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Her Alien Commander by Ashe Barker – Extended Preview

Her Alien CommanderPhahlen gave himself a hard mental shake. He needed to get a grip. This little human might be pretty enough, in a fragile, delicate sort of way, but her appearance was deceptive. He had done his homework, his due diligence, before contacting his home world to register his claim. The Luminaire, the pirate vessel shot down by the Galeians, had been wanted throughout three galaxies, suspected of raids on a host of small, defenceless worlds. Caria and her comrades were a gang of ruthless killers, and if the Galeians hadn’t got in the first shots he saw no reason to doubt that the reptilian race would have come off very badly indeed if the pirates had managed to land on their planetoid. Caria was fortunate that her captors lacked the sophisticated communications technology and intergalactic intelligence networking that would have enabled them to discover the identity of their prisoner. They would have executed her without a second thought.

Capital punishment had been abandoned on his home planet generations ago, and he was aware that Earth no longer employed such sanctions either. Caria wouldn’t die for her crimes, but she would face a lengthy period of imprisonment. He saw no reason why her sentence should not be served with him; making herself useful to Vahle would help to atone for her previous misdemeanours. He chose not to dwell on the fact that she had had no trial, and no opportunity to plead her case. The role of judge, jury, and executioner did not sit well with him, but he would manage. Needs must.

Which brought him to the next item he needed to address. He had unfinished business with his little breeding mate. He already knew enough about her to be left with no illusions that she would submit willingly to his dominance. This was unfortunate since her compliance would be essential. He required an obedient mate and was determined to have exactly that, so he already appreciated that discipline would be a key factor in their relationship. Caria needed to learn her place, and fully understand the consequences of defiance.

“Caria, wake up now.” He laid his hand on her thin shoulder and gave her a light shake.

Caria shifted on the sofa and rolled onto her side, away from him. She muttered something in her sleep, and he feared it might have been an unwary ‘fuck off.’

“Caria, wake up.” He shook her again, harder now.

Her eyelids fluttered and she briefly turned her head to look at him, then curled back into a ball. “Leave me alone.”

Not happening. Phahlen administered a sharp slap to her rump, which brought the slender woman up onto her knees with an indignant shriek. He stood over her, arms folded, his expression unrepentant.

“You hit me,” Caria accused. “You had no right—”

“You are mine, remember. I have every right.”

“But you said…”

He lifted one eyebrow and waited for her to finish her point. She appeared to think better of it. Instead, Caria settled back into the hover-sofa and glared at him. Phahlen managed to keep his expression neutral, though inwardly he smiled. Her rebellious nature would get her into so much trouble, at least until she learnt to curtail it. He would enjoy teaching her.

“What I actually said, if you recall, was that I would treat you with respect and consideration, and that I would be fair. Is that what you were about to point out, Caria?”

“Yes. You did say that. You never said anything about hitting me.”

“I spanked you. There’s a big difference, and I’m glad you brought it up. I have no doubt at all that you’ll be spanked frequently whilst you learn to adapt to your new role here, so you need to understand my view on it.”

“And you need to understand my view, you thug. You keep your hands off me, or I’ll—”

“Attempt to kick me in the balls? Again? You have an ungrateful streak, Caria, and I intend to cure you of it.”

“Ungrateful? You’re right, I am bloody ungrateful. Why the fuck would I be grateful to you? Those lizards were cruel little bastards, but they never threatened to rape me.”

“Neither have I. Nor shall I. Such an act would be both unacceptable, and unnecessary. I am confident that given time you will accept the situation you now find yourself in and I might even go so far as to hope you could find some pleasure in it. I certainly intend to do all in my power to ensure that it is so. As to the rest, I appreciate you acted in the heat of the moment back there on three seven nine, and of course you had no way of knowing I didn’t mean you harm. I can even accept that you probably didn’t comprehend the urgency of the situation or the extreme danger facing us both. For those reasons I would be content to accept your apology and your assurance that you will commit no further acts of violence, either against me or any other Vahlean. Then we can consider the matter closed.”

