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Hard Ride: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“You’re out of your mind.” I issued the words, shocked that he’d think something horrible like a spanking was acceptable in anyone’s society.

“I’m not the thief,” Montana said without emotion. He kept his heated gaze moving up and down the length of my body, no doubt undressing me with his eyes.

I folded my arms, smiling just as sweetly as I had before. “Not a chance, cowboy. You’re not my master.”

“Well, it’s obvious you need harsh discipline.”

“And why is that?”

He inched even closer until I gathered a whiff of his cologne, the scent just as vibrant and masculine as when I’d entered the house. Everything about the man was intoxicating as well as infuriating. “You have a caustic mouth. You believe yourself to be entitled. You refuse to follow rules. You push every button. You are careless, enough so you could get yourself killed in the arena and you don’t seem to give a shit. Would you like me to go on?”

I had to admit, he was right about the majority of items on his list, but at least one pissed me the hell off. “You’re the entitled one. You think because you’ve won countless rodeos that your shit doesn’t stink. You treat everyone with disrespect, as if they’re lower on the totem pole than you. Well, that shit just doesn’t fly with the majority of people, no matter how popular you pretend to be.”

His eyes flared the same anger I’d seen every time we talked. If he got any closer, his lips would be pressed against mine.

Not a bad thought.

Wait a minute. How in the hell could I crave a man like him? And why was my body reacting, betraying me as if I was a girl with some crush? I took a decided step backwards, my butt hitting the edge of the desk.

It was his turn to smile, even though his gorgeous eyes still held the same level of venom. “As I said. It’s your choice. This is a free country after all.”

I held my own, keeping my body stance almost like a fighter would, prepared to throw hard punches at any moment. However, I had no answer. The two choices weren’t acceptable. Then again, he had me dead to rights, having broken into his home.

Montana shook his head, sliding his phone from his back pocket.

“What are you doing?” I demanded, as if I had a right to demand anything.

He held out his index finger before sliding it across the screen. With one press of a button, he took a deep breath. “Yes, will you connect me with Sheriff Sikes?” He tapped his foot. “Yes, I’ll wait. I’m very happy to wait.”

All the years I’d spend trying to dig myself out of a wretched hole flashed into my mind. All the years of working to achieve a single goal. All the years of being afraid of everything, distrusting everyone. The images and thoughts flew into my mind like a bullet straight from hell. “Wait a minute. Don’t do that. Please. Okay?” I’ll do what you ask. I wasn’t entirely certain I was ready for his brand of justice.

Hesitating, his look stern, he furrowed his brow before lowering his phone, ending the call. “So, you accept your punishment?”

“Punishment. I’m not the bad girl you think I am.”

“Really? You seem to be a manipulative girl who won’t take no for an answer. From what I can tell, you’ve gotten everything you wanted in your life. Daddy’s little princess?”

“How dare you!” I countered, ready to punch him in the gut.

“Because I’m not the criminal and I can tell about girls like you, sweetheart. You think your shit doesn’t stink.”

This time I didn’t hesitate, punching him square in the gut, ready to launch into a series of targeted kicks if he hadn’t grabbed my wrists, pulling them over my head.

“Nice try, sweetheart. You’re no match for me.”

I struggled, huffing and puffing but the man was far too strong. “You’re an asshole.”

“I think you said that already.” Snarling, he shoved me back, shaking his head as he rubbed his forehead. “You need to be locked in a cage.”

Been there, done that.

I almost spouted off the words. “You really are a nasty man.”

“Yeah? Take a number because I’ve heard that shit before.” He paced the floor for a few seconds before snapping his head in my direction. “You know, I would have been happy to teach you the ropes, even give you some private lessons but every time you open your mouth, you issue nasty words. I think you’re terrified of truly asking anyone for help, using your arrogance as a method of hiding. Am I wrong?”

I couldn’t answer, my throat clenched almost shut.

“Yep, that’s exactly what I thought. You don’t give a shit about anyone but yourself.”

“As if you should talk, asshole.”

Exhaling, he closed his eyes for a few seconds, finally shoving his phone into his pocket. “Why would I want to help you in any manner?”

Once again, he’d seen through the solid steel mask into the wayward girl inside. “Because I asked you.” I heard the tentative tone in my voice and loathed the weakness.

“You’re going to receive a hard spanking then we will never speak of this again. Understood?”

