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Heathens: A Dark Billionaire Stalker Romance by Alta Hensley – Bonus Scene

You’d think I would have had enough after last night.

How much abuse can someone take in one weekend?

But I guess that’s the question every woman on this island asks themselves during The Hunt.

Why? How much is too much? Is it worth it?

The fact that I was turning my red light on… again, spoke volumes.

My morals were in exile.

My common sense in purgatory.

I knew better. I had been warned. I had experienced a dance with the devil, and yet, I was willing to do it again.


My legs nearly buckled as I looked up at the red light and waited.

And then the whistle in the distance came. The haunting melody that warned he was near. Beware the man in the stag mask.

I knew I should run, but my feet wouldn’t budge. The thrill of danger coursed through my veins and ignited a forbidden desire within me. I craved the excitement that came with being with the man in the stag mask. The idea of having him fuck me on my front porch for all to see sent a shiver down my spine, and though I should be mortified at the thought, I considered remaining in place rather than running into the forest as the rules of the game dictated.

But willing my feet to run, I charged toward the trees knowing it was just a short moment in time before he’d catch me and then have his way with me. The twigs and dried leaves crunched under my feet as I ran like hell.

He was near. I could feel him.

I knew he’d be rough, and then I’d be forced to bring him to climax. He’d be mean. He’d be brutal and I’d be begging. I’d be on my knees with my head in the dirt, but he’d force me to get on my feet and walk away alone when it was all over.

My heart raced as I silently begged to be caught.

My stomach churned in response to the anticipation.

But then his whistle silenced, and I found myself alone.

And yet, not alone, for I could sense him. Feel him in the shadows, skulking just beyond the light of the new moon.

I listened.

I waited.

But he didn’t come.

The first time I’d played this game, I’d been scared of the man in the stag mask. Afraid of what he’d do when he caught me. But this time, I knew what he wanted, and I was ready to deliver.

I wanted him to take me. I wanted to feel his strength as he thrust inside me. I wanted to feel him inside me. Deep inside my being. I wanted to come as he forced me to orgasm.

I wanted him to do it.

Wanted him to hurt me.

I wanted to feel his breath as he forced me to acknowledge my need for him.

I wanted him.

To fuck me.

I wanted him to fuck me hard.

“I know you’re watching me,” I called out to the blackness. “I know you’ve been watching me for awhile.”

It’s the first time I actually admitted it to myself. I have felt eyes on me far before the hunt. Far before the gifts left for me on the porch. My hunter has been stalking his prey for quite some time.

“Come and get me,” I dared him, and then I chuckled at the idea of challenging him in this game.

I was tempted to turn around and run, just to see if he would come. But I remained rooted to the spot, and time passed. The minutes ticked by as my anticipation grew. And then a sound. A soft crunching. An animal in the forest. But not an animal. The man in the stag mask. I could smell him now. The scent of his cologne. The musky scent of his body.

My body burned with desire. Passionately. Sensually.

Sweat trickled down my back as my heart raced. My knees felt weak. Our bodies came together like two magnets seeking the other when he forcibly grabbed me and tossed me to the ground. The white of his bone mask shone beneath the moonlight, but I couldn’t see anything else of his face.

He hasn’t spoken a word, and I know he won’t. Beasts don’t speak. They simply fuck.

Being pulled up on all fours, I waited for exactly that.

He pushed my face to the ground. My cheek was in the dirt. I could smell the earth. I could feel the coolness of the night air. And then I felt him inside me. And then I felt him. I felt the cock in his hand as he lifted my dress and screwed me from behind.

My body rocked back and forth as he pounded me hard. My breasts slapped against my chest, and I moaned as the pain filled my body.

He didn’t care that I was a woman.

He didn’t care that he was a man.

We were two animals mating in the woods.

I tried to control my breathing at first, tried to keep the moans inside, but it was useless. He knew.

The Devil knows everything.

The darkness of the forest provided the perfect backdrop for his raw act of passion. There were no words. Nothing to say. Only flesh. Only need. Only want.

I don’t know how long he fucked me, but it was too long.

My knees ached, and my leg muscles burned.

My back ached. My fingertips hurt from clawing at the earth. Everything stung, and yet I still wanted more. I still wanted him.

I wanted more of him.

I moaned against the dirt as I came.

And then he pounded me.

Yet, I couldn’t deny that I loved every fucking moment of it. I loved it when his cock bottomed out in me. I loved it when my pussy rippled around him while I came. I loved it when he pulled back and began pounding me into the dirt. I loved feeling my nightgown’s fabric draped over my back while I took it.

I loved it all.

But then he froze. As if he sensed my pleasure and wasn’t going to allow another second of it. I heard a growl rumble from the depths of his belly as he flipped me over onto my back, spreading my legs wide.

He shoved a finger inside my pussy, then a second, and then a third all within seconds. He stretched me to the point where I cried out, which is what I guessed was his intention.

He wanted to give me pain just as much as he had just given me pleasure.

There was no kissing. No soft words of affection. No sweet nothings whispered in my ear, only animalistic grunts and groans as he spread my hole wide, putting in more of his hand.

Three fingers were not enough for this man.

Behind the bone mask, he watched me squirm in agony while he tried to stuff four of his fingers in me.

