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Guardian Daddy by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

Abigail couldn’t believe he’d forgotten his promise to use his belt on her ass before fucking it. She’d never tried anal sex before but ever since he’d told her about the punishment for touching herself without permission she’d longed for the experience.

It frustrated her that Jericho had forgotten about her punishment. She wanted it… she needed it!

She growled under her breath as she looked through the pantry and cabinets. Her shoulders began to relax as she realized she had all the ingredients needed to make a gourmet meal from the fish they’d caught earlier in the day.

She’d seen some herbs still growing in the badly neglected garden that lined the walkway in front of the cabin. She would use it to make an herbed butter to cook the bass, basting it until the skin was deliciously crisp on the outside and the inner flesh was tender and succulent.

In the garden she squealed with delight when she found rosemary, sage, basil, and wild garlic. Automatically weeding and clearing away leaves as she gathered the herbs she needed to make dinner, she thought about where she would plant what to bring the small garden back to life.

“My grandmother loved her garden. This cabin is where they lived after they retired. I spent most of my summers with them on this lake,” Jericho said from behind where she knelt harvesting the herbs.

“You’ve neglected it,” Abigail said softly, enjoying the feel of her hands in the soil and the rich smell of the dirt.

He studied her for a minute and then nodded in agreement. “I haven’t been here much in the last few years. I like the sight of you in her garden. My grandmother would have liked you—both of my grandparents would have.”

She smiled as she rose with a bundle of herbs to return to the kitchen. His words warmed her and soothed her ruffled feathers. Abigail was eager to start cooking. She’d always heard the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. Tonight she would make a valiant effort to make a foray into that area.

Abigail hummed as she cooked, completely relaxed and in her element. She’d forgotten how pleasurable it was to cook without any stress or deadlines hanging over her head. The pan-roasted bass was accompanied by asparagus with hollandaise sauce and puffy Yorkshire pudding. She’d even made a flourless chocolate cake for dessert with fresh whipped cream. She hoped the cream hadn’t been for Jericho’s coffee but hopefully after he tasted it on the cake he would forgive her if it was.

She set Jericho’s plate on the table in front of him before she turned to pull the rolls she’d made from the oven and quickly placed them in a basket with a saucer of herbed butter between them. Jericho groaned in appreciation when he saw them.

“I’m going to gain twenty pounds if you cook like this very often,” he said, winking at her as he grabbed a roll and liberally slathered it in the rich herb butter.

Abigail grabbed her plate and sat down next to him, more than ready to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

There wasn’t a lot of talking over dinner as they both enjoyed their food. She was pleased with how well everything had turned out. Jericho had been very complimentary between mouthfuls and had been as excited as a child over Christmas at the sight of the chocolate cake and fresh whipped cream.

They cleaned up the kitchen together in silent camaraderie, loading the dishwasher and washing the pots and pans before disinfecting the counters.

She smiled as she turned to look up at Jericho. “Should I make some coffee?”

Jericho gave her a stern look. “First I believe I owe you a punishment, little girl. Strip and then bend over the end of the couch.”

Abigail blinked at him in surprise as her tummy flipped and her core grew wet and tingly as she registered the meaning of his words. “Now?”

“You better get moving, little girl, before I add more to what you already have coming.” His deep tone seemed to slide inside her and rub along her insides like an invisible caress.

Jericho saw a shiver run through her body at his command. He watched as she moved quickly to the living room stripping her clothing as she went until her lovely curves were fully exposed to his view.

Abbie looked over her shoulder at him before bending over the end of the couch. Her full round bottom was lifted perfectly for punishment.

“Spread your legs apart.” Jericho watched as she moved her legs wide apart, giving him a delectable view of her wet slit.

Reaching for the buckle on his belt, he released it and then pulled it through the loops. Wrapping the buckle and about half the belt around his hand, Jericho lightly stroked her ass with the tongue of the belt. “Are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes, sir.” Abbie kept her eyes straight ahead.

“Good girl.” He placed one hand on the small of her back then lifted his arm and brought the belt back sharply to land on the under curve of her full backside.

She went up on her toes and released her breath in a whoosh of air in response to the first stroke of his belt, a beautiful line of color appearing in its wake.

