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Hard Lessons: A Mafia Romance by Lily Harlem – Extended Preview

Something hard, solid, and cool touched Serena’s anus.

Again she tried to lift up, but this time barely moved. Luca had her pinned to the table. All that she succeeded in doing was dragging her already throbbing clit on the smooth, hard woodwork.

“What is it?” she asked, her voice high pitched.

“A butt plug. Chosen especially for you. For this very moment.”

“What the fuck?”

He chuckled. “Paulo had a very specific shopping list.”

“Jeez,” she muttered. Should she be more mortified that Luca had planned this so precisely or that Paulo had gone on a sex shop outing with her on his mind?

She had no idea. But stopped worrying about it when the plug pressed forward. It was slick and lubed and entered her an inch, parting her hole.

“Oh!” She tensed and her butt cheeks squeezed together. It wasn’t that she hadn’t had fun with plugs in the past, but that this was different, this was him insisting she took it. She couldn’t decide if that was downright sexy or infuriating.

She tensed her ass further and clenched her jaw. A war going on with her mind and body.

“None of that clamping your ass cheeks.” He fondled her right buttock. “Relax. You’ll only make it worse for yourself.”

Could it be any worse? He was planning on giving her a hundred hard spanks with a big fucking butt plug up her ass and she didn’t know why she felt so turned on by the whole thing. It was maddening.

“Relax and take it. It’s not as big as my cock and you’ve taken that here before, Serena.”

She pursed her lips and blew out a breath.

Luca eased the plug into her some more. It was dense and rubbed cool on her flesh.

“It’s been more than a year since your ass was breached,” he said, running his fingers up her spine and stroking her hair to the side of her neck. “So this is necessary to prepare you.” He kissed her shoulder.

“Prepare me… for what?”

“Oh, I think you know.” He paused and kissed her again. After straightening, he said, “Nearly there, you’re doing well.”

Her asshole was stretched and taut, heating too with a slight sting. The pressure was increasing, the plug heavy. “That’s it, no more,” she gasped.

“Just a little…”

And then the plug seemed to pop into her and her ass clamped around the base.

“There’s a purple gem on the end,” he said. “It’s the same color as the Scottish thistle. Very apt.”

Serena rocked her hips a little, testing the weight of the thing inside her. Her pussy quivered. The sensation wasn’t unpleasant and it did remind her of the times they’d had anal sex. Luca was the only man to have ever entered her there. A fact he was very proud of.

So should I be surprised he dreamed this up?

“You will remain still,” he said, standing at her side, one hand on her upper back, the other resting over her right buttock. “Though you may scream and wail and cry out all you like. No one will hear. No one will come and investigate or save you from me, your master, the man you will learn to obey.”

A sense of defeat came over her. Yes. She was his. And yes, this was going to happen. But with that came a feeling of relief. There was no point battling, with him or with herself. Acceptance of everything was the best thing. His command. Her arousal. The plug. The spanking.

He stepped away again. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. It seemed she had a reprieve for a moment as she settled into her new state of mind.

Then he was back. This time in front of her. “Open your eyes, Serena.”

She did as instructed. Before her was the wooden spatula. The one he’d used to stir the eggs. It was clean, the flat end wide. It had four holes punched into it.

“This will feel different from my hand. You should prepare yourself for that.”

“Luca. No… I…” Just when she’d accepted what was going to happen he’d changed it.

“You what?” He raised his eyebrows. “You’re sorry?”

She was silent. The apology stuck in her throat.

“It would be good to hear that word right now. It might even be beneficial for you.”

Damn it. He was like a dog with a bone. He wasn’t going to give up. And she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of her apology. Not when running had felt like the right thing to do at the time.

At the time.

Now she really wasn’t so sure.

“Have it your way.” He kissed the top of her head. “But don’t say you weren’t warned.”

He ran his hand down her back and over her buttocks as he moved behind her.

A tremble ran up her spine, it seemed to prick every root hair on her head as it passed over her scalp.

“Good girl,” he said, setting the spatula on her right butt cheek.

She clenched around the plug and held her breath. Her belly tensed and her clit throbbed against the table.

“I know this is hard for you to take but it’s the way life is. You’re mine, you stay by my side and you will never forget that now.”

The first swat landed hard and fast, the snap of flesh on wood echoing around the room.

Serena didn’t cry out. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. Instead she clamped her lips together and gripped the table harder.

