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Hard Earned Cash: A Dark Mafia Romance by K.L. Hiers – Extended Preview

“You lied to me,” Jimmy accused, his shock fading as his anger took over. “You told me there was nothing going on with Charlie! You said he’s just planning our wedding!”

“I did not lie,” Cold said firmly. “Charlie is planning our wedding.”

“Federal investigator and wedding planner?” Jimmy dragged his fingers through his hair exasperatedly. “Do you have any idea how fuckin’ nuts that sounds?”

“Before the academy, I believe his background was in event planning and hospitality.”

“Good for him!” Jimmy shouted. “You still fucking lied to me! Fuck, I’m so fucking mad at you right now!” He grabbed the other champagne glass, guzzled it down, and refilled it again.

“You’re such an unbelievable jerk!”

“So, I take it you’re not accepting my proposal?” Cold asked dryly.

“Fuck, no!” Jimmy snapped bitterly, his shoulders sagging as he looked around the pool again. His heart sank knowing how much of an effort Cold had made for him, but his anger would not be dissuaded. “This really is wonderful, Rod. It’s absolutely beautiful. This is the perfect proposal I always wanted. But it’s just…” He floundered for the right words. “Just…”

“Just what?”

“It’s tainted,” Jimmy replied finally. He swallowed back the bile creeping into his mouth, trying to wash it back with a gulp of champagne. “You still don’t trust me, and you’re still keeping things from me.”

“I’m providing Mr. Eastwick with a very specific service,” Cold said curtly. “In return, he is controlling the flow of information to the investigation and giving me insight into the authorities’ recent activities. Happy now?”

“The raid,” Jimmy realized. “That’s how you knew about the DEA raid on Holliford. Charlie told you. But why, why was he there?”

“He was asked to step in and assist with the task force,” Cold replied. “When he saw you go into the building on the surveillance feed, he tried to get you to leave to avoid any unnecessary complications. Obviously, he failed.”

“Why couldn’t you just tell me?” Jimmy asked, setting his glass aside and hugging himself awkwardly. “Why keep all of this from me?”

“Because I don’t know when and if Mr. Eastwick is wearing a wire,” Cold explained flatly. “The SSPD and his superiors at the FBI cannot know that he is working with me or he will face certain incarceration.”

“You think I’d give it away?” Jimmy was instantly stung.

“I think you would have tried your best, but yes, your honest nature does not make for a very good liar.” Cold poured himself another glass of champagne, sitting back down in one of the patio chairs with a languid sigh. “Now, there is no choice.”

“Well, good!” Jimmy snapped indignantly. “I can prove to you that I can do this! I can help you! Withholding the truth is just as good as lying and I can totally do that.”

“Oh?” Cold arched a skeptical brow.

“Learned it from you,” Jimmy said with a venomously sweet smile.

“Cute,” Cold drawled, clearly not amused. He tilted his head after a long pause and asked carefully, “How did you find out Mr. Eastwick was an agent?”

Jimmy grimaced. “Dario.”

“Dario? Dario Romero?” Cold was surprised, and if Jimmy was really honest, he sounded almost disappointed. “Really?”

“Recognized him from some super obscure sci-fi movie,” Jimmy sighed, wishing he had a more daring explanation. “He did some googling on the internet and found out he was an agent who got big investigating the Luchesis—who, by the way, you invited to the wedding?”

“Yes,” Cold said simply.

“The gangsters who are trying to kill us are coming to our wedding?” Jimmy wanted to scream. “Do you understand how fucked up that sounds?”

“All part of the plan.”

“The plan that you won’t tell me anything about?” Jimmy growled, his hands dropping down to clench into tight fists. “That fucking plan?”

“That would be the one.”

“For fuck’s sake!” Jimmy groaned. “I’m so sick of this! Rod! You’ve been arrested for murder, there are people trying to kill you, and our wedding planner is a fuckin’ fed!”

“I’m telling you everything that I can,” Cold said evenly, but his jaw was getting tight. The rest of his body followed suit, tensing as if to strike. His patience was clearly running thin. “This is only going to work if you trust me—”

“Trust you?” Jimmy snapped. “How can I trust you when you’re lying to me?”

“Everything that I can,” Cold repeated, his voice starting to rise. He stood up from his seat, and he stalked purposely toward Jimmy. “I am giving you everything that I can to keep you informed and as safe as possible. If I must make a choice, your safety trumps satisfying your ego—”

“My fuckin’ ego?” Jimmy balked indignantly. “Your ego is the size of this fuckin’ house!”

