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Guardian by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

I thought he was going to rush in his mission to bare my flesh, but he took his time. He slid his hand back and forth across my skin teasingly, lightly pulling my panties down as he went. When he finally grasped them fully in his hand, I expected him to bare me gently.

Instead, he tore them right off. Viciously.

I yelped as the cotton fabric pinched at my tender folds. His motion was so fast that the cloth scraped against me, and a vicious flare of hot agony pulsed between my thighs. For several seconds, the burning sting intensified cruelly, until at long last it began to ebb away. It never disappeared though. It simply lessened to a scalding ache that would linger long after the fabric left my skin.

I trembled for several moments before he leaned over me once more. This time, the only thing that separated his flesh from mine was the fabric of his jeans. Roughly, he forced one leg between mine and pressed his thigh firmly up against my pussy.

I squirmed against him, trying to pull away but I only succeeded in rubbing my sore clit against the coarse fabric of his jeans. I stilled, finding the motion strangely compelling.

I swallowed a moan of pleasure, biting my lip hard in an effort to keep quiet.

His cock pulsed against me, hard and firm and so incredibly big. My pussy clenched against his thigh at the thought of taking it deep inside me. I wondered what it would feel like. Would I like it? Would it hurt when I took a man inside me for the first time?

His hand drew forward and I looked at the torn remnants of my panties. He had laid them so that the gusset of my panties was fully displayed in his palm.

“Tell me, what do you see?” he pressed, and I tried to shut my thighs instinctually. He didn’t allow that.

I swallowed hard, staring at the light pink fabric. There was a large patch that was stained a much darker pink, clear evidence that his rough manhandling had made me very wet.

Fuck. Would he really do it? Would he really take me bent over this log with my pants pulled down to my knees?

I clamped my lips shut and he released my arm, only to slap it down hard on my right bottom cheek. I yelped in surprise at the sound. It was so much louder than before and when the sting of it finally reared its head, its sharpness took my breath away.

“A spanking on this perfect little ass will hurt much more now that I’ve bared it. You will answer me and tell me what you see on those pretty panties unless you want to find out what that feels like,” he warned.

I shivered, feeling the full effect of that single smack on my barer skin now.

“Although, I must say, it’s far more enjoyable to watch my mark rise on your skin,” he mused, and my clit throbbed that much harder. I was having far more trouble keeping myself still now. All I wanted to do was grind against his thigh so that I could come.

“Please,” I pleaded.

I tried to summon my fury back, but it had seemingly wilted and faded away into nothingness. The only thing left was my burning arousal. Would he really fuck me like he said he would?

“What. Is. This,” he demanded, and I opened my lips, trying to find the words to answer. My focus was narrowed in on the panties and for a moment, words failed me. My shame compounded, swallowing my voice and claiming it hostage. My cheeks burned hot, and I was thankful that he couldn’t see just how much of an effect he was having on me.

I paid for my silence when he slapped my left bottom cheek hard. I yelped and squirmed against him.

“It’s a wet spot,” I finally managed to say, wanting to avoid any more stinging smacks to my backside. My core was spiraling with heat, and I was practically shaking with my desire. Without meaning to, I rolled my hips and ground my clit against his thigh. A powerful jolt of pleasure raced through me and when he chuckled knowingly, I groaned with sheer mortification.

“You’ve soaked through your panties, naughty girl,” he whispered, and my hips rolled once again. If I could get out of here, I could finish myself off with my fingers. He wouldn’t need to know how much I wanted to come right now.

“Please don’t do this,” I begged again.

He brought my panties closer to my lips and I tried to pull back, but he didn’t give me even an inch as he forcibly rubbed that soaked fabric back and forth across my lips. It was still warm.

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

“Taste yourself,” he demanded, and another delicious blossom of pleasure pierced through me as I ground against his thigh.

“No, I can’t,” I squeaked, and his hand slapped my ass hard twice in a row, making me yelp at the burning sting.

“Keep pushing me, Emma, and you’ll find out what a real punishment feels like,” he growled, and my core spiraled with desire at the heated threat. I shivered hard and opened my mouth. Tentatively, I stuck my tongue out and started to lick the spot I’d left behind.

The musky sweet taste of my own arousal was jarring at first. I’d never tasted myself like this before and it came with a deep sense of shame that I couldn’t push away. I knew he was watching every mortifying moment and for some insanely twisted reason, it was only turning me on. I wouldn’t admit it to him or anyone else, not even myself.

