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Hard Daddy by Megan Michaels – Extended Preview

She placed her small, cold hand in his and he tugged her to her feet. Traipsing up the staircase, he lugged her toward his bedroom again.

Kyleigh made sure to stay silent, hoping she wouldn’t raise his ire.

He tossed her on her belly onto the bed. Kyleigh scrambled to her hands and knees, hoping she could exit from the other side, but instead his large hand caught her ankle, dragging her back. “Nuh-uh, you’ve done enough escaping for one night.”

The sound of leather snapping through the belt loops of his pants had her stiffening, her buttocks clenching. She watched him double it over, palming the buckle, and he wrapped the leather around his hand, leaving a long wide strip of leather dangling. Pressing his warm hand into the small of her back, he restrained her and immediately snapped the belt across her backside. Mace was relentless, not giving her any reprieve… or mercy.

Screeching, Kyleigh rocked on the bed, clawing at the bedspread doing her best to gain purchase, escaping his wrath. But he gripped her securely, not giving her an inch of freedom.

Mace spat his words through gritted teeth. “You will not run away again. I’m keeping you safe, and you will stay here until I say. If they find you, they’ll kill you.” Each word was paired with a lash of his strap. Each line of fire overwhelmed her, and she sobbed hysterically into the bedspread. At some point, she must have thrown her hands back in an attempt of self-preservation because he restrained both of them in the small of her back while he whipped her bottom relentlessly.

The previous spanking had begun to look like child’s play in comparison to this one, and she became concerned, wondering how much longer he would continue to blister her ass.

“That’s right. You keep crying because the real lesson is learned when you want it to be over. Do you think you’re learning a lesson, girl?”

“Yes, Sir. Oh, God, please stop.”

He didn’t react to her pleas for mercy. Instead, he continued to rebuke her. “You’re dealing with the mafia here. A man is dead, dammit! And it’s my job to protect you, and I can’t do that if you don’t listen and do as you’re told. Will you do as you’re told?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“We’re going to be sure you’ll feel these marks tonight and tomorrow, maybe even longer.” His arm raised again, the leather swishing through the air and she clenched her eyes shut. He slashed the belt across her thighs repeatedly, moving from her sit spot to mid-thigh leaving stripe after stripe of agony. Her throat was raw from her screaming, and Kyleigh just kept pleading. “Oh, God! Stop!”

The belt ceased its torment, and he ruthlessly tossed it onto the bed within her line of vision. The wide black belt looked like a snake, and was more lethal in her mind at the moment. Kyleigh resisted the urge to fling it to the floor, angry at its presence, but instead, she turned her head away.

Mace released her hands, and she spread her fingers over her hot backside, gingerly crawling over her buttocks, letting only the fingertips graze the branded flesh. Long thin welts crisscrossed her ass, and she tentatively traced them as a blind person would Braille.

“What do we have here?” Mace’s voice was deeper and raspier, laced with sexual desire. It was then he slid his finger along the crease of her sex.

Kyleigh jumped, not expecting his intrusion—as shocking as it was, it indeed wasn’t undesired. She needed him, even though it galled her.

“You’re absolutely drenched, girl. You may be sobbing and think you don’t enjoy this, but your body is saying you are. You’ve left a wet spot on the bedding with all your excess juices.”

“Dear God,” Kyleigh groaned, burying her face into the comforter, her blush rising from her embarrassment.

Mace thrust his fingers into her, roughly rubbing and brushing along the sensitive skin.

Kyleigh’s clit thrummed to life, and she fought the urge to press back on him—only briefly—and then caved, giving in to her desires, grinding along his hand.

“You like this, don’t you, slut? Admit it. You’re dripping all over my bed and hand. You want Daddy’s cock, don’t you? Tell me to stop.”

She didn’t respond. She should, shouldn’t she?

“Last chance, girl.” The zipper came down, the teeth disengaging seeming abnormally loud in the quiet room. His hot cock pressed against her channel, and with a hard push, he was up to the hilt within her.

Groaning, he filled her with his length and girth.

“Ohhh, fuuuck.”

“That’s right. Daddy’s huge, baby. Fills his girl’s cunt just the way she likes it, right?”

She didn’t answer. She should, shouldn’t she?

He swiveled his hips, his hairy thighs brushing along her welted and freshly spanked ass, spurring her arousal even higher. Lifting her hips, she pushed back against his hardness, her clit straining for contact.

“I can feel your pussy pulsing, you little slut. Fuuuuuuuuck, let’s give you an orgasm.”

He swirled and pressed his cock expertly, prodding along her G-spot.

“Ohhh. Shit.”

