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Dream Daddy by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

Daisy stood in the corner, very aware of her well punished bottom sticking out to the room. It made her feel vulnerable even though she knew no one but Jethro would see her.

Her bottom stung and she knew there was more to come, the thought of which made her tummy flip nervously but it was all tempered with the knowledge that Jethro loved her.

He wanted to be her daddy. They’d played at punishment before but this was the first time it had been real; her daddy taking her to task for misbehavior. She was sorry he was upset with her and she knew texting and driving was beyond foolish but it was like something deep inside her was rebelling against the world at large and she couldn’t seem to stop herself.

Her daddy was about to make sure she never did it again though. Everything she’d longed for… the punishment she craved and needed… the nurturing, caring daddy who loved her even when she misbehaved… all of those dreams were coming true.

With Jethro, the man she’d secretly loved for years; though she’d pushed it deep and denied it and tried to move on with Richard, the feelings had always been there right beneath the surface. Now with Jethro’s declaration they came bubbling to the forefront and Daisy realized she wasn’t afraid; she could trust Jethro with her love.

She also realized she wasn’t sorry she’d misbehaved, not if it had stirred Jethro to act. Daisy shivered as she realized standing there with an aching bottom and more punishment to come she was soaking wet. It was dripping down the insides of her thighs.

The door opened behind her and it took everything in her not to turn her head to look at Jethro. “I’m glad to see you took me seriously. You can come out of the corner.”

Daisy turned to face him, taking in the still stern expression and the little sack in his hand.

“Tell me what happens to naughty little girls, Daisy,” he said quietly.

“Naughty little girls get their bare bottoms spanked,” she said quickly.

“What else happens to naughty girl’s bottoms?” Jethro queried.

She swallowed hard, her eyes darting back to the sack in his hand and then to the dildo resting innocuously on the arm of the couch and back again with her heart hammering in her chest.

“Daisy?” His brow arched warningly.

“Naughty little girls get their bottoms punished inside and out,” Daisy whispered hoarsely.

“Good answer.” Jethro pulled a small bottle from the bag. “Ginger oil.”

Daisy gasped as her eyes darted nervously from the bottle to the dildo again.

“That’s right, little girl. I’m going to fuck that naughty little ass with your toy after I lube it with ginger oil.”

Daisy’s bottom clenched reflexively at his words.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said in a rush.

“I’m sure you are, baby, but I intend to make sure you never touch that phone while you’re driving again,” Jethro said sternly.

“I won’t, I promise,” Daisy murmured earnestly.

A firm hand cupped her chin and lifted her face until she was looking up into his eyes. “Do you know why I’m being so harsh with you, baby?”

Tears filled her eyes again and she whispered, “Because you love me?”

“Yes, baby girl, I love you and the thought of a world without you is unacceptable.” Jethro gave her a swift kiss then let her go. “I want you to bend back over the arm of the couch and hold your bottom cheeks open wide for me.”

Daisy flushed with embarrassment but moved quickly to comply with his instructions. Taking a deep breath, she caught a sore cheek in each hand and pulled them wide apart. She shuddered, knowing Jethro could see everything from her swollen and wet slit to her quivering asshole. It was embarrassing but also exhilarating to be submitting so completely to her man… her daddy.

“Good girl,” Jethro said as he stroked a gentle hand down her back. Then she felt his fingers slick with something oily pressing into her ass, working the oil deep inside as he pumped them in and out of her.

As his fingers moved inside of her, she began to become aware of a deep burning tingle building inside her bottom. “Oooh!”

“Feeling that ginger, aren’t you, little girl?” he asked almost conversationally.

Well, of course she was! Daisy knew better than to respond that way though. “Yes, Daddy! Oh, it burns!”

“Good,” was all he said before his fingers were withdrawn and something larger pressed against her tender little hole. “Press back.”

Daisy gave a wheezy little whine as she pressed back dutifully and the large dildo slowly sank into her tight little hole. He worked it in and out of her slowly as she stretched to accommodate the big cock.

Once it was fully seated, Daisy couldn’t help but wriggle her bottom as the ginger oil began to sink into her sensitive inner tissues. “Oooh, Daddy!”

In response to her plea she felt him began to withdraw the dildo and a trickle of wetness as he applied even more of the ginger oil. “I intend to make sure this message really sinks in.”

The dildo was pulled out almost all the way and then pounded back in hard and fast, bringing Daisy up on her toes. The deep burn in her ass and her tender muscles stretching were uncomfortable but also stirred something to life deep inside her and she knew she was getting impossibly wetter with each hard thrust of the dildo.

Even though part of her hated every minute of this, another part craved it and wanted more.

“Are you going to use your phone while driving again?” he asked as he began to fuck her ass even harder.

“Nooo, Daddy! I promise I won’t ever do it again!” she wailed as it thrust harder and faster, each thrust seeming to increase the heat of the oil. Then he seated it fully once more and left it in place.

Daisy collapsed over the arm of the couch and into the cushions as she heard the sound of his belt clearing his pant loops. “Ten with the belt, little girl.”

