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Goldie’s Surrender by Felicity Brandon – Extended Preview


I actually feel the moment she concedes. The tension in her body lessens beneath me, and she relaxes into my kiss. My cock aches as I devour her sweet mouth, and tries to find its way inside her as I taste myself on her lips.

Goldie squirms gently, but for the first time the fight in her is gone, and as I pull away she lets out a small moan. “Fuck me, Logan. Please?” Her plea is soft, and causes my length to harden further.

My eyes scan her face and then, rolling to her side with her small wrists still encased in my palm, I absorb her fabulous body. She is strong, fit, and toned, yet she is curved and warm in all of the right places. “Not yet, little girl,” I whisper in reply, choosing to deliberately use the term I know will cause her the most irritation. “First, I am going to spank this sweet ass again, and then I am going to explore you, taste you, and take you apart with my tongue.” I glance down at her as she registers my words, her face demonstrating how she feels about my proposals. “And then—and only then—am I going to fuck you.”

There is a crack of thunder from outside, and although the storm sounds like it is moving away, the rain still pounds against the walls of the tiny cottage. Her eyes widen a fraction at the sound, but she’s considerably calmer than she had been earlier, her attention now almost entirely focused on me.

“Are you ready, Goldie?” I am not sure how much longer I can contain my arousal. My need to possess this little stranger who came wandering into my life less than a day ago is stronger than anything I have ever felt for a long time.

She gazes up at me, her pale blue eyes sparkling as another flash of lightning rips the skyline somewhere. “Mmmm, yes. Please spank me, Logan, sir.”

I know she is playing with me, and yet I have never witnessed our guest be so docile and compliant. Not wanting to miss this unique opportunity, I offer her a small grin before kneeling up over her and flipping her onto her belly. She lands gently with a small yell of surprise, but offers little more in the way of complaint as I lift her and shift her soft nudity back over my lap. She settles in on top of me, nudging my hardness with her hip as her legs splay beautifully behind her.

“I’m going to redden this naughty little bottom of yours again, girl,” I say with a forced severity that I hope she’ll be able to see through.

She twists to her left, assessing my face, and smiles as she realizes that I am just playing in order to heighten her sensation. “Thank you, sir,” she replies, blinking her long lashes at me. “I have been terribly naughty.”

“Yes, you have,” I agree. My palm lands flat against her bare bottom, sending a tremor of sensation down into her sex.

I look to her face, finding that her eyes have fluttered shut, and her mouth has fallen open. I keep watching as I spank her again, slightly harder this time. Her peaceful visage barely changes, although there is just the faintest glimmer of pain as the strike registers.

“I have the feeling that you’ve never been spanked before, Goldie.” The sound of her name revives her, and her blue orbs open, searching for my face. “Tell me, little girl, am I right?”

She braces as she catches the look of my right palm rising behind her and then stills as it lands against both of her vulnerable cheeks again. This strike is harder still, and leaves a satisfying warmth radiating from her backside as I move my hand away.

“Yes, sir,” she answers in a whisper. “Nobody has ever spanked me before you.”

A blush engulfs her face at her admission, and the look of her stretched out subserviently over me sends a new, fierce jolt of desire shooting through me. My cock throbs painfully, desperate to be inside her.

My hand connects with her bottom again, and this time I indulge myself, taking a moment to sweep one, and then two digits down into the warm space between her legs. Her pussy is sleek and smooth—waxed I presume—and as I explore further, I find her sex slick with her own hot arousal. As I draw my fingers through the moisture, she groans, pushing back against me in a brazen attempt to be filled. I remove my hand in an instant, and bring it back down onto her backside hard and fast.

“That is enough!” I chide her. “You will be fingered and fucked at my leisure, young lady—not at your own.”

“Yes, sir,” she replies, squirming over my lap as I spank her again.

I smile. It’s unclear to what extent Goldie is just enjoying the roleplay, and how much she really relishes the idea of being naked and spanked over my knee, but either way, I am loving this smoking-hot opportunity to tame her.

Landing another strike on her rosy flesh, I begin to alternate cheeks, snapping my wrist against each in turn, and watching as her body responds to both the pain and the pleasure. After another five spanks, I land a particularly hard strike against her right cheek, and the sting draws her hands, which had been resting by the sides of her head, to her backside.

I capture her wrists again, holding them away from her body with my right hand as she struggles beneath. “Did I tell you that you could move your arms or interfere with your spanking?” My voice is stern, and she eyes me with an anxious expression.

“No, Logan, sir,” she admits quickly. “I’m sorry.”

For the first time I suspect that she might actually be contrite, and the thought makes my cock even harder. “Do I have to bind you?” I ask her.

