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Hawk: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“Lean over the couch,” Hawk stated as he tugged at his belt. The man had been serious. He was going to use a thick leather strap to punish me? I glared at him, studying the tired lines in his face, the colorful tattoo crawling from his shoulder down his arm. When he lifted his head, raising a single eyebrow, I reluctantly shuffled toward the couch. My God. I was actually forced to shuffle my feet.

I was some bad little girl.


I gripped the edge, trying to calm my nerves before stretching over the back. All I could think about was how ridiculous I must look with my jeans and panties pooled around my feet. He seemed to be taking his sweet time before heading in my direction as he tugged the belt free of the loops. One. At. A. Time.

By the time he had the strap in his hand, I was panting, my nerves on edge. He was making me wait on purpose, adding to the sickening anticipation. Bastard. No man had ever spanked me and my father certainly had been a civilized man, treating discipline as a method of negotiation. Maybe that’s why my two serious boyfriends had both called me a brat.

I had the distinct impression that he’d continue to press me about what I knew about his brother. The sad truth was I knew squat. If it hadn’t been for one anonymous phone call, I wouldn’t be here today. However, what the caller had alluded to had driven me to breaking the law in the first place. Maybe I was out of my mind.

I fisted my hands when I finally heard the hard thudding of his boots as he approached. Somehow, I didn’t think he was going to go easy on me. The way he sucked in his breath made me stiffen, my heart racing.

The hard snapping of his wrist echoed in my ears first, the whooshing sound only adding icing on the cake. When the strap landed on my bottom, I bit back a whimper, anticipating blinding pain. There was only a nagging feeling remaining in my stomach, a dull ache surfacing. Pleasantly surprised, I relaxed just a smidgeon.

Until the second, third, and fourth strike came down in rapid succession. I was forced to suck in my breath, my legs shaking involuntarily. Pain shot down the backs of my legs, the sensations like jabs of hot iron.

“Oh. Fuck!” I screeched, pounding my fists against the back of the couch.

“No cursing. You’re the one responsible for this. Take your medicine like a good little girl.”

Good little girl. Really? He obviously didn’t know me or my brash personality. I took nothing lying down, refusing to give into assholes or those who believed they could get one up on me. I’d worked too long and too hard to develop my reputation, a woman determined to get to the truth.

“That’s… painful!” I yelped, kicking my feet even though they were ridiculously tethered.


The feel of his callused fingers sweeping over my backside was far too intimate. When he tugged at the shirt, jerking it up and around my waist, I hissed at him. “You’re a jerk.”

“And that just cost you an additional five more.”

“No. No!”

“Would you like to try for ten?”

“No. Sir.” Why in God’s name I used a word of respect was beyond me. He certainly didn’t deserve it.

“That’s what I thought,” he chortled. “Stay in position and no more cursing.”

I clamped my eyes shut as he swung the strap again, so damn accurate in his position that I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably for at least two days. I tried to control my breathing as he brought the belt down again, this time catching my upper thighs. I could feel my nails digging into the material of the couch, hoping I would rip holes into the damn thing.

A single moan slipping past my lips, I hung my head, more lightheaded than I was before. “You are mean. Just mean.”

“You have no idea how true that statement is, Little Red Riding Hood,” Hawk half whispered, once again rolling his fingers across my buttocks, caressing in a gentle fashion. When he slid them along my spine, taking his time, I held my breath.

“Bryce,” I managed, struggling with my nerves.


“My name is Bryce Myers.” There was no reason for me to tell him, other than I knew he’d have me checked out to the letter. I’d read enough about him to know that to be the case.

“Bryce. I think the name suits you. Reminds me of a very mischievous woman.” His voice was even more gravelly, the tone so husky that I was immediately thrown into imagining the words he’d say out of adoration instead of during a round of discipline.

When he continued the spanking, I was drowning in self-pity, loathing myself for being such a stupid girl. A rush of embarrassment also festered in my system, building with each passing moment much like the desire roaring through me. How could I be wet during the middle of harsh punishment? How could I even think of this as anything but a man being a control freak?

