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Her Daddy, Her Dom, and Her Doctor by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Her Daddy, Her Dom, and Her Doctor by Emily Tilton

“It’s time,” he said. “Don’t make me march you out of here, Natalie.”

Natalie took a deep breath and said, “I’m ready,” feeling like it was a lie.

She followed Dan back to his room and, when she had stepped into the room and Dan had turned on the light, she realized just how much of a lie it had been to say she was ready. Dan closed the door behind her, but at the sight of the medical exam table that they had somehow managed to get into the room, with the stirrups attached, what Natalie wanted to do was turn around and flee. For the moment though she held her ground.

She said, “Oh, no, I mean… we play doctor, yes, but the exam table… it’s just too much.” She wasn’t completely sure that she meant it, but, as if trying to back her words up with action, she did now turn and reach for the doorknob.

Dan, for his part, took her shoulder firmly in his right hand and began to pull her toward the exam table. He said, “Miss Swindon, you are going to stand here, next to the table, and listen to me.”

Natalie’s breath came in short gasps. Dan had maneuvered her so that she had her back to the examination table, but she could feel it, right up against her backside, and the simple knowledge of what it was she stood next to made her feel incapable of rational thought.

“There are certain things,” Dan continued, standing in front of her now with his hands on his hips, “that your daddies have agreed upon about how your punishment days are going to go. One of those things is that tonight I am going to give you a full exam to make sure that you’re well enough to receive all the punishment we’re going to give you. You agreed to your punishment, and this exam is part of that. So you can take off your clothes like a good girl and put on the hospital gown over there, or I can strip you naked and strap you down for your exam. That’s your only choice.”

Natalie’s heart was in her mouth, fluttering wildly. It was true that she had fantasized about this kind of play, but she had never dared bring it up even to Dan, her doctor daddy. Together with the non-choice with which Dan had just presented her, the scene made her knees feel even weaker than they had been when he was about to flog her on the boat that morning.

“I’ll take my clothes off,” she whispered, and Dan smiled as he folded his arms in front of his chest with a satisfied, physicianly air.

“Alright then,” he said. “I’m going to go wash my hands. I want you in that hospital gown and nothing else when I return. Understood?” His voice was full of all the authority that always seemed to quicken Natalie’s pulse and make her clit tingle.

While he vanished into the suite’s bathroom, Natalie went over to where the hospital gown lay on a chair next to the exam table. As she took off her pretty green dress, and then her lacy lingerie, thinking regretfully of the romantic scenarios she had played in her head when she put them on, she wondered how Dan had managed to secure the use of the exam table.

Certainly hotels had physicians on call, and probably exam rooms for them. Natalie blushed as she thought about Dan calling the concierge to ask for the exam table. Had he at least made the excuse that he had a patient? Or had he perhaps even told the concierge that he liked to examine pretty young women all over their bodies? That thought made her giggle and lightened her mood at least; Dan was certainly not the kind of man who would say that sort of thing to a concierge. She could take refuge in that.

Then, however, she realized she had taken off her last stitch of clothing and had now to don the blue hospital gown that would leave her backside so exposed. Her blush returned, but of course at the mental image of what Dan would see when she turned around, her arousal also grew and she felt her nipples stiffen again.

Natalie couldn’t resist just soothing the feeling there with a little rub from her fingertips and then of course she couldn’t resist sighing and bringing her other hand up against her pussy and trying to soothe the ache there, looking at the hospital gown that she would have to put on, but then she heard the door of the bathroom open, and she guiltily dropped her hands to her sides.

“Quickly now,” Dan said, but something in his voice—maybe the professional note in his tone—made her heart quail once again, and, naked though she was, she found herself making a dash for the door.

In three steps, Dan was in front of her. He took her once again by the shoulder, and this time without delay he marched her over to the exam table and turned her around. He bent her over the end of the table and gave her a spank. The sting from the cat had all but faded, so the spank, which was not an especially hard one, was a matter of shame rather than of pain, but still she felt it: the humiliation of having to be spanked by a doctor so that she would accept the exam that had been ordered for her.

Dan spanked her again and said, “Are you going to cease this silliness, Miss Swindon? This is your last chance to put on the gown and get on the table of your own free will.”

He gave her another smack across her sit-spot. The shame grew at the feeling of the open-handed, little-girl style spanking, and she said, “I’m sorry, doctor. I’ll put on the gown now.”

