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Harvest: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I rubbed my hand as I scuttled back toward my parents’ small house, cringing from the realization that I’d riled a captain of the Centurion army. Voltar Brezan. The name was sensuous and rippling with danger as it rolled off my tongue. What the hell was I thinking? Would he really come here to discipline me? And what would I say to my parents? Oh, God. Oh. My. God. You’ve really done it this time, stupid girl. The voice inside my head refused to let this go.

His touch had been enigmatic. Even the way his smoldering eyes had undressed me left me panting, my panties soaked. I was almost in tears by the time I raced inside the door, ignoring my mother’s angry face. I didn’t need to hear a lecture about anything. Shivering, I hid the bow in a cubbyhole I’d cut out myself, knowing if found, my punishment would be worse.

On top of everything, I’d killed a marauder, which meant they would be after me as well. I was fucked in every way. Slinking down the wall, I dropped my head and closed my eyes, taking several deep breaths. Every vision flashing in my mind was of the alien. He was roughhewn and sexy in every manner. I’d seen his groin expanding, his throbbing cock filling the tight space in his pants. “Oh!” My whimper was scattered, breathless.

I had no idea how long I’d been in the same position, but the sound of footsteps outside the exterior wall drew my attention. They weren’t my father’s footsteps and they were in multiples. Oh, God. I shook to my very core, riddled with anxiety. The hard thudding as a fist was beaten against the wooden door was telling.

He’d come to punish me.

There were voices, my mother’s tone anxious. Then I heard the sounds of my father. Was he arguing with the captain? No! He couldn’t do that. Jerking to my feet, I rushed out of the room, coming face to face with Voltar once again.

His eyes slid to my direction, the same scalding look of longing sweeping across his face. Two soldiers flanked his side, waiting just inside the doorway.

“What did you do?” my mother screeched as she snapped her head in my direction.

“Calm down, Lily. Our daughter has a mind of her own and as such, she will face the consequences.” My father’s brow was furrowed and in his eyes he held disappointment as well as concern.

“What is happening?” Winter demanded, storming in front of the guards. My father yanked her away.

“Your sister was detected escaping our colony, which you know is against the rules. She will be punished in the center of the compound in front of everyone.” I’d never heard my father so straightforward, as if punishing me was a matter of course.

Voltar pushed past my father until he stood only inches away. His scent was even stronger, intoxicating me to the point I had difficulty focusing. “Do you have anything to say for your misbehavior?”

“Nothing that would matter to you,” I chided, lifting my chin. I could see the flash in his eyes. I’d angered him again. I heard the bells chiming, an indication that everyone was to move to the designated location. Every Feast was held in the same place, what few celebrations our kind was allowed.

And now a shameful whipping.

“Felicity!” my father snapped. “You dishonor all of us. We are so close to…” Unable to finish his words, he hung his head and walked into the kitchen.

Dishonor. The word cut through me more so than any knife ever could. That hadn’t been my intention.

Voltar turned his head, studying my father before allowing his eyes to bore into mine. “You will be given fifty lashes with my belt for your continued disobedience.”

Winter gasped, her slender hand reaching for me. “No! This isn’t fair.”

“What your sister did is against our rules. This is very fair,” Voltar added.

He left the statement lingering, as if I was expected to say something in retort. “Fine.” There. That was my retort.

I heard the gasp from my mother and couldn’t look her in the eyes.

“Stubborn female. You will learn your place. I will talk to you first,” Voltar replied. “Go. Leave us alone.”

After everyone was shooed out of the house, I took a step back, feeling dissected by him. What did he want?

“Why were you outside the exterior of these walls?”

“None of your business.”

He bristled then shook his head. “I am not your enemy, Felicity.”

“You could have fooled me.” A deep growl was my reward. If I was already going to be punished, I might as well say whatever I wanted to.

He barred his teeth and paced the floor. “Your punishment is more than justified. Tell me why. It is important for me to know.”

I studied the lines in his face. The bastard was concerned about something. The marauders? “We were almost attacked today. I was angry. I wanted to chase them away.”