“That’s right, baby. Go with it. It feels like you’re going to piss yourself, but you’re not. Just let go. Come for Daddy.”

“Ohhh, fuck. Yes.” She screamed with her first orgasm. Oh, shit. Kyleigh clawed at the bedding, her fingers turning white with the clinch. Her hips gyrated, her pussy spasming around his hot length and she felt what seemed like piss gushing from her.

“Oh, no!”

“It’s okay, girl. You just squirted; it happens.” He kept pounding into her, not relenting in the least.

He’s still hard. He didn’t come?

Pistoning his cock into her, he milked every bit of her orgasm out of her. Slipping out, he ran his penis through her slick labia, bumping against her clit.

“Oh, yes. Oh, shit!”

“That’s right. Daddy will make you come as many times as he wants. You’re my cum slut.”

“Oh! Ohhh.” He slid his cock through her lips, and her body shook with her renewed arousal.

He pounded his full length into her, bouncing off her cervix. With sheer force and speed, he encouraged her to have another orgasm. Her breathing was labored and her body shook uncontrollably under him.

His deep, gravelly laugh rang in her ears. Warm, comforting. “That’s a girl. Go with it, baby. Give me another orgasm.”

Within seconds she screamed with her release, gushing over his cock, her body and mind lost in the sensations. Her pussy had taken over all functions in her body. She pulsed and quivered around his still hard-as-steel rod, her womb spasming.

“Get up!” His harsh command accompanied an intense burn in her scalp as his hand fisted in her hair, yanking her off the bed and dropping her savagely onto her knees in front of him. “Lick me dry.”

Part of her wanted to bare her teeth and bite his cock off, but the other side of her—the rational side—knew he would beat her with his belt again. And she couldn’t fathom such an experience this soon. Later. At some other point. Maybe.


He stood with his throbbing dick bobbing wildly in front of this physically worn-out girl. Her pussy had drenched not only his cock but also his bedding.

Sexually aroused and satisfyingly sated didn’t even begin to describe her. Her mouth opened hesitantly and her eyes focused on Mace’s penis.

“Eyes on me!” He jerked her head back.

Her green eyes widened in fear, but she kept her mouth open in a perfect mew.

Good girl.

The tiny pink tongue licked his length, and she adeptly swirled around his girth. Laving him carefully, she didn’t miss any of him, licking her essence thoroughly before burying her nose within his balls, the wiry hair brushing along her face.

Fuck! Can I hold out any longer?

His legs shook with his need to come, and the familiar tingle in the base of his spine had him questioning how much longer he would hold back. “Suck my dick and swallow.”

She kept her head back, not verbally refusing, but she didn’t willfully open her mouth to take his full length either.

Mace found it odd she licked her arousal from his length but refused to take his semen into her belly.

“Fine, you made a choice.” Still holding her steady with a hand in her hair, he used the other to stroke his silky length and spurted his semen onto her face. Thrusting his hips, rope after rope of his seed coated her face, the stringy essence sticking to her eyelashes, dripping from her chin.

Instinctually her hands fluttered up.

“Don’t even fucking think about it. Only good girls have their daddy clean their face. Bad girls stand in the corner letting it dry on their skin.”

Kyleigh blinked furiously like a frog in a hailstorm, her mouth literally gawped open with her surprise. Keening in disgust, her body shivered.

And for a moment—only a moment—he felt a bit of guilt, wondering if he’d gone too far. But he was able to push that aside quickly. Mace’s semi-flaccid cock drooped, still oozing his semen; grasping a tissue nearby, he wiped himself clean before dragging her to her feet roughly by her hair.

Leaning over the bed, he snatched the belt in his hand.

“Oh, no! Oh, God.” She waved her hands in the air, doing her best to back up away from him, unsuccessfully. She was entirely within his grasp and the cum coating her face had him growling in pure animalistic dominance.


The very act of making a woman wear your seed while dragging her defiant body by the hair made a man want to snarl. Forced submission at its finest.

The humiliation and subjugation of a woman in such a manner brought her to a new level of abject submission.

When he whipped her around, her red welted ass faced him, and she whined, dancing in place, her fear of the implement—and him—overwhelming.

And, once again, he felt a twinge of regret, but then remembered the disobedience that had culminated in this very punishment, and renewed his annoyance with his new submissive. He wrapped the belt around Kyleigh’s hands, keeping them out of the way.

“You’ll stand here.” He pushed her forward toward a corner facing his sitting area. “I’ll let you out when you can kneel and say these words. Daddy, will you bathe me? Until I hear that sentence, you’ll stand with my semen on your face and hair.”

“Oh, God.” She murmured the words, already remorseful and dejected, obviously the full gravity of her actions and punishment weighing heavily on her.

