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Feral King by Sara Fields – Extended Preview


His fingers reached for me, dragging along the length of my collarbone and sending a fierce volley of fiery tingles racing through me. With a sharp gasp, I watched his fingertips trail down my arms, the electric sensation of his touch lasting long after he pulled away. He continued his exploration of me, using his fingers to explore along with his heated gaze.

My whole body trembled, my core constricting and my skin blazing with an aroused fever. Even my legs quaked as I swallowed hard, realizing that I was getting so wet that it was making my thighs slick enough to slide against one another.

My face flushed along with the rest of me.

“You’re so beautiful like this, naked and trembling as you wait for me to punish you,” he purred, and my legs went weak.

I watched with bated breath as he pulled his hands away and lifted them out to his side, raising them up as a bright green sphere spiraled above them. All of a sudden, the brush around me began to move. Vines snaked along the forest floor until they circled around my ankles and up my legs, then around my waist.

I cried out in alarm. Roken smirked with seductive amusement.

More and more vines encircled my ankles and my wrists. When they lifted me clean off the ground, I shrieked, my nerves getting the best of me. Roken watched, his eyes sparkling with darkly enticing intent. Once the vines held me aloft enough so that our gazes were level, they stopped moving, and I whimpered out loud.

I was fully bound.

My arms were held out above my head, my ankles spread wide enough to put all of me on display. A vine had wrapped around each breast, lifting and presenting it like a centerpiece. Despite the vines encircling my waist, there was nothing covering my naked backside or my very bare and very wet pussy.

In fact, this shamefully exposed all of it.

His gaze roved up and down my body like he knew what I was thinking, and I blushed hard. I attempted to bring my thighs closer together in a ploy to hide my arousal, but the vines only stiffened and spread me even wider.

Roken drew close enough to drag the backs of his knuckles against my inner thighs. Without meaning to, I let out a small, strangled whine as his flesh slid over my wetness.

“I knew you were wet, Sophia. The scent of your arousal was strong, but I didn’t think you’d be this soaked for me,” he observed, which only made my shame spiral out of control.

“I don’t…” I tried, but the words died on my tongue as his thumb slipped dangerously close to the sensitive folds of my bare pussy. I bit my lower lip and shifted as much as I could in my bonds. In my movement, I couldn’t quite gauge if I was trying to get away him or force his fingers to brush against the place that I needed them the most.

“Look at you, strung up before me and left to my mercy. You couldn’t escape my magic even if you tried.”

Just to test his theory, I jerked my arms hard, but the vines had very little give. I tried kicking and punching, yet nothing worked.

“Your magic?”

“I am Dragonborne,” he replied softly. His words were laced with warning, and I knew then that I was way out of my element.

“What are you going to do with me?” I asked shakily.

“I’m going to punish you.”

He walked around me as he continued, his voice ominous and terrifyingly in control.

“You’re going to scream, and you just might cry, but this soaking wet little pussy is going to tell me exactly what you need. I’m going to make sure that you get it,” he purred.

A shiver of fearful anticipation raced down my spine as I chewed the inside of my cheek, trying to think of what to do and slowly realizing that there was nothing I able to. I was truly trapped and entirely exposed for Roken’s deepest, darkest desires. Fear and arousal warred inside me as my pussy clenched so hard that I would have pitched forward if I could have. Instead, my muscles tensed, and my body heated.

Trying to be brave, I lifted my chin and leveled him with a look.

“I’m not afraid of you,” I snarled.

He chuckled softly, the devilish sound making my insides flutter with nervous excitement.

“You should be, princess,” he purred.

One hand brushed against the small of my back while the other passed over my naked breast. His thumb skimmed over my nipple, teasing it gently, and I gritted my teeth. I wasn’t certain what he was up to, but I would take whatever he gave me for the sake of my pride.

Without warning, his forefinger and thumb pinched down on my right nipple punishingly hard. Taken by surprise, I couldn’t hold back my cry, fierce pain glancing across my breast in one solid wave. I whimpered as he cruelly twisted it back and forth.