Dan let her up from the table, and Natalie went to get the gown.

“There’s no need to tie the back,” Dan said.

“Yes, doctor,” Natalie said meekly.

“Up on the table now,” he said, giving it a pat. As Natalie climbed onto it, Dan said, “I’ve never given you this kind of examination before, but it’s really just a sort of extension of the various tests of your erotic responsiveness that I’ve conducted over the past few months. So, as I ascertain your state of health, I think you will find that your naturally lascivious nature will come to the fore. Please don’t be alarmed about that, Miss Swindon. Although it’s very important, as I think I’ve told you several times before that you learn to behave with the sort of modesty that becomes a young lady such as yourself, nevertheless for the purposes of your other daddies and of myself, knowing that your nature is a shameful, wanton one, is very great value. After all, we daddies have only attained our strange, joint possession of you, because of that lewd nature. So I think we will begin with your breasts.”

The abruptness of the announcement that her breasts were going to be examined made Natalie give a little gasp.

“I’ll be putting my hand down inside your hospital gown, Miss Swindon,” Dan said. He sounded every inch the doctor, but when he put his hand inside the neck of the hospital gown, reached down, and took Natalie’s right breast into his fingers, his attentions were unlike those of any doctor she had ever had examine her before.

She sighed loudly. “Tut tut,” Dan said. “I believe your lasciviousness has already begun to show itself. Rather disgraceful. I think we shall have to uncover these breasts and make a visual inspection as well.”

Without further ado, putting both hands at the neck of the gown, he pulled it down, imprisoning her arms as he did so, until the fabric rested just beneath her little breasts.

“Very nice,” Dan said. “Really, I suppose that an objective physician shouldn’t make such aesthetic judgments, but I see no point in denying that a pretty young thing like you makes a doctor very hard inside his trousers. “

“Oh, God,” Natalie said.

Dan chuckled. “Even that arouses you, I suppose, Miss Swindon. You are by nature a very naughty girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Natalie whispered in reply. Now Dan put out both his hands and took a breast in each of them, using his thumbs to raise her nipple to stiff peaks. Natalie’s breathing became very harsh.

“Yes, yes,” Dan murmured. “These breasts appear to be entirely healthy. So healthy that a doctor might even find it difficult to remove his hands from them.”

Natalie moaned at that, and then Dan did remove his hands, and went to the other end of the table where Natalie’s pussy waited, now feeling extremely needy. Dan lifted the hem of the hospital gown, and then in his other hand took her left knee and raised it so that he could put her left foot in the stirrup. He did the same with her right foot, and Natalie blushed furiously as she saw herself so very exposed. Yes, of course Dan had seen her charms many times before, and yes, of course, she’d had OB/GYN exams before, but something about this dominant and submissive medical play made being exposed that way before his eyes very shameful and also very arousing.

“So it turns out,” Dan said, “that I have Adam to thank for the lovely bareness of your pussy.”

Any time one of her daddies referred to her play with another it seemed to increase the shame tenfold. Natalie mumbled, “Yes, doctor.”

“You should know,” Dan said dryly, “that both Tom and I thanked him quite profusely for that favor.”

“Oh, God,” Natalie said, yet again. The shame seemed like it would turn her face into a raging inferno of hot blushes.

“Certainly,” Dan continued, “it makes examining your sweet cunt much easier. I suppose I would have shaved it at the very least anyway at this stage, but having it waxed makes things ever so much easier.”

“Yes, doctor,” Natalie said.

“Let’s have a look at your little clitoris now, Miss Swindon.” Natalie watched as he brought his fingers toward her. Closer and closer, and then she shuddered as he used the fingertips of both his hands to spread her outer lips at the top where the little bud lay hidden. She closed her eyes so that she wouldn’t have to see the terribly shameful sight of her clit peeping saucily out at him, but she couldn’t keep herself from moaning loudly as he conducted a very thorough tactile examination there.

Dan said, “Very nice. It appears that your responsiveness to erotic stimulation is only growing,” Miss Swindon. He continued to rub, squeeze gently, and even to pinch a little bit, until Natalie cried out loudly with the extremity of the pleasure. “We mustn’t overstimulate you, of course,” Dan said.

His fingers deserted her pussy. Natalie watched him walk over to where a doctor’s bag lay on the bed, and watched him open it. Even though she knew what would emerge, she still dreaded it. The speculum. One of the old-fashioned metal ones. Dan turned back toward her, holding the speculum up so she could see it, and applying lube to it at the same time.

