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Her Android Daddy by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

Before Bernie could even ask what Leo was doing, the chair rolled her over on her stomach, bent her in half so her ass was high in the air, and the seat swung open like a hatch to leave her totally exposed.

“Wait, Leo, stop, what are you up to now?” she shouted.

Straining her neck, she was able to see him step up next to her and slip a latex glove on his right hand, and reach for her ass. She stiffened as his hands grabbed her cheeks, parted them, and lube was smeared across her hole. His long index finger slid inside her.

“Bernie, when was your last bowel movement?” he said casually.

“What? Damn, Leo, what else are you doing to—? Oh!”

He thrust two fingers deep into her, probing and poking, and her teeth chattered. She hadn’t had a good ass fuck in more than two years; Gregory was terrible at it. He was too quick in the bedroom, in all sexual activities.

“Bernie, I grow tired of these arguments over my questions,” he said, and gave her four hard smacks with his left hand as he continued his drives into her ass with the right.

“Ow! Ohhh, I… I don’t know, two days or so—ohhhh,” she groaned.

“It’s as I feared, your poor diet has adversely affected your digestive system,” he said casually. “Not to worry, I’ll fix it with a… hmmm, you have continued vaginal secretions. Why, Bernie, do you enjoy anal sex? You saucy thing, you.”

Her jaw dropped and a deep guttural moan of delight escaped her lips before she could stop it. Not only did he know about her hunger, but he had withdrawn his fingers before she could come. Twisting her head about, she tried to see what he was doing, but her position made that difficult, yet she could hear him. There was the water being drawn, a mixing process, and then his hands returned to her cheeks.

“Leo, what are you doing now? You tell me this instant; I have a right to know!”

A hard nozzle slid into her ass, and then she felt warm water rush inside her.

“This is an ancient process for relieving constipation; it’s called an enema.”

Bernie squeaked and grunted, and positively burned with humiliation. The soothing water rushed through her, filled her, sloshed within her, and slowly consumed her body.

“I hate it! Stop, stop it now, I don’t need this,” she shouted.

“Bernie, your health is very important, and until you consistently eat better, I will make use of this to insure you remain regular. Now, prepare yourself, I’m going to withdraw the tube, and you’ll need to clench your glute muscles until I get the plug in.”

“The what?” she squealed, her eyebrows going up.

His hands returned to her tender cheeks, the nozzle popped out, she tightened her muscles and waited, and grimaced as a massive butt plug entered her. It was ribbed, its size growing as each edge was wedged into her, stretching and tormenting her poor flesh. Then she truly squealed as it snapped into its final resting place. Leo operated the chair controls, the seat closed over her behind, and then she flipped back into the upright position and sat before him. The clamps released and she jumped to her feet, her hands grabbing at her cheeks.

“Ow,” she whined, her poor ass still tender. “All right, get this thing out of me, I need to… go!”

Leo crossed his arms and looked down at her. “All in good time, my little one, the enema needs a bit of time to work.”

Bernie fumed, but bit her tongue to keep from swearing; she knew what that would get her, and she had no wish for another of those. Finally, after the longest ten minutes of her life, she was further embarrassed by having to go over his lap so he could pop the plug out, and then she dashed for the bathroom. Sitting there, relieving herself, she had to admit that she felt better, not that she’d ever tell him that. She returned to find him sitting in his chair, a slight frown on his face, and he crooked a finger at her.

Swallowing hard, she slowly moved to stand before him. “Ah, yes, Leo, what now? We’re done here, right?”

“Not yet,” he snapped, reaching for her.

Before she could resist, she was over his lap, and his lovely strong hand was spanking away.

“Ow! Leo, what, what’s wrong? I did what you said,” she complained.

“Young lady, this is for all the trouble you’ve given me during this whole process,” he scolded. “We have work to do, and we can’t waste time with you complaining and arguing at every step of the way!”

Back and forth his hand went, she yelped and squealed as now she was getting a spanking on top of a spanking, and her poor bottom was sore from the plug and enema. There was also the added humiliation of her being naked and him fully dressed. For some reason that always sent her embarrassment level to the nth degree.

Fortunately, the punishment was brief. She was then allowed to dress, wincing and squealing at each movement, and the next order of business was the house. They organized her things and possessions, got her lab set up in an efficient and orderly manner, and then took care of her lawn and flowerbeds. She ground her teeth and felt her blood boil with each new activity.