But there was no mistaking the wafting of my pussy juice as it trickled down the insides of my thighs or the way my nipples scraped hard against my lacey bra. I was on fire with a longing I hadn’t felt in years.

Maybe ever.

All because of one rugged Marine.

I lost count as he brought the belt down several more times, alternating between brushing the tips of his fingers across my skin and peppering me with brutal smacks.

There was no denying the connection we shared, one that was so powerful I thought we might combust. Even his ragged breathing was a clear indicator. He was all male in every sense of the word.

As I fell into the lull of being spanked, the pleasure building, I realized I was sagging against the couch, no longer able to feel my legs.

“Whoa, sweetheart. I think you’ve had enough.” His voice had returned to the gruff tone, tinged with a hint of arrogance.

“I’m not your sweetheart.”

He chuckled as he helped me to my feet, even pulling me against his massive chest. For a few seconds, I actually felt more protected than I had in my life, as if his big body could take care of any enemy who happened along the way. As he rubbed his fingers down my arm, even the thick flannel couldn’t keep the sweeping sensations from tingling my every nerve.

He was far too enigmatic, the draw to him unacceptable. I purposely pulled away, biting back a laugh at my stiff gait. I had to get dressed. He’d seen far too much of my naked body for my comfort.

Thank God he moved away, allowing me space. I was only able to take shallow breaths as I slowly pulled the way too tight jeans over my bruised skin. I couldn’t believe the amount of heat that skittered from my fingertips to my toes from a single spanking.

And I was never, ever going to go through this again.

Over my dead body.

Or his.

Taking deep breaths, I ran my fingers through my air. I must look like some freaking mess in the ridiculous outfit, my hair damp from perspiration. I wasn’t even certain I could face him, embarrassed as hell for acting like such a child.

I bolstered my courage and turned around, instantly ready to growl like some wildebeest seeing his amused expression. “What’s so damn funny?”

“Nothing is funny, Bryce. Other than the look on your face. You did very well. I’m proud of you.”

“Proud. Of me? Are you out of your mind?” I snapped, instantly reeling in my anger. I certainly wouldn’t be able to take round two.

“I suggest you do not start with me again. I am in no mood for insolence.”

“Or what?” I continued to challenge. Everything about him riled the woman inside, pushing every button. Or maybe I just wanted to push his. Either way, I was furious that he continued to have a nasty attitude after what he’d done to me. I moved closer, staring him directly in the eyes.

“Or you ain’t going to like what happens next.”

I was tingling all over, wanting nothing more than to find out exactly what he had in mind.

Stop. You’re insane. Walk away. Do it.

What a shame I’d never been able to follow my good intentions instead of bulldozing ahead. This was no exception.

Laughing, my mouth was Sahara dry, my pulse skipping. “Sounds like a threat. I eat men who make threats for breakfast.” I dared inch even closer to him, drinking in his musky scent like a drug that I couldn’t do without.

“Lady,” he half whispered, the sound guttural. “I don’t make threats. That’s a promise and trust me, I always keep my promises, no matter what I have to do.” He lowered his head, his nostrils flaring and his eyes shimmering like pools of molten lava.

The heat shared between us was oppressive, electricity wrapping around my extremities and refusing to let go. “You don’t scare me, Hawk.”

“Oh, yeah?” he growled. “Well, I damn well should. I’m the kind of monster living in your dreams, crowding out your sleep. I’m the lion ready to tame his prey.”

His dark words penetrated my very soul, smashing the padlock that I’d used to imprison my emotions and my cravings. “Fuck you,” I whispered, taking a giant step backward.

“Oh, yeah?” he asked, leering at me.

“Oh. Yeah,” I countered, giving him just as much defiance as he was giving me.

He snagged my hair in his hand, entangling his fingers in my long strands, and I was yanked against him. His other hand cupped my bruised bottom. “Do you know what happens to misbehaving little girls with bad attitudes and nasty mouths?”