Voltar narrowed his eyes, then in an uncharacteristic manner, he grinned. “You, against the marauders?”

“You saw what I was able to do.” I shored my shoulders back.

“Yes. That is true.” He walked around me in a full circle. “It appeared that you targeted the man. Is there a reason why?”

I held my breath, trying not to react in any manner. “I hate all of them as much as I hate your kind.”

“Are you aware how dangerous the marauders are? Do you know what they do to human women they capture? They turn them into slaves, sometimes releasing them after they’ve been used in savage manners.”

“More savage than your methods?” I glared at him in the eyes.

“You have no idea what you speak of. None!” Voltar hissed. “You need absolute discipline in your life.”

“And you’re just the beast for that. Aren’t you?”

His hand was wrapped around my jaw and throat in a mere second. “You don’t know me, but you will soon enough. Your defiance will end right here today. I made a vow to protect you against the human creatures roaming this Earth and I will continue to do so, but you must follow the rules.”

My heart rate had increased, so many nasty words remaining on the tip of my tongue. “Do what you need to do. I no longer care.” I thought about what he’d said and knew there was some truth to it, but I refused to succumb to him in any manner. To do so would mean giving in.

Voltar relaxed his hold. “Have it your way, little human. You are to come with me now. I assure you that you may think twice about your attitude after you’re punished.” He moved toward the door, flinging it open and pointing.

Suddenly, I was sandwiched between him and the guards, moving with purpose past dozens of our colonists. They were all gawking, trying to figure out what was going on. I noticed the spanking bench positioned in the middle of the staging area. The rather crude wooden piece had been handcrafted by one of the colonists years before.

I’d seen it used only three times, forced to watch the punishment of two young women and one of the older wives. I would never forget their screams. I tried to keep my head held high as I walked through the crowd, but my feet started to drag.

Voltar noticed almost immediately, gripping my arm and tugging me along. “Behave and submit to your discipline and it will go much easier for you, as well as your family.”

“Don’t throw my family in my face.”

He stopped short, only inches from the platform, giving me the same dominating look as before. “I’m a reasonable man, Felicity; that is unless I’m pushed. And you are pushing. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior either here, during the middle of the Feast or while in my presence. Your punishments can become brutal. I suggest you submit without incident. I’m not against chaining you in a cage if necessary.”

The way his hot breath skipped along my naked skin was scintillating. While the colonists knew better than to display any sign of emotion, especially during punishment sessions, I heard a single gasp from my beautiful sister, a reminder of everything I had to lose. I lowered my head out of respect, biting my cheek to keep from crying out. He would not break me. Ever. “Yes. Sir.”

“Good,” he said through clenched teeth. While his grip remained on my arm, his fingers were no longer digging into my skin.

I was led onto the stage and huddled as the wind whipped all around me. The sky was clearing, allowing peeks of blue sky. I almost wished for the torrential rain in order to wash away my sins, but that wasn’t to be. Every man and woman had gathered, encircling the convex stage, standing at full attention. I was shocked at their expressionless faces, simply waiting for the entertainment.

“Undress,” Voltar commanded. He let me go but his eyes still roamed down the length of me. Predator and prey. Now I knew how a poor animal felt after being ensnared in one of my cages.

I opened my mouth to retort.

“Do so now or I’ll have the soldiers undress you.”

I dared gaze into his shimmering eyes, catching a moment of his inner being that I hadn’t anticipated. Empathy. He stared me down until I lowered my eyes, his words burning into the back of my mind.

While I didn’t want to be afraid, my stomach ached from raw fear. My fingers fumbling, I began to ease my shirt from my pants, turning away from the crowd.

“Humans. I am Captain Voltar Brezan. I have been assigned to protect your colony as well as others. Your safety is my welfare. One of your own had threatened all of you by escaping not only once, but several times.”

I bit back a gasp hearing the words. How did he know? I’d checked time and time again for any camera.

