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Firelord: A Dark Dragon Shifter Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

Seth landed on the balcony, setting her down as he shifted back to human. He swatted her hand as she reached back to try again to rub away the sting from the nettles.

“You do not try to rub away the nettles’ effect… besides, rubbing it will only reignite it. And that pleasure I reserve for myself.”

“What do you mean?”

Seth turned to look at her. “Were you not paying attention? You aren’t laboring under the illusion that I’m not about to put you over my knee and try to spank some sense into you, are you?”

“Spank me? Those men wanted to kill me…”

“Had you not hit me over the head and fled the tower out of the tunnel I’d forgotten, you would have been safe in our bed with me. And had you been where you belong, I wouldn’t have ached for you as well as felt the pain of our separation. You, my mate, are about to be reminded why causing me pain should not be high on your list of things you like to do,” he said, propelling her into their chambers.

Instead of stumbling, Caitlyn caught herself and used the impulsion to get into the room, looking wildly around.

“Why are there no weapons? Why won’t you fight me fairly?” she said, clearly angry.

“Fairly? Is that what you call kicking my balls up around my teeth? Hiding behind a door and clobbering me over my head? You have a very warped view of the term fair. As for the weapons,” he said, sliding his finger down her arm, “I have lived a very long time and many negative traits have been laid at my door, but being a fool was never one of them. You are my perfect mate with equal parts intelligence, courage, beauty, and fire. Only a fool would have weapons handy when he is about to punish you and make no mistake, I intend to do just that.”

Caitlyn looked down at his naked body, her gaze lingering on his cock. It was good that not only wasn’t she afraid of him, she had a strong streak of primitive passion that coursed through her veins. He inhaled deeply and smiled; his mate was aroused. Good. As soon as he dealt with her discipline, he would deal with that as well. She made a move to knock his hand away. He allowed her to swat at him but reached behind her to fist her mane of hair at the nape of her neck.

Seth stripped her naked and dragged her toward their bed, sitting down on it and upending her over his knee. She twisted and squirmed over his thigh and his cock responded to her proximity, the dragon’s tongue pulsing. He raised his hand and brought it down in a resounding crack as it connected harshly with her bottom.

“You bastard!” Caitlyn yowled. “You can’t do this to me.”

“You are wrong. I am your lord and master and you will learn to mind me. The quicker you do so, the less painful it will be for you.”

Seth brought his hand down, punctuating his words, striking the fullest part of her bottom, reigniting the sting of the nettles and leaving a searing pain in its wake. Caitlyn increased her struggles and tried to bring her hands back to protect her vulnerable backside. Catching her wrists in the hand not spanking her, he used them to pin her upper body down as he continued to rain his punishing blows across her behind. The steady rhythm of his hand slapping her naked buttocks made her cry out.

“Stop!” she wailed.

“Ask me nicely,” he said calmly.

“Let me up. Give me a sword and fight me,” she wailed.

“The only sword you will have at your disposal for the next few days is the one you feel swelling beneath you. Can you feel it growing? As soon as I have dispensed the discipline you so desperately need, I will take you beneath me and ease the ache we have both felt since you fled our home.”

“I felt nothing but relief you couldn’t do that to me again.”

“Liar,” he laughed as he continued to spank her. “Growling at me is not my idea of nicely. Try again.”

The unforgiving swats to her already stinging backside increased both in intensity and speed. He intended to not only light a fire across her rump, but between her legs as well. He could smell the sweet, pungent scent and knew she would be ready for him when he mounted her. God, he couldn’t wait to get back inside her. She’d felt so perfect, so right and he meant to revel in her embrace for the rest of his life. She kicked her legs, not so much he thought to get away, but to alleviate the growing heat of her desire.

“Please,” she cried. “Please, stop.”

Her tone had gone from demanding to pleading. She needed to learn that the former would only cause him to increase the intensity of her punishment, while the latter would most likely get him to cease or at least lessen it. His hand came to rest softly on her burning globes—they were a fiery red and heated to the touch. Caitlyn fought to catch her breath as his hardened staff throbbed beneath her. His hand rubbed her punished behind soothingly and she began to relax. Seth explored the cleft of her ass, pausing to press gently against her back entrance. She began to struggle and was rewarded by two more stinging slaps to her punished buttocks.

“Never forget, Caitlyn, you are mine to use as I choose. There will come a time when I will take the virginity of that hole as well as your mouth and will use all three as I see fit for my pleasure.”

He helped her up off his knee and lifted her so that he could turn back the covers of the bed before he crossed and locked the doors to the balcony. He went to the door into the hallway and barred it, ensuring she would not be able to access the secret passageway that led from their room to the beach. He turned back, fully intending to use her to ease his need, but discovered she was fast asleep. She must have had little rest since she left him. Glad that his brethren would never know he hadn’t claimed what was his, he pulled back the covers and crawled into bed next to her. Seth pulled her close. She struggled at first, but didn’t wake and settled when he soothed her, rumbling to her sensuously. She snuggled into his warmth, wrapping her arm around his waist and flinging her leg over one of his. His cock stirred. He would let her sleep for a bit.