“Clean it off, bad girl,” he directed and one of his hands squeezed my bottom hard. It reignited the fire from his palm, which made my inner walls go haywire. I couldn’t decide if I hated his heavy-handedness or if there was a dark unknown part of me that kind of liked it.

Maybe he was just the right kind of wrong for me.

With increasing shame, I licked up and down my sodden panties until the taste of myself faded away. He finally pulled the cloth away and quickly secured my wrists with them. I was so surprised that I forgot to fight him. Only when they were fully bound together did I think to try to get out of them. Surprisingly, they were tight enough that I couldn’t pull my wrists free. His ability to tie them in a knot was impeccable.

I feared that the only way I’d gain my freedom was if he cut me out.

“Let me up, Hector,” I tried, giving one last ditch effort to negotiate with him.

“I don’t think so,” he replied.

“I won’t tell anyone about this. I promise,” I pressed, trying to play on his sympathies.

When he chuckled, I was taken about by the dark intention in that nefarious sound. My pussy tightened reflexively, and I pressed my thighs around his leg, trying to cover myself and failing. How much of my naked body could he see?

“No. You won’t, will you?” he asked darkly, and I refused to answer. One of his hands pressed down on my lower back and the other lingered on my backside, tracing along my skin. I trembled with reluctant sensation. It drifted across my body like petals on the wind and soon enough, it surrounded me completely.

Almost unconsciously, my hips rose to his touch and his fingers cruelly squeezed my backside. I cried out and he released me. I breathed a sigh of relief at his mercy, but then his palm crashed down on the same spot. The air rushed out of my lungs and a brilliant spark of pain blossomed around my left cheek and then he did it again on the other side.

He started spanking me in earnest and I was soon overwhelmed by the rising intensity of the fire his palm created. Just when it felt like it was bordering on too much, he stopped and started tracing his fingertips across my scalded flesh.

“This bare little ass looks so pretty like this,” he murmured, and my thighs flexed around his leg. I kind of liked when he talked to me like that, and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why.

I decided not to think about it anymore and to just focus on his touch. I whined a little when he pulled his leg from in between mine. I pressed my thighs together halfheartedly, trying to hide my arousal and not wanting to at the same time.

My bottom stung, and when he dragged his nails across my punished flesh, I sucked in a breath as a wave of sensation dove right into my core. His hands fully explored my backside, dipping lower and lower until they edged down onto my thighs. With a quiet gasp, I tried to tell myself that I didn’t want this, that I didn’t want him to slap my ass again and slide his fingers between my legs. That I didn’t want him to make me come.

It was all a lie. I knew it and he knew it too. I was sure of it.

“You spanked me again,” I breathed. I wasn’t angry, even though I felt like I should be. Instead, I was intrigued. I’d never been more aroused than this very moment. Every inch of my body was screaming for him to take me, and I couldn’t fight it for much longer. I closed my eyes and vowed to myself that I wouldn’t beg for him to take me.

“I did, didn’t I?” he answered, and a heated shiver raced up and down my spine.

When his fingers finally grazed the interior of my thigh, I started, not ready for the way his fingertips would slide across my soaked flesh. He didn’t stop when he grazed my wet folds. He just continued exploring me at his leisure like he had all the time in the world, like he wasn’t touching the place no man had ever touched before.

“What if someone sees?” I squeaked.

“Then let them see,” he replied, and his fingers slipped fully in between my legs. He found my clit and I moaned openly once he began to circle it. Sheer pleasure raced through me, decadent and twisted and only partially unwanted. In an instant, I was certain his fingers would be that much better than my own and I couldn’t help myself as I ground my pussy against him.

The thought of someone happening upon me like this with my spanked ass up in the air and his fingers between my thighs was both terrifying and exciting. I’d be mortified, but this felt dangerous, and my clit throbbed that much harder in anticipation of what was to come.

He pulled his fingers backwards and before I was ready for it, he slipped a single finger inside me while rubbing another one back and forth on my clit.

Oh. My. God.

I wasn’t sure what heaven would feel like, but I was pretty sure it would be something like this. I could feel every rough knuckle pushing in and out of me and I shuddered with need as my pussy salaciously clenched around him, over and over again until I felt an orgasm brewing deep inside me.

I knew instinctually that it would be the best one I’d ever had. Far better than any of the ones I’d given myself.

