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Frenzy: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

He growled, the sound low and furious and the cramp in my belly intensified, responding to his nearness despite my reluctance.

My own body was in the throes of betrayal, ready to give me up at any moment.

I fought it. I ran. I tried to escape, but it wasn’t enough.

He ran harder, faster. He was stronger, and soon I felt his fingers brush against me, heard his snarl of disapproval. Then he grabbed me around the waist. He stopped me in my tracks, and still I struggled against him. I couldn’t give in.

He growled with his displeasure.

“Know your place, omega,” he snarled, and his voice made my entire body tingle. It was as though just his presence demanded my obedience, but I wasn’t ready to give it to him.

I twisted in his grasp and brought my knee up hard between his legs. He gasped loudly but didn’t falter, which left me feeling more uneasy than ever. Squirming, I bent and tried to slip out of his grasp once more, but he proved to be too strong for my smaller size.

I tried to kick him in the shins and punch him in the nose, but he caught my wrists in his palms with ease, blocking my leg with his thick thigh. He held me, his grip strong and not too tight. His black eyes stared into mine, furious at my disobedience.

“How dare you run from me, omega? Even now, I can smell your slick. You deny me my right to claim you as an alpha, but even your body knows your true master,” he said, his voice low and dangerous, and I trembled before him. “You will give yourself to me.”

I couldn’t give up though and I spit in his face. I would struggle until the very end.

Alix’s upper lip raised, and his entire face contorted into a furious sneer.

“You forget your place,” he growled quietly. His eyes grew impossibly darker, his expression wilder, and I knew then that I wasn’t ever going to escape him. The ball of arousal in my belly twisted and turned, morphing into something bigger and more consuming than I could ever have imagined.

I hadn’t known it would be this hard. I whimpered low in my throat.

His scowl intensified and his grip tightened. He held my wrist in one hand and his other palm grazed across my belly, then my breasts, and finally came to rest on my throat.

“I won’t give you what you want,” I retorted. “Not willingly.”

He smirked and his eyes grew even darker still.

“You’re not going to have a choice,” he retorted.

His fingers tightened around my throat and I grimaced under his strength. He released my wrist and I tried to grab his arm and pull his fingers from my neck, but it was useless. He was too strong, fueled by the strength of an alpha about to claim his omega. Slowly, he pressed me down to the ground and I couldn’t do anything to stop him. Finally, I released my hold on his arms and pressed my palms against his face, trying to push him away, and he growled dangerously in warning.

But I didn’t stop.

“Please. Stop, Alix. It’s me, Raven,” I pleaded.

He didn’t answer, only continuing to force me down to the ground. Soon, I felt the softness of a mound of moss at my back and I tried to wriggle away, but it didn’t matter. He was too big and too powerful. It was as though I was pushing against a wall of solid rock.

“Get off,” I yelled.

He knelt over me, using his body weight to hold me in place and grasp at my shirt. Taking the collar, he stared into my eyes and pulled. Next, a terrible ripping sound rang through the air and I struggled against him. I could feel the air caressing my bare skin beneath and I growled, low in my throat. He snarled in return and tore my shirt strip by strip from my body, delighting in my sounds of protest. Soon, there was nothing left except a few measly scraps and the thin material of my bra.

My nipples stood out like tight little peaks, a clear sign of my traitorous body.

He wrapped his fingers around the material in between my breasts and pulled hard, tearing it in two as easily as if it were a piece of paper. The fabric tore away from my skin, pinching me slightly in the process, and I cried out at the pain. My breasts bounced slightly, feeling the slight breeze in the air. I tried to kick at him, and he snarled.

Lowering his massive frame, he grabbed the waistline of my pants and tore upward. The buttons popped off and he continued to rip at them, shredding my slacks until they no longer resembled their original form.

My naked skin felt the chill of the night and I shivered, but it wasn’t from the cold. It was from the ravenous, feral eyes staring down at me. My shirt torn to tatters and my pants hardly even resembling clothing anymore, I lay there bare and at his mercy. The only piece of my clothing still intact was my panties, thin white cotton underwear that felt more like gauze at this point than any form of protection.

I wasn’t done fighting though.

I brought my knee up once more between his legs, trying to jostle his massive form off of me, but it only seemed to fuel his anger. In seconds, he grasped my panties and ripped them, the fabric catching my sensitive folds and pinching them in his anger.

