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Her Alien Doctors by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

The harsh snap of a glove sounded behind them and she jumped. Dean turned and gently placed her feet on the floor. Biting her lip, she looked up at Eric. His sky-blue eyes observed her rather methodically. His shaved blond hair reminded her of a military style.

“I’m afraid so, Jenny. As punishment for touching yourself without our explicit permission, I have designed a more thorough examination to test your sensory aptitude,” Eric said calmly, yet confidently.

“Enjoy. She’s rather delicious when you force her to submit. I mean, look at that ass of hers, it’s just begging for a spanking and a good hard fuck.”

“All in good time, Dean. If she’s good for the rest of the day, maybe we’ll reward her.”

“You think she could handle the three of us?”

Eric looked back at her, as if he was assessing her abilities. He turned back to Dean and nodded with a grin.

“I have no doubt. I’ll direct Sean to begin anal training with her immediately.”

Both men gazed at her before Dean left the room.

“Come here, Jenny, let’s start our session with a quick spanking.”

“But I’ve already been spanked!” she whined with a stomp of her foot.

“Don’t make me come over there to fetch you. Then I’ll have to use the wooden paddle, rather than just my hand.”

She grumbled and slowly dragged her feet over to him. Within seconds, she was upended with her naked body jackknifed over his thigh. He was still standing, with one foot on a ledge. Neither her feet nor hands could reach the floor. Swallowing heavily, she stilled with nervousness, terrified if she moved at all, she would topple to the floor.

Eric didn’t waste any time before his broad hand started to paddle her unprotected nether cheeks. Before long, she was yelping and squealing with the building sting as she lay over his thigh, helpless to escape even one single swat.

The spanking was mercifully short, leaving her breathless with both pleasure and pain. When he finally placed her back down on the floor, she stumbled and had to lean on him for support. Her hands flew to her punished rear end and tried to rub some of the sting away, but Eric caught her wrists in his hands.

“No rubbing,” he commanded. His voice cause gooseflesh to rise all over her skin and she shivered.

“But it’s so sore,” she complained quietly.

“That’s the point, sweetheart. Now come on, let’s get your punishment started. Stand on the black X in the center of the floor. Put your feet to either side and hold your arms straight out so that your body makes a T shape.”

“I don’t want to,” she whined.

“You don’t have a choice. Now go.”

The stern look on his face turned her stomach, forcing her to abandon any thoughts of rebellion for fear of retribution. The threat was enough for her, especially since her bottom was already stinging from his hand. Instead of fighting back like she was used to, she decided to follow his command, at least for now. She would wait for her opportune moment, she knew it would come sooner or later and she would escape back to Earth so that she could return to her family and get away from this detainment center.

Raising her chin with what dignity she had left, she slowly walked over to the black X marked on the tile floor. She spread her legs and lifted her arms to shoulder height, just like he directed. As she stood there and waited, the more annoyed at her situation she became. She glared in Eric’s direction, but he didn’t seem to notice as he typed some commands on a virtual keyboard on the counter. A computer screen visualized in front of him, seemingly generated from the metal band on his arm.

“Initiate stimulus testing,” he said and she heard the machinery above her begin to hum and move above her. She went to move away, but when she tried to wriggle just a little, she found that her feet felt like they were stuck in a bucket of cement.

Her toes tingled a little and the nerves in her legs came alive. She whimpered a little as the machine came down above her. Rooted to the floor, she looked up with helplessness as big metal arms surrounded her. The silvery metal almost seemed like liquid as it snaked around her wrists and upper arms, then her knees and ankles. Another band of metal clasped around her waist. Once the restraints clamped together, the machine lifted her off the floor by about a foot.

“What is this?” she asked, extremely nervous but curious just the same.

“Something Sean and I invented during our free time. We like tinkering with things.”

“Do you have a name for it?”

“I just call it the Doctor’s Helper. It’s my own personal aide in a sense.”

“Do you have to use it? It makes me nervous…” she pleaded, as she anxiously looked at the metal bands wrapped around her wrists.

“It should make you nervous, young lady.”

Jenny knew better than to say the words lingering at the edge of her tongue. Lifting her chin a bit in defiance, she simply looked away. She heard his fingers tap again on the keyboard and the Doctor’s Helper pulled her upward and positioned her on her back. Eric walked over to her and she saw that she was a little above his hips in height—the perfect level for him to do whatever he wished with her, she thought anxiously.