“I’m not,” I repeated, but it was more to myself than to him. I tipped my head back, struggling against the vicelike vines until he finally released me. I breathed a sigh of relief, but it only lasted for a few seconds before his fingers flitted against the curve of my left breast. I pulled in a shaky breath as his fingertips teased over the opposite bud, knowing what to expect yet anxious about it all the same.

I opened my mouth to beg him to be gentle, but then I closed it. With a knowing smirk, he pinched the other side just as firmly, and I whimpered as I suffered through the merciless agony. When he eventually let go, both nipples throbbed with aching soreness. Waves of pain radiated around my breasts long after his fingers had pulled away, and my audible breathing was a dead giveaway for my silent suffering afterwards.

The look in his eyes told me he was enjoying this.

Then he slapped my right breast, striking the tip of my nipple with such firmness that it ignited the same burning sensation that had rendered me speechless such a short time before. Without a word, he spanked both breasts one after the other as I writhed before him. The pain was instantly overwhelming, and just when my eyes started to water, he stopped.

With a hard swallow, I glanced down, seeing the pink, punished flesh of my chest. I could make out his fingerprints within the red marks and pressed my lips firmly together, trying to bear the stinging punishment as bravely as I could.

When I had gathered myself and blinked away my tears, he did the same thing again, only this time he spanked my breasts for a long time until they were a much brighter pink. This time, I couldn’t keep my cries quiet.

That hurt and now he knew.

Like a predator, he circled around me, stepping through the vines and moving behind me until he was out of sight. I couldn’t anticipate what he had in mind for me next. I tried to listen for signs of what was to come, but his movements were silent. I knew he was standing behind me, just looking at me.

He was right. I did fear him, but I would never tell him that. Even if I didn’t voice it though, what scared me more was that my body would betray me first. I could feel it happening already, just like I could feel his eyes moving over my bare form. The muscles of my ass tensed.

What was he going to do to me? Would he spank my bottom, too? What about my pussy? Would he fuck me again? Was this all foreplay to him?

A hopeful shiver raced down my spine, and I gasped when his fingertips caressed my backside, following the gentle curve where my cheek met my thighs.

“I remember our last encounter in flashes, but I have far more control over myself right now, sweet girl. Does that scare you?”

“No,” I lied. He chuckled shrewdly, continuing his light touches against my bare bottom and making me quiver with open arousal.

“It should. I’ve already spanked your breasts. There are several other places on this beautiful body that need tending to before I’m through with you,” he threatened, his voice a gentle rumble that lit my body on fire.

With my core ablaze, I struggled within the vines, trying to break free while also keenly aware that I was at his mercy and that a very deep part of me wanted to be. My clit throbbed, wanting him to touch me and make me come just as hard as he had done the last time.

His arm wound around my waist, settling over my belly as he moved beside me. His other hand gripped my left bottom cheek so hard it hurt, and I gritted my teeth. I made a vow to myself to take whatever he had in mind quietly. I’d instigated this. I’d been the one to directly challenge him, and now I was seeing what he was really like. My desire for him only increased with every painful moment, even when he did the same to my right ass cheek.

“Do your worst.”

I didn’t know what had gotten into me. Maybe I wanted to push him to see what he was capable of when he was in control, or maybe it was just my pussy doing the talking for me. At this point, I couldn’t tell if my head or my body was in charge, and truthfully, I didn’t much care.

“Oh, little human, you don’t know what you’re asking for.”

Maybe I didn’t, but I wanted to find out.

His palm cracked down on my ass in a firm smack that left my head ringing and my body whirling. My pussy clenched down hard at the terribly deafening sound, my core vibrating as it echoed all around me. A second snapped against the opposite side, just as loudly as the last. The delayed sting hit me with the power of a meteor upon impact, and I whimpered for the briefest of seconds before I was able to quiet myself.

My ass smarted with delicious agony, but without realizing what I was doing, I arched my back and lifted my bottom, like I was seeking out his punishment. His hand caught just beneath my ass, and my pussy clenched hard as the sting intensified.

A single drop of arousal dripped down my inner thigh, rolling past the back of my knee and onto my calf. I closed my eyes, awash in shame as another followed on the other side. Could he see how wet I was getting? Did he know how turned on his firm hand was making me?

I liked his roughness. I wanted more of it.

