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Her New Masters by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

Pa smiled at her as she stepped up next to him, and gestured at his lookalikes. “Becky, I’d like you to meet my staff. This is One, Two, and Three. You might notice a certain familial resemblance. There’s a good reason for that; they’re my clones.”

“Good day to you, Becky,” they said together.

“Clones? Why would you use clones for workers?” she said.

“We have a severe worker shortage,” Pa explained. “The government is constantly offering all kinds of incentives for people to move here, but in the meantime we make do with what we have, which is usually clones.”

Slowly, tentatively, she stepped closer to them. As they looked like Pa, she felt fairly comfortable being near them, but there were some differences. All were several inches taller than he was, and stronger; their rippling muscles practically burst from their overalls and shirts.

“Wait a minute, clones; I get it, that’s what you meant about you building this place. You’re a clone too!”

“Very good, Becky. My goodness, you are a sharp one.”

She blushed. “Well, Master Daniel kept me indoors, so I spent most of my time reading. I kind of learned a lot of things.”

The clones looked at each other, nodded and grinned, and paid close attention. It seemed they were impressed with her. She smiled. It made her feel good that she wasn’t just seen as a pleasure girl.

“Well, what you’ve learned is quite correct, and yes, I too am a clone. However, I’m a little different from the others, and not just physically. I’m an exact copy of James McGregor; they’re modified so as to make them better suited to work the farm.”

“I see, but why do you do this? Why not just have big families?”

“It takes time for kids to grow up; resources are needed to raise them, and what if they don’t want to be farmers?”

Becky’s brow wrinkled. “They have a choice?”

Pa grinned and slowly nodded. “Our world is not your world; we have personal freedoms here, and they are sacrosanct.”

“So, that’s why you’re always searching for recruits to come here.”

“Exactly,” he replied, then turned to the clones. “Okay, boys, show’s over, back to work. Remember what I told you: you may punish Becky and use her for work, but no sexual contact.”

“Yes, Father,” they replied.

“Father?” Becky said, as they headed off in different directions.

“Yes, as they were grown from my cells, I’m considered their father. Now, come on, I’ll show you your basic duties, you can read the full instructions as you go, and then I need to get back to work. Harvest time for the spring crop is a month away.”

“Yes, Pa. Um… is any of it… outside?” she said softly.

“Only a few things and they’re either close to the house or in the main barn. I understand about your agoraphobia. However, you will need to overcome it at some point. The clones and I will help you.”

She smiled. “Thank you!”

Leading her inside, which made her feel better, he showed her the kitchen. It was quite high-tech and easy to operate, and then there were the typical household chores. Passing an open door, she saw a messy office and stopped.

“Um, Pa, what about that?”

He heaved a sad sigh. “Oh, that’s the ‘Black Hole,’ otherwise known as my office. Ignore it. I try to keep it neat and orderly, but… well, you can see how well I succeed at that endeavor. Anyway, I have to get to the southern fields to check the moisture evaporators or there’ll be hell to pay. Dinner is at six.”

She nodded, he left, and she again rubbed the lingering ache of her cheeks. Standing there for several minutes, she relished the sting, sighed happily, and set to work. The kitchen was far better than Daniel’s, who had always insisted she cook the old-fashioned way. It was so high-tech that she was easily able to get dinner set up and simmering in no time. After that, she checked her rule book and list of chores.

Her rules seemed endless. Pa had gone to great lengths to insure he would have ample reasons to spank her long and hard, and as often as possible. Then there were her chores. Most were simple and basic: tend the house, cook and clean, help with the processing of the crops, and assist Pa in running things.

Becky chewed her lip. Huh, nothing about helping the clones. I wonder why. Oh, well, it’s okay, I’ll take care of them too.

Bustling about the house, she took care of general cleaning and the laundry, and then stepped out on the porch. She shivered. Her heart pounded and she sweat like when she enjoyed her sexual climax, but this was not pleasant.

This was fear.