I cried out, but that didn’t stop him.

He grabbed my waist and lifted me off the ground as though I was as light as a feather. He didn’t even grunt at the effort. He sat down on a fallen tree and threw me over his lap. I lay with my belly on his thighs, facing the ground, and at once I began to grow nervous of his intentions.

What the hell?

His forearm pinned me down, his fingers curling around my hip, and then I knew that there was no escape. There was nothing I could do to stop whatever was about to happen.

“You will submit, omega. In time, you will learn,” he snarled, his voice even wilder than before. “Until then, you’ll be punished.”

Punished? What did that mean?

I snarled right back at him, trying to squirm out of his grasp, but I was pinned. He growled loudly in return and in that moment I felt incredibly small. My hips rose high in the air, and at once I began to feel entirely vulnerable. His fingers drifted across the gentle curves of my ass and I whined low in my throat.

My thighs drifted apart, and suddenly I was grateful for the veritable curtain of hair hiding my face and my shame. I knew that I was already very wet. My body was preparing itself to take alpha cock, whether I wanted to or not.

His flesh beneath mine was like molten fire and I could feel my own reacting to its warmth. I began to feel a smoldering heat under my skin, and I did my best to ignore its gentle pull, but it was becoming more and more difficult.

All of a sudden, Alix gripped the flesh of my ass in his fingers and I cried out. His growl was a gentle rumble, warning me to stay put, but I didn’t listen. I squirmed and clawed at the dirt, trying to escape, and then he slapped my ass, hard.

Unbelievable. He fucking spanked me.

He did it again on the other cheek and I growled with my humiliation. How dare he? I renewed my struggle, attempting to get away as his assault on my bare, vulnerable ass continued. I cried out in disbelief, the deafening slaps shrill and thunderous in the surrounding silence. After a few long seconds, I felt the sting from the first spank, then the second, and I began to squirm with discomfort. His palm was harsh and each slap bit into my skin, the pain quickly magnifying upon the next.

The sounds of the slaps echoed loud in the forest, bouncing off the trees and amplifying my shame. Anyone walking through the forest would hear the noises of my punishment, would know I was getting my ass spanked like a naughty child, and know just by the sound of skin smacking skin that I’d been bared for it. I shivered, again thankful for my long hair.

“Don’t! Stop,” I squealed, but he didn’t listen. He didn’t care. All he wanted now was my submission and he was going to do whatever he needed to do in order to get it, including punishing me until I gave in to his demands.

“Submit, omega,” he growled, and I knew then that every last drop of the suppressant had worn off him. He was now fully in the throes of an alpha conquest.

I still felt human. As far as I could tell, I hadn’t yet gone into estrous. My suppressant must still have some tendrils of an effect, but even still, I could tell it was waning by the changes in my body. My senses were amplified more than before, my sight better, my sense of smell intensified, and the place between my thighs was wet with the need to breed.

I could smell him, and it was slowly becoming intoxicating, each sniff more addicting than the last. He smelled of citrus and smoke and fire, decidedly male and a fragrance that I couldn’t seem to get enough of.

A hard slap to the back of my thighs made me cry out. The pain was sharp, overwhelming, and the ball in my belly twisted tight into a little knot.

Then the punishment really began.

His palm fell over and over again. He spanked my ass, my thighs, and a few even grazed against my pussy when my kicking left my legs spread open. Soon the flesh of my ass ached, the pain hot and heavy, and nothing I tried to do could stop it.

It hurt. I cried out, trying to escape his harsh palm, but it found its mark every time. I began to feel sorry for myself, captured and spanked over an alpha’s knee for the very first time. I sniffed and drew in a breath, holding back tears from the terrible pain.

Occasionally, he would pause and grip the fleshy mound of my backside in his hand, squeezing his fingers and igniting the agony of my punishment once more.

Soon though, it didn’t just hurt.

Horrified, I began to realize that with each punishing slap I was getting wetter and wetter. Slick dripped down the folds of my pussy, down onto my inner thighs, and undoubtedly onto the fabric of his pants. I moaned with my shame.

He didn’t care.

