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Frantic: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“I think it’s time our omega experienced her first taste of the belt,” Lothgar murmured and the others grunted in agreement. Quickly, Garret arranged a few pillows on the bed and Ravick stood up with me in his arms. Before I knew it, he had deposited me over the thick pile. My ass seemed impossibly high in the air, like a vulnerable target meant for discipline. I glanced backwards, catching a glimpse of the angry red of my punished skin and sucked in a nervous breath. This new position was both comfortable and incredibly nerve-racking. When my eyes found the thick leather of Lothgar’s belt, I couldn’t tear them away. It was a wide, well-conditioned implement that seemed to scream that the worst was soon to come.

I had a feeling I was about to regret my behavior very much.

“Each of us will give you ten with the belt and then, the first part of your punishment will end. Lothgar will begin. Garret will follow and I will finish,” Ravick continued and I lifted my head to meet their eyes. They were dark and slightly dilated, fully embracing their alpha natures and their dominance over me.

I whimpered, watching as Lothgar took his place beside me, the thick, wide leather belt folded over and hanging by his side. He lifted his arm and placed the implement across my ass. He paused, steadying himself before he began what was going to be the most terrible part of my punishment. The soft leather curled around my skin, almost like it was trying to soothe me before it made me cry and sob with regret.

The leather hide lifted then, and I heard it whip through the air before it connected with my ass for the very first time. It was even worse than I imagined. I cried out as a line of fire blossomed over my naked cheeks, hot and blazing and terrible. The initial pain was far more intense than Ravick’s palm and every muscle in my body tightened as I struggled to cope with it. Lothgar whipped me a second and third time and air whooshed out of my lungs in a single breath. I whimpered, but my alphas were harsh, and the belt fell again and again until I was sure I couldn’t take anymore.

But I did and I cried through it all.

Lothgar made sure each of his strikes would leave a lasting impression. The last three were harsher than all the rest, landing on the place where the lower curves of my ass met my thighs. By the time he finished, my face was soaked with tears. He handed the belt to Garret and I moaned with nervousness.

Garret took his time and I used those seconds to gather myself once more. He lined up the belt across my naked backside and he paused, brushing the hair free of my face so that he could see all of it.

“Turn your head. Face your alpha when you’re getting punished,” he commanded and I obeyed, too lost in the throes of submission to do anything else.

His intense yellow eyes captured mine and the two of us connected. His gaze calmed me and I took a deep breath, letting it out a few seconds later. The omega within me bowed to his alpha and then the next strike of the belt fell. Garret whipped me hard and fast in a no-nonsense manner that left me gasping by the fifth strike. By the eighth, my eyes had started to tear up once more and as he whipped me for the tenth and final time I was sobbing once again. My body shook with my cries as he placed the belt beside me.

He cupped my ass with his palm and then started to spank me himself, his hand rounding and cupping my ass with every strike so that I felt each and every one deeper than the rest. My cries soon became stronger sobs as he punished my ass, my thighs, and even my pussy when I was careless enough to let my legs drift apart. Finally, he stopped and allowed Ravick to take his place beside me. When Ravick picked up the belt, I moaned loudly, unsure if I could take much more.

As my tears fell, I felt the full effect of my shame and despair as my alphas and all my former coworkers watched. I was no longer in control. I was an omega and my alphas commanded my every move.

Despite everything, it felt strangely right.

I reached out my hands and both Garret and Lothgar took them. They tightened their hold on me as Ravick maneuvered himself into position, readying the belt for my final ten blows.

“Take a deep breath,” he said softly, and I filled my lungs obediently.

“Let it out,” he said next and the moment I began to breathe out, the belt snapped against my sore and punished flesh. My body had begun to relax, and he’d taken advantage of that moment to teach me that I had no semblance of control whatsoever.

Over and over he whipped me. Aching and sobbing, I took each one as well as I could. My ass was on fire and I felt well and truly chastised.

“I’m so sorry, Ravick,” I cried, tears rolling down my cheeks.

“We’re almost through, Triss. Lift your bottom and show me just how much you want to make it up to me,” Ravick said softly, expecting my complete submission and I gave it to him. I lifted my hips and arched my back, giving him access to the lower curves of my cheeks and the tops of my thighs. I knew it was going to hurt and I did my best to prepare myself for it.

