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Forced to Cooperate: A Dark Bratva Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

The words were simple, the meaning clear.

I had no choice.

As if sealing the deal, he captured my mouth, wrapping his hand around the back of my neck and holding me in place.

I moaned, ready to slam the glass against the side of his neck but he thought of that maneuver as well, snagging my wrist. The weight of his body was intense, the heat emanating from every pore overwhelming. And just as with the kiss we’d shared before, my body responded instantly, my back arching and my legs quivering. The taste of him was incredible, the hint of scotch more powerful than I’d care to admit.

Even visions of our naked bodies entwined together surfaced, my nipples reacting by hardening even more. Aching.

Longing to be plucked and twisted.

No. Fuck, no.

I loathed myself, humiliated that Aleksei knew how much I was attracted to him. As he thrust his tongue inside, commanding mine, demanding me to succumb, I allowed myself to float away. I’d always been able to pretend. This was no different. Everything about the man reeked of passion as well as danger and I’d been caught in his web. The only thing I could do was play along, accepting my role in some conniving scheme.

Then I would strike.

Yet he consumed me with his mouth, relentless in his growing hunger. The passion became unbridled in every move, demanding in a way I couldn’t ignore. As his tongue easily gained control, I could tell he anticipated I’d succumb, yet I refused, pushing hard against his chest. His hold was far too powerful, every move he made nothing more than a reminder of his dominance over me. As he ground his hips against mine, I moaned into the kiss, cognizant of just how hard his cock had become.

I hated the man, loathed him.

I also couldn’t stand myself, furious that every part of me continued to tingle even as the electricity soared.

His touch became almost gentle as he eased back, his breathing ragged. He brushed his hand through my hair before sliding his fingers to cup my cheek and chin, running his thumb across my lips in a brutal manner. Back and forth, over and over again. “I think I’m clear now. You have no other choice but to surrender. I daresay your desire betrays you.”

Exasperated, I shook my head. He was absolutely right. My body had betrayed me, but my mind was clear. If I was forced to play his game I would, but only until I gained a greater advantage.

And I would.

“Fine, Aleksei. You win the prize. Just watch out. You might not be happy with who and what I am.” I took a decided step away, my fingers aching as I yanked the shirt over my head, my eyes never leaving his.

He was enthralled, his eyes glowing. His expression was that of a man finally receiving the special toy he’d been promised. A true barbarian in nature, feigning sophistication on the outside. I planned on unraveling every one of those dark secrets buried deep in his psyche, exposing both him and his father for the beasts they’d become. I was far more cunning than he was.

I found myself turning slightly as I unfastened my jeans, unzipping before fighting to remove my boots. Perhaps that’s when reality set in, a paralyzing sickness of what was about to occur. Once he marked me, I feared there would be no return.

I’d been taught to remain strong, understanding that enemies came in various packages. I’d just never expected to fall prey to true predator.

You can do this. You will do this.

If only to find a way to protect my family and our business.

When I was fully naked, the strangling suffocation wrapped around my neck had nothing to do with any fingerprints or damage he’d left. I could barely stand myself.

“Let me see you. Hold your arms over your head,” he instructed.

I did as I was told, grasping my fingers together as I moved directly in front of him.

Using his index finger, he twirled the long digit, expecting me to follow.

Once again, I responded, turning in a full circle.

“So beautiful, my lovely cherie. What I’m going to do to your gorgeous body.” Then his tone changed, transferring into the level of darkness I’d anticipated. “Over the desk. Hands gripping the sides. You will not move. You will not cry out. If you do, your punishment will be much worse. I hope that you understand?”

“Yes. Fine.”

Before I was able to pass by him, he gripped and squeezed my chin. “Do not rile me, Willow. I am not a man to be fucked with. You should have learned that by now. Your brother has done you a disservice by not sending in another to try and kill me. That is… unless he wants to get rid of you.”

“How. Dare. You. My brother loves me. He’s a good and wonderful man and…” He’d goaded me and I’d fallen into his snare. Hissing, I jerked away, moving directly toward the desk and leaning over. I hated this, detested every concept of submitting in any manner. One day, no matter the cost, Aleksei would face my revenge, and he would never see it coming. On that day, my soul would sing with joy.