Her scent drifted up to him and he shook his head. This was someone’s idea of a bad joke and he knew Gideon and Duncan would have a good laugh at his expense. Kellan might have some sympathy, but Duncan and Gideon who were never one to enjoy the company of more than one woman at a time would find this hysterical. He’d let a sorceress put him to sleep instead of dying with his men and then after he woke up, he only got one woman before his true heart showed up wanting to kill him and was a virgin to boot. And all he could think was how right it felt to be sharing her bed and seeing to her needs, instead of his own.

Seth slept sporadically throughout the night. He wanted her desperately. He vacillated between pulling her underneath him and taking what was his and trying to allow his proud mate to settle into her new role. He reminded himself that her claiming had been less than gentle, and he was well endowed. That little stunt hitting him over the head and running wouldn’t have helped, nor would his response. He knew she would be sore. He had been hard most of the night. She had slept fitfully but had quieted when he held her close. He knew when she woke but smiled as she kept her eyes closed.

“You may as well open your eyes, Caitlyn. I have learned your patterns so you will not be able to feign sleep with me. I let you alone most of the night to allow your body to recover, but that will not always be the case.”

Caitlyn pushed off him, rolling to her feet and looking for something to use as a weapon. Finding nothing, she grabbed a bottle of wine, smashing it against the wall and threatening him with the jagged edge. He lounged on their makeshift bed, his erection tenting the bedding.

“That was a waste of a good bottle of wine.”

“Not a waste if I cut your heart out,” she snarled.

“Not a very good example of pillow talk, but not to worry,” he said, flinging the bedding back. “I am already aroused and in need of you. Come back to bed, Caitlyn.”

“Never,” she said, charging him.

He laughed. “I will freely admit that I could have been gentler when I relieved you of your maidenhead, but that, as they say, is water under the bridge. Come and ease my need and I will overlook your threatening me again. In the future, I will ensure you are awakened as I begin to stroke you. You seem to like it when I stroke you.” Seth beckoned her with his fingers.

She shook her head, staring at his cock. Not only was it large and fully engorged, but the hard ridge of tissue that twisted around his staff seemed to be pulsing and becoming enlarged. She shuddered at the thought that he had impaled her with it in the enclave and robbed her of her virginity.

“You can’t kill me,” he said nonchalantly.

“I can.”

“Not so far,” he teased. “Enough, Caitlyn, you are my true heart and I would prefer not to have to force you each time I have a mind to fuck or breed you.”

“Is there a difference?”

He chuckled and nodded. “There is. Dragon breeding is not something undertaken lightly and involves more than just coupling. Fucking is… well, fucking and is done for myriad reasons, mostly because it feels good and I enjoy it.”

“Then go fuck another.”

“I have no need or desire for another. You are my one true heart and will be until one of us is dead. I’m not sure I’m even capable of fucking another anymore.”

She shook her head. “No, I won’t be tied to you.”

“You already are, and you have yet to be truly tied to me, but that will change. It is time to start your transition. If I’m going to have to play the caring, attentive mate, and let your body grow used to accommodating my need before fucking you whenever and as frequently as I like, then we may as well begin your transition.”

She shook her head and stood her ground. Seth was off of the bed and upon her before she ever even saw him move. He knocked the wine bottle out of her hand and dragged her unwillingly back to the pallet he had made for them. He flung her toward the bed and followed her down, rolling her to her back and pressing her down. He settled himself between her thighs and, slipping his hands under her buttocks, drove his shaft deep, burying himself there, before beginning to stroke her rhythmically. It was as if he had lost himself to some kind of primal force.

Seth surged forward, the tip of his cock caressing her cervix. Something within her began to unfurl, as though his cock had been wrapped in a tight coil that was now disengaging from his hard shaft. As he drew back until only the crown was still lodged inside her, she felt something small and sinewy slithering from her heated sheath to trail back to her bottom hole. Caitlyn struggled to escape, but Seth held fast. She squirmed as it entered her there and she felt it grow larger. Doubly impaled, Caitlyn felt Seth thrusting in and out as whatever it was held her locked to him.

She was just growing used to the fullness in her darkest passage when she began to feel a sharp, stabbing pain. It felt as though whatever was lodged inside her, holding her in place was biting at the delicate tissue within. Caitlyn cried out, trying to somehow free herself from him.

“Nay, Caitlyn, there’s nothing to be done for it. The dragon’s tongue will have its way with you,” he purred.

“Make it stop,” she wailed.

“I cannot do that, nor would I. It is the only way to make you drakaina and drakaina you must be in order to breed.”

Seth continued thrusting into her, forcing her to focus on his savage coupling. Her inner walls shook and quivered as she tried to wrap her head around the intense pleasure, tinged with pain, that he was inflicting on her. As her breathing sped up, the noises she was making morphed into whimpers as her climax approached with a speed and intensity that was almost incompressible. Her body stiffened in anticipation, and panic from knowing the amount of pleasure she was about to feel began to overtake her. Suddenly, she fell over the edge as he gave one hard, ferocious thrust deep inside her, and she screamed in ecstasy, her pussy spasming as it clamped down hard, greedily milking his cock, savoring every bit of pleasure as he held her in his arms.

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