I nodded like the wicked child he’d portrayed me to be. This was one of the most humiliating things that had ever happened to me. Thank God, no one else would know about the shame I was going to be forced to endure. “Just get it over with.” I turned around, placing my hands on the desk, huffing and cursing under my breath.

“Not so fast. As I said, we do things the cowboy way.”

“Meaning what?” Asshole. Jerkoff. Disgrace to women. The nasty thoughts lingered in my mind.

“Take off your jeans and panties. I assume you wear panties,” he commanded, the same dark and stormy voice sending more than just a thrill through me. My entire body was tingling, my pussy quivering.

This was ridiculous. He was just a man and a horrible excuse for one at that.

“Over my dead body.” The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them.

“You seem to be hardheaded as they come. You absolutely need a controlling hand in your life, a man who takes no shit.” Instead of being exasperated, Montana was far too calm, as if he knew exactly what I needed.

“And I guess you’re that man.”

“I can read through that thin exterior of yours, Holland. You need regular discipline, stern and often, Now my offer stands but the deal is going to expire soon. You see, the sheriff and I are good buddies. We have been since grade school. I’m certain he’d find it very interesting that you broke into my house. No matter the reason, he’s going to press charges to the full extent of the law because he can.”

The words were said with such joy, as if he was in full control over me and the situation.

Okay, so he was. I was in no position to argue.

Huffing, I fiddled with the button on my jeans, my fingers finding it way too difficult to perform the duty he’d demanded. I was sick, shaking like the very naughty girl he’d accused me of being. I wanted to beg him not to do this. This was horrible. This was disgusting.

This is exactly what you need.

I swallowed as the thought remained in the back of my mind.

“I’m waiting and I’m not a patient man, Holland. That’s something you’re going to learn very quickly.”

I wanted to rip out his eyes and feed them to the same bull he’d conquered. I closed my eyes, pretending I was anywhere else. The doctor’s office. The accountant. Standing in front of a judge trying to explain what the hell I thought I was doing. Everything about this was ridiculous but there was no way out of it.

I managed to unzip, struggling since I was shaking like a leaf to push the dense material past my hips. But I did, kicking the jeans away. I stole a look over my shoulder before sliding my fingers under the thin elastic of my thong. I had to wear red today of all freaking colors. I was certain his gaze was lingering on my bottom. I could even imagine his mouth watering at the opportunity that had presented itself.

One day I’d take the man down. My way. And I had plenty of wretched things I could do to him.

“Panties. All the way off,” he said with defiance. “I’m waiting.”

“Fine. Fucking fine.”

“You curse one more time and I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap.”

There were so many things I could say, but I held my tongue. For once. There was no embarrassment as great as lowering my panties, removing them completely. Nothing would ever compare to this. When my bottom half was naked, I knew I’d never be able to look him in the eyes again. “What now?”

“Lean over the desk. I’m going to use my belt. You do like leather, don’t you, Holland?”

Even the way he said my name in such a gravelly tone was enthralling, forcing my nipples into hard peaks, scraping against my bra. This was sick. This was absolute injustice. I did as I was told, leaning over and trying my best to keep my… oh, yeah, caustic mouth shut. He certainly had a way with words.

As I heard him taking his time unbuckling the very thick belt I’d already noticed, I held my breath. He wasn’t going to break me. No siree. I was a tough girl and the man would face my wrath sooner versus later. “Let’s get this the fuck over with.”

“That’s it. After we’re finished here, you’re getting a nice bar of Ivory soap in your mouth. That should be a decent reminder to treat people with respect.”

I was horrified, but that wasn’t going to happen. I would fight him to the death if I had to. As I heard the strap being pulled from his belt loops, I almost panicked, running out of his house half naked. What good would that do me?

Once again, I felt the heat of his body far too close, crowding my space. He was trying to make me as uncomfortable as possible. Well, fuck him. I arched my back, holding my head high and shooting him a nasty glare over my shoulder. “Whatever, buddy.”

“Buddy,” Montana said, chuckling. He shifted his hand around my long hair, pulling it to the side as he leaned over. “Trust me, little sunshine, one day you will call me Master.” He kicked my legs apart then placed his hand on the small of my back, pushing me further over. “I suggest you grab the edge of the desk. Trust me. This is going to hurt like all good punishments should.”

I heard the whooshing sound first and scrambled to grab the sides of the desk, clenching my eyes shut. The things I was going to do to this man were definitely crimes against humanity.

