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Held as His Pet by Vonna Harper – Extended Preview

Tanner scared her almost as much as he intrigued her. Now that she’d had something to eat and was no longer mentally replaying every word she’d heard today, she tried to lock onto her emotions. She didn’t understand why Tanner had decided to get involved at least to the point of determining whether her brother was still alive, but he represented her only chance of finding answers.

Watching as he moved around the small space made it nearly impossible to concentrate on anything else. He knew so much about her while she knew almost nothing about him. He’d already placed his cell phone near the sex toys and had aimed it so it would record a lot of what took place in the tent. Tanner had said something to his cousin about giving him pictures or video Ogden could turn over to the Zaltanas that would leave no doubt she was Tanner’s sex slave.

“Stand,” he ordered. “Turn away from me. Take off my shirt.”

Wishing he didn’t sound so remote, she did as he’d ordered. She shivered when he ran his fingers down her arms, drawing them behind her as he did. “Stay just like you are. And don’t ask questions. I don’t intend to answer.”

Desperate for him to explain how his plan for her factored into what he and his cousin had talked about, she tried to keep her shivering to a minimum as he headed for his toy collection. She couldn’t see what he’d chosen and didn’t know if he’d started to record things.

“I’m in charge,” he said unnecessarily as he wrapped rope around her wrists so one was crossed over the other. “Speak only when I tell you to. If you can’t obey I’ll gag you.”

The restraining rope was already doing things to her. Instead of fighting her response, she pressed her legs together.

“Interesting.” He pushed up on her bound arms and forced her to lean over. Keeping her there via a single powerful hand, he ran his other hand between her thighs. “Shit. You’re already wet there. What are you, a bondage slut?”


“Surprises you, does it? Thanks to you, I’m learning some things about myself I intend to take advantage of.”

Not sure what he was getting at, she surrendered to the sensations he was bringing to life. If he bent her over much more she’d fall, which she had no doubt was his intention. With him positioning her like he was, she could only stand there and take everything he wanted to subject her to. He rubbed her pussy lips, his callused fingers abrading and tantalizing her so-responsive flesh. She pushed her ass at him, bent her knees a little in an attempt to deepen the contact.

His laugh sounded cruel and superior as he continued stroking her. He dipped a wet finger into her, withdrew, dipped again.

“Oh, god. Oh, please, god.”

He roughly slapped her ass. “What did I tell you about not speaking?”

“I’m sorry.” But I couldn’t help myself and you know it.

“An apology doesn’t cut it.”

He landed a second blow followed by again ramming his hand between her legs. Like before, he plundered her pussy. The only difference, and the difference that counted, was that now he was using two fingers. Her legs seemed to spread themselves; she closed her eyes so she could concentrate on her out-of-control responses.

She was in a storm of his making, being buffeted by him.

It didn’t take long. One moment she was focused on the delicious stroking sensations deep in her pussy. The next a climax caught and threw her. Her knees buckled, and she started to pitch forward. She vaguely realized he was propelling her toward the bed, but it didn’t matter because her release was everything. Electric pleasure owned her—as much as he did.

“Interesting,” he said as he patted her ass. “That didn’t take long. Guess I didn’t realize how much pent-up frustration was inside you.”

She hadn’t known it either. Now with her breasts and head resting on the bed and her buttocks within his easy reach, she willed herself not to think, to simply feel. She shouldn’t be so easy for him to manipulate, but she was.

“That’s the easy part,” he said. “We could call it softening you up. Now we get to the main event. Stay.”

Hating being ordered around like she was his pet, she nevertheless obeyed. The longer she stood practically bent in half with her ass on shameful display, the more uneasy she became. She didn’t know what he had in mind.

“I’m going to dress you,” he said. “It won’t be the kind of dressing you expect, but I know what it needs to be.”

Trying to mull over what he’d said distracted her from what he was doing. As a consequence, she cried out when he grasped her left ass cheek and drew it away from the other. Keeping the cheek in place, he pushed a sleek butt plug against her rear opening.

“It’s all about image,” he said. “Making image appear real because it is. And because what I’m going to do turns me on.”

Sweat dampened her neck. She tried to look back at him. He’d let go of her arms, but she remained his prisoner and plaything.