“Now we get to see what that sweet cunt looks like on the inside.”

Natalie always wondered at moments like these—of which there were very many with Dan—how it could be that she felt so ashamed and at the same time so feverish with arousal. Tom was a master in his own way of creating shame, and Adam liked the play that way, too, but for Dan it was the central focus of his dominance. So powerful was it that Natalie felt, when she was in his hands, that she couldn’t stand to play that way again, but she always found herself getting wet between the thighs on a Tuesday or a Wednesday thinking about what Dan might do to humiliate her the next time they played on Saturday.

Now, here he was talking about the pleasure his cock felt inside her pussy, in the most degrading terms possible, and all Natalie wanted was to have him put the speculum inside her and take the look he promised to take. Nor did she have long to wait, for Dan said, “I’m afraid this is going to feel a little cold,” and inserted the speculum inside her pussy.

Natalie gasped at the feeling and her face looked panicked, but Dan merely smiled down at her, assuming his most doctorly air.

“There we go, Miss Swindon.” Holding the speculum inside her pretty cunt with his left hand and opening her up just a little, he turned and reached with his right hand for the desk chair, and pulled it over so he could sit down and enjoy the view. Natalie’s breathing came in short little gasps as he sat down and peered into the depths of the place where he had taken so much pleasure over the past few months.

Yes, Adam had mostly been joking when he suggested this examination, and Dan had made it clear that he intended it to be play, but it was certainly not a bad idea to make sure Natalie’s charms were in working order, since the three daddies—especially Adam—intended to treat her buttocks, her pussy, and her anus with some severity in the course of punishing her. Dan expected to see exactly what he saw: a healthy girl’s healthy pussy. That meant that he could proceed to another ‘test’ of her responsiveness: he began once again to stroke her clitoris with his two middle fingers, very gently, while at the same time squeezing the speculum open and letting it close, and then squeezing it open again.

Natalie’s gasps changed to moans. “Please…” she murmured. “Oh, please…” Her liquid arousal flowed from her in a lovely stream. The aroma enticed him so greatly that Dan couldn’t help licking it up, at which Natalie gave a strangled cry of pleasure.

Dan raised his head and looked from the beautiful, bare cunt before him to its beautiful owner, who regarded him across the hospital gown that still covered her midriff. Natalie’s face bore a mask of submissive passion: furrowed brow, flushed cheeks, gasping, open mouth. She beseeched him with that look to bring her to climax, but that wasn’t in the plan quite yet. Dan opened the speculum to its widest, rubbed Natalie’s clitoris firmly, and said as he did so, “You’re going to come during my examination of your rectum and anus.”

“Oh… oh, please… no…”

“And then you’re going to have a soothing, cleansing enema.”

“Oh, God… I’ve never… please, don’t, Dan.” Real fear sat on her face at this news—so much that she dropped the ‘doctor.’

Dan removed the speculum and put more lube on, though Natalie’s pussy’s juices had coated it so thoroughly that the lube probably wasn’t even necessary. While he did, he said, “You had better make up your mind to it, Natalie. Your daddies have decided you need an enema, and so you’re going to have an enema. Over you go now. Bottom up, knees spread. I believe you know the position.”

She fell silent, but gave him one more beseeching, blushing look.

“Do as I say, now, Natalie. I don’t want to have to spank you again.”

She bit her upper lip, but she finally obeyed, turning over onto her tummy and then drawing her knees up. She did know the position very well, and so did Dan: it was their favorite position for sex, of course. Dan looked at the lovely view of her cunt and bottom-hole, nestled sweetly between her spread thighs and bottom-cheeks. He couldn’t resist planting a kiss on that cute bottom, just on the swell of the right cheek. Perhaps only a third of that bottom’s submission belonged to him, but a third of Natalie Swindon’s bottom was worth any price as far as Dan was concerned. He kissed her left cheek, too, and she gave a little whimper.

He drew back and got ready to perform the exam. Before he put the speculum in her cute, wrinkly pink buttonhole of an anus, he ran his left hand over the bottom he had punished that morning and kissed just a moment before, checking for signs that the cat had abraded her skin.

