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Filthy Beasts: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

I sneak over to the place at the edge of the camp where Ein is relegated. He gets the worst of everything, I notice. He is the last to eat, the first to be sent into danger. He bears those indignities with grace, just as I would expect of a highborn, but I know they must grate at his pride.

“Ein. Wake up,” I whisper into his ear.

He stirs and opens his eyes before sitting bolt upright. “Demi? What are you doing?” he whispers. “If Ragnar sees us…”

“Fuck Ragnar,” I hiss.

“Exactly.” His eyes widen. “Haven’t you had enough?”

“I don’t care what they do to me,” I tell him. “It doesn’t matter. There are more important things than sex.”

He scratches the side of his head. “There are?”

“Yes,” I whisper, looking around. “I wanted to ask you something.”


“Who is your father?”

“No idea. I was an orphan,” he says. “Ragnar found me and raised me. I don’t know my mother or my father.”

“Well, I think I know your mother,” I say, excited. “She is very important in the tower. She is the most notable highborn in generations. Her writings were added to System’s appendixes.”

“I don’t know what any of that means.” He frowns. He’s not as thrilled by this news as I had hoped he would be.

“It means you’re proof that the highborn are just the same as the lowborn. If she came down, and had you, then she’s no better than any other woman. We’re told that we’re something special, that we have to follow System. You’re proof that System is broken. If the highborn see you, they’ll see that everything they believe is wrong.”

Ein shakes his head. “People don’t usually enjoy that.”

“Don’t you understand? You have a destiny!”

He smiles at me, his blue eyes dancing. “I know. You.”

“Ein…” My words are cut off as he reaches for me with both hands, lacing his fingers behind my head as he draws my mouth against his.

Ein’s kiss makes my head spin. This is illicit, our love that is forbidden by his tribe. Ragnar specifically said we were not to mate, but he pulls me down into his sleeping place and takes his place above me, taking advantage of my nudity.

There is little in the way of preamble before he pushes inside me slowly, his hips making a rolling motion that makes his cock grind inside my sensitive pussy. I have been taken many times since this began, but Ein is always different. He touches me and there is no need for him to force surrender, because I am already wet.

Our flesh is alike, matched perfectly. His cock surges inside me with lustful strokes and my pussy grips him just as it was made to do. I start to moan and he clamps his hand over my mouth, stilling his hips, his cock inside me as he shakes his head down at me.

“Be quiet,” he whispers. “There’ll be trouble if we get caught.”

Those words make my pussy clench around him. I am used to trouble. I like trouble, especially the kind that accompanies a thick cock deep inside my sex. My intimacy-starved flesh is eager, responding to these men with an easy surrender that turns to wild passion.

It is impossible for me to stay quiet, so Ein drags me up from the ground and takes me deeper into the forest, away from the campfire. Marched naked, my inner thighs slicked with desire, I roll my hips, enticing him to push his erection back inside me.

Two dozen or so paces later, he gives into temptation, his cock entering me from behind as he pushes me over a fallen trunk and begins to slam in and out of me. He is vigorous and untamed, his inexperience matching mine, but our passion perfectly matched. The possibility of being caught only enhances my pleasure. With every stroke of his dick inside me, I squirm with excitement, knowing that I will soon be filled with the cum Ragnar has forbidden me.

“Yes,” I gasp. “Yes, Ein! Yes!”

“Quiet!” He reaches around and wraps his hand across my mouth again, but my sounds of passion still pierce the night. I can’t help it. When he is inside me, I feel alive. He matches me. We connect in flesh and origin, and I truly feel like he is my long-lost counterpart, a matching piece in the set of me.

“What do we have here? Two disobedient whelps knotting in the bushes?” Kodak snorts, emerging from the darkness like a big bare bull of a man. He is twice as broad as any man should reasonably be, his musculature so great it would be a thing of legend if I were to attempt to tell any of the women from the tower what a man can be.

Ein yanks himself out of me, leaving me empty.

“Don’t tell Ragnar,” he says quickly, his tone nearly begging. I wish he was more bold, but I understand why he is not. He may have some height on Kodak, but he is down ten years and a hundred pounds at least.

Those dark eyes roam over my bent form. I have stayed in position, hoping something satisfying will still come of this evening.

“I won’t, if she gives me her ass.”

My ass? At first I am sure I must have misheard him, the knowledge I thought I had gained of their language deserting me entirely.

“You want to defile her!” Ein nearly squeaks with outrage.

“Her ass will be tight, it is unused, and it deserves punishment. This girl who sneaks about in the night to have her cunt serviced should not go unpunished. Do you want me to wake Ragnar? Or shall I fuck her bottom instead?”

