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Hard Men: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

After taking a deep breath, he came even closer, close enough I gathered a whiff of his scent, woodsy and inviting, exotic and ripe with testosterone. Oh, Jesus. I couldn’t be turned on by this man. Not really.

“Here’s how we’re going to play this, little girl.”

“I have a name. Ms. Washington.”

“No, when you act like a child, you’re going to be treated like one.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“And you’re going to learn that your bad language isn’t acceptable.”

My mouth was cotton dry, my legs quivering. “I don’t owe you anything, Mr. Alonso.”

He took another deep breath as he raked me over with his deep green eyes. “That’s not acceptable, little girl. The sooner you learn that the better.”

“Are you threatening me?” Oh, no. I was in over my head with no escape.

“I never threaten a beautiful woman. However, I promised my help and I’ve come to the conclusion of exactly what you need.”

“Which is?” Why did I ask? I didn’t want to know.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson about manners.”

I didn’t hear him correctly. The man had to be out of his mind. “No, I don’t think so.” I hadn’t realized he’d closed the distance until he reached out, cupping my jaw. His hold was firm, but pleasurable, his thumb almost instantly sliding back and forth across my skin. “Get your hands off me.”

“I’m also going to teach you about respect. To that end, you’re going to call me sir. Not Mr. Alonso and certainly not Thiago. Is that understood?”

What I should do was call the police. As if I could manage to get to the phone. “Na… No. That’s not going to happen.”

“Yes, it is. And if you choose to ignore my request, your punishment is going to be much worse.”

“Punishment?” What was he talking about? The man was nuts. Why had I been attracted to him in the first place?

“You heard me. You need to learn a lesson and I’ve already realized that the only way to get through to you is by harsh discipline.”

I jerked, managing to get out of his hold, almost able to take several steps when he fisted my hair, yanking with enough force I was against the edge of the desk.

“That wasn’t very nice,” he said.

My reflexes kicked in, my response immediate. I coldcocked him right across the face. There was no reaction from him, no grunts of pain or anger. Just silence. Then he twisted his hand, nearly ripping hair from my scalp, dragging me onto my toes.

“You made a huge mistake, little girl.”

I refused to whimper or beg, but I had no idea what his intentions were. “Let me go or I swear to God you’re going to be sorry.”

“When I’m good and ready and you’re not in any position to make any demands.” He lowered his head until his lips were dangerously close to mine. A slight growl erupted from his throat, the sound alone forcing me to shiver. He was nothing but a beast.

“What do you think you’re going to do?” My words were whispered, barely audible. When he dropped his head a few additional centimeters, a single moan slipped past my lips.

“It’s not what I think, it’s what will happen and exactly what you need.” Using a single finger, he slid the tip across my jaw, caressing almost like a lover would do, but he was nothing but a horrible monster. How could this be happening?

He pressed his lips against mine, parting mine until he was able to thrust his tongue inside. I was mortified, furious with my body’s reactions. Butterflies swarmed into my stomach and my heart hammered to the point I had difficulty breathing.

But damn if the man didn’t taste good.

Thiago crushed his mouth over mine, yanking me against the heat of his body. Stars floated in front of my eyes, but I managed to smack my palm against his chest.

The kiss continued, pushing me into some crazy moment of bliss. I was having none of it. I slammed my fist against his chest several times. The bastard finally pulled away, but my gut told me it had nothing to do with my actions. He did exactly what he wanted to do.

“Stop or else.”

He cocked his head, issuing a husky growl. “Or else what? I can see you don’t learn easily. Respect, little girl. Remember?”

What the hell did he want from me? “Sir. Okay? Please stop, sir.” This was insane. I couldn’t believe I’d uttered a single word of respect. I’d never called anyone sir in my life, and it wasn’t going to happen now. Well, at least after tonight. I had to get out of here.

Act compliant.

That wasn’t in my nature.

What I hated more than anything was that my panties were damp. His brutal actions were actually turning me on.

“Better, but you have a lot to learn. Today will be lesson number one.” When he released his hold, I pummeled my fists against him, my hands aching after doing so. Exhaling, he pinned me against the desk, leaning over until I was forced to arch my back. “Such a bad girl. Remove your clothes.”