“You see, I can control this machine with the keyboard over there, with my voice, or with certain commands that I can input in my wrist band here. In other words, I can have complete control over you wherever I am in the room. First things first; I have to put my sensors on you to monitor your emotional state, as well as your fundamental pain and arousal levels.”

She watched as he reached into a few of the white painted drawers and took out round light gray stickers with small short antennae at the center of each one. He approached her and placed some around her hips, thighs, breasts, and neck, as well as one at the center of her forehead. He slid his finger over the metal band at his wrist and the machine flipped her over. He placed a few more monitors onto her backside and down her spine before flipping her back over face up.

He checked his virtual screen and each of the little stickers heated slightly on her skin and she gasped at the feeling.

“Everything seems to be in working order. Now let’s begin your examination.”

He rolled over another set of drawers and pulled out a purple-colored wand. It had a thick base and a bulbous head and looked decidedly innocent to her in the realm of what she’d experienced here at the detainment center thus far.

He also took two other objects, one narrow with a wide base, and another that was shorter and shaped more like a triangle with a wide base. They were both a soft lavender in color. She swallowed deeply, having a good idea where he was going to put those things. At least they were a pretty color, she thought despondently.

“We’ll start with the plug for your naughty bottom hole,” he narrated as he swiped his finger across the bracelet. The machine shifted her body to a position as though she was on her hands and knees, leaving her poor backside completely defenseless.

“The electrodes will prevent your body from tensing, so relax and accept that I will have command of you,” Eric said, and her eyes widened.

“Oh, my god. Please don’t. Not there!”

He spread her cheeks with one hand and rubbed a cool slippery liquid onto her skin. He pressed his thumb in and out of her tight rim of muscle and she moaned at the sensation. She should be completely ashamed and embarrassed of him touching her in such a naughty place, but her body was saying the complete opposite. She would never admit it, but she wanted more. In and out of her bottom, his fingers guided the slippery liquid all around her skin until his thumb glided inside with ease. Next, he placed a cool object against her tight rosette, which she guessed was the plug he had in his hands.

Her first instinct was to clench and stop the foreign object from entering her, but she had no control over her own muscles. For a moment she panicked, but his warm hand on her lower back allowed her to relax. The plug glided into her, millimeter by aching millimeter, and she whined at the confusing combination of pain, pleasure, and discomfort. When it finally popped fully into her bottom hole, she groaned at the fullness of it.

“Good girl. Next, I’ll insert the dildo into your pussy. This one will be easier for you.”

He maneuvered her body position again so that she was on her back and her heels were pressed up against her bottom. Her thighs were spread wide open. He lubricated the outside of her pussy with his fingers, as well as the object that he was about to put inside her. She couldn’t help but feel a little excited and turned on at the same time.

She’d been denied any sort of release all day and with the amount of stimulation she’d experienced, she wasn’t quite sure how much longer she could last. As soon as the tip pressed against her entrance, she moaned with her lust. He pushed it inside her slowly, and the friction was unbelievably arousing. Her clit throbbed as her body came alive. With the plug in her bottom, her pussy felt even tighter. Her breath quickened considerably until the dildo was fully seated within her.

Eric pressed on each object, almost as if he was checking each one was fully secured within her and stepped away from her. The Doctor’s Helper moved her once again so that her legs were spread out and straight while she faced the ceiling. If there was a bed beneath her, it would have been a normal position.

He moved over to the set of drawers with the wand on top of it, and started plugging a few wires into the base. He snapped the wand into place on his belt loop and put on a pair of wired black mesh gloves.

“I’m going to introduce you to the violet wand, my dear.”

“What’s that?” she murmured, feeling confused.

“It’s an electrical stimulation device. It can be used to give immense pleasure or pain, depending on the wishes of the user.”

“Is it going to hurt me?” she asked worriedly, her eyes growing wide as saucers.

“We’ll go slow, Jenny. Don’t worry. Although this is a punishment for you, you’re in good hands with me. You’re safe and I will never take you further than you need. The sensors on your body will assist me in monitoring everything about you.”

Still nervous, she bit her lip and nodded slightly.

“I’m starting on a very low setting, just to introduce you to the feeling.”

