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Dragon King: A Dark Shifter Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“What did I tell you was going to happen tonight, angel?”

“Your belt,” I hazarded.

“That was only the first part of it, wasn’t it?”

“Yes.” I blushed hard, immediately envisioning the thick cock I’d sucked only last night slamming into my virgin pussy, but I turned even redder when I thought of what he promised to do with his tail.

“Come here and kneel before me, little human,” he directed, and I didn’t move right away, my body frozen. He offered his hand, and I finally found the courage to reach out and take it.

“You slapped me, didn’t you?”

His hand wandered dangerously close to my breast, teasing around my nipple and I sucked in a breath. My sensitive bud hardened painfully under his touch.

“Yes,” I ventured shakily.

Unexpectedly, he spanked my breast. I yelped, not expecting the abrupt sting, and was horrified to see the pink peak tighten even more with desire. He spun me around so that I faced away from him and spanked the other side just as firmly, causing stinging agony to radiate across both breasts. He kept going and I struggled as he punished me with the flats of his fingers. My skin turned pink, his fingerprints slowly reddening pale flesh. It stung far more than I could have ever anticipated. My eyes watered by the time he paused for long enough to firmly pinch my nipple, twisting it and making me cry out.

“Tonight, I expect obedience. Any hesitation will result in immediate punishment,” he warned, and my body flushed with heated desire.

“Yes, my king,” I whispered, trying to quell the hammering of my heart. I felt so impossibly needy, and I pressed my thighs together so that I could keep my balance. He’d hardly touched me, and I was already aching for him to push me flat on the bed so that he could have his way with me.

“Kneel,” he commanded softly.

I did what he asked this time without question, my stinging breasts a lasting reminder of what he was capable of if I wasn’t obedient. His fingers tenderly caressed the back of my head and I leaned into his soothing gentleness.

“I want you to take off my belt and hand it to me.”

I squeaked nervously, hesitating for only a second before I reached up and touched the thick black leather strap around his waist. I tensed, expecting retribution, but none came. It was soft, like it was freshly conditioned, and I wondered if he’d done that purposefully for me. The oiled surface was deceptive because I had a nagging feeling that it was going to sting quite a bit when it whipped across my bare backside.

My heart fluttered with excitement even though I told myself I should be afraid. I slid the end of the belt through the buckle and pulled the metal pin clear. With a deep breath, I listened as the strap cleared his pants. I held the leather in my fingers, sliding my thumb back and forth across the surface before I finally held it up and presented it to him with rising trepidation. He took it with a dark smile and folded it in half, letting it hang ominously by his side.

He reached down with his other hand and grasped my upper arm. He pulled me up to my feet and purposefully led me over to the bed, using just enough force to let me know that what happened next was no longer up to me.

That made me even hotter.

Carefully, he bent me over the bed. He used his foot to separate my legs and spread me open wide. The same silken rope he used last night suddenly wrapped around my wrists right in front of me and he tied it tight. I wouldn’t be able to reach back. When he was finished, he grabbed my bottom possessively and I shuddered with anticipation. Even though I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen, I felt safe with him.

“I’m going to mark this gorgeous little ass of yours, but I would never truly want to hurt you,” he growled in my ear, and I shook hard.

The thought that he cared enough to make sure that my hands weren’t injured during my punishment struck me by surprise and my pussy tightened reflexively. A quiet moan escaped me, and he chuckled knowingly. The sound made my clit ache.

He grasped my other cheek and I gasped, his grip causing my flesh to ache. When he released it, he slapped both sides hard. The tips of his fingers caught my pussy and I yelped, my sensitive folds seared in an instant. I turned my head and grasped the quilt beneath me. Roughly, he grabbed my hips and lifted me up further on the bed so that my feet no longer touched the floor. Immediately, the change in position left me feeling small, like a little girl about to get a real spanking for being naughty.

My pussy clenched.

I lifted my hips, and he took the opportunity to lightly slap my pussy. The wet sound was shameful, but it made my clit throb all the same. His other hand trailed down the length of my spine and he was quiet for a second.

“Is something wrong?” I asked, suddenly feeling insecure and vulnerable.

“No, nothing’s wrong. I was simply taking a moment to admire you. You’re so very beautiful when you’re like this. Naked. Exposed. Afraid,” he began. His hand dipped further, sliding down the cleft of my ass before fully cupping my pussy.