I could no longer feel my hands as I gripped the edge of the desk. I could only imagine what else he had in store for me.

“Very nice. You can follow directions.”

Every curse word was on the tip of my tongue, ever derogatory comment that I’d heard coming from my brother’s mouth. Peter considered Aleksei enemy number one and I’d accepted the belief, waging a war against the Petrovs, only asking limited questions. I was usually thorough, finding out every aspect of my mark before attempting to take out my target. This time, I’d merely glanced at the internet, reading a few articles, most negative stories regarding the Petrov family. What if Aleksei was right? Was there any possibility my brother wasn’t on the up and up, trying to take on two mafia families? Oh, Jesus. My fear and anxiety were doing the talking.

Hearing the sound of his buckle being unfastened had a ripple effect deep inside. Every nerve ending was on fire, every portion of my body shaking and blood pumping in a way that made me lightheaded.

No one had ever disciplined me, at least not in this way. I was the scrappy girl, the one who’d been taught to fight like a man. I’d saved myself from street thugs and assholes hell bent on forcing me into a sinful tryst more than once. This man, this fucking poor excuse for a human being thought I deserved something of this nature.

“Your beautiful bottom is going to wear my marks for days,” Aleksei stated in his usual husky tone, his accent far too attractive.

I shifted, cursing him under my breath.

“I can hear you, sweet cherie. I won’t tolerate insolence of any kind. I assure you, this is your first lesson of many.”

Why did his velveteen voice have to create myriad sensations? Lust. Anger. Fear. They all mingled together in an unrelenting fashion. I held my breath as the whooshing sound floated all around me, bracing for the pain. When the first crack was slammed against the floor, it took everything out of me not to jump out of my skin.

My breath was shallow, my mind reeling as various images and thoughts pressed deep into my brain. There had to be a way to get out of his grasp.

I honestly wasn’t prepared for the quick revolution, the way the thick leather slashed down on my naked skin. While there was no instant moment of anguish, I was cognizant that my senses were all on overload, preparing for the onslaught.

Aleksei gave a second and third strike, both hitting directly across the middle of my ass cheeks. Only when he danced his fingers across my skin, caressing as if we were lovers did the blinding pain rush into every muscle and tendon in my body.

Jerking up, I gasped, tears immediately forming in my eyes.

“It’s all right, Willow. You’re going to do just fine.”

The bastard was promising me now? Who the hell was he kidding? I bit back woeful cries as he smacked me again. And again. The same stars floated in front of my eyes, all vibrant in color and all a stark reminder of just how stupid I’d been to get caught. Every precaution taken. Every list checked off.

Why had I failed?


I heard the sound before the strap hit me again, forcing me to dig my nails into the very expensive wood. I could no longer control my body, my legs kicking out, one then the other. I gasped for air, every part of me shaking and ready to blubber like a little kid. I wanted to beg him to stop, shouting to the world that I’d be a good little girl.

My mind had to be shutting down, sick from worry. I couldn’t be thinking this way. I was a strong woman, prepared to handle anything. God knows I’d had to during the course of my life.

“Keep your place,” he commanded as he pressed his hand against the small of my back.

God, how I wanted to shove my fist into his face more than once.

He continued the spanking, every strike methodical as if he’d done this hundreds of times before. I knew the heat from the harsh punishment was drifting, creeping up and moving down my legs. I wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably for some time. I was almost thinking about this rationally. There was nothing about this that was normal in any manner.

“You will learn that it’s much easier to obey me.”

I took several deep breaths, daring to defy him by answering, “What’s next, a cage?”

He made no other sound, but he didn’t have to. The strap did it for him, arcing and whooshing in the air before slamming down across my buttocks. I was no longer the same woman as before, not the girl who could take anything.

I’d finally been reduced to tears, but not from the pain itself. From the realization that my entire life had been lived in retaliation of a handful of enemies. I’d been changed from a bright-eyed little girl with hopes of becoming a doctor to a trained killer.

And I’d allowed it to happen.

I lost count after he delivered several more, trying desperately to concentrate on my breathing and little else.

“You’ve had enough. For now.”

His voice seemed so far away. Did I detect a hint of caring? I almost laughed at the thought. A man like him only hungered for eye candy and nothing more.

