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Her Bad Boy Daddy by Ava Sinclair – Extended Preview

herbadboydaddy_detailThree hours later, the house was back in order, dinner was finished, and Carrie was sitting on a pillow Jake had placed over the vinyl seat of a metal stool. She was watching as he worked on the engine of a 1964 Ford Mustang he was restoring for a fellow club member named Cheetoh. He’d tasked Carrie with handing him various socket wrenches as he worked, and explained the part he was fixing—the intake manifold—and its purpose. But Carrie could barely concentrate on his words. She was too busy looking at the muscles of his arms as he tightened bolts, the broad back, the chestnut hair that hung past the collar of his kutte. When he reached out for a different wrench, she recalled how that large callused hand had so thoroughly reddened her bottom.

“Getting all of this?” he asked when he looked up. “Should be easy for a smart girl like you. College girl, right?”

“I dropped out last semester,” she said.

“That’s not good, Carrie.” Jake eyed her as he wiped the oil off his hands on a blue rag. “Life’s a lot easier today if you’ve got schooling. You need to go back.”

He turned away to put the tools back in a bright red cabinet. Carrie shifted on the stool. “I didn’t really like the school very much. Too many parties.”

“Too many parties?” He glanced back, laughing. “This from a girl who went to a biker bar looking for excitement?”

“That was more an act of rebellion against my father,” she said. “And I thought I might find actual men there.” She paused. “I prefer them over boys.”

He turned back to her, his expression unreadable. “That’s a dangerous place to find men.”

“You’re not dangerous,” she said.

“No, but I don’t care to hurt anybody who doesn’t deserve it. Not everybody’s like that, Carrie. You need to stick to guys in your own age group and social circle.”

She tried not to show the hurt and frustration she felt. She was becoming wildly attracted to her savior. If only he felt the same.

“If that’s such a great idea, why don’t you have a wife?” she asked. Her tone was light, but her question was serious.

So was his reply. “After watching my mom take off and then losing my dad, I’ve come to realize how important family is. I want a woman mature enough to accept that, and to understand that I’m an old-fashioned guy. I’ll take care of her. Hell, I’ll even die for her. But she has to understand that I’m in charge. And it won’t be because I don’t respect her. It’d be because I’d always want to protect her, and you can’t protect somebody who’s battling for control.”

“So you’re one of those guys,” she said teasingly. “A chauvinist.”

“Yeah. I’m one of those guys. But I prefer the term chivalrous.” He shut the lid on the cabinet. “There’s not much call for men like me today. But I’m in no rush. But I don’t expect a kid like you to understand.”

Carrie wanted to kick herself. She did understand, but had reacted like any young woman her age—with predictable negativity—even though Jake’s description filled her with increased longing.

She was still feeling silly and disappointed in herself when Jake announced that it was time to head in for the evening. Carrie watched as he locked the garage door, protecting the car and tools he’d told her were very valuable.

“I don’t understand why whoever trashed the house didn’t take anything or come out here and steal something,” she said.

“That’s part of what didn’t set right with me,” he said, but didn’t elaborate.

Back in the house, Carrie indulged in a hot bath before slipping into a pair of the new panties and a white cotton nightgown she’d bought at the mall. It was unnerving, going to sleep in a room where only hours before one of the Vipers had written an intimidating message on the wall. But Jake told her he’d activated the motion-detector lights to come on outside if anyone came near the house, and assured her that he was a light sleeper.

“I told you,” he said. “You’re safe with me. Now get some sleep.”

When she finally did drift off, it was to disturbing and fragmented dreams of being chased. In one, she’d taken refuge in a small tin shack and had barred the door. Outside, her pursuer was hitting the metal door, trying to break in.

Bang! Bang!

Carrie woke up, startled as she recalled the nightmare.

Bang! Bang!