“Soaking wet and aroused, needy for my belt and my cock. All of it is so very beautiful,” he continued.

His fingertips found my clit with ease, circling around it and making me gasp. He teased me, intensifying my pleasure until I moaned with desire. He pulled away and a jolt of denial pierced through me. I bit my lip as he picked the belt up off the bed, the leather making an audible swish against the fabric of the quilt coverlet. My ears picked up the sounds of his footsteps as he moved behind me. His hand settled on my lower back, pressing down and pinning me in place for what was to come.

“This next part is going to hurt, angel, but you earned it, didn’t you?”

“Yes, my king,” I breathed, lifting my bottom while the belt cut through the air.

The quiet whoosh was deceptive and when it contacted my bare cheeks, I laid still for a moment, not really believing that it was finally happening. The leather molded to my bare skin, curving across my ass and I gasped at its shameful embrace. The sound was even louder than his hand and it took me by surprise, but that all paled in comparison to the sting that followed that initial strike.

I squeaked in shock, a line of fire rising on both cheeks. The end of the belt hit the hardest and that single point burned more than the rest. I went to push up against the bed, forgetting that my hands were bound, and his palm pressed down firmly on the small of my back. The belt swung again. And again. And again.

That cruel strap punished every inch of my backside, from the tops of my cheeks to the middle of the backs of my thighs. I squirmed and kicked, but his aim was true each time. There was one lash that fell right between my legs, punishing my pussy and setting it on fire as soon as it struck. I yelped and quickly pressed my thighs closed, but it happened again a short time later and I realized I was vulnerable either way.

There was nothing I could do about it.

The belt rained down, and soon I found myself beginning to writhe. This man had taken complete control of me, and I’d allowed it.

It hurt so much.

With each whistling blow, the lines of fire across my ass burned hotter. I could feel each welt rising, but worst of all, I could feel my body beginning to react to the pain. The belt rained down terrible agony, but delicious pleasure inevitably followed. My core was seizing with desire and my clit was throbbing with astoundingly intense physical need. For a few precious moments, the belt stopped falling and I caught my breath, but he immediately stole it away when his fingers slipped in between my legs. He caressed my stinging folds, and I hid my face in the bed, his touch bringing into sharp focus how soaking wet I was.

“Such a bad girl,” he mused, sliding his fingers up and down my wetness.

His teasing made my entire body tremble, and I desperately tried not to rock my hips so that I rode the flats of his rough digits.

I failed.

I ground my pussy against him, desperately seeking release. When I had just reached the edge, he pulled away and the belt slapped against my ass once more. This time, I wasn’t quite certain if it hurt or if I enjoyed it. He did it again, and I moaned. The belt struck just at the bottom of my ass, jostling my cheeks in such a way that it tortured my aching pussy. This was supposed to be a punishment, and I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. His hand returned to my lower back and then he started using the leather strap a bit harder. The sounds I made were somewhere between a moan and a cry. I couldn’t quite tell the difference anymore, and I stopped trying.

I just enjoyed the ride.

Pain and pleasure became one and when he reached between my legs once again, my arousal seeped down enough to coat my thighs. I blushed as I felt a drop roll down my flesh and he slapped my pussy lightly. I expected it to hurt, but it didn’t. It was magnificent.

“Kol, please,” I begged.

I couldn’t even begin to deny it anymore. His belt had turned my body into a sizzling mess of needy arousal and there was nothing more that I wanted than to come and for him to force it from me.

“You used that pretty mouth so wonderfully yesterday, didn’t you?” he asked, using his finger to lightly tease my clit and I had trouble even thinking about a response.

“Yes,” I eventually managed. My voice trembled with that single syllable, showcasing how much I was struggling with my passionate heat.

“Because you were such a good girl, I’m going to give you a choice now.”

I trembled, afraid and aroused.

“Would you like more of the belt? Or are you ready for my cock?”

My breath stuck in the back of my throat, and I opened and closed my mouth, trying to find the words and none came. Both options would hurt, but in two very different ways. His belt painted fire across my ass and his cock would undoubtedly split me in two. As if he understood my struggle, the pads of his fingers pressed more firmly on my clit.

“I want to come,” I whined.

