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Donovan’s Rules by Sassa Daniels – Extended Preview

Marcus allowed himself a smile of satisfaction as he watched the scene unfold before him. Although clearly reluctant to cooperate with Jackson and Louise, Abby was being a lot more compliant than he had imagined she would be. He’d thought she’d put up more of a fight. Try to make a run for it, perhaps. That she had been relatively quick to do as she was told was good. He took it as a sign that she was willing to do whatever it took to please him.

Sitting back, he watched on the screen of his laptop as Abby was bound to the bed, spread out like a glorious offering, to await his arrival. He could hardly wait to sink into the welcoming depths of her delicious body. It had been too long since he’d fucked his beautiful wife senseless. As he watched Jackson go to the drawer to retrieve the vibrator, he tensed a little. Although he’d asked his friend to do this for him, he hated the thought of another man putting his hands on Abby’s body when he was not there to control the situation. He relaxed as Jackson thrust the object into her hot little cunt and secured it in place with clinical precision. There was nothing remotely sensual about the contact. It confirmed what he’d known already, that he was right to trust Jackson to help him set this little challenge for his wife.

He felt his cock harden as he saw Abby’s body go rigid and knew the exact moment Jackson had turned the wicked little device on. He heard her moaning in pleasure and then utter a vicious curse as Jackson switched it off again, just as she approached a climax. It made him laugh out loud. Didn’t she remember that only he could allow her to come? That would earn her another stroke of the cane.

As the door to his study opened, he looked up from the screen. Jackson dropped the remote control onto the table and flopped into the large leather armchair across from Marcus while Louise hovered nearby.

“You see it all?” Jackson asked.

“I did.”

“And?” Jackson prompted.

“It seemed to go well,” Marcus responded in a measured tone. “You did exactly as I requested but I believe I will take it from here.”

“You don’t want assistance?” Jackson raised an eyebrow at the change of plan.

“No, you’ve done your bit.” As grateful as Marcus was for Jackson’s help in reminding Abby that she was his to do with as he pleased, he had no intention of sharing the next intimate stage in his plan. Not even with his most trusted friend.

“And what about me?” Louise cast a pointed look at the enormous, telltale bulge in Marcus’ trousers. “Can I help you with anything, sir? Anything at all?”

Narrowing her eyes, she licked her lips in a manner intended to seduce. Realizing exactly what she was offering did nothing for Marcus, however. There was only one mouth he wanted to feel wrapped around his cock and it did not belong to the hired help. With a curt shake of the head, he dismissed Louise from the room.

“What the fuck was that?” Marcus was used to having to deflect eager women but he thought it was understood that he did not tolerate advances from his staff.

Jackson shrugged his shoulders. “No idea. Do you want me to get rid of her?”

Marcus gave it only a moment’s thought before shaking his head. He preferred having a female bodyguard looking out for his wife and Louise was one of the best in the field.

“No. She can stay, but set her straight on that shit, will you?”

“I’ll make sure she gets the message.” Jackson got to his feet. “Have fun delivering yours.”

“Oh, I intend to.”

Marcus glanced at the laptop screen to see Abby writhing helplessly on the bed, able to move only an inch or so as she tried desperately to grab hold of the sensations that were building and propel herself toward that agonizingly elusive orgasm.

As Jackson left the room, he leaned over to pick up the remote control from the table. Ensuring that his wife knew exactly what he wanted from her was going to be an extremely enjoyable experience indeed.

A thin sheen of moisture covered Abby’s entire body as she collapsed back against the pillows following her third, or perhaps it was her fourth consecutive orgasm. It was hard to keep count. For the last thirty minutes or so, she had been teased mercilessly by the device lodged snugly inside her as it was intermittently turned up to a higher intensity and then abruptly shut off. Each time she’d started to regain her senses, the vibrations had been allowed to build again until she was sent screaming over the edge of reason and into sheer bliss. Her hugely swollen clitoris throbbed and physical exhaustion swamped her but, as someone turned the key in the lock and the door swung open, she knew that the sensual torture was not yet at an end.

