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Her Noble Lords by Ashe Barker – Extended Preview

Her Noble LordsIt has been a long day and an arduous one. The weather has changed, the autumn starting to make her presence felt. The men of Egremont, including Ralf and Piers, have been occupied bringing livestock close to the castle walls for safety and convenience. In the coming months, once winter truly sets in, no one will much relish the prospect of a hike up the snow-capped peaks to track down a ewe to slaughter should we require fresh meat. Most of the womenfolk are busy bringing in stores to cure and preserve in preparation for the cold months. This needs to be done in good time, ensuring all will be in readiness should we find ourselves trapped here in inclement weather.

For my part, I have been examining the many and various tapestries and wall hangings we own and selecting those best suited to repel wintry draughts. I will ensure that these are secured to the walls in the hall and other chambers to help retain the heat as the winter closes in. By nightfall we are a weary bunch. The evening meal is offered earlier than usual since most wish to find their beds.

“Linnet, you will wait for me upstairs, if you please. I have matters to discuss with my brother but I will be with you soon.” Ralf loops an arm around my shoulder as I scoop the last of my lamb broth from the trencher in front of me.

I smile and nod my agreement. I am aware his choice of words is for the benefit of those within earshot. Both brothers will join me in our bedchamber. I stand, make my curtsy to each of them, and take my leave.

It is perhaps twenty minutes later when I hear footsteps crossing the solar, their voices low as they converse. I shift my position on the rug beside the fire, glad of Joan’s diligence in stoking up the blaze before she retired to the pallet she still occupies in the kitchens. The warmth of the flames caresses my naked back as I bow my head to acknowledge their entry into the room.

“You are a truly beautiful woman, sweet Linnet. Do you have any notion at all how much we adore you?” Ralf comes to crouch before me, lifting my face up with his fingertips. His other hand is on my breast, teasing the nipple to puckered hardness.

“Thank you, my lord. I… I love you too.” My gaze shifts from Ralf to Piers who regards me from across the room. His expression is more wary, as though he still doubts my affections despite the many intimacies we have shared. I offer him a smile. “I love you both.”

Piers quirks his lip, the closest I suspect he will get to returning my smile. I will settle for that.

“You have two husbands, little one,” Ralf observes, “so this night you will be fucked by both at once. Does that prospect not delight you?”

“I am not sure, my lord,” is my honest response.

“You will be. We have decided that on this occasion I will take your quim, and at the same time, Piers shall have your arse. He is more given to patience than I am, and you might appreciate his control since this will be the first time you have accepted a cock in your rear hole.”

“At the same time? I do not think…”

“It will be fine. You will be fine, we promise. Have we ever injured you?”

“No, my lords. It is just that… I cannot imagine how this might be accomplished.”

Ralf’s grin is quite, quite wicked. “Then you have such an exciting evening before you, my love. Which starts with the application of oil to your arse. I am sure you will recall that to be a not wholly unpleasant experience.”

He has the right of that. “Yes, sir. Would you like me to climb onto the bed?”

“Not this time, little maid. You will lie across Piers’ lap and he will attend to the matter of lubricating your pretty little hole.”

Piers has produced a small bottle which I know contains the oil they used the last time. I quite like the idea of resting on his lap as the oil is applied. It is more intimate somehow. I watch as he crosses to the bed and seats himself on the edge. “Come, Linnet, let us proceed.”

Ralf tugs me to my feet and I scurry over to Piers. I tip my body across his knees and seek the added security of grasping his ankle tight.

“Fear not, little maid. I will not let you fall. Now, all you need do is spread your legs, relax, and let me in.”

“Why do I need to open my legs? You can reach perfectly well without…”

“Ah, yes, but if you behave well, Ralf shall reward you by stroking your clitty. Would you like that, sweet slut?”

“Oh, yes, sir, very much.” I spread my thighs as wide as I am able.

The oil is warmed slightly. I suspect Piers has kept it close about his person in the hours leading up to this moment. He is a considerate as well as a patient lover. Even so, I let out a small squeal as he parts my buttocks to pour the fluid into the valley between. It trickles over my rear hole, only to be captured on Piers’ fingertip and worked inside the rim.

It is much easier to relax this time. I know that one or two fingers will not hurt me at all. It is the work of moments before Piers inserts his finger fully inside me and slides it in and out several times.

“You are tight but you will allow me in here without too much of a struggle, will you not?”

“Yes, sir, of course.” I deliberately slacken my muscles to better facilitate his entry. A second finger joins the first and more oil is dribbled into me. I close my eyes, sinking into a submissive haze of contentment as my body revels in the intimate intrusion.

