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Gilded Cage: A Dark Romance by Zoe Blake – Extended Preview

The black sedan was rocking slightly as muffled shouts from the interior could be heard as I approached, my attention divided between the car and searching Elizabeth’s mobile phone. Her password was literally her birthday. This kind of adorable innocence was why she needed me in her life. I needed to protect her from herself and others. People took advantage of her perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, and naivety.

Well, that was past her now. She had me to deal with everything, whether she liked it or not.

Harris was standing guard outside. Knowing this might be a sensitive situation, I chose to only come here with him as opposed to bringing along my usual driver. As personal security, no one was more loyal to me. Rescuing a man from being beheaded by the Taliban will do that. That kind of loyalty came in handy for… other jobs as well.

Harris nodded toward the school building. “Any cleanup?”

Tossing a look over my shoulder, I shook my head. “No.” Reaching for the door handle, I instructed, “Keep the divider up and just drive around until I tell you otherwise.”

Harris nodded and circled around the car to the driver’s side. He was always a man of few words. That was also one of the things I liked about him.

Bracing myself for the impact of her anger, I took a deep breath and opened the car door.

Greeted by a litany of curses and shouts, I stepped in and quickly shut and locked the doors.

“Are you crazy? Are you completely insane? Seriously, have you lost your mind?”

After rapping on the roof of the car with my knuckles, I waited till the car began to pull away from the curb before I turned to her.

“Is that my phone?” She snatched it from my hand. “Did you go through my phone?”

“His hand was on your body.”

Elizabeth sighed. “He has a reputation. I was handling it.”


“Yes. Look, it’s not the first time some guy’s tried to cop a feel. I was shifting away. Besides, I was smart, I made sure I wore jeans and a sweater in his class.”

I ran a hand over my face, forcing myself to stay calm. “Let me get this straight. You were forewarned of this man’s reputation and instead of avoiding the situation entirely, you thought covering that beautiful ass of yours in denim was an acceptable solution?”

Elizabeth bit her lip. Under another circumstance I would find the gesture incredibly arousing. This was not one of those occasions.

“Well, when you put it that way—”

“What other way should I put it, Elizabeth?”

“I didn’t have a choice. His class is a requirement.”

“Which is why you are withdrawing from that school. I will make other arrangements for your education.”

A heavy silence fell over the interior of the car as the weight of my words sank in.

“I must not have heard you correctly.”

Turning my shoulders, I faced her square on. “Yes. You did.”

Her eyes widened as she snatched at the strap of her bag and pulled on the car door handle, despite the fact we were moving through traffic.

“Unlock this door,” she demanded through clenched teeth.


Yanking on the handle again, she raged, “I mean it. I want out of this car. Unlock the door, Richard.”

Her emerald eyes glimmered with anger as a frustrated blush crept up her high cheekbones. She really was beautiful when angry. Like a rare bird flapping its brilliant plumage in an attempt to deter a predator.

It wouldn’t work.

Her pink lips parted as she took in a breath. Interlacing her fingers, she placed them in her lap and looked up at me. She was going to try to reason with me. Adorable.

“You can’t really think that I’m going to drop out of school? I’m here on a student visa. I would have to leave the country.”

“Your permanent visa is already being taken care of.”

“What do you mean—” She took another breath and tried a half smile. “Let’s back up here.” Flipping her hands between us, she said, “We have only just met, as in three days ago. Don’t get me wrong, I like you. I really like you but you can’t expect me to change my entire life for a guy I’ve just met.”

That was where she was wrong.

It wasn’t her fault. She needed to learn that I was in charge now.

“I want you to listen very carefully because, as I know I have mentioned before, I don’t like repeating myself,” I growled.

Elizabeth stilled her frantic efforts to leave the car. Her body tensed as she refused to meet my gaze. Good, my little bird was smart enough to realize she had crossed the line. Daddy was angry now.

Fisting her loose locks in my hand, I forced her head back. “Apparently, I haven’t made myself clear these past two nights, so let me be very clear now. You’re mine. End of story. And what’s mine, I protect.”

Watching the movement of her throat as she swallowed nervously, vivid memories of my shaft shoved down her throat not twelve hours earlier came back fierce and strong, sending blood straight to my cock.

Enough with words.

My mouth crashed down onto hers as I pushed her against the back cushions. I needed to erase the memory of another man’s hands on her. Struggling in my embrace, she kept her teeth clamped shut as she tried to turn her head away. Twisting my fist in her hair, my free hand cupped her jaw, pressing the tips of my fingers into her cheeks till the pain forced her mouth open.

I then claimed what was mine.

Sweeping my tongue in to taste her fear, I kept my grip on her face to make sure she didn’t bite down. Her legs kicked out as I swallowed her screams. Pushing my other hand between her thighs, I palmed her pussy through the denim.

It wasn’t long before she was grabbing my hair and moaning as she pressed her body against my hand. Flicking the button to her jeans, I slowly pulled down the zipper. Curious, I spared a quick glance to check the color of her panties. They were a pale pink with little white polka dots. I teased the edge with a single fingertip. Caressing her flat stomach as I pulled her panties down.

“Oh, god, Richard!”

“Tell me you want me.”

“I want you.”

“Were you a bad girl today?” My finger dipped inside her panties and slid along the seam.

Elizabeth moaned and bucked in my arms.

“Answer me. Were you a bad girl?”

Her beautiful evergreen eyes shone with sparks of gold as she tried to focus past her rising lust.

Leaning in, I gently bit her soft earlobe as I palmed one perfect breast through her sweater, pleased to see my jewelry gift pinned just above her heart. “Say it. Say you were a bad girl.”