Really, the cat wasn’t as fearsome as people thought, or as it looked, unless one took certain measures like soaking it in water and then swung it very hard. Its psychological effect was unbeatable, however, as Natalie had proven. Dan, whose erection had been coming and going throughout this medical session, got instantly hard again when he remembered the wonderful scene with Natalie naked in the companionway of the daysailer and himself, her skipper, flogging her—not soundly, perhaps, but to very great effect. It had taken a great deal of willpower not simply to fuck her there on the boat, but he had of course promised himself that pleasure before too long.

One of the cat’s knots had left a very slightly swollen trace on her right flank, but otherwise her shapely bottom had healed completely, and she was ready to undergo the severity she would get tomorrow from Adam, and then again on the fourth day.

He pushed the tip of the speculum firmly inside Natalie’s bottom then, and she yelped as he squeezed it open. Everything was in working order, though of course an enema never really hurt where cleanliness was concerned, and Dan had been thinking for a month or so already of introducing Natalie to the special humiliation involved.

First, though, he had a promise to make good, and a girl to give a rather degrading orgasm. Holding the speculum in his left hand and keeping her wide open that way, he put his right hand underneath and gently began to rub her clitoris.

“Oh, God…” she whispered. “I… can’t…”

“Are you thinking about your enema?”

“Yes,” Natalie whispered.

Dan increased the speed and the pressure of his fingers on her clit. “Play with your nipples, Miss Swindon. Show me how lewd a nature you have.”

With a soft cry, Natalie obeyed, reaching her hands under her chest and wantonly rubbing her stiff pink nipples between her fingertips. She took her little breasts in her hands and fondled them almost desperately. Then she returned to her nipples, with thumbs and index fingers, and moaned at the wicked sensation.

All the while Dan moved his right hand up and down her pussy in long caresses. Now Natalie moved her hips gently in time, gasping each time she impaled herself a little further on the speculum. Suddenly she gave a scream and threw her head back, her eyes closed. She sobbed out her orgasm for long seconds, and then went limp and silent, arching her back to tell Dan, he knew, that she would submit to the enema—that now she longed for it.

He withdrew the speculum at last, and went to the bathroom to wash it and to fill the enema bag with warm water. When he returned, Natalie, her face turned to watch what he did, murmured, “Thank you, Dr. Michaels.”

“You’re welcome, Miss Swindon.” Dan took the nozzle for the enema from his bag and lubed it, then attached it to the hose that he had already run from the red rubber bag, now full of warm water. Not wanting the moment to pass too quickly, Dan pressed the metal nozzle gently against the little pink aperture of Natalie’s anus.

“Oh!” Natalie said softly, surprised at yet another new sensation there, Dan suspected.

“Shh. Just open up, Miss Swindon.” Dan didn’t give her a choice, however, and seated the nozzle firmly inside her, though it made her whimper when he pressed it in deep enough that she couldn’t easily push it out.

He had laid the bag on the exam table, but now he picked it up and raised it slowly higher and higher, until he held it two feet above Natalie’s sweet backside. Natalie gave a soft, murmuring cry of surprise at the feeling, which Dan knew was by no means unpleasant despite the humiliation involved. The sight of his adorable girl, naked and bottom-up, with the red rubber bag attached to her bottom by hose and nozzle like a strange, unnatural tail, made Dan very hard, yet again.

But he got even harder as the sensation began to grow distinctly less pleasant for Natalie, and her little cooing whimpers turned into, “Oh… no… no… I can’t… Please, Dan, that’s enough, isn’t it?”

“Shh,” he said again. “I’m the doctor here. I decide what’s enough. We need to get you completely clean, to get you ready.”

“Oh, God… ready for… ready for what?”

“I think you know, Natalie.”

She was silent after that, except for a little groan when the bag was almost empty. He watched her bottom clench urgently and more strenuously the more fluid he made her take. Little Natalie Swindon was learning a stern lesson in just how much her doctor daddy liked to make her feel ashamed.

“Alright,” Dan said finally. “You’re going to hold your enema in for a few minutes. That’s part of your punishment. I want you to think about how you got here, having to hold in such a shameful burden. I’ll be back to take you to the toilet in a little while.”

“Oh, God… no… Dan, no… I can’t.”

“You can, my dear. You just don’t want to.” Shifting the empty bag to his left hand, he put his right between her legs and fondled her there, running his fingertips gently up and down her smooth pussy-lips. Natalie moaned helplessly, and extremely immodest noises came from the nozzle and the hose as she couldn’t keep from letting some of the fluid back out. At the humiliation, her wantonness flowed copiously into his hand, and she moved her pussy against his fingers like a cat trying to assuage its desperate need for a caress. “And yet you’re so aroused, you naughty girl,” Dan said, and took the nozzle out of her little anus.