His hand lit into my ass with renewed vigor. As much as I tried to keep quiet, it soon proved impossible. His fingers slapped every bit of me, sometimes across my ass cheek and other times they glanced against the folds of my pussy. The pace of the spanking was so fast and hard that it quickly overwhelmed me. Soon, my desperation overcame me, and I cried out, exposing myself once and for all.

He would know I was struggling to take it, but maybe that was the point.

I didn’t know how it could, but the spanking suddenly turned firmer, the smacks coming faster, the sting much fiercer. I cried out over and over again as he punished the bare flesh of my ass. Soon enough, the smacks descended down the backs of my legs and along my inner thighs. Every inch of my bare flesh burned with liquid fire.

It didn’t end when I thought it would. It went well past that.

Before long, my eyes were watering, and I started blinking faster, trying to prevent myself from crying. But his cruel hand was relentless, and I could do nothing to escape each terribly scalding spank. I squeezed my eyes shut as I wailed, trying to take what he was giving me and knowing my tears would eventually fall.

The spanking stopped only a few seconds before I lost control, and I quickly took advantage of the momentary lapse to blink my tears away before they gave away just how much he was getting to me. I sniffled, whimpering quietly in my own aroused misery, my bottom fully ablaze.

The vines didn’t let me go. They didn’t even loosen.

I gulped anxiously as Roken moved around me once again. He paused right in front of me, letting his gaze drop between my thighs. For a long moment, he just stared before he reached for me and lifted my chin with gentle fingers.

“You can protest all you like, but your pussy gives you away, princess,” he observed darkly, and my core constricted impossibly tight because I knew what he was saying was true. I turned my head, unable to meet his eyes, and he quickly grabbed my chin and forced me to look back at him.

“I don’t know what it is about you, but I can’t pull myself away from you. I shouldn’t have this type of control around a human. I never have,” he murmured.

I let out a shuddering breath.

“Please, I need…” I answered quietly. My entire body was burning with desire, and I wanted his hands on me once again. Even with my breasts and my bottom burning, the only thought on my mind was when I was going to come. I hoped that he would let me.

“In time, sweet girl. For now, there is a needy little pussy that needs my firm-handed attention, doesn’t it?”

“Roken,” I begged, gasping when his hand cupped my mound. His fingers pressed lightly over my clit, and I ground my hips forward as best as I could, only for him to pull his hand back and spank me with the flats of his fingers.

Unlike the punishment on my bottom or even my breasts, the smack to my pussy stung instantly, burning so brightly that I keened and closed my eyes.

“Do I have your attention, naughty girl?”

“Yes, sir,” I whispered, nervously anticipating the next strike. He purred instantly at the respectful term, making my heart flutter with hope at the same time that my body whirled with desire. It was a dizzying sensation, and I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

His palm lifted again, spanking my pussy firmly. The wet splat of his hand smacking my most sensitive flesh was shamefully loud, and I cried out, more from embarrassment than from the sting, even though it smarted even more than the last swat had.

As the pain flitted away, intense desire followed. His touch returned to cup my pussy, and I moaned, my clit throbbing greedily and my hips bucking shamelessly as I attempted to grind myself against his fingers.

Then he smacked my pussy several times in quick succession, punishing my tender flesh without mercy. I knew in theory that he wasn’t spanking me there as firmly as he had my ass, but it burned more than any other place on my body. I writhed as I tried to take it, and my eyes watered once again.

When I was on the cusp of tears, the pussy spanking stopped, and I whimpered, catching my breath as my sensitive folds blazed with stinging fire.

It was over.

I slumped against the vines, using their support to hold my body up. I breathed in and out, suffering under the burning sting while also soaring with consuming desire that was only growing stronger with each passing second.

He said nothing as he spread his palms out and lifted them towards the sky. The vines rose above me, hefting me up until my pussy was level with his chin. He looked directly at my pink, punished mound as the vines uncurled from my legs. He reached for the backs of my thighs, sliding his rough fingertips against my still stinging flesh until he took them over each shoulder.

“What are you doing?” I asked shakily.

“We’re not done, naughty girl. I have punished you with my hands, and now I aim to finish it with my tongue,” he warned.