She shakes her head at me wildly. “Please, no!”

“I could, you know,” I go on. “I could bind you and keep you here in my cottage for my pleasure, and for the pleasure of my brothers.”

Her body stills, the tension seeping back into it. “You wouldn’t?” she says in that way that always sounds merely like a challenge.

“You know I would,” I answer, twisting my body to look upon her directly. “It is little more than you deserve after coming in here uninvited, taking what you want and expecting to walk away scot-free?”

“But…” She squirms, struggling against my tight grasp of her. “But you promised? If I submitted to your spanking yesterday, then you would help me back to my car.”

“Hmmm,” I reply, watching as the fear and arousal in her eyes battle for control of her body. Which will win the fight, I wonder to myself. “I did promise that, didn’t I?” I pause, lowering her wrists, and pressing them into the small of her back. “Yet looking at this rain, I don’t think I’ll be able to take you anywhere on foot for the next few hours. It looks like you’re stuck here, little girl, so you may as well be useful while you are.”


My heart races at his words. Is he serious? Can he really mean to keep me here—like some sex slave—forced to be spanked and fucked until the weather clears? My head swoons at the mere idea, and a surge of unadulterated arousal wells at the apex of my thighs. My pussy, already wet by his performance, is now sodden with my response to his dominance—a reaction I would never have thought possible. I force my eyes closed again as he presses my wrists down with one of his impossibly large hands, and continues my spanking with the other.

The impact is intense, and somehow the sensations travel immediately south toward my pulsing clit, which has been well and truly woken by Logan’s masterful display. I scan the half-light for his face, and our eyes connect as he delivers the next strike. His expression is calm and controlled, although there’s a good measure of his own arousal to be found in them also.

“Logan…” I’m certain that I mean to say something more than this, and yet this is all that will come from my mouth.

He smiles, hearing my tone, and spanks me again. “Yes, little girl.”

Urgh, there’s that label again. I know he is only using it to rile me, and yet irritatingly I can feel it working. “Please,” I gasp, before the next spank.

“What’s wrong?” he asks mockingly. “Don’t you want to stay here with my brothers and me? I swear that your every need would be catered to. You would be clean, well-fed, and cherished, and certain to orgasm ferociously at least five times daily—so long as you did as you were told, and satisfied us all as we required.”

I stare at him, my brain only half-believing what my ears hear. “What?” I murmur, feeling the exquisite sting as his hand connects against my reddened flesh yet again. My clit is throbbing in desperation now, and every time he spanks me, the impact connects with it directly, spiraling me into a heady state of arousal. I am breathy and sweaty, and I less and less seem to care.

“Would you like that?” he continues, pressing the point with each new swat to my behind. His fingers begin to roam again, and at some point, he plunges them deep within my wetness, eliciting a gasp of shame and joy in equal measure from my mouth.

“Oh!” I exclaim, squirming futilely against his hold on me.

“My, my, little girl,” he purrs. “Look how wet I have you. You do like the idea, don’t you?”

“Logan,” I murmur, apparently all intelligible thought now lost to me. “Please, please let me come.”

My pulsing clitoris appears to have become the new center of my world. I am amazed by how horny he has made me with this display of authority. It’s as though each spank, and each word itself, is directly connected to my sex.

His fingers move inside of me, delving in and out of my drenched pussy, fucking me into an absolute frenzy. I grind myself against his legs, aware of his hardness at my hip, and so badly wanting it inside me. His digits, however, do a fine job, pushing me harder and closer to the point of no return that I seek so badly.

“Do you still need to come, little girl?” His words stir me from my isolated bubble of intensity. I gaze at his intrigued and handsome face peering at me with interest. All the while his fingers work without rest, plundering me to within an inch of the precipice.

I open my mouth to respond, knowing that I should, and yet all of a sudden unable to make myself understood. “Mmmm,” I mumble, my legs splaying even wider of their own accord, and my hips pushing down against his legs as my clit makes contact with his flesh again.

In what seems like less than a second, his right hand disappears from my pussy, and with it all of the gathering sensations that had so nearly toppled me right over the edge of pleasure. I spin my body to look at him, opening my mouth to protest.

“I asked you a question.” The tone of his voice is so unexpectedly low that I clench the muscles deep between my thighs in a reflexive manner—the resonance somehow connecting with them directly.

“Yes, p-please…” I murmur, my eyes wide as I stare at him.

His hand lands against my warmed bottom before I even have time to think. “Yes, what?” he barks at me.

“Yes, please, sir!” My voice is shrill as the sensations of both pain and pleasure pass through my tightly wound body.