“These last ones are going to be harder than all the rest. I want you to feel them every time you sit down, so you’ll remember never to disobey your alphas again,” he scolded, and I sniffled, trying to mentally prepare myself for the blazing fire to come.

Once I was in position, the belt came flying down harder and faster than before. I whimpered, I cried, but nothing could have prepared me for how much it hurt. Ravick laid into my disobedient flesh, painting lines of fire from the top of my ass all the way down to mid-thigh. The very last ones whipped the tops of my thighs hard enough that I began sobbing anew. Once he was finished, he threw the belt to the floor and gathered me in his arms, holding me close to his chest. He pressed his lips to my forehead, kissing me softly as I sobbed into his shirt, trying to cope with the full effect of the hardest punishment I’d ever experienced. One of his hands reached down to cup my ass, circling and soothing my thoroughly disciplined flesh and as I began to catch my breath, I had to admit that it started to feel good. In fact, it made me feel a little bit better.

For several minutes, he held me as I gathered myself. My tears slowly dried, leaving me exhausted with a very sore and aching backside. I whispered apologies into his shirt over and over as he murmured quiet replies that everything was going to be okay, that I was his good little omega once more. My bottom stung and every time I shifted just a little on his thigh, I was quickly reminded of exactly how much it hurt.

But that wasn’t all.

As my sobs quieted, my desire whirled to life once more. My body grew warmer and warmer, heating with the growing flames of my lust. I knew I was sopping wet with arousal, a very obvious declaration of my body’s betrayal.

I should hate that my alphas had punished me in such a shameful manner, but I didn’t. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more aroused I became. My omega glowed with pleasure and as more time passed, the more I accepted her as my own. I closed my eyes, imagining the sight of myself over my alphas’ knees and my pussy tightened with want. With disbelief, I began to realize that I was aroused.

I was an omega and I had found my rightful place. I was meant to submit before my three alphas, and they were meant to subdue me. My body was responding to that.

I breathed in a shaky breath.

Lothgar knelt in front of me, reaching for my face and using his thumbs to dry my tears. Garret’s fingers worked into my hair, massaging my scalp and I moaned with pleasure.

“Such a good omega. You took your whipping so well,” Garret whispered, and my omega preened before him.

As more time passed, I became more and more breathless with want. My punishment spanking had turned me on and in that moment, there was nothing more I wanted than to ride my alphas’ cocks.

My ass was so sore and likely welted from the belt, but I didn’t care. There was a ball of pleasure curling deep in my belly, demanding my attention. I needed my alphas and I needed them now. I needed to come, and I needed to come hard.

My skin burned with my lust, making me feel feverish with it.

“I want,” I began but the three of them quickly shushed me.

“On your knees,” Ravick said softly. I could tell he was enjoying this, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t too. Carefully, I slid down to the floor between his legs and looked up into his eyes.

“Now, you’re going to suck your alphas’ cocks. You’re going to show us just how sorry you are and just how much you want to make it up to us,” Ravick said firmly and my mouth watered. He undid the buttons of his black slacks, revealing his thick shaft to my view and I couldn’t help myself as I licked my lips.

Suddenly, I wanted to suck his cock. I wanted to suck all of their cocks.

Firmly, he grasped the back of my neck and pushed the head of his cock to my lips. His thumbs pressed down on a sensitive point on my jaw so hard that it hurt. I opened my mouth quickly and he pushed his cock inside, making it very clear that I was not in charge.

He was.

He began fucking my throat roughly, hard enough so that I had no doubt this was the next part of my punishment. His cock ravaged my mouth, pushing deeper and deeper and forcing me to time my breath with his thrusts. His dominance was clear, and I did my best to please him, wrapping and swirling my tongue around his cock with wild abandon. I steadied myself by placing my hands on his thighs, allowing him to use my body however he wished.

My throat soon became sore, but I knew it didn’t matter. I’d been a very bad girl and my alphas needed to teach me a lesson. I should hate every moment, but I didn’t. I liked how much my ass hurt right now. I liked how hard he was fucking my throat and I adored how he’d forced me to take it all.

I knew then that I would never be the same again.

