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Her Doctor Daddy by Shelly Douglas – Extended Preview

Her Doctor DaddyHolding hands, Raul and Lexi walked into the main entrance of Pompano Regional Hospital and headed for the bank of elevators.

“Aren’t you afraid someone will see us together?” she asked, clasping his hand tightly.

After entering the elevator, Raul pressed the sixth floor button and watched as the heavy door closed. “You’re mine now, remember?” he said with a wink.

“Why can’t you do the exam? I’ve never even met Dr. Singleton.”

Intently, he eyed the numbers as they lit up in progression over the doors. “Because you need an OB-GYN to do a thorough exam and prescribe effective birth control for you. Come on, Lexi, we’ve been over all of this.”

“I know, but could you be in the room with me? I know it would make me feel better to have you there.”

“I don’t think it’ll be a problem for me to come in and hold your hand, but I’ll check with Dr. Singleton first, just to make sure it’s okay with him.”

After exiting the elevator and making a right hand turn, Raul opened the heavy office door for Lexi, who narrowed her eyes and muttered a few obscenities as she walked past him.

“Behave yourself, young lady,” he said in a low tone, closing the door behind them.

After they were greeted by a young woman sitting on the other side of a glass sliding door, she handed Lexi a clipboard with several forms attached. “Please fill these out and the doctor will see you soon. He hasn’t had a delivery today, so he’s running on schedule.”

As Lexi carried the papers to a chair in the waiting area, Raul cocked his head to see if he could catch a glimpse of a doctor walking by. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you standing there, Dr. Morales,” the attractive woman said. “Can I help you?”

“I just wondered if Dr. Singleton had a minute to see me before Lexi Roberts goes in for her examination.”

“Sure, as soon as he steps out of the exam room, I’ll tell him you’re here,” she said, looking behind her.

“Raul Morales, it’s always good to see you,” Dr. Singleton interrupted, energetically approaching the reception window. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Do you have time for a quick conversation?”

“Of course, Raul, come right in.”

“Wait right here—I’ll be back in a minute,” Raul said, turning to her. “And don’t get any ideas about leaving, young lady.”

Lexi peered up at him as she finished filling out the forms.

Dr. Singleton opened the door and extended his hand. After Raul briskly shook it, he closed the door, and the two disappeared into the large office.

“Take everything off, including your bra and underpants,” the nurse directed in a light tone. “The gown should be open in the front, and the sheet is to drape over your lap.” After laying the short blue worn-out fabric over the examining table, the attractive young woman tossed the folded material next to it and exited, closing the door behind her.

Lexi quickly undressed and donned the gown—the last thing she wanted was to be half naked when the doctor walked in. Attempting to sit in the thin, short material, she crossed her legs and briefly peered at the evil-looking silver stirrups jutting out from the long examining table, wondering what Raul and her new gynecologist could be discussing. And just as she unfolded the white, starched sheet to place over her bare thighs, a slight knock was heard on the heavy wooden door before it opened.

“Hi, Lexi, I’m Dr. Singleton.” A handsome tall man with reddish-brown hair abruptly retrieved a file from the clear acrylic folder on the back of the door and walked in reading it as Raul followed closely behind. “The request I received from Dr. Morales to sit in on your exam was a bit unusual, so I just want to double-check with you that it’s okay. Normally, a husband asks to accompany one of my patients, not a boyfriend.”

Lexi smiled, wondering if Raul had actually referred to himself as her boyfriend. “I’m a little nervous, so I hope it’s okay for him to stay with me during the exam.”

“Raul and I started working in this hospital about ten years ago and have been friends ever since, so I have no problem with his presence,” he said, turning to smile at his colleague. “Well, now that the formalities are behind us, let’s talk about why you’re here. It says on the form that this is your first gynecological exam and you are interested in obtaining some type of birth control.”

Raul’s face reddened and angled toward Lexi in disbelief that she’d lied to him. “Yes, that’s right,” she admitted, her cheeks radiating a blushing pink.