“You can’t mean to…”

The warmth of his lips against the top of my mound stole the words right out of me.

“Roken,” I tried again.

“Hush, princess. It’s time you learned that pleasure can be just as punishing as pain,” he warned me, and his mouth closed down over my pussy.

My eyes nearly rolled back in my head when his tongue parted my soaked folds and passed right over my clit.

“Oh my god,” I gasped.

I had no idea how this was going to punish me. If anything, this was everything I hadn’t known I’d wanted or needed.

If he kept this up, I was going to come really hard right on his tongue.


The taste of her was the sweetest thing I’d ever experienced on my tongue. From the moment I put my mouth on her freshly spanked little pussy, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from making her come.

Even when she did, that wasn’t going to be enough for me. I needed more.

When she’d brought me back from the brink with her kiss, I had simply intended on taking her back to the village. I had decided not to punish her, but then she’d pushed me, and I’d seen something in her that I hadn’t realized was within this intoxicating slip of a woman.

She wanted this. She wanted me.

When her lips had pressed against mine, I’d felt it. She’d chased away the feral bonds of my curse and brought me back to sanity. Nothing else had ever done that before.

It had all been her.

She’d looked at me with defiance, her pupils dilating with desire as she challenged me, but I had seen something else in her eyes.


She’d lifted her chin with the sweetest disobedience, pushing me to take control, and I hadn’t been able to resist. From the baring of her body to the feel of each punishing slap on her full breasts, her gorgeous ass, and her pretty pink pussy, I’d enjoyed every moment. And judging the wetness dripping down her legs, I knew she had too.

Now, I wanted to teach her a different kind of lesson, but I could already feel myself melting for her and she hadn’t even begun begging for mercy yet.

“Roken, I’ve never…”

“There’s no need to explain. I know, sweet girl,” I answered.

“But I…”

The vines gave way, allowing her to lie down on her back while still held aloft in the air, the vines presenting her pussy to me in the most delightfully shameful display. Her thighs tensed with her embarrassment, but there was no hiding from me with my head in between them.

“This is a punishment, princess. It will end when I decide it should and not a moment before,” I said firmly.

Her face reddened beautifully, and she bit her lip, nodding with understanding. She struggled not to clench the muscles in her legs.

Gripping her still warm cheeks in my fists, I pressed my mouth to her delicious little pussy once again. She struggled, but my spelled vines kept her still for me, allowing me to tease and taunt the needy little bud hidden between her soaked folds.

She moaned and bucked, but I kept going, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm with nothing more than my lips and the tip of my tongue.

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a woman like this. It had been centuries. What I did know was that no one else had ever tasted as sweet as this. This one was truly special.

I couldn’t get enough of her. If she wasn’t careful, I’d keep her here like this all day.

I circled my tongue around her clit, pressing just lightly enough to taunt her with orgasm, but not enough for her to sail over the precipice. The longer I teased her, the more her body trembled, and just when she was about to come for me, I pulled away. She started, her flesh quivering from the power of denial. Her muscles tensed and she wailed softly, her legs practically shaking with her unspent release. Her tiny fists clenched in her frustration and her lips came together in the most beautiful pout.

I wanted to kiss her.

“Roken, please, I was just going to…” she tried.

“You will come when I allow it,” I stated decisively, and her hips bucked seductively. She was enjoying this. She liked it when I took control.

So did I.

“Yes… Yes, sir,” she replied.

My cock surged with need all of my own.

Needing to focus on something else other than my own desire, my mouth returned to her needy little pussy. I edged her again and she cried out this time, her desperation clear. I didn’t stop there, either. Using my tongue, I tortured her, pulling away when she grew close and keeping her from orgasm as long as I could.

“Please, please let me come!” she cried out, her need reaching a fever pitch. Her body was writhing before me, and her sweet little clit was rock hard for me. She was so aroused that I could see it peeking out from between her swollen pink folds. When my lips pressed down against the needy bud, she tried to grind her clit against my tongue.

“Not yet, naughty girl.”

Her face fell and her brow furrowed with confusion. I smiled down at her as her mouth twisted with her pained frustration. Her muscles twitched several times, her desire holding her every move captive. Even her toes curled with it, evidence that she was having extreme difficulty keeping her arousal at bay.

