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Her Mafia Daddies: A Mafia Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel – Extended Preview

I look to Tyler—he’s the one who’s been the most generous with information. “Can you please tell me something? Anything? At least tell me how long I’ll be here for.”

“Awhile.” He gives me a look that tells me not to question his answer. “Till we know you’re safe.”

“Safe from what? Darren? Do you really think he’ll come after me again after running into the two of you?” What else are they not telling me? What happened to Darren? “Wait… what did you do to him?”

No answer.

“Tell me.”

No answer.

“Game over. Tell me now.” I throw the covers back. Noah’s the furthest from the bed so I choose his side to get out on. My feet sink into the plush rug. I’m barefoot? Where are my shoes?

Noah growls. “Get back in bed.”

“No.” I put my hands on my hips, standing my ground, meeting his dark gaze. “Tell me, or I walk.”

Noah rises to his full height of six feet and some change, towering over me like a wall of muscles. He slides his arms out of his black leather jacket, tossing it onto a chair beside the bed. “I think you’d best get back in your bed, little girl.”

“No.” My throat feels tight. I swallow, trying to take a step back from him, the backs of my legs bumping into the edge of the bed. “I’m done with this. Tell me what’s going on.”

He steps toward me, grabbing my arm. “We aren’t playing games. You need to learn what we say, goes. And there’s no better time to teach you than right now. With you lying over my lap and my hand punishing your ass.”

Hold up. A spanking? This man thinks he is going to spank me?

Hell, no!

My anxiety is nowhere in sight. The only emotion I’m feeling is anger. The audacity of this prick, to tell me he’s going to spank me.

“You think you are going to kidnap me, give me no answers and I’m just going to stand for it? You think you’re going to keep me in bed? You’d have to tie me to it. I’m getting the hell out of here.” I got to move past him.

“Would you prefer to be tied up?” He grabs my wrists. “Because that can be arranged.”

Tie me up? Spank me?

Why are his harsh words and the tight hold he has on my wrists making me feel warm and wet between my thighs?

I can’t let this happen, not without a fight. “Fuck you.” I tug at my wrists.

Despite my resolve, I wilt under Noah’s hard gaze. “We’ve got a feisty little girl who not only doesn’t want to obey, but also has a dirty mouth. Tyler, tell her what we do with bad girls.”

Tyler’s at Noah’s side, his gaze heavy on mine, his blue eyes glinting. “We punish them until they know how to behave.”

Noah sits on the bed, and to my horror, he pulls me right over his lap. He drags my arms behind me, pinning them to my lower back. My belly presses against his hard thighs.

Humiliation fills me.

I’m lying over this stranger’s lap, another one observing the whole thing. This can’t be happening. “Let me go! You have no right to do this to me!”

“Do what to you? Say it. Tell me what you’ve earned.” Noah’s hand comes crashing down over my jeans. His palm hits my ass and the pain bursts across my curves.

I’ve never been spanked and I’m shocked by the intensity. “Holy shit, that hurt!” I wriggle, struggling to get away, but his grip is so firm as he holds me down.

He spanks me again.

“Ow! What the fuck.”

“Tsk tsk, that filthy mouth again. Bad, bad girl.” His hand goes to my jeans, sneaking around my waist, unbuttoning them. “Looks like these jeans are going to have to come down.”

“Please.” A low whine rises in the back of my throat. How humiliating. To not only be spanked, but then to have my panties exposed to this stranger? I can’t handle it. “Don’t.”

He’s merciless, pulling down my jeans, tugging them over my hips, my panties now visible to him. Which ones am I even wearing? I give an inward groan as I remember putting on panties covered in little cupcakes in celebration of my birthday.

Could this possibly get any worse?

“You haven’t even obeyed my first command. I’d hate to have to pull these cute little panties down, too. What are these? Cupcakes?” He smooths his hand over my ass.

Tyler stands before me. I’d forgotten he was even watching. Now he’s running his hand over my panties, too. “It’s the only way she’ll learn. Naughty girls learn their lessons best on the bare. Let’s get these pulled down.”

“No!” I can’t let that happen. I can’t have my bare bottom exposed to two strangers. Think, Junie. Tell him whatever he wants to hear. What did he even ask me to do?

Noah pats my ass. “Don’t keep Daddy waiting.”

Did he just say Daddy? What the fuck? I must have misheard him… surely I misheard him. Now I really can’t think.

“Time’s up.” Noah’s fingers hook into the waistband of my panties and he pulls them down.


The cool air rushes over my bare ass.

I let out a groan. He slides his hand over my bare ass, making chill bumps rise on my skin and then he lifts it, bringing it back down in a hard smack.

The pain is so much worse without my jeans and panties. He spanks me again and again, his hand alternating from my right cheek to my left cheek and back. “Now, tell me what Daddy said will happen to you when you don’t listen to us.”

Okay, so I did not mishear him. He for sure said Daddy, and now his hand is spanking my bare ass, harder and harder while he waits for my answer. “What have you earned yourself, young lady?”

“Oooohhh, uhn… that hurts.” I force myself to say the humiliating words. “A spanking!” It’s so shameful to say them out loud. “You said I’d earn a spanking.”