The doctor tossed the file folder onto the desk and washed his hands before coming to stand beside her. It was chilly in the exam room, so as he helped her to lie down, her nipples stiffened, tenting the fabric of the thin cotton gown. Pulling the open front further to the side, he exposed Lexi’s pert, full breast. “Place your right hand under the back of your head, please.”

Mortified that her exposed nipple was standing at attention, she wanted to cross her arms over her chest, but instead complied, with hopes that the exam would be over soon. The doctor’s warm fingertips massaged and probed her breast for what seemed like an eternity before tenderly swirling the supple, pillow-like circumference of her skin. And as she peered up at the ceiling, he finished by gently pinching her rock-hard rosy teat in between his thick fingers. “Just checking to see if there is any fluid,” he advised in a serious manner. “You can switch arms now, please.”

As Lexi swallowed nervously, she continued looking upward, trying to pretend she was home listening to records instead of lying half naked on a table with erect nipples in front of two men. But unfortunately, the doctor seemed interested in having a chat.

“Are you performing self-examinations on your breasts?”

Lexi shook her head and immediately looked over to Raul who instantly gave a slight wink, indicating that he had every intention of taking over the responsibility for that monthly procedure.

“After I give her a lesson, I’ll make sure we do it together every month.”

Dr. Singleton nodded his approval. “Okay, young lady. I’m going to need you to scoot your bottom down to the edge of the table.”

After watching the doctor lower himself onto the short black rolling stool in front of her, Lexi nervously complied, slowly inching her bare backside down along the length of the crinkled, sterile sheet of white paper. After switching on the bright lamp and donning his blue disposable examination gloves, he lifted his head. “A little further, please,” he said through pursed lips as he waited patiently before helping to place her feet in the stirrups. “Now drop your knees to the sides, and try to relax,” he continued, angling the light so that it shined fully on her exposed pussy, leaving her in an extremely embarrassing position before reaching for a metal hinged instrument that was shaped like a duck’s bill.

Lexi’s breathing became rapid and shallow as her body instantly sprang upward and her eyes widened. “Oh, my God, what is that?”

“I’m going to have a look at your vagina and cervix before extracting a small specimen. You’ll feel a little pressure, but try to relax when I insert this. It will make it less uncomfortable for you,” he said in a matter-of-fact tone, his head bending forward as he rolled his stool closer.

Lexi winced before looking over to Raul for moral support as the doctor inserted the hideous metal equipment inside her.

“You can hold her hand to lessen the anxiety,” Dr. Singleton mentioned over his shoulder, which had Raul leaping to his feet. The procedure took only a few minutes, and after collecting the sample, he slipped the large speculum from her vulva and said, “We’ll send this to the lab, and you can call us for a report in about seven days.”

She watched intently, wondering why he would be spurting a massive amount of lubrication onto a piece of thick, folded gauze, but had her answer as he dipped his large, gloved finger in it. “I’m going to have a closer look at the inside of you, now,” he warned in a low tone, leaning forward.

There was a hitch in her breath as his cold, wet fingers splayed her sex open to view her sensitive pink folds before sliding his thick extremity into her tight opening. Lexi squeezed Raul’s hand as the doctor continued deep into her dark canal, the pressure of her vaginal walls mounting as he pressed onto her soft lower belly. “Your uterus is tipped backward, but that’s not unusual. Everything else seems perfectly normal,” he said before his fingers casually slipped out.

Relieved that the examination was finally over, Lexi started to back herself up on the table, but Raul stopped her with a hand on her thigh. “Not yet, baby. I’m pretty sure Dr. Singleton isn’t done yet.”

Through narrowed icy blue eyes, she stared back at him. “Jesus. There’s more?”

Dr. Singleton approached her from the side, his gloved finger almost dripping with lubrication. “I need you to roll over, Lexi.”

“Oh, my God. What for?”

