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Her Alpha Mates: A Shifter Menage Romance by Maggie Ryan and Shanna Handel – Extended Preview

A week had passed since I’d made the mistake of attempting to delay my reporting for duty. I’d learned two things when my mates had come upstairs after Draco had caught me outside this very building. First thing was that a wooden spoon hurt like hell when it was used against my ass and second, that I’d feared the reunion with Uncle Artem for no reason. The next day when I’d entered the room where he was working, my bottom still sore from the night before, Artem had given me a quick smile and a cordial ‘hello,’ looking genuinely pleased to see me. The two of us had formed a comfortable, quiet working partnership. There was little discussion between us, just a lot of ‘Hmmms’ and murmurs coming from him when he came across something interesting. Occasionally he would circle a text with his inky black pen, then thrust the document in my direction. Thus far I had not made any headway on breaking the curse.

Still there were definite benefits to exercising my mind as well as my body. Though we spoke little, there was a token of affection from Artem that warmed my heart. Every day when I arrived after training—post shoveling down a protein-laden salad Draco forced upon me—there was a Starbucks caramel macchiato waiting on the table. Courtesy of my new study buddy.

Walking toward the door, I brushed imaginary lint off my new working attire. My curves weren’t accentuated by one of the Boden dresses or Chanel suits I’d often worn to my office. My new ‘uniform’ didn’t have a designer label tucked inside. I was sporting a pair of black and pink sneakers rather than a sexy pair of fuck-me stilettos. Shaking my head, I had to smile and acknowledge that I no longer looked like a professional lawyer ready to kick ass in the courtroom. Nope, with my hair up in a high ponytail and dressed in my long-sleeved black top and black stretch pants, I appeared to be heading off to yoga class.

Suddenly Draco materialized out of nowhere. His smile had my cheeks flushing and my panties dampening. Wrapping his arms around me, he nuzzled my ear, whispering, “Tell me, are you being good today, Cassie?”

“Aren’t you the man who told me I’m always a good girl?” I managed to reply though I was breathless from his embrace. The heat of his body radiated through the thin fabric of my shirt.

“There’s being good and then there’s being our ‘good girl’.” His lips found mine, melting me with his kisses. A low wolf whistle came from behind me, then a giggle before Cy shouted, “Get a room, you two.”

“You’re one to talk,” I retorted back, but it was only a murmur, my lips loosened from my pleasure. Draco released me, a smoldering look in his eyes that said he couldn’t wait to get me home.

Leaning his arm against the wall, his muscular silhouette blocking the exit, one of his slow smiles spread across his face. Draco’s chestnut eyes were warm as his velvety voice spoke. “I’ve been watching you practice.”

“You are always watching me.”

“Guilty as charged. Your form is impressive; you are getting stronger.”

“I do feel strong,” I mused. Stretching the tight muscles of my arms before me, the loud thunk of my daggers hitting my target—every time—still thumped through my head. Coming back from the castle I had worried I would lose my skills. I’d been afraid I’d gotten out of practice on our extended honeymoon. Instead I had found the opposite to be true. I was better, much better. Perhaps the time spent loving the bodies of my two mates had gotten me into shape.

“Where are you going? Aren’t you scheduled to train longer?”

“Yeah, well, it’s time to cut this session a little short,” I said, throwing an annoyed look at Cy and Baal. Andrew was on a treadmill, facing the window, earbuds in, running happily along at a breakneck pace, leaving me to practice with the lovebirds. “I was beginning to feel like a third wheel.”

Draco chuckled. “Those two seem to have hit it off at the castle. I think they were happy to be reconnected.”

“Connected at the hip,” I mumbled. Cynthia was paying Baal way more attention than me ever since we’d taken on our new jobs. I sighed. “Oh, well. I was getting hungry anyway.” As if on cue, my stomach rumbled.

Smiling, Draco spoke. “Come, let’s break you out of here for a bit. What do you say?”

“You mean no grilled chicken salad with some balsamic vinaigrette, today?”

“I thought you could use a change. I’ll take you out. You can get anything your heart desires.”