“What?” I hadn’t heard him correctly. A warm flush crept up my cheeks, my pussy aching from the ugly words alone. A rush of shame followed, my tummy churning, realizing I was aroused to a surreal level.

He took a deep whiff, chuckling under his breath. “You heard me. I’m going to count to five. If you haven’t removed your clothes, then I’m going to do it for you and trust me, you won’t like it if that happens.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Don’t I look serious to you, sweetheart?”

“I’m not your little girl or your sweetheart. I’m your boss. Now, you have five seconds to get the hell out of here and we’ll forget all about this.”

There was something almost evil about his grin, as if he knew something I didn’t know.

“Five,” he said in his husky, deep baritone that somehow managed to excite every cell in my body.

I didn’t budge, staring at him defiantly.

“Four.” He inhaled, holding his breath as if capturing my essence.

A single bead of perspiration trickled down the side of my face. It was better than tears. I felt a nervous tic in the corner of my mouth and bit my lower lip to try to hide my nervousness.

And my ridiculous excitement.

“Three.” He tapped his foot, his nostrils flaring.

“Fuck you. You heard me. Get. Out.”

“Two.” His tone was almost a lilt, as if his anticipation of being rough was more delectable than anything he’d done in a hell of a long time.

I darted my gaze toward the door, calculating if and how I could get away from the brute.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you, little girl. I can see we’re going to need to help you understand obedience. One.”

There was a full minute of absolute silence, the air completely sucked out of my lungs as well as the entire room. I wasn’t certain what to expect but when he reached out with his massive hand, easily raking his fingers down the front of my blouse, ripping it to shreds, all I could do was open my mouth in a silent scream.

“Are you rethinking your defiance yet?” he asked. Goddamn, the way he looked at me, his eyes burning a hole straight into my system was breath-stealing. I could tell he was able to see just how turned on I was by the way my nipples were poking through the material of my thin, lacy bra.

Another moment of utter rage sparked the scrappy woman inside. I lunged at him, able to rake my fingernails down the side of his face.

The force was actually enough he jerked his head back, slapping his hand against the side of his face.

“My patience is gone.” He wrapped his hand around my hair, dragging me against the heat of his chest, using his other to yank my jacket off my shoulders. Within seconds, the thick material was strangling my arms, keeping me from retaliating. He lowered his head, exhaling on one side of my face then the other. His searing hot breath sent a wave of tingles washing through me.

Everything about this was horrible, disgusting, but more so because my body betrayed me. I was tingling with the kind of excitement reserved for a passionate evening, not with a horrible man dead set on punishing me for whatever sin he thought I committed.

Thiago yanked on the waistband of my skirt. I was shocked that he popped the button and pulled the zipper, yanking it several inches away from my body. The piece was ruined, one of two nice suits I owned. When he let go of my hair, he wasted no time dragging my jacket past my arms, tossing it aside as if it was nothing but a minor hindrance.

I’d lost my voice, my ability to think clearly. All I could do was stare at him, studying his hard, cold eyes.

“Now, I suggest you finish undressing, or you won’t have anything to wear on your drive home.” He took a step away, remaining close enough that if I tried anything stupid, he would intervene immediately, and I knew I wouldn’t like what he would do.

My fingers stiff, I tried to obey him, but it was so hard. I finally managed to lower my skirt, almost stumbling as I attempted to kick it aside.

“Be careful, little girl. I wouldn’t want you to trip and hurt that gorgeous face of yours.”

“What do you care?” I snapped, instantly regretting my insolence.

He smirked, brushing the backs of his fingers across my cheek. When I jerked my head away, he gripped my jaw, digging his fingers in and forcing me to look at him. “A good question. Because I enjoy beautiful things, especially when they belong to me. As of right now. You belong to me. Do you understand?”

I was shoved into a moment of shock. Was he kidding me? Did he actually think that he was going to do this shit again? Over my dead body. And belonging to him? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. I nodded as much as possible until he gave the same possessive, demanding look as before. “Yes. Sir.” My hiss brought him a damn smile. A smile! My God, he was a bastard. I closed my eyes, yanking the blouse away, no longer caring where I tossed it. What did it matter? I was never going to wear it again. As a matter of fact, I was going to burn every piece of clothing after this horrible thing was over.