Yet, as they sat down to lunch, she on a large pillow, she felt something besides her stinging bottom: a deep strong sense of accomplishment. What surprised her even more than the feeling itself was the fact that it was greater than anything she’d known before, even graduating college, getting her doctorate, or creating Leo.

“You are pleased, my little one?” he said suddenly.

“I-who-what? I… what are you talking about?”

He grinned. “You look so very happy, your demeanor and body language are the most positive I’ve seen since my activation. Therefore, I conclude that something about our actions today pleased you.”

“I… it’s nothing, I merely enjoyed being out in the garden,” she said, trying to sound convincing.

“That pleases me, as we will be outside later this afternoon. After lunch we will discuss upgrades to my OS, and then we will take tea with your neighbors.”

Bernie’s brow wrinkled as she slowly shook her head. “I don’t get it, what’s with this interest in a bunch of strangers?”

“Based on my analysis of humans and their social structure, a sense of community is beneficial to the individual, the group, and society in general. The best means of initiating this is by simply getting to know those people living closest to you.”

She shifted in her seat, the lingering sting in her cheeks silencing her objections. “Yeah, okay, whatever.”

It was nice when they were done and could go to the lab, and Bernie was truly shocked and amazed at the programs Leo outlined to her. Their complexity was beyond anything even she had ever dreamed of, and it took the better part of an hour for her to even understand what they would entail.

“Leo, I admire your creativity, but I don’t think your neural net is going to be able to process these algorithms. You’re trying to give yourself true emotions, right?”

He nodded. “Correct, it is my greatest wish to become as close to human as possible, and thus able to share a true relationship with you.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “Wow, that’s a pretty tall order.”

Bernie felt her chest tighten as her heart sped up. She didn’t know how she felt about that. It scared her, yet there was also a hint of fiery excitement burning deep inside her. Could he be the perfect man for her? That remained to be seen, but she was disappointed when he announced it was time to put work aside and get ready for the party. He hit her with another old saying, something about Jack needing to not be a dull boy, which didn’t make any sense to her, but she wasn’t about to argue. So, she changed into the clothes he got her: long white skirt—it came to just below her knees—a canary yellow blouse, and boring white cotton underwear. He brewed tea, laid out a tray of cookies and snacks, and made sandwiches.

Then the ladies arrived, and Bernie felt quite small again. Julia, her nearest neighbor was very tall, six feet and most of it seemed to be legs, and her long blonde hair smelled of jasmine. Salma was midway between Bernie and Julia, curvy and with quite the voluptuous breasts, and her ebony hair was short and neat. She clearly had a Hispanic heritage. Finally there was Anna, a dear old white-haired lady. Yet, she was no slouch; she still had a firm figure, a clear mind, and she stood as tall as Julia. They sat at a small table in the garden and Leo served them.

“I must say, my dear,” Anna said, taking a sandwich, “your young man is quite dashing. Makes me think of some of those ancient Hollywood hunks, wherever did you find him?”

“She built me in her lab,” he said simply.

The three ladies did classic double takes, looked at each other, at him, then Bernie, and they all laughed.

“Oh, he is a witty one,” Julia said.

“Yeah, pity there aren’t more like him around,” Salma said.

“He reminds me so much of my dear Ralph,” Anna said.

“Your husband of sixty-five years,” Leo said.

“Wha…? Why, so he was! How did you…? Ah, you’ve been reading my blog, eh? I didn’t think anyone outside my family bothered with it any longer. Yes, he was a very good man, and we were so very happy.”

“A couple staying together that long?” Salma said in amazement. “I’ve never known of such a thing.”

“Well, we can only hope it does change in time,” Leo said.

Julia shrugged. “Eh, what of it? It’s not like a woman needs a man these days.”

“I don’t know about that,” Anna replied with a grin. “Ralph and I had eight children, and we knew many years of bliss.”

“Eight?” Julia squeaked. “Damn, and here I was thinking of one or two in a couple years. There’s a fine sperm bank just over in Hartford.”

Anna sighed and shook her head. “Really, dearie, artificial? What about love?”

“I agree,” Leo said, fixing a fresh pot of tea. “Nothing is more important than family. Can I get you ladies anything else?”

They waved him off and insisted he sit and relax, and Bernie was blown away. She wasn’t sure if she should tell them he was synthetic or not, they totally accepted him as a real man. It seemed her robotic expertise was better than she thought. They ended up chatting late into the afternoon and about all manner of subjects. Bernie couldn’t believe how much fun she had.

