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Her Old-Fashioned Husbands by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Sarah lay in bed, now, soothing her own spanked bottom on trembling fingers, her new nightgown hiked up around her waist so that she could caress herself freely in the dark of the little bedroom. General Green had helped her change into the nightgown, which he had fabbed for her, after letting her rise from her position over his knee. Sarah had never worn a nightgown before, and the archaic feeling of the garment, the way, since the general had instructed her to wear it without panties underneath, it made her feel available down there, heightened the ambiguous sensations radiating from her well-warmed bottom.

“Good girl,” he had said, as he dropped the thin white synth-cotton over her head to cover her nakedness, after Sarah had pulled her shorts and panties all the way off, and turning away from the general, removed her tunic, too. “You look lovely. You’ll wear this to bed from now on.”

Then he had tucked her into bed.

“I’m sorry I had to spank you, Sarah,” he had said gently just before he turned off the light. “But you took it like the obedient young woman I know you are. You may play with yourself once I’ve gone.”

“Thank you, sir,” Sarah had whispered, knowing it as the perfect—the only—thing to say, but not entirely sure why it should be so.

Now, on her tummy with the covers pulled back, her nightgown raised, and her hands holding the little cheeks that still felt so warm and tingly from the general’s firm hand, she began to understand. She comprehended, though, at a level that didn’t make sense of it as much as make clear to Sarah what she needed.

As scary as the sheer newness of the prospect General Green had opened to her might be, she yearned for it. Even with her antiquarian passion, Sarah could never have dreamt of being shared by the two oldest men in the galaxy, for sex and for old-fashioned over-the-knee guidance, but now she could hardly wait. She rubbed her bottom and pictured herself standing in her white nightgown in front of them. General Green offered her to President Nevins, saying how beautiful their new girl was, how sweet, how fuckable. He raised the nightgown’s hem to show his best friend the place where his hard penis should go, to take Sarah’s virginity at last, and to make her theirs.

The general told President Nevins that Sarah Fiftyfive was a sassy girl—even bratty sometimes—and that she would have to have the belt across her bottom regularly, to make sure she did as she was told. He said she had a little purple vibrator that she would use between her thighs all day, and never get out of bed, if they let her. He turned to Sarah and told her sternly that her pussy belonged to them, now, and the time had come for her to ask permission when she wished to touch it.

“Give me your vibrator, Sarah,” the general said in the vivid fantasy that made her fumble in the drawer of the nightstand now to find it, so that she could hold it under her tummy, against her little clit, while her other hand kept rubbing her warm pink bottom. “You will get it back when you have learned to please a man properly.”

She cried out softly into her pillow as she came, humping her hand and the little buzzing thing that she imagined she might be spanked again for having. General Green had said she might play with herself, but he hadn’t given permission to use a toy, had he? If he came in and found her like this, would he spank her again? Would he say that despite what he had promised, about waiting to have sex with her, Sarah’s having the vibrator meant that she needed to have her virginity taken tonight, right here and now?

Sarah rarely kept going past her first orgasm, though Gernanza had demonstrated to her that she could come again very quickly and forcefully if she did continue. Now she couldn’t stop, as she pictured how the general would spank her just as she was, while she humped her hand, telling her as he punished her that she would soon have his cock inside her, and he would be in charge of the rhythm as he moved in and out of her wet, newly opened pussy.

She came over and over: she seemed to feel his hands on her hips, his hardness at the little passage where her unruptured hymen guarded the way just as it would have done for an old-fashioned bride… the sort of bride who needed spanking to learn to please her husband properly. She used the hand behind her to push in a little bit, until she gasped and shuddered to one final orgasm, as she saw in her imagination two tall, handsome, wise men standing over her, judging her, finding her suitable for sharing between them, and for enjoying with their hard cocks.

The next morning Sarah could hardly look at General Green as they sat at the table in the dining alcove looking at their own vid screens as they drank their coffee. He had made it very clear what he and President Nevins meant to do, as far as she was concerned, and now Sarah had to voice her consent. She knew what she meant to say, but something in the idea of actually saying it, of articulating her burning desire to give up her free choice concerning her sexuality, made the words stay as a lump in her throat.

