs stiffening as he did.

“Have you found your G-spot?” He inserted two fingers, running them along the upper wall, searching.

She nodded, still looking away.

“Have you ever orgasmed from stimulating it?”

“Doctor, please…”

“Be honest, Amity.”

Her face beet red now, she gave a little nod.

Then he found it, stroking a finger back and forth over the rough flesh. She jerked as he did it.

“What are you…?”

Then he pulled his fingers out. “We’ll investigate that next time.”

Amity’s thighs relaxed, her trembling down to a subtle vibration.

He laid the tips of his fingers atop her clit, rubbing in a slow circle. “We need to see how your sexual response is. I’m going to stimulate your clit, but I don’t want you to orgasm. Hold it back. Do you understand me, Amity?”

You need to stop, Dane.

He knew it was wrong—but they’d passed wrong a long, long time ago. He had to know. Instinct told him there was something here, perhaps something profound, meaningful. The question was—did she feel the same way?

As he inhaled the spicy bouquet of her arousal, listened to the wet sounds of her pussy as he stroked her hard clit, he knew her body had already cast its unequivocal vote.

“Don’t…” Her hips swirled now, seemingly on their own, Amity’s hands squeezing the white sheet under her for dear life.

“You’d better not come, Amity.” He rubbed vigorous circles around her clit and she moaned. “You do and I’ll add to that caning you’ve still got coming.”

“Nooo,” she pleaded, her hips bucking as he rubbed the hard bundle of flesh even more. He stroked her inner thighs as he worked her up higher and higher, his low voice rumbling, incoherent sounds of warning, of the lust he felt for her, at his possession of her. It was insane to feel this way about her, but it was there all the same. He wanted her. He wanted to be inside her, make her cry out as his cock stretched her, make her say his name as he spilled his seed deep within her, claiming her for his own. Only his.

Dane, no. She’s not ready for that.

He stayed his fingers then, Amity crying out in what sounded like both relief and disappointment, her body arched off the table. She sank back down, her breathing rapid, her generous breasts heaving.

She wasn’t ready—not yet. But still he wondered, and he knew he had to push her, push to find out what it was she was really about, what desires he suspected lurked deep within her.

Dane stood up, looking down upon her as he caressed her mons with the palm of his hand, luxuriating in the feel of the silky curls against his skin. Her eyes were closed, her head rolling slowly side to side. She seemed to be deep in sensation, emotion, not fully aware of her surroundings. A deep red blush had suffused her neck, spreading down to the upper slopes of her breasts. He’d worked her up very high indeed!

“I’m satisfied with your response, Amity. Robust and healthy, just as a girl your age should be.” He stripped off the latex glove, setting it on the table next to him. “I think we’re done here.”

Her eyes flew open, a desperation he saw there that fired his lust even higher, made him smile down at her. He sat down again, laying a hand on her soft inner thigh, stroking it gently.

“That is unless…”

“What? Unless… what?” Her voice was tight, almost breathless.

He leaned over her, his thumb stroking the plump, swollen softness of her labia. “Unless you’d like me to check again, to make sure your response is fully… explored.”

Her head came up, her bright gaze locking with his. Something passed between them then. Her lips formed the shape of a word, but her voice failed her. Then she laid her head back, her luscious breasts rising and falling with a deep, shaky breath.

For a moment, he feared he’d gone too far and he slid his stool back, ready to retreat. Then he saw it.

Amity’s hips raised slowly, so slowly at first he wasn’t sure it wasn’t a trick of the mind. Then it was clear, her bottom raised clear of the table, the open, wet sex waiting for him, a wordless surrender. A bead of moisture slid from her sex, leaving a gleaming trail of wetness down her perineum, collecting in the dark well of her bottom hole.


“Stay still, Amity.”

His fingers spread her pussy very wide, the vulnerable pink flesh within bright under the lights. He collected her wetness on two fingers, drawing it up to her clit, making that hard bundle of nerves glisten with it. Then he did it again, slicking the pubic curls with her fragrant juices, making them shine. He let her pussy close as he began to rub her swollen clit in circles once again, loving the way her breathing quickened instantly as he began taking her higher once more.

“Very, very still, Amity. Be a good girl.” Then he pushed his tongue between the soft, wet folds, inhaling deeply as he tasted her. Flattening his tongue, he licked slowly up through her sex, savoring the feel of her against his flesh. She gasped as he did it, her inner thigh tensing under his hand as he reached the hardness of her clit.

“You’re so wet, Amity.” He kissed her soft labia gently, drawing out the heavenly sensation of her sex against his lips. “So beautiful.”

“Oh, God… doctor.”

“Dane or sir will do,” he murmured, nuzzling the soft wetness of her sex, his fingers relentlessly rubbing her clit in circles.

“I can’t… oh, God, I can’t,” she said, her voice harsh, her control hanging by a thin thread.

“Don’t come until I tell you. You’ll hold it as long as you can.”

“No. I—I can’t hold it!”

He slapped her pussy gently, then took up stroking her hard clit again. “You will hold it. Obey me, Amity.”

She groaned then, her hips beginning to circle in time with his fingers.

“Hold it. Hold it, girl!”

“Oh, God! Oh, God, I can’t!” Her hips bucked then, over and over, her orgasm so close she couldn’t hold it off much longer.

He eased off the stroking of her clit, instead touching the delicate, sticky edges of her inner lips, feeling the luxurious, silky smooth flesh, listening with pleasure as she tried get her breathing under control.

When his fingers pressed to her clit once more, she cried out, her body freezing for a moment. Then he closed his lips around the pleasantly large clit, squeezing it softly between his teeth. She jerked hard, her surprised shriek music to his ears. Then he began sucking it, harder and harder, thrusting two, then three fingers deep into the soaked depths of her pussy, moving faster and faster as he sucked and licked her tortured, inflamed clit.

“Come now,” he said, the edge of his tongue still against her, taking it into his mouth and sucking even harder.

Amity screamed then, rearing up on the table, the poles of the stirrups shaking in their mounts as she went over, her entire body shuddering.

“Oh, fuck, oh, my fucking God!

Her juices gushed forth, and he left off her clit to lap at them, loving how she soaked his still thrusting fingers. Her scent was all around him as he licked her moisture from her skin, pausing to lick and nip at her clit as he did, making her yelp and moan each time at the sensitivity of her clit post-orgasm.

“Dane… Dane, oh, God, this… too much,” she moaned, her head rolling wildly. Her hand came down to the back of his head, twisting in his hair. But rather than try to pull him away, she pulled him closer with surprising strength, her moans growing even louder as he laved her sex from perineum to the curls of her pubis, then back down again.

Few things on earth were better than licking the pussy of your submissive as she writhed in orgasm, forced over that precipice at your command, surrendering everything to your control, to your will.

Finally, she calmed, her moans incoherent murmurs, her body now limp, spent. He kissed the sodden curls of her mound, then stood, leaning over her, watching her as she came back to earth. Finally, she opened her eyes, at first looking dazed. Then she focused on him, her eyes tear bright, her lips forming into a trembling O.

“Oh, my God, Dane!” She inhaled deeply, the quivering of her soft pale breasts making his aching cock throb again. “What did we—what did we do?”

He bent close, pressing a quick kiss to each of her hard, pink nipples, then grinned.

“Exactly what we both wanted to, Amity.”

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