“You’re so wet, Emma. This sweet little pussy is going to take my cock so very nicely,” he observed. My inner walls clenched around him with every wicked syllable that fell from his lips.

“Yes, sir,” I replied, shuddering with arousal as he teased me relentlessly. The words had seamlessly fallen from my lips like they were the most natural thing in the world. A part of me wanted to take them back, but an even larger piece of me didn’t.

“Hearing you finally refer to me properly makes my cock very, very hard,” he purred, and I gasped with terrible need as his finger pressed in and out of me. Before I was ready, he added a second digit and for the first time, I felt a burning stretch from his forced entry. It flared hot for a moment and then faded to a more sizzling ache.

I moaned quietly, then slammed my lips together, embarrassed that I’d made such a sound for him because of what he was doing to me. He pushed his fingers in deeper and a sudden stinging pain radiated deep inside me. I gasped in shock, and he paused.

“You’ve never taken a man here, have you?” he asked, the command in his voice making me shiver.

“No, sir,” I answered and the deep growl of desire that followed made my entire body tremble with need.

“I’m going to take great pleasure in being your first,” he murmured. He started pumping his fingers in and out of me a little faster and my need grew even more intense.

“Hector, please,” I gasped.

He pressed one finger forward, sliding it against my clit as the other two pressed in and out of my greedy pussy. He showed no signs of slowing down and there was a deep shameful part of me that didn’t want him to.

“Please what?” he pressed, and I shook my head, clamping my lips shut. If I spoke now, I’m not sure what I would say. I wasn’t convinced that I wouldn’t just beg him to fuck me with his cock.

When I didn’t answer him, he pulled his fingers free from my body. He reached forward and presented them only a few inches from my face. They were glistening in the sunlight, soaking wet with the evidence of my arousal.

“I’m going to fuck you, Emma. I’m going to fuck you so hard that you will be too sore and exhausted to walk until morning. You can scream all you like, but I’m not going to stop until I feel like this soaking wet pussy has been properly dealt with,” he announced.

My lips opened and he shoved his fingers in my mouth. I didn’t need to be told to clean them off. I swirled my tongue around them, and he groaned with pleasure.

I decided that I liked that. I liked that a whole lot.

“Mhhhmmmm. Good girl,” he crooned.

I liked that too.

When he pulled them free, I heard the jangling of his belt as he unclasped it. The noise from his zipper as he freed his cock seemed impossibly loud.

He didn’t force his cock inside me right away. For a moment, he just edged his pelvis forward until his erection pressed up against my right bottom cheek. I chewed my lip nervously. He was so much bigger than I had originally thought. The heat of it was scalding. Would it burn me from the inside out?

A drop of arousal trickled down my inner thigh and I moaned with shame.

He angled his hips and I tensed, expecting him to push inside me at any minute. Yet, when he didn’t, I eventually relaxed. Casually, he angled his cock and slid its entire length along my pussy. It was so very hard, but his skin was soft as velvet. When the tip brushed against my clit, I had a difficult time staying quiet.

“You want to come for me, don’t you?”

“Hector,” I whispered hoarsely. I didn’t want to tell him yes. I also didn’t want to tell him no either.

“When your pussy is bare for me, you will call me sir simply because I enjoy it,” he chided, and my entire body reverberated with need.

“Yes, sir,” I moaned.

He curled forward and kissed the back of my left shoulder. A fierce blossom of fiery passion hurtled across my bare skin, sinking deep into my soul. I lifted my hips, unconsciously rubbing my clit against his length with increasing tempo.

“Present that pretty pussy to me, Emma. Let me see what I’m about to make mine,” he commanded and even though my mind screamed for me to run, my body obeyed his every word with embarrassing enthusiasm.

The tip of his cock slid backwards until it pressed right up against the entrance to my pussy. My pussy clenched down, and I blushed. Would he be able to feel that? He groaned softly and my shame deepened, knowing that the answer was undeniably yes.

“This is going to hurt, Emma,” he murmured and with one vicious motion, he slammed the entirety of his cock inside me.

My vision went white with pain. He tore through my virgin barrier with ease, my body no match for his hard length. He stilled after impaling me and I wailed softly, squirming beneath him as the pain washed over me like a tidal wave.

“You’re okay, sweet girl. The pain will pass,” he whispered, and his words brought me comfort.

Finally, the pain ebbed away until it became more of a gentle ache. Then my desire to experience pleasure came back with crushing force.