He could almost have laughed out loud at her stunned, incredulous expression. He doubted any such apology would be forthcoming.

“You can kiss my arse if you think I’d ever apologise to you.”

Just as he’d expected.

Phahlen shrugged. “Kissing your arse is not what I had in mind, Caria, though your bottom is where I intend to concentrate my efforts to rectify your unfortunate attitude.”

My attitude? My attitude is not the problem here, you arrogant prick.” Her chin jutted at him, her beautiful azure eyes blazing as Caria warmed to her theme. She knelt up again, tossed her tangled locks over her shoulder and continued her tirade. “You think you can just announce that I’m to be some sort of baby-making machine, that it’s all been sorted out, agreed between your planet and mine? You think I’ll just smile sweetly and say okay, thank you for saving me, shall I spread my legs for you now, sir? Is that what you had in mind?”

She’d stated the case somewhat starkly, but her assessment of the matter wasn’t far out all the same. “Yes, the actions I require of you are along those lines,” he agreed. “From your tone I take it you’re not yet ready to accept the reality of your situation.”

“Like I said, kiss my—”

He’d heard enough. Phahlen believed in action rather than words in any event and this discussion was at an end. He lifted Caria bodily from her perch on the sofa and slung her over his shoulder. He ambled across the room to the food station, but this time his instructions into the audio system had nothing whatsoever to do with nutrition.

“Rope, please. Carbon compound, one metre in length.” The required item materialised in the next moment and he took it from the delivery hatch. He ignored her furious squirming, screeching, and beating on his back with her fists as he returned to the sofa. He sat down and calmly upended her across his lap.

Caria fought like a tiger. She struggled, screamed, flailed her arms, and kicked her legs at him, but none of it made the slightest impression. He was four times her size, and she was getting a spanking. He caught her legs under one of his to hold her still, and grabbed first one wrist, then the other. He secured both behind her back and held them there with one hand while he wrapped the rope around them. When he had her bound tight he produced a small laser scalpel from his pocket.

“I always spank on the bare, Caria. Without fail. On future occasions you will remove your clothing for me in order to facilitate that, but this time…” He regarded the all-in-one suit with regret. She really had looked very fetching in it, but the garment was to be a casualty of this moment. He would replace it for her. Eventually.

He plucked the fabric at the waist away from her body and sliced it cleanly with his blade. Caria let out a shriek that he was certain would have brought half the galaxy running if they had heard it. Phahlen blessed the soundproofing qualities of the Empyrean’s construction as he cut the lower half of her suit from the upper portion, separating the two parts. He opted to just rip the fabric from her upturned bottom rather than risk setting her on her feet again to slice the front of the garment and risking her getting injured if she were to fight him. In any case, he had achieved his objective. Caria’s beautiful heart-shaped bottom was bared for her punishment. He tugged the material lower to reveal a good length of her thighs too. He intended to give her sit spots some serious attention.

“Let me go! Get off me, you bastard.” Caria’s screams were subsiding, and he supposed that was because she now appreciated his superior strength and knew she would not best him by force. Still, her determination to defy his wishes was seemingly undiminished. And her propensity for name-calling was starting to grate.

“The sooner you surrender to this, to the inevitable, the better. You’ll be getting a spanking, a good, hard one. It will continue until you stop this struggling, and you’re ready to apologise—and mean it.”

“I’m not—Aaagh!”

The first slap landed full in the middle of her delightful cheeks. Phahlen’s hand print bloomed immediately, the vivid red outline stark against the creamy skin of her bottom.

“Stop, that hurts. You bast—”

Phahlen ignored her continuing flow of screams and invective, landing spank after spank across his defiant little human’s curvy behind. For such a tiny little thing she could certainly belt out some decibels. He wondered whether he should have gagged her after all, though that might have defeated his objective since it was contrition and an apology he required from her. Maybe next time…

She was determined; he had to allow her that. Phahlen admired the little female’s fortitude as he rained the slaps over her skin, and watched the area turn pink under his ministrations. Pink darkened to crimson, and still she continued to curse and wriggle.

