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Her Bossy Daddy by Adaline Raine – Extended Preview

Someone rang my doorbell. Who the hell is here? Did I order anything online? I glanced at my cell phone but it was barely seven in the morning. I padded out to the hall, then peeked through the curtain on the side of my front door. Liam stood outside. After I’d rushed off the phone yesterday it was hard to gauge his emotion. I opened the door casually, as if we’ve done this before and fought the urge to wrap myself around him. Then I noticed his nearly forest green eyes. Shit. He’s irritated at me or concerned.

“May I come in, love?”

“Enter at your own peril. I might be contagious. You shouldn’t get too close to me,” I offered with sincerity but he waved off my statement. I stepped back to allow him access, and then closed and locked the door behind us.

“I’m not concerned. Obviously. Or I wouldn’t be here.” He cocked an eyebrow. “What’s troubling you then? Your head? Something else?”

“I’ve got a fever.” His mouth quirked up at the corner. “At least, I did before.” I bit down on my lip.

“Right. How high is it?”

“Like a hundred and one-ish.” Our conversation seemed headed toward a bad path. Especially with all of the secret fantasies and punishments I desired and told him about in the past.

“One hundred one-ish?” His mouth quirked up again.

“Something like that,” I lied and wiped my sweaty palms on the back of my pants. Lying wasn’t something I was good at, so my cover got blown every time. You’d think I’d smarten up at some point.

“I’m sure the thermometer recorded the last reading. Go get it for me. If your temp is as high as you said, then we should take you to the doctor and get you checked out.”

“I don’t think it’s that serious. I should just get some rest.”

“If it’s serious enough for you to call into work, which is so unlike you—”

“The battery died when I used it, so maybe it wasn’t functioning right,” I interjected with a small smile as I blamed the instrument, one I hadn’t even used on myself.

“Now the battery died?” Liam tapped his chin. It was his ‘formulating a plan’ gesture, which never ended well for me. “I suppose we ought to properly check your temperature then.”

“I don’t own another thermometer.” I looked down, hoping he’d read the gesture as being shy, but my head soared at the victory. Liam took my chin in his palm and tilted it upward.

“Well, it’s a good thing I brought mine.”

My mouth went dry. Those words would play on repeat in my head, forever. One of my deepest, darkest fantasies involved the type of thermometer with a pretty pear-shaped bulb designed for somewhere other than my mouth. This scenario placed me in between a rock and a hard place. Own up about not being sick or confess to the lie. “I’m sure we don’t have to use yours,” I squeaked out.

“You’re in enough trouble. Let’s go.” He released his hold and then strutted into the living room.

I admired the way his tight black suit pants fit around his magnificent ass, then mutely followed.

Liam sank down on the couch then slipped his work bag off his shoulder. He flipped the top open, reached in, and set two distinct items on my coffee table: a jar of petroleum jelly and a red-cased thermometer. Liam got me ridiculously aroused when he nodded to them. I forced my feet to propel me to the couch. “Is there anything else in that bag I should be worried about?”

“You’re not worried about these, love.” He dispelled my misplaced fears. “But there are other items worth a mention, mostly expense reports and agenda notes.”

We had talked about the rectal thermometer on more than one occasion, and I masturbated each time. The combination of zero control along with the slight humiliation as my most intimate places would be in open view for him to see, pushed all my buttons. A tiny glass instrument could break if I struggled. The chances were slim, but during the process, I needed to be still and quiet. Thrills zinged through me, but they were also met with panic. No, I can’t let him see me like that.

“I’m going back to bed.” I spun on my heel but his hand caught my wrist. One swift jerked set me across his lap. “Wait. Please?”

“Take these down.” He tapped his hand along the waistband of my yoga pants.

“I can’t do that.”

His hard palm struck the very top of each of my thighs. “Can’t or won’t, love?”

I bucked and groaned and tried to escape but my efforts were fruitless. “Ow!” His grip tightened, and he changed his focus to my full cheeks. “Please!”