I liked having her at my mercy. It felt really fucking good.

“You’re going to earn it first, princess.”

I wasn’t ready for her to come for me yet. I wanted her well and truly desperate before she screamed my name, before all who dwelled in these woods heard who she belonged to.

She was like a drug, intoxicatingly addictive, and I just needed another hit.

Touching the core of my magic, I reached my arms out and lowered my palms to the ground. The vines holding her captive pitched her forward and brought her down to the forest floor, except this time they deposited her on her knees. The ones around her wrists loosened, finally releasing her, and the look of relief on her face was more gratifying than I cared to admit.

Her eyes were glued on me as I freed my cock for her, my hard length throbbing with desire.

For her.

“You’re going to show me just how much you want to come for me with that pretty little mouth, princess,” I directed.

The moment of shock that flitted across her face was the most delicious thing I had ever seen. There was no disgust or annoyance, simply a reluctant desire of her own as she crawled forward towards my hard length. Her acceptance made my cock even harder than I thought possible.

Tentatively, she reached for me, steadying herself on my thigh. Her gaze held mine for a moment, shy and needy before she looked down to take in my cock. Her eyes widened deliciously as she licked her lips, incredulous and anxious about what she was going to do.

She hadn’t seen me like this, not up close.

“I’ve never,” she began, her cheeks reddening with her embarrassment, yet her hips rocked with desire at the same time. She couldn’t hide from me. I could see it in her eyes. Even though she was innocent, she wanted this.


Her shy nature gripped tight around my heart, and I reached down, brushing my knuckle against her cheek.

“I know, princess. Now be a good girl and take my cock in between those beautiful lips. If you impress me, I’ll make sure you come good and hard for me,” I said firmly.

Her blush deepened, but she nodded with understanding. Hesitantly, her eyes met mine, and then she opened her lips, at once enveloping the head of my cock with the wet warmth of her perfect mouth.

Oh. Fuck.

This was absolute heaven.

When her tongue circled around the tip, I bit back a groan and pumped into her mouth slowly. There was no need for me to be rough with her yet.

This was more than enough.

With her thighs still quivering, she took my cock little by little until the head brushed against the back of her throat. Pleasure surged from the base of my spine all the way up my turgid length, and I let out a small groan. I glanced down to see a tiny smirk play across her lips.

The devious little thing was enjoying herself.

Gods, this woman was heaven.

I didn’t understand it, but for the moment, my instincts seemed to be precariously under control. It was both comforting and alarming at the same time. What was it about this woman that was keeping them at bay? Why wasn’t I losing my mind and turning into a wild beast?

For centuries, I’d been afraid of hurting someone, or worse, killing them if they happened to be unfortunate enough to get close. Until her, I hadn’t even risked stroking my cock for fear of losing complete control.

I tipped my head back and groaned, tensing as the sweet little thing suckled my cock so perfectly that my anxious thoughts flitted away like ash on the wind. When I groaned with desire, she smirked a little again.

It was time to remind her just who was in charge.

“You’re sucking my cock like a naughty girl who needs her bottom reddened,” I purred.

That was all it took.

The sound of her soft whimper was like music to my ears. Instantly, she redoubled her efforts, sucking a bit harder and taking me a bit deeper. I reached out and braced myself against a nearby tree trunk. I tensed every muscle in my body, keeping myself upright so that I could enjoy every brutally addictive moment of her perfect mouth.

Gods in heaven, a man could get used to this.

When her lips rose in a proud grin, I slid my hand on top of her head, petting her gently. She leaned into my touch and let out a quiet mew. Slowly, I pressed onwards towards the back of her skull where I fisted her long, dark hair roughly enough to make her gasp simply because I wanted to hear it. My fingers dug into her scalp, pulling hard, and she moaned for me.

She didn’t realize what was happening yet. She would very, very soon.

Slowly, I pumped into her mouth, and she quietly panicked for a moment before I pulled out enough for her to gather herself before pushing back in. She choked, but eventually she was able to get herself under control and opened her throat for my thick cock.

“There now, you’re being such a good girl for me.”

