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Doctor Preston’s Little Bride by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

Doctor Preston's Little BridePriscilla found it very difficult to wake the next morning. Even when Nurse Stanwick came to her chambers and lifted the blinds, she pulled the blanket over her eyes against the glare and closed them tightly.

“Come now,” Nurse Stanwick chimed, “you’ll miss breakfast if you continue sleeping! Doctor Preston asked me to wake you. He’s already been very generous in letting you sleep as long as you have.”

Priscilla felt the blanket being pulled from her, then finally swept off. The chill of the room made her curl up into a ball. She opened her eyes to see that Nurse Stanwick had brought in a trolley on which there lay a washbasin. Inside it was the bag, filled with water, the one that had been used to cleanse her before. She glanced at the nurse.

“Well,” Nurse Stanwick said, moving across and pushing the trolley to the edge of the bed, “bottoms up!”

It felt odd, but this time Priscilla had no fear about being cleaned. In fact, she felt a tiny thrill at the way it would feel. With a smile on her face, she rolled over and pulled her nightshirt up and over her bottom.

“That’s a good girl!” Nurse Stanwick said, sounding pleased. Priscilla felt her undergarments being pulled off her bottom. She winced as the fabric touched the sore spots her papa had left there. “I see you were a bad girl last night,” Nurse Stanwick mused, noticing the welts as well.

“I was a very bad girl.”

“Well, out with it. What did you do that displeased Doctor Preston?”

Priscilla felt a blush of shame in her cheeks. “I… I went to the observation room. To try to put that… that thing inside myself.”

She heard Nurse Stanwick gasp at the admission and quickly after felt a swat on her rear. “Youch!” Priscilla squealed, turning to face the nurse, whose countenance was very stern. “I’ve already been punished for it!”

“Perhaps you have by the doctor. I want to make sure you remember what a naughty thing that was to do,” Nurse Stanwick said, pushing her until she rolled back over onto her stomach. She felt the nurse tug at her hips, raising her bottom into the air, then push a pillow beneath her so she stayed there.

Soon, she felt the now familiar sensation of the implement at her rear, pushing inside her and once it was snugly inside, she felt the rush of warmth as the cleansing solution filled her.

As soon as the bag had been emptied, she felt Nurse Stanwick remove the rod from inside her and quickly insert a tiny plug. Priscilla squirmed in slight discomfort as the thing pushed past her tight bottom hole, but as soon as it was inside her, she settled into the warm feeling in her core. After a few minutes, the nurse rose and ordered her to roll onto her side. Holding the washbasin at the side of the bed, Priscilla felt her pull the plug, then immediately felt the rush of water leaving her as her body expelled the solution into the basin.

Once that basin had been placed back on the trolley, Nurse Stanwick moved toward her, bringing with her a warm cloth that she dabbed at Priscilla’s bottom.

Priscilla rose and asked, yawning, “What shall I wear today?”

“You shan’t wear anything for the time being. The doctor means to begin your training right away in the observation room. His class is waiting there.”

Priscilla scowled. “But what about breakfast?”

“I told you, you slept far longer than you should have. Breakfast will have to wait.”

“Why won’t I be wearing any clothes then? And what is this training everyone keeps talking about?” Priscilla asked, feeling her temper flaring from the confusion.

“You won’t be wearing clothes because the training can’t be done clothed. As far as what the training is, you’ll find out soon enough. Now come, let’s take your nightie off.”

Somewhat reluctantly, Priscilla let the nurse remove her nightgown. “But wait!” she squealed as they started moving toward the door. “How will we get to the observation room if I haven’t any clothes on?”

“Goodness, girl,” the nurse replied, sounding rather irritated, “we’ll walk.”

The shame she thought she’d overcome welled up inside her again at the thought of being paraded down the hall, completely naked for everyone to see. “But they’ll see me!” she protested, moving away from the door.

“Who will see you?” Nurse Stanwick asked, seeming genuinely perplexed at Priscilla’s predicament.

“The others… the other girls… everyone… everyone who’s out there!” Priscilla shouted, cowering in a corner and trying to cover her exposed body.

“Priscilla,” the nurse admonished, “you are to come over here and walk to the observation room this instant!”

“No!” Priscilla cried. It was one thing for the doctor to see her this way, another thing entirely if she was to be seen by the other girls, the ones she had to share meals with. If they saw her, they would surely laugh! She looked up to see Nurse Stanwick fuming.

“In that case, I’m going to get the doctor!” the nurse snapped and, spinning on her heel, marched out the door.

As Priscilla sat pouting in the corner, pondering her options, the possibility of escape presented itself once again. She could easily put on her own clothes and bolt out the door. Maybe she could even do it before the doctor got there. But as soon as she thought of him, another feeling began to push back against the possibility of running away. He wasn’t just the doctor anymore. She’d never felt with anyone the way she felt with him. She’d never known the kind of warmth and safety his touch brought. Before she had time to try to convince herself otherwise, he was standing at the door.