Her struggles were futile, of course. Phahlen had her secure and she was going nowhere until he’d finished and had his way. He was in no hurry, and knew which of them would tire of this first.

Her squeals and sobs did start to subside at last, and he paused to rest his hand on her scorching buttock. “Are you ready to talk to me now?”

“I hate you.”

He hoped that wasn’t true, but he understood why she would think it right now.

“Noted. And your apology?”

“Fuck you.”

“Also noted.” He resumed the spanking, this time shifting his attention to her thighs. Caria’s shrieks found an additional octave or two as he applied his relentless palm to her tender sit spots. He had a feeling this would not take much longer now.

The insults ceased, and the only sound Caria made now was her sobbing. She still rocked her hips from side to side as though to escape the inexorable barrage of spanks, but soon even those struggles subsided and she lay limp across his lap, absorbing the punishment he chose to mete out.

Phahlen slowed the slaps, then stopped altogether. He rubbed her scarlet buttocks, applying little pressure but still relishing the heat that rose from her punished skin. His caress elicited little mews of pain from her though he noted she no longer sought to avoid his touch.

“Caria, are you ready to apologise now?” He kept his tone soft. Physically she had had enough, and he knew it. He had no desire to harm her and preferred not to resume the spanking if that could be avoided. His instincts told him she would respond better to a gentler approach. He covered her bound hands in one of his and squeezed.

Long seconds passed and she lay still, silent over his lap but for the continuing sniffles. Phahlen was patient. He could wait. At last his perseverance was rewarded.

“I’m sorry.” Caria whispered the words, and he had no illusions about what it had cost her to utter them at all. He had spanked her contrition from her; she was saying what he wanted to hear because the alternative was more pain. But she had done it, and he was almost satisfied.

“What is it exactly that you are sorry for, Caria?”

“For kicking you in the nuts.”

“Right, thank you for that. Anything else?”

“For swearing at you?”

“Is that an apology, Caria, or a question?”

“It’s an apology. At least…”

“Hush, Caria. Quit while you are ahead. If you are good you can get up in a minute, but first, I want you to listen to me.” He rubbed her bottom again, by way of a reminder of her current predicament. “Are you ready to listen, Caria?”

“Yes,” she whimpered. If a residual note of defiance still lingered, Phahlen preferred not to acknowledge it right now. There would be plenty of opportunity to nurture a more appropriate attitude, and he knew they’d be repeating this exercise often in the coming months. She would learn, eventually.

“Good, I’m pleased. So, first, you will never—and I mean never, for any reason at all—attack me. Are we clear on that now?”

Caria nodded.

“In words, please. Say it, Caria.”

“Yes, I understand. No hitting you.”

“And you are not to attack any other Vahlean either. We won’t tolerate violence, or insubordination.”

“I didn’t… I mean, I was just—”

“You called me a bastard, an arrogant prick, and I seem to recall you invited me to kiss your arse on at least two occasions. That will stop. There will be no swearing, no name-calling, and when I instruct you to do something you will obey. Are we clear on these matters also?”

There was silence from Caria. It was a sullen, pouting sort of silence, and Phahlen wondered if perhaps he might after all need to impress upon her the consequences of defying him. “Caria, we could always continue if you still feel uncertain about just how you should speak to me…”

“No! No, please, I… I’ll be polite.”

“Thank you. I appreciate that. Now, there is just one final matter I want to clarify. Would you spread your legs for me, please?”

She lurched on his lap, her entire body tensing. “No, please. Please don’t do that. I’m not… not…”

“Hush, I know. I will not hurt you, I promise.”

“I can’t. Don’t make me do that.”

“What did we just discuss, Caria? I require you to obey, so please do as I ask. Now.”

“Please…” She was crying again, sobbing in earnest. An uncomfortable thought occurred to Phahlen.

