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Gladiator: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

My emotions overtook whatever rational mind I had left. Within seconds, I yanked her toward the pile of blankets, pulling her down.

“What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” She fought me, smacking my face twice before I was able to wrangle her over my lap.

“Giving you a lesson in following orders. One hard spanking.” The girl was much stronger than I’d imagined, fighting me every step of the way as I struggled to drag down her shorts.

“You’re not going to do this.”

“Like hell I’m not. You deserve to learn respect, manners, and patience.” I cupped my hand slightly, the curve fitting her rounded bottom almost perfectly. I peppered her ass with hard spanks, giving one after the other as she squirmed and moaned.

“You’re insane. You’re not my master or my father.”

“Maybe not,” I retorted, “but it’s obvious you need to learn a few lessons.” My dominating side took over, dragging me into a wrathful place as I smacked my palm against her bottom.


“Yes. You will learn to obey me.” I struck one ass cheek then the other, moving in a methodical manner, spanking her long and hard.

She managed to throw her hand back as she wiggled, almost able to slide off my lap. Yanking her roughly, I snagged her wrist and threw one leg over both of hers, securing her into position. She was going nowhere.

“Ouch! Goddamn it!” Katarina yelped.

“God has nothing to do with this, I assure you.”

“That fucking hurts.”

“Last time I checked, little human, spankings were supposed to hurt, whether on your planet or mine. That’s the point. Remember?”

Her moans dragged a portion out of me I’d locked away for years, the kind of dark passion that some considered heinous. My cock was hard as a rock, my libido off the charts. Even my heart was racing, thudding hard against my chest. I wanted this feisty woman who had no understanding of what we were facing. I craved to shove my cock so deep inside her sweet little pussy that she screamed out my name over and over again.

I gathered a whiff of her feminine wiles, the intoxicating scent filling my nostrils, shooting straight to the brain, boosting the electricity shared between us. I could barely maintain the thought of what I was doing, my hand shaking as I continued striking her. The heat forming in my hand was an incredible aphrodisiac, a mind-bending experience.

Katarina ground her hips in my lap, the friction as my cock shifted back and forth against the dense material of the cargo pants almost too much to bear. Beads of sweat formed along my hairline even though the temperature was rapidly falling. My eyes had difficulty focusing as I moved my hand from one side to the other. I didn’t need an intense light to know that her bottom was crimson, a shade I adored more than any other.

“Please stop. I’ll be good.”

A part of me wanted to drag off my belt, smacking her in rapid motions. Maybe I was nothing but the sick fuck they’d portrayed me out to be, the list of charges heinous in nature. I wasn’t just an alien intent on harming humans. I was supposedly a horrific freak enjoying crimes that couldn’t be described on one of their standard news programs.

I bit back a moan of my own, caressing her ass as the heat built up in my fingers, cascading along my wrist.

She was almost too quiet, her hands planted on the thin blanket, her head bowed low.

“Are you going to listen to me at all times, doing everything I say to do?” I asked in a controlled fashion.

She bobbed her head, remaining quiet.

I fisted her hair, yanking until she cried out. “When I ask you a question, you’re going to answer me. Do you understand?”



“Yes, fucking sir.”

I had to admire the oomph that remained, a woman who refused to back down, no matter the size of the creature. “Better. But I’m not taking any additional shit, or I’ll leave your ass behind.”

“Fine. Yes. Sir.”

Taking several deep breaths, I raked my hand through my wet hair, loathing the situation I’d been forced into, hating the fact that this woman had managed to dig past my defenses. The hunger exploded from deep within, no matter how hard I shoved it aside.

I eased her off my lap and even in the dim lighting, I could see the same look of defiance on her face. Her spirit was almost the same as… The thought hadn’t entered my mind for a solid two years, maybe longer. And it certain as shit wasn’t going to now.

“I hate you,” she spouted, taking an immediately step backwards and away from me.

“Yeah? Well, take a number. We’ll settle in here for the night,” I said. Hearing the husky tone, one filled with longing, I was disgusted with myself. This was no place for passion of any kind. I looked toward the entrance, praying to our gods she’d crawl away from me before it was too late.

Then I felt her hand, the brush of her fingers along my forearm. “Why are you so angry, full of venom? What happened to you on Earth? I know you’ve been in this horrible place for a long time. That probably changed you, but you have to fight whatever demons you have inside of you. Talk to me. Please.”

Demons. The woman had no idea the number of nightmares that had plagued me or the despair I’d felt over the duration of my incarceration. Every severe beating, every harsh treatment had reminded me that I was nothing to the majority of people on Earth, although I had difficulty forgiving those I’d trusted for so many years. They’d betrayed not only me, but their humanity in its entirety. I’d actually started enjoying living amongst humans, learning about them, even laughing with them. I’d allowed my guard to fall.