“Priscilla,” he said, his brow furrowed as he began walking toward her. She felt herself shudder as his large frame came closer. She wanted only one thing: to feel his touch again. She would gladly comply with anything he ordered. “Nurse Stanwick tell me you are being difficult. Is that so?” He bent down on one knee to where she was sitting.

“I… I don’t want to walk through the hall like this,” she said, hoping her pout would convince him. “I’m too embarrassed,” she added in a whisper.

His expression turned to kindness and it was a relief to see his eyes soften. “Priscilla,” he began gently, “you have no need to worry of such things.” He put a hand on her shoulder and immediately she felt better. “All of the girls here have had to do what the nurse is asking. There is no need to be ashamed here. Everyone understands.”

Priscilla, while unconvinced by his explanation, was completely disarmed by his touch. Wanting nothing more than to please her gentle papa, she took his outstretched hand and rose to stand with him.

“Come now,” he said, patting her hand in his, “we have already kept my students waiting far too long.”

Cautiously, Priscilla let herself be led through the door. She felt her cheeks flush again as a group of other girls, all fully clothed, passed by them. She looked away but heard them giggling as they walked by. She felt her face turn an even brighter red and to her utter dread, felt her nipples harden at her own humiliation. Pressing onward, she tried to hide as much of herself against her papa’s large frame as she could.

The observation room was packed with men. Priscilla tried to pull away from the door as soon as they’d stepped inside but her papa cast her another scowl. Seeing his displeasure brought her such a sadness that she could not bear. Pushing her feelings of shame away, she walked slowly to the center of the room.

“Gentlemen,” she heard her papa say from behind her, addressing his audience. “I present to you not just another young trainee of the Preston Academy but also my fiancée.”

A murmur of surprise swept through the room followed by a smattering of applause.

“In case any of you have any doubt of the efficacy of the methods taught here, I hope those doubts will be allayed once you have seen that I am in fact ready to practice that which I teach, upon my future wife.”

Priscilla heard another murmur and looked up to see the men nodding their agreement. As she met eyes with some of them, her shame only intensified. They were all well clad in fine suits. Some wore glasses, all had mustaches or beards. Seeing them looking at her, she only felt more naked.

“Very well, let’s begin!” the doctor ordered from behind her. She turned to watch him approaching. He was so much different now than when they had been alone, his tone much more professorial and authoritarian. She wasn’t sure whether it was her imagination or if it was actually true, but he even seemed to look at her differently. She longed for the warmth of her papa.

“Mount the table, please!” he ordered, indicating the stool she was to use to climb onto the thing.

“Papa,” she whispered at him, hoping for some reassurance and trying not to let the others hear.

His hand landed on the round of her rump almost immediately. One quick smack, followed by another on her other cheek. Realizing she was going to get nowhere trying to appeal to his softer side, she scrambled onto the stool and up onto the table above.

“You must know,” the doctor began speaking to his pupils, “she has had no formal training yet besides the examination that was performed upon her acceptance to the institution. Today, we will begin by teaching her the proper presenting position, as well as introducing the first plug.”

Priscilla, who had tried to wrap herself up into a tight little ball on the table, now felt more exposed than ever.

“Come, my little Priscilla,” he said, turning to her, a certain warmth having returned to his voice. “Onto your hands and knees.” Putting a hand under her arm, he helped her turn her body until her knees were under her and she was holding herself up with her hands. But she simply could not bring herself to push her rear into the air and expose her most intimate places to the whole room.

“Papa,” she hissed, red-faced and trying to hide behind him. “I can’t!”

“Nonsense, Priscilla,” he countered, his brow furrowing again. “Just be a brave girl the way you were in the hall. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Come now, up you go!”

Priscilla felt herself being lifted from the table and turned so her body was parallel to the length of it. All the muscles in her middle squeezed as she tried in vain to hide her soft parts from the eyes of the men. But it was of no use. A moment later, her soft, already moist pussy and her tight rear hole were pointed directly at them and she felt her face burning even redder in shame.

“There we are,” she heard him say behind her. Curiosity got the better of her and she looked around to see him standing, pointing the switch he’d used the night before toward her two soft holes. “You’ll notice, gentlemen, that there are already the signs of arousal present.”

Her jaw tightened and she sucked in a breath as she felt the firm end of the switch touching her soft outer lips. He was using it as a pointer and she was the subject! She felt like an animal, put on display for a class at the veterinary institute. Even worse, as soon as she realized what was happening, she felt another blush of shame push more fluids from her body.

“There we are,” the doctor said as soon as he saw the evidence of her arousal surface from within. “We have an arousal reaction already. You will find that the subject responds quite well to correction, in fact she finds it arousing as well.”

Priscilla yelped as the switch that he’d used to point at her now connected firmly with her backside. Despite the pain, she fell into submission much more easily this time and for a moment almost found the feeling of the switch on her rear pleasurable. She soon realized that the sensation had made her wetter still. The spanking stopped.