“Are you a virgin, Caria?”

She shook her head.

“Words, Caria. Answer me.”

“No, but, I haven’t… I mean, I never… I hardly know you, and—”

“Shy? Is that it?”

“I suppose so. I can’t help it, and I didn’t mean to be rude. I just, just…”

“Okay, I get it.” Phahlen could have kicked himself. He was well aware of the predisposition among human females toward modesty, a phenomenon virtually unknown among Vahleans. He supposed the quaint little trait might have offered some evolutionary advantage to the females of this particular species aeons ago, but it was of no earthly use to Caria in her current situation. Two possible solutions presented themselves. The ship’s medic was due to arrive within the next few cycles to perform a medical assessment. He would confirm Caria’s physical suitability for the role Phahlen had planned for her, and he could easily implant a modesty inhibiting hormonal device that would alleviate any such difficulties for Caria. That might be a kindness, but he was loath to resort to artificial methods when a natural solution existed. Human females were far more susceptible than their Vahlean counterparts to the liberating effects of a decent bolt of lust. Arousal and desire would eradicate the problem, he had no doubt of it, but first he needed to get her there.

Phahlen took a deep breath. “Caria, you are going to close your eyes if that makes it easier, and try to relax. I just promised not to hurt you and you will learn that I always keep my word. Now, open your legs for me, girl.”

She remained still, her natural reticence warring with her desire not to attract further punishment. Phahlen waited for her to make up her mind. He smiled as she shifted on his lap, slowly parting her thighs. He might have liked a little more from her in the way of eagerness but would settle for what she offered him this time. In any case, he had what he wanted from her—a beautiful view of her sweet pussy.

Moisture glistened on the plump, pink folds, leaking from her cunt to dampen her inner thighs. His little human might scream and squirm and beg him not to touch her, but her body thought differently. Her submissive nature was plain enough. It was there, dripping between her thighs, and he could work with it.

“Thank you, Caria. You may close your legs now if you wish to. You’ve done as I asked, and now it’s time to make you more comfortable.”

He pulled apart the knot securing her wrists and rubbed her arms as she stretched and rolled her shoulders. Then he reached under her shoulders to help her stand up. He positioned her in front of him, between his legs. Her bedraggled clothing hung from her body, tattered and ruined. Her features were also ravaged, her cheeks tearstained and her eyes red-rimmed. Her expressive mouth quivered as she stood before him, still, trembling, her face a confused mixture of fear and relief.

“Your first spanking, Caria?” He knew the answer already.

She nodded, then seemed to remember his instructions earlier. “I’m sorry. I mean, yes. Yes, sir.”

His cock had stiffened at the first sight of her naked buttocks, but leapt to rigid attention now at her use of the polite honorific. She would be perfect, quite ideal for his needs.

“I thought so. And now you feel scared, small, humiliated? Am I right?”

She closed her eyes, and seemed to sway on her feet. Phahlen had seen enough. He reached for her and pulled her to him, then cradled her in his lap as she wept.

Caria watched him warily from her perch on the sofa. Phahlen was aware of the intensity of her gaze as he perused the various reports coming in from different stations on his ship. The harvesting of thermal output had been successfully completed and the craft was under way again, headed first for Galeian space to offload their unwelcome passengers. Phahlen couldn’t get rid of them fast enough and he checked the Empyrean’s propulsion reserves yet again to see if they could safely eke even a small amount more power from their energy cells in order to reach their destination more quickly. Sadly not, they were at optimum levels, a sure sign that Baren was at the helm.

A light flashed on his hand-held console. Phahlen tapped a key and called out a greeting.

“Doctor, come in.” He stood to greet the Vahlean medic who bustled into his quarters, all efficiency and surety of purpose.

“Commander. I understand you have a human female you wish me to… ah, yes, I see.” The doctor eyed Caria with undisguised concern. “She looks somewhat subdued, sir.”