His eyes narrow as they assess me, and for one soul-crushing moment I fear that he will pull me from his lap and deny me. The thought is, for some unknown reason, suddenly my worst fear—far worse than being lost in the middle of these Godforsaken woods, and far worse than being forced to pleasure Logan and his brothers.

“Okay then, girl,” he says, his voice softer. “Then, as usual, you shall get what you want, but…” He pauses, and I peer up at him in the shadows, desperate for his verdict. “You will have to work for your orgasm.”

“Work how, sir?” I ask, my voice small compared to the confident sound of his own authoritative tone. I swallow down the humiliation of having to refer to him in this way, my major concern now only the pursuit of the climax I desire so much.

“You will rub yourself against me as I spank you,” he says with a considered smile. “Grind your hot little pussy against my leg, like a little animal, and bring yourself to orgasm.”

I continue to stare at him, hearing the words and yet unwilling to process them. “Grind myself?” I repeat.

“Yes,” he replies, raising that large palm again and widening his smile as he brings his hand crashing down against my bare bottom.

The stimulus to my clit is instantaneous, and all at once that pulsating need returns with a vengeance. I consider his words for a moment. It is not the act to which he refers that I particularly object to, but more the crude language that he uses to describe it. Referring to me as though I am some sort of animal—it is base and disconcerting.

“Make your choice, girl.” His abrupt tone cuts through my thoughts. “Or I will make it for you.”

“Okay,” I pant, not wanting the sensations to fade again. “Yes, please… sir.”

“Please, what?” he asks, his voice full of unrestrained glee. “What do you want, girl?”

I swallow down the indignation I feel about having to ask for such demeaning treatment. It is like nothing else I have ever experienced in all of my life. “Please, will you spank me, sir?” I begin, my voice trailing away.

“And?” he demands.

“And, allow me to…” I can’t bring myself to say the words.

“Allow you to what?” he hisses.

“Allow me to grind myself against you?” I choke back a small sob at the ignominy that bursts in my chest as I ask him.

He smiles, and it’s the sort of smile that a large predator might give its meal before it swallows it whole. A small tremor of fear runs through me, but it’s only a momentary sensation, and is replaced by the simultaneous pleasure and pain of his palm, as it reconnects with my behind. “Okay then, Goldie,” he says, with a smile. “You have my permission. Grind away…”

My eyes flicker closed, as though blocking out his smug visage will somehow lessen the humiliation of the moment. As the next spank lands, my hips begin to move. I do not even instruct them to do so, they simply flex, moving backwards to meet his hand, and then pressing forward to seek the gratification that it seems only his legs can provide. The whole time, Logan continues to press my arms down against my back, and I am left here, a squirming wet mess of a thing, desperate, and writhing and grinding in pursuit of my pleasure. All my usual grace and demeanor is abandoned as I chase my orgasm. Somehow the feeling of being held in place and made to yield is scintillating, and within a few moments I am right back to the brink.

His hand strikes me again. God knows how many swats that is now in total, and who even cares. My hips shift forward, pushing my hungry clitoris to meet his leg, and then all at once the pleasure becomes too much, peaking in a crescendo of utter exhilaration.

“Fuck!” I cry out, as the whole of my core tightens, and then I splinter, coming louder and harder than I have ever done before. My sex spasms, clutching at the emptiness inside it. Sensing the intensity, Logan’s fingers slip back inside in a heartbeat, extending my shuddering climax into one long, hot sensation. By the time he finally draws them away, I am completely spent.


Watching her come apart is exquisite. She is the little fawn who wandered so nonchalantly into our cottage, thinking apparently that she could trespass and dominate anyone who crossed her path. And now? My eyes scan the writhing woman over my lap. The scent of her arousal is so strong that I think I might come without needing any further stimulation.

I draw in a deep breath, determining to show restraint until the right moment. Shifting from my place on the bed, I ease her gently from my lap, leaving her face down and spread-eagled on the bed. I gaze out of the window, momentarily taking in the sky as the torrent continues to fall outside. A small part of my brain registers concern that we may have new floods to contend with, but that part is easily contained at the sight and smell of the lusty young blonde sprawled out across my bed.

She stirs, moving her head to look at me. “Logan?” Her voice is breathless. Still. “Sir?”

My cock throbs on command as she addresses me the correct way, and wordlessly I shift back toward her, positioning myself between her open legs. Our eyes meet for a long moment, hers conveying something of the satiated stupor she finds herself in. I have no idea what mine tell her, but still I say nothing as I lower myself over the edge of my large bed.