I slammed my hand against his chest, the feel of his hard body sending shivers dancing down my spine. Unable to speak, all I could do was glare at him defiantly.

“They get fucked.” He crushed his mouth over mine, fisting and twisting my hair as he pulled me into a deep arch.

I struggled against him, smashing my hands in rapid succession against his massive chest. There was no way I could budge him, not even a single inch. He had me as his captive. I was floored at my body’s immediate betrayal; the way my pussy clenched and my nipples begged to be freed, plucked, and sucked.

Everything about this was so wrong, humiliating on every level. He was the kind of man who took what he wanted, refusing to accept anything less. He growled through the kiss before thrusting his tongue past my lips, becoming even more dominating as he drank from me. My legs shook as he ground his hips back and forth, making certain I knew exactly what he wanted.

All of me.

Lights flashed in front of my eyes as I kneaded his rippling muscles, unable to focus on anything but the primal act. He was nothing but a true savage, just like the reports I’d read on him.

The entire room seemed to be spinning as the kiss continued. All the guilt and shame for walking away from my former life crowded in, matching exactly the way I felt for daring to entice Hawk. I’d acted like a silly girl. Now there would be additional consequences.

He broke the kiss, laughing in a dark and evil manner as he tugged on my hair, stretching my neck.

I slammed my fists against him, now struggling to get out of his hold. Sadly, with every shift of my hips, I could only feel more of the hard throbbing of his cock, adding to the jolt of excitement surging through me. Maybe I had a thing for bad boys.

Maybe I was out of my mind for thinking I could handle this.

Maybe I hungered to free myself of the tight constraints that had held me back for so damn long.

“You should know better than to tempt the devil himself,” he whispered before nipping my ear, his hot breath sizzling every nerve ending. Another dark chuckle left his lips as he licked up and down my neck, raking his teeth across my sensitive skin.

I’d never felt so alive, my entire body shifting into a heightened level of sensitivity even as I continued to shake. How could he do this to me? How could I allow this to occur? A part of me wanted to scream at him, fighting him every step of the way. The other was lost in a sea of entangled desires, the long fingers of the sinful act dragging me toward my own sense of purgatory. I was a good girl.

I bit back a strangled laugh, pushing the thought aside. Evidently not.

His grip changed, his fingers digging into the back of my neck as he rolled his tongue across my collarbone then down to my exposed cleavage.

A slight whimper escaped my mouth as he pulled me away, his grip on my neck firm as he slowly began to unbutton my shirt.

I was caught in a place of no escape, no longer able to rationalize what was happening between us. His growls filtered into my ears, the sound haunting even as excitement built. Images fluttered into my mind, powerful and vibrant highlighting one big, bad, and very hungry wolf. I closed my eyes as he used his teeth to rip aside the thick flannel, his ragged breathing mixing with the rapid beating of my heart.

“All mine,” he muttered as he pressed his succulent lips against my skin, brushing them over the fullness of my breasts.

No way. I refused to be his.

The thought was ridiculous.




I was losing my mind, the hunger crowding into every cell and muscle too difficult to tame. I moaned when I heard the slight ripping sound of my bra as he fought to shift the unwanted material. The second he flicked his tongue back and forth across my nipple, I wrapped my hands around his muscular arms, taking deep sweeping breaths.

He was a man on a mission, refusing to accept anything less than my submission. Molten desire continued to sweep through me, a reminder that I’d craved passion, longing for the intensity of a single wicked tryst.

Everything was foggy as he nipped my tender flesh, pulling my hardened bud between his teeth. Oh, God. Oh…

Every sound he made was that of an animal and as he rolled the shirt over my shoulders, I was instantly frozen. Only minimally aware the material had fallen to the floor, I could no longer breathe as he fumbled to unfasten my bra. When the tension was released, freeing my aching breasts, I shuddered audibly.