“Yes! Please. Take me somewhere—anywhere to get away from these two. They are both adamant that they are not dating, but the way they have their hands all over each other… geesh.”

Eyes sparkling in amusement, Draco replied, “How about coffee and a bite to eat? I’m sure you are hungry after our escapades last night,” he added with a wink. “Baal and Cy are not the only ones in the pack who’ve had their hands on one another.”

Remembering how we’d had far more than hands on the other’s bare flesh, I blushed and headed for the door, hiding a shy smile. “What about Artem?”

“I’ll send a text—let him know I’m taking you out to lunch.”

“Sounds good to me. At least you’ll get a break from standing outside the door as you do every day. Do you ever tire of guarding me?”

Placing a gentle kiss on my brow, his hand wrapping behind my neck, he locked eyes on mine. “Never.”

My stomach rumbled again, ruining the sweet moment.

Draco chuckled. “Shall we get you fed?”

Pushing past him, I answered, “Yes. Let’s go. I’m starving.”

Blocking the door with his long arm, Draco stopped my departure. Raising one brow at me, Draco said, “Forgetting something, Cassie?”

Deo and Draco had a firm rule that I was not allowed outside with the temperatures as low as they were without being fully bundled up in a buttoned coat and a hat on my head. This was a source of contention with me, as I was a grown woman and capable of making my own decisions when it came to my outerwear.

“It’s fine, Draco,” I said, brushing past him to head for the exit.

A vise-like grip wrapped around my arm, halting me in my tracks. Pulling me toward him, he whispered in my ear, “There is no room for disobedience today, young one. Perhaps you need a lesson in the restroom.”

I should have apologized. I did not. Instead, under the watchful eyes of Cy and Baal, I attempted to shrug out of his grip. “Perhaps you didn’t listen. I said I was fine.”

“Right,” he murmured. Still holding on to my arm, Draco turned us from the exit, back into the gym. As he guided me across the floor to where the changing area and restrooms were, my face burned with embarrassment. My eyes cut to the floor as we passed by Cy and Baal, Draco throwing them a gentlemanly, “Excuse us one moment.” I could feel Cy’s eyes on me as I left the room.

“How humiliating, Draco. They know I am going to be punished.” Shooting an embarrassed look over my shoulder, I whispered, “Baal and Cynthia are watching.” At least Andrew had not noticed, his back to me, his feet still whipping the treadmill underneath him.

Draco shook his head and chuckled. “Do you think that matters to me, little one? If you are embarrassed that they know you are about to get your ass spanked, then allow that to be a lesson about the benefits of obedience,” he said.

Tugging my arm, he led me into the large bathroom of the training facility. At least I would have privacy when my husband bared and punished my bottom.

Shutting and locking the bathroom door, Draco faced me. I backed myself up against the bathroom counter, trying to create a safe distance between us.

That move proved to be counterproductive for me as in one swoop, Draco’s huge body was towering over mine. Grabbing ahold of me, he turned me, facing the mirror, and bent me over at the waist. My hands pressed into the cold countertop as the edge of it dug into my pelvic bone.

Glancing up, I could see my reflection and, despite myself, what I saw there turned me on. My cheeks were flushed, my eyes wide and bright. My lips slightly parted as I took in shallow breaths. My black outfit brought out the paleness in my flesh. Behind me stood my huge mate, his brown eyes locked on mine. Though the chiseled jaw of his heartbreakingly handsome face was set, I detected some amusement in his full lips.

The sight of his large hand moving to press against my lower back, and his free hand flexing as if preparing to punish me, had my heart lodge in my throat. Giving me one last raise of his brow, Draco proceeded to spank my spandex-covered bottom. His spanks were hard and fast and all business. Peeking at the mirror, I saw his face was set as if determined to show me the error of my way. My face flushed further, my brow furrowing in pain as I cried, “Ow, Draco. I’ll put on my coat—I promise.”