As footsteps approached the bed, she opened her mouth to speak, but the words were lost beneath a deep moan of pleasure as the bullet-shaped object began to work inside her once more and her highly sensitized body was stimulated almost to the point of pain. The bed dipped as someone she prayed was Marcus climbed onto it. Her hope was confirmed as he ripped off her blindfold and she saw him looking at her with a wry grin on his face. In his right hand, he held the remote control.

“Now let’s see what this thing can really do.”

He flicked the switch, turning the vibrations up to their highest frequency. Abby shrieked as her hips lifted off the bed, as far as they were able, and her bound limbs were stretched tight. Just as she was about to experience yet another wild climax, Marcus switched off the device. Abby whimpered in dismay as the leather strap holding it in place was loosened and the vibrator was yanked from her body, leaving her feeling disappointingly empty.

“Don’t pout, little one.” Her husband’s voice washed over her like a soothing balm. “You’ll get my cock soon enough.”

With great care, he unfastened her tightly bound limbs and gave her a moment to get the feeling back in her arms and legs. Then he helped her from the bed and guided her over to the spanking bench. Abby was rewarded with an approving nod as she dutifully clambered into position. After tethering her to the apparatus at the ankles and knees, Marcus stretched her arms out over her head, securing them with sturdy leather cuffs. To prevent her from moving and potentially injuring herself, he fastened a thick strap across the small of her back, immobilizing her completely.

Marcus pushed the wooden knee rests apart, opening her legs obscenely wide. Abby knew it would give him a nice view of her most intimate parts, the plump pink lips already glistening with moisture in anticipation of what was to come. She closed her eyes and fought back the feelings of shame that came with enjoying being in this totally submissive position. She tried to calm her racing thoughts, to quiet the doubts about whether her desires were natural, and simply experience the moment.

“Now, Abigail,” Marcus said sternly as he selected a thin rattan cane from the rack, one that would deliver a vicious sting and make its presence felt for days to come. “I have some rules to impart to you. Rules I expect you to follow at all times. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Marcus.”

He had always preferred that she address him by name rather than calling him ‘Sir’ or ‘Master.’ He felt that it helped to maintain the level of closeness they both enjoyed, although Abby was left in no doubt that he was the one in charge.

“The first is that you must not leave this house without my permission and when you do, you must always have someone from my security team with you. Do you accept this rule?”

“Yes, Marcus.”

She might think it a little over the top, but she was starting to understand that Marcus needed to know that she was safe and that his bodyguards eased his concerns that someone might get to her.

“The second is that you are to take proper care of yourself. You are to eat three meals a day and maintain a strict health regime to make sure you make the most of your beautiful body.”

He waited for verbal confirmation of her agreement.

“Yes, Marcus,” she responded dutifully.

“The third is that you are to defer to me in all important matters concerning our marriage. You will conduct yourself as a lady and accept that it is my right as your lawful husband to discipline you if you transgress. If you do break my rules, you are to accept any punishment I choose without complaint. Is that understood?”

A wave of sensation gripped her womb as she felt his eyes on her naked body, presented for his delectation. She inhaled deeply to contain the arousal his words, his close scrutiny, were causing her.

“Abigail?” he prompted when she failed to answer.

“Yes, Marcus. I understand.”

He paced behind her and Abby tried to put herself in his place, to work out what was going through his mind as he looked at her helpless body, arranged in such a vulnerable pose, just the way he wanted. Was he admiring the smooth white skin of her gently rounded buttocks? Did his cock stiffen as he pictured the crisscross of red stripes it would bear when he was finished with her? Just imagining the scene from his point of view sent a jolt of electricity through Abby. Suddenly she wished she could bring her legs together. Spread open as she was, there was nothing she could do to alleviate the relentless pulsing of her clit that threatened to drive her mad.