His hand came to rest in the small of her back, connecting her to him and comforting her even as he finished the punishment. She heard the whistling sound of the belt just before it caught the already very sore under curve of her bottom and wrapping as if to give her entire sit spot an evil hug.

Daisy barely had time to process the first stroke before the next two fell in quick succession. Her breath hissed in as each stroke had the added benefit of jolting the invader in her ass and reawakening that burn too.

Once five strokes had landed, Jethro moved to her other side. He had a thing about always making sure it was even. Lord save her from anal-retentive doms!

The last five were applied fast; he was obviously ready to be done with this part of her punishment as well. Her bottom was indeed sore inside and out, but she was also wet enough they were about to need rain boots and she was a hairsbreadth from coming.

Jethro stared down at Daisy’s full round bottom and the enticing view the end of the dildo made peeking out between those luscious red cheeks. She was breathing hard, arousal glistening on her inner thighs; when he picked up the bullet vibrator, she shuddered in response to the sound.

He firmly pushed her legs further apart until he could see every inch of her wet swollen slit. “Arch your back and stick that bottom out.”

She did as he commanded, opening herself up even further to him. Jethro smiled and put the vibrator directly against her clit as he began to move the dildo in her ass once more.

“Oooohhhh… please…” Daisy’s body quivered as he drove her quickly up that first peak, enjoying the way her entire form quaked and spasmed as she came. He pressed the little bullet even tighter against her fluttering clitoris as he worked the dildo harder and faster.

“Daddy… it’s too much!” she cried. “I can’t!”

“Who decides when you come?” Jethro asked her sternly.

“You do, Daddy… oohhhhooooo!” she wailed and her back bowed as she went over the edge again.

Jethro pushed the dildo in to the hilt then began slapping the tips of his fingers on his free hand against the slick entrance of her body while he continued to ride her clit with the vibrator. He began pressing against the little nub in a circular motion to increase the intensity of the vibrations.

Daisy wailed as the pleasure continued to build.

When he knew she was close once more, Jethro put two fingers just inside her opening and scissored them inside her. “I… I… I… oh, god!” she screamed, squirting all over his hand as she exploded.

Flipping her to her back once more and spreading her legs wide, Jethro fitted the head of his cock to the swollen flesh of her opening, making her eyes fly open. Holding her eyes with his, he switched the vibrator to his other hand and turned it up to its highest setting as he sank inside her.

Lord, she was tight, the big dildo in her ass combined with how swollen her inner tissues were from the forced orgasms squeezing his cock like a velvet fist. Her entire body was shivering in reaction.

She was a beautiful sight, her big blue eyes were glazed with passion; her breasts and thighs shook from the intensity of the sensations he was forcing on her and she was still completely open to him. Her trust in him was clear from the depth of her submission; Daisy had completely surrendered herself to him and she took his breath away.

He began to ride her in deep long thrusts while continuing to play the vibrator across her increasingly swollen clit. Daisy came again with another gush of fluid and a soft cry that sounded somewhere between pleasure and pain.

God, he loved this woman.

Daisy was shaking like she had the chills and she couldn’t stop as she was bombarded with sensation after sensation. The pleasure coursing through her body now bordered on pain, the level of the intensity was so great, but still her daddy didn’t stop.

Now he was pounding into her hard and deep, every thrust shifting the giant intruder in her ass and her clit was on fire with the vibrating pleasure centered there. Every time she thought coming again wasn’t possible, he drove her up another peak.

Tears coursed down her cheeks as another orgasm ripped through her and then Daddy shoved in to the hilt and ground against some hidden spot inside while he shifted the dildo in her ass to hit the exact same spot from the inside of her ass.

He pulled the vibrator away from her clit for a minute then brought it back so the end of the bullet pressed against the tender underside of her little button, bringing a new wave of sensation.

She couldn’t cry out or find words as something bigger and stronger than she’d ever felt in her life built to a level that she didn’t think her body could sustain. Daisy began to open and close her mouth in gasping little breaths as he drove her higher and higher.

Until she shattered completely and flew apart as a white light burst forth beneath her eyelids, her entire body convulsing as the orgasm went on and on.

“Good girl,” he told her softly, gently pulling her up into his arms. Daisy realized the dildo was no longer in her ass but her daddy was still deep inside her pussy. He had her wrapped around him as he carried her around and sat down on the couch with her still impaled on his length.

“One more time,” he told her as he lifted her up and brought her back down hard. The vibrator was gone but it didn’t matter; her tissues were so tender and sensitive, every movement seemed to jolt her to her core.

He worked her up and down his shaft while he slammed up into her hard with every thrust. Leaning forward, he caught the tip of one breast in his lips and sucked it deep into his mouth.

Daisy screamed as she came one final time and felt him empty inside her, bathing her tender tissues in his seed.

When it was over she collapsed against him, utterly exhausted… replete… more deeply sated than she’d ever been in her life. Rousing herself enough to lift her head and look up at him, she asked, “Why?”

“You needed to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m your daddy. I’m in complete control and you’re always safe in my arms. I will never hurt you. I love you, baby girl,” he told her as he kissed her deeply.

“I love you too, Daddy,” she whispered softly as she laid her head back against his chest, snuggling in tight.

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