Free of the hindrance, he raked both hands down my back as he held me, his growl even more barbaric. A beast freed from his cage, he moved from one breast to the other, licking around my aureole as if savoring the most decadent chocolate.

I clung to him, my nails biting into his skin, no longer able to feel my legs. “Oh. Oh…”

As he rolled his lips to my other nipple, biting and sucking, I tried to force myself back into reality. This couldn’t happen. I wasn’t a bad girl. I wasn’t the kind who fell for just any hard body, no matter how sexy or intoxicating his scent.

I couldn’t accept the blood coursing through my veins or the wave of bliss threatening to give me away. He didn’t deserve to unravel me, dragging me into whatever sinful act he had planned.

I shoved him hard, managing to break the connection.

Hawk stumbled backwards, grinning as he wiped his mouth, his eyes pools of darkness. “One feisty vixen.” He tore the shirt over his head, tossing it aside, the expression he wore carnal.

Every breath was stolen as I gazed down at his toned body, his chest a thing of beauty. What struck me more than his six-pack abs or his carved chest was the ink he wore with obvious pride. He was a Marine through and through, the symbols of courage and honor dancing in vibrant color.

I knew I should turn and race away, pretending I’d never been stupid enough to try to break in, but the draw to him was overwhelming.

There was no holding back his needs. He snagged my chin and neck, pulling me into his domain, a beast drawing his prey into his lair. He rubbed his thumb back and forth against my lips, every swipe more forceful than the one before. “But you’ve met your match, sweetheart. As I said before, I am going to fuck you.”

He tore at my jeans, his large fingers easily managing to maneuver the button and zipper, yanking them past my thighs just like he did my panties.

There was no denying just how wet I was. He took a deep breath, a wry smile curling across his lips just before he tossed me over his shoulder.

I was shocked, trying to catch my breath as he ceremoniously removed one boot then the other. The second he yanked off my jeans, I’d never felt so naked and exposed in my life. There was also no way I was getting out of his hold. When he eased me onto the overstuffed easy chair, pushing me hard against the back, I gasped, still fighting him.

He dropped to his knees, immediately tossing my legs over each arm and yanking my bottom closer to the edge. Quivers shifted all the way down my legs as he splayed my legs even wider, taking his time lowering his head.

The feel of the first swath of his hot breath cascading over my slickened pussy ripped through me, the sensations exploding like bottle rockets. The action itself was filthy and dark, butterflies floating through my tummy as he dragged just the tip of his tongue around the inside of my thigh.

“Oh, God. Oh…”

“The dirty things I’d like to do to you,” he muttered as he barely brushed his lips across my swollen pussy lips, the simple action driving me up from the chair, my back arched. He was intent on dragging out my pleasure, stopping at nothing to force me into a tailspin of need and want.

He peppered kisses on the inside of my other thigh, biting down once before shifting his attention to my wetness. I closed my eyes, digging my fingers into the arms of the chair, my entire body floating as it continued to shake.

“But only if you’re a good girl.”

The words were just as delicious as the act. When he pressed his lips into my pussy, I let out a series of moans, tossing my head back and forth.

How had this happened?

Hawk swirled his tongue around my clit as he used a single finger to tease me, sliding just inside. His hunger seemed to know no bounds, as if this were his last meal.

There were no coherent thoughts, no chance of shutting down my system. He knew he had me exactly where he’d wanted, taking full control. While this would never happen again, I lost all sense of myself, panting as he sucked on my clit, adding a second finger and shoving both inside.

With every swipe of his rough tongue, every thrust of his fingers, I found myself falling into an abyss.

He took his time feasting on me, savoring every sweet drop as he growled, the sounds filtering into the air all around us.

I lolled my head, keeping my eyes shut as he thrust his tongue in alongside his fingers. The dichotomy was indescribable, yanking me toward the wondrous moment of absolute bliss. My body had accepted the place of treachery. I could no longer push him away, or even think about shutting down. He’d opened every padlocked door, exposing the woman inside.

