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Doctor’s Orders by Jaye Elise – Extended Preview

About an hour later, he had everything cleaned up in the bathroom and had his office prepped for use. He ran down to the kitchen to grab himself a snack and a protein shake for Janie. They’d have dinner after her next session, but she was going to need her strength to get through what he was going to ask of her.

He padded back into the room with her drink, setting it on the nightstand. He refilled her water and then slid under the covers with her, pulling her warm body against his and immediately sporting another hard-on.

Christ, are you thirteen years old? Get your shit together, man!

“Well, hello there, stranger,” she mumbled gently into the pillow.

“Hello there yourself, beautiful. How’re you feeling?”

“Mm, thirsty, a little drained, but good. Really good. Thank you… for everything.” She smiled and turned over to face him. His heart nearly exploded at the sight of her sated glow. He had put that glow there, and she had trusted him to do it. It didn’t get much better than that.

“You’re most welcome. Here you go, my sweet girl.” He reached over, pressing the straw to her lips and encouraging her to drink the full glass of water. He then gave her the protein shake. “It’ll help you bounce back a bit. After all, you’ve got some additional treatments scheduled in the not-too-distant future. So drink up.”

He loved to watch her facial expressions as she grappled with new information. Everything from abject terror to acceptance to hyper-arousal would fly across her features in a matter of seconds. While this would most definitely not work to her advantage in poker, for Rafe, it was a blessing. A gift from her that allowed him to understand her emotional state and how he was affecting her. In this moment, she went from guarded skepticism to optimistic acquiescence. Yet again, she was learning to trust him.

“That’s my good patient. Your doctor knows what’s best for you.”

She smiled at him shyly and nodded. He knew he had hit the mark with her.

After she finished her shake, texted Caro to let her know she was okay, and visited the bathroom, Rafe led her to the office door for their first session in his favorite space in the whole house. “Keep an open mind for me, Janie. I know you’ll be able to handle anything I ask of you, but it might not be easy.”

She nodded up at him and whispered a quick yes, Doctor. Pulling her into a deep kiss, he opened the door to the office and guided her toward the table.

While she slept he had laid out the items he planned to use with her and had tilted the back of the table up so that it was at a forty-five-degree angle. An assortment of cuffs and rope were scattered across the leather surface. While her eyes rested on the restraints, he looked toward the wall at the covered tray on rollers that would be the focal point of her treatment tonight.

With her hair still pulled back, it was easy for him to clasp the thick collar around her neck and to ensure it wasn’t too tight, her necklace falling just below the edge of the leather. He heard her breathing quicken as he fastened cuffs to each of her wrists and to each of her ankles. “Let’s get you comfortable.” Tossing the ropes on the nearby counter, Rafe lifted her onto the warm table and got her into a seated position, her rear end perched precariously on the edge. “Now lie back for me,” he coaxed as he guided her shoulders toward the padded surface.

Pulling the stirrups from either side of the table, he swung them around, bent her legs up, and placed her heels into each of the cups, using the D-rings on the cuffs and a couple lengths of rope to secure her feet in place. He then slid up her legs, restraining her thighs with thick leather straps that he attached to the stirrups. Her eyes never left him for a moment, observing each precise step he took to immobilize her. Based on her glistening sex and what she’d told him about her previous experience with bondage, he knew that the process—the buildup of what was to come—was almost as erotic for her as submitting to the treatments themselves. But he wanted to hear it from her own mouth.

“Tell me what you’re feeling,” he prompted as he moved on to secure her wrists.

“H-helpless, but safe. Dominated, cherished, owned. Needy,” she rasped, as he tied her first wrist. “Nervous, but excited… overwhelmed by the not knowing. Sorry, this is hard to verbalize, it’s just…”

“Don’t apologize, my sweet girl, you didn’t do anything wrong.” He continued with his preparations as he spoke. “And your description, based on your physical response, seems to be pretty accurate.” He ran a finger through her wetness. “After all, your pussy is drenched—you’re turned on, but your breathing is rapid—you’re nervous. So yeah, I’d say you nailed it,” he laughed, drawing a quick giggle from her as well.

“The question is do you like how I make you feel?” He punctuated his question by brushing a light kiss across her lips.

Eager as ever, she wasted no time in responding, “Very much so… very much.”

“Glad to hear it,” he smiled down, cupping her cheek in his hand.

He stepped back to survey his work—he had crossed her right wrist over her tummy to tie it to the left side of the table and had crossed her left wrist over and tied it to the right side. Restrained like this, her arms twined together and pressed her gorgeous breasts upward. His mouth watered just looking at them.