She took a deep breath, even as the world seemed to rock and sway about her. Got to hold it together. Pa wants me to work outside; I’ve got to learn to do it.

Reaching back, she slapped herself on the butt. She stifled a yelp and stepped forward. The pain seemed to urge her on. It was as if he was there, encouraging her to overcome her fear. In among the list of her chores had been a map of the farm, and she’d taken the liberty to memorize it. The clones had a little bunk room in the barn. Stepping out into the open yard, she fought the urge to hyperventilate. Again, having the pain to focus on, to distract her mind and body was the key. She was able to cross the open area without fainting, entered the barn, and opened the door to their quarters.

It was a rather plain and minimal place.

She looked around. Huh, okay, I’ll add dressing up this place to my ‘To Do List.’ For now, I can at least spiff it up a bit.

Becky did so. She made the beds, cleaned up and dusted, put their clothes away, and even found a tall tin cup to act as a vase for some wildflowers she pulled up from the area right outside the back door of the barn. Standing in the doorway, looking over her efforts, she smiled and wiped the blending of dust and sweat from her brow.

Yeah, good job, girl, and the flowers are a nice touch. People need beauty in their lives or their lives grow dark and cold, like mine used to be under Master Daniel.

She then marched back across the yard, the walk being just a bit easier this time, and got into clean clothes before checking on dinner. Everything was coming along nicely. So, she set the table, picked out a nice Riesling to go with the chicken, and waited. Pa was nothing if not punctual. As the grandfather clock in the living room struck six, he came stomping in the back door. Becky smiled, then grimaced.

His boots were caked in about two inches of muck. She hoped it was only mud. At least he was good enough to get them clean before coming into the kitchen. She chuckled to herself and wondered if that’s why that area was known as a mud room. Before coming to Green Brier, she’d read up on farms, farming, and the typical architecture of the planet. She hadn’t bothered to learn much about the planet itself and its social structure; she’d assumed (wrongly so, she now knew) that it would be like Planet Redemption.

“Well, something smells good,” he called out happily. He smiled at her, scanned the room, and frowned. “Becky, what’s this? The table is set for four.”

She bit her lip and recoiled from him, an instinctive reaction. Such words from Daniel were always a precursor to a beating. “Um, isn’t that right? Are we having company or something I don’t know about?”

“No, it’s too many. Who…? Wait, the clones, you thought they’d eat with us, is that it?”

“Yes, Pa. Why, is that not the case? Did I do… wrong?”

He took a deep breath as he rubbed his chin. “Well… not technically, as I didn’t explicitly explain about the clones in your rules or chores.”

“B-b-but I should have figured it out on my own, shouldn’t I?” she said with a firmness she didn’t know she had. It was more a statement than a question.

His head turned to her, the ‘light bulb’ came on, and he grinned. “Yes, yes, you should! A punishment is called for, later. Right now, I’m famished. Wait, so you thought I and the clones would eat together. What about you?”

She pointed at the kitchen. “I have a plate in there. Master Daniel always kept me away from his dining area, especially when he had company.”

“Becky, I am not Daniel,” he said simply.

“I-I… I sorry,” she squeaked, cowering.

He smiled, his features softening. “It’s all right, my pet. Again, you didn’t know, and I’ll let it go, this time. You will eat all meals with me, Becky. I find you quite pleasing to my eyes, and looking at you while I eat will make dining all the more pleasant. Now, serve up dinner.”

He sat without another word; Becky raced to serve him, and then pulled out her chair and looked at it. It looked very hard. She eased herself down, winced and squeaked, and they started eating. They talked, Pa telling her all about her day and plans for the future. Initially, she had trouble looking him in the eye, another of Daniel’s rules, but he insisted, and she complied. It felt good to be treated at least halfway decently.

After dinner, she had more chores, and he went to work in his office. From what she could overhear, scheduling, orders, government and buyer interactions were not his forte. The frustration was clear in his voice and when he was done he marched into another room and slammed the door behind him. Becky chewed her lip, unsure as to what was going on, and she definitely didn’t want to bother him. When she heard grunts and groans, pounding and punching, she grew concerned. Was he in a fight? She kind of hovered around the door for a while, eventually the noises ended, and he emerged all hot and sweaty.

