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Fervor: A Dark Sci-Fi Menage Romance by Stella Rising – Extended Prview

Hours of confinement only make it harder to ignore what I felt with Kozsa earlier. For the first time in more than a year, I have nothing to do. I’ve gotten used to being a prisoner, but with Akan I always had a job to do: make more stimulant. At one point I crunched the numbers and became convinced Akan had been stockpiling the drug—he couldn’t possibly be using all of the X22 I was making, but he never told me to stop to do something else. I had ample time on my hands—I could have developed something even better given a chance to experiment. I’ve had plenty of new ideas.

Rune and Kozsa couldn’t bring me a com display so I could watch something? Maybe a book to read? I almost wish they would put me in the jail with the rest of the inmates, so I could have someone to talk to—but that would be a terrible idea. Akan’s soldiers would come after me to make them more stimulant—as if it could be made in a prison washroom.

I nearly leap off the bunk when the door to my cell opens, but it’s just Homefront personnel bringing dinner. Hiding my disappointment as I eat, I wonder if this is a ploy. Are Kozsa and Rune keeping me waiting to make me more compliant? Well, it won’t work.

When they finally do arrive, all that resolve swirls down the drain.

“Hi, Nell,” says Rune.

I nearly fall over myself getting up. Dressed in nice, dark slacks and white button-down shirts, I almost fail to recognize him and Kozsa. I’ve never seen them in such apparel—this must be a special occasion…

“What do you want?” I mutter, backing away as Kozsa shuts the bars behind him. “You think you can convince me to talk?”

Rune shrugs. “Maybe? I don’t know. Kozsa probably has the better shot, but I wanted to watch. I mean, I heard about your chat earlier and couldn’t help feeling a little left out. Kozsa and I usually do everything together.”

“Is that right?” I ask. “I’d heard the rumors. You know… about it being… everything.”

Both of them laugh.

“It’s true,” says Rune. “We share everything. Kozsa wanted to see you again, so here we both are.”

I smile for a second, then catch it and clamp it down. Kozsa was thinking about me… talking about me to Rune…

He could have been planning a battle, or fighting one. He likely had intelligence reports to study, commanding officers to meet with, subordinates to coordinate and a million other things that war requires—and he was preoccupied with me. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so flattered. It makes what I have to say so much more difficult.

“You’re wasting your time. I told Kozsa, there’s nothing more I can say, even if I wanted to.”

In a single motion, Rune sits down next to me and pulls me into his lap.

“Oh, I don’t know about that. Kozsa said you were aching to… open up.”

He tilts my head back so that I’m looking up into Kozsa’s eyes. So dark brown they’re almost black, they fixate on me so hard I feel possessed by them.

“That’s… not true…” I mumble as he leans in toward me.

Then his lips are on mine. His kiss feels completely wrong but I can’t stop. He puts his arms around me, and I realize Rune’s legs are beneath me, and together they’ve got me held tight. It feels unbelievable.

Kozsa’s taste fills my senses, though I’m fully aware of the four strong hands gripping my body. Rune takes my wrists and keeps them still while Kozsa’s tongue meets mine.

This isn’t right. I should bite and scratch my way free of them both. At the very least, I should tell them to stop. I could, but I don’t. I’ve been alone for too long. I’ve been stressed and afraid and miserable with no relief. There’s no more strength left in me to resist, not when this is so clearly what I need.

Kozsa’s lips must stay on mine—I let them go only long enough for me to gulp the air. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I feel like he hungers for me just as badly. There’s no way that’s possible, with all the hero-worshipping women he and Rune have likely bedded, but there’s no denying Kozsa’s intensity.

When he finally lets my lips go, he smiles and reaches to lift off my top.

“I thought you wanted… to talk,” I say, not even putting up a token resistance to being undressed. My core throbs with need, soaking my panties all the way through.

“Later,” he replies, feeling my chest through my bra. “Right now, let’s just focus on you.”

“Is that what you call this?” I ask, leaning back against Rune’s chest. He’s been so quiet, but I can feel his hardness growing beneath me.

“You need to get your head right,” Rune says. “We’re going to help.”

I laugh. “Oh, you’re doing this for me?”

Kozsa hums, pulling down my leggings. “That’s right.”

Down to my underwear, exposed to the air, I shiver. If I’m going to come to my senses and stop this madness, it better happen soon.

I remind myself these men are keeping me captive! Akan would kill me if he thought I was divulging secrets to them! They’re just going to use me for information! I have these thoughts—and I dismiss them.

They’ve treated me okay…

They’re so handsome…

I need this.

I still shriek as Rune grabs my bra while Kozsa takes my panties. Tearing the garments apart in unison, they strip me the rest of the way as a team. Instinctively covering myself, I pant with ever-growing desire, especially when Rune takes my arms and holds them out at my sides, leaving me fully revealed to Kozsa.

“You’re beautiful, Nell Niata. And brilliant too—you’re really something special,” Kozsa says.

“You’re just saying that,” I reply, as more heat takes over my body.

“No, it’s true,” says Rune, turning my head so he can kiss me too. He ravages my lips with raw energy, leaving me dizzy by the time he lets go. “You’re incredible, Nell. What you’ve accomplished, what you’ve survived… it’s very impressive.”

My eyes burn with happy tears. Akan’s men made passes at me all the time, but never said anything so nice—not even to butter me up and break down my defenses. They must really believe it.

I’ve never been with two men at once before… two men who care, who look like gods…

“Do your worst,” I say to them, trying not to smile too obviously. “I’ll never talk.”