The Doctor’s Helper adjusted her so that she could better see what he was doing. He brought his hand close to her skin and she nearly jumped when she saw little tendrils of purple electricity rush at her skin. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt, but it caused a tingly arousing sensation that she hadn’t expected. He glided his hand across her skin and she giggled a little, feeling as though the electricity was tickling her.

“I’m turning it up a setting or two now,” he said while snapping his fingers. The lights dimmed and when he dragged his gloved fingers across her skin, she could see the sparks of electricity even clearer.

When he cupped her breasts and glided across her nipples, she gasped in shock. In the back of her mind, she realized that the machine had allowed her access to control her own body once again and her muscles moved a little of their own accord. Her back arched as she absorbed the electricity and she gasped as it coursed through her like lightning bolts of desire racing straight to her core. Her pussy clenched around the dildo inside her and her bottom tightened around the plug pressed deep within her.

He pinched her nipples hard, centering another round of electric shock on a much smaller area and she yelped at the first initial pinch of pain. He moved down her torso, all the while touching her skin with the electrified gloves, causing her to shiver and moan with ecstasy, even under the increasing levels of power.

“Oh, please,” she begged, unsure what she was pleading for.

His touch crept lower still and her hips rocked toward him, despite her best efforts to stay completely still. One finger circled around her clit and the torture brought her even closer to the edge. All she needed was one moment longer, just one and she would find her release that she desperately needed.

Her moans grew louder and more frenzied until it seemed that her body hit a wall, almost like something was preventing her from the release she so desperately sought. She opened her eyes and a chill raced across her skin at the realization that something was off. She couldn’t let go and achieve her release.

“That’s right, Jenny. No matter what happens to you, Jenny, the Doctor’s Helper will prevent you from reaching orgasm. I will be able to torture and tease you as much as I wish, but you will not achieve orgasm without my explicit permission.”

She moaned with both disbelief and despair.

His hands found her center once again and pressed down on the base of both the dildo and plug situated between her legs. The placement of his fingers sent an electric bolt of pleasure surging within her, centering from the tip of the two objects. Her body trembled and shook with pain and pleasure as he led her once again to the top of the precipice of her lust.

“Please. Please let me. I can’t take it,” she pleaded.

“You’ll take whatever I give you, Jenny,” he growled, his voice deep and sensuous. She got the sudden urge to want to kiss him and instantly pushed it away in shock. Why would she be thinking that?

She watched as he reached to the side and grabbed a pair of rather dangerous-looking metal bear claws. She must have whimpered a bit because he gave her an understanding look before dragging the back of the claws across her torso. The electricity from the violet wand centered in those five claws, further intensifying the feeling of power across her skin. She squirmed and moaned with pleasure as he flipped the talons to the pointy ends next.

Softly, he scratched her with the claws and the sensation was so intense that her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. The perfect combination of pain and pleasure warred within her and she keened with desire.

“More,” she whined and she was rewarded with precisely what she asked for.

He scratched all over her body, including her thighs and around her breasts, causing her to shiver from the electricity, the sharpness of the talons, and the passion that the combination awoke within her. She shuddered as her pussy throbbed, thoroughly coated with the evidence of her arousal. There would be no question. Her body very much enjoyed this type of treatment and Eric would most certainly realize it.

He tortured and teased her, bringing her to the edge of orgasm again and again until she was breathless and more frantic than ever. When she thought she couldn’t take anymore without exploding from pleasure, he pulled his hands and the claws away from her body.

Whining, she looked back at him, pleading for mercy, for the permission to come. She needed it. Her release was the only thing on her mind.

Her muscles clenched around the toys in her pussy and her bottom. She yearned for them to move in and out of her like they did during her last examination, but they didn’t. The fact that they were perfectly motionless in that moment seemed like a torture tactic in and of itself. She whined at the unfairness of it.

“Eric, please,” she cried out in a disjointed voice, “I can’t take it.”

Instead of responding, he ran his fingers through her hair and massaged her scalp. He had put down the violet wand and its attachments, leaving her with simply his rough palms and fingers. She moaned at the sensual feeling of his hands rubbing into the back of her head, and practically melted at his touch.

“Maybe you’ll think again before touching yourself without permission, won’t you now, Jenny,” he chided softly, his tone deadly serious.

