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Harsh Daddy by Megan Michaels – Extended Preview

Charlie had lain in bed exactly as Logan had requested, thinking about how she had behaved and how fucking sore her ass was and knew she could have responded differently. Could have responded less violently and fallen back on decorum. The grace she had been taught throughout her genteel Southern raising. Her mother would have been mortified by the antics displayed by her daughter.

And then when her clit throbbed and her pussy dripped, she knew she wouldn’t make it through the night without relief.

The blasted man made sure he found release not once but a couple of times, and yet, here she lay needy and aching. Not from just her recent paddling but her need for an orgasm. She wanted his cock filling her.

His cock. His spectacular cock. It was gloriously gigantic; not too long, but its girth as well made it almost perfect. The luscious purple head had glistened with his semen.

Licking her lips, Charlie swore she could taste his salty essence on her tongue. She didn’t want him in her mouth this time, though. No. Charlie wanted him in her pussy, pounding her. Hard.

After all, wasn’t that what blue-collar workers did? Wasn’t that what they were known for? Handling a woman just the way they wanted. It was the reason women fantasized about construction workers, firemen, and policemen.

And although many times it seemed women chased after the professionals, most women would point out that their fantasies were of roughhewn men such as cowboys, oil riggers, the men who had calluses on their hands. The sun leaving its mark on their necks and arms while they were putting in roofs and siding, making houses, their hands used to hurtling large pieces of wood or heavy roofing tiles.

Yes, these were the men, the ones with the rough pads on their fingers and deep dirty creases that would rasp along a clit, making a woman scream.

These were the men that women fantasized about.

And Charlotte Anne Winslow was no different. She’d been groomed her whole life for a doctor, lawyer, or even someone like her father who worked on computers all day. But in her heart of hearts, she knew it was a blue-collar worker who would have her screaming orgasm after orgasm all night long.

It had been the reason she had called his name not long ago. What she hadn’t anticipated was that in the process of calling him, she would also let the word Daddy slip off her lips. Again.

Charlie had never thought of having a man she could call Daddy; sure, she’d read about it in books, but never envisioned a day and time where that fantasy would come to fruition.

Yet, here she was; a large burly daddy was in bed with her, staring down at her, while her hips gyrated wildly along his thigh, the coarse, wiry hair bringing her to the edge of her release.

His deep voice startled her out of her reverie. “Looks like all the activity this afternoon has made one baby girl overly excited. Most times, a good bedtime spanking will make a naughty girl go to sleep. Obviously that’s not what you need to go to sleep; is it, girl?”

Charlie shook her head, the warmth of her embarrassment creeping up her neck to her face. “I’m not sure how to respond.”

“Truthfully. That’s how. Tell Daddy what you need, baby.” With a finger under her chin, Logan tilted her head up, whispering, “You don’t have to call me Daddy if you’re not comfortable with it yet. All in due time. I know it slipped out a couple of times, and I want you to know that it’s made me happier than I’ve been in a long time, so don’t you feel embarrassed about it. Just know that I love hearing it. Okay?”

“Yes… Daddy.”

He winked at her and said, “All right then, what do you need your daddy to do?”

Could she say it out loud? She had never been one for dirty talk and wasn’t even sure she knew how to put into words what she needed. Staring at the blanket in front of her, she pulled at a loose thread, distracting herself, trying to find her words and couldn’t.

His rough finger was under her chin again, tilting her face up so their eyes could meet, and he lowered his voice, firmly saying, “Just say it. Nothing you say is going to shock me. I need to hear it.”

“I need Daddy to… To put his… you know… inside me.”

She watched his eyes darken, his cock pounding against her hip and her pussy sliding along his leg.

Logan shook his head. “Nope, not good enough, use your adult words. You know what you have to say.”

Goddamn him.

Charlotte pushed the heel of her hand on the center of his chest. Not overly hard but more like what one would do to an annoying brother.

“It’s okay to play, little girl, but don’t go too far. You’ve already seen the penalty for assaulting me.”

She had. And she didn’t want to cross that boundary again either. Charlie let her hands rest on her chest again and said her sentence as fast as she could. “I want Daddy to put his huge cock inside my pussy.”

Logan whistled low and long. “Fuck. And, since I’m not one who sets out to disappoint, I’ll comply. Just as you asked, my dear.”

She rolled her eyes. “Shall I call you a Southern gentleman?”

“Your sassy mouth is going to end up getting you into more trouble than you want, girl.”

She didn’t want things to revert to how they were earlier in the evening, especially since she was dripping all over his bed and needed an orgasm in the worst way.

“I think a little added something will keep your mouth under control—a constant reminder for you.”

Logan crawled out of bed, his cock standing at attention, bobbing with his movements, and she couldn’t help but wonder how he would fit inside of her. It was bigger than any man she had ever seen.

She watched his muscled frame walk across the room, the bunched muscles of his buttocks flexing with each step. Charlie wanted to do nothing more than take a healthy nibble of a cheek.

Maybe later.