She gasped. The sound was continuing, but she wasn’t asleep. With a cry, she flew from the bed and rushed to Jake’s room. When she found his bed empty, she panicked and called out as she ran from room to room. A split second later, she heard the sound of a gun go off outside the back of the house. Sprinting through the kitchen, she flew open the back door and rushed out without thinking. She was no sooner down the back steps when she felt strong arms close around her. She screamed again.

“Carrie, calm down. It’s okay.”

She looked up, confusion and relief flooding through her.

“Coyotes,” he said, gesturing toward the field behind the house where two frightened canines were fleeing for their lives. Just yards from where they stood, two metal trashcans had been overturned. Jake tucked the gun back into the waistband of his jeans. “I meant to empty those today. If it’s not coyotes tearing into the trash, it’s raccoons…”

“Oh… I thought… I thought…” She began to sob then. “I thought they’d come back. I thought you were hurt.”

“Hey, hey…” He pulled her to him.

“I was so scared…” She realized her legs were shaking, that her whole body was shaking, and when Jake wordlessly picked her up, she let him.

“Please don’t put me back in my room,” she said. “I had nightmares. Those words on the wall.”

“Come on now, little girl. It’ll be okay.”

“Please!” she implored as he carried her back inside. “Let me stay with you.”

“Carrie,” he said. “You know I can’t.”

“Why not?” she cried, clinging to him more desperately. “I feel safe with you. I feel… I feel safer with you than I’ve ever felt in my life. Even now…” Her face was buried in the crook of his neck. He smelled like soap and the trace of whatever aftershave he’d used before bed. She pressed against him, knowing as she did how provocative her appeal seemed, but not caring.

“Carrie…” His voice was thicker now, different. The light, paternal tone had been replaced by one of masculine need.

“Please.” Her lips found his neck. She didn’t kiss him, but just pressed them to his skin. He carried her to his room and sat down with her on the bed.

“Look at me,” he said firmly. Carrie raised her eyes to his.

“You’ve had a fright…”

“It’s not just that,” she said. “You think I’m just a stupid kid, but I’m a woman.”

“You just met me…”

“It doesn’t matter, Jake. I know how you make me feel. I know what I want. The way you treat me. The way you look after me. It… it makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. Those feelings… I want more.”

“I told you,” he said. “I’d treat you like my little girl.”

A tear slipped from her eye. “Don’t you understand? That’s what’s making me feel so good! I’ve been with several guys and none of them treated me like this. And I didn’t feel anything with them. But you… you don’t even have to touch me to get me…”

Her voice died off and she blushed a deep shade of scarlet. “Oh, God. I’m sorry. You must think I’m a slut.”

“No,” he said. “I think you’re an innocent young woman who’s just discovering her submissive side.”

“Submissive? You mean like the girl in that Fifty Shades of Grey book?”

“That book isn’t real life, little girl,” Jake replied. “Most real dominant men aren’t going to spell it out. Dominant isn’t a role for me. It’s who I am. You may think it turns you on, but outside of the bedroom you’ll just think I’m a chauvinist…”

“I didn’t mean that earlier,” Carrie said. “I only said it because I’ve been kind of embarrassed by how you’ve made me feel. I mean, even the spankings… they hurt so bad, but afterwards…” She looked at him as the words trailed off. “Don’t send me out of your room tonight.”

“You don’t know what you’re asking.”

“Yes, I do,” she said.

“I promised to treat you like my little girl.”

“And I don’t want that to change,” she said. “I still want to be your little girl. I just want to be more.”

“I’m not sure you’re ready for a man like me.”

“Try me,” she said, and there was a challenge in her voice that sounded bold even to her own ears.

Carrie’s heart was pounding as she put her hand on Jake’s bare chest. His was pounding, too, even though he was the very picture of restraint.

So much power. So different from any man she’d ever known. Carrie had thought all bikers were the same—gruff, hard, animalistic. And Jake was these things, but in one controlled package that offered her the forbidden she’d desired and the protection and caring she needed.

The skin of his chest was smooth under her hand, the pectoral muscle underneath hard. Carrie’s gaze lowered. That wasn’t all that was hard. It was clear from the bulge in his jeans that he was just as attracted to her as she was to him.

