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The Doctor’s Little Girl – Extended Preview

The Doctor's Little Girl by Alex ReynoldsThe morning went by as usual. Molly felt a little embarrassed and grumpy about her conversation with Andrew regarding her bill paying, but she managed to put her feelings away to help Samantha with the tasks of the day. The only thing that she didn’t like about her job was the fact that since Samantha knew more about everything and was actually a trained medical biller, she always got to handle the things that seemed the most interesting to Molly, and she got to decide what tasks Molly was required to do. This morning, Molly was scanning the schedule to find appointments that had been scheduled far in advance and calling the patients to remind them about it. It was boring and tedious, but at least she got to talk to people on the phone. A few times she even got to chatting with the patients, but a stern look from Samantha reminded her to hang up the call.

In the early afternoon, Andrew had only a few appointments scheduled and they were mostly things that would be pretty quick. Molly had learned by now which things took more time and which were fast in-and-out visits. Unlike the clinics that Molly had visited for medical care as a child, Dr. Harrington’s office had a fast turnaround wait, and people weren’t in the waiting room for too long.

Once she finished her task and before Samantha assigned her another one, Molly decided to make Andrew a cup of coffee and bring it to him in his office, since he wasn’t with a patient at the moment. She left the desk and wandered into the break room, finding that there was already a fresh pot of coffee on the burner. She poured a cup and added milk from the fridge but no sugar, the way that she had seen Andrew make himself coffee. She then carefully carried it down the hall to his office, where she knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Andrew called.

Molly opened the door and peeked inside. Andrew was sitting behind his desk, doing something on his computer.

“Are you playing games?” Molly asked accusingly. Andrew glared at her.

“Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous. What are you doing in here, anyway?” he asked.

Molly was pretty sure he had been playing games, which didn’t seem very fair since she had been directly scolded against doing that. “I brought you this coffee,” she said, setting it on the coaster on his desk. Andrew smiled.

“Thank you, that’s really nice of you,” he said. “Are you on a break right now?” he asked.

Molly leaned over and saw that Andrew had Tetris open behind several other windows on his computer. “No, I just finished what I was doing,” she said nonchalantly, “and you are playing games! That’s not fair!” She stamped her foot, although it didn’t make the sound that it should have against his thick carpet.

Andrew spun his chair around to face her. His expression was no nonsense and his voice was quiet, presumably so that no one else in the office could hear him. “We’re working right now, Molly. You need to behave yourself in the office, don’t you?”

“Well, it’s still not fair that you get to play games and I don’t,” Molly whined. “I wanna play with the Jewel Pets.” Andrew took a deep breath.

“I’m a grownup, so the rules aren’t the same for me,” Andrew said.

Molly’s face scrunched up even more and she crossed her arms over her chest angrily.

“Thank you for the coffee, but I need you to get back to work and be a good girl. You’re leaving Samantha all alone there. And don’t make faces at me, or you’ll be sorry.”

Molly felt frustrated. “I don’t feel like going back to work. I want to do something in here to help you,” she suggested.

Andrew held Molly’s hands in front of her. “You’re a fussy little girl this morning,” he said, his voice hardly louder than a whisper. “Are you sure you’re feeling well?”

Molly cocked her head. Why wouldn’t she be? “Yes, I’m fine,” she said. She suddenly became afraid that she was annoying the doctor, which wasn’t really what she wanted to do.

Andrew put the back of his hand on her forehead. “Are you sure? Maybe I had better check in case you’re having trouble focusing on your work because you have a fever.”

Molly frowned. She wasn’t sick. Still, Dr. Harrington stood up and walked into the hallway. Molly watched nervously from the doorway.

He walked up to the reception desk and said to Samantha, “Molly says she’s not feeling good, so I’m just going to make sure she’s alright quickly and maybe have her take a brief rest; she’ll be back shortly, okay?”