I cried out and begged him to stop. Or maybe I pleaded for more, I’m not sure.

Lust had brought on insanity.

Passion had brought on madness.

Which only made him plunge deeper and deeper. My cries turned to sobs, and then screams as my eyes filled with tears.

I cried out even louder. “It’s too much! Too much! Please stop.”

But he didn’t.

He shoved his hand deeper inside me, all the way up far past his knuckles. He kept me pinned to the ground as he worked me, all the while staring at me through a hole in the bone mask.





I was completely stretched wide, and he still wasn’t done. He added another finger, making me squeal in a way that would wake the dead. He had gone past the point of pleasure and was now punishing me for agreeing to another hunt, even though I had been warned to not play again.

As I writhed in pain, I felt my body respond and felt the telltale tingle in my pussy. My head flung back, and I gave in to his touch once again.

“You can’t break me,” I spat, feeling my pussy clamp down on his fist, milking it. But I knew at that moment I was his. He had broken me. “I’m stronger than anyone knows.”

Was I saying the words to the hunter or to the prey?

With his free hand he slapped my pussy, which I didn’t expect, but the sting was pleasurable. A dull ache spread through my body, aching to be filled.

I wanted more.

I needed more.

He had his entire fist in my pussy. Something I truly didn’t think possible, and yet I was taking it.

He pulled his fist out and then slammed it back in causing me to arch my back and scream. He fucked me with his fist as if it were a cock, all the while staring at me with that damned bone mask over his face.

“Fuck me,” I begged him.

He needed no more encouragement and began to fuck me with his fist.

I came.

I came over and over again. Each time I thought I couldn’t take any more, each time I thought I had reached the point of climax, he would force another round out of me.

Everything hurt. Everything burned, but I reveled in it. I loved it.

My body quivered, my eyes rolled into the back of my head, and I screamed out in a way that could only be described as primal.

I screamed for mercy as my pussy was stretched even wider. He began to work me with his hand, thrusting his fingers deep inside me, twisting and turning them, feeling my insides.

It was madness.

It was pleasure.

I felt myself nearing that edge of a cliff. I wanted to dive off but then come back for more. I closed my eyes and let the pleasure wash over me. It coursed through my body in waves, until all I could think about was the pain and pleasure intertwined, leading to a blinding white light.

I came.

This time, the pleasure was so intense I nearly passed out.

Finally, my hunter, my punisher, my captor pulled out his fist and stood, towering over me.

I gasped for air. My body quivered. I felt his hot breath on my neck as he forcibly lifted me off the ground and flipped me onto all fours. Though I was floating through a dreamlike state of bliss, I could still hear him open his zipper, and then his belt.

And then his cock pressed against the tightness of my asshole.

This was going to hurt. No doubt.

But I didn’t care.

I wanted it all.

I wanted all of him.

I wanted all of my punishment.

And so he gave it to me.

His cock began slowly pushing past my tight asshole, causing me to nearly collapse on the ground in shock. But he held me up, forcing me to take more of him. I whimpered. I whined. I cried out in pain as he penetrated my asshole with his cock, inch by inch.

Before I knew it, he was inside me.

The burning intensified.

He pulled out and then shoved his cock into my ass, hard, taking no heed to the fact that I was still coming down from my high. The sudden flashback of pain caused me to scream out in torment.

“Please, no. No!”

He didn’t listen.

He thrust his cock into my hole over and over again, each time causing a fire-like pain to rip through my body.

I howled in pain, but it was good pain. It was the feeling of my whole body being consumed by pleasure once again. It was the feeling of reaching the edge of that cliff and diving off knowing full well that I would fall until I reached the bottom.

I wanted it.

I needed it.

I had been so used up, and now I had to be broken to a point I had no knowledge of.

My knees buckled, forcing him to hold me up against him as he drove his cock deeper. My entire body was covered in mud and earth’s decay. I was soiled in every way.

The hunter didn’t stop. He continued thrusting his cock, again and again, faster and faster as he broke me down into a quivering, whimpering mess.

I reached back and grabbed the sides of his thighs trying to hold myself up. The more I gripped, the more he seemed to like it.

I gripped harder.

He moaned louder.

I felt my orgasm approaching again, even though my hole was stretched wide beyond what I had ever experienced before. I could feel my insides tearing and his cock filling me. There was no escaping. There was no pleasure this time. But there wasn’t any pain either.

There was a place between the two, and I was there.

And then he roared with power.

He came, filling my ass with his seed.

I could feel his cum leaking out of my asshole and running down the back of my legs.

I didn’t move.

I didn’t want to move.

I just wanted to stay here for as long as possible.

Once he pulled out of me and released me, I collapsed to the ground.

I lay there, my ass exposed to the night. But it didn’t matter. I didn’t care.

And then, just like all the times before… he was gone.

As always.

Used, abused, and alone to walk toward the red light in the distance.

But this time, I didn’t get off the ground right away. I was exhausted. Every muscle in my body ached. My eyes burned.

I rolled over and stared at the sky, looking at the stars, thinking back to all of the hunts I had experienced. None of it seemed real anymore. The only thing I could focus on was my broken, ravaged body.

I was entirely broken down into nothing but a pile of flesh. And I fucking loved it.

And as I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, all I could think of was Locke.

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