Testing her bonds, Janie engaged her abs and lifted her shoulders from the table. Although she was able to do a modified sit-up, she had essentially no lateral movement. “Ah ah, trying to make a break for it? Give me a second and I’ll take care of that little issue,” he whispered seductively in her ear as he eased her back against the padding for a second time.

Using the D-rings attached to either side of her collar, Rafe threaded the ropes through and secured them to the table, immobilizing her. She tried to pull up again but could barely move an inch before the leather dug into her throat and choked her. “Not going anywhere now, are you, my good little patient? In fact, I think it’s just about time for your next treatments. Let’s get you nice and opened up, shall we?” Grabbing each of her ankles, he spread the stirrups as far as they would go and locked them into place. Her pussy and rear entrance were perfectly exposed as he watched her thighs strain against her bonds in a futile attempt to close her legs.

She was so incredibly beautiful like this. Standing between her legs, taking in the sight of her, he could smell her arousal and knew that he had to taste her. He rolled a chair over and planted himself between her thighs, at the perfect height to explore her at his leisure. With just the tip of his finger, he circled her engorged clit, loving how this first contact with her sex sent her jolting against her bonds. Her eyes met his as he leaned forward and ran his tongue up her slit, coming to halt on her overstimulated bud before suckling her.

Fuuuuucccckkkkk,” she moaned, slamming her head back against the table in ecstasy.

“Patient is remarkably responsive and appears to enjoy both manual and oral stimulation,” he murmured, continuing to suck on her clit and sliding a finger into her tight vagina. Her arousal was sliding down her cleft, and there were even a few drops on the floor beneath the table. And Rafe loved being the man responsible for eliciting that response. For turning her on so completely. He slid a second thick finger into her, twisting it to help ease it in, and she nearly came undone. She bucked once again, evidently not caring that the bonds left her no purchase and that she was choking herself unnecessarily.

Leaving her hovering on the edge of her climax, he stopped licking and sucking her clitoris, only to add a third finger to the mix. He heard her wince at the intrusion, knowing that three of his fingers were about the same girth as his cock. She could handle it, but it took some effort. “Good girl… let me make you feel good,” he purred.

But instead of returning to her aching bud, he directed his attention to her gorgeous bottom hole. Leaving his fingers buried in her wetness and twisting his wrist to the side to provide himself with unfettered access to her clenching anus, he took a moment to enjoy the view. “Tell me, has anyone ever tasted this sweet ass of yours?”

“N-no, Doctor,” she responded, as he locked eyes with her and leaned into her exposed rosebud.

“Well, my cooperative little patient, that’s about to change.” Without allowing her time to respond, he pressed his tongue flat against her ass, licking and savoring her sweetness. Rafe circled the outer rim, devilishly flicking her bud, before darting just the tip of his tongue inside. He kissed, he licked, he sucked, he teased, and then he started all over again. He loved hearing her whimpers and watching her squirm in her restraints, dependent upon him for every single sensation. He relentlessly pummeled her pussy with his fingers and tongued her tight hole until, within minutes, she came. Her asshole continued to pulse as she rode out her orgasm and he greedily lapped at her, savoring the taste of the pleasure he’d given her. He slid his fingers from her and pulled away from the table, grabbing a towel from a nearby cabinet to clean her arousal from his face and hand.

“Another first for you today, huh?” he asked as she gradually returned to sentience and melted into the table. “What’d you think?” He was genuinely interested in her response and wanted to make sure that, bit by bit, he learned each and every last stroke, maneuver, caress, kiss, lick, and fantasy that would drive her insane with need. Need for him. He ran his fingers along her hairline and kissed her tenderly, awaiting her response.

After swallowing a few times, Janie answered him. “That was… incredible. And I never would’ve been able to give myself over to the experience and enjoy it had you not given me my cleansing earlier. I didn’t worry about grossing you out or…”

“Stop right there, baby,” he ordered softly. “Nothing you could do, say, taste like, smell like, look like—nothing—would ever ‘gross me out,’ so don’t worry about that. I just want to know if rimming was something you’d like me to do again.”

“Thanks for the reassurance,” she sighed and smiled. “And yes, yes, yes! Please do that again. I loved it. In fact, if I had the use of my hands right now, I’d give you two thumbs up!” she added, laughter filling the office. To Rafe’s ears, her pure joy was one of the sweetest things he’d heard in years.

“That’s my girl,” he whispered before claiming her mouth and resetting his frame of mind to move forward with what he had planned for her. “You know I think it’s time we finish up your treatments, my sweet girl. This should only take another fifteen minutes or so and then you can have a nice rest.”

He walked over to the rolling tray against the wall, feeling her eyes locked on his back. “And get ready, because things are about to get intense.”

