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For His Pleasure by Vonna Harper – Extended Preview

No man had ever slapped her breasts like that. Granted, her need for a certain kind of sex had resulted in a handful of sessions that had left them stinging with finger marks on her flesh, but she’d always directed those sessions, and the men, leery of hurting her, had pulled their punches. As a result…

To hell with past performances. This was tonight.

Locked within the darkness she had no control over, she opened her legs a few more inches, stopping only when the ropes around her ankles rubbed against her bones. She could smell her excitement, an excitement that grew stronger as she imagined Ritter sitting fully clothed and studying her self-imposed humiliation.

“I was standing in the middle of a nearly empty room. I wasn’t wearing a blindfold because you wanted me to see everything you did. You’d placed metal bands around my wrists and ankles,” she told him. “With rings welded into the bands so you could fasten chains to them.”

“They were gold, slender but unbreakable,” he said.

“Yes, yes.”

“And after I’d locked the chains in place, what happened?”

“You commanded me to spread my legs. When they were wide apart, you fastened the ankle bands to anchors that had been driven into the floor.”

“You didn’t resist?”


“Why not? The position couldn’t have been comfortable.”

“Because you’d taught me to obey.”

“Is that all?”

“No,” she admitted. “I wanted…”

“Wanted what?”

Alerted by his impatient tone, she continued. “You controlling my body in all ways. I loved exposing my sex to you and not being able to stop you from doing whatever you wanted to it.”

“What about your arms?”

Think. Give him what you both want. “You brought the right one up and out so you could place a hook through the ring on my wrist restraint. Then you did the same to my other arm.”

“Describe what you looked like.”

“Like an X, my limbs stretched and immobile.” She fought to keep her growing excitement from getting away from her. “You, ah, you walked around me, touching every part of me as was your right.”

“Did either of us speak?”

“You said, you told me this was how I was meant to be. I started to agree, but you commanded me to be silent.”

“I see. And then?”

Keep going. “You selected a thin whip from your collection and repeatedly struck my buttocks with it.”

“Of course I did. You tried to keep still but it wasn’t always possible, was it?”

Alerted to his increased involvement in her vision, she shook her head. “It stung. Also, I never knew exactly where the whip was going to land. I started whimpering, not because I wanted you to stop but—I couldn’t help myself.”

“Understandable. Go on.”

Yes. Oh, yes. “When you were sure you’d gotten your point across about who owned and who was owned, you put the whip down and spanked me.”

“On your ass?”

“Yes. You, ah, you said spankings were a vital part of my education, that I would never forget how personal and intimate discipline can be.”

“That was it then? I was done with you, at least for the time being?”

Grateful for his question, she went deeper into make-believe. “No, not at all. When my buttocks were red enough for you, you again picked up the whip and struck my breasts.”

“Hard blows?”

“No, but enough to keep my attention focused on what you were doing. You did the same to my thighs, starting with the outsides but moving to the inside. You told me to look down and anticipate.” She licked her lips. “Then you touched the whip to my labia. Repeatedly. In swift succession.”

“Did you whimper again then?”

“I’m-I’m not sure I ever stopped. It was, the sounds coming from me were somewhere between whimpers and moans. I danced in my restraints as you expertly subjected my sex to your control.”

“But not for long because my intention never was to harm you,” he said.

“I knew that.”

“Did you? Yes, I imagined you did. I draped the whip over your neck and stepped back followed by commanding you to look at me.”

“I did as you told me to.”

“What then?”

If she hadn’t spent countless nights playing with this or similar scenarios, she wouldn’t have been able to give him what he obviously wanted. Fortunately, her imagination was in overdrive.

“You went to this table where the whip had been and selected a large electricity-driven vibrator.” She had to pause to get her breathing under control. “You started by touching the rapidly humming tip to my nipples. I tried to back away, couldn’t help myself.”

“But that didn’t make a difference, did it? I kept after you.”

“Yes, you did. You teased me with the damn thing, keeping me off balance and turned on. You said that no matter what you did to me, I had to accept that you wouldn’t stop until I’d been molded into what you wanted me to be.”

“I insisted on your servitude and devotion.”

“Yes, in all ways.”

“And how did I get that lesson across?”

Give him what you both want. “By focusing on my breasts for a long time. With each short but all-encompassing touch, I jerked and shivered. Lightning coursed through me, making me forget that you’d whipped and spanked me and replacing the memory with primal hunger. I clenched my teeth in a futile attempt to hide my reaction from you, but my never-still body gave me away.”

“Yes, it did. Eventually I moved the vibrator from your breasts to between them. In time I rested the toy against your breastbone. Jolt after jolt reached your heart and lungs. When I slid the vibrator down to your belly, you held your breath until I thought you might pass out. You twitched almost as if you’d been attacked with a cattle prod.”

