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Her Master at Last by BJ Wane – Extended Preview

Her Master at Last“Kneel on the bed, ass up, legs spread, head down.”

Morgan crawled onto the bed and got into position, the frantic beating of her heart a mixture of excitement and trepidation. At twenty-seven years old, she’d had a total of three lovers, including her one-night stand on the evening of her graduation when she lost her virginity to a guy she barely knew after Jack rejected her. She had never allowed her fiancé or the guy she had a six-month affair with to take her this way. Way too conscious of her larger than acceptable hips and ass, just the thought of being taken from behind humiliated her. But with Jack, doing his bidding seemed natural and exciting. He said he liked her body, and she refused to let her low self-esteem keep her from experiencing everything she could while here.

Hearing him rummaging in a drawer, she turned her head to see what he was doing. When he walked over to her carrying a few objects that made her cringe, she couldn’t prevent her uncertainty from coloring her voice. “Uh, Jack?”

“I will take you in every orifice, Morgan. Do you want to back out now?”

Morgan looked at the plug and tube of ointment with shock and instant denial rose in her before she took a deep breath to calm herself. He would stop if she asked him to, she reassured herself. “N-no, I don’t want to stop.”

“Good girl.” Jack gripped her pink buttocks, palmed those round globes, and massaged her pliable, warm flesh, enjoying their soft firmness and Morgan’s low moans of pleasure. Once she relaxed, he spread her cheeks with his thumbs, feeling her flinch as he exposed her anus. “Relax. If you don’t like this, we won’t do it. But I insist you try it a few times before you decide.” Grabbing the lube, he stuck the nozzle into her tight little hole and squeezed a generous portion into her. When she squeaked and wiggled in shock at the coolness, he slapped her buttock hard. “Be still.”

A muffled laugh escaped her as she blurted, “You try being still while having something cold shot up your ass!”

He couldn’t help smiling at her tone, which was laced with amused indignity, then slapped her other cheek. “That’s why I’m the boss. Remember, the one you agreed to submit to? Have you forgotten already?”

He rubbed over the sore reminders of her spanking, bringing about a quick reply. “No, I’ll be still, I promise.”

Jack put that promise to the test when he pushed a single finger deep into her rectum in one stroke, allowing her no time to deny his invasion. It only took a few strokes of his finger in her ass to have her moaning and pushing back against him. When she whimpered, clutching the covers in obvious frustration, he inserted two fingers and gave her ass a vigorous finger fuck, not giving her time to deny the pleasure or him.

“Jack, please.” Shock over the unaccustomed pleasure of having him in her most private place rippled through her, perspiration dampening her body as she struggled to accept this new, perverse yet exciting experience. If she had known what she had been missing all this time, she would have landed on his doorstep long before this.

“Not yet, Morgan. I chose a large plug. You need to be prepared.” Pulling his fingers from her tight orifice, he added one more before continuing with the hard, deep strokes, stretching her unused hole and getting it well lubricated.

Morgan gasped, first in pain then pleasure, when he added another finger. Her rectum felt full, stretched to the maximum, but the indescribable pleasure/pain had her pushing back for more, begging for release. “Please, Jack, I can’t stand it.”

“What do you need, Morgan?”

His tone demanded honesty and Morgan couldn’t hold back her plea, no matter how devastating it made her feel. “Fuck me, Jack. I need you to fuck me.”

Her answer came as both a plea and a demand and was exactly what he needed to hear. “I’m going to give you what you want, princess, and God help us both if you’re sorry afterwards.”

“I won’t be, I promise.” Morgan didn’t care how he did it as long as he put out this fire he started in her. Her need had never been so high, her desire so out of control, her thoughts and body in such chaos.

Jack removed his fingers and inserted the plug with a slow push. He’d chosen a special one for her, one that would vibrate while he took her pussy, the dual stimulation sure to send her skyrocketing. She cried out when it finally slipped inside her, her hips swaying with the unaccustomed fullness and foreign invasion. Before she had time to balk, he covered his aching cock with latex, grabbed her hips, and thrust into her gushing pussy, her sheath clasping him in warm, wet welcome.