My pleas were completely ignored, my mate continuing to punish me until my feet were dancing. My cries and the loud echoes of his palm cracking across my ass bounced off the tiles, surrounding us in the sound of the notes heard in the unmistakable melody of a thorough spanking.

Finally, the painful strokes stopped though I was pretty confident it had nothing to do with my promise that I would immediately go and fetch my coat and hat and swearing on my life that I would not remove them until the temperature reached the nineties.

Draco released his hold that had pinned me to the counter. I stood up watching in the mirror while rubbing at my bottom through my stretchy workout pants. Tears blurred my eyes but when I saw what Draco was removing from a cabinet in the bathroom, I suddenly had 20/20 vision. “Oh, please,” I cried softly, my hands going from rubbing my burning buttocks to actually pushing my ass cheeks tighter together as if doing so would make it impossible for him to reach what I was sure was his target—my puckered little bottom hole.

Unlocking a cabinet I’d never paid attention to, he ignored my soft whimper of protest. Reaching in for a second item, Draco flipped the bottle top open and began to apply lube to the shaft of the plug he’d chosen. It was glass but had a light pink tint to it.

“Hold this.” Draco held the plug out by the base. To my further shame, I reached out obediently and took the dreaded thing from him. To add insult to injury, I had to admit it was a very pretty little plug. With the light refracting off the darker pink, sparkly crystal at its base, I couldn’t help but think any princess would be pleased to wear such a lovely gem. Of course, I don’t ever remember reading any fairytale where pampered royalty wore the family jewels up their ass. I gulped as I held it closer, taking in the size and weight of it. It seemed bigger than the one Deo had used on me in the castle. Heftier, longer, and definitely wider.

The huge mirror allowed me to watch the entire process closely. I should have dropped my eyes, but instead I stood there, red-faced, my ponytail messy, several copper-colored strands having escaped the scrunchie, and watched my huge muscular husband standing behind me. His hands went to the waistband of my black pants. Slowly, he pulled them down, exposing my pale skin and the reddish-gold curls of my sex in the mirror. I could see his gaze roving over my bottom—probably admiring his handiwork. I was sure my skin was nice and rosy to match my plug.

Our gazes met in the mirror. When our eyes locked, my pussy clenched.

“Pretty in pink for our little princess.”

When Draco held out his hand, I handed him the object that would assure my submission—and discomfort—for the rest of the day.

“Spread your cheeks open for me, Cassandra,” he said.

The skin on my sore buttocks instantly pebbled in goosebumps. Bending further forward, my bare stomach pressing against the chilly marble of the countertop, I squeezed my eyes shut tight—there was no way I wanted to see myself perform what I knew I had to do next.

Grabbing my hot tender flesh in my hands, I took a deep breath, then pulled apart the cheeks of my bottom. My eyes squeezed shut tighter and the skin on my face burned as hot as my ass. Though I knew what was coming, I still gave a soft yip and small jerk as Draco’s fingertip applied cool lube to my bottom hole.

I could feel my orifice quiver, fighting to keep him out and yet failing. My commanding husband pushed his finger deep inside that taboo opening of my body, saying, “You’ll learn, little one, that I am quite serious about your safety and that includes your health.” He slowly pumped his finger in and out several more times, each withdrawal sliding along nerve endings, awakening each one, each reentry drawing a moan from deep within my core.

My face burned at the combination of pain and pleasure as well as the shame of my body’s betrayal as he withdrew his finger. A moment later, I felt the tip of the plug against my opening. I took a deep breath, knowing it would be easier for me if I relaxed. The second I unclenched my muscles, Draco inserted the plug in one steady push, ignoring my mewls and gasps as the glass phallus filled my channel.

I opened my eyes and watched as he tapped the base of the plug with his finger. Looking satisfied, he washed his hands in the sink. I stood there, humbled instead of snarky, my hands gripping the edge of the counter, my pants around my thighs and the plug set deeply inside my bottom.