“That’s not what I asked, angel,” he scolded.

Without any warning, he pulled his hand away and used the tip of the belt to spank my pussy directly. He did that twice more until my sensitive folds burned with fire. It was brutal at first, but when it started to fade, a simmering desire took its place.

His touch burned. I needed more.

“Please,” I tried.

“My belt or my cock, angel,” he demanded.

I knew that I was treading on thin ice. If I wavered for much longer, he would likely punish my pussy even harder. I closed my eyes. I knew the answer. I just had to will myself to say the words.

“Your cock,” I forced myself to whisper.

After I said the words, it seemed like the entire world went silent. The only thing I could hear was the frantically nervous beat of my heart. My pussy seemed to beat in tune with it, throwing me in a tailspin of desire and panic. I closed my eyes and licked my lips, waiting for what was to come.

There. I’d said it. I’d asked for him to fuck me and now my fear was spiraling out of control. I knew how massive his cock was. I’d never taken any man before, and I was begging for him to take my virginity and fuck me with that absolute beast.

I prayed for time to stop. It didn’t.

His hand pulled away from my pussy, venturing up the cleft of my ass and circling along my lower back. His touch traced liquid fire across my skin, igniting every nerve and overwhelming my senses. My heartbeat was borderline frantic. He laid the belt down beside me and I stared at it, consumed by the heat it had painted across my ass and stoked within my body.

He reached over my head and slowly untied the ties around my wrists. I watched the silken cloth fall away on the bed and I stretched my fingers, now free. His body pressed against mine and I could feel the steel of his cock against my scorched backside. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. The tips of his fingers trailed down the length of my spine, making me shiver. I sucked in a breath when his touch left me.

Waiting was the cruelest part.

I heard the rustle of fabric behind me and swallowed hard. I imagined him removing his shirt and envisioned the hard planes of his chest. He sat down beside me and untied the leather cord of his boots, pulling them off and jostling the bed slightly as he did so. I bit my lip when he stood up and I started when he laid his clothes beside me.

My pussy clenched expectantly.

This was it. He was going to take me just like this, from behind. Would it be hard and fast? Would he go slow at the beginning? Would it hurt more than I could bear?

My legs trembled and he placed a steadying hand on my waist. Then, unexpectedly, he wrapped his arms around me and laid me down flat on my back. Startled, I gazed up into the bonfire burning in his eyes. I bit back a cry, flinching slightly as my scorched ass pressed against the bed. He climbed up on the bed beside me, keeping his gaze on mine. Balanced on one knee, he used the other to spread my legs open as his hand trailed down to cup my pussy.

He teased me for a moment and I pouted, already incredibly sensitive and needy. With a knowing smirk, he leaned down and nipped my lip. The hard line of his cock pressed against my thigh, and I could have sworn I felt it pulse. That was going inside me. Fuck.

How was I going to take it?

My pussy clamped down hard, wanting it despite my nervousness. When I pushed my lower lip out further in what I thought was most certainly the best pout of my life, he chuckled and kissed me so hard that I was convinced my lips bruised. His hand slapped my pussy firmly enough to sting and I whimpered into his mouth. As if I had somehow fueled him to kiss me harder, he grasped the back of my neck and slid his tongue between my lips. By the time he pulled away, I was breathless.

I must have looked like a starry-eyed doe staring back at him.

“I love the taste of you when you’re afraid of me,” he growled, and he leaned down to lightly bite my nipple.

“Please,” I tried.

He moved over me, and his cock brushed against my pussy for the first time. I couldn’t stop myself from whimpering in nervous arousal, and he kissed my cheek.

“This is your first time, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I breathed as he pulled his hips back, angling the head of his cock so that it just touched my entrance.

I glanced up into his eyes, unable to quell my rising panic.

“I’ll be gentle at first, angel,” he reassured me. He pulled back and forth, teasing me with his length against my tender clit until I was practically writhing beneath him.

“Kol,” I whispered.

“Are you ready for me?”

I gazed up at him, losing myself in all that was him. He could take me if he wanted regardless of if I was willing or not. He was stronger than any human. He could overpower me in an instant, but he hadn’t done that. He’d left it up to me. My clit throbbed, and I began feeling things for this man that I definitely shouldn’t.

I was willing. I did want this even though I knew I shouldn’t.