Nuzzling her head under my jaw, she inhaled deeply before whispering, “I was a bad girl.”

Placing a hand under her chin, I turned her face to mine. She looked like a little girl about to be punished… probably because that was precisely what was about to happen.


“I was a bad girl,” she repeated, slightly louder.

“Again,” I demanded. I loved hearing the kinky phrase coming from those innocent lips.

“I was a bad girl. A very bad girl,” she purred as her hand slipped inside my jacket to rub against my chest.

“Beg me to punish you.”

Her eyes lowered.

“Elizabeth,” I warned.

Shifting against me, her hip ground against my painfully hard cock.

“Please punish me,” she murmured soft and low.

“I didn’t hear you.”

“Don’t make me say it again.”

My only response was a raised eyebrow and stern look.

“Please punish me.” Her lower lip jutted out in a pout. In another woman it would have been a practiced seductive move but not with my Elizabeth. She was guileless and beautiful in this moment.

Giving her one last kiss, I waited till she was pliant in my arms before grabbing her by the back of the neck and forcing her face down over my lap.

“Richard! Wait!”

Having already unzipped her jeans, they easily slipped low on her hips. Pushing my hand against her lower back, I ripped them down till just above her knees, locking her legs.

“Richard! Stop! This isn’t funny anymore!” Her cries were muffled as she tried to push her mass of golden-chestnut curls out of her face.

“It never was.”

Raising my arm, I leveled the first strike with the flat of my palm on her naked left cheek.

Elizabeth howled as her back arched.

My strike was quickly followed by another and another, alternating between each vulnerable cheek. This would not be the playful sexual spanking I had given her inside that private garden a few nights ago. No. It was time to teach my little one who was in charge.

Each delicate globe bounced and shook as her skin began to blush and bloom a deep crimson.

“Stop! Stop!” Her fingers clawed at the leather car seats as she tried to twist her hips off my lap.

With my arm pressed against her shoulders and her legs tangled in her own jeans, she wasn’t going anywhere.

My palm began to itch and burn from the contact with her skin. I relished the feeling. Savored it. My girl’s first real spanking, one of many. Since I usually preferred to use my belt, I needed this skin on skin punishment to make an impression. Pausing in my ministrations, I rubbed her ass, knowing it would increase her pain and discomfort to have the tight, swollen skin touched.

Her sobs had diminished to soft cries and whimpers by the time I was finished.

“Remember what I told you about pleasure following pain.”

Her face was buried in her hands as she pressed it against the seat.

I gave her a single spank on her now bright red ass cheek.

“Ow! Please! Stop!”

“Then be a good girl and answer me.”

“Yes! Yes! I remember.”

Sliding my right hand between her shoulder blades and down her back, I dipped one finger inside her ass crack.

Elizabeth hissed, then held very still.

My hand continued till I found her wet heat. Pushing two fingers inside her primed pussy, I lifted my hand up to her face.

“Open your mouth.”

Her eyes pleaded with me as she whimpered.

“Open it,” I growled.

Her lower lip trembled as she obeyed. I pushed my cream-coated fingers deep inside. Her shoulders hunched as she choked and gagged.

“Lick my fingers.” Taking pity on her, I pulled them back slightly, allowing her tongue to sweep around and between them. I needed her to not just acknowledge but literally taste the evidence of her own arousal. She may damn and curse me during the punishment but her body betrayed her.

Pushing a third finger into her mouth, I kept her restrained as my left hand once more palmed her pussy. Rubbing between her legs a few times, I finally dipped two fingers inside her tight body.

Clenching my teeth, I stifled my own groan of approval. Christ, she was tight. My cock jumped against her stomach. She was too tight. As much as I wanted to plow into her till I saw her eyes glaze over with painful desire, I didn’t want her to tear. It was essential I prepare her body before my full assault.

Pumping my two fingers in and out, I added a third.

Taking my fingers out of her mouth, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Raise your ass up.”

“Richard, please. This is… please… I can’t… don’t make me like this.”

“We are far too deep in the game now, baby. Raise your ass up.”

Pushing up on her knees, she shimmied her ass up higher. I missed the pressure on my cock, but it was worth it to get better access to her holes. Pushing her ass high, she arched her back beautifully as her hair slipped over her shoulders and cascaded down over her body. The only thing that would make it more perfect was if I had removed her sweater so I could see her creamy white skin but I didn’t trust myself not to violently thrust into her body if she was completely exposed and vulnerable to me.

I ached to fill her body with my darkness but I knew the challenge of anticipation would make it all the more consuming when I did.

Pushing my three fingers inside of her, I added a fourth. With her cry, I once more pushed my hand into her mouth. I wanted her to feel restrained, overwhelmed by the power of my hold. I wanted her to feel the humiliation of having my hand deep in her mouth, as I speared her body with my other hand.

Still there was more humiliation to come.

Twisting my hand, I pressed deeper into her body, gaping her pussy as my thumb circled and teased her asshole.

Elizabeth bucked and tried to speak around my hand as her eyes pleaded.

Pressing past her resistance, I pushed my hand deep into her pussy just past the knuckles. I knew it would be painful as her sensitive inner muscles would be stretched and strained to accept my fist. The deeper I pushed the more my thumb teased her dark hole, pressing past the tightened, ridged skin to feel her dark warmth.

Elizabeth gagged on my fingers as she tried to scream from the intrusion into her ass. She was a virgin here; I was certain from her alarmed response. Good. It made me all the more determined to fuck her ass, knowing it would be mine and mine alone from the start.

Pushing my thumb in deep, I flicked the tips of my fingers inside her body in a fast-paced steady rhythm.

She bit down on my fingers as an orgasm racked her body in wave after wave.

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