He shed his clothes, tossing them onto a nearby chair, and then sat on the couch, resting his arms along the back, keeping his legs spread, his cock stirring to life and lengthening at the sight of her paddled ass.

The welts were visible from across the room; the magenta and purple stripes of his belt would be sore for a while. Kyleigh deserved it.

What the actual fuck was she thinking?

How could she run away wearing only a towel? In the middle of New York City of all places. If Giorgio’s goons hadn’t spotted her and killed her, someone else surely would have.

He’d never liked Giorgio—they had run across each other on different assignments—but he had never wanted him dead. God knows, Mace’s life would have been more comfortable if Gio were still alive, but there was no way the idiot would have just walked away leaving Kyleigh under Mace’s care.

It seemed no matter how much he tried to shrug off the mafia, Mace found himself dragged back by something… and now this.

Kyleigh shifted on her feet, her shoulders shaking with her silent weeping.

She’d be a very sore and sorry girl by morning; her ass was a mess. Hopefully, it would be enough to keep her in his house, safe. Sequestering her for several weeks would be the only way.

“Are you ready to say it, girl?”

Kyleigh emitted a low whine, but no other response. She would become weary and ready to comply, but until then, Mace would patiently wait.

He wondered how she ended up with that asshole. She seemed like a good girl, not someone who was the town bicycle or even a mafia princess. Mace made a mental note to ask more questions tomorrow.

Picking up his pants, he dug around in the pocket, finding his phone. He sent a quick email alerting his staff that he wouldn’t be at work tomorrow. Then he checked his email, before reading news headlines.

She cleared her throat, and Mace found her peeping at him over her shoulder. His semen had dried over her left eye, turning a crusty white over her eyelashes and his seed was absorbed by her skin.

“Are you ready to say it?”

“Yes, S-sir.”

“Come here.” Putting his phone down, Mace sat up straight.

Kyleigh’s agonizingly slow and mincing steps finally brought her to stand in front of him.

Quirking an eyebrow in her direction, he waited.

She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, before clumsily dropping to her knees, hitting the floor way too hard. They’d work on grace later.

“You got this, baby, just say it and it’ll be over.”

She shuttered her eyes briefly and then with a bit of a sob, she started. “Dad—” She choked on a sob, her bottom lip adorably curling into a pathetic pout. “Da-Daddy, can you bathe me, p-please.”

“What a good girl.” He gently kissed her forehead. “Of course I will, baby.” Mace stood, his cock eye level and it bobbed happily in front of her face, and her eyes widened even though her tongue flitted out to lick her lips.

“That’s right; good girls get to lick Daddy’s cock. But right now, I get to bathe my girl. Let’s get your sore fanny into some water; it must hurt like the dickens, right?”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

He pulled her to stand, tucking her under his arm, noting she fit into his side perfectly. He held her head to his chest, the crunchy semen-soaked hair scraping along his neck. He placed a fluffy towel on the toilet seat cover with the directive, “Sit.”

Blessedly, she immediately sat, albeit gingerly, but her obedience was instant. The lesson on immediate obedience had been learned; even if it was only temporarily, she acquired it. He’d take a victory where it could be found.

He rarely used his garden tub, it was more for women who were visiting, and tonight Kyleigh would find the benefits of this tub very comforting. He poured some peppermint and chamomile essential oil mixture his sister had given him into the bath. It would calm her as well as alleviate muscle pain and inflammation. The smell was heavenly. He dumped in some lavender bubble bath as well. Once the tub was almost filled, he turned to find Kyleigh adorably falling asleep sitting up, her eyes heavy and her face gloriously covered in his essence—his lifeblood of sorts.

He had marked her, made her his own. In the animal kingdom marking a woman with your seed was the number one method of dominance and claiming. And he swore he felt that deep within his bones. It made him want to shout, roaring like a lion. Mine!

I wonder if she feels this as well?

He shook his head snickering to himself; he was pretty sure she felt nothing but sheer exhaustion. It had been a long, painful day.

“Come along, baby. Let’s get you bathed so you can sleep.”

“But I want to go home. Can I go home?”

“Not tonight, baby. Actually, not for a while.”

Her eyes filled with tears, the green shimmering and glistening with the moisture. “Okay, Daddy.”

Daddy. She called me Daddy on her own.

His chest swelled with pride. Could he possibly have found his baby girl… under such odd circumstances? Anything was possible.

How many times had he seen this in his ventures as a Navy SEAL? Or in prison? Or even in the mafia? Things that made no sense would come together under the most unusual situations.

Situations orchestrated by a deity or force that mere humans just couldn’t fathom.

Maybe. Just maybe Mace had found his girl.

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