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Her Captor by Roxy Sinclaire – Extended Preview

I woke up with a start as I felt the boat moving. I was blushing as I went up to the deck.

Johnson and I almost had sex last night. I didn’t know what stopped him, but I was so embarrassed at my wanton behavior. I remembered that I hadn’t showered and rushed back into the cabin, putting coffee in the coffee machine before I entered the shower. It was really hot outside, so I wore a swimsuit and a long light white cover-up. I grab two cups, filled them with coffee, and carried them to where Johnson was navigating the boat. He was shirtless, and I drooled over him a little, almost losing my grip on the coffee cups. I could already feel wetness between my thighs. I smiled brightly and joined him.

“Good morning. I come bearing coffee,” I said.

He glanced at me and gave me a distracted smile. “Thank you. I really need it.”

“Did you sleep at all last night? And where are we by the way?” I asked as I sipped my coffee.

“I couldn’t sleep so I came up and navigated. After all, we had to catch up. We’re past Long Island now and almost more than halfway toward Haiti. We’ll soon anchor at a small island, which is the last before Haiti. We can rest there and swim a little. It’s really hot. It may rain tonight.” He drank his own coffee in large gulps, even though it was hot.

I sunbathed a little on the deck with Johnson’s eyes on me constantly, then went back to the cabin to avoid getting sunburned. Three hours later when the sun had gone down a bit, I went back on deck. Johnson was lowering the boat’s anchor. I didn’t wait for him as I threw my cover off and jumped into the sea. I was so hot, and not only because of the heat, but again due to the hot specimen I was sharing the boat with. The cold water was so refreshing. I swam a few laps, then climbed back into the boat and dried myself with my towel. I lay down on the deck to sunbathe again, but first I applied more sunscreen to protect myself. It wasn’t as hot out as earlier, but the sun hadn’t set yet, after all. Then I dozed off slightly.

I woke up with a jolt as water drops fell on my chest; the contrast with the heat caused me to shiver, my teeth almost chattering, and goosebumps rose on my arms. I looked up to see Johnson standing over me and dripping wet. His eyes were fiery.

“You’re going to get sunburnt. Turn over so I can apply sunscreen on your back,” he offered.

I turned over, not trusting the gleam in his eyes.

He knelt over me and unclasped my bikini bra to start applying the sunscreen on me. It startled me a little, but soon, his hands on me had me relaxing. He massaged the oil into my skin slowly and caressingly. I was so turned on that when I felt his lips on my spine, I moaned. He chuckled and trailed kisses down to my exposed butt cheeks. He continued massaging, and I was getting more aroused, but I groaned loudly when I felt his fingers touching my clit.

When did his hand get there, I wondered. Even my bikini bottoms had been slipped off, but I soon lost my train of thought as he started rubbing his fingers against the sensitive bundle.

I started moving against his fingers as I felt an indefinable heat build in me. My breath came out quickly, and I heard him groaning above me. He suddenly turned me over and leaned down to kiss me. I lost it then as my body came apart at the seams. Everything about me broke into a million pieces as I enjoyed the pleasure that was tearing me apart.

My toes curled, my throat tightened, my pussy clenched down hard as if the orgasm was something to keep hostage. Just like me.

All the nerves in my body were set on fire with a pulse of satisfaction that made my soul sigh.

I looked into his face and saw how tense he looked. I ran my fingers from his abdomen up his chest, and he shivered. He pulled me to him and started kissing me urgently, whispering about how beautiful I was. I didn’t think I could be aroused again so soon after my orgasm, but when I felt his hard, bare cock against my cunt, I started spiraling again.

“W-wait,” I stammered a little, trying to stop him. I had to let him know that I wasn’t experienced before we went further.

But he just nodded, as if he already knew what I had to say, and he continued kissing me. We were both naked in a few minutes’ time and I was gyrating against his cock, begging him silently to enter me, to fill that emptiness I felt.

He leaned back and gave me a hard hit on my right butt cheek.

“Oww,” I said, even though it turned me on even more.

“Don’t even. I can tell you like getting spanked,” he replied with a grin.

I moaned and nodded in agreement.