“I tried to give you the romantic proposal that you wanted, and you’re too busy trying to outsmart me and interfere in my affairs—”

“Your affairs?” Jimmy didn’t even care that he was yelling now. He stood up to his full height, daring to shout back, “This is our life, Rod! Our life! Our fucking future is at stake here! You’re goddamn right I’m interfering!”

“Jimmy,” Cold hissed, his tone low and dangerous. “That is quite enough.”

“Fuck you!” Jimmy snarled as he got right in Cold’s face. “If this is how it’s always gonna be, then I’m fucking done! I’m fucking done with all of this! The shooting, the lying, the murders, all of it! And most of fuckin’ all, I’m done with you!”

Something broke in Cold, his hands shaking as he grabbed Jimmy by the back of his neck and held him tightly. “Oh, no. We’re not done until I fucking say we are!”

“Fuck you, you stupid stubborn fucking son of a—!” Jimmy was silenced by a fierce kiss, crying out as Cold’s teeth nicked his lip in his haste. He tried to push away, but Cold wouldn’t let go, and Jimmy couldn’t resist his possessive embrace.

Cold was kissing him like he wanted to devour him, squeezing and clawing ferociously. He had torn Jimmy’s shirt, and the way he grabbed Jimmy’s hips made him ache all over with a savage need.

Jimmy kissed back passionately and grabbed a hold of Cold’s jacket, curling his hands into tight fists. He gasped as Cold broke away to roughly bite at his neck, and he helplessly squirmed as he moaned, “God, you are such a bastard! I fuckin’ hate you!”

“Hate me all you want,” Cold grunted in response, savagely dragging his teeth along Jimmy’s jaw and pinning both of his arms behind his back. “You’re not leaving.”

Jimmy’s pulse was thumping in his ears, and he swore he could feel it behind his eyes. He sometimes forgot how strong Cold was, well aware of that now when he tried to break loose. Feeling so weak had no right to be this hot, and he groaned desperately as Cold pulled him in closer. “Mm… Rod… oh, fuck!”

Cold seemed to have himself back in control now and his grip relaxed, though he still sounded breathless as he commanded, “I’m going to let go of you, Mr. Poe. When I do, you have a choice to make.”

“A choice?” Jimmy gazed helplessly up at Cold. “What fuckin’ choice?”

“If you truly want to leave, I will not stop you,” Cold replied firmly. “I will have Jerry take you anywhere in the city you want to go, and I will ensure that your education is taken care of—”

“What?” Alarms went off in Jimmy’s head, wiggling against Cold’s strong hold as he argued, “No! I was mad at you! Fuck, I’m still mad at you! But I love you, you big idiot! I don’t want to leave you!”

“Then stay,” Cold said, exhaling fully as if he’d been holding his breath. “Take off your clothes, and get on your knees.”

“Wait! Right here?” Jimmy asked, lust rippling down his spine and between his legs at the very suggestion. There were always guards patrolling the grounds, anyone could be watching them.

“Yes, Mr. Poe,” Cold growled. “Right here, right now.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy replied. He was totally helpless to resist the fierce command. When Cold released his arms, he quickly began to strip. He watched Cold unbuckling his belt, and he automatically began to salivate. On his knees, he opened his mouth expectantly.

But instead of a thick cock, he got Cold’s belt.

“Bite down,” Cold ordered.

Jimmy did so, looking up at Cold with a low whine.

“Much better,” Cold sighed, softly petting Jimmy’s hair. He adjusted his suit and took a seat in the middle of the patio settee adjacent to the table. He sat with his legs spread wide and beckoned Jimmy over. “Come here. On your hands and knees.”

Jimmy crawled over, the buckle of the belt rattling as he moved. He gasped as Cold grabbed his hair and turned his head this way and that, Cold inspecting him like an animal at auction.

“Look at you.” Cold’s eyes scanned over his naked body hungrily. “My beautiful little brat. You’re just as lovely as the first time I had you in that hotel room. Hmph. Can’t leave anything well enough alone, can you?”

“N-no, sir,” Jimmy whispered over the leather between his teeth. “I’m… I’m trying to help…”

“I don’t need you to help, Mr. Poe. I need you to obey.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said, closing his eyes and wincing when Cold tugged at his hair again.