And other smack. This time on the opposite cheek. The wood was different to his hand. Sharper, more precise in the way it sent heat penetrating into her flesh.

“That’s two, only ninety-eight to go. You may count out loud if that helps.”

Serena had no intention of making a sound. It was humiliating enough being over the table for a spanking and plugged up the ass without giving him her voice too.

After a pause he continued slapping her ass with the spatula. Each cheek in turn.

After the first ten or so she began to dance on her toes. It was impossible to keep totally still—impossible to concentrate on the pressure building in her clit. The plug shifted inside her and a groan rumbled up from her chest. The heat was intensifying, the pain the wood left on each smack layering up over the last.

She twisted to look out of the window. The wind was gusting the rain sideways, big vaporous ghosts that skimmed the grassy cliff top. The chaotic swirls matched her thoughts.

She wanted to be Luca’s woman.

She was.

But oh, this spanking. It was hard to take.

And what about their future?

Could they even have one?

“You’re halfway,” he said, swapping the spatula for his hand and caressing her ass. His touch was tender and gentle. “And so very red.”

Of course I am.

She dropped down onto the flats of her feet and tried to release some of the tension in her asshole. She had to make the most of this reprieve. Grinding her hips, she rubbed her clit, letting the pleasurable sensation calm her nerves, soothe her skin. If she could rub it enough, like this, maybe she’d be able to take the rest of her punishment.

“And I hope you’re learning, Serena, that you and I are meant to be. It is what God intended for us. There will be no running away, no plots to set up separate lives ever again.”

He lifted his hand.

She waited for the spatula, concentrating on the darts of pleasure shooting from her clit to her pussy and up to her breasts.

It didn’t come. Instead she felt the scratch of his chin combined with his lips spreading kisses over her buttocks.

He slipped his fingers lower, over the plug and to her entrance.

Again she tensed. But this time there was pleasure as her muscles contracted. Luca’s touch, his kisses were irresistible. He was right. They did belong together. Their chemistry alone proved it.

“Your body is mine,” he murmured, pressing into her pussy with one long finger.

“Oh!” She rested her brow on the cool surface of the table hoping it would extinguish some of her shame. Now he’d know how turned on she was. That her traitorous body had reacted to what he was doing. “Luca.”

“Damn it, you’re so tight and wet, Serena.”

Is it any wonder?

All she could think of was him stuffing her full of his cock, bringing her to a wild orgasm, his body slapping up against her burning ass.

He added another finger, slowly, so very slowly, as though feeling every millimeter of her pussy hugging him. His way was eased by her slick arousal and he pushed up until his knuckles butted up against her pussy lips.

She moaned softly. The filling was so thick and deep combined with the plug in her ass. She was full—full of him, full of desire.

“And I want to fuck you again so bad,” he murmured, his lips traveling up to her lower back. “But all in good time.”

He pumped his fingers in and out of her. Small wet noises filled the room, taking the place of the early slap, slap, slap. It made her crazy with want. She could hold it back no more.

“Luca. Yes, fuck me.” She could hardly believe the words spilling from her mouth. It was as if he’d cast some kind of magic spell over her. She rocked her hips from side to side, urging him deeper, working her clit. She wanted more. Much more.

“In good time.” He withdrew.

Serena groaned, arched her spine, and raised her head from the table. Losing his fingers created a real, uncomfortable ache in her pussy.

“And then, perhaps you’ll say sorry.”

Before she had time to reply the spatula whacked down on her rump.

She cried out and jolted forward, unable to help herself. The switch from erotic stimulation to punishment had taken her senses by surprise.

“Don’t move.” He pressed her upper back, squashing her breasts flat on the wood and connecting her clit to the table. “We haven’t finished yet.”

He set up a steady rhythm, spanking each cheek in turn, every time over the same patch of flesh as before.

She ground her hips, pumping forward with each swat and stimulating her clit, giving it what it craved.

Maybe I’ll come. Like this… oh, God…

Soon her ass was on fire, the heat spread up her spine, down her legs. It flooded to her asshole and pussy like lava flowing. She gripped the plug inside her and it shifted, making her moan deep in her chest. It was a moan full of pain yet wrapped in desperate desire.

“You will never… run away… again,” he said between spanks. “Do you… hear me?”

“Yes, oh, yes… Luca. No more.”

“Say sorry.”