It was a gym.

Ah, it’s his place for him to work off his stresses. “Pa, is there anything I can do for you now?”

“I appreciate that, my sweet, but not yet. Come on, it’s time for your first session in closeness.”

She played with her fingers. She knew what that meant. They’d talked about it in their chats before he bought her. It was his way to start the process of her becoming comfortable with intimacy. It scared her, but she trusted him. Up the stairs they went to the bathroom. He ran a bath and she got undressed, again catching sight of her red bottom in the mirror, and then she climbed in. It was a warm comfy bath, and he gently bathed her. At first, she shook from head to toe at his touch, but then the pleasure overwhelmed the fear. Her body relaxed, her mind calmed, and she let Pa move his hands about her body without restrictions or complaint.

He was very careful not to touch her in an intimate manner.

When he popped the plug on the bath, her eyes snapped open. She’d almost fallen asleep. He held up a large towel for her, she stepped out of the tub, and he wrapped it about her and lightly patted her down.

“Ohhh, thank you, Pa, that was wonderful. Will you… will you do this for me every night?”

He nodded, let the towel drop away, and sat in the chair. “Yes, sweetie, but right now, we have a punishment to deal with.”

Becky jumped slightly, her hands flying to cover herself, and she let out a squeak. “I… um, now? Bu-but, Pa, I’m still sore,” she whined.

“My pet, that is no excuse! Now, over my knee this instant,” he ordered.

She just about threw herself across his lap, and shivered. Here she was naked, damp, and sore, and looking at another spanking. Would this one be a bad one? His hands moved above her, a bottle top popped, and she felt coolness swirl across her aching cheeks. Pa was putting some kind of oil on her. It took a minute, she squirmed and worried the whole time, and then there was a long pause.

Smack! His hand struck. Becky shuddered. It hadn’t been a very hard smack, but her ass was sore, damp, and the oil added to her sensitivity. He then set up a steady rain of solid swats to her defenseless cheeks, and she was yelping and squealing in no time.

“Ouch, ow! Pa, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll get it right next time, promise,” she wailed.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses, little pet of mine, you just be grateful I’m going so easy on you, and don’t expect the same in the future. When you’re naughty, you’ll get punished, and it won’t matter if you just got spanked or paddled an hour before!”

Her eyebrows shot up. “Pa-pa-paddled?!”

“Yes, I’ve decided that a real punishment will be with an implement,” he said, not letting up for a second. “I don’t want you ever associating my hand with true pain. I’m not like Daniel!”

Becky’s lip trembled and her eyes filled with tears. For a moment, she lay there and tried to understand just how wonderful her new master was. She started to cry, softly at first, and then loud and hard bawling. She was a little surprised that Pa didn’t let up on the spanking, but then she understood: he knew they weren’t tears of pain. The tears trickled down her cheeks to drip from her chin, and a mix of relief and delight coursed through her. Turning her head a little, she saw the view in the full-length mirror: her naked and her bottom red, and Pa sitting there all happy and grinning ear to ear. Once more her body became enflamed, but this time her passion seemed twice as strong. Was it the tears? Her being naked? The oil?

“Ow! Please, Pa, I’ve learned my lesson! I’ll never do it again,” she begged.

“Oh, I know, baby,” he said with a chuckle. “Punishment ended a while ago. I’m just having too much fun to stop. I hope you don’t mind.”

He laughed; she shuddered and almost climaxed at that moment. It only took another few minutes for her to scream out her orgasm. He moderated the spanks, his hand in perfect sync with the gyrations of her body, and thus her delight was dragged out still longer. When she finally came down, he was sitting on her bed, cradling her in his lap, and she felt both drained and relaxed.

“All right, my pet, time to sleep. All is forgiven, and I will see you in the morning.”

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