Samantha said something that Molly couldn’t hear. Molly’s heart beat fast. What was the doctor going to do to her, exactly? He walked toward his office and beckoned to her with one finger. It was an intimidating sight to see him in his white coat with his stethoscope, looking at her with a stern and disapproving gaze, but she didn’t want to blatantly act out in front of her two coworkers. Looking around, she saw Rebecca checking a patient into exam room one.

“I’m going to take Molly into room two for just a moment,” he told his nurse. “Can you do vitals and prep the patient for me?”

Rebecca nodded, seeming unconcerned by what was going on. Dr. Harrington pointed to the exam room sternly. Molly sheepishly slunk inside.

In the room, Andrew shut the door and then turned to her and spoke in a hushed voice, but one that Molly worried could still be audible in the next room. “Get undressed, young lady.”

Molly nibbled her fingers nervously. He couldn’t possibly be serious, could he? “But Dr. Harrington, I feel fine, I’ll get back to work right now, I’m sorry that I was being bratty…” she started.

“Don’t make a fuss, Molly,” he said. “Undress.”

She slowly stripped her clothes off while Andrew watched. It didn’t matter to her that the night before she had been fully naked over his lap while he spanked her to orgasm. Standing here, in this harsh fluorescent lighting, she felt horribly exposed to be undressed. Dr. Harrington stared at her as she managed to get out of her work clothes and pile them neatly on the counter.

“Do I get a gown or something?” she asked sheepishly, trying to cover her pussy with her hands and squirming.

Andrew shook his head. “No gown for naughty little girls. Hop up on the table,” he instructed, opening a drawer behind him to pull something out that Molly couldn’t see.

Molly hesitantly sat on the table, her little legs dangling. She had no idea what he was going to do to her.

“On all fours,” he added.

Molly looked at Andrew pleadingly, feeling absolutely mortified, but his only response was a stern look. Molly crawled up on the table and positioned herself on all fours, feeling humiliatingly on display. Dr. Harrington didn’t say anything to her, he just pulled her legs further apart, exposing her pussy that was glistening wet with fear.

He came around to the end of the table so that she could see him and then snapped on a pair of blue latex exam gloves. “You’re acting very out of sorts, Molly,” he said, “I’m going to make sure it isn’t a fever that’s making you so hot-headed.” He pulled a small container of Vaseline from the pocket of his white jacket and then walked around where Molly couldn’t see him.

Her heart raced with panic and she worried that he was going to do what she thought he was. She craned her head around to see what he was doing. “Eyes forward, young lady,” he scolded. Then she felt her bottom cheeks being spread apart. She gasped and clenched them shut.

“Relax and let me examine you,” Andrew reprimanded. Not wanting to be in more trouble, she did her best to relax her muscles as she felt a gob of cold, wet Vaseline applied to her bottom hole. Molly had never been touched there, by anyone. Nothing could have made her more embarrassed. That is, until she felt Dr. Andrew’s finger probing around and then slowly pushing its way into her. Her whole face felt hot and she could hear blood pulsing in her ears.

Andrew began to push his finger farther into her, wiggling it around and exploring the inside of her tight little hole. The feeling of it pushing in felt strange and invasive but, she had to admit, not entirely unpleasant. Once he had gotten it further in, she felt a little bit filled, and the sensation was actually pleasurable. Dr. Andrew didn’t comment on how wet her pussy was growing, but she knew that he could see. She had no privacy from him in this position.

He spent a moment thrusting his finger in and out, and Molly did her best not to whine or moan as he did, worried that someone in the building might hear her. With neither of them talking, the room was very quiet and she could hear the sound of his lubricated finger moving in her, and beyond that, she could hear Samantha talking to someone in the hallway. That reminder that there were people nearby who had no idea what was happening to her made her even more humiliated than she had been before.

Finally, she felt Dr. Andrew take his finger out of her. Her bottom hole closed tight, and it felt strangely empty without it, but not for long. Soon she felt something cold and hard against her ring of muscles, then pushing into her. She shuddered, realizing that it was a rectal thermometer. She had seen these before, and they looked very small and thin, but judging by how it felt alone, it was neither of those things. Although thinner than his finger had been, it gave her the same feeling of fullness, and it took him a little while to push it as far in as he wanted it.