She gritted her teeth, pushing her tongue up against them.

“One word, Serena, that’s all I want.”

She stared out of the window again. The wind was still wild flattening the long grass, but the rain had stopped. In the distance a patch of blue was fighting to break through the gray clouds. She wanted to shove her hands between her legs and claim the hovering orgasm. Stare at the sky as she came and gave her body a moment of relief from the spanking.

“I cannot believe how stubborn you’re being.”

He continued to smack her, his voice infuriatingly calm while she was jerking with each hit and not quite able to tip herself into climax.

“So badly behaved.” He upped the pressure.

Serena cried out, unable to help herself. Each connection with the spatula hurt like a whip. She wouldn’t be able to sit down for days.

And then it ended.

The rattle of wood on the floor signaled it was over.

The rasp of her breaths were loud in her ears, her smarting ass seemed to burn up against the air in the room.

“You’re a little minx,” he said, stroking the under curves of her buttocks. “And you should know better than to test me this way.”

Oh, she knew she was being reckless. That she was pushing the buttons—the wrong buttons—on one of the most dangerous men in Cosa Nostra, but she couldn’t help herself.

She had principles.

And she had a right to run when taken.

Oh, and I have a right to come when I need to… surely…

“Come here.” He gripped her right arm and tugged her to standing.

The world spun, she staggered to the right. The hearth blurred, the flames doubling at the top and seeming to melt beneath.

Immediately his arm was around her. She was pressed up against his body. Despite her weak knees she remained upright, his hold secure and safe.

“You’re okay,” he said, “breathe through it.”

She took a deep breath and gripped his forearm. The plug shifted in her ass and she gasped at the change of position, at the way it pressed forward, stimulating nerves deep inside.

“I’m not finished with you yet,” he said. “Not by a long way. Don’t think that I am.”

She hoped that meant he was going to fuck her. More than hoped. She sent a quick prayer heavenward even though it wasn’t the kind of request God was used to. Perhaps he’d have mercy on her poor, hot, desperate body.

Luca tugged her toward the bedroom. Not harshly and not fast. But nevertheless they reached the bed and he lay her down on top of the blankets.

She winced when her sore ass scraped on the material and tried to press her legs together, to stimulate her clit.

Luca either chose to ignore her or didn’t notice.

“Like this.” He raised her hands above her head.

After dipping into his bag, he produced a length of red rope. “I should have used these earlier, then you wouldn’t have been able to escape.”

“No. Please.”

“Resisting is futile. I want to know you’re going to stay where you’re put. It’s clear you can’t be trusted.” He looped the rope around her wrists, tight, then harnessed her to the wrought-iron bedframe.

She yanked her arms, straining her muscles as the metal creaked then banged against the wall. The rope dragged on her flesh.

He chuckled. “Fight all you want, Serena. It won’t do any good.”

“Stop being such a bastard,” she hissed, glaring at him and bending her knees, ramming her heels into the mattress. She bucked her hips upward then twisted from side to side.

“Bastard? Me?” He frowned down at her. “Why would you think that?”

“Oh, come on.”

“I’m simply showing my woman what happens when I’m disobeyed.” He leaned closer, his breath washing over her lips. “Say sorry.”


“You sure?”

She glared at him.

“You’re going to regret this moment.”

And then he kissed her. A deep luscious kiss that had her opening up and letting him in. Their tongues tangled. The kiss was everything she’d missed—Luca, her man, sex, being with him.

It went on, their breaths became ragged.

Lying down the plug was a satisfying weight that made her buzz for more. Her clit was still throbbing and her peaked nipples so tight they ached.

Fuck me again!

“Damn it, you’re irresistible even if you are so fucking naughty.” He licked his lips and glanced down at her naked, panting chest. “And I’ve decided to stop resisting.”

Good. Yes. Fuck me.

He grinned, a sinful, predatory grin, then slid down her body, peppering kisses over her breasts as he went.

Oh, thank you, Lord.

It seemed even bad girls had their prayers answered.

She pressed the crown of her head into the pillow and parted her legs. He was going to drive his cock into her again. The way he had in the field. And boy was she ready for it. The swift hard orgasm she’d been hungering for would send her into a new dimension of sensation.

She could hardly wait for it.

But Luca didn’t whip out his cock. He didn’t fuck her. Instead he crawled between her legs and swiped the tip of his tongue over her swollen clit.

