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The Doctor’s Wife by Casey McKay – Extended Preview

whatthedoctorordered_detail“It would be in your best interest to be ready by the time I come back out there,” he warned her.

She took it as a challenge. She didn’t want to put a stop to everything, but that didn’t mean she was any more convinced of his plan. She didn’t want an enema. She found the entire process wholly humiliating, which was probably why Dan insisted on administering them when he thought she was being especially difficult.

But she couldn’t argue the fact that it always achieved the results he sought. She was always more submissive, more pliable, and obedient once it was through. But right now she just wanted to be taken by her husband. Fucked hard, with an orgasm to match—that sounded like a better plan.

Just then he turned and caught her in his gaze and the look he gave her would have wet her panties, if she were wearing any. The words she had planned died on her tongue, her mouth went dry, and all she could do was stare back.

“So, we’re going to play it like this, are we?” He took a step out of the bathroom and came closer to her.

She willed herself to keep her feet rooted to the spot on the cool tile floor. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he kissed her neck. She let her head fall back at his advance. She grasped his wrist, not really pushing him off, but holding his arm in place around her.

“I have no problem bending you to my will; I just thought the fight would have drained out of you by now,” he whispered before he pulled back and smiled.

She knew that smile, it was not reassuring. He was enjoying this far too much, and she was nuts to agree to be a pawn in his game.

“Just remember, we could have done this the easy way,” he said. He grabbed her arm and spun her to the side, and she gave a startled cry. Gripping her forearm, he held her in place while he spanked her naked buttocks with hard smacks. She arched her back, tucking her tailbone in, trying to avoid his punishing hand. He remained undeterred, his grip tightened, and he spanked harder, giving her a dozen smacks before he released her. Her hands flew back to cover her chastised ass and she looked up at him in surprise.

“You can go stand in the corner and think about how this will go easier if you listen to my instructions the first time,” he directed.

She flapped her mouth open, wanting to respond, but the look on his face had her snapping it shut. Turning, she walked across the room to the appointed corner, behind his desk, facing the windows to the backyard. Her hands still protected her backside; she hadn’t even realized she was still rubbing out the sting until Dan spoke.

“Hands in front, I want to see those pink cheeks.”

She felt her face heat, but quickly complied. She squeezed her eyes shut, hating corner time, hating that she was still trying to ruin their night. She heard him walk back to the sink, his feet scuffing across the ceramic tile. He still had his dress shoes on. She listened as he filled the enema bag. Her dread and anticipation kicked up a notch. The mild spanking he had delivered left a surface sting, but now it pulsed as if directly over her clit. She remained in place, twisting her fingers in front of her until she finally heard the water switch off.

She heard his footsteps approaching and she tensed, but he passed her by and she watched out of the corner of her eye as he slid open a drawer of the desk. He took out a ruler and then pulled the desk chair into the center of the room; the wooden legs scraped against the hard floor, cutting through the deafening silence like a knife. Turning to meet his gaze when he called her name, her legs barely held her weight.

He sat and patted his lap. “Over.”

One word. He expected her to jump to it, would expect nothing less. Her body betrayed her, her nipples hardened, and she felt her pussy clenching at his commanding attitude. She eyed the thick wooden ruler in his hand and she licked her lips, deciding if she should try to talk him out of it.

“Don’t make me come get you,” he warned. Only she knew it was barely a warning. He was the master at this game and she almost shook with fear wondering how he could up the ante even more than he already had.

She decided she would rather not find out. Three slow steps, that’s all it took to get to him. Once she was in arm’s reach, she had no choice in the matter. He grabbed her wrist and upended her in one fluid motion. She let out an ‘oof’ as her torso landed on his muscular thighs. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her belly. At least she wasn’t the only one turned on by this scene.

“You’ve been wanting this all night,” he said, as he rubbed the ruler over her bare cheeks.

Had she? She had been genuinely angry at him before he got home, but was this what she’d been angling for the whole time?

“Ask me for it, tell me what you need,” he coaxed.

This part she hated, asking for her punishment. She cursed herself for letting that slip one night in her post-coital glow. Knowing even then, anything she admitted a distaste for he would work in somewhere. Some twisted part of him got off on teasing and torturing her.

But she had a part that matched, that reveled in being teased and tortured.

Had they each had that on their own, or was it something that had grown between them?

Her wandering mind was brought back to the present when Dan whacked the ruler against her buttocks. Gasping, she kicked her legs out behind her.

“Ask me,” he repeated.

She shook her head. One more tiny defiance. He had her where he wanted her, was ready to administer the punishment he decided she deserved. She would not ask him for it, she would keep that tiny piece of pride. He brought the ruler down across her ass again and she kicked her legs up, clenching all of her muscles. “Ahh,” she called out. It was like a line of fire, lighting up across her skin.

“Tell me what you need,” he coaxed.

“No,” she said, catching her breath.