Her imploring voice wasn’t something I wanted to hear right now. I was sick inside in more ways than one, unable to trust anyone.

Including myself.

And especially with her.

“Go away. Sleep. We will have a long day tomorrow.” I yanked the bags closer, ready to shut out the entire world.

I heard rustling, as if she was pulling on her shorts. I wasn’t expecting to feel her hand caressing my face. Bristling, I dared glance in her direction, almost horrified as she crawled between my legs.

“I’m the only one here. I’ll listen to you,” she insisted. “Whatever horrors you want to get off your chest you can trust me with.”

My mouth watered, the kind of thirst bubbling at the surface something that was difficult to deny. “Go. To. Sleep.” I could just make out her hardened nipples as they poked through the thin, rain-soaked shirt. I wanted nothing more than to have them in my mouth, sucking and savoring.

“Is that what you really want?”

“Yes…” I hissed, elongating the sound.

Katarina huffed. After a few seconds, she backed away, cursing under her breath. “You are an asshole.”

“Yeah? I might be but I’m going to be the single person to keep you alive, even if you only consider me a beast.”

“Maybe I don’t give a shit!” Her voice echoed in the dense space. “Whatever is going to happen to us is by the monsters’ design. This pretense at escape is just bullshit and you know it. We might as well face the facts. We’re not going to make it off this wretched planet.”

Another rumble of blatant need swept through me, bolstering the darkness dwelling deep within. “You have no reason not to want to live! You have no right to just give up. If there is a chance left of escaping, we’re going to find that way.”

“I have no reason?” she asked, laughing bitterly. “You mean other than I’m here with a sullen barbarian warrior from some distant world, confined like animals on some fucked-up planet?”

There was no explaining my actions, no ability to deny the attraction I felt, the electricity soaring through us, hunger clawing at the surface. My beast refused to be denied. I grabbed both her arms, yanking her closer until our lips were almost touching. “You shouldn’t tempt the devil, little human. You could get burned.”

“Try me.”

The girl had no idea what she’d unleashed, the power of the man bursting at the seams. I dragged her closer, crushing my lips over hers. The already strong connection we shared exploded, spilling into the ravaging passion. I was overwhelmed by my desire for her, my cock throbbing to the point my shaft was pinched against the rugged zipper. Every part of me was on fire, white hot and searing, pushing the kinds of thoughts into my head that no man should think.



Utter domination.

I wanted her more than any woman I’d had in my life, to devour every inch of her. I wanted to taste her sweetness, sucking her pussy until she was drained and wet all over. And I wanted to fuck every hole, filling her with my seed.

She whimpered and struggled against me at first, pushing her palms hard against my chest. The sounds were melodic, filling my ears with a sweet song of surrender.

I tangled my fingers in her wet hair, yanking away the remnants of her makeshift bun, pulling her into a deep arc as I leaned over. I forced her to yield to me, using my tongue to push open her lips, tasting her sweet essence.

Her body shuddering, she clung to me, her fingers digging into my shirt as she continued to tremble.

The kiss became a passionate and almost desperate roar, my tongue dominating hers. I growled, my desperation growing as I lowered her onto the remnants of the blanket, allowing my hand to sweep down the side of her breast. The electric jolts rushing into every cell and muscle was mind-blowing, catapulting me into another time and place.

She undulated her body, yielding after several seconds as she tugged at my shirt, finally able to slide her hand under and against the heat of my chest. The sensations were powerful, rocketing down my spine violently. Just the way her fingers kneaded my skin was enigmatic, more intense than I would have ever imagined.

I sucked on her tongue then pulled back, nipping her lower lip before breaking the kiss. “Mine. You’re mine.” The words fell easily from my mouth as I gripped her chin and cheek, digging my fingers into her skin, lifting her head until I was able to lick across her jaw. Salty and sweet, the taste of her filled my mouth, leaving me breathless with awe. I raked my hand down her side, easing my hand between us.

Stiffening, she kicked at her shorts until they were wrapped around her ankles, opening one leg as my fingers brushed across her thigh. She arched her back even further, whimpering as she allowed her hand to fall to my cock, cupping and squeezing.

I was shaken the very depths of my being and there was no control left within me.

I was floored how alive I felt, invigorated in a manner I hadn’t been in years. I merely kicked at her shorts until they were all the way off. Every move aggressive and barbaric, I yanked her leg out to the side, cupping her mound. The heat slipping between my fingers was explosive, forcing a series of strangled sounds.

“I want you,” I huffed. “And I’m going to take every inch of you.”

She took deep breaths, her eyes darting back and forth. This wasn’t a choice and she knew it. What had been started only hours before could never end.

“Oh, oh…” Her entire body shimmered in the warm glow, the feel of her driving me to the point of madness.

Merely touching her clit was enough to draw me into my own moment of ecstasy, stealing my breath.