“Christ, you’re tight,” he groaned, thrusting deep, giving her no quarter. She had to learn right at the start he liked his sex hard.

Morgan didn’t complain. Fisting her hands even tighter, she met his thrusts with eagerness, the slight discomfort from his large size and the added tightness from the plug soon giving way to nothing but pure, unadulterated pleasure. When a slight vibration started in her ass, rippling along sensitive, untouched nerve endings, she cried out at the explosive impact. When Jack accompanied his hard thrusts with painful slaps to her buttocks, she fell into sensory overload that had her sobbing as she met each of his firm thrusts, the stinging on her cheeks enhancing the ongoing pleasure. She came with an explosion around his pummeling cock, her cries echoing in the room.

Jack tried to restrain himself, but as her velvety walls spasmed in orgasm, clutching his cock over and over again, it was too much. Reaching under her, he pinched her clit between two fingers, milking that tiny bud, coaxing her into giving him more. “Again, Morgan. Let me feel you come on my cock again.”

“Yes!” she cried out, unable to resist his demand, her body flying into a million pieces again and again as he continued to pound into her. When she felt him come, felt his cock jerking inside her, she came once more, her entire body shuddering in ecstasy.

Jack disposed of the condom in the bathroom before returning to take Morgan’s sated, limp form into his arms. It worried him how right she felt, how much he had enjoyed taking her. Now that he knew the silky feel of her wrapped around his cock, what she sounded like when she came, it would kill him to let her go. Morgan was spoiled, willful, and dogged in her determination when she wanted something from him. And he had only abetted her behavior by giving into her each and every time, including this time.

At first it had been because he had been trying to make up for the neglect she’d suffered from her indifferent parents. Now, it was because it gave him pleasure and eased any anxiety he had when he thought about what she might do if he refused her. The last time he’d turned her down, she’d ended up losing her virginity to a jerk in the backseat of a fucking car. He had found out about that incident from Agatha, in whom Morgan confided almost everything of a personal nature. When Agatha had told him how Morgan had cried in her arms late that night, telling her of Jack’s rejection, wondering why no one wanted her, he could have kicked himself for the way he’d bungled that night. He hoped to God he didn’t have to kick himself later for succumbing to her pleas.

“You have too many clothes on,” Morgan sighed as she cuddled against him.

Kissing her nose, he pulled away from her. “Sorry, princess, but duty calls. Marc and I have to take our guests up to the ski slopes shortly. Did you bring anything warm and waterproof to ski in?”

“No, I just grabbed a few things, got in my car, and left.”

Jack frowned down at her. “Did you even let anyone know where you were headed?”

Sitting up, Morgan grabbed the comforter, pulling it around her, her gaze disgruntled. “No, and don’t lecture me. After my mother’s tirade about how irresponsible and selfish it would be of me to end my engagement over such a petty reason, followed by her usual spiel of how lucky I was to have someone like Joel willing to marry me, my only thought was to get away as fast as I could.”

She was mad and hurt, which Jack could understand, but from the insistent peals of her phone coming from her bag, he thought it best if she answered her calls. Tossing her another one of his flannel shirts, he instructed, “Check your phone messages while I go downstairs. We have a small ski shop that should have something for you.”

When Jack returned ten minutes later, Morgan was wearing the shirt he had given her and was talking to her mother on the phone.

“Someone I’ve known for years, mother, and no, I will not tell you anything else.” She paused while listening to her mother go on and on about her responsibilities, rolling her eyes in exasperation. “I don’t care. Then fire me, I hate that job anyway.”

Jack refrained from grabbing the phone and giving Kathleen Tomlinson a piece of his mind, something he had managed to keep from doing all these years. He could literally see the pleasure he wrought from Morgan only moments ago being obliterated by her mother’s words, words he knew were calculated to demean her only child, belittle her self-worth so she would cave and do their bidding.

“I’m staying as long as I want, mother. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to come home, but no matter when that is, I’m not marrying Joel. You’ll just have to get your merger another way.”

When tears filled her eyes at whatever her mother said next, Jack stomped over to her, ready to grab the phone. Morgan shook her head and turned away from him. “You do what you have to. But so will I. Goodbye.”