“It is good that you are so relaxed, little maid, but pray do not fall asleep quite yet.” Piers tone is amused as he withdraws his fingers and drops a sharp slap onto my bottom. “Climb right up onto the bed now and do as Ralf instructs you.”

My head is still somewhat hazy as I drag my body upright and hope my limbs will support me. I could have laid there across Piers’ lap all night, I suspect. I am glad of his steadying hand as I clamber onto the bed where Ralf is lying on his back. He is naked, his erection jutting proud and solid from the thatch of thick blond curls at the apex of his hard thighs. I reach for his cock and wrap my fingers around the shaft.

“Ah, that feels good, little wife. Please, do feel free to continue.”

Encouraged, I tighten my grip and draw my hand up to the top, then down again to the very base. The head is already slick and wet, with more droplets of musky juice trickling from the slit at the end. I smear them around with my thumb and contemplate leaning forward to lick him clean… or dirty.

“That is enough for now. Straddle me, Linnet.” The soft command is quietly spoken but I know better than to suggest we proceed otherwise. I am disappointed not to be allowed to explore him more thoroughly but there will be other opportunities. I position myself with my knees on either side of his hips. He is a large man in every way and my thighs are spread wide to accommodate his size.

“Are you wet, little one?”

“I believe so, sir.”

“You will check, if you please. Show me.”

I have been asked to demonstrate my readiness on any number of previous occasions so I know what is required. I slip my hand between my legs to explore the soft folds there. I have long since shed any embarrassment at my seemingly persistent state of arousal around my two lovers. I drag my palm backwards and forwards several times, relishing the sweet sensations the action evokes. A determined throat clearing from the man beneath me halts my play. I lift my hand to show Ralf the moisture coating my fingers.

“I believe you will do, Linnet. You will arrange yourself as necessary and take my cock inside you. Do it now, please.”

“Yes, sir.” I would have liked to amuse myself for a little longer, but I know better than to seek to assert myself here. In the bedchamber, they dominate and I obey. I lift my body up a little in order to slip his cock into position at my entrance. I guide it there with my hand as Ralf steadies my hips, then I lower myself slowly onto him. Each delightful inch stretches me further as my channel wraps around him. I pause to let the discomfort dissipate. It is tight but my body is ready for this, welcoming his solid invasion. By the time I am fully seated upon him, my buttocks resting on his hips, I am impossibly full.

“God’s sweet bones, woman, you feel so good.” Ralf’s eyes are closed, his expression almost pained as I rotate my hips to find the best position, the exact angle to direct his cock against my most sensitive spot. “Be still, girl and lean forward to rest on me.”

“Sir?” I am not sure I quite understand his instruction.

Ralf reaches for my shoulders and pulls me forward to press my breasts against his broad chest. He shifts his own hips slightly to ensure I remain fully impaled upon his shaft. “We need you to lift your bottom up as far as you are able but my cock stays inside you. Yes?”

“I… yes, sir, I will try.”

“Remain just as you are, little maid. We will do the rest.” Piers’ voice comes from behind me. I twist my head around to look at him over my shoulder. He is also naked now, his manhood erect and pointing straight up. It bobs against his stomach, the wide pink head already dripping with clear fluid. “Look at me, girl, not at my cock.”

I meet his gaze and cringe inwardly at the grim determination I see in his dark brown eyes. He expects to hurt me, if briefly but will do it anyway.

“You know what is to happen now, Linnet?”

“Yes, sir. But I am not sure you will fit. Will you stop if… if…?”

“I will fit, wench. You will accept the full length of my cock but I will take it slow so as not to do you harm. Do you trust me? Us?”

“I do, sir. Of course, I do.”

“Linnet, you are to fold your arms and rest your chin on them.” Ralf cups my chin in his hand and tilts my face toward him. “You will keep your eyes open during the entire time that Piers is entering you and you will be looking at me so I can know if you need us to stop. If you require help, we will give it. If you wish me to caress your clit in order to ease you past the worst of it, you may ask me for that. So, are you ready to proceed?”

My head screams no but I am nodding yes even so. Although I am prepared for this, I still flinch as Piers’ palms part my buttocks again.

A light slap to my bottom reminds me of the need to obey. By way of atonement, I shift my posture slightly in order to elevate my rear end.

Piers applies yet more oil and inserts two long fingers into my disgracefully receptive arse. He plunges them in and out, the sounds of the slick oil causing me to grimace. Ralf smiles at me, amused by my embarrassment. “I think she is ready, brother. Quite eager, in fact.”

