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Fever: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

His cock was way bigger than I had imagined it would be. There was no way my tiny body could engulf that. I stared at him, the girthy base of his cock inflating just a tiny bit before it went back down. He was preparing to fuck me.

He was long. Thick. And huge.

I’d seen an alpha’s cock before. The guards in the omega sanctuary weren’t bashful in any case. But I’d never seen an alpha’s cock like this before. This was different.

I licked my lips, my gaze glued to his length and all of a sudden, I found myself wanting to taste him. A few drops of pre-cum dripped from the slit atop the head of his cock and I found myself reaching for it. When I realized what I was doing, I pulled my hand back, embarrassed that I had lost myself so quickly as soon as a naked alpha pinned me beneath him.

Alaric had seen what I had done though. He’d seen the look of desire cross my face when I reached for his cock. He slid his thumb over top of his shaft, gathering those little drops, and he reached for my lips. Forcefully, he pushed his digit inside my mouth, making me taste his own arousal.

It was as though he’d lit a match and set me on fire.

The salty caramel flavor of his arousal washed over my tongue, so much sweeter than I had anticipated and I couldn’t get enough of it. I sucked his finger clean, swirling my tongue around it and licking every last drop from his skin.


I was so hot. So wet and so incredibly needy.

“A good spanking makes you such a well-behaved little omega,” Alaric chided, and I couldn’t help myself as I growled softly in response, the noise just barely audible, but he heard it. And he punished me for it with his cock.

I had no time to prepare and he didn’t allow me any.

The head of his cock pressed against my entrance and his hips surged forward, forcing his thick length into my pussy. It didn’t all fit at first, but that didn’t stop him. My smaller, unprepared body could only take about half of his length, but he pulled out and with each reentry, he pushed his cock in deeper and deeper. I cried out, struggling as my pussy stretched uncomfortably wide, his thick flesh sliding along my wet channel with a rabid fervor. He wanted my body and he was going to take it. All of it.

The head of his cock speared deep into my channel, claiming every inch with a harsh violence that spoke to his role as my alpha. My legs spread wider and my body attempted to take him, but he was going too fast, too deep, too quickly.

A sharp pain clenched in my belly and I knew then that he had taken my virgin barrier for himself.

“Pretty little omega. Ruined for her alphas,” he whispered in my ear. I shivered beneath him and he finally slowed down, pumping his hips back and forth at a slower pace now. My inner walls fluttered around his length, craving and fighting against him in the same breath.

“I’m not yours,” I countered, challenging him with a hard look and he grinned in return. Suddenly, his hips slapped against mine, his cock slamming back into my channel hard. I cried out as his cock brushed against my cervix, taking me more deeply than ever and then he did it again.

This wasn’t sex for pleasure. It was harsh and rough. It hurt. This was sex meant to dominate and subdue me. It was working.

I cried out in shame, in pleasure, and in agony as his cock speared into my body, punishing me with every last stroke and leaving me with little doubt that when this was all over, I was going to be a very sore, well fucked little omega.

“This little hole is mine. Every inch of this body is going to be mine and I’m going to show you exactly what that means,” he chided, and I quivered beneath him. My skin simmered with fire, a veritable blaze that threatened to explode into a fiery inferno at any moment. The ball of desire in my core curled in on itself, confusing pain, pleasure, and shame into a twisted sensation that left me breathless and wanting more.

Fuck. I was so aroused.

Every inch of my body ached. My sore ass pressed against the blankets, reminding me that not moments before that each of them had spanked me just because they had wanted to. I could feel the welts from Viktor’s belt rising on my sore flesh and as much as I wanted to hate every last one, they were just making me more aroused with each painful twinge.

My poor pussy was stretched to maximum capacity and I moaned, sore and achy yet still he fucked me. My rampant arousal eased his entry, but he was so big that every last stroke hurt. That everlasting pain was intoxicating, and it quickly morphed into pleasure, desire, and a passion that I would have no chance of ever controlling.

Nothing could have prepared me for this. Nothing at all.

Alaric gathered my wrists in one of his hands and held them high over my head, pinning me in place as he fucked me harder than before. With the other hand, he took his thumb and brushed it over my clit, making me tremble with unreleased need. I moaned softly, unprepared for the unexpected gentle touch and trembled beneath him.

“Please,” I begged. When I realized I had spoken, I sucked in my lower lip, ashamed I’d lost control. My pussy quivered around his cock, gripping at his length greedily each time he slammed it inside me. His thumb teased at my clit and in that moment, I knew I had lost.