He laid another stroke directly on top of the first, deepening the color of the stripe on her bottom. He laid two more in the same place until the line was a brilliant shade of red. Then he lined up the next area for his attention.

“Owww!” Abbie whimpered as another stroke fell directly beneath the first line.

Jericho laid four strokes in a row before starting another line below the last to cover the upper part of her thighs. Abbie sobbed softly as he finished then switched sides. He laid two more strokes over each area then moved behind her. “Hold your bottom open for me.”

She looked over her shoulder at him, her cheeks stained with tears but he could see the arousal leaking down the tops of her thighs in response to his belt. “What?”

“You heard me, little girl, show me that tight little hole I’m about to fuck.”

Abigail felt a flush of embarrassment fill her face and neck at his words. She was mortified by the idea of spreading her ass cheeks open so he could look at her most private place but she was also highly aroused by the idea.

She reached behind her, catching a sore bottom cheek in each hand and spreading herself wide.

She gasped when the tongue of the belt slapped up against the wet lips of her pussy. “Ohhh!”

It stung but also sent a jolt of heat straight to her clit. Her ass was on fire from his belt, feeling swollen and hot in her hands. The belt slapped up three more times in swift succession, causing fresh tears to spring to her eyes even as she was hanging on the cusp of an orgasm.

She nearly went over the edge when she heard the zipper of his pants lower, her channel clenching down on air and magnifying its emptiness.

Abigail heard herself give a whimper of need, she ached so badly to be filled.

Then he was there slamming inside of her needy core to the hilt and bringing her back up on her toes as he bottomed out against her cervix. “Oh, god… I… ooohhooo!”

Jericho withdrew completely then pounded back inside even harder, pounding against her cervix and sending her over the edge. “Good girl. Come all over Daddy’s cock and get it nice and slick for your tight little ass.”

“Daddy… oooh… oh, Daddy!” she wailed as he fucked her relentlessly, sending her over the edge a second time. Her hands squeezed down on her ass cheeks, reawakening the pain of her lashing but increasing her excitement at the same time.

Then he pulled completely free of her slick core and she felt the wet head of his cock against her tight asshole. She licked her lips, whimpering as he pressed firmly against the ring of muscle keeping him out.

“Ohhh… ohh, Daddy, it burns!”

The firm press of his thick cock forced her inner muscles to open for him, burning more as the pressure continued.

“Open for me, baby, and push back against me. Relax… deep breath,” Jericho told her through gritted teeth.

Abigail inhaled deeply as she rocked her hips back forcing herself to relax. His cock slid deeper and she felt a frisson of pleasure join with the burning discomfort as he withdrew again only to slide even deeper with his next thrust. Then he pressed her down as he began to pump in and out of her tender hole, taking her more thoroughly with each inward thrust.

“Ohh… ooowww… ooohooo… owww… ooooh, yes, Daddy, yes!” she cried out as the pain suddenly changed to pure carnal pleasure. She realized she wanted more. “Oh, please, Daddy… please…”

Then he was pressed inside her to the hilt, she felt stretched beyond capacity impaled on his cock. She felt owned… like she belonged to this man more completely than she had to anyone else… even herself.

“Let go of your bottom cheeks now and ride your hand. Fuck that sweet little pussy and rub your clit while I fuck your ass hard,” he commanded and she immediately slipped her hand between herself and the couch to send two fingers deep while her palm rubbed against her clit.

Jericho caught her hips in his hand as he withdrew only to slam back inside. Bracing her firmly he began to fuck her without mercy, each inward thrust slapping against her well spanked ass and forcing her down harder on her fingers.

The pleasure and pain began to intertwine until she was shaking under the force of the orgasm building inside of her.

“Are you going to be a good girl and come hard with Daddy’s cock planted deep inside your ass?”

“Ohh, god… oh, yes! Yes, Daddy! Yes!” she cried out as she exploded with the biggest orgasm she’d ever had, her asshole clamping down on his cock and her body jerking beneath him. Jericho gave a shout of satisfaction as he slammed into her one last time and she felt the hot splash of his seed on the sensitive inner walls of her ass.

She shivered in the aftermath of her orgasm, enjoying the warmth of his large body over hers enveloping her in his strength. Abigail felt safe and secure in her daddy’s embrace, content to bask in the afterglow of her punishment.

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