His palm slid across my heated flesh for a moment before it left my skin and began its punishing descent once more. Over and over he smacked every inch of my ass and my thighs and I cried out at the incredible agony. Each time his fingers glanced off the folds of my pussy, I moaned, both from the pain and the pleasure that ultimately followed. My nipples throbbed and my clit pulsed, and soon I was left panting not just from the pain, but also from arousal.

My skin heated and I began to feel feverish. Liquid heat pooled between my thighs and every single nerve beneath my skin burned with a smoldering red-hot fire. My skin felt electrified, every nerve firing with an intensity like I’d never felt before.

I tried to distract myself with thoughts of my work, but it was hopeless. With every turn of the wind, I sniffed his scent on the air. His discipline was swift and stern, a constant stinging pain that was meant to remind me of my place in the world, that I was an omega meant to yield to an alpha. The ache between my legs grew, a building ball of desire begging for release.

I moaned and my face heated with my shame.

I was beginning to enjoy myself. Our world frowned upon pleasure. We’d done everything we could to avoid it, and now nothing was stopping the incredible force of lust threatening to consume me completely.

His palm crashed down on the backs of my thighs and I cried out in pain. His strikes felt controlled, but only so much so. Each slap felt cruel and harsh at first, but then quickly morphed into an intoxicating mixture of pleasure and pain. Soon, I could focus on nothing but the bite of his palm against my bare ass.

It hurt and it hurt a lot. I tried to escape, but he held me steady over his knee, forcing me to take everything he had to give. I tried to hold my thighs together to hide my growing arousal, but when I wriggled in his grasp he spanked my pussy. The wet sound of his slap was humiliating, but the sting of his fury against my tender folds made me cry out in shame.

I choked back a sob.

It was then I realized that the more it began to hurt, the wetter I became. I moaned low in my throat and spread my legs, needing to know if I was right. He spanked my thighs, just catching the lips of my pussy, and the ensuing flash of pain was almost too much. Then he angled his palm and slapped directly on top of my sensitive folds and a tidal wave of pain crashed over me.

A sudden rush of slick trickled down my thighs.

My entire body began to hum. Was I going into estrous now? Had the suppressant completely worn off, forcing me to fully embrace my omega characteristics? Had I always been like this and never known?

I was quickly becoming confused and aroused and I wanted to cry. My ass and thighs burned from his punishment, but the intense throb between my legs was growing ever more forceful. It was taking over my every thought.

“Alix! Please,” I begged, but he didn’t answer. He just continued to punish me, forcing me to take every bit of his discipline. Tears gathered in my eyes and I began to feel well and truly chastised.

The next few smacks were particularly harsh, and I began to cry. My whimpers felt plaintive, like those of a small, very well-disciplined omega. My backside felt the brand of his palm, over and over again, leaving no spot unpunished. I didn’t know how much more I could take, and I sobbed. My tears trailed down my cheeks, and still he didn’t stop. I had earned his ire and his punishment, and he wouldn’t end it until he decided I had learned my lesson.

I kicked, feeling the soaking wetness between my legs, and I stilled just as his hand cracked against the lower curve of my ass cheek, catching the top of my thigh. I wailed at the sudden agony and cried all the harder.

Did I like it when it hurt? Did I need the pain in order to find pleasure? Was that what it meant to truly be an omega?

I remembered the screams of the silver-haired omega behind thick glass, how I had been unsure if she was feeling agony or pleasure. I’d watched how her alpha had forced her over his bed once and punished her with a leather strap. I’d felt a little tingle of desire then, but it had quickly passed under the power of the suppressant. The omega woman had worn the welts of that discipline for days and every time she touched them, the two of them would smile at each other, almost like they were proud of the punishing marks.

Alix stopped spanking me for a moment, choosing to run a single thick finger over the wetness on the folds of my pussy. My sensitive flesh jolted with sensation and I cried out in shock, unsure if I had enjoyed it or not. He chuckled and I felt a heavy flush of embarrassment come over me. His finger slipped along rampant wetness, finding my disobedient flesh soaked with slick. That digit stilled over top of my clit and it throbbed heavily under his touch, almost like my body was calling for him to claim me as his.

I shook my head. No. I wasn’t ready.

He purred and it reverberated through every nerve within me. It felt like a single lightning bolt of pleasure ravaging my system and I shuddered, feeling the power in that single sound. At once, my limbs felt like jelly and I yearned to feel his acceptance and approval.

Then he did it once more.

