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Gray: A Dark Romance by Measha Stone – Extended Preview

The first lash breaks through every expectation I held before it lands across my cheeks. I howl, raising myself up on my toes. Did I really think he’d be anything except cruel now? He is my abductor. Why would he not make this as painful as possible?

“Now is as good a time as any to go over the rules.” His words are lost amidst my cry after the second strike of the supple leather.

“It hurts, Dorian!” I cry out, throwing my arm behind me, hoping to shield my upturned ass from the beast he’s unleashed against me.

“It looks like it does,” he agrees with me then grabs my wrist and wrangles it to the small of my back, pinning it there. “These red marks are beautiful against your creamy skin.” He trails the tip of a finger along what I assume is the mark he’s talking about.

“Now, the rules.” His finger is gone, and another lash connects. I rise up further on my toes. If I weren’t wearing my running shoes, I would be slipping all over the carpet. I suppose I should be grateful for the extra grip these damn shoes offer.

“Please stop!” I wiggle my hips to one side, but he easily pushes me back flat on my stomach. His elbow digs into my wrist, pinning it to my back while he wraps the rest of his arm around my waist to tuck me against his body.

“I will stop once the lesson is learned.” The belt comes down again and again and again. My cries wither away to moans. My mind can’t process anything outside the blinding pain of the punishment he is hellbent on giving.

“While you are here, Sylvia, you will be obedient.” The belt strikes at the lowest point of my ass and a new, white-hot pain sears into my flesh. “You will be truthful.” Again, the same spot is hit. “You will be respectful, which means no yelling, no cursing, no stomping or pouting.” Each dictate earns another slap of the belt and by the time he’s finished, I’m breathless.

But something much worse is happening as the spanking continues. My body softens to him; it warms in places that should be shut down right now.

“Do you understand what I’ve said, Sylvia?” His question cuts through my heart thrashing in my ears and I realize the spanking has stopped. The belt has been replaced by his hand, gently stroking my throbbing ass. He’s fully seated on the bed beside me, his elbow no longer digging into my arm.

“You want me to be a good girl for you, is that right?” I can’t hide the snark; I’m scared and when I’m fearful my attitude is harder to keep in check.

He chuckles. “I do, yes. That’s precisely it.” He pats my cheek. “But when it calls for it, I will want you to be my very bad girl too.” His nails dig into my thigh, and I hiss as he drags them up toward the tender spots of my ass. “Like that, yes,” he praises.

I drop my forehead to the bed, taking in breaths and trying to calm my body. It seems every nerve ending has come alive, bombarding my senses. He slides off of the bed. I’m sure he’s leaving now, and I can plot his murder in peace.

Only he’s not done with me. His hands are on my ass cheeks, pulling them apart. I start, clenching my body instantly.

“I’m making things better for you, Sylvia. Don’t fight me on this.” It’s a warning I’m inclined to accept given the throbbing of my ass.

His tongue touches my clit and once more my body is rocketed to full alert. I push up to my tiptoes again, unsure which is greater—the pain of my cheeks or the pleasure between my legs.

“Shhh, that’s my good girl.” He moves again, and I realize that he’s on his knees behind me. His tongue swirls around my swollen clit and then swipes through my folds. I fist my hands, clench my eyes, trying everything to block out what he’s doing to me.

“So wet,” he mutters against my pussy. “You’re so wet for me. I knew you would be.” He flicks his tongue over my clit harder and harder, faster, and faster, until I’m moving my hips back toward him. It’s been too long since I’ve had a man touch me like this, that’s what I tell myself. It’s the only logical reason for wanting his touch now after what he’s done.

“You taste so sweet.” He nips at my labia. “So sweet.”

“Dorian. Please,” I whine and who knows what I’m complaining about. If he stops now, I’m not sure I’ll recover, my body is so close to release.

He leans back, taking his tongue and his touch away from me. I look over my shoulder. He shucks out of his suit jacket and unbuttons his pants. A moment later he fists his cock, slowly stroking the thick shaft until a heavy bead of pre-cum rests at the tip. With a single finger, he swipes it away and leans over my body, bringing it to my lips.

“Taste me,” he orders and slides his finger past my lips and over my tongue. He’s salty and sweet. My juices mingle with his own on his skin. “I’m going to fuck you hard now. I’m going to let you come this time but know in the future if I have to punish you, I will take your cunt for my own pleasure and leave you wanting. Do you understand that?”

I swallow; the taste of him lingers on my tongue. “Yes, Dorian.” I nod because he seems to want more than just a word.