She whimpered and nodded, her body a mottled mess of endorphins and arousal. If he simply touched her clit just once, she could easily hurtle over the edge into orgasm. There was no doubt in her mind that he knew it as well, but with the Doctor’s Helper blocking her from coming, she had no chance of achieving what she wanted. There would be no pleasure for her today until her doctors deemed her worthy of it. That was becoming exceedingly clear to her.

“I’m sorry,” she begged. “Let me make it up to you, please?”

“You can make it up to us tonight. If you use that pretty mouth in a way that makes all of us happy, we’ll give you an orgasm more powerful than you’ve ever had in your life.”

“God, yes,” she said with a hopeful smile. She couldn’t wait.

“In the meantime, we must complete the rest of your punishment with me before you go for training with Sean. Think you can handle that?”

“Yes, sir,” she responded pitifully.

“Now we’re going to try something new. Through a series of injections, I’m going to control how your body feels and reacts over the next several hours. When I determine the right time to release you from your punishment, I will inject the antidote and you will again have control of your own body.”

Her eyes grew wide. Needles? She hated needles and had always tried to avoid them at all costs. Only a few had been required during her lifetime and her mother had found a doctor that was willing to work off the grid to care for her.

“No. I hate needles, you can’t!”

“The needles pinch for only a fraction of a second, but the injection has a healing substance that erases the pain or any marks it might create instantly. Some of these will increase sensitivity in certain areas. Another will prevent you from achieving orgasm and the last one will serve to punish that naughty bottom of yours.”

She trembled, still very uncomfortable.

“The needle is the thinnest gauge ever made. You’ll hardly feel it, I promise. If it becomes too much, I’ll use my topical blends. Although I have to warn you, the topical version of these tends to be much more intense and painful though, with no viable antidote yet. That means it will take much longer to wear off too, two, maybe three days instead of the one the injections will give you.”

She chewed her lip, trying to decide what to do. Eventually, she chose the injectable versions, but wanted to be reassured before she agreed to it.

“You promise the injections won’t hurt?”

“I do. It’s a subcutaneous injection too, which is even more painless than the ones you’d have gotten as a child. Will you be brave for me?”

“I… I’m still nervous, but I feel a little better,” she admitted.

“I will prepare your treatment then, sweet girl. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for me. It’ll be over before you know it.”

She did as she instructed and tried to focus on anything other than what he had planned next. With her eyes closed, her hearing heightened and she heard him rustling about the room. A few things clinked and she jumped a little. She concentrated on breathing and instantly felt better as her heart seemed calmed to a normal pace.

His footsteps moved closer to her and she heard a click as he set down a metal tray beside him.

“Keep your eyes closed, Jenny. The first one will be just below your belly button. Take a deep breath in and hold it until I tell you let it go, okay?”

“Yes, sir,” she responded and filled her lungs as he instructed. Having her eyes closed seemed to make it much better and she simply imagined that he was shocking her with the violet wand again.

“And out, Jenny,” he commanded and she did that.

A very slight pinch indicated where the needle had slid under her skin but was gone just as quickly. It was less painful than any shot she’d ever had and hurt much less than any other punishment she’d experienced at the detainment center.

“You alright, sweetheart? The first one is complete.”

“That wasn’t so bad,” she admitted.

“Good. I see no indications of panic or fear in your readings. Shall we continue with the rest of the injections?”

“I suppose so. They all feel like that?”

“Yes. Keep your eyes closed. The next two are going to be on the underside of your breasts. Deep breath in now.”

This continued for the next couple of minutes until he finished injecting the lower curves of her breasts. It didn’t hurt any more than the first one and was over in a flash. After the injections were complete, her breasts felt heavy and full, and her nipples hardened almost painfully. Without a doubt, her nipples were much more sensitive than before.

He did the same for her mound and the sensation created a feeling of incredible want between her legs. Her clit throbbed even harder than she thought possible. She moaned, lust rushing over her like a tidal wave.

The Doctor’s Helper flipped her onto her stomach and the last two treatments were injection into the lower curve of each bottom cheek. After this was completed, she was righted to a seated position.