My gaze is now perfectly aligned with her hot, wet pussy. Smooth and pink, it is gloriously slick with her juices and smells utterly divine. I have to consume it, and I lick my lips as I consider the prospect.

“Stick that ass up in the air,” I whisper in a low growl.

I am so close now that my breath must tickle the inside of her thighs, and she jumps slightly at the command, pressing her weight onto her knees in order to obey me. Duly her plump little pussy rises before me, parting slightly as her legs splay wider. I swallow hard, feeling the pulsating need in my groin.

“Fuck, that is magnificent,” I say, and even I can hear the strain in my voice.

I wrap my left arm under her thigh, shifting her down the bed a little and clamping her ass into the position I want. As my face nears her bottom, the heat of her spanking radiates around me, and I smile as I move slowly, placing kisses on her reddened skin and at the underside of her thigh.

“I am a starving man,” I mutter as I trail a line of kisses back up to her trembling pussy. “And you, girl, you are going to feed me. Do you understand?”

She tenses a little at the question, but stutters to a response easily enough. Evidently Goldie wants to be eaten up. “Yes, s-sir…” she answers.

I smile, intrigued and yet undeniably pleased with this new submissive character that the storm seems to have unlocked in her.

“Good girl,” I reply, wanting the words to be soothing, rather than patronizing. “I will devour you, and then I am going to fuck you, however the hell I choose. Understand?”

A reflexive little moan leaves her lips, and sends a jolt of arousal straight to my aching cock. “Yes, sir,” she responds, pushing her pussy back toward my face.

I don’t wait for an invitation. Burying my mouth into those sweet hot lips, I begin by caressing her with gentle kisses. Another moan escapes her mouth—louder this time—so I oblige her with a harder kiss, before plunging my tongue deep into her wetness. She tastes of the sweetest nectar, and her passion envelops me as I lap at her parted lips. The guttural noises coming from her mouth sweep over me, engorging my already excited cock.

I work on that sweet pussy for some time, permitting her to buck back against my face as her fervor begins to build again. Sensing her heightened arousal, I lower myself slightly and capture her swollen little clit in my mouth. She stills at once, the intensity of the act clear. I release her and begin to lap at the bud. In an instant her hips are moving again, seeking out the pleasure I offer.

“Oh, Christ, Logan!” she murmurs from somewhere up the bed. “I think I’m going to come again.”

I say nothing, shifting onto my left shoulder, and flicking my tongue with more intensity. At the same time, my right digits move north, trailing through her wetness and up to her dark hole. There’s so much moisture on my fingers that by the time her body detonates, I am able to slide not one, but two digits easily into her behind, causing a string of profanity to fall from her lips as she bucks and clenches over me.

I enjoy the taste, scent, and sight of her for a moment as she recovers from her climax, and all the while I gently fuck her ass with my fingers, easing them in and then out of the tight channel. Miss Lacie, it seems, is no stranger to anal sex, a thought that pleases me immensely as I finally withdraw from her.

She is motionless as I collect a condom from beside my bed and roll the sheath over my hardness. Ethan and I stock up on contraception whenever one of us makes the journey into town. Our sexual appetites are vast, despite our self-imposed isolation, and it pays to be prepared. I position my desperate cock at her slick entrance, and she holds her hips high, offering her pussy to me. Having waited so long to claim my little fawn, I relish the moment, sliding inside her wetness and plunging deep into her. There’s that guttural sound from her again, and this time I join her, my own mouth proclaiming the act as I ease backwards and fill her up again. Fuck, she’s so wet, and so ready to be taken—like the perfect vessel—and within a moment the animal in me takes over, ramming her hard again and again, as her cries fill the air around us.

Outside the rain continues, battering hard against the wood paneling of the cottage, and now it seems I am competing with its ferocity, slamming into Goldie over and over, my balls crashing against her sensitive clit.

At some point she twists her head, and I’m aware of those crystal blue eyes, searching for my face in the dim candlelight. She says nothing, but as our eyes meet I know what she is trying to communicate. Those orbs tell me all that I need to know—that she needs this as much as I do; she needs a man to take charge and control her. She needs a man to give her the attention she so desperately craves. She needs a man to ravage her in pursuit of pleasure. She needs a man like me.

I swallow hard, so close to the brink that I almost can’t control myself, but from out of nowhere I find the strength. Pausing, I withdraw from her slowly, and take a moment to wrap myself over her compliant body, planting kisses at the exposed side of her neck.

“I’m going to fuck this reddened ass now,” I whisper, drawing back my right hand and smacking it hard as I gaze down at her.