“Oh, God, yes…” she wailed, her legs falling apart.

How she’d missed oral sex. And Luca was a goddamn expert at it. His mouth and tongue paradise and nirvana combined then wrapped up in rainbows.

He didn’t mess about; he used his fingers to part her folds then worked her clit with firm steady strokes.

She bowed from the bed, curled her toes, and clenched her internal muscles. The plug moved and she let out a long, pleasure-soaked groan. Soon a climax would be hers. “Oh, yes, Luca…”

He kept up the fast-paced rhythm. Thrashing her clit in big circles just the way she liked.

She panted and gasped, tensed her stomach as the pressure grew.

“Oh, yes… yes… I’m…”

He lifted up, sat back on his heels, and rested his big palms on her inner thighs.

“Luca!” she yelled. “What the?”

He swiped his tongue over his bottom lip. His chin was shiny with her moisture.

“I was just about… to come.” She pulled at the rope, rattling the headboard and shaking the bed. “What are you doing?”

“Denying you. You have to learn you don’t get everything you want, Serena.”

“You goddamn son of a bitch.” How could he? This hurt almost as much as the spanking. Her clit was so swollen, her pussy throbbing.

“Name calling will not get you anywhere.” He released her left thigh and set the flat of his palm over her lower abdomen.

She was breathing hard and it rose and fell. Anger swarmed inside her. Just when she thought he couldn’t come up with any other way to torture her, he had.

“Say you’re sorry,” he said.

She gritted her teeth.

He raised one eyebrow.


“Have it your way.” He ducked his head and swiped up through her folds again.

She dragged in air and tensed her thighs around his wide shoulders.

Within seconds he was laving her clit again. He found her entrance and pushed in.

“Oh, God…” She clamped around his finger, her orgasm spinning toward her once more.

His stubble caught on her delicate flesh and it added to the sensations. Breathing was getting difficult, her heart was pounding.

And then she was there, on the perfect precipice before spiraling into bliss.

He lifted up again, withdrew his finger, and pressed her knees apart.

She bucked her hips and cried out in sheer frustration. “Luca!”

He laughed. “Oh, how I love to hear you crying out my name.”

“In fury,” she shouted. “In fucking fury. How can you be so cruel?”

“Cruel? No, not cruel. Just demanding obedience. Now say you’re sorry.”

“I’ll pay you back for this, just you wait and see.”

“And if it’s not something I particularly enjoy, your payback will earn you another spanking, or…” He flicked her clit with his thumb and index finger.

Serena bucked from the bed. “Oh!”

“Or another session like this.”

“Luca. Don’t…”

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t tease me… I can’t stand it.”

“So say you’re sorry.”

“Sorry! I’m sorry, okay? Now make me come!” The words had spilled out of her mouth without permission from her brain. It seemed her body had taken over completely now. She needed what she needed and that was all there was to it.

“Say it like you mean it.” He narrowed his eyes at her.

She grunted and pressed her lips together. She’d said it, hadn’t she?


“Sorry.” She tried to relax her throat, put some conviction in the word. If she did, she’d get what she wanted. “Luca. I’m sorry. So sorry.”

“Finally!” He blew out a breath, his cheeks puffing up. “And see, it wasn’t so hard, was it.”

She glared at him, willing him to know that she wasn’t really sorry. She’d said it as a means to an end.

He fingered her entrance then pushed in.

She was so damn wet.

“Is this what you want?”

“Yes, and your mouth. I need to come, Luca.” It was all she could think of. The want had taken over her mind, stolen her thoughts and sense.

He grinned, his eyes darkening, and dipped his head.

And then it was building again. He fucked her with two fingers, rubbing up against the plug and her G-spot, and lashed at her clit. Stroking over it in small, fast circles the way he knew she loved.

Serena drew up her knees, tipping her pelvis. She fisted her hands trapped by the rope and pressed her head into the pillow. Her breasts jiggled, sweat laced her skin. And then it was there, a beautiful deep orgasm.

She prayed he wouldn’t stop now. He couldn’t; surely, she wouldn’t survive that.

Wailing, she toppled into bliss. Her body was held hostage by her climax. She trembled and shook. Her heart rattled against her ribcage.

Luca stayed with her, pushing her onward through her orgasm. She surrendered to him as wave after wave rushed through her, sending extreme pleasure to all of her nerves.