In Phahlen’s experience a decent spanking would usually achieve such an end. He had every confidence that Caria would brighten soon enough. “I require you to conduct the usual tests and clear her for reproductive purposes. She is also undernourished and likely to be affected by a prolonged deficiency in natural daylight.”

“She is pale, certainly. I can prescribe the necessary supplements to redress any imbalances.” The doctor approached to stand before Caria. He appraised the girl critically for several moments, then crouched before her. “My name is Morele. I am a physician and I am here to make sure that you are healthy. I need to start by examining you so I will require you to stand, and to remove your gown, please.”

Caria looked not at the doctor but straight at Phahlen, her gaze startled and imploring. He had produced her current garment, a loose-fitting kimono-style wrap to replace the tattered suit she had chosen for herself. A replacement all-in-one suit identical to the one he ruined awaited her for after this examination was concluded. Phahlen gestured to her with his fingers that she should stand up and do as the doctor asked.

Caria got to her feet, reluctance crackling from her. She stood, stiff, her narrow shoulders back and her chin raised. She stared at a point somewhere to the left of Phahlen and made no move to unfasten the belt holding her wrap closed.

The doctor frowned, and Phahlen stepped forward. He undid the belt and slipped the soft garment from her shoulders. Caria flinched but made no attempt to prevent his actions. She did, however, wrap one arm across her small breasts and with the other she attempted to shield her pussy from their view.

“Hmm, she needs an implant,” the doctor huffed. “I will do it while I’m here.”

“No need,” said Phahlen. “Caria will adapt just fine. Please, conclude the tests as quickly as possible.” He stood behind Caria and bent to murmur in her ear, “Do exactly as you are told and this will soon be over. The examination will be intimate, but not painful, and I shall remain here the whole time.”

She managed a small nod, but still took a step back when the doctor reached for her wrist.

“Caria…” The warning note in his tone was carefully cultivated, and seemed to have the desired effect. Caria allowed the doctor to affix a light band around her upper arm, a monitor that would record her heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and a host of other physical signs. The doctor consulted his diagnostic tablet and appeared content.

“If you could just lie down on the couch, and spread your legs, please.”

Phahlen expected a protest and was not disappointed. Caria whirled toward him and would have tried to bolt for the door had he not stopped her flight with an arm around her slim waist. “Just close your eyes, count to one hundred, and by the time you finish, this will be over,” he promised.

“Sir…?” She looked up at him, fear and indecision writ large across her features.

Phahlen decided to settle the matter for her. “Caria, you have no choice. Do not make this more difficult for yourself than it has to be.” He lifted her in his arms and carried her the couple of paces over to the couch where her wrap lay draped across one end. He laid her lengthways on the cushions and seated himself behind her head, angling his hips to half face her. “Your hands, please, Caria.”

He noted that her eyes were already closed as she reached her arms above her head to offer her hands to him. He gripped her wrists and held both in one of his hands, then used the other to wind his fist in the thick tresses of her hair.

“I’ll be here the entire time. All you need to do is remain still, and answer any questions that either I or the doctor put to you. Do you understand, Caria?”

Her mouth flattened and she nodded again.

“Caria, talk to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered.

“Good. So now, spread your legs as wide as you can.”

He had to hand it to her, she made a decent attempt. Keeping her feet together, Caria allowed her knees to separate, affording the doctor a decent view of her pussy. The medic glanced dispassionately at his target, then delved into his bag to extract a cylindrical probe.

“She would be more accessible with a couple of cushions under her hips. That would present a better angle. Do you have any?”

“In the sleeping chamber.” Phahlen tilted his chin to indicate the correct door.

The doctor scuttled off, to return a few moments later with two pillows. “If you could just get her to lift up…”

Phahlen released his grip on Caria’s hair to reach down and shove his hand under her bottom. She yelped at the contact with her still tender flesh but allowed him to lift her up sufficiently for the doctor to ram the pillows under her hips. The medic appeared satisfied and picked up the probe again.