As the first strike came down, I gritted my teeth, expecting an explosion of pain. There was almost nothing. Was the man a wimp at doing this like he was at so many other things? I almost burst out laughing at the thought alone.

Then the second smack.

And the third.

Pain blossomed like hell fire, washing up from my curled toes to the insides of my thighs and shooting everywhere else. I opened my mouth, waiting for a mind-bending scream to erupt but there was no sound other than a strangled breath. I was caught by surprise, almost gagging as the anguish became instantly intolerable.

I kicked out one leg then the other, jerking up from his polished desk, ready to strike him any chance I got.

“None of that. Stay in position or we’re going to start again.” Montana grumbled behind me, his words low-slung and husky, as if this was supposed to be a passionate experience.

God help the man later.


Another hard strike fell across both ass cheeks, sending every cell in my body into ignition. I was on fire everywhere, including my aching pussy. I was more ashamed than I’d ever been in my life, praying I wouldn’t turn into mush. “Fuck!”

“You’re doing very well but every time you curse means another minute with soap in your mouth.”

Was he fucking kidding me? The man was an intolerable fool, thinking he could lord the break and enter experience over me. He had another think coming. My guess was he was cheating. Although I had no idea how. He wasn’t that technical, hadn’t been on the circuit that long. Why did everyone think he was some God?


Montana issued four more, one coming after the other. The heat building across my bottom and the tops of my thighs was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. No man had ever spanked me and they never would again. I’d kill them first.

I was floored as the pain continued to develop, bringing water to my eyes. No way was I going to cry in front of him. None. Fuck him. Fuck this.

Fuck my life.

I’d tried so hard to make it, to be someone else, to find even a hint of safety. The entire world seemed to spin around me as the spanking continued, every hard smack followed by a lesson in decorum.

Or so he stated more than once.

“You will not treat people with disrespect,” he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Another strike, this time directly across the tops of my thighs.

I was spinning, finding it difficult to breathe.

“Okay. Fine.” I heard my mouth utter the words, but why? Why was I giving into this man?

He delivered another four, each one harder than the strike before.

I was blinded from the agony, my body simply lying across his cool desk, the heat from his laptop almost too much to bear. “Fuck. You.”

“Jesus. You are one tough lady. Do you know that?” His exclamation was followed by his hand caressing my bruised bottom, his fingers lingering far too long.

Was he getting turned on by this? Oh, dear God.

“So what?” I managed, taking several gulping breaths.

“You can’t break into someone’s home and expect they’ll be okay with it,” he stated. “And you’re going to treat me in particular with respect. Do you understand me?”

I gritted my teeth again, finally whispering the answer. “Sure.”

“Oh, no. That’s yes, sir. From now on you will answer me in that manner.”

I was horrified by the audacity of this man. If he actually believed I was going to call him sir, he had another think coming.

“Now, you’re going to count for me and you’re going to say it nicely,” he directed.

Another series of expletives was ready to shoot from my mouth.

The strap came down brutally as if anticipating my sass.

“Do. You. Understand?”

“Fine. Yes. Sir.”

He issued two more, hesitated at the end.

“One and two, sir.”

“Not bad. Let’s continue.”

I was trying desperately not to sob like some stupid child as the cracking sound of his wrist force me to jump.

Then another.

“Three and four. Sir.” I heard my voice getting louder, like I could drown out the horrible noise.

Montana chuckled in the most seductive manner. Then he leaned over, blowing a swath of air across the back of my neck. Teasing me. “You might be able to learn. We shall see.”

Four more hard smacks and this time, the tears flowed, falling down my face before I could manage to stop them. “O-kay. Just stop. Please. Five. Six. Seventeen. Just stop!” I was whining now. Fucking fantastic. Weak. All I could think about was I was a weak little girl.

“Then say it,” he commanded. “Tell me you’re going to treat me with respect; that you will obey me.” He slid the strap down my back, tapping my ass. When his fingers brushed down the cleft in my bottom, I shot up, shaking like a freaking leaf.

“Yes, sir. I’ll obey you, sir.” Anything to get this shit to stop. I had no intentions of obeying the asshole. None.

“That’s more like it. Now, five more and after that, we’ll talk.”

Five more? I was going to die from the pain.

The whooshing sound was almost worse than the actual crack itself, my mind going to all kinds of distant places. But I couldn’t avoid the anguish rocketing through me like a tidal wave. I started counting them off in my mind.