Her eyes flicker at the impact and she pants a little harder as she looks at me. “Yes, sir,” she answers, never breaking eye contact. “Take it, fuck it, make it yours.”

I close my eyes out of instinct, certain that if I continue to look down upon her delicious face I will definitely lose it and pump my hot cum all over the back of her legs, instead of inside her tight ass. When I open them again, she is actually smiling, her expression loaded with sin. I shake my head as I move away, rising into a low crouch and repositioning her hips to suit myself. She remains docile, allowing me to move her like a ragdoll, and in a matter of seconds, we’re aligned again, my hungry cock nudging at her dark entrance.


As his enormous cock presses into me, I cry out into the sheets. I can’t help myself. He ignores me of course, easing himself steadily inside my ass, and possessing me in the basest way possible.

“Oh, fuck, Logan,” I mumble, barely able to speak for the intensity. Sure, I have had anal sex before, but never with anyone like Logan—never with anyone so fucking huge!

“Take it, girl,” he growls from over me. “We both know you want this, don’t we?”

I bite into the bedding as he plunges deeper, utterly consumed with the fullness the deed provides. This act—this moment—is singly the most intense and submissive I have ever had. Usually I don’t yield to any man. In fact, I rarely even let them go on top, but with this guy, I have no idea what has happened. It’s like there’s something primal about him, which calls to a dark place in me I didn’t even know existed. And in this dark place, I am prepared to do whatever he tells me in order to get my kicks.

Now, I find myself splayed, spent, and fucked royally by this beast of a man. Yes, he has comforted me, but he has well and truly put me in my place. And for my part, I have capitulated and absolutely freaking loved it. And I have no idea why.

“Don’t we?” One of those large palms connects with the side of my ass again, reigniting the earlier hurt and snapping me from my thoughts.

“Ouch!” I yelp. “Yes, yes!”


He swats me again, not hard this time, but enough to get my attention. “Yes, what?”

I tense at the question, and he stills, deep inside my ass.

“Yes, sir,” I pant, utterly ashamed at my performance, and yet so incredibly aroused at the same time. Why does calling him sir feel so damn good?

Evidently this is what he wants to hear, and settling back into position, he begins to move again. Withdrawing a little, he pushes deep inside of me once more. I groan at the intrusion, knowing that my pussy is wet again at the treatment he delivers. I am powerless to stop him from taking what he wants, and speared by his giant erection, I am completely his.

Logan fucks me this way for some time. I have no idea how long, my mind consumed only with the intensity of the sex and the heat of our bodies. I am vaguely aware of the sound of the storm outside, but even the merciless rain is unable to penetrate the intensity of what is taking place between us. At some point, he stills and I can feel the tension in him—in his strong arms and his powerful legs, all the way to his muscular butt as he thrusts deep inside me, depositing his climax in short, insistent bursts.

He lets out a low, deep growl as he comes apart, before collapsing on top of me, his cock still lodged inside my ass. Pinioned under the weight of his hot body, I am trapped in the most sensual and delicious way, until he relents a little and shifts, rolling to the outside of the bed.

I draw in a deep breath, and move onto my left side to take a look at the Adonis who just fucked me into submission. Leaning on his right, outstretched arm, his eyes are closed and his dark hair is disheveled, as he struggles to catch his breath. Christ, what a sight he is to behold. He is fucking gorgeous, strong, powerful, and absolutely amazing in between the sheets! How did I manage to land on my feet and into this guy’s bed?

As though he reads my mind, those dark eyes flicker open. “Do you feel better now, girl?” he asks, his tone already goading me.

I bite my lip, considering how best to respond. Will I risk yet another spanking if I offer one of my usual sardonic answers? I’m not sure that my behind can take it. “Yes, thank you, sir,” I say, adding just enough emphasis to the final word to draw a smile from him.

In a flash those long arms move down and open, pulling me into a firm embrace. Despite the speed of his action, I do not resist him. In fact, strangely I welcome the interaction, wrapping myself against his hard body.

“It seems you’ll need to go back over my knee in the morning, young lady,” he murmurs into my hair. “Your snarky attitude is showing again already.”

I giggle into the soft waves of hair at his chest. “But you promised to take me back tomorrow morning?” I counter, only half serious in my argument.

“It’s still raining,” he whispers by means of reply. “We can’t possibly leave that early. A little fawn like you will never make it.”

I twist my head to look at his face, his eyes hooded with both his satisfaction and fatigue. “Little fawn?” I ask, puzzled at what this latest label is supposed to mean.

He smiles, leaning down to plant a hot kiss on my forehead. “Mmmm,” he agrees. “I’ve decided, that’s what you are, Goldie—my little fawn.”

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