“She has endangered all of you and is to be punished. She had been sentenced to fifty lashes from a leather strap. You will watch without turning away or receive the same. This is a reminder that you belong to the Centurions. There will be no infractions without consequences.”

He was such an asshole. How could he threaten my people?

Damn him. Damn this entire situation. I should have shot him when I had the chance.

I held my breath as I lowered my pants, kicking them away. The slight chill was now paralyzing, and I had difficulty lowering my cream-soaked panties, both disgusted and turned on from the musky scent. I squared my shoulders, but I couldn’t stop staring at the bench. I was terrified, ashamed about what I was going to face. How could this be happening?

“Come,” Voltar instructed.

I was forced to turn around and face my colony. Shame rushed through every portion of my body, especially as my nipples hardened, giving away my arousal. I tried to cover myself, hugging my shoulders as I kept my legs smacked together.

I felt his grip, but this time his touch was decidedly gentler as he guided me toward the bench. I could only hear the beating of my own heart, the echo thumping into my ears.

But I knew that was soon about to change.

I didn’t fight Voltar as he secured my wrists and ankles. My ass was high in the air and my legs were spread far apart. I was on complete display, including my swollen pussy lips. I’d never been so humiliated in my life, but that was the point, to feel utter shame. His demeanor remained softer as he pulled my hair aside and every part of me was tingling from his touch alone.

I felt betrayed by my own body as my pussy muscles clamped down several times. I wanted to scream and lash out at anyone crossing my path. I also wanted to beg him to get this over with, so I could curl up and die.

“Relax and succumb,” he said quietly. Then he rubbed the rough pad of his index finger all the way down my spine to the cleft of my ass. “I assure you that what your true master will do will be much worse.”

The words lingered in my mind even as I heard the sounds of him releasing his belt, pulling the leather through his belt loops. He was taking his sweet time, making me cringe with anticipation. This was a lesson for everyone.

Forgive me, God, for I have sinned.

I smirked as the ridiculous thought swirled in the back of my mind. God had forsaken Earth decades before. My mind was muddled as I heard the floor creak under the weight of his roughhewn body. Pain and pleasure. I almost laughed. There was no pleasure in being spanked. I had no desire to be controlled or obey creatures of any kind, especially one so… My mind wandered, thinking about his rugged and sexy body. No. I refused to think this way. He was my enemy. I struggled, anger swelling.

I didn’t have to wait long. The whooshing sound seemed so elongated, as if he’d lifted the belt high in the air. I was conscience that he’d smacked the strap across both ass cheeks, but I couldn’t feel a thing. Nothing. What was going on? Was I losing my mind?

Voltar lashed me again. And again. The force was slightly jarring, even though I was firmly secured. By the fifth brutal smack, the nerve endings had caught up with my muddled mind, anguish tearing through me. I tried to stifle my scream, to be a good little girl, but I’d never experienced this level of pain in my entire life.

I struggled with my bindings. Hard. I didn’t care what happened to me, I had to get away. Far. Far. Away.

Don’t scream. Don’t scream.

I tried to envision every nasty, vile thing I would do to him, but all I could think about was sucking his cock. I had to be delirious.

He rubbed my already blistered ass in a soothing manner, giving me time to adjust. I hated him. This fuck. This monster. When he began again, one hard smack coming after another, tears formed in my eyes. No fucking way was this asshole going to break me! No, it wasn’t going to happen.

I sucked in my breath, clenching my fists as the punishment continued. I could do this. I could accept the pain. But I struggled involuntarily, the clanging of the metal bindings hitting the wood revolting.

“Do not fight this, Felicity,” he stated after taking another break. I heard him inhale and knew why.

Panting, I was so embarrassed. Cream was leaking out from my swollen labia, slickening the insides of my thighs. I was even more aroused, my hips bucking, almost begging him to touch me. To fill me.

To fuck me.

Stop. Stop! You can’t think this way!