“Oh, oh, oh…” I could tell my body was holding back, unable to let go.

With a hard pull, he drew me further off the chair, pushing my legs until they were fully open.

And he continued eating, lapping my cream as if a man dying of thirst.

I folded my arm over my face, biting back a scream when he thrust two more fingers inside, flexing them open. Oh, God. Oh, no. Oh… I was awakening, shifting to a point of no return.

“Do you want to come for me?” he asked, his voice dripping with lust, so husky I had to strain to understand what he was saying.


“Then ask.”

His command was just as dark as his demeanor, something not to be denied.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop the tide as it swept in, words tumbling from my mouth. “Please let me come. Please.”

He issued a low-slung roar before burying his face, shifting it back and forth.

I could hold back no longer, my mind crazed from needing relief. I was pitched into the sweetest nirvana, the climax rushing into me like a sledgehammer.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!”

Unable to breathe, I opened my mouth in a silent scream as the orgasm continued building, rolling through every inch of my body. My skin was on fire, my mind rattled. I stared down at him with hazy eyes, blinking several times in an effort to focus.

He was studying me with his cold eyes, the light sheen covering his face only adding to his sex appeal. As he rolled his arms under my legs, he started to stand, dragging me with him. I was forced to straddle his hips, gripping his shoulders as I struggled to breathe.

He said nothing as he took long strides, pressing me hard against the wall. Then he issued another direct command, one that gave me chills.

“Free my cock.”

My fingers were almost stiff as I tried to obey. I felt the possessive heat that flowed through every pore of the man as I attempted to follow his order. I’d never been around anyone so dominating.




He exuded the level of ruthless care about everything and everyone I’d always run from. The moment I finished my task, I wrapped my hand around his shaft, squeezing.

“Fuck. Fuck!” he huffed, glowering down at me as he blinked several times.

My reward was the sweet glisten of his pre-cum. I licked my lips as he slowly tilted his head from one side to the other. I pumped up and down, squeezing his cockhead as I watched his eyes become unfocused, his pupils dilating.

“I’m a man with no patience,” he whispered as he jerked his pants, lifting then bringing me down onto his cock, the aim perfect. As he thrust the entire length inside, his entire body shook, his jaw clenching.

Oh. My. God.

He was so thick, stretching my muscles until they ached. I gasped, closing my eyes as the sweet surge of adrenaline and electricity became combustible, the flow of energy white-hot. I wasn’t certain I was capable of making a sound as he pulled out, driving into me again.

“One wet little thing, aren’t you?” His question was whispered, his mouth now dangerously close to mine. “Do I fill you, Bryce? Do you crave what a big, thick cock can do?”

I bit my lower lip, refusing to answer. This wasn’t about romance.

This was only brutal fucking.

He pulled one arm over my head then the other, planting his hands on mine.

I was going nowhere.

Everything was on fire, my body succumbing to his force of nature as he fucked me, driving me hard against the wall. Thuds shifted into the room, floating over us, mixing with his guttural sounds.

Hawk kept his lips inches from mine, darting his tongue back and forth across the seam of my mouth. With every savage thrust, I was pushed closer and closer to ecstasy.

I clamped my fingers around his, folding my feet together as he powered into me. He reeked of aggression, his chest heaving as he plunged in a perfect rhythm. He refused to stop, rolling onto the balls of his feet.

Shivering, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. So damn handsome but damaged somehow, a man who refused to accept who he was.

His body tensed, his muscles straining.

Harder and faster he slammed into me, leaving me breathless and spent.

As his jaw clenched, beads of sweat appearing over his lip, I knew he was close to coming. The world was a blur as he continued thrusting, but the moment I clamped my muscles, squeezing around his thick cock, he threw his head back and roared.


As he erupted, spewing his seed deep inside, I shuddered. I was one shameful little girl.

Seconds later, he dropped his head, the same wry smile returning. When he issued the abrupt words, my rebellion immediately returned.

“Next time, I fuck you in the ass.”

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