The mattress shifts under us as Piers moves into position. The head of his cock presses against my entrance and I fight the urge to squeeze tight shut. Instead I will myself to relax and press back against him.

“That is good, little maid. As I push forward, you may help if you wish. Do not resist, let me in.”

“Yes, sir,” I murmur, my eyelids drooping in submission.

“Linnet, look at me, love.” Ralf’s quiet command gains my attention and I restore eye contact at the same instant Piers’ cock breaches the first inch of my rear channel.

“Oh! Oh, that hurts. Please…”

Piers pauses, his cock still embedded within me. He waits for me to quiet, then exerts more pressure. Another inch, then another as I whimper my pain.

Ralf’s eyes narrow. He is watching me intently, a slight frown furrowing his brow. As Piers forces yet another inch inside me, Ralf raises his hand.

“Hold a moment, brother. It is too much, too fast.”

The forward pressure stops, though Piers does not withdraw at all. His palms trace a smooth, circular pattern on my buttocks, the action soothing to my jagged nerves. I am fearful still but my wavering confidence in their care for me is restored. I draw in several deep breaths, even attempting an experimental squeeze.

“Lass?” Piers leans in. “Are you trying to shatter my control?”

“No, sir. I just… I think I am ready to continue now.”

Piers remains still until a nod from Ralf signals that he can indeed proceed.

The pain intensifies but is bearable… just. I am stuffed, achingly, impossibly full as both cocks are buried deep within me. Piers seems to have reached the full extent. At least, I hope so.

“Almost there, little one. A couple more inches.” At Piers’ words, my features crumple. I have taken all I can and am ready to cry.

“Ask me, if you need help.” Ralf’s quiet smile exudes concern but I perceive no diminishing of his determination to continue with this.

I remember his promise. Much can be achieved under a cloak of unadulterated lust. “Please, sir, would you stroke my clit? That would help me to do this, I know it.”

“I am sure you are right, sweet slut.” Ralf insinuates his hand between our closely pressed bodies and finds my needy little button, already swollen and throbbing despite the discomfort which racks my frame. It seems nothing dims my wantonness, now that these men have awakened my basest desires.

The sensation is exquisite as Ralf draws his fingers back and forth across the tip of my clit. I gasp, moaning now, the pain and pleasure a heady cocktail inextricably mingled. I am aware of the increased pressure, yet more stretching as Piers rams his cock fully into my arse. I let out a cry, convinced I will split in two but oddly unconcerned at the prospect as long as Ralf maintains his sweet assault on my senses. He does not let up the pressure on my clit; if anything, rubbing harder as my response swells. Suddenly, my climax is upon me. My muscles convulse, both my channels contracting hard around the two solid erections which fill me entirely.

Piers moans but there is no warning slap. He allows me my moment of ecstasy as my release grips my body and overwhelms my senses. The moment is fast and powerful, gone almost as quickly as it arrived. I remain still as the waves of pleasure recede, acutely conscious of the solid presences inside me.

I cannot move. I fear I will do irreparable damage should I attempt such foolishness.

“Are you well, lass?” enquires Piers softly.

“I am not sure,” is my honest response.

He chuckles. “I suspect if you were not, you would know it and you would have no hesitation in telling us so. Do you need a few more moments?”

Again, I am not sure and I say so.

“I believe she does.” Ralf offers his assessment. Seemingly, this is sufficient to convince Piers and they both remain motionless while my heart rate returns to something closer to normal. It seems as though several minutes pass, though I suspect it is less. Then, Piers eases his cock slowly out of me, almost leaving me completely.

I whimper, perversely regretting the loss. He stops, the head of his manhood still stretching my entrance wide, then he slides back. The stroke is slow, steady, filling me again right to the hilt.

I moan, though not in pain. The sensation is more complex than that, a feeling which is familiar yet utterly strange, quite indescribable.

The copious lubrication does its work, and Piers is able to slide in and out with relative ease despite the tight fit. He repeats the stroke, once more, then twice. Ralf frames my face in his hands to force me to look at him, then issues a curt nod. “I believe we have her now.” He leans forward to kiss me, the brush of lips brief but sweet. “So, let the fun commence.”

This time as Piers holds himself poised to plunge his cock back into me, Ralf reaches for my hips. As Piers rocks forward, Ralf eases me back so that his cock slides almost out of my channel. Piers withdraws again and Ralf spears me with his hard rod. They are taking it in turns, their movements synchronised to perfection.

Once the initial surprise has passed, I have to accept that the sensation is quite sublime, exquisite. It is intimate and demanding, a total possession of my body. I groan and reach for Ralf, then loop my hands behind his neck and just hang on.

