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Given: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Christian growled as he dragged his open mouth across my jaw, taking his time before crushing his mouth over mine. There was no getting away, no concept of begging for freedom. I belonged to him, the man who would fuse our families, who would take over the helm, a prince of darkness.

Of evil.

A master of lies.

As he thrust his tongue inside, dominating mine, he ground his hips brutally. The feel of his throbbing cock left me unable to think clearly, my heart thudding against my chest. How could any man have this kind of effect on me?

Every inch of skin was on fire, the breath ripped from my lungs. I arched my back involuntarily, shifting my hips against him until the feel of his hard cock left me aching with need. Butterflies penetrated my stomach, floating aimlessly as my world was rocked.

He brushed his fingers down my side, rolling them under my breast before continuing his path. When he slipped his hand between my legs, shoving his palm against my pussy, stars floated in front of my eyes. The kiss was powerful, his scent covering me like a warm blanket. So protective.

So controlling.

He would never let me go.

He rubbed his fingers up and down, pushing the lacey material past my slickened folds. The sensations were incredible, rocketing through me like wildfire. I undulated my body, rocking to the point my legs were quivering uncontrollably. As his fingers wrapped around the thin elastic, giving a hard yank, the ripping sound filtering into my ears, I moaned into the kiss.

Then his fingers took me savagely, no longer the gentle and controlled method as he’d done before. His needs were far too desperate, too demanding. He shoved his fingers inside, pumping in a barbaric manner and shame boiled my blood given my body’s reaction.

When he broke the kiss, he kept his lips close to mine, his face mere centimeters away.

I glared at him defiantly, refusing to back down.

Refusing to give in.

“Never forget that you belong to me. I will honor our vow of marriage. I will protect you against evil, men who would gladly attempt to take you away from me. I would die in an effort to do so, but you will obey me in all manners. Never forget. You. Made. A. Deal.”

Even as my body responded, my nipples as hard as stone, pussy juice covering his forceful fingers, I couldn’t help but wonder who would protect me from this man.

There were no other words to be said, no flowery snippets of romance, promises of extended hours of passion. There were animalistic needs and nothing more.

Releasing my arms, he fisted my hair, keeping me in place as he continued to thrust deep inside my pussy.

I was thrown into an eruption of electricity, even the air around us skittering with current.

I tore at his shirt, ripping the edges apart until the buttons popped in every direction. When I placed my palms on his chest, prickling heat rolled up my fingertips. He was on fire, his skin sizzling mine. I kneaded his muscles, drinking in the essence that was all male. A real man.

A dangerous, delicious man.

My breathing ragged, I guided my hand to his belt, running my finger over the smooth grain of leather.

I could see by the depth of his stare what he was thinking.

What he hungered for.

Slicing the strap across my skin, marking me as his own.

I could almost hear the sound as the thick leather smacked across my naked ass over and over again, his punishment for being disobedient.

For breaking his rules.

Even though I was embarrassed at my own actions, disgusted with the ridiculous need, I couldn’t stop. Everything about this moment was all about our insatiable desires, pent up and left over, a dark and depraved fantasy. I fumbled until I was able to unfasten the buckle, struggling until I freed his cock.

His chest rose and fell as I wrapped my hand around his shaft, whimpering the moment his cock throbbed against my fingers. The evil chuckle slipping past his lips was far too seductive, driving me further into a state of yearning.

I stroked the base, twisting my hand until he growled from the intense friction. And still I rode his hand, pushing my hips against his.

Christian had a smile on his face as he removed his hand, taking both and ripping down the straps of my dress, exposing my aching breasts, my swollen nipples.

Every move he made was brutal, yanking the hem up to my waist, forcing one of my legs around his. He jerked me inches away from the wall, allowing him enough space to bring his palm down against my already bruised ass.

“Oh,” I muttered, my face flushing as he smacked me several times. I continued to fight my desire as shame attempted to yank me to my senses, but the passion was far too euphoric. I closed my eyes as his hand came down several times, harder with every strike.

As another husky and low-slung growl permeated the air between us, he wasted no time, shoving me against the wall, pushing his cockhead past my swollen folds.

I lolled my head and slid my arm around his neck, tangling my fingers in his thick strands, my pussy already clamping around the thick invasion.

“From this day forward, no man will ever touch you,” he declared in the same sexual voice, so dark and demanding, rippling with sensuality. He slowly drove his cock all the way inside and the moment his shaft was fully seated, he threw his head back and roared.

The sound reeked of ownership.