He brought it down again, the ruler catching the same spot it had just punished, making her shriek. Then he switched places, moving from the center of her ass to the bottom, coming dangerously close to the tops of her tender thighs. He continued laying down hard swats, the sound of them bouncing off the walls of the den like cracks of thunder. She wrapped a hand in the material of his dress pants as she bit down on the knuckles of her other hand. She would not give him any satisfaction by crying out.

“Why do you insist on fighting me?” he asked, and she could hear the smile in his voice; knew him enough to be able to picture the smug look on his face without even looking up at him.

Her mood had been killed by his tardiness, she had been ready to call the night a wash, but now she was being forced to surrender. And it did feel like she was being forced. It was the only way she could get there. She could never willingly submit. She realized she answered her own question she had been posing about tonight. This was why she stayed down here. This is what always brought her back. She craved that feeling of control being taken from her. She would never willingly give it up, it had to be wrenched from her. It had to be pried out of her grip by someone she trusted.

Suddenly she was flooded with love. An overwhelming sense that this was exactly where she needed to be, with the person she needed most. Everything else fell away. It wasn’t so much him filling a void within her, but her giving a piece of herself, making them one whole being instead of the separate parts that they were.

Dan must have read the signals her body was giving off, because he stopped his assault on her ass. He placed his large hand on the small of her back, shifted his weight, and she felt him lean down. “Are you with me?” he asked in an almost whisper.

“Yes, sir,” she murmured. She heard the ruler clatter to the floor.

He pulled her closer to his body, his arm circling her waist, adjusting her against him. She lay limply across his hard thighs, a pliable mass, ready and waiting for anything he deemed necessary. She heard the cap of the petroleum jelly flip open again and she tensed.

“I certainly don’t mind you fighting with me. But we always get to the same conclusion, don’t we?” He asked the question, but sounded more like he was talking to himself rather than seeking answers. “You just end up tiring yourself out before you can admit that this is what you need.”

His fingers spread her bottom cheeks wide. She felt cool air rushing over her exposed back hole and then the lube; it was cool to the touch and she jumped when it made contact, but his finger was warm. He worked, massaging it into her tight ring, and she let out a moan.

“Will you tell me what you need?” he asked again.

“Please,” she begged. What was she begging for? She knew what was coming. And yes, he was right, she brought it on herself because they had played this game before. He loved to humiliate and embarrass her, he got off on it; she knew that by now. And he knew enough to know what would drive her to the edge. It was a means to an end; that didn’t mean she enjoyed the process.

“Please, what?” A second finger slipped inside her, stretching her wider and she gave a sharp panicked cry. “Shh,” he soothed as he slowly pumped his fingers in and out.

She had moved her knuckles from her mouth, but now she looked for something else to clamp down on as he readied her. His pants were still bunched in her hand and she shoved the material between her lips.

He stiffened beneath her. “Christina, don’t bite me,” he warned.

She gave a muffled reply. It had happened once, accidentally, but she wasn’t as far gone now as she had been then.

He waited a few long seconds; she figured he was debating about whether or not to trust her answer, and then he removed his fingers.

She heard the slosh of water behind her as he lifted the enema bag. When had he even put that there? He’d worked her up into such a frenzy that she wasn’t even aware of her surroundings anymore.

He spread her cheeks again and then she felt the tip of the hose. She tensed her muscles as he shifted her up, his finger at her back hole, easing her open, and then the end of the hose, hard rubber, pushing inside her. It was smaller than a plug, but knowing that something would be coming out of it soon, filling her up in so many more ways than just a butt plug, had her sweating. It felt foreign as it pushed inside her and she moaned around the material she was biting down on.

“There you go, baby,” he coaxed, and gently released the warm liquid inside of her.

It was the master intrusion. Now he was fully commanding her body inside and out. She felt the liquid filling her up—not an entirely unwelcome feeling, but her discomfort was rising.

Without warning, his hand cracked down on her backside. She squealed, as much from surprise as from the stinging pain. She squeezed her bottom together, afraid she would lose control of the contents inside her. He raised his knee, positioning her bottom higher, pitching her forward. She shot her hands out in front of her to balance against the tile floor, but even off balance, she knew he would not let her fall. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he began spanking her again. She scissored her legs and kicked out.

“An enema and a spanking,” he narrated. “That’s what naughty girls get. Do you like when I punish you?”

She shook her head, but even as she gave the vigorous shake, her lips were curling into a smile. She was lying to both of them, but she couldn’t admit it, would never admit it out loud.

“I think you do like it, you push me until you leave me no choice,” he said, as he spanked again, his hand hard against her stinging skin. Her body sang out as he continued his assault. The flat of his hand against her backside, leaving her skin burning in its wake, then sending electric pulses straight to her core.

The fullness, the jolting motion, her uncomfortable position—all combining together, pulling her closer to the edge. All she would need was one stroke of his finger and she knew she would gush around him. He steadied her again, paused the spanking, and gently toyed with the hose sticking out of her bottom. She froze.