She wished he would ask, so that she could simply say yes, sir, but she thought she understood why, instead of that, he drank his coffee and looked at the news. He had smiled and wished her good morning, of course, and told her where the mugs were, but otherwise it seemed the general meant to give Sarah space.

He had dressed, but she remained in her nightgown. The echo of the fantasy of the previous night, with her presented to President Nevins in the nightgown, made Sarah want to flee back to her bedroom. She didn’t, though, for to her confusion she found she wanted at the same time to present herself lewdly to General Green, raising her own nightgown to show him again the pussy and bottom he had seen the night before when he had spanked her soundly before bed.

That thought made it very difficult to meet his eye, for fear she would blush crimson and he would immediately know how badly she needed his experienced hands on her, guiding her confidently into what seemed now to her the most important and exciting aspect of the adult world. Sex. Fucking. Cocks in pussies, fucking hard. She thought of the couple in the video she had watched so many times, the little vibrator between her thighs, of how easy it had seemed for the girl, younger than her partner, because her wiser, older man took charge and told her the time for sex had come.

General Green had said that, more or less, hadn’t he? That if Sarah consented, and took the position as research assistant to him and President Nevins the time for her to have sex, with both of them, would soon arrive. But sitting at the table in her nightgown, she felt like she still needed more guidance, more firmness, less choice… or she would have to decline, despite everything, since an independent late-born young woman couldn’t just submit, even to an extraordinary man like General Richard Green—even to two extraordinary men who had six thousand years of experience between them.

She looked at him as he sipped his coffee, his brown eyes flicking across the video screen as he read. She got ready to thank him for everything, and to say she hoped she might come back to visit sometime, but that she didn’t feel comfortable so far from her moms.

He raised his eyes from the screen to meet hers, and the little lopsided smile twisted his lips so that Sarah suddenly forgot everything she meant to say.

“Come here, Sarah,” he said. He pushed his chair back from the table a little. “Come stand next to me, with your hands on your head, please.”

Sarah’s lips parted slightly, and her eyes went wide. As if in a trance, she pushed her own chair back and stood up. Had he read her mind, somehow? No. He just knows what a girl like me needs, doesn’t he?

“Why?” she managed to whisper, before her hands and feet started to move of their own accord.

“Because it’s time for you to decide,” the general said gently. “I’m going to help you now. Come here.”

Sarah found that she had taken the inside of her cheek between her teeth and begun to chew on it so hard it almost hurt. Her hands hovered uncertainly at her hips, a few inches from the white fabric of the nightgown under which, on the general’s instructions, she wore nothing at all. Her nipples tingled, and she knew he could see them tenting the synth-cotton, so that the heat came to her face just because he would know he had that sexual effect on her with only his voice. Between her legs she felt herself warm and melt at the very idea of putting her hands on her head, which her mind told her meant one essential thing: Sarah’s body would lie at his disposal.

She wanted it, and she feared it.

She needed it.

Sarah shook her head. “Sir, I…”

His voice dropped lower, grew firmer. “Girls who disobey get the belt, young lady. They lie on their tummies on their beds, with all their clothes off, and I tan their hides until they have a mess of pretty red lines to look at in the mirror when they need a reminder to behave themselves.”

She remembered what Joan Green had said about what happened to her after the general had given her the belt. Intimacy. He’s rough with me. He does things to me, and makes me do things I’m sure I shouldn’t mention.

If Sarah were going to get the belt anyway, shouldn’t she have it from the man—the men—who meant to be rough with her afterward? Who meant to train her in the bedroom, to ensure they would find her young body pleasing when they used it for their pleasure?

The thought made no logical sense, Sarah realized, but its nonsensical nature didn’t prevent her nipples from feeling like they would burst through the nightgown and her thighs from feeling slick with her private wetness. Her inability to think the thing through rationally didn’t stop her hands from rising to rest on her head or her feet from advancing to stand next to the general’s muscular thigh, covered in heavy blue synth-cotton fabric of the ancient weave she recognized as denim—something she didn’t think she’d ever seen anyone wear before.

She had closed her eyes, trying to shut out all the confusion of the illogical scene, but his voice rumbled very close to her ear. “Look at me, Sarah.”