“Fine,” Ein says after a moment’s thought. “You can fuck her ass. But do it slowly. She’s delicate.”

“Oh, I know she is,” Kodak rumbles as he steps in to replace Ein behind me. The difference is immediately noticeable. Not just the feel of the man, but his presence. Ein is like me, but Kodak is completely wild and foreign. I barely know him, but that will not stop him entering me and using me as he desires.

I try to squirm away, but Kodak has hold of me, keeping me over the trunk.

“That’s the wrong hole!” I complain as his fingers run between my lower cheeks and two of them rub against the part of me that is so shameful I never thought to think of it until now.

His fingers pull the wet desire left in Ein’s wake and rub it against the tight bud. I can’t believe he is going to put his cock there. I can’t believe there will be any chance of his rod fitting there. I don’t know why he even wants to. I understand none of this, but he is taking me anyway, his middle finger plunging inside the tight ring of my bottom.

“You two can’t help yourselves, can you. The more you’re told to stay apart, the more you want to be together. Ragnar should know better than to forbid young love.”

His finger is thick and strong, and as it sinks inside me, I feel little tingles of excitement rushing through me. It is utterly shameful being treated this way, and even more so to be enjoying it. Interrupted halfway through sex, I am already primed to want his touch. These four men have trained my senses to accept all manner of sexual exploration. No matter how rough, or unexpected, or punishing, it always ends in orgasm.

He pulls his finger away, and his massive body rears over mine, his big animal hands spreading my cheeks. He rubs the head of his hard rod against the tight wet hole of my ass. I squeal as his cock pushes into my bottom.

It’s happening quickly. Too quickly. I’m not ready. I’m not…

“Bad little girl,” he grunts in my ear. “Ragnar won’t be pleased you’ve been disobeying him again, but he will be pleased you’ve been dealt with.”

“You’re too big,” I wail softly.

My tight anal muscle is stretched wide around the head of his cock. He keeps it inside me just a fraction, keeping me open, making me submit to him.

“Not too big,” he says. “Your ass will stretch out for me. You might even like it. You like being fucked dirty. Your cunt is soaked.”

It’s true. The more he ignores my cunt, the wetter it gets. I could take a rough fucking right now in that hole, but Kodak doesn’t care about my pussy. It’s my ass he demands.

His big hands drag me down on his dick as he starts to fuck the entrance of my ass, making me feel him enter, and then leave, over and over again. I grunt and moan and make the most animal of sounds.

One hand keeps me in place while the other reaches under me and strums at my clit. The touch sends fresh excitement through me, and makes it all the more possible to slide my ass back against his cock, accept the length of the monster inside me and take pleasure from the long thrusts that keep sinking into me. I am being punished and used at the same time with an expert touch that makes me simultaneously whimper and moan.

As he feels my body relax, he increases the intensity of his pounding. His hips move with deliberate, rough strokes, urging his hardness up inside me. I feel like a puppet being jerked about, my body responding to all the sensations in a predictably orgasmic way as my clit grinds against bark and seeks another one of those orgasms that makes everything worthwhile.

“You want to sneak off to be fucked? You’ll be fucked, girl. You’ll have your pussy and your ass filled. Ein, get over here!”

He pulls me away from the log and directs Ein to lean back against it. Now I am between them and Ein’s cock is sliding back into its home in my pussy, his eager hardness rubbing against Kodak’s through the thin wall of my sex. My head falls back against Kodak’s shoulder as I am ridden by both men, my innocent holes thoroughly defiled as they take their pleasure together.

“Enjoy this, boy,” Kodak grunts. “You won’t be inside that pussy again any time soon. Make sure you fuck her hard enough that you won’t forget.”

Ein takes his warning seriously; his hands on my hips, he slams his cock up inside me, his mouth on mine, kissing me deeply and lustfully as I writhe on his rod and Kodak’s, one small female caught between brutish males.

“I’m sorry,” he moans against my mouth. “I’ll try to see you again. Just try to be good.”

It is impossible to think about being good when my body is jolted between two men, my pussy and my ass both fucked and then, when they can take it no longer, filled with cum. Ein spends himself first, his cock pulsing inside me as his semen floods my sex. A few thrusts later, Kodak pulls me hard back against his body and fills the other hole of mine, his cock pumping deep inside me.

When he pulls out, I am soaked in cum, their essences mingling between my thighs.

Kodak points back to camp. “Go back to your sleeping spot,” he tells me with one final slap to my sore bottom. “And if you are caught out again, I will wake the others and each of us will take our turn at that hole.”

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