“No more,” she mumbled through the material she still held between her teeth. She already felt so full, and the way he held her, her stomach pressed against his thighs, she couldn’t hold it.

“Hold still and be a good patient,” he told her. “Is it uncomfortable?”

She released the material from her mouth and panted as she braced her hands against the floor. “Yes, it’s… ahh…” she moaned as he pushed and pulled the tip inside her again. “I can’t!” she begged.

Tears ran down her cheeks. She wouldn’t be able to manage it. Words were flowing from her mouth, a nonsensical string of pleas and promises, but they fell on deaf ears.

“It’s almost done.” He rubbed his hand in a circle on her back. The same hand that had just lit the fire on her ass.

She whimpered and moaned as her belly filled. It was more full than she thought she could handle. For a time he just held her close, letting the liquid drain from the bag as she lay across his lap. His hands on her body made her feel safe. She began to squirm and was about to start begging again when he announced that it was finished. Relief coursed through her as he gently slid the hose from her anus. Her feet found purchase on the floor and she tried to push herself up, taking care not to move suddenly, the fullness making her quake.

“No, not yet, I didn’t tell you to stand,” he scolded and pushed her firmly back down.

She let out a whimpering gasp as her midsection crushed against his legs again. “Dan, I don’t know how long I can hold it,” she gasped.

“It’s a shame we didn’t think to bring a plug,” he said quietly, almost as an afterthought. “You’ll just have to focus on keeping this in so we don’t have an accident.”

Her mouth hung open when he told her this. How did he know how easy or hard it would be to keep it in? She started panicking again and struggled against him. He slapped the tops of her thighs and she squealed, opening her legs, but then squeezing them tight together in an effort to hold everything in.

“Please, please,” she begged him.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you for punishing me. I needed to be punished,” she said in a rush. She paused, moistening her lips, choosing her next words carefully. “I needed you to push me. I needed this.” The end of her sentence trailed off into a whisper as she realized how true the words were.

He skimmed a hand up her back and then urged her off his lap. When she stood in front of him and sank down to her knees, his eyebrows flew up in surprise. She had been throwing such a fit, he’d been sure she would run to the bathroom.

The tile floor was hard and unforgiving against her bare knees; she dug her toes in and rocked back onto her heels. She pushed her weight over her feet as much as she could, giving her knees a break. Then she worked on unbuttoning his pants. He shifted to let her gain better access, but didn’t help her. Once they were undone, she tugged at them, and he lifted his hips so she could pull them down. His cock stood at attention, and she had the fleeting thought that he had probably been hard for most of their game. That he had been pushing his own need aside to attend to hers did not go unnoticed.

She moistened her lips and placed a hand on each of his thighs. As she leaned forward, her tongue extended to catch the first drop of pre-cum, she peered up at him through her lashes. He made eye contact with her and then let out a growl. She swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock, laving it before turning her attention to the underside of his shaft. Then she brought her mouth over him, taking as much of him inside as she could, hollowing out her cheeks as she brought him in further. She began to fuck him slowly with her mouth, taking her time, working her way up and down. She wrapped her lips over her teeth and then bit down onto him with gentle pressure.

His hands flew to her hair, fisting and pulling. The strain against her scalp was painful and tears pricked at her eyes as he took over her motions. No longer allowing her to slowly fuck him with her mouth, he was using her as he pleased. Rising to his feet, he pulled her up off her heels with the motion. He kept a hold on her hair and fucked her face. She could do nothing more than let her jaw go slack as he took over. If she tried to take any control back, tried to control his thrusts or use her tongue, she feared she would end up hurting one of them.

He hit the back of her throat and she gagged at the intrusion. Sucking in a breath through her nose, she tried to relax. She wrapped her hands around the backs of his thighs, supporting herself, as well as keeping him close, so he could not drive with as much force. His hips pumped and he pounded into her again. Her head jolted back from the force of his thrust. She took him in her throat, felt his cock throb, and he let out a guttural grunt. She prepared to have his hot seed shoot down her throat. She sucked in a steadying breath and closed her eyes. But at the last moment he released her head and pulled out. Warm liquid hit her breasts as he moaned, and she looked up to see him holding his cock, his milky white seed spurting out at her. She pressed her breasts together as it ran into her cleavage. He tilted his head back, let out one last moan toward the ceiling as he stumbled back a step.

“Fuck, Christina,” he said. And the look he gave her shot right through her, pure adoration; what she wouldn’t give to see that on his face all the time. She stood on shaky legs, about to launch herself into his arms when her stomach rumbled. She had almost forgotten.

He caught her panicked look and grabbed her forearms, steadying her as he pointed her toward the bathroom. She didn’t even think her feet hit the floor as she flew at it, slamming it shut and locking it securely behind her.

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