This experience had changed me. I felt so alive as I submitted to my alphas. The freedom I found in my submission was so powerful, so arousing, so addicting and I wanted more.

Ravick shoved his cock hard between my lips, his grip digging into my skin reminding me to focus on him. His thighs trembled slightly, and I knew he was close to release. I braced myself, trying to open my throat and take his length like an obedient omega should.

My heels pressed into my backside, reigniting the rising welts from the belt and I shivered as I thought about it whipping my naked cheeks.

Hot. I was so hot. I needed to come.

My own thighs quivered, and I pressed them together, feeling my sopping wetness gather between them. I was so wet. I wanted them to touch me. Even more, I wanted them to fuck me.

I lifted my eyes to meet his and the full force of his dominance hit me then. On my knees, with his cock punishing my throat, I realized that this was my rightful place.

I was meant to be here submitting to my alpha.

He grunted and his blazing seed splashed down the back of my throat. It took me aback at first and I began to choke, but soon I gathered myself and swallowed every last drop. I was given no time to catch my breath though, because as soon as Ravick finished, Garret took his place and shoved his cock deep in between my freshly used lips.

He began to fuck my throat slowly, taking his time and enjoying the wetness of my mouth. Gradually, he increased the speed of his thrusts. Faster. Deeper. Harder until it was obvious that he was punishing me too. I had no doubts that Garret was going to make it hurt as Ravick had.

I was lucky. I had three alphas to punish me when I needed it and I had little doubt that I would find myself on my knees, begging for their forgiveness. Again and again whenever my omega needed to be punished.

I opened my throat and swallowed around his thick girth, causing him to groan out loud with pleasure. I worked hard to please him as he took every inch of my mouth and was soon rewarded with the delicious taste of his hot seed surging down my throat.

Finally, Lothgar took his place between my lips and I opened wide for him, knowing that I needed to please him too. His cock was thick and hard, pulsing with his desire and I looked up at him nervously.

“I want you to stare up into my eyes as I take your throat. I want you to remember the look in my eyes as I mark your mouth as mine. I want you to remember how much it hurts when you displease me and most of all, I want you to remember what it feels like to be punished like you deserve to be punished,” he growled and I quivered before him.

His gaze was wild with the intensity of his dominance over me. I trembled nervously, wondering just how much this was going to hurt. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

He fucked my throat savagely and never did I avert my eyes from his. Tears leaked from my eyes as he used my mouth as he pleased.

My body simmered with heat, terribly turned on from my punishment. Slick pooled beneath me, showcasing the power of my arousal to all three of my alphas.

There would be no doubt in their minds that I was enjoying my punishment.

I struggled to find my breath as Lothgar dominated me. His cock surged down my throat again and again and I whimpered around his girth. I swallowed around him, tried to please him and still he fucked me just as savagely as he had begun.

Finally, he grunted loudly and his cum splashed into my mouth. I held his gaze, swallowing every last drop like a good little omega should. He pulled free from my lips, pausing until I cleansed every inch of his cock. I licked him clean, worshipping his hard length and craving it all.

My body simmered with desire.

I hoped that they’d fuck me now. Maybe they’d even fuck me all together.

I shivered at such a shocking thought, but then I realized that I’d grown even hotter.

Lothgar bent down and lifted me off the floor. Effortlessly, he tossed me onto the soft bed, and I lay back, breathless with lust.

All three of my alphas stared down at me, their eyes wild with their own desire. They wanted to fuck me, and I wanted to fuck them.

I was the luckiest woman alive.

Slowly, I spread my legs, showing them what was theirs to fuck. My core tightened and my pussy clenched. I couldn’t help but hope they would take mercy on me and allow me to come.

“You’re soaked, omega. Tell me, did you like it when we spanked you?” Ravick questioned, his gaze narrowing when he caught my eyes.

“Yes,” I whispered, knowing that it wouldn’t help if I lied.

“Would you like it if I told you I enjoyed punishing you?” he continued.

“Yes,” I breathed.

“Good. Because it’s not going to be the last time that you find yourself naked over my knees, omega. I’m your alpha and whenever I decided that you need to be reminded of it, you’re going to get spanked. Is that clear?” he continued, holding my gaze steady as he uttered each and every word.

