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Her Doctor in Charge by Maggie Carpenter – Extended Preview

Her Doctor in Charge“I don’t think there’s anything seriously wrong with you, but I won’t know for sure until I give you a thorough exam.”

“And that’s what we’re going to do now?”

“After I spank you, and I’m spanking you for two reasons. The first, because you need to know that I mean business. I’m going to take charge of your well-being, and if you don’t follow my instructions, and I mean to the letter, Sybil, there will be consequences. It’s only fair that you know what those consequences are.”

“This is so weird,” she muttered.

“Unorthodox, perhaps, but not weird,” he said soberly.

“What’s the second reason?”

“Why don’t you tell me?”

“Because I lied,” she said heavily. “I deceived you, and Peter.”

“I must punish you for that. It’s important. We have to have a clean slate. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Dr. Dupont, believe it or not, I do,” she said quietly. “It’s still a bit weird though. What is it? Why are you looking at me that way?”

“I think perhaps I should tell you something about myself. Something that might help you to understand why spanking you isn’t weird for me.”

“Oh, okay. Wow.”

“If I want you to trust me, then I need to trust you. It goes both ways. Would you agree?”

“Uh, yes, I can see that,” she nodded.

“Do you know what a dominant is?”

“I do,” she said slowly. “Is that what you are, Dr. Dupont?”

“It is. So you see, spanking a naughty girl is second nature for me. Does that help make it feel less weird for you?”

“Yes,” she murmured, “and it also means you know what you’re doing.”

“Indeed,” he said, raising his eyebrows. “I think that covers everything. Now it’s time. Are you ready?”

“I suppose,” she replied. “What do you want me to do?”

“I know you have a fondness for leather, so I intend to deliver your first spanking with…”

“With what?” she asked, suddenly feeling a strange flip in her stomach. Daniel had placed the implement out of sight down the side of a sofa cushion, and watching her eyes widen, he pushed his hand down, withdrew a short, fat leather strap, and held it up dramatically.

“With this.”

“Sorry, but suddenly I can’t believe this is actually happening,” she stammered.

“That’s a natural reaction,” he said reassuringly as he rose to his feet. “Get on your knees on that armchair, place your hands on the arms, and arch your back.”

Slowly rising to her feet, she walked the few steps to the chair, and as she climbed up on the seat cushion and took up the position, he didn’t waste any time lifting her skirt above her waist. Her full round bottom was encased in red lace knickers, and he gazed at it fondly as he began to roam his hand across her seat.

“A few good smacks with my hand to warm your skin,” he declared, “then the strap. Are you ready?”

“Yes, doctor,” she mumbled.

As he lifted his hand, Dr. Daniel Dupont had no idea that his new patient was deliriously happy.

Lady Sybil Sinclair was a lonely submissive who had been craving a dominant. A man to scold and spank her, a man to love and adore her, and as the handsome Dr. Dupont landed the first hot smack, she gripped the arms of the chair and let out a long, silent, satisfied sigh.

His take-charge attitude had tickled her submissive imagination from the moment she’d met him, and it didn’t hurt that Dr. Dupont was more than easy on the eyes. He had that something that dominants possessed. It wasn’t just confidence, it was a unique kind of confidence, and she’d immediately seen it in Dr. Dupont. He had it in spades, but the last thing she’d expected was to end up on her knees with her dress up around her waist, and her butterflies fluttering in a wild dance as his hand bounced off her cheeks.

His punishing palm was hot and carried a significant sting, and Sybil gasped as he whisked his slaps across her sit spot, but even as she wriggled in both joy and pain, she was very aware that her glistening dew would soon be evident against the satin gusset of her panties, and he would know she was totally turned on. What would he do then?

“Sybil, pay attention and listen carefully,” he said, abruptly pausing his hand.

“Like I have a choice,” she quipped, then immediately wondered why she’d talked back to him.

“Did you just say what I think you said?”

“I, uh…”

“Are you testing me already?”

“You know I can be difficult,” she said defensively.

“Then perhaps I should take this opportunity to illustrate what will happen,” he declared, and raising his hand, he launched a volley of hard slaps.

“Ow, ow! Okay, I’m sorry,” she yelped.

The severity of the flurry of smacks had taken her by surprise. The good doctor meant business, and though she was still overjoyed at the unexpected turn of events, she realized she’d better take him seriously or her bottom would most certainly pay the price.

“I almost believe you,” he said as he picked up the strap.