“Finally, you are to acknowledge that your body belongs to me and that only I have the right to grant you pleasure.” He ran a finger along the wet crease between her legs. Abby moved against the padded bench, as much as she was able, trying to find a way to alleviate the sensual ache inside her. “Your cunt is mine and mine alone. Do you understand?”

The crudeness of his words made her blush but she quickly responded.

“Yes, Marcus.”

“Then you will understand that I must punish you for touching my property without permission.”

At that, Abby started. Her cheeks burned as realization set in.

“Oh, yes, Abigail. I witnessed your delightful performance in the bath last night but as much as I enjoyed watching you playing with that sweet little pussy, I’m afraid I cannot allow you to forget to whom it really belongs.”

Abby gulped back a sob, born of a combination of guilt and embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, Marcus. I shouldn’t have touched myself without your permission.”

“No, you shouldn’t but don’t fret, my love, you’re about to make it up to me. In fact you’re about to make a great many things up to me.” There was something ominous in his tone. “I am going to punish you for walking out on me, Abigail, for giving up on us, but after tonight, we will draw a line under it and move on. Do you accept my right to punish you?”

Abby doubted that refusing to acknowledge his right would prevent him from disciplining her. In fact, it would probably only make him more determined. Besides, deep down, she knew that she had made mistakes. That she was better off following her husband’s sound guidance. She cleared her throat.

“Yes, Marcus. I accept it is your right to punish me.”

“Good girl.” He smoothed his hands over her hips and leaned across her back to whisper in his ear. “After I cane you, I’m going to fuck your sweet little cunt so hard you will never forget that it belongs to me. Then I’m going to stick my enormous cock into your tight little ass.” The rough words sent a shiver of pure excitement through Abby and she felt a delicious warmth at her feminine core. “Maybe then you’ll remember that as your husband it is my right to take you any way I see fit.”

For a moment he lay there, draped across her back. Abby reveled in the weight of him, pressing against her. Then he moved with a suddenness that left her feeling bereft. Before she could even register what the swooshing sound behind her was, the cane was brought down hard across her bottom. She let out a yelp as fire ignited in her flesh. If this was a taste of what was to come, she did not know how she would bear it. Desperately trying to move, to escape the next blow, she was forced to accept that there was no way to get free. Her bottom clenched as she waited for the next bite of the cane.

“Try not to tense, Abigail.” The tone, although authoritative, was not unkind. “I don’t want to risk bruising you.”

Breathing deeply to steady her nerves, she relaxed the muscles. Almost immediately, the cane found its next target on her left buttock. Abby hissed out a breath and wriggled, desperately trying to shake out the stinging pain. Her movement had the unfortunate consequence of further stimulating her sensitized nipples, blurring the lines between agony and ecstasy.

“Keep still, little one,” Marcus said. “Only eight more to go.”

Only eight? That was easy for him to say. Abby was glad she was tied to the bench because the prospect of eight more strokes of that wickedly effective implement made her want to run for it. Her hands longed to reach behind her and caress the pain away.

The next two strikes of the cane came in quick succession, laying vivid stripes across her porcelain skin. Abby could not hold back her cries now. She shouted out and tears poured down her cheeks. She had been caned before, but the intensity of this punishment was too much. It would take days for the bright red lines appearing on her inflamed bottom to fade. Every time she looked in the mirror for the next week, she would remember this punishment. Each time she sat down, the memory of it would flood back to her. As Marcus dealt her another, harsher blow, she shrieked in agony. The whole house must be able to hear her screams, an added dimension to the humiliation of being punished as an errant wife.

“You’re doing beautifully, little one,” Marcus assured her.

His words helped to steel her resolve to take the punishment as gracefully as possible. She yearned for his approval. Unfortunately, her determination crumbled with the next stroke. Landing with expert precision across the top of her right thigh, the cane seemed to brand her flesh. Abby let out a yelp more animal than human. Before she could recover herself, the cane landed again, this time on the upper left thigh. Squealing loudly, she tried to propel herself forward, even at the risk of toppling the bench over but, fortunately for her, it was immovable.