When she obeyed, she realized that her standing position, while the general sat, had put their faces on a level, and very near to one another. She met his steady chocolate gaze, and saw in the depths of his eyes such wisdom and such affection for her that the fear that had threatened to make her refuse all this just a moment ago seemed to vanish away.

“If you accept this position, and consent to belong to me and to President Nevins for a month, after which you may choose to submit to us for longer, or to leave, I’m going to raise your nightgown and inspect your bottom and your pussy, as the president and I will inspect them regularly during your bedroom training. If I’m pleased with what I find, I’m going to reward you. All you must do now is say, I accept.

Sarah took a gasping little breath, and the words seemed to come from somewhere deep inside, over which she had no conscious control. “I accept, sir.”

Richard smiled. He hadn’t doubted, of course, but Sarah seemed a little more conflicted than he had thought she would be, when he had written to Greg about her first punishment.

“Keep your eyes open, young lady, please,” he said, dropping his own to regard the front of the sweet white nightgown in which he had dressed Sarah the previous night after her spanking. The hem hung just below her knees, and now he reached out to take hold of it, and began to raise it.

He lifted his eyes as he did so, to make certain Sarah had obeyed, and saw that she returned his gaze as if he had enchanted her with some erotic spell and she couldn’t now look away. Her nose wrinkled and her mouth twitched slightly in an adorable pout of helpless arousal. The erect nipples of her well-raised and prettily offered breasts poked charmingly through the nightgown’s fabric and made him want to strip her completely naked, to teach her at once everything an older man knows how to do with an lovely, innocent girl’s body.

Slowly, the wise voice in his head said, despite the rush that came with the heady feeling of dominating a young woman for whom he had so much affection. For her, and for you—and for Greg, who will be here tonight, to accomplish Sarah’s ‘wedding’ night with you.

Richard returned his attention to the charms he was uncovering, so that he could enjoy the sight of the blonde curls between her thighs, and through them the sweet lips of her virgin pussy. With practiced hands he rolled the bottom of the nightgown and tucked it up around Sarah’s waist. She gave a little whimper as his fingers met the softness of the skin on her tummy, either at the touch or at the feeling of being exposed that way to the view of a man who had promised he would soon deflower her.

He gazed at her pretty, untried pussy for a long moment, letting his imagination conjure up pictures of all the things he planned to do there, and to make his sweet girl feel between her legs. Then he raised his eyes again, to meet Sarah’s. He found in her face precisely the question he knew he would.

“You are so beautiful, young lady,” he said. “The president and I are fortunate men. We will trim away some of your hair down here, so that we can see your sweet pussy more easily, but that can wait a few days.”

With his eyes still locked on hers, he moved his right hand to cup her between her thighs, caressing very gently and urging his fingers downward to find out the secret of her wetness. Sarah whimpered, and her cheeks got quite pink, as Richard smiled.

“You’re very ready, aren’t you, Sarah?” he said softly, moving his two middle fingers with a little more force, crooking them to enter her just a bit.

“Yes, sir,” she sobbed. “Please, sir.” Her eyes closed, but she opened them immediately, as she remembered his command. She swayed a bit, her posture making it hard to keep her balance. Richard debated telling her she could lower her hands, but instead he put his left arm around her waist to steady her, and began to pleasure her soaking pussy in earnest. He withdrew his fingers from inside the warm coral lips that seemed to catch at them as if Sarah’s body knew precisely where a man’s mastery should be and released him from there only with reluctance. But the rest of her body responded just as urgently when Richard’s well-lubricated fingertips rubbed their first firm, rapid circles on her clit. Sarah cried out and shuddered in his grasp. Her hips bucked against the pleasuring hand and her knees bent with the rhythm he commanded, already learning to respond to a man’s mastery of her most pleasurable place.

“You won’t have to wait very long,” Richard said, then, looking into her eyes to find them full of wonder as well as forced pleasure. “President Nevins will be here this evening, and you and I will go to meet him. Tonight we will share you for the first time.”