“Yes, alpha,” I answered, feeling the powerful heat of my arousal build higher and higher within my veins. The thought of being taken in hand by these three men was making me wild with desire. My breasts hung heavy with it, my nipples pebbling into tight little buds and every breath felt like fire, searing my throat with its blazing heat.

“Please fuck me,” I begged. “Please let me make it up to all of you.” I spread my legs as wide as I could, showing them just how much I wanted it. My ass pressed into the quilt beneath me, still on fire from my punishment.

“Do you want to come, omega?” Garret asked, and I nodded excitedly.

They stared at me for a long moment.

“As the final part of your punishment, omega,” Ravick began, “each of us are going to fuck each one of your holes. You’ll take all of us at the same time and when we’re through forcing one orgasm after the next from your helpless body, you’ll thank us for it.”

I shivered and panted with my relentless desire. My eyes flickered to the glass window, reminding me that my former coworkers had seen every second of my shameful display and that they’d see even more of my punishment to come.

A fresh wave of slick trickled down my thighs.

Ravick and Lothgar climbed onto the bed. Ravick maneuvered behind me while Lothgar took his place in front of me. The two of them lifted me up into the air.

I reached back and spread my ass cheeks wide, showing Ravick just how obedient I could be. I shivered, suddenly incredibly ashamed to show him such a naughty place but my body grew hotter still. I felt his fingers slide through my slick, gathering it so that he could moisten the tightness of my asshole.

When he was finished, he pressed the hot head of his cock against my reluctant back hole. At the same time, Lothgar’s shaft head pushed against my already sopping wet pussy.

The two of them pressed slowly into my body, forcing me to open for them. My body was reluctant and the burning, stretching sensation consumed me completely. I whimpered and cried as they took me, forcing inch after inch into both my holes at the very same time.

Neither of my channels were prepared for their girth, especially not together. It hurt and it hurt a lot, but I spread my legs as wide as I could. I was desperate to be filled with their cocks and I would take all of them, every last inch as long as they would allow me to come.

The more they pushed into me, the more I wanted it.

“Please. Just fuck me,” I begged.

I didn’t say it, but I wanted it to hurt. I wanted to feel every inch of their alpha cocks ravaging my body as they wrenched one orgasm after the next from me.

Both of them surged forward, forcing the last few inches of their cocks into my greedy holes. Garret wrenched my head to the side, forcing his cock between my lips once more.

Then they really started to fuck me. Hard.

They were vicious. Feral as they used all three of my holes and there was nothing I could do to stop them. I screamed. I cried. I moaned, but I’d asked for this. They used me hard, taking what was theirs to take and I found myself enjoying every last second.

My holes were stretched so wide that it hurt. I was so full, but it felt so right.

Pain twisted into pleasure and I found myself drowning in my arousal. My desire amplified and I whimpered, my body heating hotter and hotter until I felt that I would combust. With one hand, I reached in between my legs and circled my clit, finding myself slick with rampant arousal.

I was so turned on. My skin burned with it, every nerve on fire with my desire and I whimpered. My nipples were so hard that they ached and deep in my core, a ball of pleasure twisted and grew larger with each passing second.

Soon, it was too much.

I couldn’t hold back. White-hot pleasure wrenched through me, shattering my world into a million pieces of exquisite, beautiful ecstasy. I screamed around Garret’s cock as Ravick roughly fucked my ass and Lothgar used my pussy. I was coming.

My orgasm devastated me, tearing and ripping through me with a powerful intensity that I knew would change me for the rest of my life. I needed to be subdued and punished by my alphas and most important, I needed them to fuck me. All three of them. At the same time.

I needed them all.

Hot pleasure ripped through me like liquid fire. My ass squeezed around Ravick’s length at the same time my inner walls fluttered against Lothgar’s cock. My tongue swirled up and down Garret’s length.

Fuck. This was too much.

They used me hard, wrenching one orgasm after another from my quivering body. My world became a fiery chasm of pleasure and lust, endless as it devoured me whole. I was nothing more than a set of holes to fuck and I reveled in that simplicity.

I came once, then twice, and then as I detangled in a free fall, the three of them came inside my holes, forcing me into a third, all-consuming orgasm that destroyed me completely. I could focus on nothing but pain and desire as my release burned through my veins, making me scream and moan with the intensity of it all. The sounds coming from my throat were wild and shameful, but I couldn’t even begin to care.