My entire body quivered and I had difficulty focusing or thinking clearly. This wasn’t right. This was never going to happen again. When he caressed my bottom this time, the warmth from his hand against my bruised backside was exhilarating. I wiggled, trying to arch my back. My God. I wanted more. No matter the blinding pain. I wanted him to smack me harder and faster.

“You are wet, little human.”

His words thrummed in my ears. How could I answer?

He issued a slight chuckle as he slid his fingers all the way down the center of my bottom, easing them just past my swollen folds. “You desire a true master.”

I was shocked at his words. He’d seen right through me. “No. Never.” Fuck you!

“You will never lie to me, Felicity, or I will whip you harder and longer.” He toyed with my pussy, swirling his fingers around my clit several times, leaving me so wet and hot. I almost begged him to fuck me, the words on the tip of my tongue.

The pleasure was amazing, so intense that I was lost in my own world, mewing like a kitten in desperate need. I didn’t care I was on display. I craved his thick cock buried to the hilt inside my virgin pussy.

He chuckled darkly then began again. This time, the anguish was even more intense, but I found myself slipping into a moment of utter peace. Everything was blissful, even though I was quivering all over. The fire burning in my belly matched the heat of my ass cheeks. I would wear his stripes for days and I almost laughed at the thought. I bucked harder, grinding my hips against the wood as the pain increased.

I could hear his ragged breathing, or maybe it was wishful thinking, but I knew he wanted me. He wanted nothing more than to shove his cock inside all my virgin holes.

I’d lost count of how many strikes had been issued. Voltar stopped again. He moved toward my head, brushing the fallen strands of hair from my face. His luminescent eyes peered into mine, the same reflection of extreme lust.

“When you learn to obey, you will be allowed to enjoy. Do you understand?” His tone was grittier, full of sensual husk.

I had no idea what to think or if I could even speak. I blinked several times and licked my parched lips.

Fingers once again found my pussy, my clit pinched between his thumb and forefinger. I was wild with desire, the crush of my hardened nipples against the cool wood driving me into a maddened state.

“You will be prepared to take us in every manner, little human,” he said almost casually as he dragged his thumb to the cleft between my ass cheeks.

I tensed, sensing what he was about to do. No. No! I’d never had my asshole violated with anything. He couldn’t do this. He wouldn’t do this.

All the fight I’d had before rushed back with a vengeance and now I was struggling in earnest, the soft mewls turning into angry growls. “No. Don’t. Please!” I knew begging wasn’t going to do anything but arouse him even further.

And it did.

His breathing ragged, he wiggled his thumb between my bottom cheeks until he found my dark hole.

Please, don’t do this. Please! But the words were silent and even as he circled my asshole with the tip of his finger, my pussy clenched over and over again. I was shocked at the burning hunger crisscrossing my body like bolts of electricity. The second he breached my most forbidden place, I let out a yelp.

Voltar cupped my rounded buttocks with his other hand as he slid his finger in further. “Such a sinful girl, Felicity. You are very tight. Imagine a thick cock shoved up your channel.” This time, his voice was almost inaudible.

The pain was blinding yet beautiful in a manner I’d never be able to explain. I took short breaths, trying to rationalize why this horribly humiliating experience was so damn good.

I was so ashamed.

I was terribly disgusted.

But most of all, I was so wet and hot that my pussy refused to stop pulsing. I was coming close to having an orgasm, the climax already racing up from the backs of my legs. This was crazy. I was a horrible girl. “Oh…” The scattered whimper seemed to draw his attention.

Voltar jerked his hand, freeing himself from my puckered hole.

Please, don’t stop. Please.

What? No! I couldn’t be thinking this way.

But I needed relief.

I was sweating all over, my body bucking, and my thoughts were completely irrational. The agony and ecstasy had mixed together in a way that was so confusing, but my body wanted more.

Two jarring smacks of his hand brought me down from my intoxicating high.

“As I said, you will learn obedience, human. You will not be allowed to orgasm until you’ve been collared and selected. Do you understand me?”


Two hard cracks of his belt were all I needed.

“Yes, sir.”

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