“No, not that,” she corrected. “It wasn’t painful, and deep down I wasn’t afraid. I, ah, I fell in love with the unrelenting vibrations, begged with my voice and eyes for you to give me what I needed most in life.”

“I made you wait, drew out the delicious torture.”

“Yes.” In her mind’s eye, she clearly saw her naked and restrained body twitch every time her master subjected her to another dose of the vibrator’s power. She also heard herself shamelessly beg to be allowed to climax.

“What did I say?”

“That you made all the decisions and nothing I said or did would ever change that.” It was so easy to put him in the position of power. “Finally you took pity on me and positioned the vibrator between my legs. The moment it touched my clit, I stood on my toes and howled.”

“You climaxed?”

“Not right away because you knew the exact moment to pull back.”

“You cursed me for torturing you.”

“I didn’t want to but couldn’t help myself.”

He patted her cheek. “Poor little slave. I was such a bastard.”

“Yes, you were.”

When he didn’t respond, she had no choice but to mentally replay what she’d just said. Darn it, their conversation had been designed to fuel their sensual flames. Presenting herself as his equal wasn’t part of the game playing.

“I’m sorry.” She lowered her head. “I didn’t mean—”

“It’s too late for an apology.”

Something sharp struck her right nipple. The only thing she could think was that he’d flicked it with his forefinger.

“I’m sorry,” she repeated.

Pain that was a twin of what she’d just felt hit her left nipple. “That isn’t enough, slave.”

“Master, Master, Master,” she chanted. “I’ll never—please forgive me.”

“Perhaps. Perhaps not.”

Ritter claimed her nipples and drew her breasts away from her body. The unexpected sensation served to plant her fully in reality. She squirmed and clenched her teeth.

“That’s got your attention,” he said as he continued to hold her breasts. “I thought it was time for us to at least briefly focus on the here and now.”

“I am.” She put as much attention as possible into not moving. “Ow, I am.”

“But you’d rather not. I get it.”

Suddenly so weak she wondered if she might pass out, she nevertheless forced herself to lift her head. However, with the blindfold still in place, she was reduced to trying to remember what he looked like, and asking herself why she’d exposed so many of her secret desires to him.

“Answer me,” he said. The pressure on her nipples continued. “About this thing we’ve been talking about, was I a merciful master?”

“I’m not sure. I didn’t have anything to compare you with.”

“Okay. One thing I have no doubt of, there was never any doubt that I was in charge.”

“No, never.”

“Because you’d been born free, you hated it when I forced my control over you, and yet you loved the sense of helplessness. At least your body did.”


“Yes, what?”


“That’s right. When I finally allowed you into my bed, what happened?”

So he wanted to talk about things that happened only in her mind, did he? She was more than happy to. “I was nervous. And grateful.”

“Is that how you feel now? Both fearful and grateful because I fit in with your fantasy?”

“I’m not sure I can answer that. I feel many things. Not being able to see—maybe that’s why I can’t keep anything straight.”

His hold on her nipples let up just enough that she could no longer label the sensation painful. At the same time, knowing she couldn’t free herself without risking injury drew her into a space and place she often sought but seldom achieved. She’d come into tonight filled with anticipation about the unknown, but with each passing minute, mystery and challenge were being replaced by reality.

“You want to see, do you, to throw new sensations into the mix?”

“Yes. Yes, Master.”

“All right. But that might be the only freedom I grant you tonight. Are you ready to accept that?”

“Yes,” she blurted before allowing herself time to think about what she’d agreed to.

“Not only that, I might rob you of certain privileges I’ve already granted you.”

At first she couldn’t think what he might take from her, then decided he might be contemplating gagging her again. “Whatever you decide, Master. I’m yours to do what you want with.”

“So you are. So you are.”

Bit by bit the pressure on her nipples let up, allowing blood to flow through them again. Distracted by their hot tingling, she belatedly realized his fingers were now at the back of her head. A moment later the blindfold fell away, not that she could see anything except a blur at first.

Whoever had designed this made-for-sex room had decided that the only illumination should be supplied by some kind of rope lighting at the top of the wall behind the bed. As a consequence, even when her vision returned to normal, Ritter remained little more than a shadowy outline.

She liked the aura of mystery, the power surrounding him. Up close he was even larger than she’d anticipated. His shoulders were so damn broad, how could she possibly have thought she could dictate any part of what took place between them? The hands hovering over her breasts were perfect for a professional athlete all right, fingers long and solid.