Katarina’s breathing was shallow as she tugged at my shirt, working until it was over my head. Her deft and shaking fingers traced zigzags down my chest, moaning in a sultry manner. “I don’t do this.”

“Do what, little human? Fuck a monster from another planet? I think we can consider ourselves close by now. Don’t you?” I gave her no options, ripping the tee shirt over her head, fisting her hair as I lowered my head. The way her nipples were already rock hard, the aureoles swollen from her own desire made my mouth water. I swirled my index finger around her clit in circle after circle as I sucked on one stiff point, pinching the other between my thumb and forefinger.

“Oh, God… I…” Lolling her head, she raked her nails down my naked chest, the sharp pain more invigorating than it should be.

I slipped my fingers past her folds, teasing her pussy with one then a second finger. Every inch of her body seemed covered in goosebumps, her skin almost translucent in the white-hot glow of the light. I was drawn to her natural beauty, the way her mouth twisted from pleasure, her brow furrowing. Everything about the woman was combustible, further fueling the building inferno.

“So good… But we can’t. I mean…” Her face was pensive as the words trailed off.

“We can and we will. A requirement. Remember?” At this moment I couldn’t care less whether the Zatans really were watching or not. I shoved my fingers into her pussy, covering them with her sweet juice. Just the scent of her alone filling my nostrils made me crazy.

“I don’t like rules.” Her body rocked as she worked on my button and zipper, finally managing to slide her hand around my cock. “So hard.”

“You’re going to get used to rules, and you’re required to obey.” I moved my open mouth to her other breast, moving my lips around in a circle before engulfing her tender nipple. As I thrust my fingers deeper inside, plunging brutally, she began to ride my hand, rocking her body as she closed her eyes.

Purring, she freed my cock and balls, pumping the base, squeezing until the friction brought stars in front of my eyes. “And if I don’t?”

I chuckled darkly, sliding my lips along the area between her breasts. She was hot and wet all over. “Then you’ll be punished.” Unable to wait any longer, I shoved her down onto the blanket, lifting and spreading her legs until she was wide open for me. “I’ll going to eat that pretty little pussy of yours. Then I’m going to fuck you.”

She threw her arms up and over her head, staring at me as I lowered my head, drinking in her fragrance before darting my tongue around her clit.

“Oh. Oh!” Jerking up, she shivered violently.

“Stay in position, little girl.” I wrapped my arms around her legs, lifting her ass off the blanket as I flicked the tip of my tongue across her clit. I wasn’t a patient man and today was no different. I teased her for only a few additional seconds before burying my face into her pussy, using my tongue to spread her pussy lips.

“Fuck. Oh, God!” She tossed her head from side to side as I feasted, her mouth going slack and her eyelids only half open.

Her slickness covered my face, her juice sliding down the back of my throat. I couldn’t get enough of her, ravaging her pussy. There was no holding back, no way to control the beast breaking free. I sucked and nipped on her clit until her little tissue was swollen and throbbing. I knew exactly how to get to a woman, licking then pulling back.

“Jesus. I…” She seemed embarrassed by her own desires, covering her face with her hand, doing everything she could not to watch the carnal act. But her body betrayed her.


Her hips jutting forward.

Her pussy clenching then releasing over and over again.

I eased back, rubbing my lips against her inner thigh, biting down on the soft skin until she yelped. Using two fingers, I smacked her pussy several times, every cell in my body on edge from the raw adrenaline.

“Oh.” She jerked up once again, panting as she stared at me with hazy eyes.

I pushed on her tummy then resumed licking, driving to that heightened point of nirvana. When I jammed three fingers inside, smacking her pussy with my other hand, I realized she was close to climaxing. “Do you want to come for me?”

“Uh-huh. Please. Please!”

“Will you be a good little girl?”

“Mmm… Yes. Maybe.” Her laugh filtered into the cave, forcing every muscle to tense. I was nothing but a barbarian, a man taking what he wanted, claiming what didn’t belong to him. What the fuck? There was little I could do to stop the beast inside, no longer an honorable man.

Simply a gladiator.

A monstrous beast.

I licked her in fevered actions, moving all the way up and down the length of her pussy. “Then come for me. Come.” My command was husky, low in timbre, but my dominating voice seemed to free her.

Katarina opened her mouth, taking several gasping breaths as she slapped her hands around her knees. “Oh, yes. Oh. Oh!” An orgasm roared through her, shaking her body, her skin glistening.

I wanted more. I craved all of her.

And there was nothing stopping me.

She continued to quiver, her lovely mouth twisting as the single orgasm turned into a violent wave. I dug my nails into her skin, holding her aloft as I sucked up all her juices, trying desperately to quench my thirst. The feel of her in my arms, the way her body reacted to me added further fuel, blood pumping through my veins wildly.

But I could not be denied any longer.