Reaching into the top drawer on a chest of drawers, the corded muscles in his back easily seen, Logan pulled out a brand new package and opened it.

With a wolfen grin, he held something made of pink glass between his fingers. “This ought to do the trick.”

She felt her eyebrows furrow and wondered what the hell it was. Charlie had never seen anything like it, and how in the world would that help her mouth? It looked like a decoration.

“I can tell by your face, girl, that you don’t know what this is, so let me school you. This is what we call a butt plug.” Logan reached into the nightstand drawer, pulling out an easily accessible tube of lube and coated the pink tip of the plug liberally.

A butt plug. Charlie had read about these in her books. Men put them into a woman’s little bottom hole. Some were small, and some were big. Sometimes they were used for punishment, and at other times, the hero would have the woman wear it, preparing her for anal. Would he be doing anal?

“Today, we’re putting this in to remind you to keep that sassy mouth in check, and it’s small enough that you can sleep with it. At some point, we’ll progress to bigger ones.” He pressed his muscular knee into the mattress, holding the greasy plug menacingly. “Head down, ass up, girl.”

“Oh, God, I can’t do this. I’ve never been in this position. No.”

“Wrong answer. You don’t tell me no unless it’s something serious. We just talked about this, and you know I’m not going to hurt you. It’s just a reminder. I’ll say it again. Head down, ass up, or you don’t get your orgasm, but you’ll still wear the plug and be tied in bed again. Choice is yours.”

Well, fuck.

This wasn’t going as planned at all. She had hoped she could get him to give her an orgasm, but she had no idea this was going to be part of the equation.

“Are you choosing to disobey and sleep fitfully?”

“No. No, Sir.”

Waggling the butt plug, he put an edge to his voice that brooked no dalliance. “Then do as you’re told, little girl.”

The voice that said you better do as you’re told or else.

Charlie pulled in a shaky breath and rolled over onto her tummy, and with more courage than she thought it would take, she pulled her knees up under her, lifting her bottom high into the air. Her bottom cheeks spread open obscenely, leaving nothing to the imagination. But she had the consolation that it couldn’t get worse than this, right?


He tapped the inside of her thigh. “Spread your legs wider.”

Keening, she opened them, the cool air in the room rushing along her back entrance.

Charlie buried her face into the sheets, groaning, finding it hard to believe all the things he had done to her, and even more mortifying was the fact that her body found it so fucking exciting. She swore she dripped like a leaky faucet, and the breeze coming from a nearby window made her aware that the inside of her thighs were wet with the excess of her arousal.

Logan’s fingers spread her cheeks apart, and pressed the cold lubed glass against her little hole, breaching the entrance.

“Look how sweet this little pink rosebud is. We’ll pop this glass right in here.”

With a nudge and a bit of persistence, the glass entered her anus with no problem. The tight ring of muscle clamped around the neck, and Charlotte had to admit that it didn’t hurt. But she knew any movement would remind her of the glass intruder, communicating clearly that she needed to mind her tongue.

It was then that Logan grasped the base and gave it a gentle tug, assuring it was fully seated.

Charlie rose up onto her hands. “Fuck! Oh, shit! Don’t do that!”

A crisp, sharp slap reverberated through her right hip, reigniting her sore bottom.

“I do as I please, girl, and shouting at me to stop doing something typically means I’ll do it again.” Proving his point, he tugged on the plug again, saying, “Just like this.”

The ring of muscle, flexing and clamping on the toy mercilessly, had her wincing and gasping for air. “Okay, okay. I won’t say it again, okay?”

“Head back down.” Logan’s large hand pressed on the back of her skull, gently assisting her with her obedience.

Why did Charlotte find this so fucking hot? Why? And why was her clit throbbing incessantly?

She hadn’t been raised to submit to dominance. On the contrary, Charlotte Anne Winslow had been raised to be independent, showing a man precisely who was in charge—proving that she was capable and had a strong head on her shoulders and not somebody to be bossed around. And yet, here she was with her ass yawned open with a pink glass butt plug peeping from between her ass cheeks—her very sore, well-spanked ass, and she had no doubt it was well-marked as well.

“You’re going to be sore tomorrow, Charlie. I’m telling you this bottom is pretty fucking punished. I hope you mind a lot better tomorrow.”

He tapped his forefinger on the glass base, and Charlie clenched in anticipation of him yanking on it, but he didn’t.

“My girl asked her daddy to fill her pussy with his cock, and since you were such a good girl accepting your plug, let’s give you your reward.” Grasping her hips, pressing his fingers into her flesh, the grip punishing, Logan growled, “Lie on your back.”

Relieved to have permission to hide her ass once again from his view and treatment, she didn’t hesitate to flip over onto her back. But then the realization became apparent that he’d then stare at her pussy—her shamefully and fully exposed pussy.

Logan situated himself between her legs, and with a gigantic hand spanning the middle of her thighs, he pushed her legs up and outward, spreading her open like a frog.

Her scent filled the air, and Charlotte struggled to keep her legs open, humiliated by the vulnerability of this position. “Ohhhh, Logan… Nooooo.”