“Honest, I am sorry,” she bleated, “and I am listening.”

“Just as well,” he said, laying the leather implement against the center of her cheeks. “I’m going to apply six solid licks. As they land you’re to think about your dishonesty, and something else we didn’t discuss. Your blatant exhibitionism. What I witnessed at the club was shameful, absolutely shameful,” he scolded. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, doctor,” she replied, gripping the arms of the chair. “I’m ready.”

The first blow sent a searing heat through her skin, and when the second hit just below the first, she let out a yelp and squeezed her eyes shut.

“No more boozing. Do we understand each other?” he demanded, lightly tapping the strap an inch below the angry red mark of his last stroke.

“Yes, doctor,” she gasped.

“No more lies,” he declared as he landed the third.

It hit with a biting fire, and unable to stop herself, Sybil threw her hands behind her, grabbing at her scorched seat.

“Three seconds to rub,” Daniel declared, “then your hands go back and they’re not to move again. Understood?”

“Ooh, yes, doctor,” she mewled.

“One. Two. Three.”

His count had been slow and she was grateful. It had given her a chance to catch her breath, and as she slowly moved her hands back into position, it dawned on her that his leisurely, measured count had been purposeful, that it had been a subtle act of kindness.

“I’ll not pause between the next three,” he warned. “This is what will happen if you don’t follow my instructions. A sore, well-punished bottom will be the consequence for any disobedience while you’re under my authority. Are you ready?”

“Yes, doctor.”

Lifting the strap, he dispatched three solid strokes one after the other, the last against her tender sit spot, and he heard her sharp intake of breath and saw her knuckles turn white. Tossing the leather strap on the couch, he stood beside her, circled her waist with his arm, and began to smooth his comforting palm over her hot, burnt backside, but as he administered his soothing caress, his eye spied her tell-tale wetness. The gusset of her panties was soaked. The sight caused an instant reaction and his cock suddenly stirred from its semi-sleep.

“I hope the next time you find yourself tempted to make a spectacle of yourself you’ll remember this moment and think twice,” he said sternly, doing his best to ignore what was happening in his trousers. “You are a lovely young woman, and you should act like one. There’s no excuse, none whatsoever. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“You’re right,” she murmured. “I, uh, have my reasons for being at the club, but I was out of control the night I was dancing on the table. I don’t usually do that. The dress I was wearing, how much I drank, it was over the top, and I should have told you the truth when I first came in.”

“It’s time for your examination,” he declared, dropping her dress back across her glowing behind. “Climb off the chair, please.”

“Oh, right, my examination?” she muttered as she moved her feet carefully onto the floor.

“Are you all right?”

“Uh-huh, it’s just, my butt hurts, and I feel I hot,” she said softly. Deliciously, wonderfully hot. “And I think I could use a hug.”

He felt a piece of his heart melt, and wordlessly put his arms around her. As she sank against him, he couldn’t help but close his eyes and breathe in her scent. Her hair smelled of orange blossoms, and her body fit perfectly against his. Though he told himself she was just another patient, a special patient, a patient he had taken a particular interest in, but a patient nonetheless, he knew something more was stirring inside him.

“Thank you,” she said softly as she pulled back.

“Hugs are available any time,” he promised.

“May I ask you something?”

“Yes, of course. You can ask me anything.”

“Why didn’t you give me a complete exam when I first came in, or when I was here the other times?”

“That’s a good question,” he replied. “As a physician I have two powerful tools at my disposal. Science, and my instinct. Your first appointment was squeezed in, and I had very little time. If you remember the nurse took your vitals and everything was normal. Bloodwork was the fastest way to see if there was anything truly out of whack, but I had the feeling your tests would come back normal. They did.”

“So why the exam now?” she prodded.

“This will be part of a general physical. When you first came in, it was about headaches and fatigue.”

“Oh, I see,” she nodded.

“Come through here,” he directed, walking her to a nearby door. “Go behind the screen and take off all your clothes. There’s a gown waiting for you. I’ll join you in a moment.”

Peering inside, she saw an expansive, ultra-modern, sparkling white and grey medical room, complete with a wide examination bed. When he’d drawn her blood, she had been in a small room with not much more than some cabinets, a desk, and a couple of chairs.