Sweet merciful shit. ‘About to get intense’? How about when I just came all over his face from getting rimmed and finger-fucked? That seemed pretty intense!

As Rafe rolled the tray next to the table, Janie’s mental state jumped from one to eleven in a split second. She thrashed on the table, the restraints biting into her and her collar choking off her airway. She couldn’t move more than a couple of inches, but that didn’t stop her from trying.

“Hey, hey, hey! Shhh,” he attempted to soothe her, stroking her cheeks with his thumbs and locking his gaze onto hers. “Nothing’s changed, my sweet girl. Not a thing. Still just you and me. You’re under my care and I’m going to make you feel good if you’re brave enough to go forward. Nothing’s changed. Just you and me,” he repeated softly.

After her adrenaline spike subsided and she stopped struggling in her bonds long enough to absorb his words, she calmed down almost immediately. Once again, he was absolutely right. She trusted him last night, she trusted him earlier today, she trusted him now. She could easily put an end to this if she wanted, but she had no intention of doing so. He was in charge and she wanted to see what he could make her feel if she gave herself over to him.

“Sorry. Just a little freak-out, yeah?” she apologized.

“No need to be sorry—you’re dealing with all this in your own way. Again, it’s my job to know what you can handle and how far I can take you. Please try and trust me, my sweet girl, I know you can do this.”

Trust? You trusted Gary and look how that played out for you. You ended up completely humiliated. And look at you now. You’ve never been more vulnerable than you are right now. How does that feel? Can you trust him?

Giving her inner voice the middle finger, she met Rafe’s eyes, leaned into the palm of his hand as much as the collar would allow, took a deep, calming breath, and released it.

“I trust you,” she affirmed without a trace of doubt, observing his reaction as those three words came home to roost. His bare chest puffed up, his eyes dilated, and he seemed to grow an extra couple of inches. He was truly moved by her trust in him and it warmed her to her core to know that she could affect him like that. He had given her no reason not to trust him. He was Rafe, her good egg.

“Thank you,” he whispered, leaving her side after a chaste yet lingering kiss. “Let’s get started.”

He repositioned himself between her outstretched thighs and removed the cover from a portion of the tray. From her vantage point, Janie could see a large phallus-like object. The size of it didn’t make her too nervous. At about six inches long and two inches wide, it was definitely large, but it was smaller than his cock and she should have no problem taking it. However, what did make her anxious as hell were the wires attached to the base of the dildo, wires that were then connected to a small box on the tray. His voice reached out to her as she began to panic again.

“I know, I know. This looks pretty intimidating, but let me talk you through it, okay?” She nodded skittishly and he continued. “I don’t know how familiar you are with the concept of the metronome. Essentially, it’s an easy way for musicians to keep a beat. It produces an audible ‘click’ at precise time signatures. If they want to up their tempo, they speed up the metronome and attempt to keep time with it, right?” He slid the phallus into her slick pussy and locked it into place. The sensations felt like a slightly more strenuous version of her yearly exam. “Well, this device is similar to a metronome in that it produces an external ‘tick,’ but there’s also a corresponding internal pulse. I’ve got this secured inside you, right up against your cervix, so you’re going to feel each and every one of those pulses. We’ll start slow and then gradually speed up.

“My goal here is to see how long you can hold out before you come, so just let yourself go and allow the machine do what it’s designed to do. I call this the Tick Tock Test, for obvious reasons. We’ll try this again tomorrow and see if you’re able to hold out longer for me. Now, let’s start you off nice and slow.” He hit the stopwatch on his phone and set it on the tray. At the same time, he flipped the switch on the box.

The first ‘tick’ jolted her a couple of inches off the table, as the probe tapped against her cervix and flooded her pussy with an intense, momentary vibe. It didn’t hurt, but not knowing what to expect had stunned her. Three seconds later, another jolt hit. She shuddered, letting the pulse course through her. Another three seconds passed and Janie had already prepared for the next pulse, learning to savor the sensation. Oh, God, I could get used to this, she mused as she released an audible moan.

“I think my patient is getting the hang of this. Time to speed up then.”

Tick… … tock… … tick. He upped the pulses to every two seconds and she could already feel the orgasm building inside her. The probe kept her grounded in the present, in her current situation, not allowing her mind to drift. She wasn’t going to escape this without coming. And hard.

Tick… tock… tick. Rafe turned the dial on the box and the pulses were only a second apart from one another, slowly, methodically fucking and jolting her toward climax. Her involuntary functions took over at this point and her butt thrust in time with the phallus as her asshole clenched and released. She watched as he gazed at her appreciatively, seemingly impressed with her stamina. He turned the dial again and sent her into overdrive.