It was as though the sound hypnotized me, amplifying my pleasure even further and twisting the agony of my punishment into more devastating arousal that threatened to destroy everything I held dear.

His digit circled and pressed down on my clit, making my body shudder reluctantly with powerful desire.

“Don’t,” I pleaded, and he growled, the sound sobering and menacing. I trembled in response. I liked his purr much more.

He renewed his efforts between my legs, torturing and teasing me as he played with my clit. His grip still pinned me to his lap and the burning, stinging sensation of the spanking played at my senses. I imagined myself, naked over his thighs, my ass red from punishment, and I quivered with arousal.

Did that image turn me on? Had I enjoyed being punished in such a shameful manner?

The wetness between my thighs told me I had.

His fingers playing among my folds were relentless, dragging out my reluctant pleasure bit by bit until I was mindless with it. Soon, I was splaying my legs wide, begging him to touch me harder, to allow me release, but he didn’t listen.

Instead, he just continued to torture me, and the slickness pooled beneath me, gushing forward like a veritable river between my thighs as he prolonged my punishment, teaching me that if I refused to yield to him, he’d not only hurt me but refuse me pleasure too.

I moaned forlornly, my inner walls fluttering with arousal so strong that I was powerless against it. A rush of slick escaped from me and I wailed with shame.

I wanted this. I wanted him to mate me, for him to force his cock between my legs, for him to breed me and use me like the omega I was. I sniffed the air and the only thing that assaulted my senses was his scent. His aroma was intoxicating, and I breathed in one deep breath after another. I couldn’t get enough.


The ball of pleasure deep in my belly boiled over and I felt the temperature of my skin rising. My entire body heated, making me yearn to feel his massive alpha cock deep between my thighs. Even my hips began to move of their own accord, lifting and spreading for him, begging for more of his touch. My breath escaped my lips in hot little pants.

I was finally going into heat, forced into my very first estrous by the presence of a very ready alpha male.

I keened, the sound desperate and wanting even to my own ears. It reminded me of an animal. I closed my eyes, arching my back to give him even greater access to the place in between my thighs.

“There’s a good little omega,” he purred, and I trembled with desire.

“Please,” I begged, no longer knowing what I was pleading for. My body wanted him to take me hard and I knew in that moment that I also wanted it to hurt. My pussy convulsed with anticipation, hoping to feel his thick length deep inside me soon enough.

My body demanded it, yet my mind was slow to concede.

I whimpered, but then he purred once more and the reluctance in my head slowly faded away. My pussy clenched with ready arousal and I opened my lips, desperate to draw in air. I felt so hot and needy and I ached for the chance to jump into a cool bath to soothe myself.

My core clenched hard, demanding release, and I moaned softly at the pain.

His strong grip released me, and I rolled to the ground as I gulped in one full breath after another. He sighed softly and knelt beside me.

“Omega, don’t you yearn for your nest?” he asked, and at once I did. This place wasn’t right. We couldn’t mate here. Suddenly, I was desperate to return to our den and my lower lip began to shake. He stared at me with his black eyes, some semblance of understanding buried within their depths.

He gathered me in his arms, my naked body oozing slick, and sprinted back in the direction from which we came. It didn’t take us long to reach the safety of our evergreen tree, but with every jolting step, my lower belly curled and cramped with arousal. His fingers wrapped around the freshly punished skin of my naked backside and I sucked in a breath, enjoying both the pain and pleasure from it in the exact same moment. I pressed my face into his shoulder, hiding my eyes from the world.

He began to slow, and I lifted my head. We’d arrived.

“Alix,” I moaned, quickly losing myself in the liquid fire pulsing through my veins. He pushed the boughs of our den aside, carrying me across the threshold and tossing me gently down onto the bed I had so painstakingly prepared.

It was perfect. It was our nest.

He squatted down and my eyes stared at the bulging erection still contained within the fabric of his khaki slacks. He was just was big as I imagined. Even now, entirely covered, it reminded me of a weapon, and I wondered if I’d be able to take it.

I hoped I could. I desired it. I wanted him, wanted his cock deep between my legs, and I needed it to hurt. Slowly, he began to unbutton his shirt. When he reached the bottom, he shrugged the piece of clothing off his shoulders and I gasped when I saw his naked chest for the very first time. I’d known he was strong, but I hadn’t known just how much. His chest was sculpted, his pectoral muscles large and powerful, tapering down into an abdomen that was cut like a body builder. His hips were slender, a V-shape venturing down into the waistline of his slacks that left me breathless with want.