As he spoke he tightened his hold around her waist a little, and increased the pace and pressure of his fingers between her legs. He hadn’t expected Sarah to come just at this news, but she gave another little cry, and shuddered into a climax just like that, hips jerking uncontrollably against his jean-covered thigh. Richard’s cock felt as hard as an iron bar. He could hardly believe how Sarah’s pleasure aroused him—something about her intelligent, sassy version of hero worship seemed to make commanding the ecstasy hidden in her young body into an almost transcendent experience.

You’re in love, you old fool, the wise voice said. Wryly, the rest of Richard had to agree. It had never happened so fast to him, but the unmistakable hallmark was present—Sarah’s happiness meant everything to him right now, though he had known her for less than a day.

As the trembling of the orgasm left her body, he turned her around so that he could inspect her bottom. She murmured in confusion, clearly unsure what he meant to do, but Richard said nothing until he held the pert little cheeks in his hand. He cherished their sweetest part, where bottom met thighs, on the same two fingers that had just wrung so much pleasure from the front of this special, private region of a girl’s body. He and Greg would teach her to think of this part of her as their property, before too long, but the fullness of that lesson must wait.

On the other hand, Richard did feel the need to prepare Sarah for what it would mean to be shared between two men. He and Greg wouldn’t require it of her tonight, but sharing their girl fully would certainly happen early and often. To penetrate a girl fore and aft on the second or, at the outside, the third night of her womanhood—to require her to take two cocks even before she had grown used to one, thrusting hard in her pussy—seemed from an ancient point of view both monstrous and terribly arousing.

“Put your hands back here, Sarah,” he said brusquely, “and spread your bottom-cheeks to show me your anus.”

“What?” she said in a voice so full of surprise that she seemed perhaps actually not to have understood. Richard smiled: the girl’s youth counselor clearly hadn’t introduced her to anal eroticism.

“Take your hands from your head, reach back, and pull these pretty cheeks apart. I want to see your rosy little bottom-hole.”

“But…” Richard couldn’t see Sarah’s face, but he was sure it had turned red at the newness of the intimate demands a dominant man might make of her.

“But your anus is private?” Richard asked, putting a full measure of sympathy into his voice.

Sarah nodded, her whole upper body bouncing charmingly with the motion because of her hands-on-head posture.

“Your anus won’t be private from me and President Nevins,” he replied. “You need to understand that. We will train you there, just as we train your pussy.”

He heard her lips part, but not even a little oh emerged.

“Show it to me, young lady. I don’t want to have to spank you again.”

Slowly her hands left her head, came down to her waist, moved a little bit back behind her.

“Bend over a little,” Richard said, “so I can get a good look.”

That drew a whimper from Sarah, and she obeyed, her natural submission suddenly taking over and making her lewd and shameless. As Richard watched, enchanted, she took the pretty roundness of her rear cheeks on her fingertips and spread them for him. The tiny pink button of an anus she revealed made his cock swell in anticipation. He reached out to touch her there with his index finger, pressing only a very little so as to make his point. Sarah quivered, and she made a tiny oh sound, so that Richard could picture her sweet lips in a little circle. Gently he pressed a bit further into the adorable dimple where she would soon start her most important training.

“It’s very important to us, Sarah, that when we fuck you here, very soon, you be prepared, so that you may enjoy giving yourself in that special way.”

“Where, sir?” Sarah asked fearfully, and Richard could hear in her voice now that she did understand: the idea had the fascination of submission for her that it should, given the nature of her sexuality, but her mind still pushed back against that awareness as she contemplated this greatest act of mastery.

Richard responded at first only by urging his finger a little further into the sweet ring of her backside.

“Oh! Oh, sir, no, please…” she whispered. “Not… please, not tonight?”

“No,” he agreed. “Not tonight. You’re going to have a very special wedding night, young lady, if you want to call it that—as the president and I do, since like you we have an affection for the old things. But we will spare your anus tonight.” Now he moved his fingertip gently in and out, so that Sarah gave little whimpering gasps at each movement. “But very soon we are going to claim you completely, and we are going to fill you with our cocks until you understand how thoroughly you belong to us. We will do everything we can to make sure you’re ready physically to have a penis in here and in your vagina at the same time, but mentally I want you to prepare yourself to be shared that way, with one man in front and another behind, moving you on our cocks so that you learn that special lesson.”

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