I wanted it. I wanted them all to fuck me and I wanted them all to fuck me at the same time. It went against everything that I had ever stood for, but I didn’t care. I was lost in the throes of estrous and the only thing that could give me relief was more alpha cock.

I cried out as Alaric toyed with me, falling deeper into the pit of submission that the three of them had shoved me into.

Every inch of my body burned with pleasure, so hot that I was sure I was burning with fever. My heart pounded harshly in my chest, forcing the blood through my veins at a fevered pace and still, I grew hotter. Heated air flew in and out of my lungs, quick little pants that were never quite enough. I cried out and squeezed my eyes shut, trying to hold on to the last piece of myself, but soon enough, I let go of that too.

Alaric’s thumb pressed down hard on my clit then and my entire world shattered into a billion little pieces of brilliant white lights.

My pussy clamped down on his cock, milking him for all he was worth and still, I demanded more. His hips rocked back and forth, rough and harsh and forcing me to take more even as I came all over his cock. He didn’t slow down. He didn’t show mercy and in no way was he even remotely gentle.

He was an alpha and he was going to fuck me like one.

And I was going to take it all. Just like an omega should.

That first orgasm tore through me with enough power to slam me to the floor. I moaned, I screamed, and I trembled beneath him, but with his thumb on my clit and his cock deep in my pussy, I lost all semblance of control.

I needed this. I wanted this. My omega demanded it and my alphas were going to give it to me.

My back arched and I rocked my hips back and forth, tuning my movement with his so that I could take his cock more deeply than before. My nipples ached and my breasts bounced every time he slammed his thick length deep into my channel.

Fuck. I was so hot.

I knew that in that moment, my estrous had arrived in full force.

Alaric was relentless. He took my orgasm, molded it with his fingers and made me experience every single last drop of its power. He used my clit to control me and I let him. I screamed for mercy, but he gave me none. I moaned with pleasure and he took that and made it his. His thumb edged me closer and closer to yet another release, but at the very last moment, he pulled away.

I cried out with frustration, but then he pounded into me with vigor like never before. His cock slammed into me over and over until I thought I was going to tear in two and still he fucked me. I screamed with pain, pleasure, and a passionate desire for more.

My pussy simmered around his length, tensing and tightening around him as he used me and subdued me with his cock, taking his own pleasure with a fiery need. He groaned softly and I felt him quiver just a little above me before his hot seed splashed up inside my tight channel.

It was so hot I could have sworn it burned me, but I didn’t have very long to think as Alaric played with my clit and forced another orgasm to surface with a powerful, white-hot intensity. My pussy clenched tightly around his cock and that’s when he pushed inside me so deep that his balls slapped against my ass.

That’s when the base of his cock began to inflate. I would have panicked, but lost in the throes of orgasm, I had no chance of fighting against it. Instead, he pushed even deeper inside me, his knot hooking behind my pelvic bone and anchoring him deep inside me.

I could feel him more intensely then, could feel every ounce of his seed splashing against my insides and every long inch of his cock as he claimed my body with his thick knot. The more it inflated, the more it began to hurt, but now that it was fully inside me, there was no way it would come out until it deflated.

The tremors of my orgasm raced through my body and I shivered, just as he released my wrists and threaded his arms around my waist. His fingers dragged up my back and he cradled me to his chest, pressing his lips to my forehead.

“I love the feel of your tight little cunt around my knot, omega,” Alaric breathed, as his fingers traced up and down my back. My body trembled with the remnants of my release and I sagged against him, feeling the full effects of my very first mating with an alpha.

I lifted my head, looking over his shoulder and saw both Viktor and Ethan patiently waiting for their turn. Their hungry, seductive stares told me that they were going to fuck me too. Viktor purred softly; my pussy tightened around Alaric’s cock and he gasped in response.

“I’d like to cuddle with her first,” Alaric responded, pressing his lips to my cheek, my lips, and then down my neck and I couldn’t help but purr softly in return. I could feel him smile against my skin and I snuggled against him.

“Fine then. I’m just going to use another of her holes,” Viktor replied nonchalantly, and I stilled. Ethan sat on top of my desk while Viktor stalked toward me. I curled into Alaric’s chest, hoping for protection but he didn’t offer any but the warmth of his body. Viktor stood beside me, running his fingers through my hair before he pulled it back with his fist. My mouth parted slightly as he pushed his pants down and out of the way, revealing his own cock right before my eyes.