“Yes,” I finally managed.

“I’m going to make you come so hard for me,” he growled and in an instant, he thrust into me, and my vision went red with sudden pain, but then he stilled.

The agony was sharp for several seconds and I struggled to take it. Desperately, I cried out and he kissed me, swallowing my sounds as he lightly caressed my breast, trying to comfort me through the initial pain. Slowly, he coaxed me back and the pain lessened, dimmed by the blossoming surge of pleasure from his soft touch. Eventually, the pain turned into a dull ache and my body started to grow impatient. I kissed him back with just as much fervor and then he pulled out a tiny bit before thrusting deep inside me again. I cried out, the pain returning for a brief second before it billowed away like ash on the wind.

“Please. I want you to fuck me,” I begged.

My entire body was trembling, as if I was a rubber band stretched tight and about to snap. He teased me, thrusting into and out of me slowly. It drove me wild, and I rocked my hips, trying to force him to take me deeper and faster.

“I’m enjoying myself, angel,” he whispered, his voice tickling the hair beside my ear.

“But…” I tried and he cut me off.

“I will fuck you good and hard when I’m ready, angel. You may have had a choice to take my belt or my cock, but that was the only thing up to you.”

My heart palpitated and I panted hot and heavy. I had thought for a moment that he’d given me control, but it had only been for a fleeting moment. I burned hot, my core an absolute inferno of passionate desire. He worked his cock into me slowly, inch by inch until I could feel the head brushing against my cervix. My body fought him, the burning stretch painful and wonderful all at the same time.

“You’re so tight,” he breathed.

He was so big.

I wound my arm around his neck, holding on as his thrusts started to increase in both pace and intensity. Every single one brought a fierce bite of pain, but that only made me even needier.

“Please, I want to come,” I begged.

He kissed the side of my neck, and I moaned. His other hand grasped my hip firmly and then he slammed into me hard enough to make me cry.

“I’m done being gentle. It’s time you screamed for me.”

His cock pumped into me so roughly that I thought he was going to split me wide open. His pelvis brushed against my clit, rubbing it just right with every thrust. With vicious intent, he took me hard, forcing his massive cock into my sore pussy and I writhed beneath him. I found my body rocking in tune with him. I lifted my hips so that each thrust felt deeper. The head of his cock slammed against my cervix, and I knew that I would feel this fucking for days after.

I turned my head, just catching a glimpse of the belt. The welts on my backside throbbed and my pussy tightened around his thick length, giving me pleasure and pain all at the same time. I moaned, the sound shameful and needy, and his lips started kissing down the line of my shoulder. My body started to tremble.

I was so close.

I gripped at him, holding on as he rode me hard. My release threatened to break at any moment, and I didn’t know how much longer I could hold on.

“Are you going to come for me, angel?”

“Yes,” I cried.

“Good. Come for me,” he demanded.

My body obeyed him. There wasn’t even time for me to think about it. Mind-numbing ecstasy rolled through me, hot and intense and consuming from the start. My thighs quivered as my pussy clamped down like a vise around his cock. It hurt, but that only spurred my orgasm that much higher. I dug my nails into his back. My nails were longer and would have scratched a normal human man, but he wasn’t that.

He was a monster.

My monster.

I shattered beneath him, losing myself in the savagery of pleasure, and by the time my head came down from the clouds, I realized something that terrified me to the core. He hadn’t come yet, and he showed no signs of slowing down. He pumped into me with just as much fervor as he had at the start. My sore pussy revolted. My muscles tried to push him out, but at the same time my body accepted every inch of him with staggering greed.

That first orgasm had exhausted me, but I had a feeling that whatever came after was going to destroy me.

He slammed into me repeatedly, and I fearfully succumbed to my pleasure when it inevitably rose again. I tried to push it away, but the way he was taking me was driving me wild. His fingers dug into my hip, forcing me down time and time again so he could fill me up to the breaking point.

“Kol,” I pleaded, wanting more at the same time that I was afraid to keep going.

“I’m far from through with you, angel,” he purred. He accentuated every syllable with a rough thrust, and I clenched down around him as my fears came to life.

“I can’t,” I whispered.

“Yes, you can. You’re far from done,” he answered, his tone leaving nothing open to negotiation.

