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Good Cop, Bad Little Girl by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

Good Cop, Bad Little Girl by Rose St. Andrews

It was a small intimate ceremony, and it made Ellen both smile and moan. On the one hand, she was standing up there with her man, sporting a glowing red ass that no one could see, and Cassandra was their ‘Best Man.’ On the other, a number of the guys were snickering about the fact that she was in a white wedding gown. However, one glare from Cassandra got them to shut their pie-holes, and that made Ellen smile all the broader.

The one truly big minus was that she couldn’t run down the aisle with Bob. Her back was still giving her trouble, so he had to carry her, which was very easy for him. He even held her in his arms for their dance and she rested her feet on his. She felt like a little girl dancing with her daddy.

Their wedding night was pure bliss. Ellen, clad only in her veil, high heels and a white blindfold went over Bob’s lap for a royally good rump roasting with his hand and Cassandra’s wedding present: a small leather paddle. It was heart-shaped and had their names in it. She climaxed eight times before he screwed her brains out, and that took her to a full dozen. He’d actually been a little reluctant to spank her, as he was worried about her behind, but Ellen had assured him that her delicate little cheek had recovered.

The next morning, Bob carried her to the ‘medical room’, and laid her down on the exam table. She shivered to see him preparing all manner of things on a table.

“Bob—Daddy, what’s up?”

“Just relax, little one, and Daddy will take care of you. I have to get into the hospital for a very boring and long meeting, so I’m going to prepare you.”

Shit, I don’t know if I like the sound of that. “Um… so, what’s that mean?”

She found out. The first order of business was a shave! He got her smooth and clean. Then came the plugs again, and then something that made her gasp—a diaper.

“What the…? Daddy, no!” she wailed, reaching for it.

He smacked her hand. “Behave, Ellen. This is necessary. I’ll be gone several hours, and I don’t want you trying to walk without me here.”

“Ohhh, but come on, I can get to the bathroom. You just want to do this, don’t you?” she snapped.

“What if I do?” he replied with a smug grin. “It’s also what’s best for you, and as your daddy I decide that. So, behave!”

“Ohhh, yes, sir,” she groaned.

Holding her feet together, he lifted her legs. Waves of humiliation washed over her, as she was completely exposed, and then she heard the rustle of the diaper being spread out under her. He caressed and tickled her ass, poked her plugs, and then lowered her onto it. The mixture of plastic and cloth made her shiver. She’d never felt such a thing, at least not that she could remember, which only boosted her embarrassment. Then he spread her legs, and she was mortified to the point that she was certain her entire head was glowing bright red. What added to it was that he took his dear sweet time, slowly drawing the diaper up between her legs, and then brought the sides in to secure them with the tape.

He sat her up and grabbed some clothes, and Ellen cringed. It was a proper infant outfit: oversized shorts with elastic bands at the waist and legs, and yellow duckies all over them, except the seat. There the shorts had the words: “Daddy’s Baby Girl” in big red letters. Then he helped her with the shirt, which was white with multicolored bubbles all over it. Once she was dressed, he carried her to bed. There he set up food and drinks within easy reach, and gave her the TV remote. He then set up his laptop on the dresser across the room from the bed.

“Now, little baby Ellen, you will stay in bed until I get home. I have my webcam on and I’ll be checking in on you. I see you so much as take one step out of this bed you’ll get two sessions with the big paddle. Is that clear?”

She gulped. “Y-y-y-yes, sir,” she said softly.

He smiled down at her. “That’s my girl. Now, give Daddy a kiss.”

Bending down to her, they kissed, and he set off. Ellen tried to relax and just enjoy the TV, but lying around, doing nothing, and being controlled by Bob were all too much for her body to take. She grew horny. The minutes clicked along, her breathing became labored, and she hungered for release. It was maddening! Finally, she just couldn’t take it any longer. She lay back in bed, pulled the covers over her, and used her hands to the best of her ability, which was difficult. The damn pussy plug made true fun almost impossible. Then a second wrinkle was added.

She had to pee!

Ellen held out for almost an hour, but she finally filled her diaper, which sent her humiliation into overdrive. She squirmed, rubbed her thighs together, and arched her back to the point she was touching the bed with only her tip toes and the top of her head.

That was when Bob walked in. “Well, guess you didn’t mind being in bed while I was gone,” he said simply.

She squealed, un-arched her body, and snapped into a sitting position in an instant. “Daddy! I didn’t hear you come in. Um… well, you just said I had to stay in bed. You didn’t say anything about what I could or couldn’t do in bed.”

Bob stood there, chin in hand, and contemplated her words. Ellen fidgeted in torturous delight, made all the more horrid by the fact that she was wet.

“All right, little girl, you win this round. However, I will devise a means of tormenting you like nothing you’ve ever known,” he said, trying to sound stern, yet he did grin and wink at her.

The air shot from Ellen’s lungs and her throat grew tight. She had almost climaxed again right then and there. “Y-y-yes, sir. Um, Daddy, I need… a change.”

“Oh, do you now? Okay, as I don’t want a chance of diaper rash for my little girl, you’ll get it.”