As if he could sense my passionate disquiet, he started to pull back. His movements were gentle as he took me, gliding his cock in and out of me and stoking my pleasure until it reached terrifying heights.

I needed more. I wanted more.

I lifted my hips and drove myself backwards as much as I could, taking his gentle stroke and making it that much harder.

“Oh, Emma, you don’t know what you’re asking for,” he growled.

It scared me, but it also made my excitement catapult straight up into the heavens. My pussy was sore already, but I desperately wanted to come all over his cock anyway.

His fingers wound around my hips, gripping tight enough to make me yelp. He pulled his hips backwards and snapped them forward so hard that it took my breath away immediately. My pussy struggled to take all of him and when he did it again, the burning stretch continued to burn that much hotter. I moaned with pain and a shameful pleasure, unable to hide that even though it hurt, there was a part of me that definitely enjoyed it.

His grip on my hips dug into me, giving him leverage to really start pounding me.

If I had expected him to make love to me, I would have been sorely mistaken. There would be no gentle. This was a fucking. This man was a beast.

I was about to learn a very hard lesson at the end of his cock.

He was massive. My body refused to acclimate to his size in any way, which meant every single thrust carried with it a stinging pinch along with the pleasure that came with it. It throbbed inside me, every ridge rough and incredible at the same time.

My eyes rolled back in my head, the delicious sensation of his cock driving in and out of me far more incredible than I could have anticipated. I had expected his taking of me to be agony, but this was nothing like that. This was bliss.

I couldn’t get enough. I wanted more.

My body clenched around him again and again. Desire surged through every vein in my body, making my hands clasp into tight little fists and my toes curl. If he continued like this, I had no doubt that I would come from his cock alone. My inner walls fluttered around him, and he groaned with his own pleasure.

The sound of his cock sliding in and out of me was wet, shamefully so. If anyone happened to be nearby, there would be no hiding what was happening. I tried to keep my lips shut. If I kept quiet, maybe they wouldn’t know how much I was enjoying it.

“You’re so incredibly tight, Emma. This needy little pussy was made for my cock,” he purred, and my cheeks reddened.

His pelvis slapped against my ass, reminding me of each hard smack he’d given me. With every moment I thought of my spanking, I grew needier, wetter, and closer to orgasm than I ever thought possible.

I didn’t need much longer before I would fly apart right on his cock.

He wound one arm around my waist and lifted me off the log. His other hand made its way forward to capture my clit beneath it. He started to tease me, his touch relentless and cruel and viciously wonderful.

His cock was delicious, but in combination with his knowledgeable fingers dancing on my clit, I knew that I would come undone.

Deep in my core, my need spiraled tighter. My skin grew hotter until I was almost feverish to the touch. Droplets of sweat beaded at my forehead, dripping down my nose and cascading down to the ground with every cruel thrust. More perspiration dribbled down my spine, cool spheres that made me shiver even as he continued to fuck me. I cried out, reeling from the dizzyingly confusing sensations of pleasure and pain at war inside my body.

I was so close.

Just when I thought he’d push me over the cusp, his fingers slowed, and I wailed as my impending orgasm retreated.

“Sir, please,” I begged.

“Tell me what you need,” he pressed.

I didn’t want to say it. I just wanted him to do it, so I stayed quiet.

“Have it your way. I have all night,” he replied, and I should have been afraid of the warning in his tone. I hummed with pleasure when his fingers played with my clit once more, building me up slowly. Lightning buzzed inside me, sparking more intensely with every passing second until I was right on the edge of orgasm. I gasped, and his fingers pulled away again.

I cried out loud this time.

“Wait!” I pleaded.

“You will beg for the privilege of orgasm now, naughty girl. Until then, I’m going to enjoy using you however I please,” he demanded, and I whined with mortification.

“I won’t,” I whispered.

“You will, Emma,” he answered. There was a cocky arrogance to his tone and that only made me want to prove him wrong. I doubled down on my vow, and I shook my head. I would never beg for pleasure from him.

He teased me cruelly once more. I bit my lip when he inevitably removed his touch, focusing on his cock sliding in and out of me instead. He hadn’t slowed his thrusts, likely enjoying the tight glove of my pussy surrounding it.

I tried to ignore his fingers on my clit, but that soon proved impossible. They were too good, too experienced, and too positively wonderful that I could feel myself enjoying them even in their denial.