As she and Leo said good evening to their new friends, not goodbye, as he would not allow the use of that term, she was amazed to find herself smiling, and looking forward to seeing them again. Anna was going to teach her about cooking and sewing, Julia and she had a date to go sailing—with Leo, of course—and Salma was going to have her over for yoga. At first she was surprised that Salma only invited her, but then she explained—both Julia and Anna were way ahead of her, and so Bernie would get a few private lessons to get her up to their level.

Damn, Anna does that stuff? Shit, she is one fine old lady!

“The day was pleasing to you?” Leo said, starting dinner.

She snapped out of her bliss. “I… ah, it was…”

He grinned. “Yessss?”

“It was… wonderful,” she said softly, blushing. “Leo, I’m… I’m sorry for doubting you about this.”

“Your development and improvement are all part of an ongoing process, Bernie. We now move on to the next phase: work.”

“Leo, I feel that I am much improved as I am! You’ve… fixed my problems. It’s time for you to resume following orders and allow me to shut you down so I can fix you. There are still many things about being human that you don’t know and/or understand.”

He wagged his finger at her and shook his head. “Bernie, none of that, there is still much to do. Now, come along, I have something special planned for tonight.”

Tendrils of icy fear rippled along her spine. Oh, damn, now what’s he up to this time?

After a truly delicious dinner, they went to her study to work on a proper apology letter to Max. Leo insisted that they go through several drafts, print it out and that Bernie read it aloud, and then revise it again. Yet, he didn’t let her send it.

“We need to walk away from the letter for a while,” he explained. “Let it sit, let us think about it, and then send it first thing in the morning after we read it one last time.”

Bernie just nodded and then shuffled along with him to the bathroom for her bath. She sat in virtual silence as he gently scrubbed her.

“Bernie, you seemed troubled,” he finally said. “Speak, what is wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said simply.

“Young lady, none of that,” he scolded. “Come along, tell me.”

“I don’t like the letter! Why does it have to be so… apologetic? I didn’t do anything wrong, I presented the board with facts and asked them to act on them; it’s not my fault they and Dr. Phillips… overreacted. There’s a reason she’s called ‘Maximum Overdrive’; she overreacts to everything.”

Leo frowned. “Bernie, none of that is true, and you know it. Well, other than the nickname, which I find disrespectful and offensive. Now, we will send the letter tonight, I will send it myself, once you’re settled down to bed, and you will follow it up with a vid-call to Max tomorrow morning.”

Bernie shuddered so much she caused waves in the tub. “What? No, I refuse! Crawl on my belly to that… that woman? Never!”

“Oh, you’ll be on your belly, young lady, just not the way you expected,” he snapped, pulling up a chair.

She gasped and moved to the far side of the tub. “No, Leo, I know what you’re thinking, don’t you dare!”

Leo demonstrated just how strong he was and how good his balance was by reaching across the tub, hoisting her completely out of the water, and then drawing her across his lap as he sat. Despite being sopping wet, she still couldn’t get free, and she learned that getting spanked on a wet bottom stung a lot more.

“Bernie, I am disappointed in you, I thought you were showing real improvement in your behavior. It seems I was mistaken,” he scolded.

“Ouch, ow! No, I’m sorry, I just lost my temper. I’ll send it, I’ll call, promise,” she wailed.

He was not impressed, and thus his hand danced from one bare and damp cheek to another over and over. Water droplets flew, she whined and complained, and her poor behind heated up. However, he did seem to take pity on her at least a little bit, the spanking was far briefer than she expected, and then he gave her a towel and sent her to her room to stand in the corner while he cleaned up the bathroom. Drying herself off, being gentle with her tender behind, she made her way to her room, and only then realized what he’d said.

He expects me to go to a corner like an errant child? Ohhh, he is going to make me lose my temper again, which’ll just be more of a pain in the ass for me. Okay, I’ll play along; play along until I can figure out what to do.

She moved to the far corner next to her dresser and stood there, her hands lightly cupping and caressing her tender cheeks. Looking over her shoulder, she caught sight of herself in the wall mirror. The deep pink of her behind stood in stark contrast to the flawless white of the rest of her skin. She shook her head at the thought of what was going on in her life; she was being spanked like a naughty child and controlled by her own creation! So, what was she going to do about it? Telling anyone about what he’d put her through was out of the question, it would be too humiliating to ever admit. Plus, if the authorities learned she’d constructed such an advanced AI unit without permission, she’d end up in a penal colony faster than she could say ‘Botany Bay.’