“I am going to insert this into her vagina. Once in contact with her cervix the probe emits a magnetic pulse that will pinpoint any anatomical irregularities. By the look of her I would say she seems quite dry and tight so perhaps a little lubricant…” He proceeded to smear the probe with a generous helping of gel before placing it between Caria’s pussy lips. He started to press it into her body.

Caria whimpered, and Phahlen saw that tears were already leaking from behind her eyelids.

“Hold it a moment,” he instructed. He leaned over her to murmur in her ear, “Morele will be gentle, but would it help if I were to insert the probe?”

She nodded hard. “Yes, please. I think…”

He squeezed her hands, still engulfed within his. “Keep very still for me then. Agreed?”

“Yes,” she whispered. “I will, sir.”

He released her hands and was gratified to see she made no attempt to lower her arms. He shifted around to sit by her feet and took the probe from the doctor.

“It needs to go right inside, as high into her vagina as it can reach. The better the contact with her cervix, the more effective the internal scan will be.”

Phahlen used one hand to part the soft lips of her pussy. He was as gentle as he knew how to be, opening her entrance just enough to insert the end of the probe again. The lubricant coating the instrument no doubt helped, but he was pleased to see some of Caria’s own moisture also gathering to ease the way even more.

He had been right to take over. His little human was already starting to respond to him, but not to any other male, even a doctor.

Phahlen used one finger to propel the probe into her tight little cunt. He was firm, pushing it higher until he felt the resistance as it connected with the end of her slick passage. He pressed harder, then looked up at Caria. Her face was a tight grimace, but she was coping.

“Can you feel this?” He pressed again.

“Yes, sir,” she affirmed.

“Is it hurting you?”

She shook her head.

Phahlen didn’t remove his finger from her pussy as he turned to the doctor. “You can activate the probe now and take your readings. Let’s see what sort of shape she’s in.”

He felt the pulsing waves rolling from the internal probe, and knew that Caria did too. The walls of her pussy contracted around both the instrument and his finger. She tensed up violently, and he wondered a little at that, given that she had come this far and he knew the procedure was not painful.

“Steady, Caria. We’ll soon be finished.” She managed a tight little nod, but her inner walls continued to squeeze hard.

The doctor was peering into his tablet. He frowned at Caria. “There appear to be some irregularities here, but it’s difficult to tell when she’s so tense.”

Phahlen remembered something he had read concerning human female sensuality. He laid his thumb over Caria’s clitoris, just peeking out from under the hood that covered it. He rubbed, a gentle motion from side to side, at the same time as he slid a second finger inside her. He pressed on the front wall of her pussy at the same time as he caressed her clit from the outside, and he watched the expression on her face shift. The taut grimace melted. Her lips parted, she let out a soft sigh. Internally, her muscles softened to accept the unfamiliar intrusion. Phahlen continued to stroke her, seeking that legendary G-spot he knew had to be just about—there.

Morele’s fingers danced over his tablet as he registered the results. The doctor’s expression suggested he was not entirely content with the data now streaming back to him.

“Problems?” Phahlen glanced over at the doctor.

“Perhaps. I’m seeing evidence of a hormonal imbalance, which would probably suggest a low ovulation rate.” He raised his eyes from the small hand-held screen to look over at Caria. “Have you experienced problems in conceiving?”

The girl gnawed on her lower lip, her fear now evident. She did not answer.

“Caria, the doctor asked you a question,” Phahlen prompted her, but his tone was stern. She knew her role here, or he’d thought she did.

Caria managed a small nod, her eyes still tight shut. He leaned over her, bringing his face close to hers.

“Open your eyes, girl. I need you to look at me.” He waited a few seconds, then slowly she raised her lids.

There was no mistaking the terror in her expression as she gazed back at him. He would need to discuss this with her, but now was not the time. “What sort of problems have you had, Caria?”

“It just… it just never happened, that’s all. We tried, but—”

“We?” Phahlen did not entirely recognise the bolt of anger that shot through him at her use of that word.

“My partner and I. He died when, when…”

“When your ship was shot down?”