Draco took his time drying his hands with a paper towel—leaving me bare—before he finally returned to me. Standing behind me again, I watched as his eyes dropped, drawing mine down as well to see that those copper curls between my legs were now glistening. Though he’d just washed his hands, he reached around me and slid his fingers between my legs, brushing through those damp curls to trace the seam of my sex. It was a very good thing I was pressed up against the counter as otherwise, I’d most likely have ended up on the floor when he removed his hand and with our eyes glued to the mirror, I watched as he parted his lips and took the fingers that were wet from my arousal into his mouth.

It was funny that as well-educated as I was, little mewls and gasps were the only sounds I could articulate as he washed his hand in a different, far more erotic way, sucking and licking every drop from his flesh. My pussy was spasming as if needing, wanting something to pull inside to fill it and my asshole was pulsing as if boasting that it had something to cling to. With slow, measured moves, Draco gave his fingers a final long lap of his tongue and then reached down. My clit swelled as if anxious to make sure its presence was easy to find, and if it had a voice, it would have screamed when my mate ignored its plea and drew my panties and then my pants up, snapping the elastic into place. Flashing me a smile in the mirror, he gave my plugged bottom a pat.

“A good reminder for a good girl.”

I gave a soft groan but when he pulled me into his arms, I let myself melt into him, feeling submissive to my very core.

Kissing me, Draco murmured, “Are you feeling more obedient now, my little princess?”

I nodded my head against his chest, enjoying the feel of his strong arms around me, his big hand caressing my back lovingly.

“Would you like to retrieve your coat now?” he asked, holding me at arm’s length and giving me an amused smile.

What I’d like was if he’d pull my pants back down and fill my pussy with the cock I could see clearly defined beneath his trousers. However, since that hadn’t been given as an option, I managed to mumble, “Yes, sir.” After taking my coat out of the locker I used, Draco helped me put in on, buttoning and tying the sash himself.

“Now you’ll be nice and toasty,” he said, dropping a kiss on the tip of my nose.

“I’m afraid I passed toasty a while back,” I said, smiling and batting my eyelashes. “I’m actually pretty hot.”

My mate’s bark of laughter and quip, “I’m willing to wager one part is several degrees hotter than the rest of you,” as he slapped his hand against my ass, was not quite the reaction I’d been looking for with my obviously useless attempt at flirting. I considered that swat prepayment for the exaggerated eye roll that I simply could not contain. Draco chuckled and took my hand, leading me back the way we’d come.

Returning to the training room—now bundled and plugged—I received a curious look from Cynthia and a fierce gaze from Andrew. I was all smiles under my red-rimmed eyes. Judge they may, but no one knew my needs as well as my strict Greek men did.

As if seeing that I was obviously fine, and perhaps accustomed to seeing one or the other of my mates taking me down a peg or two, the moment of awkwardness vanished. Andrew gave me a little nod and moved across the room to focus on practicing his kickboxing against the giant punching bag. Cy and Baal floated away from us and began to practice more moves that involved Baal’s hands on Cy’s waist—but I’m sure if I asked, Cy would claim they were ‘just friends’.

Ready to leave, I called out, “Hey, Cy, Baal, I’ll see you later.”

“Hmm,” was the only sound heard in response.

Grinning and shaking my head, I said, “Oh, by the way, the building is on fire.”

“Sure thing, Cass,” Cy called dreamily over her shoulder as Baal’s strong arms guided hers in a blocking move. Wholly entranced by the beauty of my best friend, Baal did not even give a reply.

A chuckle had me turning to focus my attention where it belonged—on Draco. His smile lit his entire face and my heart clutched at the look in his eyes. It was utter adoration—and even though he’d just spanked and plugged me, I felt the same about him. The way to some people’s hearts was through their stomachs—the path to mine was to take me firmly in hand. Feeling a bit overwhelmed at how strongly my feelings swept over me at his closeness, I just stood as he pulled the woolen hat from my coat pocket and tugged it over my head. He tucked my hair up under it and then held out his hand to me. My fingers tingled as they slid into his palm, his large fingers wrapping protectively around mine. Though we were mated to one another, the intimacy was still new to me.

It felt wonderful—experiencing my deep love with Deo, and now this new unfamiliar love with Draco.

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