My skin buzzed with feverish sensation. I imagined him looking at my naked body, his cock driving in and out of me and I sucked in a heated breath. I was so very close.

“If you come without permission, Emma, I’m going to have to mark this perfect little ass with my belt,” he warned.

How the fuck could he have known?

I growled and he released my hip only to slap my right ass cheek impossibly hard. A blinding sting blossomed across my bare backside. In complete opposition, my pussy practically spasmed around his cock.

His thrusts slowed to a snail’s pace and his touch on my clit was so light that it was nothing but pure torture. My clit was so impossibly sensitive that his fingers soon became more painful than pleasurable. My orgasm ebbed, so close, yet so far away.

I stayed strong, biting my lip and keeping silent. He chuckled softly.

“I will win this battle, Emma,” he declared seductively.

I didn’t answer because I knew the moment that I opened my mouth, I’d beg him to let me come.

It was as if he knew my body better than mine. Over and over, he teased me, edging me to orgasm and stopping right before I came. There was no relief for me. I cried out in frustration, but he didn’t take pity on me. I couldn’t even come if I tried. He held my pleasure just out of reach because he could.

He edged me again. And again. And again. I lost count of how many times. Six times. A dozen times. More than that.

He edged me so much that it started to hurt.

I soon realized he would continue until I broke and begged him for relief.

He edged me so many times that just his fingers on my hip made my blood boil with passion. My clit felt raw and needy, yet he still teased it with his fingertips. Soon enough, I began to fear his touch more than the embarrassment of begging him for the privilege of orgasm.

Still, I tried to hold out, but even as I did so I knew I was fighting a losing battle. I had been right. He was going to win.

After he edged me yet again, I finally opened my mouth and started to beg.

“Please, sir. Please let me come for you,” I pleaded. My voice trembled with desperation, needy and pitiful and entirely too shaky. My cheeks burned as if I’d stuck my face directly in a campfire.

As if he had all the time in the world, he leisurely thrust in and out of me while he lightly grazed my clit. He taunted me with pleasure just out of reach even though I’d done what he wanted.

“You need to come for me, don’t you, Emma?” he asked. The use of my name struck a chord. It was personal now, like he was lording his power over me and that made me burn all the hotter. I wanted to come for him. I needed to.

“Yes, sir. I need to come for you. Please,” I begged. The raw sensation spiraling just underneath my skin was so powerful that I could hardly breathe and there was nothing I could do except wait for his permission to release it. My pussy clenched so tightly around his cock that it hurt, but that didn’t stop him from thrusting in and out of me.

“You may come all over my cock, Emma,” he said. In my relief, I didn’t hear the dark undercurrent in his tone. I was too focused on my own pleasure to heed it.

His fingers pressed more firmly against my clit with intention. His cock pounded harder into my pussy and the fucking that he promised me truly began. I gasped as my pleasure catapulted into the sky. He’d given me permission. He’d released the reins.

I was free.

My need intensified so much that it consumed me. My heart pounded with feverish intent inside my chest. My skin burned red hot and every nerve in my body crackled with electricity in anticipation of the orgasm that was to come. I moaned out loud and he growled behind me, driving his cock into my pussy so hard that I finally started to believe that I would be able to feel it all night into the next morning.

I keened as he fucked me even harder, driving my pleasure to heights I’d never experienced before. My need spiraled tighter than a coil and then all at once, my orgasm broke over me with vicious intensity.

“Oh! I can’t!” I wailed, but it was already too late.

I was coming and it was so hard that my legs went numb. White-hot bliss blazed through me, blinding me with its power and overwhelming me from the very first second. I moaned, the sound almost inaudible at the beginning. It didn’t take long for that moan to turn into a scream of brutally explicit pleasure.

My thighs quivered and my toes curled tighter than ever. My fingers wound around the torn fabric of my panties, holding on as he fucked me like I was meant to be fucked.

That first orgasm carried on for what felt like forever. My entire core throbbed, and my pussy tightened around him reflexively, over and over again as my body milked him for all the pleasure that he was willing to give me.

By the time my release finally began to fade, I was left breathless and shaky. My limbs continued to tremble long after it was over and I closed my eyes, trying to relax and draw in the air that my body so desperately needed.

“Thank you, sir,” I whispered.

“We’re not finished, Emma,” he answered, and it took several moments for me to grasp the meaning of his words.


“You’re not done coming for me, little girl,” he murmured, and a frisson of fear fractured me in two.

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