Johnson’s words made me shiver on the inside. Here I was, vulnerable and aroused, ready for him at any moment. But what was I going to do? I was a virgin. Johnson sat down on one of the cushioned seats on the deck with his knees jutted out and pointed to his lap.

“Huh?” I asked, tilting my head in confusion.

“Lie over my knee. Place your tummy right here so your ass sticks out this way,” he explained, using his hands to demonstrate the directions.

“Why?” I was growing impatient. I knew the first time was going to hurt, but I wanted him in me so badly that I was gushing and could nearly climax to the thought of him inside me.

“Be patient, Mandy, or else you won’t get what you really want,” he grunted, patting his lap. I bit my lip and positioned myself over his knees. It felt quite silly, but I had to listen to him or else I’d make this more awkward than it was. This chance to lose my virginity was a once in a lifetime thing, and I didn’t want to screw it up.

Still, this was… embarrassing. He was going to have an odd view of my ass and pussy. I got up from where I was lying, threw the dangling bikini top I had on off of me, and walked over to him. I raised an eyebrow, but carefully draped my body over his knees so that my hands and feet were touching the floor.

“You liked that swat, didn’t you?” he asked, grazing a finger over my slit.

I shivered and clenched, hoping to catch his finger and draw it in.

“Y-Yes,” I stammered. My ass tingled with the anticipation of his hand coming down at any time.

Slap! Slap!

“Ow, ow!” I hissed, feeling the tingling burn of his spanking. It was so damn precise that I could feel the shape of his handprint on my ass.

But I had to admit, though I was impartial to the sting… I liked it. It shot adrenaline through my body and my nipples hardened, waiting for more.

“Look at you, you’re all wet,” Johnson pointed out, dipping a finger into my slit all the way. He brushed against my hardened bundle of nerves, making my pussy become a pool of juices. Each time he moved his hand around, I could hear the wet, aroused noise my pussy made, enjoying his touch.

That sound though… How embarrassing.

I was wet beyond control. Everything about this made me drip everywhere. Me being bent over his knee, my nipples getting harder, my ass and pussy on display for his perusal. All while being on a boat…

I wondered what I looked like from his view. Was it pink and wet looking? Did he like what he saw? Obviously, he did, or else his fingers wouldn’t be all inside my pussy.

When he withdrew them, I groaned in agony. “Hey, I thought you were punishing me.”

He grinned. “I am.”

Another hard spank right on the ass. I wasn’t even expecting it. This time I didn’t even cry out. I simply savored that delightful sting and tickle.

Then another. And another.

And I found myself loving the touch of his hand. So dominant. So, in control. Each spank reinforced the notion that I belonged to him and that he was the one in charge.

“Now it’s time for a different spanking. This one involves your pussy and my cock.”

I shivered. Was it finally time to lose my virginity? My pussy quivered and shook, getting ready for the inevitable penetration that would set me free from being the nice virgin people knew me to be.

“About time,” I breathed.

He spanked my ass again.

“Say, ‘yes, sir,’ understood?” he instructed.

I bit my lip and nodded my head. He spanked my ass yet again, and I licked my lips.

“Yes, sir!” I said, realizing that I should’ve said that instead of just nodding my head up and down. This was like in those kinky books I read sometimes about men dominating women. I was curious as to why women were so turned on about being treated this way. But now that I got a firsthand look into it, I could see why. The way it made you feel so submissive, it made you feel more desirable, sexy. Naughty.

No judgments from me anymore.

This took a deeper understanding of trust and bonding. You were putting your safety in someone else’s hands in the heat of the moment.

“How do you like getting punished, Mandy?” he asked, giving my ass another slap. “Are you getting wetter?” He stuck his finger into my pussy again to see for himself.

“If you’re going to stick your finger in it, why—”


I closed my eyes and savored the sting of the slap on my ass.

“You’re supposed to say what?” he reminded.

“…yes, sir…”

“Good girl. You know, you’re a very rebellious girl. You need to be more submissive, and I’ll teach you how.”

“I already know how to be submissive—” Smack!

“Don’t talk back. Just listen and obey,” Johnson scolded, giving my ass another loud swat.