It was as hard as iron, thick and rigid and already leaking with his own arousal. I pressed my tongue to the roof of my mouth, still warm from my pleasure and stuffed full of both Alaric’s cum and his knotted cock. I watched as the veins in Viktor’s shaft throbbed before me, thick with blood and his own obvious desire to fuck me too.

One of his hands drifted down the side of my face and paused below my chin. His thumb traced my cheeks and ventured down until he centered on a spot just beneath my jawline. He pressed hard and I cried out with pain, his touch forcing me to open my mouth for him.

His movements were slow and sure. Everything about them made me feel like he had total control over me, and my inner omega adored his cool dominance. It was difficult for my mind to reconcile with my body’s response to him, to any of this, but it was quickly proving not to matter. These men were my alphas and I was their omega.

“Open your mouth wider, mate. You’re going to have to do better than that,” he said softly. Every word caused me to shiver. Made me want to please him.

I stared up at him, studying his tattooed face and hesitantly obeyed. I opened my mouth wider, slowly and a broad smile overtook his own lips. My obedience had pleased him and knowing that pleased me too.

Tentatively, I leaned forward and poked my tongue out gently. I reached for him with my fingers and lapped slowly at the head of his cock, gathering more of that delicious salted caramel taste. It was addicting and I couldn’t get enough of it. Soon, I had cleaned him as thoroughly as I could, but Viktor wasn’t done with me then.

He still had his fingers pressed against the back of my scalp and I felt him gradually tighten them until he had control of my head once more. With his other hand, he lifted my chin and then guided the head of his cock in between my lips, pressing himself deeper and deeper into my mouth.

I began to grow nervous. His hips pumped back and forth, gradually at first and then more insistent as more time went on. At first, I fought against him, trying to hold back from gagging every time he pushed deep enough to press against the back of my throat. He didn’t allow my defiance however and when I tried to fight back against him, he only fucked my throat harder than before.

His cock was massive. Far too big for my mouth alone, which meant that he extended far into my throat. I tried to open for him, tried to obey, but it quickly became clear that he was in control and I was simply expected to submit to his needs.

He used my throat roughly, his cock punishing it with both its thick girth and long length. I quickly learned to time my breath with his strokes, otherwise I found it extremely difficult to draw in air. Spittle gathered around the sides of my lips, dropping to the floor and puddling beneath me, but he didn’t care.

In that moment, I was simply a hole for him to fuck and my omega reveled in it. I could feel my pussy clamping down over Alaric’s cock once more, tightening around his thick knot. My clit pulsed and my traitorous body heated with arousal.

“She likes it when you make her suck your cock,” Alaric observed, loud enough for the others to hear, and Viktor chuckled.

“I could tell. Her nipples hardened into tight little pebbles as soon as I started fucking her throat,” he answered, and I moaned around his thick length. I swirled my tongue up and down his shaft, needing to taste more of him, wanting all of him.

My body simmered with uncontrollable lust. My heat had hit me in full force, and I was entirely incapable of any sort of rational thought. The intensity of my feral instincts was more powerful than I could ever have imagined. My vision was hazy with my desire. My sense of smell was overwhelmed with alpha scent. It surrounded me and made me feel safe. Made my omega feel wanted and needed.

My skin likely felt feverish to the touch. My heart rate flew through the roof and my body simmered with an insane level of arousal that left me delirious from its power.

I was in heat and I had three alphas here to fuck me through it.

The omega within me preened.

Viktor groaned, his thick length throbbing against my tongue and I sucked at him greedily. I wanted his seed and I wanted it to splash onto my tongue and then down my throat. I wanted it. Needed it and I wouldn’t be satisfied until he gave it to me. My omega needed it and that meant I wanted it too.

I hummed around his shaft and he sighed heavily with his own arousal. He flicked his hips forward then, harder than before, almost as a reminder that he was in charge and I wasn’t. I opened my throat for him then and he fucked it hard, groaning as the knot at the base of his cock began to inflate just a little.

Alaric teased my clit with his thumb, edging me back and forth from orgasm as he did so. I moaned around Viktor’s cock, wishing I could beg Alaric to let me come or at least let him know just how much I wanted to. He tortured my needy little bud and soon, I was desperate for orgasm. My hips rocked back and forth in tune with his movements, my pussy clenched hard around his length, and finally, he pushed me over the edge.

White-hot searing pleasure cascaded through my body, causing my fingers and toes to curl. Full of alpha cock in both my mouth and my pussy, I reveled in their dominant attention. I wanted it all and they gave it to me.