“Good girl. You can be taught.” He flicked his fingers around my lace-covered nipple, chuckling under his breath. “I can see how much this turns you on. You like it rough, little girl? Then that’s what you’re going to get. Remove your bra. When I issue punishment, a woman is always naked.”

He really wasn’t kidding and he’d done this before. I swallowed, no longer feeling my fingers as I struggled to unfasten my bra. His patience really had run out and when I didn’t respond quickly enough, he wrenched his hand around one of the straps, snapping his wrist. This time, he pulled the bra to his nose, taking a deep whiff before tossing it away.

My throat was closing in, my heart hammering to the point I couldn’t hear anything else.

“Stand right there and do not cover up your breasts. A woman like you should never hide what God gave you.” He rubbed his jaw as he allowed his gaze to fall very slowly. I’d never felt like a piece of meat to this degree before.

My nipples ached, the cool air keeping them hard as diamonds.

“Such perfect rosy nipples. Mmm…” When he reached out, pinching one of them between his thumb and forefinger, a whimper escaped my mouth, but not from fear or even disgust. From the fact I’d arched my back slightly, inviting the asshole to touch me, longing for more.

“What… What are you going to do?”

“As I said, I’m going to punish you and it’s going to be painful. When you leave, you will understand what obedience really means.”


He laughed in earnest this time. “I take that as a compliment, little girl. I’ve been called a hell of a lot worse.”

“Yeah? Like monster?”

He tweaked and twisted my other nipple in response, the pain blinding. Then he shook his head before sliding his fingers down my stomach. “Yes, you do like it rough. I can smell how aroused you are.”

“No. Not possible.”

When he dipped his hand between my legs, cupping my mound through my silk panties, I clenched my eyes shut, doing everything I could to keep from whimpering. The brute didn’t need to tell me how wet I was or how my pussy juice had already stained my plain white panties.

“Yes, you’re drenched. I can only imagine how you taste.” He slipped a single finger under the thin elastic, swirling the tip around my clit.

My God. A wave of sensations rushed over me that left me shaking and in need, my entire body electrified from his rough handling of me. I loathed the fact I’d jutted my hips forward, allowing him even easier access.

“I love when a woman gets this excited,” he growled, sliding his finger between my swollen folds, teasing me for several seconds.

I was panting, licking my lips. This was insane.

When he removed his hand, I bucked hard, trying to catch my breath. I watched as he slipped his finger into his mouth, his expression one of lurid desire, a famished beast thirsting for more.

I almost fell forward, unable to stop a series of moans. I was mortified, furious with myself and nothing was going to make it any better. I expected him to rip my panties like he’d done to everything else. When he began to roll them over my hips, I stared down at his actions, biting my tongue.

With every inch he peeled them away, his breathing became more ragged, his chest rising and falling by the time he’d rolled them down to my thighs.

“My God. A perfect bare pussy,” he murmured. “Glistening with desire.”

Just hearing the words make me sick to my stomach because he was right. He took his damn sweet time lowering my panties to the floor, finally stepping away when they were around my ankles.

“You can do the rest,” he commanded.

And I did. Now I stood completely naked in front of a man I didn’t know, a gorgeous, dangerous man who wanted to own me. I’d never dealt with anything like this. What the hell was I supposed to do?

He took a step away, reaching for his belt buckle. “Lean over the desk, little girl.”

“Um… No.”

All he had to do was cock his head.

I knew I was shaking my head, begging in a silent way, but my body had already started to turn. I was obeying him without reservation, even longing to feel the burn of a thick strap against my bottom although I’d never been spanked my entire life. I couldn’t catch my breath, my entire body shaking like a leaf. When I leaned over a desk that I’d only begun to familiarize myself with, my entire life flashed in front of my eyes.

Every sound was amplified; his distinct animalistic growls, the pull of his belt through the loops, and the whooshing sound once the strap was released. I pressed my face against the cool wood surface, no longer able to think about anything but what he was prepared to do.