I could barely breathe as he issued the last one, was uncertain if I’d muttered the correct count. Then my entire body and mind revolted, shooting up from the desk. I shot forward, my hands out, ready to smack or claw his face or both.

He was far too quick, grabbing my wrists and yanking my arms over my head as he crushed my body against his. “Nice try, sweetheart. Do we need a few more lessons?”

“Like I said before, over my dead body.” I was stunned that my entire body was leaning into him, my breasts tingling to the point I was even more ashamed. How could this be happening?

He tilted his head, curling his upper lip. “Do you know what happens to bad little girls who don’t learn their lesson?”

“I don’t care.”

“I bet you will. I’m going to tell you. They. Get. Fucked.”

I heard the words, could tell he was serious, but my mind couldn’t comprehend the concept of what he was saying. “Excuse me?”

He had the kind of shit-eating grin on his face that I knew most girls would fall for; charming and sexy, the dimple on his chin deeper than normal. I couldn’t think or move, standing like a frozen statue waiting for him to make good on his threat.

Montana shoved me back over the desk, still crowding close as I clawed at everything on top. Files and papers went flying as I struggled with him, my mind reeling as the sound of his zipper being pulled sent electricity through me.

And not in a good way.

I knew he was tugging on his jeans, could tell he was determined to fuck me.

“And Holland? They get fucked in the ass.”

My eyes opened wide as he pressed his throbbing cock against the heat of my ass. He was serious. He was going to fuck me. This was crazy. This was humiliating. This was… Why did I enjoy the thought at all? Guilt rolled through me like a wildfire, my face flushing.

“No!” I think I shouted, or maybe I simply purred the word. I could feel the wetness between my legs as his shaft dangled against my pussy lips.

He was so strong, his massive chest pressing against my back as he leaned over, making certain my legs were wide open.

For him.

For his desires.

For his demands.

Nothing made any sense as I continued to fight, pushing up only to be shoved down. I’d been attracted to him from the moment I saw him in the arena, that sexy smile never wavering even as the bull tossed him a solid ten feet. Now this.

The moment I felt his hand brush against my wetness, I shuddered, wanting nothing more than to scream. Instead, I moaned like some wanton girl who’d begged to be taken by a dominating man. I wasn’t that girl. I didn’t need a man.

Hell, I didn’t even crave them.

Liar. Big fat liar.

The little voice was already nagging me, a reminder that I’d fantasized about him, but not this way. Not so brutal and savage and beastlike and…

My thoughts were all over the place as the tip of his cock pushed past my pussy lips, spreading them, requiring my submission.

I would never surrender to a man like him. Never.

Then why are you so aroused?

Some days, I hated my inner voice.

“Oh!” The single word escaped my mouth as his cock was pressed further inside, my pussy muscles clamping around the thick invasion as if wanting this. I was in some kind of shock, even as the electricity we so obviously shared jetted through me like rocket fuel.

He wasn’t gentle as he thrust all the way inside, his body shaking from the effort, the powerful roar he issued swimming into my ears.

This was primal.


A man taking a woman he possessed.

And I knew that nothing would ever be the same between us.

“Oh. God!” I was unable to process what was going on as he plunged his cock deep inside over and over again. My heart raced, my body remaining tense but the sensations rocketing through me were incredible. I didn’t want this man.

I refused to accept just how much I enjoyed what he was doing.

Yet he fucked me savagely, the rough pads of his fingers digging into my skin, yanking at all my rational thoughts. Images floated into my mind, Neanderthal in nature.

“Uh. Uh. Uh.” The brutality of what he was doing would never be forgotten. I would find a way to get even.

You’ve always hungered for him.

Always was a huge word and not acceptable. I certainly didn’t want this, but there was no way of breaking free.

“Hot little pussy. Almost as saucy as that mouth of yours,” he whispered as he fisted my hair, yanking me away from the top of the desk.

“Not as hot as when I have your cock in my mouth and I bite it off.”

He smacked my ass with his hand then ground his hips against me, shoving his shaft even deeper. The angle stole my breath, the way he thrust harder and faster forcing stars to float in front of my eyes.

God, how I wanted to fight him, giving him a taste of his own medicine.

I was shocked as the dazzling sensations increased and there was nothing I could do; no amount of wiggling to get out of his grasp or trying to shut down the desires threatening to give me away did anything. I was his prisoner.