“Morgan.” Jack reached for her, but she stepped back.

“I’m fine, Jack. Let’s go skiing.”

She gave him a smile that didn’t reach her eyes, but Jack knew a good way to cheer her up. “After a shower and a little grooming.”

Grabbing her hand, he pulled her into the bathroom. “Strip,” he ordered while reaching into the huge shower to turn on the water.

“I think that’s your favorite word,” Morgan grumbled, her pleasure from finally having sex with Jack diminished by her conversation with her mother. “What if I don’t want to?” She felt justified taking her irritation out on him since he was the one who had insisted she answer her phone, something she had avoided doing for the past twenty-four hours.

Jack raised an eyebrow, stating with soft emphasis, “Then you’ll suffer the consequences. Strip, Morgan.”

Her body reacted without hesitation to his hardened tone, which just pissed her off more. Crossing her arms over her chest, she glared back at him. She didn’t know why she was defying him, especially since she wanted to get naked with him again. As always, her mother’s condemnation of any possible attraction she could inspire from a man brought out all her insecurities, making her doubt herself. Generally, she ignored both her parents when it came to their criticism of her, but not where Jack was concerned. Then, she couldn’t seem to shove their hurtful words aside. Nobody’s opinion of her mattered more to her than Jack’s.

“Go away. I can shower by myself.”

Though it wasn’t easy, Jack ignored the pain and doubt reflected in her whiskey eyes. Now was not the time to coddle her. Before she could grasp his intentions, he had her bent over the counter, one arm holding her shoulders down, the other flipping up his shirt and descending hard and fast on her tender buttocks.

“I expect you to obey me when I give you an order, Morgan.” Two swats landed on her ass, raising an instant red hue. “And to trust me not only with your body, but your feelings.”

Morgan cursed and struggled against his hold even as lust spiked quick and hot with each smack of his hand. Her position heightened her vulnerability, but having her bare ass as the sole object of his attention excited her, the two combined sensations leaving her shaking with both humiliation and need. With a few well-placed smacks, he elicited a burning pain encompassing her whole backside, one that bled into pleasure so fast it made her head spin. Her pussy grew damp with embarrassing arousal and her struggles soon ceased, replaced by the involuntary lifting of her hips for each well placed erotic slap. Her curses switched to moans, her gasps of pain to whimpers of pleasure.

“I’m sorry. Stop, please… I’ll do as you say.” And hopefully get another mind-blowing orgasm as a reward.

Jack lifted her up and turned her toward him. Holding her shoulders, he glared down at her pink, tear-streaked face. “Do you trust me, princess?”

“You know I do.”

“Then from now on, regardless of what anyone says to you or about you, trust that I like and care about you just as you are. I wouldn’t change a thing about you.”

Morgan knew Jack wouldn’t lie to her or sugarcoat his feelings to spare hers, yet it had only taken a few choice words from her mother to resurrect her insecurities about her body and her appeal. With a forceful, mental shove, she pushed all negative thoughts aside and smiled up at him. “Okay.”

She had given in too easily, but Jack let the matter go for now. Morgan was a work in progress, but he was sure the end result of building her confidence up would be worth the trial of obtaining that worthy goal. Unbuttoning the shirt, he slipped it off and nudged her into the shower with a hand on her warm, red butt. “In you go.”

Morgan stood under the spray and let the heated water cascade over her head and down her body. Stepping in with her, he grabbed the soap and ran his hands over all her lush, wet curves. She moaned, leaned against the wall, and spread her legs without coaxing from him. He smiled at the look of raw carnality on her face, the utter lack of modesty as she thrust against his hand. Soon he would show her the pleasure to be wrought by having those hips securely strapped down, unable to move while he drove her to inexplicable heights over and over.

After soaping her soft brown curls, he lifted her left leg onto the small seat next to her and instructed, “Stay just like that.”

“What are you doing?” She watched him with a wary gaze as he grabbed a razor off the small ledge that held the shampoo and soap.

“Haven’t you ever shaved down here?” He tugged her pubic curls as he squatted in front of her then grinned at the consternation on her face.

“No, of course not. Why would I?”