“Are you going to do what I tell you from here on?” He paused in his task but didn’t release his hold.

“Yes, I promise. Your hands hurt.” The times he had ordered me to spank myself in the past didn’t hold a candle to his palm.

“I bet.” Liam ran his free hand down my spine. “Take off your pants, Lacey. Now.”

Without further fanfare, I wiggled my pants and panties down past my thighs.

“Such a pretty bum you have.” He trailed his fingers across my behind, and they felt cool compared to my heated skin. “It’s so much better in the flesh.”

“I don’t know if I can handle this.”

“You can, and you’re going to.” Liam shifted slightly. “If you hadn’t pushed me away so many times, we could have gotten better acquainted in person. We could have figured out the business aspect too before our surprise first meeting.”

“I’m sorry, but I’ve had a lot going on in my head.”

“Yeah, as you keep saying, so let me clear some of the cobwebs for you, love.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect since I was bared to him, but it wasn’t what happened next. His palm slapped hard across my behind. Three blows landed in fast succession followed by three more. Over and over again a set of three smacked against one cheek, and then the same intensity hit the other.

“Ouch! Ouch!” I reached my hand back to stop the onslaught, but he caught it in one of his and pinned it to the small of my back. Several more hard slaps attacked the lowest curve of my bottom then lighter stingy slaps bounced from cheek to cheek. “Stop!”

“Who decides when your punishment is over, love?”

“You do.”

“Right. So, here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to check and see if you’ve got a fever. If you do, then I’m taking you to the doctor. If you don’t, then once I’m done with you, you’re going to wish you did. Get me?”

“Yes, it’s clear.” I adored the way he asked me if I understood him. Some might find his question aggressive, but his accent softened it. I braced myself for another round, but he released my arm.

“Ready the thermometer, and then hand it to me.”

I twirled open the lid to the jar and set it next to the small container. I popped open the case, carefully removed the instrument, then twisted it once in the lube. I’ve envisioned this moment a hundred times, but never quite this way. I held out the instrument over my shoulder without a word.

“Good girl,” he whispered as he took it from me. Seconds later my cheeks were spread, and the glass rod slowly pushed into me. “Relax. We’ll be done in a minute.”

The reading took at least three or four minutes to register, so it would be at least that long, except he promised more consequences without a fever. Liam tangled the fingers of his free hand in my hair, caressing and soothing as if he did this all the time. My entire body softened as his touch relaxed me. “I lied about the thermometer.” His fingers stiffened at my confession. “And I lied about being very sick. It’s not physical. I should have called in for a mental health day or a personal day.”

“I’m not happy to hear that.” Liam removed the thermometer, and then he laid it down on the coffee table. “No fever.” His hand struck hard and fast from the roundest part of my ass to the lowest curves and all the places in between. I kicked my feet out and he scissored one of his legs over mine.

“Ouch, ouch!” I wiggled upward but he had me trapped.

“I told you what I’d do, love. Stay still.”

“I can’t,” I wailed. “It’s too much.”

“We aren’t even close to done yet. Stop fighting me, Lacey.”

I wanted to take my punishment like the good girl he’d shaped me into, but my emotions were on overdrive. I tried to push my way off his lap again. His belt buckle clanked followed by the sharp sound of leather as it whipped through his belt loops, and then both of my hands were bound behind my back. Fuck. He barely missed a beat and rained his hand down against my burning globes. The blows weren’t overly heavy, but they were consistent. Liam kept the rhythm, but I’d lost track of everything except how heated my cheeks were. I cried, sniffling and gasping. I’d never been able to self-punish to tears, and I slumped listlessly against his thighs. “I’m so sorry. Wha-what happens now?”

“Being close to one another changes our dynamic. When you broke a rule it had been solely on you to enact the repercussions. I can’t force you to punish yourself.” He undid the belt and rubbed up and down my arms until they were freed. Liam shifted his legs so they no longer trapped mine. “This will only work if we both bend a bit.”