Kozsa grins and takes my shoulders. The men lower me to my knees before I can react, and Kozsa drops his pants. Rune keeps me in place, though I don’t fight. I barely feel the icy tiles as Kozsa reveals his thick, hard cock. It’s enormous—even with Kozsa’s height and extraordinary physique, his cock still looks gigantic. How that could possibly fit inside me, I have no idea.

I find out quickly—Kozsa pulls my head forward, forcing me to open my mouth and take in his shaft. Closing my eyes, I suck his hot member, groaning at the taste. My lips stretch around his girth, and I drag my tongue along his length. He thrusts back and forth, driving in so deep I nearly gag. Rune takes my hands and crosses my arms behind my back, forcing me to just use my mouth on his friend.

Grunting and sweating from the strain, I keep sucking—already my jaw hurts. Yet my pussy drips, fueled by every last sensation. In all my time imprisoned, I’ve never felt so thoroughly controlled—and it was never so enjoyable. Every time Kozsa groans or twitches, a surge of excitement renews my stamina, urging me to continue. How long can he last? How long will I have to keep this up? Choking, I turn my head aside and force his cock out, but before I can take a second breath he jams the head of his cock back in.

“Don’t stop, Nell. That feels too good.”

I buck against Rune’s grasp, but he doesn’t budge an inch.

“Behave,” he whispers into my ear. “We can keep this up all day. Can you?”

Trembling, I whine as Kozsa’s swollen rod parts my lips. My mind races at the idea of doing this for hours and hours… Being tossed back and forth… having all my holes used, again and again…

Then I feel a finger slide into my drenched folds. I squeal, shaking in place, eliciting a laugh from Rune.

“Get her up, she’s ready,” he says.

Together they lift me to my feet, while keeping me bent over, so that my mouth doesn’t lose contact with Kozsa’s cock. With my ass raised in the air, my arms still pinned to my back, I’m completely at their mercy. I hear clothes shifting and falling, then Rune’s cock presses into my slick channel. Moaning with abandon, I stop sucking for a time—I can’t focus on the job while Rune’s cock spreads me open. His manhood feels at least as big as Kozsa’s as it sinks in deep. Overwhelmed by the extreme sensations, I writhe in place. I can’t imagine feeling any more stuffed.

“Hey, don’t stop sucking,” Rune says, giving my ass a slap. “We’re just getting started.”

Summoning my strength, powered by the growing euphoria in my warmth, I continue pleasuring Kozsa. At the same time, Rune thrusts with long, deep strokes; each one sends new curls of pleasure racing through my body.

Rune sighs happily, slowing his rhythm for a moment. “Okay, Nell, let’s see how you handle an excess of stimulation. For science.”

As he speaks, Kozsa reaches down to fondle my breasts, rubbing my nipples with his thumbs before pinching them. Rune slips his fingers down to my clit, brushing it and awakening the eruption within me.

“She’s going to come,” says Kozsa, letting go of a breast to fist my hair.

“Fuck, yeah, she is.”

Rune begins pounding relentlessly, releasing my orgasm like turning a faucet; my ecstasy gushes out. I cough as Kozsa starts using my mouth in sync with Rune hammering my pussy. Shrieking, I let myself go—a vessel for pleasure without any care or concern, until it all suddenly stops.

Both men withdraw at once, leaving me feeling empty—and still ready to climax again. I don’t have time to complain or beg for more; the men pick me up and turn me around.

Seeing Rune’s cock coated in my juices, I realize what’s about to happen. He shoves my face onto his rod at the same time Kozsa drives into me from behind. Rune’s package muffles my howl as I taste myself, and as Kozsa’s mammoth erection fills me completely.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Nell?” Rune asks, pulling my hair. “Is this what you needed?”

I moan, wanting to shake my head, but I don’t stop sucking on Rune’s cock.

“Do you like getting rammed by us both?” I grunt a soft grumble, feeling the heat in my cheeks.

“Do you want us to come all over you, Nell? Are you going to drink it all down?”

Fuck, this is messed up. No one talks to me like that!

“Does it… matter… to you?” I cry as Rune pulls out.

“Not really,” he laughs, immediately pushing back in. “But you have been craving cock, haven’t you?”

I let out a huff through my nose. He grabs my head and guides it up and down, using the motion to add to his pleasure. His cock spasms in my mouth; he must be close. Kozsa’s thrusts are picking up speed and urgency as well.

“Do your dirty holes need to be filled, Nell?”

“Uh-huh,” I pant, closing my eyes. I can’t bear to look at them. What have they done to me? I’ve never responded to that kind of talk. I should slap him, not keep letting him use me like a filthy toy.

“Say it.”


“Tell us what your dirty holes need, Nell.”

I groan as both men intensify their thrusting.

“Ey -oles -eed -ee -illed,” I mumble, humiliated by the sounds barely coming out of my mouth.

Rune grunts, yanking my hair as a jet of his hot essence releases in my mouth. He pulls out immediately, spraying ropes of hot fluid onto my waiting tongue. Kozsa bellows, hitting his zenith as I surrender to another peak. Filled with Kozsa’s seed, I gasp for air. My legs could give out at any moment, but Kozsa still holds me upright.

Then I feel myself being lifted and set down on the bunk. One of them covers me with a sheet, then holds a cup of water for me to drink.

Bliss glows throughout my body as the men get dressed. Ensnared in a trance I’d rather not leave, I listen and watch without seeing or hearing—just existing in the moment.

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