Somewhere deep in the depths of my mind, I knew I should be fighting this, but my instincts were too strong. My omega had risen, and she was here to stay.

Sluggishly, he unbuttoned his slacks and pushed them down his hips, finally freeing his massive cock to my gaze. The fabric clung to his thick thighs, but then he kicked them off and stood tall, standing entirely naked and completely erect before me. I licked my lips, feasting upon the sight.

He was a true alpha.

His cock was long, curving upward with his own arousal. It was as thick as a club, with veins curling to either side of the length of his shaft. I could see them pulsing with blood and I sighed softly, my pussy clenching hard with anticipation. The head of his cock drew toward me, bobbing slightly as he stalked closer to me. A few drops of pre-cum gathered at the slit on top and I crawled forward, suddenly ravenous for a taste of him.

Kneeling before him, I reached for him and ran the tip of my tongue over the head of his cock. He growled softly and grasped my shoulders, pushing me down onto my back before him. I drew in a sharp breath as my punished ass collided with the blankets beneath me, but the gentle smirk on his face told me he didn’t care, that he enjoyed it even.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t too.

Slowly, I spread my thighs for him, and he feasted on the sight of my pussy. His gaze was powerful, and a rush of slick dribbled down my inner thighs, signaling to him that I was ready to take both his cock and his knot, deep between my legs. He purred softly and my inner walls trembled with need.

Heat ran rampant through my veins and I quivered from the intensity of it. Nothing I could do would satiate me. I needed Alix to claim me as his omega.

I needed him to fuck me already. My upper lip rose in challenge and his expression darkened with ravenous lust. One of my hands ventured up toward my breasts, circling my nipple, and I sucked in a heated breath.

He squatted down before me and dragged his fingers through my wetness before lifting them to my lips. I opened my mouth and he forced my own slickness into my mouth, wiping it on my tongue and making me taste my own arousal.

It was sweet, like wine and berries and sugary honey. I suckled on his fingers then, needing to swallow every last drop, and he smiled with hungry approval.

Then he maneuvered himself over me, until the side of his shaft pressed against my drenched folds. I gasped at the boiling heat, but my hips moved of their own accord, dragging my wet flesh up and down his length.

More slick poured from my body, soaking the blankets beneath us, but I no longer cared. His hands pressed to either side of my head and I looked up at him, feeling feral and wild. I needed to be fucked.

My entire body pulsed and mindless lust throbbed through my veins. I cried out with it, feeling the pain of my desire wrench my core, the force of it keeping me flat on my bed with my thighs spread wide for my alpha.

He looked down at me like I was his next meal and he couldn’t wait to have a taste.

My hips rocked back and forth and my head drew back. I cried out with pleasure as my clit rubbed against his shaft. He snarled in warning and I stilled. The message was clear. The only pleasure I was going to find was what he himself granted to me. His hips moved backwards, and I whined forlornly when his hard length no longer touched my wet folds, but soon I was rewarded with the simmering heat of the head of his cock against my greedy entrance.

My wetness flowed around him, my body preparing for the surge of alpha cock. He groaned and the aroma of my slick filled the air, permeating all around us. I could still smell him, the scent of him a heady mixture that left me feeling wanting and needy, and it fueled me to push my hips up in an effort to take him inside me.

The resulting growl stilled me, warning me to control myself.

“Please,” I pleaded.

“Mine,” he growled.

His hips surged forward, hard. In one single motion, he pressed into my entrance, bursting through my thin virginal barrier, and I cried out in agony at the sudden assault on my senses. Pain blurred my vision and I squeezed my eyes shut, moaning as it washed over me with one wave after another.

His girth stretched me beyond what I had thought to be possible and I keened, the burning sensation overwhelming as my body tried to accommodate his size. My pussy wouldn’t take him all at once initially, and he pushed his hips forward and back, forcing each inch of his length into me with every relentless thrust.

He wasn’t gentle at all.

I moaned with agony, but I grew wetter still, the initial pain morphing into pleasure with each passing moment. My inner walls convulsed around him, begging him to push it all inside me. I wanted to take it. I needed it, even if it had to hurt.

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