He watched her as she walked across the room, her hands rubbing her butt through her skirt, and disappeared behind the fabric-covered partition. Satisfied, he closed the door, retrieved the strap from the couch, returned it to his locked desk drawer, then sat down in his large, dark grey leather chair. He needed to gather his wits. The girl was having a serious effect on him, and his cock was continuing to surge to life. His reaction had crossed the line from professional to personal, just as it had when he’d stared out the window of his office hoping she’d arrive.

“Interesting,” he muttered as he idly moved his hand over his stirring cock. “Am I really attracted to her, or is this because I do so enjoy naughty girls? She’s definitely a naughty girl, but this feels like something more. As my father always said, let it develop, son. Let it develop.”

While Daniel was taking his five-minute break, Sybil was nervously tying the green cotton gown around her waist, and as she knotted the sash she tried to calm her nerves. In a totally unexpected way her wish had come true; well, almost. For endless months she had been praying that she would meet a dynamic dominant who would smack her bottom, then take her in his arms and possess her body. A man she could admire and adore, a man to whom she could surrender.

She’d met a dominant, that part was true, and been spanked for the first time in far too long, that part was also wonderfully true, but the idea that the authoritative Dr. Dupont might become more than her dishy doctor was difficult to fathom. First, he wasn’t exactly young. He wasn’t old, but he wasn’t in his twenties as she was. Second, he was attractive, but he didn’t have the trendy haircut or the cool clothes, though she hadn’t seen him outside the office. Maybe he did wear cool clothes when he wasn’t being the smart, erudite, articulate medical professional.

“Even if I wanted something to happen between us, there’s no point in me even thinking about it,” she mumbled. “He’s my doctor. He might not be your average, ‘take these pills and call me in a week’ kind of doctor, but he’s still my doctor. Why, oh, why did my Sir Lancelot have to be him? Bugger.”

Hearing the door open and close, she peeked around the screen. He had returned and was moving to the slate grey cabinets mounted on the wall near the exam table. Like everything else in the room they were glossy and spotless. Even the bench underneath them offered no jars of cotton wool or swabs, no bottles of alcohol, none of the usual items she was used to seeing in a physician’s examining room. She watched as he withdrew several items and placed them on the counter, then he turned around, and reaching behind the head of the table, he pulled out a white sheet and draped it over the foam pad.

“Are you going to just stand there and watch me?” he asked, raising his head.

“I, uh, didn’t want to get in your way,” she stammered.

“You won’t be in my way. Come over here, please.”

Doing her best to calm her thumping heart, she padded across the room, surprised by the feel of the floor under her bare feet. It was almost spongy, and it was warm.

“They’re special tiles,” he explained as she paused to stare down at them. “They’re kept at a comfortable temperature, and they’re made of a unique material that’s soft to walk on. It’s comforting for the patients, and for the nurse and me it’s good for our backs. We’re on our feet much of the day.”

“How extraordinary,” she muttered.

“Come and sit on the edge of the table.”

Continuing toward him, she glanced up and caught his gaze. She’d never noticed how deeply blue his eyes were, and how dark his hair. It was a captivating contrast, and as he took her hand to help her up, she was shocked at the softness of his skin. How could a palm so smooth carry such a sting?

“Open wide, please.”

Taking a thin wooden stick, he pressed down her tongue and shone a light toward the back of her throat.

“Say aah.”


“Is your throat sore?” he asked as he removed it.

“A bit, not much,” she replied.

“It’s slightly inflamed, probably from all the yelling you have to do to be heard over the music at the club, and the secondhand smoke you’ve been inhaling probably doesn’t help.” Frowning, he added, “You don’t smoke, correct?”

“Not really, maybe if someone offers me a cigarette when I’m out, but I don’t buy any. It’s not a habit.”

“Hmm. What about weed? Do you indulge?”

“Uh, yes, sometimes.”

“Any other drugs? The truth.”

“Sometimes I take diet pills if I’m running low on energy,” she said quietly, unexpectedly feeling ashamed of the admission.

He made a grunting sound that sounded disapproving, then checked her ears before flicking off the instrument’s light and placing it back on the counter.

“I’m going to check your glands now,” he said softly, and placing his hands around her neck, he moved them under her jaw and gently probed as he journeyed them below her ears.

Sybil closed her eyes. His touch was heavenly, and she could imagine his fingertips roaming over her body.

Please, lower them and check my breasts, oh, please lower them.

Her silent prayer went unanswered as he stepped away from the table and picked up the equipment to measure her blood pressure. He wrapped it around her upper arm, and as he pumped and the band squeezed, she let out a sigh. She loved the feeling, she always had.