He swiped the butt plug over her pussy then inserted it in her ass. She felt everything about the journey, the depth and widening, most of all how it possessed her there. The plug was a kind of period, a statement finished, a goal reached.

“Now to make sure it stays in place.”

Her head pounded as he wound rope around her waist and between her legs. He threaded the rope through what she surmised was a ring at the plug’s end. He brought her upright so he could adjust, tighten, and knot the harness. As he pushed her back down again, she caught a glimpse of white against her belly, felt it bisect her ass cheeks.

“Except when I remove it so you can use the restroom, it stays in place. I want its existence to be woven into you. For you to have no doubt what it means to be mastered.”

She could tell him she already did. All she had to do was call up a mental image of how she looked and couple that with her useless arms and the plug buried deep in her.

“Next step,” he said and again went to his collection.

She’d changed so much from who she’d been before she’d vowed to find out what had happened to her brother. It was Jason’s fault, she decided, as the plug stroked her clit to life. Jason shouldn’t have gotten shot and caught, shouldn’t have been part of this damnable unnecessary war.

“I want something that’ll leave marks,” Tanner announced. “There’s something primal about using my hand I find particularly satisfying, but finger and palm prints don’t always show up. This will.”

He struck her with something thin and wicked, whatever it was making her cry out. He paused then hit her again. It was a whip of some kind made from flexible material. It would leave marks on her buttocks, ribbons of red against pink. The way he kept changing position, she pictured crosshatched lines of punishment. She sobbed and twisted about on the bed in a desperate but hopeless attempt to get away.

Despite her reluctance to admit it, what she felt wasn’t as simple as pain. It hurt all right, hurt a hell of a lot, but excitement fed by the intensity of her physical reaction factored in. Did pain turn her on?

Would it if anyone other than Tanner was in charge?

The burning sensations were gentle and harsh and sometimes in between. He concentrated on her right cheek then switched to the left, never once striking the rope. Was whipping an ass something a person could take a class in? Maybe he was successful today because he’d done this many times?

Only hadn’t he said he and his brother weren’t interested in their cousins’ hobby?

She couldn’t remember, could only pull one thought together.

This man who’d become her master was marking her.

Another climax snuck up on her, caught her and carried her off with it. She shuddered and stopped trying to make her knees support her. Went deep into the pit she and Tanner had created together.

A long time passed before she managed to crawl out. When she did he was waiting for her, coolly appraising her.

“For the record,” he said, “the cell’s recording feature timed out. I’m not sure how much it captured. Where did you go?”


“You spaced or something. Where did you go?”

“I don’t know.”

“Is it a place you’d want to return to?”

Yes. “Do I have a choice?”


He was getting ready to take more pictures. He’d taken several after placing the thin rattan cane on the bed next to her, the close-ups focused on her stinging buttocks. He’d stopped while he wiped a cold, wet cloth over her there followed by applying a salve that quieted the pain. Then he’d drawn her upright. He pointed his cell phone at her face and, she suspected, triggered the zoom feature.

“Capturing your tears,” he said. “Runny nose. Blotchy cheeks. Wet lashes. You can’t fake those things.”

She wanted to glare at Tanner but couldn’t get her lower lip to stop trembling. Neither could she keep her head up. His treatment of her had taken her to a place she’d never suspected existed. She was a primitive creature, a woman ruled by sexual need. Alive deep inside when she needed to be numb.

He again did something to his camera. “Turn around. I’m going to take another video. It’ll record sound so you need to decide whether you’ll sound authentic if you cry or curse. You probably want to appear strong and defiant but don’t forget who’s going to hear. And how they’ll react.”

He was right. This session wasn’t about defining their relationship. His plan was to be invited to Zaltana so he and his sex slave could party with some Zaltana men who embraced the BDSM lifestyle, if what they did could be called that. She’d hate every moment they were there. At least she had to make those strangers believe she did.

Obeying his command taught her even more about herself. Her whipped buttocks throbbed with every move. Then there was the plug, a foreign object she couldn’t expel and wasn’t sure she wanted to. Trying to make sense of her confusion while struggling to ignore her hungry clit to say nothing of letting the occasional sob escape consumed her until she again faced him. Her attention went to his crotch. Specifically the tell-tale bulge. Much as she wanted to see him as a robot, emotionless, she couldn’t.