“Luca,” she gasped. “Oh, God, yes.”

He lifted his mouth but kept working her pussy and placed his thumb over her clit.

She groaned and stared down at him. For a moment she could almost believe nothing had changed, that they hadn’t been apart. But then when she tried to move her hands, the rope told her everything had changed.

“Your girl cum tastes amazing,” he said with a wicked glint in his eye.

“You have a filthy mouth.”

“I don’t see you complaining.” He kissed her clit—a deep open-mouth kiss with his tongue working her again.

She moaned and closed her eyes, twisted her head and pressed her cheek to the inside of her arm. He could stay down there as long as he wanted. Hell, what else did they have on the day’s agenda?

Mio amore, you’ve got me so hard.” Suddenly he lifted up.

The next thing Serena knew she’d been flipped over. Her forearms crossed and her hair hung low, several strands sticking to her damp brow.

Luca gripped her hips and dragged her to her hands and knees. “I’m going to take what’s mine. Get ready for it.”

A fresh wave of desire seized her. The tone of his voice and the steely grip he had on her sent heady memories of their past life rushing into her mind.

“Here,” he said gruffly. “I’m taking you here.”

The plug shifted inside her. Serena gasped. He began to tug it and she arched her back. “Luca!”

“You asked for this. All of it.”

The plug slipped out and her asshole trembled.

She had no doubt what was about to happen. Luca was going to fuck her ass, and it wasn’t going to be slowly and carefully like his first time there.

A quiver attacked her belly as the head of his cock pushed onto her hole. It was so damn wide and hard.

He curled over her, one arm spanning her waist and dragging her upward. His hips rounded and his cock exerted a determined pressure.

She caught her breath. She was trapped beneath him, at his mercy.

“It would serve you well to relax,” he said by her ear, his breath hot. “But I’m going in regardless.”

Oh, and she believed him.

He eased forward some more and her hole parted for his width. The moment he had that purchase he drove on, stretching her around his glans, then easing his thick shaft into her ass.

“Fuck,” he gasped. “I love your ass.”

“Oh… Luca.”

“So warm and snug.” He kept on going.

She was so full of him, the pressure dense and all consuming.

“That’s it, squeeze me,” he said, clasping her right breast with his free hand. “Grip my cock with your sweet ass.”

Serena wasn’t doing it on purpose. Her entire body was a tense ball as he invaded her. How much more could she take?

He slammed home, his balls bashing up against her pussy.

She cried out, so did he.

And then he withdrew, almost but not quite, then thrust in again. He repeated the action, the pace wild and hard. He fucked her ass, took it, claimed it… claimed her.

Serena howled. It was sensation overload. It hurt, but it felt so good. Luca was inside her, there…

Si, let me hear you.” He slid up to her throat and wrapped his fingers around it. Squeezing enough to let her know he was the one in control… totally.

Serena stared unblinking at the headboard whacking off the wall, the ends of the rope swinging with it. She’d surrendered to him. She knew she had. And right now she wasn’t complaining. Luca was all that existed in her world. She was small and open beneath him, taking him. He had the power—the power to give her so much pleasure and to take whatever he wanted from her body.

Si. Si. Si,” he cried out with each shunt. His chest was slick against her back, his skin as sweat coated as hers.

Another orgasm was building. She was dizzy with it. Her mind was focused on coming again.

“All that time behind bars,” he ground out, “I thought of all the filthy, dirty things I was going to do to you… when I got out.” He paused. “This was one of them. Fucking your pretty ass. Putting my big cock into your little hole and making us both come over and over.”

She dragged in ribbons of air. His fingers dug tighter into her throat.

“I had hours to think about the taste of you, the feel of you. Every night I jerked off thinking about coming in your mouth, pussy, and ass. Say you’re mine. Say you’re fucking mine.”

Serena didn’t speak—breath was precious. She’d succumbed to the pleasure about to detonate. It was nearly there.

“And if you’d been with another man… I’d have killed him.”

Serena had never doubted that.

“Then I’d have fucked him out of you. Taken you all day every day for weeks… months. Like this… just… like… this, to get rid of him.”

Serena didn’t even try to hold off as a delicious climax contracted her internal muscles. It was near violent the way it rushed through her.

Luca came too. A loud, animalistic cry accompanied his pounding. She took him, took it all, as her vision fogged and her pulse roared wild in her ears.

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