I didn’t have to hear the ugly sound as he unzipped his pants. I watched the entire event unfold in the reflection in the window, praying to God that I would survive this. He moved quickly behind me once again, kicking my legs apart and fisting my hair.

“I will enjoy this moment, cherie. Fucking you in a way no man ever has.”

“You have no conscience, Aleksei. None. You prey on the weak. You’ve met your match. Just remember to watch your back.”

I expected him to simply thrust his cock deep inside, taking what he believed truly belonged to him. I didn’t anticipate the way his fingers lightly danced across my skin, brushing in a loving manner up and down the inside of my thigh.

My breath was stolen, the sensations like rocket fuel from the mere touch alone. I was thrown, unable to think clearly as he caressed, moving his fingers up and down in a delicate dance.

“You’ve hungered for a man to take you, dominate you.”

“You are crazy.”

He lowered his head, dragging just the tip of his tongue across my naked shoulder, forcing me to shudder. “You want this. You’ve wanted me since the first time you met me.”

I bit back a moan as the building heat began to sear every cell in my body. Yes, the very day I’d met him almost two years before, I’d felt the same attraction, the same desire rippling like unchained current. We’d only made eye contact, standing a solid twenty feet away from each other, but that had been enough to fuel every fantasy that a woman shouldn’t have.

My body betrayed me again, a whimper leaking out, sensuous in nature as his fingers darted to the skin just below my pussy. I even arched my back, jutting my hips out as if begging the man to fuck me. What was I doing? There was so much shame, a level of sheer agony even as the yearning took on a life of its own.

Panting, I struggled to hold onto anything, shifting my arms until I was able to push up against the desk. “Don’t. Please.”

“Which is it? Please take you into sheer ecstasy or please take what I want only?”

“Bastard,” I whispered, my voice just as sensuous as his.

“Mmm… I think I’ll do both,” he stated as if he’d owned me for years. He slid his fingers to my already swollen folds, teasing as he rolled the tip across the heated tissue. Then he moved up to my clit, pinching first, leaving me breathless before swirling his finger around in lazy circles.

“Oh. Oh…” I absolutely hated this, the way he made me feel, opening up for him so completely. But there was no denying what my body craved. His demanding touch. His commanding voice. I was lost in the moment as he fingered me, two then three fingers teasing me in a relentless fashion.

How could this man, a brutal and savage beast, bring me so much pleasure? I pressed my face against his desk, my eyes mere slits as I opened my legs wider.

“Relax for me, cherie. I think you hunger more than you know. Every part of you longs to accept so do it. What I can give you is like no other man, but only if you obey my every command.” He moved his fingers down the length of my pussy, slipping them between my folds.

“Obey you? You are one crazy freak.”

“I am a businessman, Willow, one who always maintains the upper hand. I suggest you begin to realize the predicament that you’re in. You have no control left. As of now, I am your master and you will follow every direction I give you or I assure you, the punishment you will experience will negate any concept of pleasure.” His fingers never stopped moving, taking what he claimed to belong to him.

If the man wanted to frighten me, he was going to have to work harder. I shifted, doing my best to shoot him a nasty glare. That only seemed to amuse him.

I hated this. Every second. Every concept.

But my body had other thoughts, intense longings that required fulfillment.

I could almost feel the exact moment my muscles clenched around his long digits, inviting him inside, begging him to fondle me brutally.

And he did.

As a growl left his lips, he pumped in even strokes, going as deep as his hand would allow. I was thrown into a moment of sheer nirvana, unable to think or even breathe. I finally closed my eyes, pretending this was anything but what it actually was.

“Let go, sweet Willow,” he breathed, his other hand twisting my hair and tugging, a reminder of just how dangerous he truly was.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back, to fight his wonderful yet disgusting advances. There was no amount of shame or guilt that would stop what was about to occur. I controlled my breathing, refusing to moan any longer as his fingers worked their magic, finding my G-spot and teasing me until every cell in my body was on fire.

Finally, I felt like I was going to explode, my skin rippling from the intense pleasure, my heart beating so rapidly that I could hear the beats in my ears. He was savage in his actions, driving into me in fevered motions, as if making me climax was the only thing on his mind.

But I knew better.