“What if I don’t want to?” I was just messing with him now.

Johnson landed another swat onto my ass cheek and I relished the feeling of being punished.

Now my nipples were beginning to hurt. Why couldn’t he just turn me over and ravage me like the beast I knew him to be? Why was he taking his time? My clit was throbbing way too much and my nipples wanted his mouth on them.

Hell, if he wasn’t going to do anything, I was. I brought one of my hands up to my breast to massage my nipple and he gave me another smack.

“No playing with yourself. Anywhere. Not even your tits,” he grunted. I could feel the pressure of his cock against the side of my body and a new gush of juice spilled down my thighs.

“Johnson, please. Please, sir,” I added. “It’s so wet,” I whispered. He was punishing me, I could feel it.

“I know,” he said, taking another swipe at my crying pussy.

“Sir…” I moaned, feeling his finger push against my virginity.

The pleasure that swirled through my body made me dizzy and delirious. Thoughts ran through my mind of sucking him down and doing the raunchiest things to him with my body that the average virgin wouldn’t dare do.

“I think it’s about time I gave your mouth a little more discipline.”

His cock was rock hard and twitching against my ribcage and I knew it was a matter of time before he wouldn’t be able to hold back himself.

“Get up and get on your knees, slut.”

That word rang through my body and made my pussy gush again with another pulse of juice down my inner thighs.

This was going to be the most memorable moment of my life. Not only was I faking a kidnap to help Michael get his shit back in order with my mother, but I was also going to lose my virginity in the process.

Wow, all of this was so risqué.

Johnson stood up, unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his pants. My mouth was literally panting for him now. How was this punishment? Oh, he was denying me instant gratification of his cock inside me.

The more he made me wait, the more I ached for him.

His cock sprang out of his boxers as soon as he pulled them down his muscular thighs. Wow, those thighs… they had just the right amount of hair and right amount of muscle.

I marveled at the sight of his cock and opened my mouth as if it were going to just drop down into my throat. He didn’t even have to hold it, it just bounced up and down over my head with its ribbed sides and thick veins. All of that was going to be inside my pussy soon.

Too bad I had to wait for the seriously good stuff. At least my mouth was going to get some action.

“Like the way it looks?” he asked with a chuckle. The smart-ass grin on his face told me he knew that I liked what I saw.

“Yes, sir,” I panted, fighting the urge to touch my pussy. God, I needed stimulation down there. Not even porn videos could get me this aroused.

“Good.” He stroked it and a bead of pre-cum settled on the tip of his cock. My throat went dry, dying for a drop of him on my tongue.

“Oh, sir, let me taste you,” I groaned, looking up at him with big pleading eyes.

“Well, since you’ve been a good slut, I guess I can oblige you.”

He bent his cock down and I wrapped my greedy mouth around his manhood, sucking him down. I could tell from his bucking and moaning that I was doing something right.

“Fuck,” he hissed. “Mandy, you suck cock so damn good—ahh!”

He unloaded his cum down into my throat and I swallowed the thick bitter seed, wiping my mouth.

He brought me up to my feet and placed his face so close against mine.

“You’re so hot and wet for me,” he growled against my lips. “I bet you’d be so tight around my cock,” he whispered in my ear, and bit the lobe gently. I gasped as I arched my back and rolled my hips into his, groaning in disappointment as he took his time with me. “Why don’t we test that, huh?”

Finally, finally he entered me, gently. When he hit the barrier inside me, we both held our breath. I knew this part would hurt, and the look he aimed down at me was almost apologetic as he pushed in abruptly. I cried out as I felt a slight ache, which was overshadowed by desire as soon as he started driving his cock inside me. We moved simultaneously with him pumping into me gradually at first, and faster as the tension kept building. He was urging me to let go, and when he plunged in a last time, I found myself soaring in the clouds. He came so hard that he carried me off the deck. I came too, my body spiraling out of control, overheating like a broken car, as I felt the force of his seed fill me up. I tensed up and by the time it began to loosen up, I was a shaking mess. We lay still for some minutes without saying anything. I’d probably regret this later, when I remembered I had my first time with someone I might never meet again after a few weeks, but I was so content in the moment.

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