I kept her legs spread wide as I crawled over top, slowly lowering down until our lips were mere centimeters apart. “Now, I’m going to take you. Fuck you. Use you.”

Her eyes remained open wide, those same voluptuous lips pursed as she pushed her hands against my chest. “I can’t. I just…”

“You have no choice, sweetheart.” As I crushed my mouth over hers, I thrust my cock inside her hot and wet pussy. My body’s instantaneous reaction sent a wave of electricity shooting through every muscle, my shaft showered in her wetness. I shuddered, every tendon aching as the longing increased. I was tense, unable to control my dominating hungers.

And so, I fucked her long and hard, driving my cock in over and over again.

She fought the kiss, pushing against me, her fingernails digging into my skin as she whimpered. Her strength was more than I’d anticipated, able to roll me from side to side.

I dominated her tongue, slapping my hands against the blanket, powering down against her. Even the way she clenched her pussy muscles around my cock was an attempt to usurp my control. She had another lesson coming in dominance.

Jerking back, she did everything in her power to break free, issuing a series of growling and hissing noises.

“Get off me!”

“Not a chance, human.” I finagled her arms over her head, wrapping my hand around both wrists. I held her in the same position, still grinding into her, waiting until she calmed down.

“You’re nothing but a bastard.”

“Yeah? Well, I’ve been called a lot worse.” I slammed my cock in and out, the force knocking the wind out of her.

After a few seconds, she stopped moving altogether, her damning eyes focused on mine, a slight smirk on her face. The fact she was limp, refusing to respond pissed me off. Our connection was off the charts, more enigmatic than any I’d felt and we both knew it. This was her method at trying to regain control.

This woman did something to me. Damn her. Damn this entire situation. I could no longer stare into her beautiful eyes. Rolling off, I whipped her body onto her hands and knees, kicking them apart then fisting her hair. Just the feel of her matted strands in my hand further fueled the raging desire.

“Bastard. Fucking asshole. I’ll kill you one day!” Her hiss floated into the cave ominously.

“I’m sure you’ll try.” I slid the tip of my cock up and down the crack of her ass, an announcement of things to come before shoving my shaft deep inside, the action brutal.

She clawed at the blanket, still trying to scuttle away, wiggling her hips as if that as going to stop my actions.

My hold tightened as I plunged hard and fast, savoring the savage sounds. I closed my eyes, imagining another time and place as the howling wind filtered into my ears. What the fuckers had turned me into was criminal, my fierce needs unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

“Uh. Uh. Uh.” Katarina’s breathing was ragged, her body shaking from the sheer force.

I shoved two then three fingers in beside my cock, slickening the long digits as I wiggled them. I loved the animalistic sounds she continued to make, primal in nature. My balls were swollen, aching to the point that I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. My needs were too great, my desire increasing by the minute. I’d never felt so damn free, hot all over, beads of perspiration dripping across her beautiful porcelain skin.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion as I dragged my glistening fingers from her sweet pussy until I found her tight little asshole. She issued a series of moans, her body stiffening as I pushed the tips inside her dark hole.

“No. No! You can’t. You…” The second I slipped all three fingers just inside, her words died off and she once again did everything in her power to fight me, kicking out, trying to roll me off.

I pushed my fingers past the tight ring, my own body trembling from the sheer ecstasy rolling through muscle and bone. Every part of her body was sizzling. “I told you, everything belongs to me.”

“I hate you. I. Hate. You!”

“Hate me all you want.” I pumped my fingers several times, flexing them open until she seemed to relax. The simple act of sliding my cockhead into her asshole was incredible, dazzling sensations more powerful than anything before. I closed my eyes, gripping her hip as I tangled my fingers into her hair, guiding my shaft inside. The tightness, the heat, and the way her muscles clenched were almost too much to bear. I threw my head back, roaring to the very heavens. Nothing had ever felt so right.

Even if this was nothing but a sin.

“Fuck. Fuck!” Her body stiffened, her whimpers turning into moans of ecstasy. Suddenly, she was no longer fighting me, simply swaying as I pounded her tight ass, jutting her hips back to meet every savage thrust.

Unable to feel my legs, I could only concentrate on the brutal action as my heart pounded in my ears. I was no longer a man, a human being with intellect and forethought. I’d been reduced down to nothing but an animal.

Just like the Zatans had required.

Just like they’d trained me to become.

I was little more than their soldier, Cryton flesh required to breed. Nothing had prepared me for the shift in my mindset. Anger and hatred rolled into my system, but there was no denying my body’s requirement. As my balls filled with cum, I closed my eyes, trying to grasp the man I’d once been.

An honorable man.

One with courage and tenacity.

One with humanity.

What had they done to me?

Then I exploded deep within her and knew everything I’d worked so hard to achieve was lost.

I was more beast than man.

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