Her eyes flicked up to mine just as a tiny moan escaped her lips, revealing to me just how much she was enjoying herself. I dug my fingers into her scalp harder, and her pupils dilated with both pleasure and pain. Her shoulder bowed towards me, and she arched her head back, leaning into my roughness like she was made for it.

Like she was made for me.

I thrust into her mouth, slowly picking up the pace. Once she realized what I was doing, her eyes opened wide with a simmering panic that only increased the faster I went.

It was breathtaking to behold.

“Press your fingers between those pretty legs. Tease that needy clit for me as I use this perfect little mouth. Do not come unless you want your pussy spanked bright red after I’m done,” I growled. A shudder of raw desire passed over her and I saw her through new eyes for the very first time.

She didn’t just want to be used like this. She needed it.

I needed it, too.

I pumped into her hard enough to breach the back of her throat. When she started to choke again, I gave way, but only enough for her to get ahold of her gag reflex before I thrust back inside. The tight ring of her throat opened and clenched around my cock, and I gripped her hair hard as I fucked that beautiful mouth just as hard as she needed me to.

“You’re going to be a good girl and swallow everything I give you, princess.”

She moaned and cried, but her fingers teased between her legs all the same. Fully erect, her nipples gave away just how much she was enjoying herself. The glistening wetness on her thighs revealed how deep her desire went.

I didn’t back down. I went harder, faster, until it felt like pleasure was spiking up and down my legs. She moaned, and my release surged all the way down my spine and straight out the tip of my cock.

With a roar, I came deep in her throat and her muscles swallowed all around me, her desperation to please me evident and sensationally beautiful. I watched as she struggled, choking and pushing past it in her need. Her muscles tensed with exertion, but she kept suckling me all the same.

I didn’t know if I could walk away from her after this, but I knew I needed to.

I gulped back my feelings and shoved them deep in the heart I’d made cold long ago. A man like me wasn’t supposed to find happiness or love.

I was a man cursed to live in exile.

I needed to walk away. This had to be the last time. Keeping her close was putting too much as risk. I’d have to cherish this memory for the rest of my days and leave it at that.

With regret, I thrust into her mouth more slowly. She suckled and swallowed every last drop of my seed until I let her pull back.

“What a good girl,” I murmured.

I tucked my cock away and used my thumb to roughly scrape her bottom lip. My savagery only elicited the most delicious moan from her, and I decided that I would savor these last moments to the fullest.

I didn’t use magic this time. I wanted to put my own hands on her and feel every moment of her pleasure, every tense jerk as I slapped that beautiful pussy, not because she’d done anything wrong, but just because I wanted to. She’d been perfect.

I was going to spank and suckle that perfect little pussy until she shuddered beneath me with pleasure of her own for however long I wanted, and it was going to be a long time.

I knelt down and gently pressed my hand to her chest, pushing her down to the ground. Willingly, she laid back and parted her thighs as I speared between her legs with my knee. If I was only going to give in this one time, I was going to enjoy every last second of this. I was going to give her pleasure and pain and everything in between until she shattered for me.

My heart pulsed with feeling, and I ignored it.

She’s not meant for you…

I lowered my mouth to her neck, pressing my mouth softly against her in a gentle kiss. She arched her back, wiggling against me with her need, but I continued my long, slow journey of exploration down her body until I reached the cusp of her thighs. She was trembling now, whimpering and moaning with insatiable desire.

Fuck. My cock was rock hard again.

Holding myself up on one arm, I cupped her pussy with my hand and lightly tapped the flats of my fingers against it.

“Oh, please,” she gasped.

The sound was a mixture of reluctance, like she wanted me to stop, but she was struggling with her desire for me to continue. I slapped her pussy a bit harder, making her flinch rather beautifully.

“Are you ready to come for me, princess?” I murmured. She shuddered hard with her desire, trying to keep still and losing control of her need at the same time. When she didn’t respond right away, I slapped between her legs three times in quick succession, each one harder than the last. She squirmed and cried out before she nodded quickly as her thighs tensed with fear.

“Yes… yes sir,” she wailed, her words nearly indistinguishable.

It was time for her to learn that pleasure could be just as punishing as pain.

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