He went to the bathroom, where he started the warm water running into the enormous tub. He had always wanted to fuck Natalie in a bathtub. As he washed the nozzle, he was rather surprised to find that although earlier in the day he had been longing to enjoy her in a very disciplinary style, perhaps over the side of the tub, he had a very different—a much gentler—desire now.

He returned to the room, where Natalie was giving voice to a continuous whine of discomfort. He transformed his manner, and became the loving paternal figure it seemed Natalie could sometimes bring out in him. He had never felt it quite as strongly as he did now.

“Sweet girl,” he said, “it’s time to go to the toilet.”

Perhaps realizing the difference in his tone, Natalie said, “Yes, daddy.” She had never called him that before, and Dan had never thought she might.

Dan helped her kneel up on the exam table, leaving the hospital gown behind, and then he lifted her off with ease and carried her to the bathroom, as the water inside her called forth little gasping whimpers. Dan held her close and kissed her brow three times, as he carried Natalie the few steps to the toilet and held her hand while she settled herself there.

Natalie sat gratefully and looked up at him.

“I’ll be staying here,” he said, but without his usual severity.

Natalie bit her lips and gave him an imploring look, but then she couldn’t hold the enema any more, and she had to close her eyes and let her bottom make its humiliating noises, as Dan looked on, his cock leaping at the look of passionate discomfort on Natalie’s face.

The bath was almost full, and Dan left Natalie on the toilet for the moment to put some bubble-bath in. Then he got a washcloth, wet it in the tub, and brought it over to Natalie.

“Feel better, sweet girl?” he asked.

“Yes, daddy,” Natalie said. Suddenly Dan loved being called ‘daddy.’ He didn’t think he wanted to do the candy and frilly-dresses thing, but the paternal role felt right, especially after having spent the day punishing this lovely creature.

He helped her off the toilet, and he wiped her bottom with the washcloth until her cute cheeks were completely clean. Natalie giggled all the while, saying “Oh, daddy,” when he took little liberties with his other hand, up front.

“Hop into the tub, Natalie,” Dan said, and she did.

“You’re coming in, too, aren’t you, daddy?”

“Oh, yes,” Dan said, and began to strip his clothes off.

When he was naked, Natalie said, from the tub where she was already covered in bubbles, “Skipper, may the first mate suck your cock?”

“Oh, yes,” Dan said. As he stood next to the tub, Natalie held her face just over the side of it, opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue. Dan took his cock on the fingers of his left hand, advanced the few inches necessary, and then he groaned at the sensation and the sight of having his cock in that pretty face. He put his hands behind his back, moved gently in and out with the motion of his hips, until he couldn’t stand it anymore, and said, “I’m coming in, sweet girl. Get ready to go for a ride.”

He pulled out of Natalie’s mouth as she giggled and said, “Aye, aye.”

The tub had a ledge that was perfect for sitting on and having a petite young lady ride one’s cock.

“We’ve never fucked this way before, have we?” Natalie asked.

“No,” Dan said. “Do you like it?”

“Oh, yes,” Natalie said. Her pussy gripped his cock deliciously as he made her do all the work, holding onto his shoulders and posting vigorously up and down.

“Do you like it with me?”

Natalie’s brow furrowed a little bit. Dan couldn’t tell if the expression of concentration came from arousal, for she had begun to build toward an orgasm that seemed like it would be very large, or from trying to figure out the answer to his question.

“Oh, God…” she said. The water sloshed more and more violently, and the bubbles began to crest over the side of the tub a little. “Oh, God… yes… with you, dad-daddy… daddy doctor daddy…” Her words became a scream of pleasure, and the sight brought Dan over the edge, too, though he was rarely able to come when he wasn’t the one controlling the rhythm. His own orgasm was almost painful as it forced him back against the tub, and he felt the muscles in his shoulders tense desperately, looking for release, until finally everything relaxed, and the pleasure of that relaxation flooded his body.

Silently, they dried one another, and, still naked, got into the big bed over which the exam table still loomed. Natalie snuggled up into Dan’s chest, kissing him there, and then turning her face up for a kiss on the lips.

“So you’re a real daddy, too?” she asked softly.

“I guess so,” Dan said, smiling. “Is that okay?”

“More than okay, daddy. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Natalie.”

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