I was made for this.

My alphas flipped me around. This time, Ravick took my mouth, Garret my pussy, and then Lothgar took my ass. It was dirty. It was wrong but really, it was totally perfect.

I wanted it all. I was their omega and they were mine.

I was full of their seed, and still they fucked me. I opened myself for them and took it all and soon, I was absolutely mindless with my lust.

Unbelievably, a fourth orgasm tore through me. Then another until I quivered on the precipice of a sixth. Every muscle in my body shook with exhaustion. I’d been forced over Ravick’s knees and spanked until I was sobbing, whipped with a belt by all three of my alphas, and made to suck each and every one of their cocks.

Now, they were using my holes for their every desire and I had no doubt that as much as I needed to be fucked, this wasn’t sex for my pleasure.

This was sex designed to punish and subdue me completely.

A sixth orgasm was forced from my body and had I the use of my mouth, I would have begged them for mercy.

I knew I would receive none. I was a bad little omega and I needed to be taught a lesson.

More hot alpha seed surged deep into all my channels and down my throat, burning me with its devastating heat as I trembled with pleasure and ecstasy so strong that I wondered if I would ever feel normal again.

For a third and final time, they rotated me, and each claimed the final hole that they had yet to fuck. Ravick slid into my pussy while Garret forced his way into my ass. Lothgar claimed my mouth and I knew my punishment fucking was about to get a whole lot harder.

I didn’t know if I could take anymore.

My body burned with pleasure as hot as lava. My thighs trembled and I doubted I could stand even if I tried. But still, they weren’t done.

I whimpered as they began to fuck me once more. They were more savage than ever, more brutal and harsher than before as they wrenched another orgasm from my body. Tears streamed down my cheeks as punishing pleasure racked through my body.

I screamed. I whimpered around the thick cock in my throat, but still they fucked me, punishing my body with every stroke.

I sobbed as an eighth orgasm ripped through me, tearing me apart from within. My breasts ached and my ass and my pussy felt so sore that I thought that I’d break in two.

I cried as my body ebbed with pleasure and screamed for mercy as I hurtled toward yet another release. I had thought the spanking was awful, had thought that it couldn’t get any worse than being whipped with a belt, but I had been so wrong. Being punished with my alphas’ cocks was the most terrible punishment of all.

Their thrusts got harder and the wet sounds of them claiming my holes as theirs echoed around me. Their hips slapped against mine as I gurgled around the cock using my throat.

“You’re going to come, little omega,” Ravick growled and I sobbed, knowing that I wasn’t going to have a choice in the matter. He wanted me to come and despite everything, I knew I was going to.

My entire body hurt. Each tremor of pleasure was like a strike of the belt. My muscles shook and every nerve in my body fired with pain and pleasure. I no longer knew the difference between pain and ecstasy. I was delirious with it all.

Each one of my holes felt raw and so well used that I would feel it for days to come. I knew I would never forget such a hard lesson and whimpered, knowing it still hadn’t come to a conclusion.

I shook as Ravick and Lothgar captured my nipples in their fingers. I cried when Garret reached around my body and lightly pinched my clit.

In. Out.

Their cocks claimed me all at once. They pushed into me and then pulled out, fucking me in a steady, measured cadence that got harder and harder as they found their rhythm.

Then they twisted my nipples. Garret pinched my clit and they forced me to come for a ninth and final time.

My orgasm devastated me. I screamed. I moaned. I thrashed like a wild animal, but it didn’t matter. They wrenched every last second of pleasure from me that they could, forcing me into an inferno of pleasure and pain and incredible, overwhelming ecstasy.

They came inside my holes at the same time, showering me with their seed and claiming me as theirs. Each of them leaned into me, kissing the vulnerable skin of my neck before they ripped into my flesh, marking me as theirs truly and completely.

I screamed in agony as the power of the three alphas bonding me at the same time hurtled through me. My eyes rolled back into my head and I trembled, still caught in the throes of that final orgasm.

My world turned upside down as I burned from within. I felt all three of them in my heart then and when my pleasure finally subdued, all I could do was shake as they held me.

My eyes flickered closed and inky blackness mercifully claimed me then.

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