“Who am I?” A dark eyebrow quirked in her direction, his green eyes penetrating.

“Uh… Daddy?”

“If that’s a question, I don’t know the answer. Am I Daddy? Or am I Sir?”

She wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of the question. How did she end up in this predicament? Her spirit was fighting what her soul and lust wanted more than anything. Who knew that all this time she wanted a daddy this badly?

Did all women have an underlying desire to be cared for? Was that why so many women loved kinky books or read about spankings? She knew many friends of hers who wanted spanking to be part of real sex. Charlotte had never been blessed… or was it cursed… with such a boyfriend.

Was this her chance?

“Daddy.” She smiled brightly at him, and his eyes twinkled.

“That’s my girl.”

Tensing her thighs, she pulled them tight around his body, minimizing her exposure.

“Nuh-uh. Who gave you permission to close those legs?”

“Permission?” The words are you fucking kidding were on the tip of her tongue, but when her voice rose, she had clenched her ass, and the minder did its job, causing her to swallow her retort. But the incredulity was still evident even to her ears.

He tilted his head, blinking at her. “Yes. Permission. If I leave you in a position during sex or punishment, you need to ask before you move again.”

Charlotte narrowed her eyes, glaring back at the man.

“Fix your face, girl. I mean what I say. Now open them.”

I want to be fucked… more than I want to be right.

Slowly… excruciatingly so, Charlotte spread her thighs, her labia gaping open, her musky scent filling the air again.

Logan’s cock swayed before her, a small spurt of pre-cum dribbling onto her chest, leaving a lonely drop bubbled on the shiny purple head.

Reaching up, she placed her hands over his pecs, running them through the fuzzy hair there. Logan slid his penis through her puffy lips, bumping against her clit.

She clenched, gasping, and then shouted, “Ohhhhhh!” When the corresponding clinch of her bottom hole had her squeezing the hard, implacable glass, her pussy spasmed.

Logan sniggered. “Looks like my ‘minder’ is working nicely.”

Damn him.

“There’s a benefit to this, girl. Plugs help you achieve the best orgasms you’ve ever had—well, the plug and my cock.”

Charlotte rolled her eyes. But she did have to admit that so far, he seemed to be right. He wasn’t inexperienced. Maybe what they say about older guys was right. After all, the man was twelve years her senior.


“When we’re done here tonight, you’ll be thanking me. Trust me. I warned you that you’d be begging me for my cock, and you didn’t believe me then. You’ll learn to trust my instincts, girl.”

But Charlie didn’t have time to think about that. Logan had thrust himself into her, pushing up to the hilt with one thrust, and before she could stop the impulse, she moaned when his hard cock skated along her sensitive flesh. Charlie arched her back, elongated her neck, and squeezed her inner muscles, gripping him tightly.

With a renewed fervor she pressed her heels into the bed, rocking her hips up, pounding against him, forcing his cock to slam into her.

Luscious pain and pleasure. The sensation had her gritting her teeth, sweat forming on her brow, but she rocked him, and her thighs shook uncontrollably.

“You act like you’re in a race, girl. We can take our time, you know.”

“I don’t want to!” She thrust upward again, their skin slapping.

Raising onto his hands, Logan raised his eyebrows. “Well, that’s a girl who knows what she wants. I appreciate that in a woman. Just remember, you asked for it, princess.”

She hadn’t anticipated that he would pound so hard into her, pistoning his cock. Her whole body rocked on the bed, the headboard banging into the wall. And their breathing became labored. Charlie gasped, holding his cock within the clutch of her pussy, and he groaned and grunted with each thrust.

Logan had been right. The glass butt plug rocked and swiveled within her, ramping up her arousal, giving her sensations she’d never had before. Charlie clenched and unclenched around the welcome intruder, the action catapulting her toward her orgasm.

“Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Fuck… fuck!”

“That’s right, princess. Bet you never had a fucking like this, especially with something in that little bottom hole as well.” Logan then reached around, pressing and tugging on the plug. The rhythmic movement had her levered up on her heels, her hips and back supporting the weight of this gorgeous talented man.

“Oh, God!” Charlotte swore she saw stars, her whole body tightened, her pussy spasming around his hot, wide rod.

Logan growled deep within his chest and slammed his hips into hers, her channel filling with his warm seed. The tendons extended in his neck, his teeth gritted. It was a vision to behold, his firm, hard jaw flexing, and his face that of a man in pure bliss.

Charlotte didn’t have much time to think about that though, because the warmth of his semen spurred her into another orgasm and this one had her screaming. She pressed her hands tightly around each buttock, pushing his length deep within her, and she shivered and quaked with the reverberating tremors.

The force of her cervix squeezing his sensitive cock had him groaning, and with a loud moan, Logan yanked his cock from the draw and pull of her channel. Once he was released from her grip, the semi-erect penis rested against the slit of her labia—warm and damp with their juices. He collapsed against her chest, and they both panted, seeking normalcy to their heart rate and breathing, while their bodies trembled and shook with the aftershocks.

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