“A bit elevated,” he remarked, “but given the circumstances that’s to be expected.”

He briskly unwrapped her arm and placed the equipment on the counter, then picking up a thermometer, he turned to face her.

“Time to take your temperature,” he announced.

Dutifully, Sybil opened her mouth.

“No, not that way,” he said casually.

“I don’t understand,” she frowned. “Oh, is that one of those ear thingies?”

“No, it isn’t one of those ear thingies, as you call it. I’ll be taking your temperature the old-fashioned way. On to your hands and knees on the table, please.”

Daniel watched her closely. It took a minute for his words to sink in, and when they did she turned a deep shade of crimson, dropped her eyes, and stared down at her hands.

“What do you mean?” she mumbled.

“You know exactly what I mean,” he replied, his voice carrying a no-nonsense sharpness.

“From, uh, behind?”


“Why do you have to do it like that?” she muttered, her eyes still lowered.

“Because I say we do, and I’m in charge. I’m the doctor,” he said briskly.

“What difference will it make? I mean, my temperature is my temperature, regardless of where you stick that thermometer.”

“I’ll count to three, and if you’re not up on that table and in position I shall be very disappointed,” he said soberly. “You have agreed that I am in charge. Have you changed your mind already?”

“No,” she breathed, her face scalding.

“Then do as you’re told.”

Sighing heavily, she turned around and crawled on to her hands and knees.

“That’s better. Lower yourself onto your elbows and spread your legs.”

“Must I?” she whimpered.

“Yes, you must,” he said firmly.

As she lowered herself down and wriggled her knees apart, she felt him slide the gown over her upturned buttocks. The thin cotton robe slipped across her back, leaving her utterly exposed. Never had she felt so totally embarrassed, but she couldn’t deny the thrill that was suddenly surging through her body. When he pulled her left cheek aside and pushed home the thermometer, she grit her teeth, suppressing not just a groan, but the desire to beg him to finger her pussy as he performed the lewd medical task.

“Humiliating, isn’t it?” he asked casually.

“Extremely,” she mewled, “and I still don’t know why you had to do it.”

“I’m going to put something into perspective for you,” he said, lowering his voice. “You should be far more humiliated by what you did at the club. When I saw you I was shocked at your disgraceful behavior. The dress was nothing but a thin piece of cheap, glittery material barely covering your body. It was utterly superfluous, and you were shaking your breasts and bottom in an obscene manner. I won’t even start with the makeup you were wearing. The entire display was shameful.”

His scolding words had been delivered with a calm but chastising energy that made her already red face flame an even brighter crimson, and a wave of ignominy crashed over her, turning her to jelly. She didn’t know what to say, and was barely aware when he withdrew the thin glass tube.

“Normal,” he announced.

The embarrassing exercise was over and she let out a breath, but to her shock her relief was short-lived. Seconds later he pulled her cheek aside a second time, and pushed something significantly larger slowly forward.

“Wha, wha, what are you doing?” she gasped. “What is that?”

“A medical device used for examination purposes. That’s all you need to know. Be still, please.”

It was a half-truth. Daniel was nudging home an average-sized dildo smeared with lubricant. The ‘examination purpose’ was his desire to see how accepting she would be, and to his surprise she wasn’t resisting, not one bit. Was the girl a devotee of anal sex? Her soaked pussy seemed to bear witness that she was thoroughly aroused by everything he was doing, and the erotic sight was sending a surge of lust through his loins.

Sybil squeezed her eyes shut as the intruder remained impaled up her backside, but she had been trained to accept such things, which had allowed its effortless passage. Now that it was fully inserted she remained still and quiet, then she thought perhaps she should object, even if just a little.

“Please, can you take it out?” she finally whimpered.

“I believe everything seems to be in order,” he declared, “so yes. Just relax.”

“Relax? How can I relax?”

He had to smile. She was putting on an act. She might be humiliated, but he was convinced she wasn’t mortified or horrified. She had accepted the dildo with ease.

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and count to ten as you exhale.”

She did as he said, and when she felt the invader slip from her bottom, she sank her head into her hands and let out a long sigh, but it wasn’t a sigh of relief, it was a sigh of frustration. She wanted more, much more. She wanted his fingers to explore her pussy and knead her breasts until she was begging to come. She wanted his mouth to wrap around her nipples, then move to her lips and crush them in a fervent, passionate kiss as his cock slid inside her. She wanted him. She wanted him desperately!