Carrie leaned forward, her lips grazing the center of his chest. He shuddered.

“Don’t.” He grasped her hard and pushed her away.

“Why?” She searched his eyes, hers nearly tearing up with need. “You want me, too. I know you do!”

“We can’t always have what we want, little girl.”

“Is it because of Cain? Because he wants me?”

Jake’s expression grew stormy. “Fuck Cain Heller,” he said. “This isn’t about him. It’s about what’s best for you.”

“You’re best for me,” she said. “I know we come from different worlds, but… Jake… please. I ache for you. I can’t even describe it. I want you every minute. Even when you’ve got me bent over for a spanking, my body is screaming for you. If you really care about me, don’t make me suffer like this.”

“Goddamnit, girl.”

Their first kiss almost took her breath away, the force of his grasp sending a surge of fearful exhilaration through her. It was as she imagined, and yet more, the feeling of those huge arms pulling her to him. She’d seen him do a shot of whiskey before bed, and could taste it on his tongue. As it plundered her mouth, she could almost swear he growled, and it occurred to her that if she tried to pull away, he could stop her. Powerful. He could do whatever she wanted. He could do more.

Carrie’s pussy was clenching. She could feel the wetness already coating the inside of her panties as his large hands began to roam her body, sliding up to cup and squeeze her breasts, sliding down to possessively grip her still sore ass. She pushed herself against him.

Here. Take me. Take me! Her body was begging him more eloquently than words could. Her nipples were rock hard, her pussy pulsing and pulsing. She felt empty inside and knew she’d go mad if he didn’t fill that emptiness with the cock she now reached down to feel through his pants. He flinched and hissed at this touch, his mouth moving to her neck. She cried out in excitement as he bit the soft skin of her neck.

Powerful. Forbidden.

Jake lifted her to standing between his legs and pulled the nightgown off in one swift tug, leaving Carrie standing before him in only the new cotton panties he’d bought her. He hooked two fingers in the waistband of the skimpy undergarment and pulled, snapping the elastic and jerking the torn panties away before tossing them aside. Carrie stepped back, more excited than she could bear. His gaze was devouring her body—her soft, pear-shaped breasts, the round swell of her belly, the shapely thighs.

“Damn, but you’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Sweet. This somehow made her nervous as it occurred to Carrie that her sexual experience likely paled in comparison to his, that the women he was used to were bolder, more practiced. What if she disappointed him?

She voiced these fears now, her voice shaking, but he stood, reassuring her as he looked over her in the low light of the room.

“You let me take the lead, baby girl,” he said. “All you need to do is whatever I tell you. Think you can do that?”

She nodded, shaking now from excitement and apprehension as Jake stood back and removed his jeans. Her eyes widened. His cock sprung forth like a blade, long and perfect and rock hard. Carrie long to reach for it, to feel the warm girth in her hands, to trace the veiny ridges that ran under the smooth skin. But Jake had other ideas.

“I want to taste you, baby girl,” he said, lifting her in his arms and depositing her on the bed. She had no time to demur before Jake had buried his face between her legs, his hard hands grasping her tender bottom in a vise-like grip as his mouth attached itself to her clit.

She could only scream as he stabbed the little pearl of her arousal with his tongue before catching it in a sucking nibble that had her clawing at the bedclothes as her orgasm tore through her with blinding force.

Before she could recover, Jake had slid up her body, his hungry mouth now finding the tip of a breast he was squeezing in his large hand. He licked and bit the nipple before moving to the other firm peak as Carrie’s body bucked beneath him, her legs spread in supplication, wordlessly inviting him to sink into her burning core. But he made her wait, driving her to orgasm after orgasm.

“Wait… wait!!” Was there such thing as too much pleasure? Carrie was beginning to wonder. Her little body was already feeling spent when Jake turned her over and pulled her roughly to all fours.

“Sorry, little girl,” he growled. “But daddy’s is teaching you an important lesson. Don’t ask for something you can’t handle.”