“Hold your skirt up for me and arch your back.” A dark storm swirls in his eyes as he gives this instruction and for a moment, I remember what he said downstairs. I haven’t seen the monster unleashed yet, and I wonder if this is a glimpse of him.

I gather my skirt and hoist it up further from where it had slid down. “I’m not sure we should do this.” As though I have some choice in this. Do I? If I beg him not to do this, will he listen? Dorian isn’t a man to take no for an answer. He’s proven what lengths he will go to in order to get what he wants.

“You’ll be sure in a minute.” His fingertips touch my ass, trailing over another mark, I think. “Your ass is so beautiful marked like this. If you hadn’t been so bad, I’d kiss each of these welts.” Yanking my ass cheeks apart, he pushes the round head of his cock against my entrance.

“Dorian…” My breath washes away with his first thrust. He’s bigger than I estimated, thicker and much longer. I let go of my skirt to fist the bedding, but he smacks my ass.

“Keep your skirt up high. Hold it in place, Sylvia. Offer yourself to me.” He pulls back, dragging his cock nearly all the way out before plowing forward again. The bed creaks beneath us as he does it again.

My pussy stretches around him. “Ah!” I cry out as he hardens his thrusts. But I don’t want him to stop. Every time he drives forward, my clit brushes against the blanket beneath me. It’s just a tiny feeling, almost nothing, but when coupled with his cock, it’s enough to drive me to the brink.

“Finger your clit.” His fingers dig into my hips as he grabs hold of me and increases his motions. He’s dragging me back to him while plowing forward. Each stroke of his cock pushes me further and further to the edge of pleasure.

I slide one hand between me and the mattress, easily finding my swollen clit. I’m soaked. I’ve never been so wet, so needy before. My finger glides right over the sensitive bud and it’s enough to make my pussy tighten.

“Fuck, your pussy is so sweet. So good. You squeeze my cock so tightly. Such a good girl for me.” He grips me harder and drives into me faster. “Come for me, Sylvia.”

My fingers sweep over my clit, but it’s his cock filling and stretching that’s making me want to scream out his name. It shouldn’t be this easy with him. I’ve never been so quick to reach the threshold. There’s pain as his fingers dig deeper, his nails cut into my skin, his cock pistons inside so hard, so fast I can barely breathe from it. And it melts perfectly into the pleasure, driving me further and further until the pressure in my belly can’t be contained anymore.

I scream until my voice gives out and all that’s left is my throat stretching around a noiseless cry. My body shakes with pleasure-filled waves ricocheting against my nerve endings.

“So good! So perfect!” he cries out behind me, plummeting into me again and again, until he too stills, and his own release takes him over. Hot streams of his cum fill my passage.

In the end, I’m weightless. Exhausted and confused.

He gingerly lets go of my hips and slips his cock free of my pussy. Immediately, his seed spills down my thigh.

“You’re making a mess.” He chuckles. “It’s pretty, my cum sliding down your thighs with my marks on your ass.”

I release my skirt and bring both hands up to my head and rest on them. I’m too tired to combat him, too lost in my confusion to try to sort this all out.

A moment later, a wet, warm towel presses against my thighs and drags up to my pussy. “I have a meeting tonight that I can’t miss.” He takes his time cleaning me, as though I’m a precious of piece of china.

Once the cloth is gone, he pulls my skirt down and pulls on my elbow until I’m back on my feet. The fabric of my skirt, although soft, makes my ass ache when it brushes against his marks.

“Can I count on you to be a good girl, or do I need to lock you up while I’m gone? Maurice will be able to see to any need you have.” He brushes my hair from my face. I don’t even want to imagine the mess I am right now.

“I want to go home, Dorian.”

He smiles and lets out a breath. “I want you to stay.”

“I won’t ever stop trying to leave.” There’s little weight to my words right now. I’m surprised he doesn’t flat out laugh in my face.

“And I’ll never stop catching you.” He kisses my cheek; it’s soft and sweet, and nothing like the harshness of the last hour. “Locked up then?”

I half laugh. This conversation is absurd.

“I won’t run today.” I’m too tired and I need to know the layout of the place first. Where are these guards he mentioned? How many men are in the house?

“Good. Then free reign of the house. Except my bedroom.” His eyes darken again. “It’s the room directly beside this one. It’s off limits.”

I swallow my question of why and simply nod. “All right, Dorian.”

He grins then checks his watch. “Dinner will be served at seven o’clock. There’s a television room downstairs, a library, and other rooms that you can explore as much as you want. I won’t be too late.”

“When you get home, what then?” I ask as he turns for the exit.

“Then the real fun begins.” He winks and disappears through the door.

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