I shivered, knowing he was right. His arm wound around my waist, lifting my lower half off the bed. Just when I thought he couldn’t fuck me any deeper, he did. Every last inch sank into me with excruciating savagery and something broke within me. I started to seek it out again. My need rose and rose until I couldn’t tell pain from pleasure, and everything just pushed me toward a second more devastating release. I shook my head back and forth, wanting to fight it even though I knew it was inevitable.

“That’s it, angel. Come all over my cock,” he breathed.

My eyes rolled back in my head. I dug into his shoulders, holding on as that brutal orgasm savaged me. Pleasure surged out from my core, traveling down every limb, and settling in the tips of my fingers and toes. Every muscle tightened with bliss and then I started to quake.

I expected him to slow down. He just fucked me harder.

My moan quickly transformed into a scream, and his lips descended onto mine. He swallowed my screams as I suffered beneath him, and a terrible thought occurred to me.

My ass was striped bright red from his belt. My pussy was aching and sore from his cock.

He wasn’t going to stop after a second orgasm. I would be lucky if he finally came with my third one. He had so much more stamina than I thought. He would force as many orgasms from me as he wanted.

That frightened me, but at the same my body kept responding. His fingertips flitted across my breast, and I arched into his touch. When he kissed me, I kissed him in return and when he fucked me, my hips kept rising to meet his thrusts.

I was lost and he knew it.

He lifted my hips a bit higher and then I opened my eyes, finally catching a glimpse of his tail. The muscles of my ass tensed, and my pussy clamped down on his cock, but my clit throbbed hard enough to make my hips jerk. The soft scales slid against the side of my ass, before it slipped down and swirled in the wetness that had dripped down my thighs. He coated the tip of his tail thoroughly with my own arousal before he brushed it along the cleft of my backside. It was slick. I tried to fight him, but he pinned my arms above my head with embarrassing ease.

“You will take my tail or my cock in that tight little bottom, angel. Your choice,” he warned.

“You can’t,” I begged, and he used his cock to punish my pussy. His thrusts took a cruel turn and pain flitted through me.

“Choose, angel,” he demanded.

His cock was far larger than his tail and there was no question in my mind that it would hurt far more. I bit my lip, my head not wanting either, yet my clit seeming to demand both.

I went with the lesser of two very shameful evils.

“Your tail,” I whispered, my pussy more thoroughly used than I thought possible.

The tip of his tail prodded between my cheeks, and I tried my best not to clench around it. It finally settled on top of my bottom hole, and I tried to do my best to remain calm while my needy arousal seemingly surged out of control.

I shouldn’t want this.

Worse, I shouldn’t want to come with both my pussy and bottom full of him.

But I did.

“Good choice. I’ll leave the fucking of your final virgin hole for another night,” he whispered, and it was at that moment that his tail forced itself inside me.

Slickened by my own wetness, the narrow tip slipped into me with ease. It felt foreign at first, pinching slightly and I bit my lip, trying to keep quiet so that he didn’t find out that it had caused a jolt of pleasure to race straight to my clit too. I couldn’t keep quiet for long. He pushed more of it inside me, and I quickly realized that his tail widened far too quickly for my liking. The further it sank inside me, the more it stretched my tight little hole wide open in a way it wasn’t supposed to be stretched.

“Fuck. I knew that pretty little ass would be tight, but it’s better than I could have hoped for,” he purred.

My asshole clenched around his tail, and he groaned.

“It hurts,” I whined, and he thrust it in deeper.

Pain radiated around my tender hole, surging up and down my spine with wild abandon. I was already full of his cock and his tail made me feel like I was stuffed to the brim. The stretching burn was intense for several more agonizing moments before he pulled his tail out a bit and thrust it back in. It hurt a little less, but it still burned red hot. He did that several more times and soon I was thrashing beneath him with passionate desire.

I shouldn’t like this.

“Please,” I begged.

“Do you need to come like this, angel? Stuffed full of my cock and my tail?”

I did need to come that way. I rocked my hips up and he pumped his cock in and out of me. His tail thrust in hard, sinking in a little deeper each time and stretching my tight little hole open for his sordid use.

“Yes,” I wailed.

“Then beg for me, angel.”

“Please! Please let me come, my king.”

“More,” he demanded.