“Such a little princess, aren’t you?”

I hated the term, yet there was also something dark and delicious about the way he stated the single word. As if I was special.

As if I was a bad little girl.

He ripped off my shoes, the hard thunking noise as the cheap heels were tossed against the wall creating a wave of nervous energy. I pushed up from the desk, straining to see what he was doing. Shaking his head again, he pushed me down, smacking my bottom with the palm of his hand not once but four times. The stinging sensations only added to the excitement.

“Remain in position or I’ll be forced to tie you down.”

Was he kidding me?

“You need harsh punishment and I’m the man to give it to you. Once I’m finished, you’re going to regret your actions, begging me to stop, but that’s only going to happen after I know for certain you’ve learned your lesson.”

I wasn’t prepared for what came next, the whooshing sound from the belt being brought down from above startling. The moment the strap struck across my bottom, all I could think about was the horrible sound. There was no instant burst of pain, not even a stinging effect that caused me to whimper.

Until he delivered eight in rapid succession. That’s when my mind went blank, anguish rushing into every muscle in my legs, shooting up through my already aching bottom. I was thrown by the way he growled every time he gave a savage blow, the man obviously a true barbarian, enjoying every minute of disciplining me.

I’m come to Miami expecting I’d be in control.

I was wrong.

This man, this horrible poor excuse for a human being believed that he could control me in every way, forcing me to do his bidding. He had another think coming. When I pushed up from the desk again, determined to get the hell away from him, he grabbed my hair with more might than he had before, holding me in place. He brought the strap down two more times, both catching me on the upper thighs.

My bottom was on fire, heat exploding into every cell. I could no longer breathe at all, but I realized my body was squirming against the desk, my pussy clenching then releasing over and over again. A rush of adrenaline flowed through my muscles, but the boost of energy didn’t give me an ounce of additional power. I was his prisoner to do with what he wanted.

He continued the spanking, smacking the belt against me in a perfect rhythm, one coming after the other. I shifted my arms over my head, fisting my hands over the edge of the desk, opening my legs wider in some crazy, involuntary wish that he’d fuck me instead. Images flowed into my mind of my pussy juice staining the expensive wood, a forever reminder that I’d given in to such a brutal man.

I was losing control of my mind as well as my sanity, continuing to undulate against the desk, the friction almost causing an orgasm. My face had to be as red as my bottom, the flush of embarrassment something I’d remember for a long time.

And not in a positive way.

The sound of him taking a deep breath combined with the lull in the harsh punishment only created jitters. When he planted one hand on my left side, the other on my right, I jumped. Then as he leaned over, his breath scalding my skin, I closed my eyes. “I can only imagine how wet you are now. Do you crave my thick cock fucking you, driving into your tight channel, little girl?”

“No… No, sir.” He would soon learn I was soaking wet. I was so ashamed that two tears slid past my lashes.

“Hmmm… Why don’t we find out?” He pushed my legs further apart, rolling a finger down the crack of my ass. He waited, driving up my anticipation, making my heart skip several beats before slipping his fingers past my swollen folds.

I moaned, unable to stop my body’s reaction. My hips jutted backwards, the action forcing his finger deeper inside. The sensations were incredible, the electricity shooting through me like a live wire. I was blinded by the pleasure, ready to beg the man to fuck me. What the hell was wrong with me?

“Yes, very wet. And tight. You need a commanding man to provide discipline as well as pleasure.”

His words rang in my ears. I moaned my response, gasping for breath.

He pumped several times, adding a second and third finger, flexing them open and driving me close to an orgasm. The fucker seemed to sense what he’d done to me, ripping away the moment of pleasure, leaving me empty and hollow inside.

Please. Please.

My God, I almost opened my mouth, spouting off the words.

He resumed the spanking, bringing the belt down several additional times, the anguish exploding yet the shock remaining how aroused I was. Had I craved a dominating man keeping me in line? All those desires to have a father in my life, had they altered me in some insane manner?