“There,” he said to her. “This stays in your bottom until I come back. If you push it out, we’ll start the whole process over. Don’t move an inch, keep your bottom up on display and your legs apart while I’m gone. Do you understand?”

Molly felt a drop of wetness slide down her leg, and she nodded, feeling too embarrassed to even speak. The moment when Dr. Harrington opened the door to step out was the worst. For a split second she imagined that Rebecca and Samantha would both be standing right in front of it and peer in to see Molly stripped fully naked on all fours, exposing all the areas she had previously kept private with a thermometer up her butt. Fortunately, he closed the door quickly behind him, but the thought of being seen like this wouldn’t leave Molly’s mind. She hoped that he’d be back soon, and promised herself that she was going to be good at work from then on.

In the quiet of the empty room, she could hear chatter in the hallways, and Dr. Andrew’s voice coming through the wall, sounding jovial and soothing. It reassured her that she couldn’t make out any of the words that he was saying, but the fear that someone might have figured out what was happening to her in the exam room didn’t dissipate. She shifted for a moment, propping herself up on one hand as she quickly touched her pussy. It was pulsing with arousal and dripping wet. Not wanting to get caught out of position, though, she quickly returned her hand to where it was meant to be. Time ticked on, and finally, she heard the door open again.

When she did, though, she had a sudden rush of horror as for a second, she worried that it wasn’t Dr. Andrew coming to rescue her but someone else. She turned her head slightly to the side and was relieved to see him enter the room. “Have you learned your lesson, Molly?” he asked sternly.

Molly nodded enthusiastically. “Yes,” she squeaked out. Andrew smiled and then came around and gently removed the thermometer from her bottom hole.

“Yes, what?” he prompted.

“Yes, I’ve learned my lesson,” Molly whimpered, fidgeting on the table.

“Yes, sir?” the doctor asked.

Molly meekly nodded.

“I’m going to do one more thing to reinforce this lesson, Molly,” Andrew told her. He took her by the hand and guided her into the small restroom that was attached to the exam room.

Molly felt confused about what was happening. She was hoping he wasn’t going to make her pee in a cup. She was sure she wouldn’t be able to use the toilet with someone watching her.

Andrew opened a cabinet above the toilet and pulled out a red rubber bag with a nozzle attached. Molly realized what it was, and her eyes widened with fear.

“Have you ever received an enema before?” he asked, talking in his doctor voice that was calm and professional.

Molly shook her head no. She had definitely not. The idea of it alone made her feel like she wanted the floor to open up and swallow her.

“This is what’s going to happen now, Molly,” Andrew explained, still in doctor voice. “I’m going to fill this bag with warm water, then I’m going to hang it from this hook.” He pointed to a metal hook that hung off the far wall, the kind of thing Molly imagined was for IVs, but she guessed that it wouldn’t make sense for someone to have an IV rack that didn’t move in the bathroom. “I’m going to insert this nozzle into your anus,” he said. Molly crinkled her nose at the clinical word. “Then, I’m going to turn this lever to open the bag. That will allow the water to flow through the tube and into your bottom. The water will make you feel full, and will make you need to go to the toilet. You’re going to stay in position and hold the water for five minutes. If you complain or protest about it, I will make it longer. Then, you’ll sit on the toilet and expel it, and you can go back to work. Do you understand?”

Molly’s eyes were like dinner plates. Of all the things that Dr. Andrew had done to her to date, this was the one that made her the most nervous. How would it feel to have water inside her like that? Would it hurt? She looked at him nervously, clearly unsure about it.

“But I’m really sorry, Dr. Harrington,” she protested.

“You’re whining,” was his only response.

Molly chewed her lip. “I learned my lesson.”

“The fact that you’re arguing with me now proves to me that you didn’t,” he said sternly, then his tone took on a more comforting air. “You’ll be fine, Molly,” the doctor assured her. “It will be a little unusual feeling, but it won’t hurt.”

Molly knew how it would feel, though: humiliating. “Now, get on all fours on the floor, like you did on the table when I took your temperature, knees nicely spaced.”