“Please fuck my sore little pussy with your cock,” I tried, and he kissed the side of my neck, thrusting into me slowly.

“Please fuck my ass with your tail,” I finally tried, struggling to get the shameful words out of my mouth because it was hard enough to admit to myself what I wanted, let alone straight to his face.

“Fuck. You’re perfect, angel,” he whispered and then my true fucking began.

It hurt.

I loved it.

Pleasure and pain morphed into a single harrowing sensation. My blood surged and I half thought it was boiling inside me. My mouth opened and I couldn’t contain my screams anymore, so I stopped trying. My whole body started to shake, and I held onto him as tightly as I could.

“That’s it. Come for me,” he roared.

My third orgasm hit me like a freight train, exploding in a crescendo of light and sound that devastated me completely. My toes curled and every muscle in my body clamped down, yet still he fucked me hard, dragging out every second of that soul-shattering orgasm that he could. I moaned. I screamed. I writhed and thrashed, but still my fucking continued. My reluctant asshole convulsed around his tail and my inner walls milked his cock for everything that it was worth.

“Please come with me,” I finally managed to beg. I didn’t know if I could stand another orgasm like this.

White blinding ecstasy circled around me, and I closed my eyes, focusing completely on the scorching hot pleasure surging between my thighs. My clit throbbed and my legs convulsed.

“Please,” I pleaded.

“You want my seed, angel?”

“Yes,” I cried out, increasingly frantic with desperation.

His hips surged forward, and his tail fucked me harder.

“Then you’ll come once more for me,” he demanded, and I cried out. I didn’t know if I could take it, but I knew it wasn’t up to me.

He wanted me to come, and I gave him my surrender.

That fourth orgasm had no lead up, but it didn’t need one. My sore body simply obeyed his demand, and a mystical tingle sizzled through my body. Maybe this was my destiny. Maybe ending up with this beast of a man was my fate after all.

I closed my eyes, drowning in a black hole of soul-crushing bliss as he roared. I felt his cock pulse inside me and every part of me shook. My thighs tightened around his waist as he surged forward and slammed so deep inside of me that my eyes started to water. The first spurt of his seed inside me was like a firestorm. My pussy burned and then another one followed. And then another.

I came for a fifth time. There was nothing I could do to prepare for it. My screams turned my throat hoarse as my body took over completely. There was nothing other than agonizing pleasure.

I held onto him as we came together, needing him to hold me together as he broke me apart. I shattered into a million pieces as his cum surged deep inside me, bouncing against my cervix as he kept fucking me.

By the time that final orgasm ended, I was delirious. It took everything to keep pulling air in and out my lungs so that I could slow the frantic beat of my heart. My skin was so warm I felt feverish, and I was thankful for his arms wrapped around me because they felt as if they were the only thing keeping me together.

I sniffled, tentatively reaching up to touch my cheek only to find it wet. That orgasm had made me cry and I hadn’t even realized it. I began to sob, and he held me even tighter, leaving me full of him as I came down. When I started to tremble, he kissed my shoulders and every part of me he could possibly reach with his lips.

“Such a good girl. You came so hard for me, didn’t you,” he praised.

“Yes,” I breathed, unable to utter anything else.

Without meaning to, my muscles clenched around him, and I moaned, feeling every bit of soreness throughout my body all at once. He brushed a lock of hair off my forehead, his gaze searching my face. I was too exhausted to even blush for him anymore.

“I want you to know how radiant you are right now. I’m going to remember you like this forever, angel.”

His thumb brushed across my cheekbone, gentle and tender. When his digit passed over my lips, I kissed it, and he smiled down at me.

“Simply breathtaking,” he whispered.

For a while he laid there beside me. He didn’t rush to pull out of me, leaving me full of him and his seed. As much as I expected to hate it, there was a much bigger part of me that was comforted by it. I curled up against him, pressing my forehead against his chest as my tears dried and the numbness in my body faded. A deep satisfaction spread outward from my core, making my limbs tingle, and I sighed happily.

When I’d finally calmed down, he kissed my forehead and removed his tail from my sore bottom hole. He gently thrust his cock in and out of me and I blushed at the indecently wet sound of it. When he pulled out of me, I closed my eyes, a bit disappointed at the emptiness that came with it.

I closed my eyes and fell fast asleep in his arms.

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