“Get in my lap,” Cold said sternly. “You’re going to learn, Mr. Poe. Until my hand goes numb or you can’t take it anymore, whichever comes first.”

Jimmy shivered as he followed Cold’s guiding hands, crawling up and stretching out over his thighs. He laid his head down on the plush cushions and stretched out his long legs until his feet were hanging off the end of the settee.

Normally he was suspended awkwardly over Cold’s knees for this sort of punishment, but he didn’t have long to appreciate the settee’s comfort.

The first crack of Cold’s hand across his ass made him cry out, his head jerking up as his body fought to get away from the pain. Cold wasn’t giving him any time to adjust, and Jimmy yelped as a second stroke immediately followed the first.

“I spent all day planning this ridiculous setup. All of this was for you! You ungrateful and arrogant little boy! You’re such a spoiled brat! You ruined everything I had planned for you!” Cold hissed angrily as his hand kept slapping Jimmy’s ass, punctuating every sentence with a mean smack.

Every brutal slap made Jimmy ache and whimper, and tears streamed down his face as he openly sobbed. The pain shot flashes of white before his eyes, and his cock was uncomfortably hard, trapped between his stomach and Cold’s thigh.

Cold gave him a brief reprieve, rubbing his palm across the scalded flesh of his abused cheek.

The gentle touch burned like hell, and Jimmy grinded his teeth on the leather with a choked cry. “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, sir…”

“I’ve been far too easy on you,” Cold sneered, reaching back to spank Jimmy’s other cheek. “You’ve forgotten your place!”

“Fuck!” Jimmy cringed as Cold began his assault again, crying with every fierce slap. It sounded like firecrackers going off, and he could feel himself getting close to climax. His thoughts were soft and hazy from the lovely pain, and he moaned brokenly, “I’m sorry, sir! I’ll be good!”

“I don’t know if I believe you,” Cold snorted, giving Jimmy’s ass another mean smack.

The force made Jimmy’s back curl up, and he sobbed loudly as drool began to run out from his lips. His skin was absolutely on fire, and he was certain he would be able to feel Cold’s hands on him for days after this. “I want… I want to be good for you… that’s why…”

“Why what, Mr. Poe?” Cold’s hand paused and reached for the belt.

“That’s why I keep trying to help,” Jimmy panted, licking his lips anxiously as all of his words ran together. “Because I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know how much trouble you’re really in. And I love you, I love you so much… I would do anything for you, but I can’t do nothing.”

“Allow me then to give you a purpose, Mr. Poe,” Cold said firmly, the tips of his fingers running over the stinging flesh of Jimmy’s ass and drawing mindless little patterns.

“Please, sir,” Jimmy groaned, arching into every touch.

“Be my husband, my lover, my partner,” Cold purred seductively. “Obey me, worship me, and I will be yours forever.”

Jimmy uttered a quiet sound, his eyes welling up with fresh tears. He could feel Cold’s fingers, wet with spit, sliding between his cheeks and prodding at his hole. Cold pinched his taint and made him moan, “Y-yes, sir!”

“There’s my good boy,” Cold sighed affectionately, returning the belt to Jimmy’s mouth and calmly reaching over to pour himself another glass of champagne from the table.

Jimmy relaxed, wiping away his tears and enjoying the light thrum of energy still humming all throughout his body. The belt was wet with his spit, and he held it loosely with his lips as he tried to catch his breath.

Cold sipped at his champagne as he slowly stroked Jimmy’s stinging ass, calm and reverent as if admiring his handiwork. “If we are to continue, Mr. Poe, you need to choose a new safe word.”


“Your safe word.”

“Is ice,” Jimmy dutifully recited.

“Now, I’m asking you, pick a new one if you want to continue.”

Jimmy was confused. He didn’t know if Cold was talking about this evening, their relationship, or what. It was hard to think right now. He knew that he definitely didn’t want to stop any of it, numbly replying, “Ramen. My safe word is ramen.”

“Very good, Mr. Poe,” Cold said, setting his glass back down. “Ramen it is.”

Jimmy lifted his head and watched Cold dig around in the champagne bucket. It only took a few more moments to realize why Cold asked for the specific change in safe word, and he gasped when he felt an ice cube sliding down his spine.

Cold dragged the cube down and over Jimmy’s tender cheeks, moving it in small circles until it melted away.

Shivering, Jimmy found that he actually liked the ice. It was soothing to his sore skin, and he could feel the melted water dripping down his thighs and hips. It was certainly soaking into Cold’s pants, but Cold didn’t seem to mind.