Hoisting her up in his arms, he took her to the table, and removed her diaper. He held her feet high in the air, wiped her down, and then slipped a fresh diaper on her. Her jaw dropped. Bob lifted her to his chest, and off they went to the kitchen to start lunch.

“Dadddyyy, why a diaper again? You’re home, I can use the bathroom!”

“Well, as you had such a good time in your diaper this morning, you can just stay in one for the rest of the day. Another word of complaint and you’ll stay in them all week,” he snapped.

She gulped. “Y-y-yes, Daddy.”

They then sat down to eat, and Ellen was relieved that he didn’t feed her. She also thanked God he didn’t have any baby food in the house.

“So, sweetie, I have some big news.”

Her eyebrows went up. “Oh, what’s up, Daddy?”

“Well, I have been offered a teaching position out on Long island, at Hofstra Medical School.”

“Wow! So, are you thinking of taking it?”

He nodded. “Yeah, I think it’s for the best. The hospital is looking at cutbacks, and I’ve told them that I’d be willing to take early retirement to teach, and then be available to consult on any special cases that came along.”

“So, what would that mean for us?”

“Well, I think the best thing would be for us to move. Hempstead is a wonderful area. We could get a nice place there, still be close to the city, and I’d have a short commute to work.”

“We could get a house, a real house with a backyard and stuff?”

Bob grinned. “You mean like a… swing set?”

Ellen cast her eyes down and played with her fingers. “Um… yeah.”

“I think that could be arranged. I know a great neighborhood where there are several homes available. They’ve had a lot of foreclosures.”

“Really? When can we go look at some?”

“Oh, I think that can be arranged soon. I’ll see what I can line up.”

After lunch, Ellen was back in bed. This time with some toys and books to play with and the TV set on the Cartoon Network. Bob went off to work, but kept tabs on her via the webcam. Just like at lunch, he returned to a little girl in need of a changing, and then set to making dinner. She wasn’t allowed to help, watch, or even be in the kitchen while he did, which worried her. Instead, she had to play with her coloring books and crayons in the living room and wait.

She truly squirmed, as she knew this was one of his favorite means of tormenting her. Everything smelled wonderful and her mouth was watering by the time he came to carry her to the table. It was then that she saw what he had planned. He’d made them dinner all right, but all her dishes had been put through the blender!

She was eating baby food. Ellen opened her mouth to protest, and Bob promptly filled it. As much as she hated to admit it, it was delicious.

“This is part one of your new baby… protocol, my sweet. Tomorrow morning, when I leave for work, you’ll get part two. And before you ask, I’m not telling,” he quipped.

Ellen groaned. “Oh, you’re just a big meanie.”

He fed her, ate his dinner, and then gave her dessert—ice cream. The evening included a glimmer of semi-adult fun: they played cards and watched a movie. At bedtime, he ran a bath and sat her in it. It was part age play and fun, but it was also therapy. Lying there in the water, on her stomach (her chin resting on the end edge), Bob gently massaged her lower back. Her leg felt better, while the toes of her right foot tingled.

“Sweetie, how you feeling? This helping?”

“Oh yeah; I haven’t felt this good in years!”

“Oh really? Huh, well, I guess I know where I stand in the hierarchy of pleasing my girl,” he snorted.

Reaching back, he goosed her, and she giggled. She knew he was just kidding with her. It did feel good to just relax and let someone take care of her. She was getting rather used to that, and she did love it. The surrender, the giving up of control over her life—her very body—was a comfort, a thrill, and totally humiliating. Once clean, Bob gently dried her, she put her plugs back in, and then he did something that surprised her. He again put her in a diaper, pajamas, and then put her in bed.

“Hey! Wait a minute, what about… sex?” she whined.

“Well, as you found fulfillment without me, this is yet another element to what Daddy is going to do with his baby. You get put to bed as is, little girl.”

She groaned. “Ohhh, yes, sir.”

“Good girl. Now, I’ll leave my door and your door open. If you have any troubles, any pains or need anything, you just give a shout. Okay, sweetie?”

That got Ellen smiling. She heard the concern in his voice, saw the love and devotion in his eyes, and she knew she was in good hands. Daddy Bob would take good care of her.

She nodded. “Yes, Daddy, and thank you.”

While she hated the lack of sex, it felt good that Bob was taking care of her, and would be there if she needed help. Rolling over, she grabbed her blanket, pulled it close, and tried to settle down to sleep. It wasn’t easy.

In the morning, Bob let her use the bathroom on her own, but when she returned to dress, she found him mixing up something.

“Okay, baby, on the bed on your knees, and head down,” he said simply.

“Um… okay,” she stammered.

Getting into position, she shivered. Her mind screamed its desire for control, or at least answers, but her body obeyed only Bob. He moved around behind her, and she bit her lip hard in an effort to control herself. She gasped when she felt his hands—encased in latex gloves—touch her ass and part her cheeks. Out came her plug and lubricant swirled around her anus. Her eyes popped open as he thrust a large nozzle into her, and then she grimaced and groaned when warm soapy water rushed into her.