She nodded again, tears streaming across her cheeks. Grief for her lost lover, or fear for herself? The latter he understood well enough; he knew he had made his intentions for her perfectly clear and if she was to find herself unable to fulfil his expectations, her future was far less assured.

Phahlen turned his attention to the doctor. “Is it something you can fix?”

“Yes, I should think so. Humans are acutely sensitive to hormonal shifts and even the slightest changes can cause massive problems. We need to recalibrate one or two readings, and stimulate a slight increase in the luteinising hormone. Is the probe still securely in place? We can use that as the transmission medium.”

“It is there,” Phahlen confirmed. “Is the process painful?”

“She shouldn’t feel anything, but it’s vital that she remain quite still until the procedure is completed. I need to set up some fine measurements to ensure the correct part of the hypothalamus is affected. Even the slightest shift, and my calculations will be out.”

“She won’t move. Will you, Caria?” He caught and held her gaze, and never took his eyes from hers as he instructed the doctor to proceed.

Her eyes widened and her pupils dilated, but Caria lay motionless under him as Morele tapped the screen of his device. Several par-beats passed before the doctor announced that the treatment was complete.

“I’d like to repeat the scan after three of her menstrual cycles, unless of course she’s already pregnant by then. I don’t foresee further difficulties, however. You can remove the probe now.”

Phahlen smoothly drew the probe out. He handed it to the doctor, but when Caria moved to close her legs he uttered one word.


She lay still.

“Doctor, do you have a depil rod with you?” He could have instructed the girl to shave her pussy for him, but he preferred the more permanent solution offered by electrical depilation.

“Of course. Would you like me to—”

“I can manage. Pass it to me, please.”

The doctor produced another small item from among his instruments. This one was similar to a torch, except the light it emitted was low level and a deep purple in colour. When Phahlen passed the glow over Caria’s mound, the dark blond curls there simply melted into nothing. He worked fast, removing every piece of pubic hair, easing open her soft pleats to expose every fold and crease to the ray. The hairs fell away, leaving Caria’s lovely pussy smooth and pink and soft to the touch. Phahlen’s cock swelled again at the sweet sight and he relished the thought of the pleasure they had in store. He could hardly wait to plunge into her tight channel, and he did not even try to pretend that it was all for the good of Vahle.

Caria was simply so fuckable. He couldn’t believe his luck.

“Turn over,” he instructed. “On all fours with your knees spread wide.”

He was gratified that she obeyed him without a murmur, though he found he still needed to request Morele’s assistance to open the cheeks of her bottom to enable him to reach the remaining curls.

“I see you’ve had some issues to address already, commander.” The doctor was referring to the deep red that still stained her creamy skin.

“Yes. I expect she’s tender so let’s try not to hurt her further.”

The two men worked quickly, and in just seconds Phahlen handed the depil rod back to the medic. He ran his palm over Caria’s newly smooth pussy and smiled to himself.

“Are we done here, Morele?”

The doctor nodded. “Yes, I have all I need and now that the hormonal imbalance has been corrected I foresee no issues as far as fertility and obstetrics are concerned. As you’ve pointed out, she is malnourished and might benefit from a period of recuperation before her first pregnancy. Three of her menstrual cycles should be ample, and will allow her an opportunity to adjust to her new situation. I leave that to your discretion, of course. Meanwhile I can issue advice on nutritional supplements to deal with the recent weight loss.” He turned to Caria who had shifted to lie on her side, but had not yet made any move to put her wrap back on.

“Do you have any questions for me, Caria?”

She pushed herself up onto one elbow, her forehead creased in a frown. “Did you… did you say I can have children?”

The doctor offered her a tight smile. “Yes, you can now.”


“Do you have reason to doubt my prognosis?”

She shook her head. “No. No, sir, none at all.”

Phahlen watched the exchange with interest, his eyes narrowed. He picked up the wrap from the sofa and handed it to his little human.

“Okay, you can get dressed, Caria. We’re done here.”

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