My core clenched hard with pleasure and I felt my body tremble beneath them. Alaric’s knot throbbed deep inside my channel and I felt my inner walls fluttering all around his hard length. Viktor’s cock speared in and out of my mouth, forcing me higher and higher into orgasm as my alphas used two of my holes for their own pleasure.

It was glorious.

Viktor pulled back, ensuring the base of his cock was just outside my lips when I felt the first searing pulse of his seed spurting against the back of my throat. At first, I choked, but then I remembered myself and carefully swallowed the salty seed, ensuring that none of it escaped my lips even as more of his cum jetted down my throat.

I swallowed every last drop and the soft sound of pleasure that escaped his mouth made everything worth it. When he finally finishing coming, he pulled free of my lips and massaged my jaw with his fingers.

“Good girl,” he whispered and the omega within me danced with joy.

At the same moment, Alaric’s knot began to deflate and a rush of his own cum escaped from my body and puddled onto the floor beneath me, mixing with my own fluids in a veritable ocean of slick and alpha seed. My own orgasm throbbed and faded away, leaving me a mess of used omega. I felt dirty but I knew this was what I needed. What my omega needed.

The scent of sex and fluids permeated throughout the room and it only sought to fuel my desire for more even higher. Gently, Alaric pulled free from my well fucked pussy and both he and Viktor cradled me close for a long moment before I dared to lift my eyes to meet Ethan’s.

A dark look had come over him. His hand cupped his cock, rubbing it up and down as he watched me. He looked like a feral predator just moments away from striking.

I was already sore, used, and exhausted. But still this wasn’t over. I caught Ethan’s gaze with my own and the heat in my body flared back to life.

My estrous wasn’t over. It demanded more. It demanded a third.

“It’s my turn now,” Ethan said, his voice low and seductive and I shivered just from the dark promise in his tone.

He was going to fuck me, and he was going to make it hurt. My pussy tightened with excitement and my nipples pebbled into tight little peaks. A fresh wave of slick trickled down my thighs onto the blankets beneath me and I moaned quietly in shame. My body was preparing itself for more alpha cock, betraying my wicked thoughts at every turn.

Both Alaric and Viktor moved aside for Ethan, tucking their cocks into their pants. I pouted as I watched, sad that they didn’t plan to fuck me again. Then they took a seat in the chairs that had been strewn around the room, watching as Ethan stalked slowly toward me, like a lion about to ambush its prey. I chewed on my lower lip nervously, scooting backwards toward the wall as if I could escape him. I knew I couldn’t.

In some twisted sense, I wanted whatever he was going to do to me.

He knelt down before me and gripped my legs, flipping me onto my stomach with tremendous ease. Then he gripped my hips and lifted them up, so that my elbows and palms pushed against the floor and my lower body was supported by my knees. I shook nervously, but excitedly. I knew he could see my already well-used pussy. He could see everything.

“I like it when I can see your little cunt dripping with your slick and alpha seed,” Ethan observed, and I quivered beneath him.

I moaned softly, arching my back and showing him that I was an aroused little omega who needed to be fucked by her alpha.

His fingers caressed my skin, skimming over the welts that the belt had left behind on my punished backside. His touch was gentle and kind, not what I had been prepared for. He lulled me into a state of relaxation and euphoria.

“I also like seeing your little bottom all red and sore. I think I’m going to spank you often, just because I can,” he added, and I moaned softly, feeling my body tighten with need at his words. It all felt so wrong, but it was so right.

Then his fingers started venturing down my thighs, slowly edging my knees wider and wider as he did so. I obeyed, purring quietly before him. He purred in return and my core clenched down hard, a tumultuous wave of desire crashing over me at the sound of his pleasure. Then, using his thumb and forefinger, he spread my bottom cheeks wide. I stilled.

I hadn’t expected that.

With his other hand, he slid his fingers across my slick folds, rubbing up and down as he stared down at my darkest hole. He kept my bottom cheeks spread, exposing me to his gaze for a long moment before he said anything more.

“I can see your wetness dripping from this little pussy. You like it when I look at your naughty little hole, don’t you, omega?” he asked, his voice light with his purring sound.

My pussy tightened at his words and he chuckled softly behind me. I didn’t have to say anything, because he already knew my answer. My body had told him that I did.

“I bet you’re going to like it even more when I fuck this little hole,” he mused, and I whimpered quietly.

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