“Almost there, Abigail,” Marcus said soothingly. “You can do this. Take a moment to compose yourself. Only three left now.”

Abby breathed deeply, trying to make sense of the various sensations. There was pain burning into her flesh. She felt completely humbled, close to becoming overwhelmed. She wanted nothing more than to bury her head in her husband’s shoulder and cry until the feelings of shame at her conduct, of humiliation at the punishment, were purged. Yet there was something else there that she barely wished to acknowledge. Between her legs, a different kind of fire burned. She was drenched with arousal.

“Ready to continue, sweetheart?” Abby nodded her confirmation, wanting to get it over with. “Ok, I want you to count the final three out loud.”

“One!” Abby yelled as the cane made impact once more, biting into already tender flesh. Tiny pinpricks seemed to nip at her flesh. She barely had time to think before the next blow landed. “Two!”

Her brow furrowed in confusion as Marcus tossed the cane aside. Surely, he had said there were three to go? The question was on the tip of her tongue but it was lost in a scream as a powerful slap landed between her legs. The shock of Marcus’ hand smacking her hugely aroused sex sent her hurtling over the edge as she shrieked out an orgasm.

“Did you forget something?” The tone in her husband’s voice was teasing. He drew his hand back and slapped her pussy hard once more.

“Three!” Abby panted out as waves of intense pleasure undulated through her prone body, bound and unable to resist the sensual onslaught. Just as she was beginning to feel as though she could stand no more, she heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being lowered.

“Are you wet, little one?”

No answer was required. The evidence of her arousal was soaking the leather of the bench, gleaming on the insides of her obscenely gaping thighs. Marcus positioned himself behind her, placing his hands on her well-punished bottom. The sudden contact with her inflamed skin caused her to jerk wildly in her restraints.

“Hush,” Marcus said as he caressed her, tracing one red welt from one side of her bottom to the other.

Abby groaned deeply as his cock slid into her warm, inviting channel. Once he was seated inside her, he held still for a moment, giving her time to adjust to the feeling of fullness. Then he began to move. Held motionless as he pounded into her, he took his pleasure as Abby came once more, shrieking out her release as he fucked her into submission.

“Do you have any idea how much I love seeing you like this?” Marcus ground out. “Strapped down like this, completely at my mercy. Making you come as many times as I want.”

Cries of agony and ecstasy, mewls of intense pleasure escaped Abby as he pounded into her, enforcing his mastery over her body. She would feel the effects of this for days to come. By the time Marcus was finished, she would never again forget who she belonged to.

As Marcus drew close to completion, he withdrew, causing a whimper of disappointment to escape his insatiable wife’s lips. Reaching between her legs, he gathered some of the honeyed moisture that had pooled there and spread it around her anal entrance. Abby’s breath caught as he placed his hands on her poor, punished bottom and spread her cheeks apart. Although it had been several months since they had last indulged in the anal play they both enjoyed, he slid inside her with ease. Sighing contentedly, she pushed back against him. Growling his approval, he thrust deep, his nerves sparking with erotic impulse as she groaned with that heady mixture of pleasure and pain. Gripping her hips tightly, he began to fuck rhythmically in and out of her. She could only imagine how erotic a sight it must be, his cock moving in and out between the cheeks of her heart-shaped bottom, marked with the signs of his discipline.

“What a good girl you are,” he praised in response to her erotic mewling. “Such a nice, tight little ass for fucking.”

The bluntness of his words sent a wave of intense pleasure through her and she came once more, her muscles clenching tight, pulling Marcus off the cliff with her. A hot jet of his potent seed spurted inside her. His hips jerked against her well-punished bottom and she knew she would feel sore for some time to come. Running a soothing hand over her buttocks, he leaned forward to carefully unfasten the shackles.

“Let’s get you into bed.” His tone was gentle as he helped her to her feet and placed a comforting arm around her shoulders. “It’s been a long day.”

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