“Good girl. You’re learning fast.” He gives me several more spanks, the pain now covering my entire bottom, my flesh burning and stinging. “Any time you disobey us, you’ll find yourself being punished just like this. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

He smooths his hand over my aching bottom. “Good girl.” He brings me up, making me stand before him, my jeans and panties down around the curve of my bottom.

With shaking fingers, I quickly tug up my clothing, zipping and buttoning my jeans.

I can’t meet their eyes.

Tyler puts his hand on my shoulder. “To answer your question, Darren won’t bother you anymore.”

I push his hand away. “He won’t bother you anymore is basically scary movie code for he’s dead. You killed him.” I look from Tyler to Noah. My stomach ties in knots. They don’t deny my accusations.

Who are these men?

And why are they demanding my submission and punishing me when I don’t obey? What kind of danger am I in?

I start to shake.

“You’ll be safe with us. But you have to obey.” Tyler closes the distance between us, taking me into his arms. “We will take care of you.”

For one beat of my heart, I’m lost in those blue eyes as his arms wrap around me. His scent reaches me. Masculine and clean, that sexy aftershave reaching me. Despite every warning bell screaming in my mind, I rest my head on his chest, pressing my cheek against his cool, starched shirt.

His hand glides over my hair. His mouth finds my ear, his breath tickling my earlobe. “It’s okay. We’ve got you now. I promise we’ll keep you safe.”

Noah’s hand rests on my back. I should pull away, but I find the weight calming, reassuring. When he speaks his tone is softer than the one he used when he punished me. “You’re going to be fine. We’ll tell you everything as soon as we can. Until then, you just have to trust us.”

Why am I melting into Tyler? Leaning into Noah’s touch, the same hand that just mercilessly spanked my bare bottom? But I find myself relaxing in their arms and something inside me shifts.

I feel… protected.

I have to trust them. What other choice do I have?

Tyler’s mouth moves from my ear to my forehead. He lays a kiss on my skin that’s soft, but firm. A declaration of his promise to keep me safe. I find myself wondering what it would feel like to have his lips on mine.

Noah’s hand moves across my lower back. He draws nearer until I’m wrapped in Tyler’s arms, with Noah at my side. He smooths my hair back over my shoulder, and kisses my cheek.

His lips move, light as a whisper, to the base of my neck. Where he places a chaste kiss. The least invasive of any kiss I’ve had from a man and yet… the most sensual.

Why am I letting this happen?

Why am I letting them touch me like this, kiss me like this?

And why is there something in me that longs for them to touch me more?

I’ve found my virgin self sandwiched between two men who’ve punished me, demanded my obedience, and—so be it.

Maybe it’s the devil in me, but I find myself reaching back, running my hand through Noah’s dark hair. It feels like silk. I rub my other hand over the crisp shirt covering Tyler’s broad chest, feeling the hard muscles that lie beneath it.

My lips part and from them fall a single word. “More.”

Noah has one hand holding my hip, the other sliding up the back of my neck into my hair. Delicious shivers dance down my spine. His body presses against me, and I can feel the warmth from his skin through his tee shirt. Noah moves his mouth slowly, kissing that delicate bit of flesh on my neck without an ounce of chastity this time. Sucking lightly, then nipping with his teeth.

It sends tingling waves of euphoria through me, hitting me in my core.

Tyler’s kisses move to my cheek. To the corner of my mouth, his skin smooth against mine. Then land fully on my lips. The kiss is possessive yet sweet and it takes the breath from my lungs, making me question why I was ever wary of this man. I have the strange, niggling feeling growing in my belly that I’m… home.

Home—my mom. It’s got to be after eleven by now—the Saddle Sore closes at eleven—and I’m sure she’s home, sleeping, but still. Even though she’s not worried about me, I feel like I should check in, if I’m going to be staying here.

For however long they decide to keep me.

This is craziness.

I try to think clearly.

I pull back from Tyler, abrupt and jarring, my eyes opening. “I need to let my mom know that I’m not coming back.”

Noah slides his hand from my hair. Tyler’s hands leave my body. Noah leaves one hand on my hip.

Tyler looks to Noah. “I’ll take care of it.” He cups my face in his hand and kisses my forehead gently, then leaves the room.

I’m alone with Noah. He pulls me into him. “Tyler will think of something to let her know you’re okay, that you’ll be away for a while, without worrying her.”

Even though I’m wondering what it would feel like to have him kiss me too, I pull away.

But he moves in, sliding his hand behind my head, pulling my mouth to his.

His lips are soft and warm, the scruff of his five o’clock shadow rough against my face. His kiss is hard and feverish, taking what he wants.

My knees go weak.

He breaks the kiss, holding his hand in my hair. “Do us all a favor and be a good girl.”

Heat rises in my face and I pull away.

There’s a light knock on the open door.

We break apart and I find Lulu hovering by the door.

She pushes past Noah, grabbing my arm. “We’ve got to get going.”

“She needs rest.” He gives her a stern look.

Lulu looks me up and down. “She looks fine to me. Look at that flush in her cheeks.”

“I feel fine.” Other than the confusion in my mind and the soreness in my ass, I am fine.

“Come, let’s go. I’m sure I’ve got something that will fit you.” She pulls me across the floor.

“Why would I need to change?” I give Noah a look, but he lets me go. Her hand is tight around mine. She’s tall with long legs and I have to prance to keep up with her. “Where are we going?”


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