For now.

Don’t breathe. Don’t think. You don’t want this.

The ugly mantra wasn’t doing any good, my body on overload. Mere seconds later I was pitched into a moment of sheer bliss as my legs began to tingle, prickles shooting up on every inch of my skin. No. No. I was not going to have an orgasm. I was not going to allow my body to betray me even more.

But there was nothing I could do as the climax rushed like a raging tide into every portion of my body, stilling my cells and muscles, the force unlike anything I’d experienced. I shot up from the desk, opening my mouth in yet another silent scream. “Oh…”

“That’s it, come for me, bad cowgirl. Come on my cock.”

The intensity of his brutal plunges slammed me against the edge of the desk, shifting stars and circles of light in front of my eyes. And the single climax turned into a rabid wave, claiming me exactly as the bastard was doing.

“Oh. Oh. Oh!”

Montana gave me no time to rest or enjoy the euphoria, pulling out and sliding the tip up and down the crack of my ass.

“Please,” I moaned, begging; for what I was unsure of.

“Please what, little girl? I’m in control and like I told you, bad girls get fucked in the ass.” There was no pretense, no romancing the moment as he wiggled his cockhead between my aching ass cheeks, finding my dark hole. There was also no pretense as he breached my forbidden place, the one that had never been claimed by another man.

I was in shock, perhaps awe as he pushed past the tight ring of muscle, creating a cataclysm of pain tearing through me. I could no longer think or focus, had no idea even what my name might be. I was being taken by some primitive man.

Becoming his possession.

To take and fuck as he pleased.

“No. No. No.” I realized I’d thrust back, meeting his hard plunge with one of my own.

“Tight. God, so freaking tight. This is exactly what you needed.”

There was no stopping the brute, no way of getting out of his hold. I was reduced to that very bad girl he’d accused me of being. I even allowed myself to enjoy a few seconds as the pain shifted, searing every nerve, sizzling my blood cells.

He was like a crazed animal, the sound of hard fucking, skin slapping against skin permeating the small space.

“Tell me, little cowgirl. Have you always craved having a man take you in the ass, dominating you in every manner?”

“No. No way.”

A snicker left his lips as if he thought I was lying. I had no way of knowing any longer what I wanted or needed. I’d been lost for so long, simply trying to make a life of my own in a sea of garbage. I’d come to Wyoming hoping, praying for a change. Maybe that was never going to happen.

He seemed to unleash his carnal beast, one that I’d always been able to tell had been clawing at the surface. Another round of humiliation washed over me, heat flashes pulsing in my body and all the while pussy juice trickled down my legs.

Giving me away.

He continued fucking me, smacking my ass every few seconds, a not so subtle reminder that this was my punishment for a crime committed.

I heard the change in his breathing, scattered and husky. The man was close to coming. I did the only thing I could do, just to get this over with.

I squeezed my muscles.

“Fuck. Yes. Oh…” His roar was loud, filling the entire space.

When he erupted, there was no escaping the path of his hot cum filling me. The second he let go of my hair, I dropped my head, riddled with shame.

I expected him to back away instantly, freeing me of my penance. Instead, he pulled me away from the desk, sliding his hand around and cupping my mound. A single finger flicked back and forth across my clit as he leaned in, his lips brushing against the skin on my neck.

“Imagine what happens to good little girls who follow the rules.”

I blinked, clamping down on the wave of electricity as he continued fingering me, fearful I’d come again.

He eased back, patting me on the ass. “Now, you’re going to get dressed and come into the kitchen. I’ll be waiting. Oh, and Holland.”

I waited for the other shoe to drop.

“Don’t disappoint me. There’s a hell of a lot more punishment where that came from. I won’t care where we are or who’s watching. I don’t care how much you beg me for mercy. You’re not getting any. I’ll drag you over my knee, whipping your naked ass in front of ten thousand people if necessary. You are going to learn to obey. And trust me, I will establish strict rules that you’re going to follow. Any questions?”

I was afraid I’d blubber if I attempted to answer. Instead, I shook my head like some damn bobble-head doll. This wasn’t like me in the least. Then again, I’d never had a strong, rugged man call my bluff.

And he’d done so in spades.

I heard the clomping of his boots, the tinkling of the brass on his buckle as he walked out of the room.

Leaving me half naked.

Leaving me well spanked.

And leaving me well fucked.


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