“You will notice,” the doctor continued his lecture, “her arousal has increased at the correction.”

Priscilla felt her papa’s firm hand rest gently on her reddened rear. He pried her apart slowly, teasing the soaked lips open until she felt the cool air of the room against the softness of her opening.

“The easiest and surest way to begin any young woman’s training is to entice her with her own pleasure,” the deep voice boomed behind her. She trembled slightly as his finger pressed against her, then slid down the length of her slit and came to rest on the tight bundle of pleasure at the top of it.

“Oh, doctor…” The words slipped past her lips before she could catch them and she began to burn red again at her utterance.

He petted her gently in reassurance as two of his fingers began to massage the delicate nub of flesh on which they were resting.

Priscilla moaned, her body rearing onto his hand in excitement at the coming pleasure. The fact that she was in a room, being watched by strange men, blurred as all thoughts drifted to her core. A sharp sting of the switch on her rear burst through the fog and caused her to yell in surprise.

“It is important,” the doctor began speaking once more, “that even when rewarding or coaxing with pleasure, the woman be assured that she is not in control.” His fingers pressed more firmly onto her and she shook a little and moaned again at the sudden swell of gratification. “James, the first implement, please.”

She opened her eyes and swung her head back at hearing the words. A young man was walking briskly to the chest of drawers. Opening one, he pulled from it a tapered rod, very similar in shape to that which she’d seen put inside of Mary, but somewhat thinner. The doctor’s fingers began to move much faster now and though she wanted to watch, she found the pleasure flowing from his touch far too arousing to think of anything else.

“Now that our subject has become sufficiently aroused, you will see that she responds far more easily to all suggestions.”

With his fingers still moving across her flesh, causing the orb of ecstasy inside her to throb, Priscilla felt what she assumed must be the tip of the implement as it touched her softness.

“Oh, doctor!” she moaned again as the ache inside came to be almost unbearable. “Please…” she whimpered, once again trying to move back and onto the thing. Some instinct, some indescribable need seemed to be pressing on her from the inside and causing her body to react this way. Another sharp snap of the switch quelled it, but only for a moment and she was left to fight against it herself.

“As you can see,” she heard her papa say, “the woman will try to take pleasure for herself. That inclination is to be quickly extinguished. Not only so that dominance can be established, but so that there is no question to whom she must turn for all her needs.”

As he spoke, Priscilla felt the plug move up the length of her cleft. She felt the thing graze along the delicate skin that separated her two holes, then finally felt the tip of it pressed against her rear hole. Priscilla’s face burned in a blush as her shame seemed to reach a climax she’d never known. Now she was to be the subject of everyone’s curiosity, just as Mary had been. She was the one up on the table now, with her rear high in the air, a roomful of doctors staring at what just a few days prior no one had seen before. And now the man who made her feel so safe, so warm and so loved, was about to press inside her this foreign body in front of them all.

Just as she thought the pain might be too much, as she began to contemplate the possibility of jumping from the table and hiding in the corner, the doctor’s expert fingers began to move even more quickly between her thighs.

“Oh!” she cried at the pleasure the increased tempo brought. All thoughts shot once again to her core, the warm glowing ball of pleasure growing ever larger. The doctor pushed and she felt the implement begin to spread her hole. Her eyes opened and her body tensed and shook. The pace between her legs was quickened yet again and now the stretching pressure at her backside twisted with the pleasure at her sex in a braid of fog that in turn twisted through her and swallowed her in its silent mist.

“Ooooohhhhh…” The moaning, mewling sound had come from her lips but she was far too lost in what was happening to her body to notice or care. As the feeling inside her grew, its tendrils reaching every farthest part of her, Priscilla conceded the struggle to stay still and began to sway back and forth upon the doctor’s hand. Though she expected it, there was no swift reprimand this time. Instead, the pressure inside her grew as the plug was inserted to its full depth.

As she felt the last of the plug move in, everything seemed to shift into perfect position. Her legs began to quake and quiver, and she let out another wailing moan. The sound was met with the sound of the doctor’s wet fingers sliding along her own soaked flesh. With one eye she caught sight of the men staring at her, her incredible humiliation, and that became the blade that sliced her pleasure open. It filled her, shook her, and made her cry a noise she’d never cried before.

She was still moving back and forth, her body trembling, as her mind regained its thoughts. The doctor’s hand was still moving, slick across her middle, but more gentle now. He let her fall slowly back into the moment before his motion finally stopped and she heard him step back. The realization there was something inside her now that hadn’t been there before made her begin to blush again and she turned toward the wall to try to hide her shame.

“That ends the lesson of the first implement. We will meet tomorrow once again. Good day to you all.”

The room erupted into eager applause. Priscilla realized it was not for her but nevertheless took some pride in her complicity at having caused it. As the men shuffled toward the door, she felt warmth of his hand on her rear again. Closing her eyes, she let her mind think of only that. No matter what shame she was forced to endure, she would gladly do so for just another chance to feel his touch.

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