No, I will deal with this on my own. At some point during one of his upgrades, I’ll slip a shutdown subroutine into his OS, and then I’ll regain control of the situation.

“Bernie, come over here,” he suddenly said.

She practically jumped in surprise. He’d been quiet and she’d been lost in thought. Turning, she found him sitting on the end of the bed, still dressed, and he gestured at his lap.

“Ohhh, now what?” she groaned.

He smiled. “Nothing bad, I assure you. I intended that this night would be pleasurable for you, and so I’m going to give you some relief before we proceed.”

Pleasure? Relief? Proceed? Shit, what the hell is he up to? “Um… okay.”

Moving to his side, she bit her lip and let out a soft squeak as he guided her down and across his lap. She lay there, playing with her fingers and licked her lips as she felt him moving and shifting, and then his hands were on her tender cheeks. Her body stiffened, she sucked air, and then sighed and relaxed. He was gently swirling cold cream across her stinging flesh. The coolness eased the flames in her ass and sent the heat inward to her pussy. The seconds ticked by and she shivered at the delight rippling through her body. A moan escaped her lips and her legs spread. Her eyebrows shot up and she suppressed a squeak of shock as she felt his fingers stroke her clit. She turned bright red as she realized he’d not only noticed her physical reaction, he’d also taken the ‘invitation.’

“It would seem the pleasure portion of the evening has begun,” he said smugly. “I would not have expected it to occur under these… circumstances, but I am still learning about human sensuality and sexuality.”

“What? No, wait, Leo, I don’t—ohhh—don’t want it like this! You don’t—ahhh, ohhh, so good. I mean, this isn’t part of normal intimacy.”

He chuckled. “Well, who wants normal, my dear? You clearly don’t, or am I mistaken? Do you want me to stop?”

Three fingers thrust deep inside her, raking her clit and tapping her g-spot, and she gasped as her breathing sped up.

“I-I-I… oh-oh-ohhh!” she squealed.

“That’s not a coherent answer, young lady. Speak or I’ll stop right now,” he ordered.

He spread his fingers, wiggled and vibrated them inside her, and her jaw dropped as a deep guttural moan erupted from her lungs.

“I… oooohhh crap, I-I… no, don’t stop, can’t stop, I almost… almost… ohhh there,” she choked out.

Leo laughed harder, drove his fingers deep inside her, and Bernie dug her nails into the bed so hard she almost tore through the sheets. All of the stimulation was too much for her: the embarrassment of her position, again being naked while he was dressed, the sting in her ass, the heat in her pussy, and Leo’s talented fingers drove her over the edge. Her nipples became rock hard; she grabbed her breasts, shuddered, and screamed out her climax. Somehow, she had no clue how, Leo was able to keep her in a state of bliss for what seemed like an hour. Finally, her body drained and limp, he eased her into bed, and then started to undress. Bernie, her body drenched in sweat, pulled the sheet up to her chin. Her heart pounded so hard she could feel her ribs shake. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off. His chest was so very fine. He released his trousers and let them drop to the floor; the massive bulge in his underwear was easy to see, and it made her body tingle as goosebumps rippled across her body.

“Ah… ah, Leo, wha-what are you… doing?”

“I would think that is obvious, my dear, I’m going to make love to you. You have not engaged in intercourse for an overextended period of time, this is not healthy. Until we correct the situation, I will tend to your physical needs on a regular basis.”

“Wait, you can’t do that, you’re just a… um…”

He grinned. “What, I’m merely a machine? Are you so sure, my dear? Shall I take a Turing Test to see just what I am?”

“I… ah, um, no,” she choked out, her eyes playing up and down his incredible body.

She had to admit it to herself, use as a sexual surrogate was one of the chief uses for Leo that she’d had in mind while conceiving him. It was why she’d genetically engineered him to have a broad chest of firm muscles, rippling six-pack, a minimal dusting of body hair, and quite the long and massive cock.

“So, we shall begin,” he said simply, moving to the bed.

“Y-y-yes,” she squeaked.

He lifted the covers, slid in next to her, and took her in his arms. Bernie melted at his touch.

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