“Good girl,” he said reassuringly. “Things go so much more smoothly when you’re being cooperative. Onto your back, please.”

“I think I’ve had enough,” she whimpered, hoping it would hide her intense hunger, worried that what he’d seen at the club had made him think she was a harlot. She wasn’t, she was just a sub craving a dominant, but not just any dominant. She was suddenly craving him.

“Enough of what?” he asked as he watched her move from the salacious position on her elbows and knees to sit on the edge of the table.

“This examination of yours.”

“It’s necessary! Please lie down.”

His directive was calm but authoritative, his intoxicating voice deep and warm. Feeling almost dizzy, she shuffled onto her back, and as she saw him pull out the stirrups, a fresh rush of hot moisture flowed between her legs. He was finally going to probe her, and she couldn’t wait to feel his fingers explore her pussy. As she leaned back and stared up at the ceiling, she felt his hand wrap around her ankle and put her foot in the steel cup. Closing her eyes and sinking into the moment, she couldn’t suppress a long, soft moan.

“Are you all right, Sybil?”

“Yes,” she managed. “I just, uh, didn’t expect all this.”

“If you’re truly uncomfortable we can reschedule.”

“Uh, no, that’s all right. I’ll be fine.”

He positioned her other foot, and she immediately opened her knees. Daniel paused. It was not the reaction of a woman who felt shy or embarrassed; it was an invitation to continue. All his assumptions were correct. She was totally enamored with everything he was doing. Having already rolled his stool into position, he sat down and pulled on his gloves, and as he glanced at the glistening pink flesh of her swollen cunnie, his cock won its battle. He was as stiff as steel.

“I’m afraid this will have to be rather basic,” he muttered as he moved the snake-light to shine its beam directly on her private parts.

“Basic?” she repeated. No, take your time, keep me here for hours, inspect every part of me.

“Yes. I just noticed how much time had passed. I do apologize. I’ll do a quick check now and set up a longer appointment time for you next week.”

She didn’t respond, but as he gently slid his finger into her depths, he heard a sharp intake of breath. Leaving his finger inserted, he rose to his feet and moved to her side.

“Let me know if anything hurts,” he said kindly as he pressed on her abdomen.

“I’m fine, nothing hurts,” she mumbled. It feels amazing, it feels absolutely fucking amazing. Don’t stop. Don’t ever, ever stop.

Her voice had been barely audible, and glancing up he saw her eyes were closed, her lips were slightly parted, and her face was bathed in a warm, pink glow. She was lost in his attention, and for the briefest of moments he considered taking things further and applying the methods used in the Victorian era, but rubbing her to a climax would not only catapult their relationship forward, his cock would never forgive him if he didn’t then slide inside her glorious womanhood, and that would most definitely be out of order.

“Everything appears correct,” he declared as he reluctantly slid his finger from her hot, wet grotto, “but as I said, you’ll have to come back. You may drop your feet and sit up.”

“Uh, but you, uh, haven’t checked my breasts,” she said softly.

“No, I haven’t. It can wait, unless you’d rather me do that now.”

Sybil was aching to feel his fingers mold her mounds, and as she lifted her eyes and gazed up at him, her eyes fell on his lips. They were pinker and fuller than most men’s lips, and she could imagine them kissing their way across her body, lingering endlessly on her nipples.

“Sybil? Do you want me to check them now?”

“Yes, please,” she murmured.

“Very well. Untie your robe, please.”

He’d almost denied her. His cock was pressing urgently against his trousers, and examining her naked tits would do nothing to help his state, but the desire to see them overcame his resistance. He watched her unknot the sash at her waist, then languidly move her arms from the wide sleeves, slipping them slowly down. She didn’t have to remove the robe, she could have just allowed his hands to slip between the open folds of fabric, but she had leisurely slid it from her shoulders in a salaciously suggestive manner.

“Lie back down, please,” he said, hoping his voice sounded appropriately formal and was effectively covering the craving state of both his mind and body.

She held his gaze as she lowered herself back, but when he brought his fingers to her breasts and began to palpitate, her eyes fell closed of their own accord. His touch was heavenly, and as she surrendered to the momentary pleasure, her wish, her hope, her fervent prayer was that he would slip his finger back inside her hungry, soaked channel.