A man like him only owned a woman.

Taking her.

Dominating her.

Punishing her.

And there was nothing I could do.

I fell into the same rhythm as his hand, my body rocking forward and backward as he finger fucked me. The way his thumb wiggled between the cheeks of my ass was embarrassing, humiliating in every manner, but no more so than the fact I wanted it. I craved having him take me in every hole.

This was nothing but a horrible sin, giving up control to a man who would take even more once I did. I wanted to scream out, to fight him even to the death, but I couldn’t. The pleasure was too intense.

“Oh. No… I…” There were no words to right this wrong, no conviction of my heart. At least for this moment, I gave in. I reared up as the climax took me, shooting into my pussy as my mind broke. My mouth was open wide, the sound strangled as he continued the delicious actions, his thumb now seated just inside my asshole. How could anything so wrong feel this incredible? How could I allow this to happen without fighting?

“That’s it, cherie. Come for me. Come hard.”

His ragged whisper was all I needed for the orgasm to turn into a wave of pleasure, rocketing through every cell and muscle like a firestorm. The stars floating in front of my eyes were brighter than ever and I had no sense of time, no desire to leave.

At least for the few precious minutes.

I finally eased back onto the desk, trying to control my breathing.

I heard the same damn chuckle as before, a knowing that he’d bested me in the most horrible way, but I honestly couldn’t move. I was his prisoner in more than one way. When I felt the thickness of his cock slicing back and forth across my bruised ass, I held my breath once again. The understanding that he was going to take me, fuck me in any manner he desired was simply not something I could comprehend.

I shut down.

I refused to acknowledge what was happening.

I felt the pressure of the tip of his cock pressing against my outer folds. He wasn’t the brute I expected, moving slowly until he was just inside.

“So wet, cherie. Hot. Are you ready for me? Are you ready for my cock?”

I wanted to scream out the words forbidding him, but he’d already shoved his way past my secure layers, finding the hidden needs inside. I could only pant as he slipped his cock even deeper.

“Yes. Perfect. You are absolutely perfect,” he whispered as he gripped my hip, his long fingers digging into my skin. “And I’m going to enjoy fucking you every day.”

The promise or the threat made, I scrambled to push up, wanting to watch the beast as he took me, perhaps a reminder that I’d refused to completely succumb. Everything was a blur as he thrust the entire rest of the length inside, his effort so hard that I was slammed down on the desk. Even the way his skin slapped against mine was incredible, the moment one of sheer panic.

And joy.

I shut down my mind, refusing to acknowledge the pleasure any longer. He’d almost gotten me to fall under his spell, a man with no conscience, one who truly believed he was bigger than the law.

I knew his reputation, the way he’d used women before. He was a consummate player. Two could play at that game.

And so, I shut down, becoming nonresponsive, lying limp on the desk as if what he was doing had no effect on me at all.

Aleksei fucked me savagely, grinding his hips against my ass every time he thrust deep inside until his breathing was heavy. He jerked my hair, forcing my back into a deep arc, keeping me in place. My body became compliant, giving no resistance whatsoever.

After a full minute, he muttered several words in Russian, no doubt becoming infuriated at my refusal to interact. I was a ragdoll, little more than a toy.

He smacked his hand against my bottom several times then leaned over, blowing across the base of my neck. “What happened to my nasty fighter?”

“Why should I bother? You are right. I have no recourse.”

His snarl was instant, his reaction simultaneous. His fist still firmly entwined in my hair, he dragged me off the desk, forcing me toward the window.

I slapped my palms against the cool glass, taking several shallow breaths. Now I was able to see the rage crisscrossing his handsome face, the way his eyes held the kind of darkness that anyone would fear.

“Can you imagine what would happen if all of your friends could see you now?” he whispered, his lips barely centimeters from my earlobe.

“What would I care? They all know you for what you are. A true bastard.”

A long and slow growl slipped past his lips. “You’re going to find out exactly what I’m made of, Willow. I doubt you’re going to like what you see. Or what you experience.” The way he said the words wasn’t exactly a threat.

A promise.

A deal made.

The devil had spoken.

“Do whatever you want to me, Aleksei. I don’t care.” My words were just as sharp, laced with the kind of insolence that I knew he couldn’t tolerate.