“Who says I can’t handle it?” she shot back, and he laughed at this. “You want this, baby?” He was rubbing the ruby tip of his cock against her pussy lips, the sensation driving her mad.

“Yes!” she cried, “but wait…” She pulled away from him, turning to face him as she sat down on the bed. He was glowering down at her, and Carrie realized she’d forgotten her promise to obey. She looked up at him imploringly.

“Can I touch it?” She reached tentatively toward the bobbing cock at eye level, her gaze fixed on his. “Please.”

When he didn’t answer, she reached out further, her fingers touching the head. A drop of clear fluid emerged from the tip, and she leaned over, flicking it away with the tip of her tongue. Carrie’s experiences giving oral sex had never been satisfying. On the few occasions she’d done it, it had been only because she thought that was what girls were supposed to do to please a guy, so she’d wrapped her mouth around their cocks, bobbed her head up and down, and hoped for the best. But Jake was different; his cock was different, so much larger and more beautiful than any other she’d seen. And it was with a near reverence that she slipped her mouth over the flared head, letting her tongue slide underneath to graze that sensitive spot just below. Now when she moved it was not in some perfunctory act, but with relish. She reached out for and cupped his balls, feeling the weight of them in her hands as her mouth slid up and down on his turgid shaft. Jake groaned, and with it came a sense of exhilaration. She was pleasing him! And that thought alone increased her arousal tenfold.

She could have worshipped that cock with her mouth all night, but after a few moments, she heard Jake’s strained voice tell her that was enough.

“So you want this?” he was asking, his cock still just inches from her face. “You may be my little girl, but you’re still an adult. You can still say ‘no.’”

“Yes,” she said. “I want you! I want this! Yes!”

Jake spun her around, planted her on all fours, pulled her head back, and slapped her on the ass.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I want this.”

Slap! Her bottom was burning. She pushed back against him, mewling in need.

“Say it,” he said. How did she know what he wanted to hear? Perhaps because in that short time Carrie and Jake had already formed such a connection that he knew her, knew what she wanted to say. “Ask me to fuck you,” he urged, and with that permission she felt a gush of wetness as the word that had been on the tip of her tongue spilled out.

“Please fuck me!” she cried, and he rammed into her, and the force with which he took her drove away all the sadness and doubt from her body. He was almost brutal in his thrusting, and Carrie couldn’t get enough, slamming back against him as her own arousal leaked down the inside of her thighs and her pussy clenched and pulsed around the cock that stretched it.

“Oh… oh, God!!” She fisted the bedcovers, digging in to keep from being propelled too far forward. Jake’s arm went under her, holding her in place as he fucked her. She felt his other hand slide up the inside of her thigh, gathering wetness that he used to circle her asshole. She gasped; no one had ever touched her there before. And she tried to demur, but he ignored her and this excited her even more.

“I’m going to fuck you here one day,” he said, slipping his finger into her ass up to the knuckle. “Would you like that?”

Carrie had no way of knowing if she would like that or not, but she was so lost to Jake at that point that she’d probably have agreed to anything. As he pressed his finger deeper into her virgin ass, the fullness there along with the pounding of his cock wrung the final orgasm from her body. This time, Jake joined her, crying out as spurt after spurt of his hot seed spilled into her.

He kept his cock deep inside her as he rolled onto his side, and Carrie lay there, dazed as the exquisite pleasure was placed by a pleasant soreness and full body fatigue. The room was filled with moonlight, the sound of their breathing, and the smell of sex. It was Carrie who finally broke the eventual silence.

“Did I handle it?” she asked.

He kissed her hair. “You handled it just fine, baby,” he said. “At least that part.”

Carrie looked back at him. “What does that mean?”

“It means,” he said, trailing a finger from the nape of her neck down to the cleft of her bottom, “that now you have to handle being mine twenty-four/seven. Because you’re stuck with me, baby. Looks like you’re a biker’s girl after all.”

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