“I’ll show you why when I’m through. Now, hold real still. I don’t want to hurt you. That could put a damper on our fun for a while. You wouldn’t want that, now would you?”

Shaking her head, Morgan watched him as he completely denuded her of all pubic hair. Even though she had always kept it trimmed, the new sensations she could feel as he bared her flesh to his gaze and fingers astonished her. He was very thorough, pulling her lips to the side and gliding all the way down to her anus. When finished, he grabbed the showerhead and directed it over her pussy, making her gasp as the warm water hit bare, sensitive flesh. When his fingers joined the water in caressing her soft folds, she closed her eyes against the onslaught of new sensations. She could feel every small touch, each caress of his blunt fingers as he stroked flesh never exposed before, using his thumbs to open her fully to his gaze.

“What a pretty pussy, all swollen and wet, ready for me. Turn the water away and watch me, Morgan.”

Morgan gazed down at him, unable to refuse the demand in his voice. With tormenting slowness, he ran his tongue up her slit, his thumbs keeping her open as he lapped at her. His soft beard brushed her inner thighs, the slight prickles adding to the pleasure of his mouth as his tongue caressed her inner walls, his fingers moving as he stroked her. She couldn’t keep from clasping his head and pushing further into his face. His chuckle vibrated through her sheath, making her thrust against his mouth harder, praying for a deeper, harder touch.

Jack pulled away from his succulent feast and looked up at her red, needy face. “Do you like having a bare pussy, Morgan?”

“God, yes, what’s there not to like? But dammit, Jack, I need to come.”

Jack was pleased to see the sad, haunted look her mother had put in Morgan’s eyes replaced by frustrated, unfulfilled need. Throughout the years he’d had plenty of practice erasing that look from her face, but none were as pleasant as his current method. “You sure are a demanding little sub.”

Her brows drew down in a frown. “Is that what I am, your submissive?”

“You, princess, are my everything, including my sub. Put your hands on your breasts, play with your nipples for me. I enjoyed watching you last night. I haven’t come that hard from jacking off since I was a twelve.”

If she hadn’t needed to get off in the worst way, Morgan would have laid into him for spying on her. As it was, the fact he had seen and watched her at her most vulnerable only turned her on more. Despite the blush heating her face, she smiled down at him. “You’re bad, Jack, very bad.” Her eyes on his, she cupped her breasts in her palms, lifting and squeezing her pliant flesh just the way she liked.

Jack never took his eyes from the sight of her caressing her breasts as he bent his head to taste the succulent flesh between her thighs again. With a voracious appetite, he lapped at her pussy, his lips, tongue, and fingers covering every inch of her bare, wet, soft flesh. In moments she was gasping and thrusting against his face. As his thumb rasped against her clit and his fingers stroked her while his tongue lapped her, seconds later she exploded against his mouth. Her juices coated his tongue and his fingers, her cries rang in his ears, and her body trembled above him as she came apart again and again.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, Jack grabbed her buttocks in a tight grip, held her to his face, and set his mouth over her aching swollen clit. With teeth and tongue torturing that sensitive bud, hard hands gripping her sore ass, and her fingers pinching her nipples, Morgan exploded in another climax so fast and so strong it drove the breath from her body.

Without giving her a chance to recover, Jack rose to his feet, turned the showerhead until water cascaded over both their shoulders, then gripped her ass again. “Put your legs around me,” he demanded, his voice rough as he lifted and rammed his cock into her still spasming sheath in one smooth move.

She obeyed without hesitation, wrapping her legs around his pistoning hips, her arms tight around his shoulders, holding onto him as he hammered into her. The warm water running between them assisted in allowing their bodies to move smoothly together as he took her against the wall, his cock huge and hard as he moved with ruthless intensity inside her. The hairs on his chest grazed against her sensitive nipples, and when he finally, finally bent his head to take her mouth in a scorching kiss, his beard rubbed against her face, heightening her pleasure. Moaning into his mouth, she accepted his tongue, tasting herself as she savored her first real kiss from him. She didn’t know which she found more erotic, the way his lips took her mouth or the way his cock took her body. The two together were an irresistible combination causing electrical currents to sizzle through her veins, a forewarning to another impending, mind-blowing orgasm.

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