Every cell and muscle continued to explode in dazzling intensity, the heat crisscrossing my body pushing me into a sublime state. Was this ecstasy? I couldn’t explain why I was so turned on or why I wasn’t fighting him any harder.

When he stopped seconds later, caressing my aching bottom, I slipped my hands from the desk, allowing them to slide over the edge. I was exhausted yet exhilarated, confused yet so alive.

Thiago rolled his fingers down the inside of one thigh, digging his fingers into my skin. When he positioned the belt on the desk beside me, all I could concentrate on was the sight of the brass buckle glistening in the ugly lighting.

“Do you now understand what happens to bad little girls who ignore the rules?”

I heard him, but I couldn’t form words in my mouth. There was no method of connecting the dots. “Yes, sir.” I said the words far too easily, tingling after doing so.

“No, I don’t think you do,” he growled before yanking me away from the edge of the desk. I’d never felt so vulnerable in my life, so exposed. I was naked and freshly spanked, my reddened bottom a clear indication that I’d lost my control.

“O-kay. Sir,” I managed, struggling to recollect my dignity in some way.

“They get fucked and fucked hard.”

Before I had a few seconds to understand what he was saying to me, I felt the pressure of his cock pushing against my pussy lips. No. No! Even though my mind was screaming for him to stop, my body was reacting entirely differently, my pussy clenching, ready to accept the rest of my punishment.

He shoved his cock inside and instantly my muscles clamped around the thick invasion. I was breathless, jerking up from the desk, lights flashing in front of my eyes.

The hard force used was stimulating, pushing me almost instantly into a state of utter bliss. My mind continued to fight the wretched actions while my body wanted more, opening up like some damn flower in the sunlight.

Thiago pulled out, rubbing the tip up and down my aching pussy, teasing me relentlessly. He had to know what it was doing to me.

Another method of control.

Another way of keeping me on edge.

Panting, I pushed up from the desk. I wanted to see his face as he fucked me. I wanted to remember every detail when I… When I… Oh, my God. I had no idea what I was going to do from here.

He was having none of it, wrapping one hand around my neck and holding me in place as he shoved his cock back into my wetness. “Suck a tight fucking hole. I could fuck you for hours.”

His filthy words only continued to electrify my desires, pushing them to the extreme. Every growl he made, every ragged breath reminded me that he was nothing but a primal beast.

And I didn’t just crave his firm hand, I craved all of him.

With every brutal plunge of his cock, the force shoved my tummy against the edge of the desk, knocking the wind out of me. His fingers dug in, the hold so strong that I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. While my muscles ached, they expanded even more, accepting every inch of him. The sounds of our hard fucking permeated the air, tickling my eardrums.

All I could do was close my eyes, accepting what he was doing, surrendering to his monstrous actions.

When the sensations of an orgasm rushed into me, I clamped my mouth shut, refusing to scream. His damn chuckle of domination behind me pissed me off, but my body had already relinquished control. There was nothing I could do to stave off the climax.

It rushed into me like a freight train, my toes curling and my hands slamming against the deck. Then I heard my strangled moan.

“Oh. Oh. Oh!”

“This is the only time you get to come without permission, little girl.” He smacked my bottom with his bare hand several times, the action only driving the single climax into one giant wave. I was floored by the delicious combination of pain and ecstasy, throwing my head back and allowing a single scream to erupt from my throat.

He brushed his fingers down my spine, instantly shoving his thumb into my asshole. No one had ever fucked me in the ass. The additional wave of anguish was short-lived, the resulting pleasuring as he finger fucked my ass while he continued plunging into me like a crazed man was almost too much for my body to take. I was exhausted yet exhilarated, furious yet joyous, unable to process the dichotomy of my emotions.

I had no idea how long he continued to fuck me, but I knew when he was ready to explode, his growls becoming even more savage than before. My body seemed to sense his orgasm, my muscles clenching around his shaft like a tight vise.

When he roared, there wasn’t a cell or tendon in my body that didn’t erupt in fire as the man filled me with his seed.

Thiago leaned over, yanking my hair away from my face. “If you play with fire, little girl, just remember that you will get burned. If I need to repeat the lesson, next time, I fuck you in the ass.”

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