He was giving her an enema.

“Dadddyyyy… why this?”

“To clean you out good and proper,” he quipped. “This is the second part of your baby set up, little girl. Maybe it’ll teach you not to play with yourself!”

She squealed at his touch, his fingers sliding between her legs to wiggle and nudge that plug around in her pussy. Her fingers dug into the sheets. It was all too much for her, being totally submissive, the enema, the touching. She was mortified beyond belief, and it ignited a fire deep inside her.

The enema was a reflection—a mirror image—of what he did to her as her daddy. The more water he forced her to take, the great the flames that engulfed her pussy. Only when she was filled to the point of bursting was she allowed to scamper off to the bathroom, go, and then put her plug in. When she returned, he had a diaper ready, but didn’t put it on her. Instead, he sat on the end of the bed. He didn’t have to say anything; she knew what was expected of her. She put her cuffs on and assumed the position.

He started spanking, steady and firm, and not at all in any hurry. Ellen yelped and squealed, as his hand danced from one small cheek to the other. The feel of his dress trousers under her added to her excitement and embarrassment. He was dressed for work, she was still nude, and knew the most she could hope for was a diaper and baby clothes.

“Ouch! Daddy, what did I do? Ow! Is this about yesterday?”

“That’s right. Daddy is going to warm you up good, but only with his hand.”

Ellen’s brow wrinkled. This doesn’t make any sense. If this is a punishment, he should be using a paddle or strap. Why just his…? Oh, I get it. It’s part of his torture. Get me raging hot, but not allow me to get off. Oh, he is so evil!

She was right. Bob spanked her cherry red and nicely hot, but denied her a climax. Then it was diaper time and he dressed her in shorts and a top. The sleeves of the pink shirt, covered with Hello Kitty, were sewn into the sides. As a result, they restricted her arms so much that there was no way she’d be able to get her hands inside her diaper. He then sat her in the bed and did it like before: food and snacks near her, the remote and phone, some toys and stuffed animals, and that was it.

“Now, so long as you are a good baby and behave until I get home, you get to grow up and get Daddy’s special attention. If there’s any sort of real emergency, you call at once, okay? I’m serious, sweetie; I don’t want anything happening to you.”

Ellen managed a small smile. “Yes, Daddy, and don’t worry—on any front. I’ll be good.”

Bending down, he kissed her on the forehead. “That’s my girl. I’ll see you at lunch, and I’ll bring home something very special too.”

She squealed in girlish delight, but then clamped her mouth shut before daring to ask what it might be. Bob was not about to tell her or even give her the tiniest hint. Oh, he knew how to torment her!

He then set off for work and she tried to relax and play. The heat in her seat, which felt like fingers tickling her clit and g-spot, drove her wild, and no amount of TV or play could distract her from that delightful agony.

Finally, after what seemed like about two full days, Bob returned. When he stepped into the doorway—completely naked—Ellen smiled. It seemed he wasn’t beating around the bush today.

“Daddy, I’ve missed you,” she said happily.

“Somehow, even without the webcam feed, I could figure that out.”

Moving to the bed, they embraced, yet he didn’t remove her clothes. It was frustrating and infuriating. It also made her wet! She was restricted, her movements limited, and he was once more in control of everything. They rolled about, their lips caressing each other, their arms stroking, and he eventually slid her diaper off. She moaned as his fingers squeeze her cheeks, the lingering sting enflaming her passion. Then came another surprise—he wiggled the plug from her ass, rolled her over, and replaced it with the tip of his cock.

Ellen squealed. “Oh! D-d-daddy, no, not that.”

“Oh, I think so. What, are you an anal virgin, my dear?” he chuckled.

He pulled back. She squirmed, and then he drove his cock home! She wailed, and felt his hips start to rock and thrust into her ass, his cock sliding in and out of her.

“I-I-I ohhh, yes, yes I-I ammm… ” she howled.

“Well, you won’t be for long!”

Up on his knees behind her he went, dragging her up with him. She was face down in the pillow, her arms essentially pinned to her sides. He slammed into her over and over, his strong and firm body creating yet another sting in her ass, and all the while his cock sending shudders of painful ecstasy echoing through her pelvis. She begged and pleaded for mercy, but got none. Bob knew better; it was clear he could read the signals her body was giving off. Every time she called out for him to stop, her body implored him to continue.

He did.

Faster and harder he drilled her. Her thighs started to spasm. When he reached between her legs to wiggle and tap her pussy plug, she squealed and gasped for air.

“Oh, God… ohhh, Goddd, yes… yesss, I love it. Do it, give it to meeee…” she screamed and came.

Bob groaned and shot his load deep into her ass, and that added to her climax. Ellen slammed her face down into the pillow and screamed so hard her lungs hurt. It was several minutes before she came down, and only when Bob was done with her did he roll her over and embrace her. They lay there, catching their breath, and relished the afterglow. While Ellen loved lying nestled in the warmth of Bob’s body, the pulsing and throbbing of her ass set off contradictory feelings inside her. There was pain and there was pleasure, and the latter was forcing her body to crave still more attention from Bob.

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