Pulling courage around her, she lifted her gaze to his face. He was positioned so the pitiful lighting highlighted his right side while locking the left in darkness, which conjured up memories of Phantom of the Opera. Fortunately Ritter’s features were regular although his nose was a little out of alignment, maybe the result of having been broken. In many of the newspaper pictures he’d been wearing a catcher’s mask, a batting helmet, or sunglasses. As a result, she hadn’t realized his eyes were so deeply set in their sockets. That, combined with his bushy eyebrows, hinted at something mysterious.

Content with her definition, she again turned her attention to his hands. They could be both gentle and firm. He didn’t seem to notice where she was looking as he said, “You have beautiful eyes. I should have exposed them earlier.”

“That’s all right. I don’t mind.” Hearing her stupid words made her wince. “I mean, whatever you want, Master.”

“Oh, I believe you know exactly what I want.” With that he raked his gaze from her face to her splayed legs.

She did the same, wincing. What had she been thinking, exposing herself like that? Telling herself that behavior she couldn’t see made it less real didn’t go far enough when it came to justifying said behavior. But much as she needed back the scant privacy afforded by pulling her knees together, she couldn’t think how to make it happen or if it would make a difference.

Maybe he sensed her inner battle because, letting her see his every movement and feel his every touch, he ran his hands from just below her breasts to her pelvis. Sucking in air did nothing to cool her, and there was damn nothing she could do to stop the flood of wet heat now oozing from her.

“You’re a slut,” he said with his fingers dangerously close to what she couldn’t control. “Hot and horny.”

“What do you expect? The way you’re touching—”

“I’m doing exactly what you want, slave.”

Oh, yes, the act. “If-if that’s what you wish me to say, Master.”

“No, you don’t,” he said harshly.

Before she could guess what he had in mind, he grabbed her around the waist and lifted her, turning her as he did. She came down with her belly on his lap, her now closed legs on one side of him and her upper body on the other. Thanks to his strength, he’d easily put her in position to toy with her ass—or to spank her.

“So far I haven’t had your full attention.” He pressed a splayed palm over her right buttock. “You’ve entertained yourself by spinning out a scenario that makes you the center of your universe. My guess is you were in charge of things back when it came to deciding how you’d present yourself to me. I can’t see my friends even suggesting they tie you up.”

“I—don’t remember, Master.”

“The hell you don’t.”

Not breathing, she waited for him to continue. Instead, he crisply slapped one ass cheek and then the other. It stung. A lot. Without use of her limbs, she couldn’t stop him from anything and everything he wanted to do to her.

The thought stole her breath and dampened her channel.

“Do I have your attention?” he demanded.

“Yes, Master.”

“I doubt it.” He repeatedly swatted her, the blows stinging so much she yelped.

“Save your breath.” He continued to pepper her now burning buttocks. “I’m not buying your sniveling.”

“What-what do you want, Master?”

“For you—” He took hold of her bound wrists and lifted her arms, which improved his access to her butt, “to get through your head that any and all direction our time together takes is up to me. You belong to me—” He landed several sharp blows that forced another yelp from her. “Not the other way around.”

“I’m sorry. Sorry.”

“Are you?”

His hand was tireless, landing time after time. She shuddered and twitched, her toes digging into the carpet. Knowing she couldn’t get out of this predicament was unnerving. At the same time, the heat he’d created in her buttocks was seeping throughout her.

She didn’t want to be spanked or to feel helpless down to her core. At the same time she relished knowing his full attention was on her. She also understood he wouldn’t step over a line, didn’t intend to cause her real pain. His intention was for both of them to experience a master-slave relationship.

And he was doing it well. Very well.

“Please,” she whispered.

“Please what?” He roughly rubbed her so-sensitive mounds. “Keep going?”

Yes. No. I don’t know.

“Answer me, slave.” He pushed her arms to the side and landed a trio of blows to her right buttock. The sensation took her deep within herself where fantasy lay.

We were in Master’s dungeon. I’d spent the day in my cell awaiting his return. When he unlocked the door and walked into my space, I noted that he looked tired and there was a long cut on his left forearm. He’d obviously been in a battle, out protecting his lands. Guessing he and his warriors had vanquished their enemy and he was ready to celebrate his victory, I straightened, placing my hands behind my head and thrusting out my breasts as I did.

“You’re happy to see your master.” It wasn’t a question.

“Yes, Master. It warms my heart to know you are well.”

He touched his cut. “Well enough. Answer me something, slave. Is only your heart warm?”

I couldn’t help smiling. Not long ago, as a freshly caught wild creature, I’d been afraid of the man who’d bought me, but he had taught me well and thoroughly. As long as I didn’t question that his needs and wishes came first, he would reward my loyalty.

“No, Master. Every part of my body is eager for you.”

A rough finger pressed against Asia’s anal opening, ending her journey into make-believe. “Do-do what you will with me, Master.”

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