Try as he might, Daniel could not maintain a professional distance. Her tits were full and fleshy, and though he did perform the examination with expertise, he lingered his fingers, molding and squeezing beyond what was required. Her body was mesmerizing, and he wanted to run his tongue over every inch of her, starting with her pink, puckered nipples. They were calling him to gently suck, and he knew once between his lips he would draw them into his mouth and tongue them until she was begging him to fuck her. Finally taking a deep breath, he managed to step away. He wanted a shot of Scotch, then his massaging hand on his bursting penis bringing forth the desperately needed release. Walking to the nearby sink, he turned on the faucets and filled a paper cup, then gulped down the water as he attempted to pull himself together.

“Dr. Dupont?”

Turning around, he saw her staring at him with half-closed eyes.

“Yes, Sybil?”

“Did everything feel okay?”

“Everything felt very okay,” he nodded, hoping his eyes didn’t betray his burning lust. “Please get yourself dressed and I’ll wait for you in my office. We must have a serious talk before you leave.”

“Are you sure you’re out of time?” she asked, her voice tinged with hope.

“I’m afraid so. We’ll include a more thorough exam as part your next appointment.”

Sparking chemistry was firing through the small space between them, and while Daniel was able to hide behind a thin veneer of professionalism, Sybil was having a much more difficult time keeping her composure. Her lonely nights, and even more disturbing, her memories of awkward evenings with fumbling, inept lovers, were floating through her brain, and standing before her was a real, live, in-the-flesh dominant who had reddened her backside, and whose touch had made her almost delirious with joy, and she was aching for him to mercilessly ravage her.

“Sybil, are you all right?”

“Yes, it’s just everything is a bit weird,” she managed.

“I suppose it is,” he said warmly. “When you first walked into my office a month ago, you were petulant and aloof, bordering on rude. Now look at you. I’ve finally met the real Sybil. I’m sure it was a bit scary to let down your guard, and I’m very honored that you did that for me. Thank you.”

“Uh, yes, it was,” she nodded, then added, in a breathy, vulnerable voice, “I think I could use another hug.”

“Of course, hugs are always available,” he said, quickly stepping back to the table.

Sybil pushed herself up to a sitting position and brought her arms around his neck, and as his amazingly strong arms engulfed her, she closed her eyes and melted against him. His hold was warm and protective and she never wanted it to end. She wanted to tell him the truth about herself, why she’d been at the club, and how she craved the very special attention only a dominant could offer, but as she tried to muster the courage to spill out her story, he pulled back and looked at her fondly.

“Feel better now?” he asked tenderly.

“Yes, thank you,” she murmured, and no. I’ll only feel better when I’m lying naked with you somewhere and you’re ravishing me, but that’s probably all just a foolish dream. You probably have a girlfriend, maybe even a wife. How could you not be attached?

“You’re welcome. Get dressed, and as I said, I’ll be waiting for you in my office.”

She watched him walk briskly from the room, and slipping off the table, she padded unsteadily across to the screen.

“I’m going to find out about you, Dr. Dupont,” she muttered, “and if you’re single I’m coming after you. Shoot, maybe I will even if you’re not single.”

In his office, Daniel was downing a shot of Scotch. He closed his eyes as the spicy liquor glided down his throat, then placing the crystal tumbler back on the tray, he ran his fingers through his mop of black hair and walked to his desk. Rarely was he taken by surprise, especially when it came to matters of the heart, but his unexpected, heady attraction to Lady Sybil Sinclair was just that, a surprise. Dropping into his chair, he spun it around to face the windows. It was raining, a common sight, and with winter around the corner the wet stuff would be a daily event, eventually turning into snow. Gazing at the raindrops splattering against the glass, he wished he’d be sharing the chilly nights curled up in bed with the spunky, mysterious girl getting dressed behind the screen in his examining room. It was strange how she’d slipped under his skin. She wasn’t at all like the type of woman he usually dated.

Mostly they were tall, though often made so because of the heels they wore. They generally dressed in dark, pin-striped power suits, and were professional women who craved his dominant skill because they were in charge all day, and needed time off from their heavy responsibilities. They needed to give up control and be controlled. Sybil was nothing like that. Sybil was a woman-child.

“Still,” he mumbled. “I do have a weakness for naughty girls.”

He’d had a few in his time, and he’d enjoyed them immensely, but the more he thought about her, the more he realized Sybil wasn’t like those bratty girls either. He wasn’t sure what she was.

“Perhaps that’s part of the allure,” he mumbled. “She doesn’t fit into any kind of mold. I must know more about her. A lot more.”

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