Tick, tock, tick. She couldn’t hold out any longer and they both knew it. The pulses coursed through her pussy and extended out to stimulate her clit as well. She went into full system overload. “Mnnnnggggggghhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!” she wailed as she came in a full body, radiating orgasm that sent bolts of lightning through her pussy, anus, nipples, lips, and even down to her curled toes.

He immediately shut off the machine and removed the probe from her soaked, overstimulated sex. “You did wonderfully for your first time, my sweet girl. Well done. You lasted two minutes and thirty-three seconds. I’m impressed. Very impressed.”

Seconds later, he soothed her by drying the sweat from her skin with a warm lavender-scented towel. She was even more thankful when he brought lemon water to her lips and let her refresh herself. As he leaned over her, she grinned, feeling his erection digging into her hip.

“I think I can feel just how impressed you are, Doctor,” she teased him lightly. “Enjoy the show?” She smiled, awaiting his response.

“Full disclosure? That was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I might not get soft for the next month and a half just thinking about it!”

Janie laughed so hard she snorted, which triggered a laughing fit out of the both of them. Their giggles gradually subsided, leaving them staring into each other’s eyes. In her current situation, she was physically incapable of making a move, but she desperately wanted him to comfort her, to protect her, to claim her.

To love her.

Without a word and apparently reading her loud and clear, Rafe leaned into her, slid his arm around her back, and cradled her head against his shoulder. Tenderly, reverently, he showered her cheeks, eyelids, and ears with kisses, before closing his mouth on hers and pouring his soul into her. Janie reciprocated—a kiss their only means of communication—letting him know that she wanted his love, and that she too was falling in love with him.

As he pulled away from her, he took a deep, shuddering breath and pressed his forehead to hers. “What are you doing to me, Janie?” he whispered, clearly not expecting an answer from her. He trailed his hand down her body as he made his way back to the tray. “Time for your last treatment of the day, my good little patient.”

She nodded, using the residual fuel from their last kiss to steel herself for what was to come.

“We’re going to do another Tick Tock Test on you, but this time I’m going to test your response to anal stimulation.” He removed the cover from the tray, revealing a second probe to punctuate his statement. At the sight of the ten-inch phallus, Janie’s bottom hole tensed up in an instinctive, protective gesture. “This is just like the first one.” He paused to consider his words. “A little longer, perhaps, but only an inch in diameter. It’ll be like taking my finger. And if I remember correctly, you enjoyed taking my finger in that tight little ass of yours, didn’t you?”

“I did… I liked it,” she whispered as he connected the wires to the box. He poured some lubricant along her cleft and, using his finger, coated her anus. She watched as he smeared the liquid along the entire length of the probe, prepping it for her. Within a few moments, she felt the tip pressing against her opening and she knew she’d have to follow his instructions yet again. Just relax, let it in, and it won’t hurt.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she exhaled a final affirmation before beginning her ordeal. “I’m ready.”

“Good girl.” She felt the unyielding metal dildo slide in, inch by inch, until she had the entire length deep inside her. Yet again, he locked the probe in place so that it wouldn’t dislodge during the session. Although she couldn’t pinpoint the exact sensation, she could feel the entire length of the vibrator resting against her insides. “Once again, nice and slow.”

Tick… …tock… …tick. Even though she knew exactly what to expect from her earlier session, the depth of the probe coupled with her inexperience with anal penetration made her cry out through the first few pulses.

“Shhh. You’re doing great. Let’s just see how long you can go. I can’t wait to be the one to give you your first anal orgasm. Let’s keep going.” He turned the dial on the control panel, encouraging her as he put her through her paces.

Tick… tock… tick.

Tick, tock, tick.

As her entire body shook through the near constant pulses, his final words of seductive reassurance pushed her over the precipice. “You can’t control this, my sweet girl. You know you want it. Let it happen… just let it happen for me.” That was all she needed to hear. The rhythmic pounding from deep inside her channeled through her entire frame as she screamed her way through the strongest climax she’d ever felt. It was as if every nerve ending in her body was simultaneously frozen and on fire. She was a live wire, barely contained, arcing blindly in all directions.

It wasn’t until she felt the tension slacken across her body that she realized he had already untied her and removed her collar and cuffs. She must have dozed off briefly, sated beyond her wildest imagination.

“Back to bed with you, my sweet girl,” she heard his voice as he pulled her into his arms, too exhausted and sexually satisfied to open her eyes. Moments later, she was tucked into bed, a last few fleeting spasms coursing through her overwrought body as she drifted into a dreamless sleep.

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