The pain began to ease with every passing cube of ice, and Jimmy shuddered when Cold placed one deliberately between his cheeks and began to rub against his hole. He jerked up when he realized Cold was trying to push the cube into him, and it had melted away to nothing before he could.

His ass felt so cold now that he couldn’t feel the next one until it popped inside of him. It was freezing and weird, and Jimmy cried softly at the new intrusion. It didn’t matter how he squirmed because he couldn’t escape the cold in such an intimate place.

The heat of his body was working against the ice, melting it quickly and leaving him tingling in its wake. He groaned when Cold insistently pushed in a second cube, and this one took longer to melt. The different sensations were near maddening, making him moan again when Cold pressed his fingers back inside of him.

“Mmm, look how hot your little hole is,” Cold said, a nasty smile in his voice. “Sucking up all that ice… does it feel good, Mr. Poe? Do you like this?”

“It’s numb and it burns and yes, yes, sir. I like it.” Jimmy felt his entire body shiver when a new piece of ice began to probe at his hole. At a superficial level, his skin was cool enough for it to stay solid longer. But inside, he was still so warm, and the ice was a shock to his system when it popped in. “Fuck! Yes!”

Cold kept his fingers in Jimmy’s hole even after he had pushed the cube in, hooking them down to push against Jimmy’s prostate. He pressed lightly, a steady rhythm of little pushes, ordering, “Tell me when the ice has melted… and I’ll give you another.”

“Y-yes, sir,” Jimmy said, focused on Cold’s precise fingering. He could feel his cock leaking, and the pressure within made him ache all over. He could come just from this, but he hadn’t been given permission yet. The ice made it easier to resist since his nerves were dampened, but it didn’t seem to matter to his cock.

He was so wet, and he could feel delightful pressure quickly building up all the way down in his toes. He grabbed the end of the settee cushion, clenching tightly to find some relief from Cold’s deep probing. He bit down on the belt to muffle his cries and whimpered, “Ice… ice, I need… need another… sir.”

“Good boy,” Cold praised, patting Jimmy’s thigh before reaching for another piece. “You’re being such a very, very good boy for me.”

Hearing that sweet sentiment, Jimmy relaxed again. He didn’t need to hold onto the settee or tense his muscles up. He was being good, he was making Cold happy, and that was still the most intense gratification he had ever known.

Jimmy lifted up his hips when he felt the next cube of ice slipping inside his hole. He was numb and hot at the same time, and the pressure of Cold’s returning fingers felt far away until they hit his prostate again.

“There, Mr. Poe,” Cold said softly, moving his fingers in lazy circles and smiling when he saw how pliant Jimmy was now. “Just like that… just open up for me and relax…”

Jimmy closed his eyes, moaning quietly with each stroke, his thoughts blurry with pleasure. He could feel how wet Cold’s thigh was, certainly soaked with water and from his own leaking cock. He could feel himself tipping toward the edge, and he tried to stop his hips from grinding back on Cold’s hand.

“Come on,” Cold suddenly said, freezing in place. “Keep going.”

Instantly, Jimmy let himself go and started fucking himself back on Cold’s hand. He lifted his chest off the settee to power the motions of his lean body, his head dropping back as a slight twist of Cold’s wrist ensured an orgasmic angle. “Oh, f-fuck!”

“Don’t stop, Mr. Poe,” Cold commanded, spitting between clenched teeth. “Don’t you dare stop now!”

Jimmy moaned urgently, pushing himself up onto his hands as he slammed himself back. He choked when Cold’s hand wrapped around his throat, his firm grip holding him there as he struggled to thrust against those probing fingers.

“You’re mine,” Cold hissed softly. There was a wounded quality in his voice, rare and sad, and when he spoke again it almost sounded like a question. “Always.”

“Always, sir,” Jimmy croaked weakly in reply, desperate to reassure him. “Forever.”

Cold released Jimmy’s neck to pop his ass with a low growl. “Come for me,” he commanded, mercilessly pounding into Jimmy’s prostate and smacking his ass. “Come for me right now, Mr. Poe.”

Driving himself to his sweet ending, Jimmy rammed his ass back as hard as he could. Cold kept spanking him and his fingers never seemed to lose their target, pushing Jimmy closer and closer into madness. He couldn’t stop, his body finally slipping into a deep orgasm that made him shake all over.

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