I was his possession.

His toy.

And for some reason, I believed his only chance at salvation.

He lifted me off the floor, forcing me to toss my other leg around his carved hips, clinging to him as he thrust in manic actions. I was out of breath, clamping down as he slammed me against the wall.

Every part of me ached as he drove deeper, the rhythm pushing me closer to utter nirvana. I clasped my feet together and pushed his shirt off one shoulder, digging my fingers into his heated skin.

He nuzzled against my neck, licking and nipping as he squeezed my bottom with one hand. The way he was holding me was all powerful, requiring I succumb. “I want you to come.”

“Um… I…” I had no control over my body. This man, this larger than life monster had full command, yet I could hear his plea.

He shifted his hips, the angle taking me by surprise, my pussy muscles clenching and releasing over and over again.

“That’s it. Come for me, my wife. Come.”

His words reverberated in my mind, smashing my last resolve. As the orgasm swept up from my toes, tickling my legs, I opened my mouth in a silent scream. I couldn’t breathe, was unable to think or focus in any manner. The climax roared into me, the single orgasm shifting into the most beautiful wave.

This was nothing short of perfect ecstasy.

He nipped my neck, his teeth digging in and I heard the rumbling growls coming from the depth of his being.

Then I heard his whisper, another round of heated words that would forever burn into my mind.

“I can do with your body what I want anytime I want. I will take you to new heights of pleasure, but only after you learn what it means to be owned. And I will use every hole.” He pulled me away from the wall, his cock still deep inside, his hold even more possessive. I marveled at his strength as he took long strides toward his desk, easing me down to my feet.

He cupped both sides of my face, brushing his thumbs across my cheeks. “Every. Single. Hole.” He smoothed his hands down my arms, his eyes boring into mine. I’d never seen such extreme hunger, raw and unbridled as if he’d consume every inch of me.

I was so alive, my heart racing and my mind reeling with all the reasons I should hate him, not crave his touch.

As he tossed me over his desk, kicking my legs apart, I pushed up from the wooden surface, trying to see what he was doing.

But I already knew.

He was going to fuck me in the ass, making good on his promise.

Every part of me was shaking as he slipped his cockhead up and down the crack of my ass. I threw back my arm, smacking him several times. “Oh. Oh!”

Christian pressed his cock against my bruised ass as he grabbed my wrist, pinning it behind my back. “Relax, my beautiful wife.”

I took gulping breaths, nearly pushing everything off the surface of his desk in my effort to fight against him. Then as he shoved his thumb against my dark hole, tension eased, another wave of desire claiming all my fears.

He released my arm, running his fingers down my spine as he gently pushed his thumb inside. I was shocked how tender he was, the softness of his touch taking away every fear.

I realized I was jutting my hips, the initial pain of his entrance swelling into the most incredible wave of pleasure.

“I love your tight ass. Imagine my cock buried deep inside.”

“Yes… I…” I arched my back when he finally pressed the tip of his cock to my puckered hole. I had no idea what to think or how to feel as a series of emotions rolled through me.





The pressure was intense, stars shifting into my field of vision. I took several deep breaths, moaning as he slipped his cock past the tight ring of muscle.

“Oh, God. Oh, God… Oh…” Pain washed over me, but the dazzling sensations took over almost immediately, tossing me straight into a moment of raw bliss.

“Yes. Fuck, you’re so tight. So damn hot.” Christian leaned over, his hands planted on either side of me, the weight of the man another reminder of his primal power. “So beautiful.” He took his time riding me, going in and out carefully, as if I was still fragile in certain regards.

I was the one who pushed hard against him, meeting every hard thrust with one of my own. Everything was breathtaking, pain and pleasure mixing together in the most euphoric manner.

I bit my lower lip to keep from cursing his name, recoiling from the fact my mouth was dry. There could be no more shame filling me, no amount of disturbing thought that would break this cycle.

There was also no recourse. I was his for the taking.

“Does that feel good?” he asked in a sultry tone, his lips brushing across my neck.

“Yes. I…” I clawed the wood, my nails digging in as the myriad sensations rolled through me like a tidal wave. Lights flashed all around me, vibrant and beautiful, as if ecstasy were a pure slice of heaven.

The pounding noise was somehow melodic, filling my ears much like his cock had expanded my muscles.

Christian wrapped his hand around my hair, yanking as he powered into me, his savage growls and breathless sounds adding to the symphony of barbaric music.

I’d been captured, claimed by the beast. I could only imagine what the future would bring.

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