He wasn’t immune. Not hardly.

“You’re a monster,” she said for the video. She sniffed loudly. “I hate you. Hate—”

Shaking his head, he looked pointedly at the camera as he tapped something.

“It’s off,” he said. “I don’t know if I’m going to use it again.”

“Oh. All right.”

“I’m going to release your arms.”

She turned her back to him. He unwound the rope around her wrists, stretching out the task, giving her time to get used to having back some control to say nothing of circulation. She rubbed her wrists.

“If you’re looking for sympathy, you aren’t going to get it,” he said.

“If you want my gratitude—”

“I don’t want anything from you.”

She recoiled from his retort. Then as the plug again reminded her of its presence, she studied his expression. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for, maybe compassion or a reminder that they were united in a conspiracy. Instead she was met with hostility, a wall thrown up between them.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I shouldn’t have involved you.”

“No, you shouldn’t have.” He rubbed his cock. “But it’s too late for that.”

He’d said nothing about removing the plug, had given no indication he intended to. She had to accept that his actions had only a little to do with determining whether her brother was alive. He was in this for himself. She was his pawn.

His willing pawn?

Just like that, answering the question became the most important thing in her life. She longed to do something that would both push him to the edge of his self-control and show her how she really felt about him.

Holding tight to her emotions, at least trying to, she sank to her knees. Once the pain in her whipped buttocks settled a bit, she unzipped his shorts and pushed them down to the floor. His erection sprang free, big, full, dangerous, challenging.

Afraid to breathe, she focused. His cock was a beautiful thing. It spoke loud and clearly of what it meant to be a mature man. Her heart beat against her breastbone, her fingers throbbed with the need to explore every inch of him, and her lungs burned. Despite those things, despite the questions still demanding explanation, she cupped her hand around his erection. It felt so damn good.

He stiffened. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“You tell me.”

In some respects she’d wanted to be in control of Tanner ever since he’d first laid his hands on her. She’d reached that goal but now what? He’d subjected her to discomfort and embarrassment but he’d also exposed depths about herself she hadn’t known existed. She might eventually feel like telling him that. Right now only one thing mattered.

“You deserve this.” She brought her mouth close to his cock. “It’s the least I can do.”

“The hell it is.”

She licked, tasted salt. Her stomach knotted in a wonderful way. “You don’t want me to—”

“You know the damn answer, but it won’t change our relationship.” He grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her head back so she stared up at him. “I’m after more than finding out what happened to your brother. I don’t think I’m wrong when I say this is bigger than the two of us. I’ve been looking for something to—hell, I’m not going to say more than that.”

She should try to get to the root of what he’d said, but that would have to wait until she no longer wanted him with part of every bit of her being. This man who’d handled her in ways she’d never been handled had fundamentally changed her. Whether she wanted that change didn’t matter. It had happened.

Wasn’t done happening.

“Do you think you ever will?” she asked. “Want to tell me, that is.”

“I don’t know.”

He was being as honest as he could. She couldn’t ask for more.

Her thoughts spinning, she again lowered her head. He didn’t try to stop her. When her lips brushed his tip, she filled her lungs then opened her mouth. She didn’t want to have to ask permission, wanted to do the kinds of things he did to her without thought of repercussion, but that wasn’t the world they lived in.

Casting off thoughts that kept getting in the way, she drew his cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue over his length, made his substance something she would never forget. She couldn’t get all of him into her without risk of gagging but a lot fit. She sucked and teased, moved forward and back. With courage and determination now guiding her, she cupped a hand around his balls. Massaged them.

“Damn you.” He tightened his hold on her hair.

Although she wanted to ask why he was cursing, she’d have to spit him out and she wasn’t willing to. She couldn’t keep her eyes open. Her hurting buttocks needed attention she didn’t have to give. They and her plugged butt had to wait. This was Tanner’s time.

Maybe both of theirs.

Was that possible? Could they do something that would satisfy both of them?

“What is this about?” He sounded out of breath. “If you’re thinking to pull something on me—”

Pressing down with her lips, she shook her head. When he didn’t continue speaking, she leaned in and tipped her head, taking him with her. She loved the sound of his breathing, the way it was right now, a lot like hers.