“You’re probably not going to like this, but a rectal exam is necessary. I can have you slide back down to the edge of the table, but it will be more comfortable on your knees,” he said, his evil-looking drenched finger still pointing in the air.

“Like he’d know which position would be more comfortable?” she sneered under her breath to Raul.

“That’s enough, young lady. Behave yourself and roll over,” Dr. Morales scolded, walking to the other side of the table. “I apologize for my girlfriend’s sass,” he said, turning to Dr. Singleton. “I’m sure it’s just her nerves speaking out loud,” he added, shaking his head, his jaw tightening. “Head down, and raise your tushy up, Alexa Lynn,” he instructed, firmly but gently.

Not happy about the compromising position she was about to be put in, Lexi tumbled over and growled at Raul as her gown instantly raised upward. With one warm, gloved hand on her back in an attempt to lower her, Dr. Singleton used the digit on his other to tap her tiny, crinkled hole. “I’m going to insert my finger deep into your bottom,” he said, rubbing and circling her puckered rim with the slippery substance before sliding the tip inside.

She groaned with embarrassment as his thick finger penetrated her ass and peered into Dr. Morales’ eyes as the pressure in her rectum mounted.

“Almost done,” Dr. Singleton said, slipping past the tight sphincter. “Try to relax and breathe through it, Lexi.”

As his wet extremity was about to slip from her backside, he rubbed the walls around the inside of her small furrowed hole, clockwise and then counterclockwise.

“Everything seems to be healthy and smooth in here,” he said, his long, thick digit slowly exiting her tense little rosette. “But don’t get up just yet,” he warned, removing his gloves to don another pair. “Unfortunately, our nurse forgot to take your temperature when you came in, and since you’re in the perfect position for it…”

“Nooo! Please, Raul. I don’t like this!” she pleaded with tears forming in her sad puppy dog eyes. “Only babies have their temperatures taken that way.”

“Not so… not so,” Dr. Singleton responded quietly, taking the rectal thermometer from the small bin filled with alcohol. “Your core temperature will be a good baseline for us to have in our records.” Wiping the silver bulbous tip dry with sterile gauze before dipping the clear rod into a container of thick jelly, he continued to speak to her in a soft but firm tone. “Keep very still for me, now. Once it is firmly seated inside you, there shouldn’t be any discomfort.”

Raul’s soothing fingers ran through Lexi’s silky blond hair as the corners of her lips curved downward. “Please tell him not to do this,” she pleaded and softly whined right before the cool sleek edge of the thermometer lightly poked into her snug rear entrance.

“Aaagh!” she yelped, squealing and squirming as the slick, dense end of the thermometer slid into her puckered anus effortlessly, followed by the rest of the slippery glass penetrating slow and deep. There was no actual pain involved, but having her temperature taken rectally by a handsome doctor that she’d just met completely heated her pink cheeks with humiliation.

Continuing to squirm, Lexi almost managed to push the instrument completely out of her bottom, but Dr. Singleton slid it back in firmly and squeezed her velvety buttocks together. “There’s no point in expelling this, young lady, because it will most certainly be inserted again, and there it will stay until it’s been inside your fanny for a full three minutes,” he scolded, holding the instrument in place as he steadied her with his other warm, gloved hand.

“Be a good girl, mi querida,” Raul warned before adding in a whisper, “Don’t you think you’re in enough trouble already?”

She closed her eyes and tried to relax as he gently stroked her head. Only he could mix a sweet endearment with a threat while there’s a thermometer poking out of my ass.

After checking the large round clock on the wall, Dr. Singleton slid the warm, wet instrument out of her backside as she sighed loudly.

“Can I get up now?” she asked along with a hefty eye roll.

“Yes, you may,” he corrected, cleaning the thermometer off with an alcohol wipe before placing it back into the purifying substance. “After you get dressed, we can talk about birth control in my office.”

“We’ll be in shortly for the discussion,” Raul said through tight lips, tipping his head toward the door. “Right after I have a few words with my girl.”