“It’s really hard to believe you’re here in my house. Usually, I’m focused on whatever we’re doing, but I’m all over the place.”

“I can’t touch you over a computer. The sensations were imagined, but now I can actually kiss you, rub you, spank you.” He turned me over and then tugged me up against his chest. “I’m here, love. I’m not going anywhere for quite a while.”

“I wanted this for so long. When you told me about this job, I got afraid. I was scared you wouldn’t like me in real life.”

“We’ve been in real life together, love.” Liam kissed the tip of my nose. “Just further away from each other.”

“What am I supposed to call you?”

“Call me whatever you’re comfortable with.”

“Sexy bastard?” I cocked an eyebrow, imitating his favorite expression.

“Give it a go.”

“I’d rather not.” Nope. I wasn’t going to accept that particular challenge while being half naked on his lap.

“Right. Next?”

“May I call you Liam?”

“Yeah, but not now,” he growled as he captured my mouth in his and claimed it.

The make-out session I imagined in my head paled in comparison to his hot, wet lips on mine. He nipped at my bottom lip, sucked on it, and gave me hungry kisses. I broke away first. He smirked and the arousal flooding through my body multiplied. His fingers cupped my mound, teasing but he didn’t explore as much as I wanted him to. I arched awkwardly on his lap, groaning in frustration, but then he crushed his mouth to mine again. I brushed my hand along his cheek, and down over the scruff of his beard. He broke the kiss and pulled back to catch my gaze. I was amazed to see those incredible pools of green locked on me without the border of a computer screen dulling their color.

He cocked an eyebrow as he removed the tangled pants from around my knees then slid them off completely. “Are you in a more agreeable spot yet?”

“No, not really.” I shrugged, unwilling to budge. The lack of clothing concerned me since he hadn’t let me up but I still wasn’t ready to face the rest of the world today.

“All right. I’ll have to find another way to get you there.” Liam slid me off his lap and then got to his feet. “You’ve got something wooden in your kitchen, right?”

“Nope. I broke them all. You’ll have to forego whatever it is you’re planning.” I scrambled off the couch and positioned myself near the doorway to the kitchen.

“Forego?” A huge grin broke out across his face, and he rubbed his palms together. “Not at all, love. Adjust.”

His smile was wide but predatory like he was brewing a naughty plan. Liam strode to my hallway with purpose and headed toward my bedroom. I’d told him about all the special, private things housed there. Including all the little objects he shipped to me. Oh, no! The rug beater.

“Sir!” I dashed after him, but my feet caught on a throw rug and I stumbled into the bedroom. I fell to the floor, off-balanced and irritated. My ego bruised its behind with a thud. “I don’t think you should be in here.”

Liam stood by my bed admiring the exquisite detail of the carpet beater like one would take in a fine painting. “It’s glorious.” He clearly approved, but then he noticed me splayed out on the floor and stepped to my head. Offering his hands, palms up, he waited for me to comply. “Perhaps I should carry you around from now on?”

“You can’t carry me around.” I clamped my mouth shut, defeated.

“Come again?”

“I, uh, only meant, well, nothing.” Heat flushed my face, and I let my head rest against the hardwood floor. That damn rattan beater had a date with my butt.

“Give me your hands.”

I didn’t remember him being so bossy, but I’d never been so difficult either. He grabbed my hands and tugged me to my feet. Liam led me over to the bed and then tapped the edge of it. I bent over but turned my head as he removed the implement from the wall. “You can’t actually swing that at me.”

“Do I follow your rules, love?”


“Something is getting through.” Liam returned to me and trailed his fingers along my curves. “A bit too late, right?”