He let go of her hair and planted his hands on her shoulders. “I didn’t expect this.”

Neither had she. Up until now he’d been in charge of the sexual dynamics of their relationship. Her body was his to manipulate, abuse, or please as he saw fit. Now that she, however briefly, was in control, she wasn’t sure how to proceed. Oh, she wanted to pleasure him, no doubt of that, but how? Did he want to spill himself in her, watch her swallow his cum? Would that satisfy him, even the score and take her into Zaltana without believing she owed him something?

She pulled back then rocked forward, mouth fucking him. Felt his body jerk and his hands tighten on her shoulders. The pressure there kept increasing until she had to get out from under it. Fighting to hold back pain, she licked and sucked. Rolled his balls about.

“Fuck you.” He pushed her away.

“What did I do wrong?”

“Nothing and that’s the hell of it.”

“Then let me—”

“Do you like oral sex?”

“I haven’t had much experience so…” She’d averted her gaze from his cock as long as she could. So hard the veins stood out, it glistened from her saliva. It seemed impossible that she’d taken him into her mouth.

“Lack of experience on your part lines up with the impression I got.” His mouth twitched.

“I’m sorry.” Thank goodness the video wasn’t going. She’d hate it if she had apologized more than once. “I wanted—you deserve—”

“Do I?”

He grasped her under her arms and helped her to her feet. Holding her with one hand, he reached behind her and ran a finger over the plug. He also scraped the rope with his nails, which set off a delicious tickling sensation.

“I told myself I’d get through this without fucking you,” he said. “Without wanting to.”

“I can’t say the same.”

“Even with everything I’ve subjected you to?” He spread his hand over her buttocks.

Being touched by anything right now wasn’t what she’d call comfortable but because another sensation, one that swirled around her pussy, accompanied it, she could handle this. Could do more than handle.

“I don’t have words for what I’m feeling.” She placed her hands on his hips, his hot, hard hips. “I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to express myself. One thing—I’ve never felt so alive.”

“You shouldn’t try to compare the last couple of days with anything else. One thing to keep in mind is that you didn’t go into this hoping you’d get fucked.”

“We haven’t fucked.”

“No.” He held her at arms’ length. “We haven’t. Do you want to?”

She gaped at him. “Do I have a choice?”

“I’ve subjected you to a great deal.” His tone was terse, his stare relentless. “But that’s one thing I don’t do.”

“I’m sorry if I’ve pissed you off, but I know almost nothing about you.” Now that she’d started talking, she wasn’t sure she could stop. “Try to put yourself in my position. Imagine someone forcing you to walk around naked.”

“That’ll never happen.”

“That sure of yourself, are you?”

“Yeah, I am.”

She wasn’t sure why they were arguing, if they were. Now that she’d had a moment to get used to his eyes boring into her, she wondered if she’d been mistaken to conclude he was angry at her. He was probably dealing with emotions of his own that made it impossible for him to consider hers. He was a fully grown male with a man’s needs. She wanted to have sex all right but she’d recently climaxed, several times. Frustration hadn’t built inside her.

“What happens now? You send the video and pictures to your cousin. Then we wait?”

“Hopefully not for long.”

“What about the plug?”

“Do you want it gone?”

“That isn’t my choice.”

“You’re right. That might change once our business with the Zaltanas is over, but you have to have a certain mindset if you want them to believe you.”

“So do you.”

Giving her a dismissive nod, he pushed her backward at the bed. Her ass came in hard and uncomfortable contact with the blanket. Groaning, she knelt and touched her backside. There were welts but no blood.

“If we don’t hear from them for a while, you’ll have to whip me again.”

“Will you hate it?”

Putting her head in her hands, she shook her head. “Maybe not.”


“What do you mean?”

“Look at me. That’s better. When it’s just the two of us I want you to be honest. Not hide anything.” His mouth tightened. “You did at first.”

“I’m sorry.” She really was.

“What about now? No reason to apologize?”

It seemed insane to be carrying on a conversation while they were both naked. He had an unobstructed view of all of her and she was being treated to the sight of to his still-aroused cock. His body was a gift, something he shared with only a few.

“I don’t think so.”

“But you aren’t sure?”