The doctor winked at him knowingly and left the exam room, closing the heavy door behind him.

After Lexi hopped off the table, Raul quickly gathered the crinkled, damp paper from the maroon vinyl surface and tossed it in the garbage before sitting down on the edge. Taking her by the wrist, he pulled her toward him.

“You said your last exam was about a year ago, but you’ve obviously never had one. Why would you lie to me about something like that?”

Looking down at her hands as if she was searching for an answer, she stuttered, “I-I’m not sure why I didn’t want you to know. Are you really angry with me?”

“Disappointed would be a better term,” he said, his large palm resting on her backside. “And then there was your rudeness to Dr. Singleton. Do you think my disrespectful girl should be punished?”

But before she could answer his rhetorical question, he grabbed her by the waist and effortlessly lifted her small frame over his lap. While he secured her body in position, Lexi’s short, thin medical gown shifted upward and over her pale buttocks.

“What I think you need is a firm hand on your bare bottom,” he declared with a crack to the middle of her naked fanny, the loud noise echoing off the empty, sterile walls.

“Owww!” she yelped in a high pitch, her cry of pain muffled through clenched teeth. “Please, Raul. Someone will hear.”

“Yes, I’m sure these rooms aren’t soundproof, so you’ll need to be extremely quiet while you take your punishment. And I don’t intend to stop until your heinie is bright red, so stay in position,” he warned as his wood-like palm rose and fell continuously on each side of her creamy mounds.

“Please! Stop that! It hurts!” she begged, squirming and writhing as he held her tight around the waist, raining swift swats across her tender ass.

“No one will come into this room until we leave it,” he assured, his large hand volleying from one cheek to another. “And I’m going to continue spanking this naughty bum until you promise never to lie to me again.”

“Oh, my God, no more! That hurts! I promise. I promise!”

“What exactly is my little one promising?” he asked, tucking her closer, while administering two sharp smacks to the tender underside of each lush, reddened soft globe.

“Never to lie to you, again. I promise!” she choked out as tears dripped onto the vinyl crimson-colored cushion, her backside burning like it was a bright campfire.

“Okay, okay. Good girl,” he whispered, smoothing and patting her red-hot flesh.

“Can I get up now, please?” she asked with large tears streaming down her face.

Nodding as she slid off his lap, he pulled her in close for a hug and kissed the side of her head while cupping and squeezing her fiery fanny in his large palm. “Come, I’ll help you put your panties on,” he said in a soothing tone, leading her by the hand to retrieve her clothes from the other side of the room.

With sobs fading into hiccups, she held onto his shoulders as he sat down on a chair and helped put her cotton bikini underpants on, sliding them up and over her flaming buttocks.

“Is your tushy good and sore, young lady?” he asked, wiping the tears that stained her wet, blushing cheeks.

Her head hung low as she responded. “Yes, sir.”

“It hurts to be spanked on your bare bottom, doesn’t it?”

“My dad never cared enough to discipline me,” she said, her round, blue eyes filling with tears again.

“Well, I certainly do,” Raul said lovingly, pulling her onto his lap.

“Would it be a bad thing if I called you daddy sometimes?” she asked with a bit of embarrassment, burrowing her head into his large chest.

Pulling in a long breath, his loving purr came from deep within. “I would love that, mi querida,” he said, rubbing circles on her back.

She smiled, soaking in his gentle attention, wishing she could stay wrapped in his safe, caring arms forever.

“Kitten, if Dr. Singleton writes you a prescription for birth control pills, it’s going to be very important that you not miss a day,” he said, gently lifting her chin. “Taking the correct dosage has to be your responsibility, and I’m going to trust that you’ll act like a grownup in that respect. I love taking care of you in every way, my little one, but this is an important adult decision that you need to be in charge of. Are you sure you want to do that?” He locked his gaze on hers, waiting patiently for an answer.

Her translucent blue eyes seemed to look through him. “Yes, Daddy,” she managed through one last dramatic hiccup. “I’m sure.”

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