I grumbled an affirmative. Seconds later an awful burn bit into my right cheek and then stung my left. My feet drummed up and down, but I stayed in place. I curled my hands into the comforter and braced for the implement. Two more hard swats burned across my ass. Willing myself not to cry, I breathed out short bursts. Another set of two lit up my nerves, and I yelled, unable to stay quiet. Liam kneaded each side of my bottom with his hand then slapped his palm against my bottom hard and fast. I lost count around twenty or so as he delivered swift justice to my heated cheeks. His target changed to my upper thighs, though he increased the time between each stroke. The area was more sensitive there, and the intensity was too much. “Please!” I threw my hands over my butt. “I’ll go to work. I promise.”

“Drop your hands.”

Whimpering, I did what he said, but buried my head into the blanket. Four quick slaps bounced off the fullest part of my cheeks. Hard. Fast. Unyielding. Two more rounds landed against my sit spots. I worked a bit of the blanket into my mouth and gave myself a slight distraction from the pain. Liam adjusted his target to my full cheeks again, but he dialed back the intensity.

“You’ve changed your mind about work then, love?”

“Yes,” I agreed, my voice muffled by the blanket. “I’ll go in.”

“Right. Now, where’s your special box?”

Liam meant my gorgeous sequined teal box that held all my secret treasures. It held nipple clamps, Ben-Wa balls, vibrators, fuzzy handcuffs, at least two butt plugs, and lots of lube. There were special toys he’d purchased for me, and some other things I hadn’t used. However, I couldn’t let his questions go unanswered without being a little bit of a smartass. Releasing my hold, I raised my head and spread my legs a bit wider. I slid one of my fingers across my slit. “Right here.”

“You naughty little minx.”

“You asked where my box was,” I gasped when his hand pushed my own finger inside. He made me finger-fuck myself. My finger moved in and out, faster and faster under his control. I was soaked and hornier than ever. “Oh!”

“You know what I’m asking for. Where is it then?” He captured my wrist and gently, but firmly returned my hand to where it was.

“Sir,” I groaned in utter frustration. “Under the bed, near my side.” I heard him rummaging around for it, and then he returned.

“I figured some items didn’t make it in here, so I’m politely surprised. This will serve as a reminder of the type of behavior I expect from you.”

While trying to figure out what he was referring to, my thoughts raced. Could it be a plug or a vibe? A cool gel dripped onto my back hole followed by his finger. He’d bought me several butt plugs but I’d never tried them out. I clenched, and it earned me two solid smacks across my entire behind. Something hard pressed against my most intimate place, and he slowly inserted it. It advanced a little at a time until the edge rested flat against my tight rosebud. I groaned, but the fullness turned me on.

“You’re going to keep this in until I remove it but you may take it out to go to the bathroom as long as you put it back in. Get me?”

“Yes, Sir.” Overcome with a sudden bizarre mixture of arousal and guilt, I sobbed.

“Shh, love.” Liam pulled me into his lap. “No more nonsense, right?”

I linked my arms around his neck. He kissed my head and then rubbed my back. It wasn’t the pain from the spanking. Liam liked the idea of intense pain that resulted in immense pleasure, but not in a disciplinary way. We had connected on a deeper level. “No more nonsense,” I agreed. “I let my emotions get all crazy instead of working through them. I’ll listen. I promise.”

“What happens if you don’t listen, love?”

“I get punished.” The tears slowed then stopped. I looked up at him and kissed his cheek. “I would rather have fun times.”

“Yeah? I’ve got plenty of ideas for fun times, but I will punish you if you act up.” Liam helped me off his lap. “Get dressed. I want you in a skirt today without drawers.”

Heat flamed my face, so both sets of cheeks were equally pink. “I can’t—” I threw a hand over my mouth and stepped out of his reach. I didn’t want to get him started again. He raised his eyebrows but gave me time to redo my line. I dropped my hand. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.” He kissed my lips twice. “The perfect balance of naughty and nice.” Liam circled around me, then left the room.

Did I have enough time to finish myself off first? I peeked my head into the hall.

“No touching, love. We don’t have time for that now,” Liam called from the living room, showing just how well he knew me.

I’d have to seize the day sans panties along with a stainless steel plug up my ass. Not how I’d imagined my day would play out while I was tucked into bed this morning.

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