He threw his head back, roaring, his fury jacking up another two notches.

He might be able to control my body, but he’d never be able to dominate my mind.

There was now zero gentleness as he slapped his cock against my bottom then slid the tip in the crack.

“As I said. Every inch of you now belongs to me. Every beautiful inch.” He shoved his shaft in the cleft of my ass, finding my dark hole with ease.

I hadn’t anticipated just how ruthless he would be as he shoved his cock all the way inside. The pain was instant, biting. Every breath was stolen, the myriad sensations shooting through me like rocket fuel.

“Oh. Oh!” I continued to slap the window, the scratching sounds my nails made filtering over my cries.

He gripped both hips, driving into me in long and brutal movements, rising onto the balls of his feet. Just seeing the reflection of his face, the wild and animalistic expression was enough to put the fear of God into me. The man was harsh, unrealistic in his expectations, but he’d made it clear what he wanted.

My complete submission.

Why did I have the distinct feeling that this was more about a game of chess and I was sadly in the middle?

Taking a few deep breaths, I was sickened by the realization I’d issued several moans, the sound giving Aleksei another win. Once again, I struggled, smacking the glass as hard as possible.

“You can fight all you want, but there is no one who will hear you. Tonight. But I can parade you in front of others if that would please you,” he said in a low register, the words almost inaudible.

Taunting me.

Violating me.


He nipped my earlobe, every muscle in his powerful thighs used as he thrust in and out of my asshole.

The anguish had already disappeared, replaced with the kind of intense warmth that filled every cell, further igniting the fire shared between us. Yet I kept repeating words of hatred in my mind, perhaps trying to convince myself that there was no attraction in any manner. With every intense thrust, I willed myself to make no sound, refusing to give him the satisfaction.

Even with the dim lighting, the reflection of the man told no lies.

I was a challenge he hadn’t anticipated.

I could tell he was close to coming, his chest rising and falling, every breath more of a primal growl. All I wanted was for this atrocity to be over, so I did what every naughty girl would do.

I squeezed my muscles.

His entire body began to shake, his fingers digging in even more. After three hard plunges, he threw his head back, the guttural sound strangled.


I closed my eyes, finally panting, watching the steam from my heated breath fogging up the window. Using just my pinky, I wrote him a catching, sweet little note, all spelled out in big, bold letters.


I heard the same dark chuckle as before when he pulled away, raking both hands through his disheveled hair. Oops. Had I rattled his cage?

Aleksei adjusted his attire, taking two long strides away from me. Bending, he grabbed my clothes, tossing them in my direction. “Get dressed.”

“No after passion small talk? No sweet nothings whispered in my ear?” I drew a heart around the word, able to tell he was watching every single thing I was doing.

He moved back toward his drink, polishing off the entire contents, slamming the glass on his desk with a hard thud.

I turned around to face him, smiling as his gaze shifted to the word again, satisfied I’d made my point.

“Make no mistake, Willow. I take what I want, when I want. You’re right on several levels, including the fact I’m a cold-hearted bastard. You obviously believe this to be a game. Then so be it; however, there’s something else you need to keep in mind. I never lose. The welfare of your brother depends on how quickly you learn to obey me.”

“Is that so?”

He adjusted his diamond-studded cufflinks, forcing me to notice his manicured nails, just as perfect as the rest of him. I pulled my clothes close to my chest, disgusted with my nakedness.

“Discipline is an art, cherie, and I am a consummate perfectionist. There are dozens of very painful punishments that can be inflicted on a human body, many never leaving a mark of any kind. The amount of anguish I will impose will depend on your choices, and you will be required to make several outstanding selections.” He took slow and even steps in my direction.

Every inch closer he came, the harder my heart thudded, my pulse skipping. “If you lay a finger on my brother, there won’t be a rat-infested hole you can climb into or an alligator-filled swamp you can swim in where I won’t find you. And when I’m finished, there won’t be enough of you left to feed a swarm of insects. I suggest you keep that in mind.”

His smile was as charming as ever, the glimmer in his eyes malevolent. “It will be my absolute pleasure to use you, fuck you, train you and when I’m finished…” He allowed his statement to linger as he closed the distance. “I. Will. Break. You.”

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