Molly hesitantly did as she was told, feeling the cold tile under her hands and knees.

“Good girl,” Dr. Harrington told her.

She could hear him filling the bag with water. It seemed to run forever, and the thought of all that water going inside her made her fill with butterflies. Then she heard him hanging the bag on the hook, and she whimpered. Next, she felt his gloved finger rubbing cold lubricant into her bottom hole. She did her best not to tense up against it.

The feeling of the nozzle being inserted in her bottom was not much different than the thermometer, although it was softer and warmer, since it was plastic, not glass. She wiggled a little bit once he put it in, but a sharp slap on her bottom froze her in place. She was more concerned with the idea that someone could have heard the sound than the pain.

“You need to cooperate,” Andrew reminded her, “if you want to have to hold your enema for only five minutes.”

Molly blushed.

“I want you to lower your upper body all the way to floor,” the doctor instructed. “Rest your elbows on it, and raise your bottom up high.”

Molly figured she should be beyond caring about feeling exposed at this point, but she couldn’t help but tremble with mortification at the position. Then Andrew opened the release that allowed water to begin to flow through the tube. Soon, she felt it entering her bottom. Although Andrew had insisted that it was warm water, it felt cool to her, and strangely invasive as it filled her. It didn’t rush in, like she had imagined it would, but instead it felt like she was slowly filling up, like a balloon being inflated. He had told her the truth: it didn’t hurt. It did, however, feel incredibly strange, and it was very hard to keep still. She hadn’t even been filled up yet, and she already wanted nothing more than for Andrew to take the nozzle out of her bottom and leave the room so that she could release.

As the bag emptied into her, her longing to expel the water grew stronger. “I have to go to the bathroom now,” she whined. Andrew gave her a hard look. She stared up at him from the floor, knowing full well that he was admiring her naked body and enjoying her predicament.

“No whining,” he reminded her. He produced a stopwatch from her pocket and started it. “You’ve taken the whole enema like a good girl,” he said. “Now you just need to hold it. You’ll stay in this position the entire time.”

Molly groaned as quietly as she could. She wanted to be good, though. Besides fear of being forced to stay here longer, she didn’t want to be spanked while in this position, especially with people in the office, and she knew that her bottom made an excellent target as it was thrust up in the air. Her tummy felt full and funny, and her bottom hole twitched against the nozzle. She felt heavy with the water inside her, and part of her was very glad that she didn’t have to move. The minutes ticked by slowly, with Molly focusing her every energy on not whining.

“Aren’t I being a good girl,” she finally asked, desperate for some kind of relief, even if it was just praise. Andrew smiled and gently patted her bottom cheek.

“Yes, you’re being a very obedient little patient. You only have another minute to hold your enema, and then you can expel it.” Molly knew that she could make it through another minute. A minute was not very long.

It turned out, a minute could be very long. The final sixty seconds that Molly held the water in her felt like an eternity. Her tummy felt a little cramped, and it was hard to fight the urge to expel the water. Finally, she felt Andrew’s hand on the nozzle, removing it from her bottom. “Alright, Molly,” he said. “You can get up and sit on the toilet to expel your enema now. You did very well.” Molly moved quickly, rushing over to the toilet and sitting down. She had never been so grateful as when Dr. Andrew exited back to the exam room, closing the door to give her privacy as she finally released what she had been holding onto for so long. She was so desperate for relief that she had stopped focusing on her fear of being overheard.

When Molly finished in the restroom, she peeked her head around to the exam room, where she found Dr. Harrington sitting on the little stool he sat on during exams.

“Come in, Molly. How do you feel?” he asked.

Molly shrugged. “I don’t know how you could have made me hold that for five minutes! It was horrible!”

Andrew chuckled. “I was impressed with you,” he told her. “You took that very, very well. You’re going to be a good girl now, aren’t you?”

Molly crinkled her nose. “Yes, sir,” she said. “Without a doubt.”

“Good,” said Andrew. “That’s what I want to hear.”

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