“Open your eyes now, Jenny. Your treatments are complete. You may have already noticed, but the injections into your breasts, as well as your vulva, will make you extremely sensitive to anything we do to you. The ones in your bottom will activate shortly and instill a freshly spanked burning sensation that will remind you of your misbehavior. These injections will not wear off for the next twenty-four hours. The one in your lower abdomen will prevent you from having an orgasm until I inject you with the antidote later tonight once you have pleased us with your good behavior.”

She bit her lip, feeling awfully small and punished, yet terribly aroused.

He reached between her legs and pulled the dildo from her pussy, all while maintaining strict eye contact with her, leaving little doubt that he was in complete and utter control of her body. Her clit throbbed almost painfully and her nipples remained pebbled with her arousal.

Once he removed the toy from her entrance, her pussy felt achingly empty and she yearned for him to fill it once again. He moved closer, dragging his lips across her neck and down to kiss each nipple. The moment his soft wet lips touched her painfully hard buds, a bolt of desire ricocheted throughout her body. Panting, she tried to quell the lust that overwhelmed her but it became increasingly more difficult as the seconds passed by.

When he squatted down and kissed the top of her pussy, she squirmed with nervousness. She watched as his tongue flicked out and glided against her clit and suddenly, it all became too much. She screamed with passion and frustration as her entire body burned with unmet ecstasy. She needed to come and she needed it badly.

“Please. I’m so sorry. I’ll never touch myself without your permission again, I promise,” she responded as she broke. She hung her head and whimpered at the intensity of the sensations throbbing through her.

“Good girl. Now, you only have one more punishment hour to get through until you’re done. Sean will likely work on training that virgin bottom of yours, so I recommend you be on your best behavior and watch that mouth of yours,” he said, as he tapped the base of the butt plug still in her bottom, reminding her of its shameful presence.

He slid his finger across his wrist band and the Doctor’s Helper brought her to the floor, slowly releasing her limbs in the process. Eric strode over to her and picked her up into his arms. He kissed her forehead and sat down on a nearby chair with her on his lap.

“You made for such a perfect patient. It’s been a long time since I’ve ever had the opportunity to treat such a natural submissive such as you, my dear.”

She blushed at the unexpected praise, but it made her heart swell just a little with pride.

“I wonder, if you were allowed orgasm and this was a good girl session, is there anything you would want to try again? It satisfies me to do things to you that please you, rather than just to punish you,” he asked thoughtfully.

Chewing her lip, she met his eyes a bit nervously. His gaze was warm and loving, which surprised her. He brushed her hair out of her face as he held her close and she couldn’t help but feel like he had a romantic side that came to the surface from time to time, when he let his guard down at least. She wouldn’t be surprised if he brought her flowers and chocolates one day just because he wanted to.

“I, ummm, really enjoyed the electric play, especially when you brought out the claws. It made me feel really good.”

“That’s great. I’ll make sure that we do it again sometime. I bet Dean would love to use the violet wand and his floggers together on you.”

“You can do that?”

“Definitely. You’ll love it.” He paused and looked her over. “Can you stand? I need to remove the sensors now that our session is complete.”

She nodded and he helped her up. The stickers came off painlessly without a fuss. When he was finished, he took her hand and guided her out the door and down the hall into another room. They arrived in another wing of the apartment that looked like Sean’s own personal chambers.

He was sitting in a soft-looking loveseat reading a book. He looked up and smiled when the two of them entered his living room area. His light gray eyes appraised her quizzically as his lips turned up into a soft understanding smile.

He ran his fingers across his beard and looked back and forth between them.

“I see you survived a session with Eric then,” he said, his voice clearly amused.

“She’ll be adequately aroused and extremely sensitive for you, Sean. Feel free to torture her breasts and her pussy. Her backside will also feel freshly spanked for the next day, but feel free to add to that—although I would suggest nothing more than your hand. Lastly, she can’t orgasm until I give her the antidote, so you can do virtually anything to her and she won’t be able to come,” Eric explained and Jenny felt her eyes grow wide with anxiety at his words.

“Perfect. I plan to begin training that tight bottom of hers anyway.”

“I left a plug in her ass just for you then,” Eric said with a chuckle.

Sean’s grin grew even larger than she thought possible. Swallowing nervously, she played with her hands at her waist, hoping it would calm the butterflies dancing around in her tummy.

“She’s all yours then. Bring her to the shared bedroom when you finish. Dean and I will be waiting for you there.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Sean responded with a nod and Eric made his way out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

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