Fingers are again on my clit, caressing me slowly, then more firmly. I am not sure but think it may be Piers this time, teasing my response from me. Every tingle and shiver is heightened, my body sensitised almost beyond endurance. I am boneless, helpless, splayed for their pleasure and mine.

Their movements quicken, the rhythm building to a rapid tempo though neither one misses their stroke. They are timed to perfection and in moments I am again hurtling toward climax.

“Sir, I cannot help it,” I wail, uncertain if I have their permission or not. It is of no consequence. I can no more prevent this than I could snatch the moon from the heavens and serve it up for our noon meal.

“Let it go, little wench. Do not hold back.”

Ralf’s encouragement is all that is required to send me hurtling into another mindless spiral of delight. My senses shatter. I let out a scream of pleasure followed by a moan of something which is not quite pain as they shift their rhythm and both enter me at once. They hold still, their cocks twitching and leaping inside me. There are oaths, curses, guttural sounds as both men follow me into oblivion.

We lie in our bed, limbs tangled. I am tucked up against Ralf, snuggling into his solid warmth as Piers curls around me from behind.

“So, sweet slut, have you survived, do you think?” Piers reaches around me to cup my breast. He toys with my nipple as I contemplate my response to his question.

“I believe I have, my lord.”

“Good, for I believe we would wish to make something of a habit of taking you together. Perhaps your luscious mouth next time…”

“Excellent notion,” agrees Ralf. “I will fuck her arse, brother, whilst she sucks your cock. How would that be, do you think, Linnet?”

“I think marriage to two such lusty men is turning out to be quite hard work, my lords. I am not sure I will be able to find the stamina to keep you both satisfied.”

Both seem to find my reply amusing, though Piers squeezes my nipple hard by way of a warning to behave and to keep a respectful tongue in my head. “If you cannot find the strength, little maid, then we will have to find it for you. Perhaps a spanking from time to time will help you to remember your duty. Better yet, the marks of a strap across your beautiful arse will make it so much more fuckable.”

“If you consider that necessary, sir, I will be pleased to bear those stripes. Be assured though, I do not consider what happens in our bedchamber to be a duty so much as a privilege.”

“Ah, Linnet, you learn so well. I fear I am tempted to search out my belt at once.”

“Tomorrow will be soon enough, brother. For now we should let the lass sleep.”

Piers rolls my pebbled nipple in his fingers. “Then, I fear we must wait a week or two longer for our treat since on the morrow we leave for Cleater Moor.”

“Cleater Moor?” I wriggle over onto my back. “Where is Cleater Moor? What business takes you there? You did not say you intend to leave.”

“It is perhaps ten to fifteen miles north of here, on the border of our estates. We are several more miles from the Scottish border but still we are plagued by reivers travelling south in search of rich pickings. Our serfs at Cleater and beyond report several attacks now, and we must subdue these bandits before they grow yet more bold.” Ralf turns to caress my cheek. “We shall not be away long, a week perhaps, two at the most.”

“I see… but must you both go? Should not one of you remain behind to see Egremont safe?”

“In the past we might have done that but we now have you, sweet wife, so we need not spread ourselves so thinly.”

“Me? I do not understand.” I look from one to the other, searching their features in the glimmering candlelight. “I cannot command a garrison.”

“Of course you can, little one. As countess of Egremont you are in command here in the lord’s absence whether you would so choose it or not. If Piers were to remain, then, yes, he would assume command. But it is better that we both go and deal once and for all with these belligerent Scots whilst you remain safe here within these walls. We will leave a small contingent of men at arms to defend the castle should it be needed. You will keep the drawbridge closed, and maintain a constant vigil on the battlements until we return. We do not anticipate any attack, though you would do well to be cautious. Do not open our portal to any but ourselves and ensure that everyone remains within the castle walls.”

“But what about the villagers? They come and go all the time.”

“There is a small gate at the eastern end of the bailey which can be easily guarded. Our people know to use that entrance in urgent circumstances.”

“I see… but I do not want you to leave.” Even as I mutter the words, I know I am being both unreasonable and unrealistic. Egremont is a peaceful place but my men are warlords even so and will frequently be embroiled in skirmishes both local and farther afield. It is right that I should do my part by ensuring the security of our home and our household.

“Then you will anticipate our return with an eagerness which borders on the unseemly, no doubt. You will keep our hearth safe and our bed warm and be ready to present that sweet arse for a decent fucking the moment our troop appears over the horizon.” Piers’ words are crude but his assessment of the situation is fair enough, especially the part about how I will behave on their return. What a strumpet I have become! Still, it will be an anxious couple of weeks for me.

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