She made a point of staring at his cock. “I’m distracted.”

“That cuts both ways.”

Chuckling despite herself, she rubbed her nipples until they were hard, which didn’t take long. “In that one respect we’re equals.”

He nodded. She wasn’t sure whether it was morning or afternoon. Faint sounds from beyond the tent filtered through the canvas walls, but his EMT friend wouldn’t interrupt them unless he had no choice.

“Decision made,” he said. “Unless you convince me you don’t want it, we’re going to have sex. Get it out of the way.”

By way of response, she reached between her legs, swiped, and presented what she’d collected to him. She couldn’t quite believe what she’d done. His expression once more unreadable, he took hold of her wrist and angled her hand toward her mouth. She licked.

“You aren’t acting like anyone’s slave.”

“I don’t feel like one.”

“Which could work to our disadvantage.” He released her wrist followed by tapping the inside of her right thigh. When she spread her legs, he teased his fingers over her pussy. After touching his tongue to her juices, he wiped what he’d collected over his cock. “You want this? In you?”

“Yes.” She breathed more than spoke the only word she was capable of.

“In which opening?”

Oh, god, how could she decide? “My butt’s occupied.”

“Yes. All right. This is what’s going to happen. You’re going to stand and lean over the bed. Present your ass and pussy. I’ll take it from there.”

Her heart pounded so she had trouble hearing him. Praying her legs would hold up, she did as he’d told her to. She stretched her upper body over the bed, planting a knee on it to keep from sliding off. When, instead of immediately positioning himself behind her, he opened then closed a drawer she guessed he’d selected a condom.

“Yeah,” he said. “Yeah. Not bad.”

“What isn’t?”

“The view.”

So he could make light of the situation, could he? She needed to make the most of this moment because there wouldn’t be anything light about what was ahead of them.

“You’re responsible for most of what you’re looking at,” she said. “After all, you’re the one who—”

“Enough talking. Time to experience.”

She did, eyes closed, chin on the blanket, arms out to the sides, nipples like rocks, and her pussy dripping. Her juices were soaking the rope he’d placed there, leaving a growing wet spot on the bedding.

He stroked, fingered, scratched. He even ran his teeth over her buttocks, which made her mewl. She had to concentrate on timing her breathing to keep from turning and launching herself at him, wrapping her arms and legs around him, thrusting her pelvis at his cock.

What would he think of her then? His hostage acting like an animal in heat, backing him against the tent wall so she could force him into her.

She wasn’t sure she could make that happen but the images—

He pulled the rope off her pussy lips, somehow got himself in position to lick her there. Howling, she arched off the bed.

“Yeah,” he said. “Hell, yeah.”

Something any and all dominants would say to their submissive.

He pushed his tongue into her and licked, maybe swallowed. She howled again. A climax circled around her, came close, shook her entire body.

Then his cock was in her pussy. Hard and fast. His bulk combined with the plug making her feel—different. Before this moment she hadn’t so much as wondered if this twisting, dancing sensation was possible. Stuffed wasn’t the half of it. Possessed. Totally.

He thrust. Pressed his finger pads into her buttocks. Again pounded into her. Lifting her head, she strained to match his intensity and strength. They were powerful, the two of them, born enemies who didn’t give a damn about anything except capturing heat.

When he slowed, she guessed he was trying to draw things out. She reached deep inside herself for matching restraint, but he seemed to be everywhere. Everything. Consuming her entire being. Her muscles screamed in delight. She felt no fear or hesitancy, only need. Surrender.

“So damn good.” He ground out the admission. “You’re damn near killing me.”

The thought of him dying came close to destroying her. Determined to bury the thought, she tightened her pussy muscles around him. Screamed.

“What’s that?” He pushed the plug about so it felt like it was coming at her from everywhere. Was alive. “What are those sounds about?”

She could have told him it was about overwhelming sensation but she’d reveal everything if she did. It might be safer to let another cry escape. The raging current was everywhere. Throwing her into a storm.

He started moving inside her again, his strokes long and slow, building up speed. She rode with him, went at his pace. Her lips were numb while her leg muscles burned from the strain. Her body was a disconnected thing that felt everything from the ultimate in pleasure to pain.

And when he came, she rode the storm with him.

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